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97: Leadership Do's and Don'ts. Be Humble, Keep Your People Informed, and Treat Others With Respect. "The Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier"

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This is Jacko broadcast number. Ninety seven with ECHO Charles and me Jack a willing good evening, echo good evening. To the Master Stone Mason in the town of Mansfield. Greetings in God, much beloved parents if my small letter find you in good health, I should be mightily. Glad. What concerns me. I m pretty much in health here in the white country will have to die all of hunger. All these birds and the russian Army has carried out all subjects as they had said, for fear of us, and there is no food. Be found because nobody is to be found in any town.
Whatever houses found, it is empty and dark. Dear parents, I have to give news of our last battle that we had already gone hungry for three days and March Day and night at five in the morning we march into. Battle with a cabbage stump in our stomach. And we were in in it until the evening and then we again had nothing and could not eat for tiredness. Only cannon! or from morning till evening, Goddess help me out of the third battle, also without harm, though the boy what's hailed down pretty well as if one word Peace and throw them at someone, but none got me. The whole cavalry is lost Now I want to write you about the rush in town of misery. Moscow,
which is seven hours walk along and wide and the Russians put fire to it. For four hours it burned, and then it was extinguished you were stationed before me. Scale and I dont know whether we are going forward or back. I don't know what to right, except That you will shortly see many cripples without arm and a leg, and How many must die pitifully of hunger and terrible dangers, Russians appear all the time for the last battle: let's and now find we farewell and stay healthy until we speak again, many greetings two brothers
sisters, brothers in law and sisters in law to the Balkans, the Kragans and all good friends and acquaintances, and I am quite well if only I can live farewell. I remain your faithful son until death, Johan Andreas, worn so Napoleon Who is often praised by many in cutting myself it is a military genius. And he was one the first military Leaders to effectively utilise psychological warfare and this included. Most famously his bulletins,
De La Grand Army, which was sort of an update, was a newspaper that was sent out wall. The campaigns of France we're being embarked upon, and that was his media. Do he had control of it oh controlled mail, that his troops sent home and made sure that it painted a positive picture of what was happening down. Range, and that is where that opening letter came from that actually excerpts of at her, but it was confiscated by the military of the kingdom of Westphalia She was a vassal state under the first french empire, which was Napoleon's empire And the kingdom of Westphalia, which is a german peace of land and it provided hundred
of thousands of soldiers for the napoleonic wars and When I say provided soldiers, I should say specifically conscripts, which are basically slave soldiers, you have no choice. You will go and fight over time, value its eventually conquered by the Russians for a period and then some of the confiscated letters survived and ended up as historical documents. That explained what was happening on the ground and that's where that letter from through old russian files where they had they had this letter and again we make a habit of glorifying Napoleon, and I have done it right here on this podcast which is actually pretty sub standard behaviour. For me, since I try to.
Listen to the voice and hear the voice and understand the viewpoint of the foot soldier. The grant the front line troops on the battlefield, because that is where the in takes place. Those are the men that execute the play and of the general- and that is where the wars are actually won and. History as a whole has a tendency to forget about them because generally gets the admiral's and the generals that right the memoirs But in this case we, going to hear from one of Napoleon's grants a guy by the name of Jacob Walter, and he is a german conscript who is fighting for
as this is a guy grew up in Germany, but when Germany was became part of it became a vassal state like us aboard state of the empire, France, then he ended up fighting France, but even more and you're gonna find this out quickly. He was fighting for his own survival. So, let's go to this book. The book called the diary of Napoleonic Foot soldier by Jacob Walter and here we go in the year. Eighteen o six. I was drafted with if my comrades in the military service in the conscription at that time, and was assigned to the regiment of Rome, make In the fall, I travelled with the regiment to pressure in the cap.
Pain which emperor Napoleon with princes then allies was conducting at that time against Prussia, and this is interesting because I've talked about on this podcast before the battle of Genoa. And what happened at the battle of Jenin. What happened at the battle of Gmos at the prussian Army was defeated. Pretty savagely by Napoleon Me and that made them make some major adjustments to the way they ran things in that was kind of the beginning of decentralized command from the german perspective, but this guy Walter Jake, Walter was actually there This is what interesting and I I I go- take some time to paint this picture of the way these soldiers operated back then, first of all, they marched just about everywhere, and sometimes it horses, but sometimes they, but most at times they marched and when they marched what they would do it. Just wherever they were whatever, they were in, they would go in, and
quarters in that village they go in day where where we disdain your house and we get fed and that's what they did and people alive them to do it. I mean bunch of people with guns open your eyes and say we want food and beds ye. You know these people gave them what they wanted sometimes willingly, depending when they were traveling out of their own country. So when they are in Germany, there or in their westphalia that the low they were leaving. The locks would give him hey, will support you. Military guy will support you and then, when they got into enemy territory, they would be back more forceful but how it starts off with him marching. We were given good quarters everywhere, which can me, always healthy and cheerful. In spite of the continuous marching for the more, I was only nineteen years old, a fact which caused me frequently to participate in thoughtless and dangerous enterprises. I think he was getting enough.
Nineteen year old- and this is another thing- it's interesting so this guy- these conscripts- they weren't they permanent soldiers. They were more like reservists where they would go and fight, and when the war was over, they go back home and continue with whatever their jobless. And so that's what happens to him. He you'll get that for you. Only nineteen years old boom you're gonna go fight, he says, ok starts going and marching. Back to the book in this city had happened in my quarter that a comrade wanted to force the landlord to sing However, he refused to do so sitting the whole night on a bench near the stove weeping. Since this man could not saying because of his sorrow, sorrow so, your homo wanted to fly him took his rifle cock the hammer and shot the bullet passed by me in another soldier and lodged in the wall. I wanted to mention this in order to show how the soldiers were running wild at that time. So, like I said, when they were in their own country that get good support and everything
take care of him. But then the further got into other countries they had to use force. A spy who is in the village a spy who was village Smith was brought before the guardhouse here letters and orders to tell Prussians of our strength manpower he was laid on a bench and whipped by two or three corporates two men had to hold his feet into his head. His letter, Breaches were stretched out and water poured on them, Then he received about didn't fifty blows at last, he could longer speak because he was half dead. After this experience, the Smith was taken to the threshing floor and shot blow with clubs also were heaped upon me. Innocent people in this city. So these gossip things turn bad real, quick things
turn bad real, quick in- and I can't even imagine these days where there's lot less accountability and you have nineteen year old, son you're coming into towns and just basically doing whatever they want the book finally window fire now they're getting into up in a town. Situation. Finally, when light firing began upon the outposts, we were commanded to attack by waiting through the rampart ditches France scenes with ass scenes to tread these in and a scramble up, the outworks by chopping in shoveling when I stood in the ditch each first soldier had to pull up next one with his rifle the RAM large were of sand and everyone frequently fell back again because the attack of the enemy, just because the sliding sand, yet in that place, huge cannonballs flew above us thundering so violently that we would have believed the earth would burst to pieces
when everyone was almost on top of the earth work, the Prussians were slaughtered with great vigour and the rest took flight into the gate then we too want to gain possession of the gateway in order to enter the city, but at this critical time Many of these Prussians were shot along with our men by small and large guns, and the gate was closed. Since all sorts of shells and rockets broke out of the fortress like a cloudburst we had. Take flight Those who meanwhile we're scrambling up the outworks had to jump from the fortress into them along with their prisoners and all the rest had to do likewise during this retreat many fell on bayonets. Many drowned, and many of us were also brought into the fortresses prisoners and sent away to Danzig by sea now. Interesting this guy the way he writes, it's very matter of fact as to what happened, and again, this is a relatively going to take you to
through three campaigns. This is the first one, the law One is the campaign in the rush of the famous. Napoleon Famous March, indirect to try and take Russia add, and everyone knows how that story ends. It's not good. But this first one is like I said, against the Prussians, to the book one morning? The Prussian surprised the polish camp from the sea with their ships, as it happened before Easter. The key and in fire on the poles was so heavy that they could not what nah fast enough Their cannonballs also travelled more than half again as far toward our camp as our balls data across the water since the surrounding swamps were frozen and the ball scroll along on ice so fast that one ball took off the And legs of ten or twelve men, frequently both beat of the same man during this blockade the press,
And frequently made attacks, although every time with losses. One a nightmare that is you're standing on frozen, swamps and he's cannonballs are being fired at a really low angle and just screaming across the ice and taken out ten to twelve guys legs feet. Go back the book. When I arrived in this field, I hasten to look for my brother, Who is in the linen regiment here we met in bed. Greed in one another joy filled our hearts. They took me into barracks and gave me trousers shirts and several other pieces of clothing, which I needed since, as ever As I have already said, I lost everything Coburg, so he's out. There is others also out their fighting, and they happened a running into each other from time to time back the book
The enemy had to defend themselves around and in the crowded part of the city, a terrible shelling of light and heavy artillery broke in upon us. All of us had to abandon the positions we had taken large mines were exploded in the breastwork and everywhere there flew rockets, so called pitch rings, which could be put. Only with small boxes as they fell on the ground. If any one would or could be an onlooker at frightful explosions, he could get the fight view at a fortress attack which is more remarkable which the more remarkable site by Far than a battlefield. The bombs and grenades criss crossing in the air in such numbers all floating like balls of fire in the air and exploding nor bursting in the air or on the ground, with a small cannon report, the slow assent of each shell, the fact descent, often all
so a collision of them in the air. All this is in sight of moving beauty. So you get the kind of a sense for how much firepower again. You don't really think of that very often of of how these how these, battles, would take place and how much firepower theirs, but there's obviously massive amounts of rocket fire, grenades cannons rifle horrible and that's the differ. Section, that first campaign against Prussia is relatively short, they chief victory in that campaign, he goes back like I said he goes back like a reserves to his normal life and when he goes back to his normal life survive that way for awhile lives that way for a while, and then he gets recall, get going back to the book. Why was work In various ways to at my trade after the prussian campaign, the war
Austria broke out in eighteen and nine, and I was called into the garrison at Stute Guard and what this one is a little bit more of an insurgency, thereby putting down the tyrolean insurgents in this battle What, if we short, but here's Where they are holding up a fort, basically back to the book we fired through the loopholes and from the wall with cannon and small guns. During the heavy shelling, I shot a man from the garden house as came in a little way forward towards the breastwork. Can aimed into the loophole, but after action, and he suddenly fell. Several others wanted to carry off this dead man and as was often done. However, more openly, it was done. The more often other men were hit to fight we we fire with cannon, throwing projectile
into large and beautiful garden houses. Setting them all in flames on the third day the enemy could no longer hold out because the heavy artillery fire and moved back into the mountains. So here is a classic lesson, a classic lesson of combat. If there's a wounded person, you can't run out and get him. You have to suppress fire, and that's exactly what I say near he shot a guy some. Came out to try and pull him back. He shot that I do somebody came out to pull them. You shoot that person to what you have to do so, Rest fire, when someone gets wounded how hard it is to do that. That's what you have to do and when you say as hard as it is to do that that, because what you all your friend is wounded. Yes, you kind of the automatic things to go. Get em proclaimed that's exactly right,
don't exactly the emotional attachment emotional decision that people all be most people are, are tempted to make Hey ECHO shot. I'm gonna go save him, so I run over to save you, and I get shot two and again that campaign. You know you can hear that the insurgents Cobb couple the mountains and he carries on a little bit with that, but The focus that I want to get too today was this campaign in Russia too, we go back the book in the month of January. Eighteen, twelve, I was recall: to the garrison of shortening dwarf and they know that they're gonna Russia. They know that that's where their heading but they know it's gonna be tough, but here back to the book? Here's airs about their attitude. I and all the soldiers were very merry, always
singing and dancing, especially since, throughout the entire words bird country, the quarters and eating and drinking were very good, particularly because of the large supply of wine, so that every Had his field flask voluntarily filled with wine in his pockets with cookies at the time of departure, Moreover, the beautiful villages on the main. River, surrounded by vineyards, fruit, trees and grain fields. Put everyone in a happy mood about the middle of March. The army continued. On its way through sack, Coburg. Where are we? Didn't mountainous region began the pine tree, These were especially plentiful. So I I also think about this bureau Europe Working Class, sky in Germany. In the early eighteen, hundreds, your work and your job a day, I'm no matter what you do. What are you here? what's a year, a metal worker, let's say you're a stone layer of a mason of some whatever your job is your work and hard. You get your page,
probably not great and then all the us. They say you want to go low adventure, you're gonna get take what you want. You get go out. You gonna get good food you can, I can kind of sense that attitude then everything that happens with military guys today, myself included where you grown up in a small town and every this kind of lives and dies in into small town and all the sun there's an opportunity gotten just get after it the adventure and see the world that is to say that in the name you know, join the Navy and see the world aid that sounds cool and that's kind of what this is here, especially guys veteran he's been through some more Spencer, some tough firefights and an obviously seen some significant capacities, but at the same time he's a veteran that he's he's come back so It comes back to his you, don't like it I don't know what his civilian job was, but he was late stones or pounded, not Anville.
Being metal or something like that, and also somehow you know what we want, you do go out and live in nice manners that you that you take down that you you in get quartered in and they're gonna feed. Your great. And it continues in back the book in the city of Leipsic. One could see what was going to happen since many friend as could slip through Came crowding through the gates. Leipsic was with soldiers, and I was in quarters with a hundred and fifty men get the land to whom we were assigned put. All in one building the form future building, which was a hundred feet tall, a hundred feet long and sixty feet wide triple rose. Table stood ready in the hall, very beautiful and loaded with beer, brandy, butter, cheese and white, bread after all, sat down everybody in drink, while eight sir.
And brought in the war meal which consist of white soup, two kinds of meat and several vegetables. In addition, something hold was served for dessert and drinks were served in abundance throughout the whole afternoon. We stayed here two days until the line of March formed by columns and the departure was ordered so like a set living, the pretty good life Back the book, and then we went further and came to four involved, a middle side city in Brandenburg, Brandenburg District. We were ill, very lively in this town singing and living cheerfully. Although we could imagine the unusual campaign before us, but ever when always believes in and hopes for the best So looked after my sabre and made
very sharp at a turner's and tempered it in fire said it would not break off. The march was continued to Poland through the village of rapid, where the use of german language stopped and the manners and cultures made a strange impression it was the month of May and the air swarmed with May bugs, so that, amazingly so, amazingly that it was hard to keep your eyes open in the evening. The bug so very thick that they darken the atmosphere and everyone was busy shaking them out of their face and hair here became necessary for each person. To seek and cook his own provisions. Although Requisition was forbidden, You weren't allow d gotten to stake. Stuff still you can see things are starting to get leaner however, everyone still had his full strength and courage was still alive and every soldier, but for
data day privation Hungary. Increased became necessary for the regiment to requisition and slaughter livestock so that men could have some meat in addition to the potatoes and grits which they found here and their bread was rare? And there was nothing at a hand to buy. So again you can see as they move, as they move to the east, towards Russia from Germany through Poland, theirs food is becoming less and any left in January, if you remember it so now, it's may so the weather's. Actually, even though there is a lot of bugs, but the weather's, it's hot, which. The russian campaign. There's there's one of the best offences that rush ass men. If may be the best defence, a Russian has now the russian winter. But right now it's spring this spring in Poland are still not that bad. Yet and back the book
Now the orders now the orders, let us from foreign to Marian Paul the March, went through see the roads were sandy and dust covered and dust covered. Our clothing and You're gonna see how very quickly things turn for these soldiers back to the book daily, the hardships increased and there was no hope read my colonel spoke to us once and said that we could hope for no more bread into we crossed the enemy border most anyone might still get was a little lean, beef and hunger. Is it necessary to dig up dig up the fields for the it already sprouting. We, however, very sweet, and almost inevitable, inevitable. One also heard everywhere that sir Ro men had already shot themselves because of hardship, in particular an officer had,
caught his own throat on that very same day. So again, it's very interesting the way he writes his sword, a matter of fact, but we ve already have people that are starving and their starving their marching and it's bad, it's bad enough that people are killing themselves. You can see that that, like that came out of nowhere red area- and I I skipped some pages, but I didn't skip out many pages. I didn't skip that many pages. It went pretty quick from from Pretty decent living, it's two pages its through sorry, three pages in the book from pretty living singing living cheerfully to we, officers that are cutting their own throats yeah and this whole campaign takes place in less than a year from January there back by December, so they haven't by the way. What was interesting, they haven't, met the enemy it right. That's what
That's what I mean I am reading this now you listen to it you they haven't even met the enemy yet they're. Just Eddie. Already people are dying already. People are killing themselves. You ought to know how much this he talks about this, but the he says because of hardship like what this starching more margin and starving being called being uncomfortable, privation, yes suffering Street of Guatemala and an end your light at the end of the tunnel combat Russia and a russian winner. Going back to the book. We believe that the Russians would wait outside back the book final. We came to the memo river where the right in border was. We believe that the Russians would wait on the other side of the bank and attack, but nothing happened Bonaparte fired upon the high points held by Russians with a few cannon and sent it
every across the water The Russians, however, withdrew after a fourth, after a short and this is this- is this: so HU, the here this because this, is the russian defensive tactic. You hobo, you don't know, why you hold the line of a little bit and then you and then you retreat Did you takes you here? You? U inflict damage on the enemy on visitors, you inflict some damage autumn, then you retreat and now that, when the enemy attack, when the Peters attack. Again you inflict some damage and then you retreat and you're just drawing them in and drawing them deeper and deeper and deeper into Russia and what they didn't expect. What they didn't expect was at what the Russians did was very smart. When they retreated boy for they retreated. They destroyed everything they burned the houses they they killed. The livestock if they couldn't take it with
they dug the feels up. So there was no food because was the standard. The standard us as an army is a soldier in this time. You will you live off the land there? Isn't it you don't need a supply chain, do just that off the land. Ok, we got will find some Bobo Hudson. And that's what we're dinner will dig up some some cry. Set of where we find and that's what will eat Owen. For shelter. We need to carry shelter with its will to stay in the houses, so the Russians very smart. They do stride all that and the French were not expecting this tactic and it was very, very effective. Back to book on June, twenty fifth, the army went over the bridges. We now believe that, once in Russia, we need do nothing, forage, which, however prove to be an illusion: the town of pony mom, was already stripped for we could enter, and so were all the villages. They thought they might be Livin high on the Haug, but didn't happen.
Back to the book here and there, a hog ran around and then was beaten to death with Club chop with savers and stabbed with bayonets, and often often still living it would be caught and torn to pieces. We'll times. I succeeded in cutting off something, but I had to and eat it uncooked, since my hunger could not wait for a chance to boil the meat, the worst torture was the march. The closed ranks forced all too go and columns the heat and die. Flared up into our eyes ass. If from smoking coal heaps, the hardship was doubled, the continual halting of troops whenever he came to a swamp or a narrow road, often one stand for half an hour. Then another such period, we spent catching up and drudging away without food or water. So this is this is something that anybody that's done. Any kind of forced road March in the military can appreciate.
You come to some kind of a choke point like what say you got. People were looking down a road and there, let's say- hundred fifteen guys abreast just marching and walking. Can you get to something wurtz? A joke So now the sun, only three: it's like a traffic jam. Only three people, Go across this walking Brigida type, so that everybody that gets There- has to stop well the people they got there. First, when they get to the other side. They keep that pace going so the time you at the end of the tail an hour. Later or half an hour later. When you get across you gotta, run the catch back up and so it's just it's it's its painful. And of course on top of that, you have the fact that these guys have no water or food. The book during the third night, a halt was made in a field which was trampled into a swamp. Here. We were ordered to camp and to make fires since then, since neither village nor forest, could be seen and the rain. Continued without end
you can imagine what a half numbed condition everyone stood there. What could we do? There was nothing that we could do but stack rifles in pyramids and keep moving in order not to freeze, so it just went in a day went from hot and this happens out the desert to it's hot and then all of a sudden nighttime, your freezing. He's geysers get told the build fires. Well guess what there's? No wood, using a bird there d, all they could do Stacked rifles the book. We had demarche further toward dishonour where we arrived in the middle of July, the And were growing weaker weaker every day and the company smaller and smaller the march was kept up day and night, one man after another stretched himself half dead upon on the ground. Most of them died a few hours later. Rule, however, suddenly fell to the ground dead. The chief
All of this was thirst for them most districts. There No drinking water, there's no water fit for drinking said men had to drink out of ditches in which were lying, dead horses and dead men. Now the thing we take for granted these days, we are the pumps little by little filtration punch. You can go to war with a dead horse in it and you can to that water out, where you can put an iodine dine tablet and you're gonna kill the bacteria and it safe to drink these guys don't have that choice. There is going to drink. Disease, ridden water or there a dive dehydration. Now they get to another village, and here we go back the book in another, well plundered village. Nothing could be found in the houses and so dawn by our hunger we dug in the ground. Here I, with several others, removed a large pile of wood which had probably just been put there. We are
move this Dugan the ground and found a covered roof of planks. There was an opening. Under this from ten to twelve feet. Deep inside there were honey jars and wheat covered with straw when we had all this, we opened the jars and saw a solid white substance with the appearance of hard wax. It was so Hard that one had trouble breaking off a piece with his sabre, but as soon it was put on the fire, it all melted away to very clear honey. Now I had honey to eat for weak, although without bread, so. They are occasionally finding food that is deeply hidden couple other instances where they find food, that's been hidden by the locals, but it's not. Enough to go around, and you can imagine how you feel when your entire diet is jars of honey.
Back the book on the morning of August, seventeenth, every regiment was set in motion and all Advancing columns against the Russians, Every regiment, without exception, was under fire again and again that Attempted assaults, but because the greater number of the Russians. We were forced back Every time on this day, their heavy artillery, stood on heights and could hit everything. Finally, by night we had made good our position on the heights, overlooking the city and the battle discontinued, so they attacked. And again and again, but the enemy has the high ground, so they make no progress they take take a little pause for the night time back to the book. Nighttime lasted three hours at most, with the glow of the sun. Continuing So as soon as the day broke, we marched the city. The river was quote
frost below the city, the suburbs on the northern side, were stormed set on fire and burned up. My companies doktor named stop how his arm shot away in crossing the stream and he died, afterward no long Could I pay attention to my comrades? Then there for new, not in what way they perished or were lost. Everyone fired and struck. The enemy in wild madness and no one could tell whether he was in front in the middle. Were behind the center of the army. Finally, while cannonballs kept on raining out of the city. We stormed it with the help, heavy can in most of the support peers on the high Old city wall, on which the Russians were defending themselves from the inside were partial we destroyed. We broke through the gates. Pressed from all sides against the city and put the enemy to flight.
I entered the city. We went toward the cloisters and churches they had many wholly images and alters as ours do. The only difference was at that was no holy water, so he there's so much fighting going on it bad, he came and keep track of whose dying and how their dying. They don't know where the enemy is. Eventually, they power the russian positions hard enough with artillery that they are break through and when they get in there and they go to visit the churches. We hoping that it can find some water, but they, the Russians, even took the holy water, so there's nothing to drink back there sorted in the evening to the former camping ground. Here. One saw the wounded man being brought together. Be operated on in a brick kiln which lay The heights above the city. Many arms and legs were amputated in bandaged. It all looked
Just like a slaughterhouse on August nineteen the entire army, moved forward and pursued the Russians with all speed for five hours. Farther up the river another battle started, but the enemy did not hold out long, and the more now lead towards machines called the so called wholly Valley. From Smolensk, Tomasz Basic, The war displayed its horrible work of destruction. All the roads, fields and woods, lay as those sown with people horses, actions burned, Judges in cities. Everything looked like the complete ruin of all that lived in particular We saw ten dead Russians to war. Of our men, although every day or number
fell off considerably. That line hit me pretty hard. Everything looked like the complete ruin of all that lived and he's saying that for every one Soldier that they lost their finding TED ten, dead, Russians and again, Another thing: another tactic of the Russians just gonna draw you in and they ve got, people got massive numbers of people in there, To fight nutrition warfare and give up there people as they surrender to do as much damage to the enemy as they can we are doing is are spreading out the logistics train. They ve destroyed the support MAC, isn't that you would use by going eating what food was in the village they destroyed, that they burned at all. And so now, you're logistics train gets completely spread out over these horrible roads and that they know that's what the russian tactic and then
and then, when they once they ve done, that they wait for winter. Back to the book in such numbers, were the Russians lying around that it seemed as if they were all dead guy. How I remembered the bread and beer which I had enjoyed at home with such an indifferent pleasure now, however, I must struggle half wild with the dead and living how Lastly, I would I renown for my whole life, the warm food so common at home. If I only did not lack good bread and beer now, I would not wish it for more all my life, but these were empty, helpless thoughts. Yes, the fall of my brothers and sisters so far away added to my pain.
Wherever I looked, I saw the soldiers with dead, half desperate faces. Many cried out in despair. Only my mother had not born me. Some demoralized men even cursed their parents and their birth Napoleon. Back to the book on September, seventh, ever core was assigned its place and the signal To attack was given like some your bolts, the firing began both against and from the enemy the earth was trembling because the cannon fire and the rain of cannonballs crossed confusedly several. Frenchmen, were storm and taken terrible sacrifices, but the enemy did.
Move from their place. Now The two armies moved more vigorously against one another and the debt cries and shattering gunfire seemed I hail. Nine entrenchments were stormed. The French to surround the enemy from the front and finally, the enemy gave way. Within a space of an hour and a half long and wide the ground was covered with people and animals. There were groans and wines on all sides. And that battle right there that he's talking about In September, seventh, that is, the bloodiest sing a day of all the napoleonic wars. There is about two hundred fifty thousand men. That attack And there were seventy thousand casualties in the first day, and so I always referred
The battle for some where they were sick, a thousand casualties in the first twenty four hours, and so here we go That's that's. Seventy thousand in one day. Back to the book we move forward and camped by forest on a height facing Moscow. There was a wood of green trees. Here, we not only had nothing to eat, but also no water to drink, because the high campsite and the road through the fields was still covered with dead Russians. And this this is another interesting point that happen this in this battle is talked about how they destroy everything, destroy the field, kill all the livestock or drive them away and then make the people leave so there Isn t there is just baron wastelands. Also the governor of Moscow. He opened up the prisons,
Let all these prisoners out a little ways. People out of prisons, just just to add to the mayhem, now go and The book Napoleon refused the peace treaty proposed to him and that's. That's what he says in the book and that's actually not what happened. There was Alexander, he didn't, except the peace offering so dig out. You know the boys at we know we made it to Moscow. Do you want to have peace because his negative, Volume is, was probably trying bargain for something, but he gets told no backup and the army, which had advanced some thirty hours farther had that further on had to retreat. Because the russian Army stationed in Moldavia was approaching now was October, seventeenth and Nepal.
Held an army review and announced the departure for October. Eighteenth early in the morning at three o clock the warning that whoever should delay one hour would fall into the hands of the enemies. So elegant told. Are you fought hard to get here? now we're going to retreat, leaving at three in the morning from Moscow. The road led south through May low and toward kaluza. Here the humanity of the commanders began to mountains? Sorry, here the inhumanity of the commanders began The remaining troops weapons were inspected and many who did not have their weapons fairly rust free got twelve twenty stroke through the club until they were near desperation. Needless to say, this is not good leadership. Won't you people this: do you want your people to keep
weapon squared away, but if you're actually going beat them, make them less combat effective. You better find a better solution for your situation. Here we go The book the enemy attacked us, the enemy or Behind us shattered all the army core, leaving each of us then without as commanding officer those who were too we need to carry their weapons or or knapsacks through them away and all like a crowd of gypsies. Everything was in confusion. During almost the whole night, the throng had to retreat to most sick everyone running so as to not fall into the hands of the enemy. Because of the considerable losses cannon, munition wagons, coaches and baggage wagons by the hundreds had to be thrown into the water and where thou was impossible, all
and were bound, not one, we'll being permitted to remain hole. So now, as the retreating waived, didn't want to leave this stuff behind. So they are put into rivers and setting the wagons on fire as their retreat, In total, total disrepair disorganization the fighting the Reading the firing of large ends all guns, hunger and thirst, and all conceivable torments increased the never ending confusion, indeed even the life seemed to seek supremacy for their number on both officers and privates was in the thousands. In these days it snowed for them first time and the snow remained
The cold arrived at the same time too, and the freezing of people multiplied. The number of dead. No one could walk fifty paces without seeing men stretched out, half or completely dead. Similar situation now The seem to get into is lack of good winner. Clothing did happens all the time, and that would have and hear these guys are not prepared for this type of situation are not prepared for this cold. The distress mounted higher and higher and higher some were shot. An even bigger I could not even get a piece of meat. My hunger came to violent. I took along the pot I care, Station myself beside a horse that was being shot and caught up the blood
its breast, I said this not on the fire, let it coagulated and eight lumps without salt. The Russians advanced and waited us at Minsk. Everyone hastily fled cannon were thrown into the water, the hostile These were nearly all left to the enemy and as Commonly rumoured the hostile were set on fire and burned with their inmates. All the time. The greatest misery fell upon the poor sick, who usually had to be thrown from the wagons just to keep us from losing the horses and wagon entirely. Who were left to freeze left to freeze among the enemies for whoever whoever remained lie? behind could not hope to be rescued. The march had to go on and the striking clubbing
skirmishing commenced still frightfully that the crime murder echoed all about the cossacks advance upon the army from all sides and again people died times froze to death. These were people who pressed toward the fire, but- Seldom permitted to get there. So they died away from the fire Very often they were even converted into cushions in order that the living would not have to sit in the snow debts. This this you ve got situations where you not only fighting against the enemy, but there also the troops are robbing and fighting each other and in some cases murdering each other, and talks about this, and I will talk about a little bit more. I kind of jumped into them and the fires, and what happened was there so little fuel for the fires that they would fall
teams of sixty eight guys and gather up would That team would sit around the fire and its so called but if you're, not extra fire you're yearning to freeze to death, but if you didn't participate in helping to build the fire, and you will get to the next, the fire. So if you were to if you're too hungry. If you were to Thirsty- and you couldn't, do your carrier load and get firewood your people, it is the next the fire which man you're gonna sit out there twenty feet from the fire, freeze to death. The book in every biv, bivouac soldiers who look like spectres crept round at night The color of their faces, their husky, breathing their dull, more muttering were horribly evident four. Wherever they went, they remained hopeless and no one allowed these shades of death to drag themselves to the fire.
Usually six eight or ten of us had combined to build a fire, since no other wood was to be had except rafter pieces from burned houses or trees, lying around shattered wagons, etc, and without the queen, duration of the men. Nothing could be accomplished. Neither did we dare to fall asleep at the fire at the same time, No one was safe from stealing and robbery officers. Beaten away from the fire justice price it's war whenever they tried to press forward without merited claim mutual support, still procured. True friendship. So they incur anymore Sir, doesn't matter feuding put out and build a fire you're, not gonna, get close to it. When I mentioned very quickly lice, and he one point I hooked up with a major and they kind of
come, swim buddies trying to work together, and here we go to the book, we came to a lumber yard and build a fire. There when the major it becomes somewhat warm his subjects and by subjects these referring to lice played With unusual wickedness, and for reason he asked me to kill that Mentors in his shirt collar, I did it, but I'd opened his collar his raw. Flesh showed. Fourth, where the greedy beasts had not in. I had to turn my eyes away without Florence and reassure the master that I saw nothing telling him that my eyes hurt so much from the smoke that I could not see anything these powers. However, were no less. He found on me thousands of them, however, because of my constant restlessness they could not.
Get to the point of forcing me to treat them with flash. So the life is actually eating his friend, the major and lies are no joke body, lay the body lice yeah body wise, like what kids get you like. What your kids get first I know if your daughters had it yet, but she will remember back when we were in school would be like in your hair laser for sure that starts, I don't think I've ever seen, or I mean of it. Yeah, and actually I read that section to my wife, because my wife, like all MA, absolutely despise lice, because, as when I come home from school, its total nightmare, you gotta everything's gonna, get school washed and Maya daughters all had crazy long thick. Here? I am
so it would be hours of picking through there. Herr trying to get the wise out when, when that would break out but deal that's the thing. Is you have the yeah right, shampoo shampooing. Have you you clean your clothing it? So it's gone What happens? If you don't do that what happens? If you don't do that? What happens if they dont have any share? But what happens if you have to wear the same close over and over and over and over again, and by the way you can't take the closed even off, because it freeze to death. So what happened, you got a nice little home from the lies and they start to eat, eat you. Yes, and also- and so this whole time- obviously there retreating they did. Been defeated in their retreating. This whole time and are still being attacked. Their still being tat by the Russians, backed the book there, since press nearer and nearer from every side and the murdering and tormenting seemed about to annihilate everyone that day weeks.
Back to that everyone must be captured, killed. Were thrown into the water. Everyone thought his last outward come and everyone is expecting it, and so they there there of course, trapped and he's that's what he said. He's expecting that everyone's dead we're all going to die from the water and they get to a bridge and is actually to bridges. One gets destroyed, and now there All these guys trying to get across one bridge to get to safety there being attacked, backed the book everyone crowded together into a solid mass, and nowhere could one c away out or mean the rescue From morning till night we stood on protect from cannonballs and grenades which the Russians hurled at us from. Two sides at each blow from three to five men were struck to the ground and No one was evil to move a step to get out of the path of the cannonballs only
by filling up of the space where cannonball made room, could one make a little. Progress forward, I think that has to be one of the most insane situations that I've ever heard of yours standing in a mass of people hundred hundreds of people trying to get across a bridge, it's very slow movement. You have nowhere to hide and there's care. Balls from two sides that are ripping through the people and the Only progress you make is by stepping on and filling the holes of where these men have gone to the ground and died And by the way, you're starving, thirsty covered in lice freezing And this is always encouraging back to the book. Moreover, here and there region Napoleon had left us and fled.
With the fresh reserve troops hurrying home ahead of the army,. General cry was saved himself, who can so again, myself included. We do a lot to glorify Napoleon but Harry, is his men are trapped and, a group of reserves show up any hightail set out there with a fresh reserves. He eventually gets across the bridge and now there just there just every man for himself but It's not really every man for himself because they got to link up with a couple of a people to support each other to protect each other, because it is it's just chaos. Back to the book and had been the fate of many hundreds when they see down because of weakness or necessity that their clothing had been brutally torn from them and where they can
Not defend themselves, they froze to death naked. So now you got the choice. You know. Oh, I see you, you gotta, stop eating, Tired or you weak or Maybe he's gotta stop and go to the bathroom Will I see you with your it in a compromise state. And I come over and just take your clothes from you rip off Why, because I want to be warm, Did you or me and that's his own t, that's his own t, his own team right. There. And it just again obviously like I always have to do with these books. Emanate goes on and on and on and on brutal brutal. Back to the book. By the end of December, we reached the polish border. Along the memo River
I was free and left to myself again as soon as I notice a trail. I wrote as fast as I could, and so now he's got a horse. One day along the road. I came to a nobleman, no woman's manor House, at which I asked for bread and obtain not only bread but also butter and brandy. For there was a servant there, who could speak, german and, and so. That's it. I mean almost as quickly as it all started once he gets back to Poland, Gets a horse and Iraq aids until we find a nice manor house and also its now the concentration of troops anymore that are showing up in these towns. Now its small groups like thousands of soldiers are common in that need to be fed its dozens at a time and so there is actually the food and and Necessary means to support small numbers of soldiers that are coming in, and so it's I want, I want to say to anticlimactic but it is a little bit
because once he gets back to Poland and gets a horse, it's like it's over any gets escapes from all that pain and misery. Events gets to another town. I came to or tolls Burke and for the first time was given regular quarters. He was just Christmas Eve a date I would not have known I not learned it from the landlord here. I also washed myself for the first time, but I could not read my. Self of the lights. We met a column of barbarians who were on route from Koenigsberg to the gathering place at block. They told us the news that Bill Workin burgers too, were gathering in form and that the Germans all had permission to go home.
Hence I was one of the last two come to form the same night I lost in the house and bought some bread. Ed and wine for free quarters were not to be thought of. One could say firstly creep along the streets on account of the throng of people early in the morning, I travelled across the bridge and saw with astonishment that the city During this year of war had been developed into an important fortress, however, used only wooden walls and sand around the high walls now grew weaker and weaker, and only with rate exertion did I reached the city here? I reached the third convoy of our people in prison, Did myself immediately to the commander? Who asked Where are you from. From the army was my answer.
Sir, you are also one of those Moscow bums he retorted, then that was my welcome return. One of those Moscow bombs so just to explain what those Moscow ms- were they started with six hundred and eighty five thousand men and had over four hundred thousand killed, so it's almost sixty percent killed and I think what what.
What this book gives me is such a classic examples really of not only how to act, but also how not to act so for one from a leadership perspective, keep your people informed of what is happening, and that's one thing that struck me about this book. Oftentimes his guests had no idea what was happening. Going on what was the next move they'd, they did not know what was happening. Another thing- and this is clearly a lesson that we talk about. All time is, if you gotta be humble because from Napoleon's perspective he thought he could pull this off right. But under my underestimated Russia strength he under estimated the time it would take. He underestimated the readiness of his own troops.
He underestimated their strategy, so again lesson learned for the millionth time be humble and then getting to this. This of this is that that closing statement about Moscow bombs. I think that is a great reminder to treat people with respect, and we talked about this- I think it was the last part Gaster, maybe the pot gas. Before the does mean you have to respect people, because if you don't know them, you can't just give away respect, but you treat people with respect because you don't know what they bedroom. You don't know what struggles theyve see
how would you know that? And so, when you throw out things like Moscow Bum and you don't know that this is a guy- that's been actually through Hell. Don't do that and the last thing you know again to take away from this book for me is. To remember here, not just the EU in the business world, of course remain. Your front line. People remember what grind they're going through remember what it feels like to them to be out on the job site or in the factory or on the front line, doing sales. Remember what that is, but I'll!
For everyone remember, the actual frontline troops, the suffering of the fear, the discomfort, the cold and the wet and the hunger Remember that reality of war and remember that it impacts those young soldiers in those young Marines. Remember them, because it's really really easy to forget. So I think that's all I've got from the diary of Napoleon S foot soldier.
Pretty EP agreed to hear that side of it totally different from sitting here and reading Napoleon's maxims about his wonderful brilliancy baling on his guy. Failing on his guys- Oh for US reserves are here, go use them to get out of here and you know I get it- I was just reading another book. I can't record figurative figured top my head, but it was. It was talking about You as a leader useful sustain life right, but you can't Take unnecessary risks as leader you, you can't be at the front of the assault you shouldn't be. Sometimes you have to be, but you need to stay alive
And so maybe you could give Napoleon a little cried there for that, but maybe not maybe not too much. Yeah saw this one, come on Seinfeld. Where George? Do you really want to go there right now in a way, because it sounds that by this that just what you said right at the scene was like. This seems like what Napoleon Was like Seinfeld Seinfeld George, this annual real can disguise a fire breaks out and he. Pushes over. Old lady, some kids, you know tee to escape because gave the fire service after the fire fire. There was no fire to some burnt like or yours is a means, their questioning home, like in that's what he says, kind of what you just said. There is like had to lead these people, a safety, and if you know,
all is lost if the leader dies kind of thing, a video saying there was look whom there, they grow. We saw what you did you not. You stepped an old lady going out Kennedy. Second, it is kind of that deal I think, doesn't Napoleon did. I would tend to agree with you and it's you know, and then in the Navy. The captain of the ship goes down with the charade that right don't waste at least, is the last guy off at least at a bare minimum is the last guy off its oftentimes goes down. The ship is trying to fight it and save it. The old I'm here Edna Pentonville. Nothing carry that out, but he came back from this got exiled and everything was brought. His life was ruined, but. It sounds like you ruin a hell of a lot more lives than just his own. With this experience here interesting how he kept mentioning the life on earth- that's good when they do that cause, it really does give you
few of later. You know a little thing. The other big deal here, but he told how easily harshly their bauble or the hunger or local ones is constantly very cause. You don't really think of that of the fire fight and the bombs in the euro of big things. Yet the all the little things adding up is the up the laser constant, just constantly eating you that life does eat. Yeah, I guess I don't know too. Which about why. I just know that my wife freaks out when they come in the house which, when you got for kids there was- times where we do said the old lace epidemic in that ass. I come home and look like a ghost busters children were securing the problem. Nineteen yeah quarantine
But now that opportunity for these guys use, I e they pick up some stuff in all these books, what those soldiers are suffering through. We know whether its job- you know, jungle, foot for wrought, trench, foot, AEGIS your feet- are getting destroyed by the weather and we get the source on your back this all these things. All those things traps. Mills remember who is talking about how the salt stuff on an earlier back or whatever the start crystals forming a yet. I see no one to me But then I heard you lot of my friends have been to come. No one talks about you know they were hot sweating. For a long period of time, with no showers yeah sources in humans, don't humans? Are you you're not used to that you're not used ie people use that word
the shower every day. You know Elliot fresh borrow some times a day if your training it, but you? U can use its like your feet right now. Some people are barefoot all time. Like my son there for all time, he can sprint on jagged rocks with no effect it using the notice it like Tarzan, photos on core yeah with me more sense your feet, but I got to wear shoes, but I try and keep trying hard them up when I can. But lately I've been on the road too much my feet are weak and weak makes me angry when I see my son sprinting across jagged rocks and if it's nothing
I can't even fake it either now or in the mean time. After all, tough when you're walking China like it's, not hurting Herbert's yeah yeah, I had that we want to move here from quite had that were really were all task. As the eagle barefoot for you wear sleepers. All time, Eagle Barefoot slippers are dead, both for those you dont know Hawaii endlessly browser for clubs, but flipped out. I wherefore Bob's. All time too, The other is totally different right by Europe. Take em off Alla time now. So here's to give you an idea of how come and being barefoot is on in elementary school. I went to school with no she's on before announce at anything and if you go to school wishes on, you take them off immediately because go runner. Resistance that you don't die every day that Srebrenica, so my son was always called for awhile and when he was always called he was, he would serve a lot
even by even by his standards standards, but one time he caught his foot on the reef and he came up to the house and my wife said. You know: hey, go clean, that out put a bandaid on it, put on some socks and shoes and he says no. He says no, she says: hey, go clean, that out Put a bandit on it and put on some socks and use now otherwise go you dirty he's acknowledge. She says: hey, go and put a band aid on that clean it off put abandoned on Poland's oxen Jews, and he says I can't Jesus. Why not. I don't have any shoes, so you have been seduce, homes called a been a really long time, since he had wear shoes
the head outgrown issues, so it had been months, isn t it out? Juice know. By only those things like you know those things so sorry after that it was, we, I I when I got home I had to says I gotta get to get shoes, so why is this They choose Furthermore, if we want to get him shoes to get them, but yeah so same thing was you, therefore just uses barefoot all tat. An eastern Africa done yet to place feeder, tough solely in feed, and then now you may come to the mainland where you wear shoes Alla time and we don't wear shoes in the house in. Why does it think answer still you? But if you have like a carpet or something like that, it's all there.
Palmer well remember those little things: their evil out on the front lines are are put not within suffering through on a daily basis, and it seems like that book ethical play quickly with it hard to hit. It did and I think it caught everyone off guard again. I I like to try and think about the guy, the guys back then and they're thinking I'll call you I'm working at my whatever crabby job I have and then all of a sudden your time and good food time, why get treated by real time? and in a role in the russian campaign, and it's no. No, no much is actually the exact opposite yeah one second year eating bread and butter wine with brandy, brandy, wine, cheese and then the next minute, you're killing your friend close again, if I didn't cover some of those sections where he's getting robbed, they're gonna
kill him. I mean he's old, guys, you're or differ there's no little dockers, its french soldiers and their german soldiers that are on the same side, but what do you think happens when things go crazy, olives and they start form in their own? The gangs rare their instinct together, horrible horrible? Well speaking of crappy jobs Maybe you could do a crappy job of telling us how we could support this part. Gas is actually had reverted did a good job. I will try to do my this. Oh back to that, will you just say the United form into little gangs in times of did not happen away too felt now, superintendent, somebody lives and the divide is he's like a one of weird movie and some news.
Thing happens in the beginning, and anyone like reached in this apartment building retreats to the basement where the superintendent or somebody lives, and this guy is he's like a one of these doomsday per her type news dad- and I think he's the man a man you're, some, U Roadmap, so they all border but its everybody. It's like you know, operate a girl. The air, her daughter, you know some dude some we got a broad cross section of society that right and I dont haven't seen a movie, but I know the problem you Jack, but that's what the that's. Essentially, what the movies worry there were everyone's just worlds: people right, we all live in this building their Al Qaeda and then they start did just divide into teams in groups and they fight in in the harder stuff gets the more violent get there. They end up like killing each other in all these ways like certainty.
Certain assets, so they can offer like value to this group. You no kind of thing and it's all within who becomes the dominant group. The dominant evil group is the is these just to friend guys the person who lives is just the one girl only grow lives. Yeah, everyone else dies in one way or another needs it's a weird spoiler by ITALY. If we're, because you don't know like who caused the
In all other, although there is a great about by Cormac Mccarthy called the road is a book, it's not a move, whether active there is a movie, but the you don't know what happened there either. Just everything is different. Now, in its different in gray and dark and everything's dead, you like nothing living, you know, plants are living, nothing's, living and humans can a wandering and trying to China survive book where but yeah that's the movie. Essentially they just can all meet all these details. Like that, don't make sense! That's why the movies we're when you think about it, that's what the movies about. We should combat Mccarthy, the road on the website for people to get along with the diary, the Napoleonic foot soldier, so people get the same, be hard want to get us a rare book. Now, where I got it from China. We're here either somebody mailed it to me, which I appreciate
If it was you, let me know, or I've just had it- I don't know where it came from. My books are out of control in a good many of the little collection there. It's not do little anymore, who well support I'll, try my best here to not do a crappy job to not do a proper job, so origin thought what origin origin main dot com that reaching over all the coup origin stuff supplier of stucco, has supplements Jacko supplements crude oil joint warfare, two very good essential, I would say essential the like. If you're working out Actually somebody asked me yesterday, which someone said hey on a budget, got sore joints crude oil or joint work, That's a hard question that might be the hardest question have gotten on the park, because I honestly I taken both all the time. So I dont
which one it is deliberate about one year. I do you recommended, though I said John, because I know the joint warfare I've noticed specifically my shoulder jacked up and the joint warfare. It was like healing so with that I said a go. The joint warfare LISA start with, if you can't give both. For sure, and I would say if I could I couldn't. You must elapse flex, six months oak as usual yeah that's jacked up. Man you know me. I don't even say anything. I just try work around like four, I can do and keeping Pulitzer can only do dead, hang polyps why it was the same as my shoulder Couldn't what am I to know? Why? and you're out, go see some see physical therapists and I turned it. Point on. What's going on and the future in overlay there there's there.
They tried overlay their vision of my problem to. If France, it makes no sense that keeping pull ups would hurt, but dead hang polyps wouldn't right. What is that makes sense? that's what happened. That's gonna now remained regard like do ring dips, but I couldn't do ring Mazzolata condone because it was injured. So do you know? All I do is I I modify for the work of the best. I can you know not for a while, I was only doing dead, hang polyps at so I Do weird thing: I do dead, hang all different grip. Polyps I do dead, hang waited polyps. I did all. The different things to get through it, but I still like to do keeping corpse and eventually now I can do Muslims again and I can hit the it was hurt for a teacher, for it was hurt for about six months, but I've been back in the game now for how'd, you do. How do I do what the shoulder no idea is general use general usage, roads Gregg was
Great hurt his back method. I know. I, though you know how he did it yeah opening a window to spread from his bed and his wife locked away his wife right, there were no, please tell me and I was laughing and I think he thought he might have thought of like laughing at him like or you're getting all kind of thing, but I was left at that eleven it just the idea of injuring your back. Really better by laying in bed opening a window desert. That's like people telling you get after it If you were in bed anyhow, he was trying let cooler and rights too hot, so you try to get Or comfort more comfortable lying in bed, that's irony right, there is I dont want to knock on would cause. I don't. I don't even see anything when some the injured man. I hate it because I hate being injured. That's Weird thing to us. When you get injured you
that injury. It seems like the injury is going to last forever. I always have that feeling like this is just never going to go away. Cuz, you don't notice these incremental little things, but when you get injured, If you remember the fact that there's tiny, tiny, incremental progress being made and you keep working and keep doing it eventually, it's going to heal and you'll, be joyous again you'll, be joyous again appreciate that to you don't like when you're out and you like freaking. I remember that day when I was fully not injured, chose to not go train or not, but then, when you're in you do like all make sure you do what you can people ask me and all time out he would you don't get it do which can due to camp? That's right! It like a can do most lots, ok, cool! I would do ring depths. I would do.
There are do every other exercise around muscle ups, except for Muslims and selves cause. I condemn at that time now, back in the game again be keeping polyps are back at the joint warfare. Got the gigantic joint warfare get it. Yeah and crude oil and tell you I'd. I think I think you should do both that's what that's what my opinions and that started for me years ago, when I went on crude oil and glucose mean country may now, of course, we have it in them glorious super grid warfare and your supporting the progress which is yet let's go, get that for your joints, also give in rash guards left empty born. They start Jujitsu, and this are actually this. This was going on since the beginning booby like what you should. I get here, Literally, at the time, also, ok and actually origin was one of them, but I didn't know as much about ordinary altogether cool and then the
one I saw was leg kind, expensive, fills a gap, origin go. If you want the high and one and stuff like that, and it was cool, but origin has all levels, no, actually not true. They don't have all level. Would it mean if you want to get a twenty eight dollar g Ok! Now you can, I level give you can get medium or are awesome. Vs, ok, the point. The medium is because a first year robot was forty dollars. Earthy I've never been elaborated three weeks, I've, while one for ninety nine dollars and youth goes wrong we really bad, and I dont even other the bran at the end of it had a brand, but yet it shrunk to the point where it lay a fit Norman shop. All almost up to my elbow by though it is so to me, if the next one, I want to say, was a hundred twenty was like a rare. One of these brands are not yet, and it was fine, all another brown I can say to hate on it. But to me it shrunken
that go nonetheless, now that I have or origin ye have to him by the way they are way better. I know it's just that you looking at me like you, just sounds like hole. I got this initially by the thing is it is now very straight up way better and they have different kind, the weeds or whatever, but they have and really the point there is when people ask me and if you're wondering what Gaeta get go on go on the website and you can see whichever you know like if you, if you like hey, I want that Cadillac one which I recommend by the extra dope or or you know you just want the regular one they're all good. Quality are made in America due by the way and rash guards. Flashcards yeah peaches sent me
Three, rather did you hit the fact that this is at the heart of what are the ones who american made american hands off hand, but when Teresa knew the other one didn't entity which does it has I'll give you have? It says it's got the chemical for me. Nation for Saudi on it. Do you have that once again, you'll see it for some samples but yeah some good rash carts and they feel good to saw again, I'm not gonna see the branding, but is a very good kind. High in combat sports bran, rash guards geese among soon included, as Americans amend a matter of opinion anyway, some influence over, but I got some rash guards and, oh so cool they looked open, I'm on my cool, but you put it on and it just didn't work out. You know thinking. I can't wear this because just how it fits and stuff like that, was it baggy. It was bad
in a way I mean well yeah you're, trying to make a joke, because I give you a baggy, rash, garb dude you, Sir Jack, and sums denial and used as I did dance avoiding rascals bag. I agree with that, but it was weird pursuits baggy in certain areas where either way or did meet dot com. It's some cool stuff. Also, its main America, no big deal from beginning to end the edges, you just said the whole thing, but the actual wanna best things about origins made America, but also, in my opinion, with american hands. Well, then, again, I do not think about this. What feels all made an America's you know then logic from from the cotton grown all away till the end product, but when you get it the record fiddle Bang Iser marries a new kind of tv from Europe is really way. I look what happened cars in America in the eighties right people started by japanese cars because the American call
They want to buy American with american quality. Wasn't there now yet, but at that time beard yeah, you your dear rearview mirror was gonna fall off is gonna like you know how I want a viewer had had a friend or something or yourself. You start your clothing brand. I remember back one of her Sgi. It's like air when Thou candlelight things started clothing, brand started. You two month free started going mania, those kind of like the joke. You know and saw a lot of people need not allowance at Lahti, but some people bid here. You know, then, that this kind of the textbook process- you start your brand, you give away, read your staff to key people, and you know who flee
takes, hold and takes up. So sometimes I get the sure in the designs are cool for the time they were cool. But then, when you put on the shirt it doesn't like fit, cracked her, you know cause when they got the blanks there. They just were like hey. I gotta cut grass as the blank black shirt there. You know: what's the difference a thing, but the thing is there is a difference. The and when you put it on the design, is he stem in. But if no one's gonna, where it cares so knows check, but it is a big man in America from the garden always been proud. That is a big deal, then, that, on top of the fact that the product is perfection conquer also speaking of fitness, being fit where we talking about being not really, but you go with it. Yes, oh yes, we were a Muslim.
Joint work without a single air, so kettlebells them into. I think that this is just me for them spoiled, but the kettlebells from on it- and you know, there's like copycat brands near they do that I'm nothing with category. Specifically copycat artistic about so here's the things I don't mean- and I dont know if there's their specifically copycat, because there is other ones here for sure there was like a skull one in like this. This alone But if my head was a kettle about how much would it way? Because it really is eighty eight hands are another? Do the heavy one eye someone like your, maybe like it's done over a hundred and three years like two hundred something that's big yeah go on from assented to me unto her. I thought this attitude.
Real life. Take it from your house where you know the mere I like wind, o K. So what how I did it was. I got the that chimp rate is thirty five pounds like that, so I get two of them and debt. The finest I'd cannibals, so they're, like start start later in life, is so they might thirty five, do yeah, but whatever weight. Is it too late too late enough to write when I started out like this is appropriate and I gotta be careful union with this. I had never really done occurred it up in a sustained, safe and, of course, form lived. Good work on our semi get the bigger ones, so I went up to their out of the one I wanted. So I went all the way up to the world, which is Xxix DE two pounds. Source are doing that with that got good at that. Boom boom boom saw but keep in mind I'm getting them from on it like I, I I have the luxury
giving like that. The good ones are more spoiled saw imo reared. Like I'm about to say everyone should have the design one could like cooler and not until you get ten m. How like, when you get like a new cool, rash guard, something cool design on didn't, want it in use, you? Don't even think that you get that I'm gonna more reliant on that kind of stuff, you, whatever re cedar, cedar anywhere near primal bills, zombie bills and legend of those are the ones who jumped on there too, by the way and other fitness interesting fitness stuff and again the kettlebells. I recommend the care about, but, like me, start light? Don't Sweden and Kate you she and the like? They dared and could give Jack yourself up. Yeah, there's some technique involved yet and you dont recognised The momentum of swinging cattle ballads a real thing yet, and then
the only ways: thirty five pounds in your case won't you swing it to the top of, and then you have to stop that thing. It's not wane. Twenty five, thirty five pounds anymore. It's got momentum yet in the wind. Scots forgive worldling S, so you ve never one way, it's like a regular snivel. Guess it's not a snatch, but the clean, the Uno. You go up in the air. I call the rack possess right, so even that I've seen it done so much I can do that is to use light, but I'm doing wrong, unlike flip aiming at bring it out where it lands on the back. My written, then it like pulls my shoulder back How do you do this? I just gotta give, but then I looked it up on you to the actual technique and then I'm like. Ok, I'm watching to the other day with confront spots where to get about there I dislike lifted up really hard because, as I want from the pig in it from the fort take up to the to the position to start squatting- and I like
It is so hard tat. I hit my front teeth. Yeah you idiot stripped of their rather thing, yet it can maintain just be careful. That's the point on a dark and flash Joggled check him out. Those are Coon's there, the regular ones too, but on an omen once you have the design when you can't go back, My opinion, not that any basis for comparison cause. I've never had the Normans, but I've seen em in other Jim. You ve done before and not to say my opinion. Also. If you want to get this book the diary, of Nepal, Napoleonic Foot soldier there go or any books at joggled talks about or rights author. By the way we have direct links to all these books per episode on a website jackpot cast up the books, the book SEC section its books from their pursuits. I think that's what is going on there click through their Donnelly's, organizing confined
book that you're looking for it supports the pockets or, if you do in any other shopping that day at that moment, whatever boom, carry on good way to support also subscribed is about gas on Itunes, Google placed it you're all these podcasting providing platforms, and you too, by the way you tube. On top of the video version of this pod gas. As we all know, we have little accepts that you can share. So you don't the whole thing or is just more returned, someone's gotta, listen to what you. What else should we put on Youtube? What honey I should put stuff on Youtube? I think I could do more frequently than you,
well. Actually, maybe not because I do it three times a week, if you count the package really really, but I've got into a good routine Monday, Wednesday, Fraga I'll look into that for the most were ok, I still think. Maybe I should do something on do something like what can you do live on Youtube? Yes, do that year, at an hour, I've never done it before, but you're running a little Life use Youtube livestock nonetheless subscribe to you to decide. I also deleted, since that will put on their, maybe not is often, but if you want to see some behind the curtain rods. Russian. Behind the scenes you wanna hear me swear apparently is announced. A bunch of US guineas yeah funny asked
a story in earlier today, pre recording today, because well, I feel we are talking about, but as something that made me feel the urge to swear something most. What was it but if you think about the Czech deleted, see elegant, gonna videos, x, x or are rated sure not x rated. Thankfully, that's like nudity and what not and why not better beyond afraid, not also for you, unless you tube Youtube subscribe. If you have an already, if plenty to say that's a good way to support, also Doc was store, scald Jacko Store, but a jackal stored outcome make sensory. That's where you can get shirts our shirts here. The vodka shirts displaying freedom, honesty
some who owns on there look at those and if you want something yet something wealth of women stuff on there for the lady troopers out there or the guy, you know your wife daughter, sister mom bomb. They ve worked me up using my wife on some shirts I said you gotta check not worse Jews in the game of patches on their hoodies there, your hoodies, I gotta their lives. They're not live right. Now. What were you Deasey every morning? Let me live this week. Hundred percent over that make good Heaven heavy New England for New England, where's ministerial by therefore Minnesota Chicago Michigan, all their mission, Canada, has when you're up there's. So much is where that just that's what you were.
Yeah? That's all I use where we get from like November until March gesture, the heavy hoodie. That's it get some can't really, not the hoodie that you may last year the collide version then you in the gallery it it's like that. It's lessens the he has even so cow version. That thing was to life, so cow so now summer. I guess maybe using museum every maybe look afford a heavy yams could obviously hoodies on their other subject up Jack, historic Doc that's a good way to support hats to right. Have you me hats but you do not argue their heads for the people now, but I need to add to this house on the e: U need had political started. Article that that also psychological
psychological warfare good way to support yourself, that we help yourself goodwill spot yourself on your journey and going back to Journey Quinn. Journey on your journey fly Campaign against weakness. Like you know, you're on the programme now waking up early now, you're working. I gotta work up program five days out at all we note. In recent years the work programme is addressing leaf and the delta between Commander Seth Stone back in the day day. Like asked me for all like what I did for work out and I wrote out I work out at its actually loosely therein therein. The discipline equals freedom field manual, but when I gave it to it, you said at the top the thing said the programme the here. Actually I really like that expression and I'd be easy from its like windows, thinking how yours
Discipline will not allow that the wholesale among the program you haven't, even though one programme is what do you have my programme The programme is exactly right. Side. On the programme which really life is, you should be on the programme really, if you're not you're, just like what, you're, like short term you're, not on the programme. We know that it's that and sometimes you don't even realise that you're not on the programme. I think that's the problem. You don't even realize you're, not in the programme. You have what you never been on the programme than right now that you're not on yet what it it was. He call it like in in unconsciously, incompetent or something like that? You know he has all the things all the psychological stuff in there. I don't know either way, if you don't know not on the program. You don't even know what you don't know. Kind of thing of that kind of thing anyway, got it back to the program. If your on the program,
You experience those days, those moments of weakness and you want jocker, get you through help. You throw like a little spot, you not to take over, but as a spot. Listen psychological warfare for a moment, a weakness any goes by situation right wing. There's like waking up one there's a missing work out. One is procrastination. One are all these. What it is in its an album with tracks each track is for each weakness this you may or may not come across. That's good they're, so as we got into the end and that a lot of people like that album yeah, and so when Despotically Freedom Field Manual was being created,
the the normal option, as you published books on audible dot com, and then they put together the book with chapters that you can listen to through the audible app very confined to them. So for the field manual. I. The way to feel man was written. It's not written like a book, it's more like an album you need to use with tracks, so any ways to make a long story short we are make another psychological Orford album, but in the meantime we put out this, because Freedom feel manual, which is the book they just came out and if you're looking for an audible version of that you have to go to Itunes Amazon, music, Google play everywhere everywhere that lot, I myself mp3 tracks albums with tracks and that's where you can get this political freedom.
Feel manual, audio version and that thou and makes a lot more sense, though, with with it this for sure, because it is like a manual you not like yeah, but the and the thought was. I didn't want to put it on an audible book the autumn. Format, because then people can't put it on their alarm clock they can't they can just jump through to listen that track. They can't put into their playlist while their working out. So therefore, not use not not good, not as if we I know we're not gonna sell as many because when its link right there on the website on Amazon, people can click right to it so cells. Many, but it's better anyway. Doesn't matter, I rather I'd rather put out good product yeah. That's my concern, and especially when you refer Two. It could that's really what a manual money- automobiles! looks like the link would be right there. You know cause. However, what is only ok on Amazon It's as former over the book you no harm to cover, and then Kindle Kindle Eileen Audible got. Mine does not have that so people
click on it and they asked me. The man asked me on twitter when the audible core area do not about one night. Zapped respond everyone on board. What gets you so again add more concern that people at have it can utilise it properly, MIA in use for sure do, but not as much as Kindle that's where it looks that actual like reading part of it lost her, but the this with the tracks it is better because when you want to refer to in a life, it's like okay, I want to go to the martial arts, part the Red Sea. You know all this of these other parts. When you want to refer to it, it's going to be with audible format. It's gonna be harder to be like. Ok, you can find it you're, not gonna enjoy doing out of earthly. Yes, It is good to you know to want to listen to one all the time- and I refer Here- yeah exactly I headed up, but it does make more sense when you think about the whole scope of the disciplines
your menu so area, you get the opportunity to tell people that and tell him, because I can't tell everyone. I tried the table where you can find it hid it. Here's the thing. Ultimately, it's not hard to get. Mean it's, no, it's not hard to get it off, not on the same man. I wish you'd expected and people expect to find things where the expect to find things here. That's all we ve found curveball little. You know, but it's it's, like I said, to produce something that would be less usable, by people in the manner that they want to use it or make a little harder to find a great asset, maybe not how many people can buy it because they won't find it, I don't care I'd rather have the people that really want it get to you the way I want to use it through the curve. That's how I roll slowest curveball in the history of curveball here get it on your here, you have to do an extra click. You presently people last on social media when it where, when it's coming out o
in audio format, yeah that does make sense, and especially, if you used to listen for audio books. You, like ok. I wanna do the book rate, where the ADI totally makes an audible, careful list that is occur by they, while you're on Amazon. Also, you can get Jacobite tea, which tastes good and will guarantee a deadline eight thousand pounds some other book to get on there a way. The warrior kid that's for kids that want to get after it or even if you want your kid to get after it, you want to be smarter, stronger, better. You want to eat healthier. Getting that book. Awesome feedback on that book, which is some of my favorite feedback. Pictures of kids reading, where the warrior get don't pull up, doing ports and doing Jiu and doing Ass cards and their little book reports Alex the book report.
Here's a memory. I think we need a bug record report when you're, seven years old, it's kind of a big deal. It's like you're getting published for the first time as they offer you like it away. I wrote this. This is my assessment of the where the warrior kid probably the most important thing had ever been written check it out and also to a picture. You don't owe me that's uncle Jake right there you can Hardly tax doesn't look anything like em by transposing the other day are not. I say over here but yeah- like seeing those little things are regrettable, stream ownership by myself and my brother leaf ban and it is about combat leadership. Just one extreme feel manual: yes, the book the just came out and thanks everyone for getting it for spreading. The word for I, like a bunch of people, have put on stacks they're getting notches.
Them because there on the path there on the programme, for they want to get their friends on the programme. They want to get their work person. They want to get their kid The programme. Father son saw that one yesterday on social media, father son boom boom to copies. So that's awesome and appreciated a other. Some there's some funny. Reviews are gonna, have to read some of the review of the Amazon Reviews. Some left, some of them are awesome. There's one hour I should point out, but some awesome reviews if you want a writer of you didn't do. That too is a work of art, really need to look at it. I think it looks go. It's pretty, there's no other books. That really look like that. Not that I'm not so that's that said. The the audio version is on mp3. Google play Itunes, Amazon, music and all that,
If you need leadership, support for your team or your business, then you can hire echelon front, which is our leadership unmanned, resulting Kobe. It's me life ban, J, p D, now Dave Burke, email info it s long for dot com and, if you can. Hanging out with us on this podcast and you want to maybe coups with us, some more you can find us on the into WEBS Twitter, Instagram And a fishy boy, ECHO is
echo Charles and I am at Jacko willing and again thanks to all of you out there in uniform on the front lines like Jacob Walter in the dirt and filth and the discomfort and the and out their holding the line. Thank you all for what you do to the police and law enforcement and fire fighters and medical emerge, see, technicians and arrested first responders. Thank you for keeping safe here at home to the teachers out there better teaching our kids teaching
those young troublemakers, like I was put them on the right path, teaching them the discipline equals freedom. Thank you for doing what you do and the rest of you that are out there doing your job and doing it to the best of it
ability making life better for yourself, your family, your community, our country in the world, thanks for grinding and grappling and striving and scratching and continuing day after day after day, to get out there and get after it. So until next time MRS Echo and Jocko out.
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