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Christmas, 1944

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December, 1944.  In the city of Bastogne, Belgium, during the Battle of the Bulge, American soldiers primarily from the 101st Airborne Division, but also from the 969th Artillery Battalion, and Combat Command B of the 10th Armored Division, were surrounded by Germans. 

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December nineteen, forty four in the city of Past Stone Belgium during the battle of the bulge american soldiers, primarily from the hundred and first airborne division, but also from the nines The ninth artillery battalion and combat command b of the tenth armor division were surrounded by Germans. They were outnumbered by approximately five too. They were lacking in cold weather gear. They were short on ammunition and low on food and medical supplies. The weather was horrible. Dude
heavy cloud cover. Resupply from the air was not possible, they appeared to be doomed. That is certainly what the Germans thought. So, on the twenty second of December, the german sent a message with to german officers offering an paternity for the American. To surrender. The message red. To the USA, commander of the answer called the town of Bass stone the fortune. War is changing. This time The USA forces in and Your bass tone have been encircled, strong german armoured units Or german armoured units have crossed the river or food your or through will have
Hagen Marsh, have reached saint, who bear by passing through Obray, see Bray Delay. Libra MOB is in german hands. There is only one possibility to see the encircled USA. Troops from total annihilation. That is. Honourable surrender of the encircled town. To think it over a term of two hours we'll be granted beginning with the power sensation. Of this note,. If this proposal should be rejected, one German, artillery core and six heavy. A battalions are ready to annihilate the USA troops in your best stone. The order for firing will be given a media. After this two hours term.
All the serious civilian losses caused by this artillery, fire would not correspond. With the well known american humanity signed. The german commander. The american Commander general anthem, my colleague upon hearing this offer didn't like the aid. At all. In fact, his initial response was simply knots a little discussion with his staff and what the proper written response would be. They just I did that was the proper response, so they put together a formal note On let her head to return to the german commander, it read. Twenty two December nineteen, forty four.
With a german commander, knots signed the american commander On Christmas, Eve, General we'll call of sand Out a message to his troops in the besieged city: they read Headquarters Parliament First Airborne division. Office of the division commander, twenty four December nineteen? Forty four. What's Mary about all this, you ask where fighting it's cold. We aren't home all true But what has the proud Eagle division accomplished with its worthy comrades of the tenth armor division, the seven hundred and fifty tank destroy battalion and all the rest. Just this we stop cold
everything that has been thrown at us from the North EAST, south and West. We have identifications from four german Panzer divisions to Germany infantry divisions and one german parachute division. The. Units beer heading the last desperate german lunge were headed straight West four key points when they Google division was heard the ordered to stem the advance. How effectively this was done will be written in his three not alone in our divisions, glorious history, but it world history, the Germans? Actually, surround us. Their radios blared our doom. There come andor demanded our surrender in following impudent arrogance and that's when general added. In the note.
The german surrendered demand and he gave his response- the simple response of nuts. He wanted all the troops to know. Than any closed out the memo explaining their cause situation on the ground, the message. Continued allied troops are Counterattacking enforce we continue the whole bastone by holding bass dome. We assure The success of the allied armies. We know that our division commander, gender, Taylor will say well done. We are giving our country and our loved ones at Home- a worthy Christmas present at being privilege to take part
Gallant feed of arms are truly making for ourselves a merry Christmas Ac Mcculloch. Well, the Germans did attack bastard on Christmas day than they did initially Through the american perimeter, but the american soldiers stood there ground and defeated the it ACT, eventually destroying all the german tanks and the next day the twenty sixth of December General patents. Fourth, armoured division along with the twenty sixth infantry division broke through debate, Stone and opened up a quarter to relieve the embattled, but victorious troops a glorious example of will and defiance and undaunted com
in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, and it was an example of the victory of light over darkness. But let us never forget that for every victory there is a cost. There is sacrifice And one letter home also written on Christmas Eve December, twenty fourth, nineteen, forty four from the battle of the bulge by Lieutenant Colonel are Blair, the commanding officer of the two hundred and sixty eight field artillery
how you, who was born in New Orleans and RE, In Mississippi, this letter shows some of that sacrifice. The letter was written to Colonel Blair's parents. But in the letter he also speaks of his young wife, Mary and therefore year, old daughter, Susan. This is what he wrote. Do your folks. Well. So this is Christmas Eve. I've spent a lot of lonely ones, those when I've been away from you and Mary, but I've never spent one. Quite this lonely. And one in which the Christmas
Spirit seemed so lacking in the surroundings. Even the first one of the war. With Mary leaving the next day was not so bad Is this one then, had things to worry about a lot of work to do, but here everything, is, as it has been the same day. Day out, routine and all I have to think of it, much I miss you and Mary and Susie, and what fun and how comfortable and write it would be. If we were all spending Christmas Eve and Christmas together we will have Do tomorrow, then, some of the men will received Christmas packages, and that will be the extent of our Christmas.
There is no peace around us. No peace in our hearts. The Christmas star is an airplane flare, the three. Iceland, where are they now there's nothing here, but anger and men's hearts Isis men are those who do. The best Job of killing the enemy, while avoiding death themselves, the mangers are corrupt, with dead and rotting cattle and the village ends gaped at the night.
Through the glass list, windows and tireless roofs, the gifts of the magic or steel and flame and high explosives. But deep in my heart, I know that peace will come again families will again be together for God, and his son are watching over us and protecting us all as well as we will let them so in the hope of tomorrow in the peace to come.
Your dad and mom merry Christmas to you in a happy and peaceful new year. All my love, your son, Arthur Well Arthur, did not make it home to be with his family again.
Next day Christmas, one thousand nine hundred and forty four as he was wishing the officers and men of his battalion a merry Christmas. A german shell hit wounding several of the men and killing Colonel Arthur W Blair. He was one of the nineteen thousand Americans killed in the battle of the bulge in one of the thousands upon thousands upon thousands that have died for our flag and the ideals of freedom that it represents.
Colonel Blair's executive officer wrote a letter to the family and said the memory of the colonel. Is one that will always be kept green by those who knew him had served with him? He was outstandingly gallant officer, a fine leader and, above all else but true, gentlemen on the field battle where there can be no sham. He proved it beyond the question of a doubt. And the executive officer signed off the letter, quoting Shakespeare. When Horatio Bid,
No farewell to his friend hamlet, now: cracks and noble heart, goodnight, sweet, prince and flights of angels sing the to thy rest. To all those, no
souls that left us too young and cracked, our hearts. We bid you the same goodbye. May flights of angels sing you to your rest. We will remember you always, then we are thinking of you, this holiday season Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all, and may there be peace on earth.
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