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DEF 01: You Still Might Not Get It

2023-12-12 | 🔗

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Discipline equals freedom episode, one jocker willing here with echo charles. Why why? Why am I feel compelled to talk about this? Well, as I go through life, I have often said- and I've been saying for a long time, that discipline is watching it in your life. and what I oftentimes think people miss is the same thing. They miss about leadership, which is that leadership, there's a skill and a lot of you think leadership is natural right you look at a person and you see them enter leadership position and their company. and they got charisma and they're making decisions it's very easy to think that all of that is just natural gift. Now listen! Some of it was natural gifts. right. Some you're gonna have some level of natural gift you. The charismatic you're, very articulate and that's a scale.
that you were born with some of it, but then overtime you become more articulate. Can you can you we become more charismatic, do you think you can become more charismatic? Yes, yes, you can absolutely I've watched people become more charismatic, as time goes by. Generally speaking, oftentimes has to do with their confidence level. What breeds confidence? Well it's when they practice when they rehearse they acquire skills when they become more capable, the more capable you are, the more confident you are. You ever seen a key going into a wrestling georgia to match and there really good their confidence. Why the conflict there, confident because I ve been training. Their ass off for a long period of time. Any sport- you are anybody, gordon any sport if they train really hard Tom Brady play football, right. You seem gone on the field. He didn't look nervous. Why, as it goes training all did Michael Jordan? What does Michael
I want the ball in the clutch moment, cause he practiced larry bird. Why? What does he want the ball when there's too Seconds left on the clock and they d taking the ball in balance. What do you want? The ball cause he's practised and he's confident, and that is seems like charisma and probably is christmas. So so leadership is not something oh you're, just born of em like I said there are aspects of it that you, have some level of a gift, but then you get better at it. The more you stand up and talk to people. The more you put out word, the more you get put into situations where you have to make decisions, the better you get at those things as long as you're humble enough to correct yourself and admit: oh, that wasn't a good decision as long as you can do that, but so. We understand- and I've been saying this national front, while leadership is a skill eroded leadership, charging tactics, leadership is a skill. You can learn it well. It's the same thing with discipline.
It's the same thing with discipline. You can learn. The skill of of discipline And can you be borne with some of the help you some? People that are born and look Is it nature? Nurture I'm not one hundred percent sure, but there combination of that that you can, you can grow up and be more disciplined person than someone else right. If you look at the big five on the psychology chart and you're a very conscientious person that person, generally speaking, is going to be more disciplined human but regardless of where you are on that chart, you can and become more disciplined there. No doubt about and- and for me you know, Echo, charles on one of our earliest podcast, you said something along the lines of there's nothing there. Will affect and help your life more in more different aspects of your life. Then exercise
when we're waking up when we're working out of course a workable work out, but I know not. It was in that category, When we worked out, everything gets better. Everything gets better. Every aspect of life gets better relationships, get better Your business gets better your mental health gets better. Your attitude gets everything gets better just from exercise just from exercise. Well,. I actually would say that we could take that one step to the left, one He cursed the precursor to exercise. That would be and even more impact for thing in every aspect of life would be discipline.
I think it's the most important characteristic, the most important aspect of your life as a human being is to be desperate and again this why I wrote the book discipline equals freedom field manual. Now, what made me start thinking about this? When did I learn, about it. What made me pay attention to this? Well for me to go when you go old, school old black, that black flag album henry rawlins to live album and in the song my war, which is like basically I'm against you my war. It's get some from against everybody, but at one point live album and am of little kid listeners. Probably thirteen Fourteen year old kid- and I hear rawlins- and at one
point during that song he's saying the discipline, I am the discipline, I don't even know what this word means at the time, thirteen years old right. So you know you kind of start to figure it out. I dunno! If I looked it up in a dictionary, I don't know if I had that kinda had that kind of kind of where- with all to go to the library and pull out a dictionary, but you know had some indication at a young age. I mean why this guy, talking about the discipline- I am the discipline- was mean but as young kid again when you're looking at we're gonna henry rawlins. When was thirteen years old he's a twenty three old guys seems a tough guy right, seem strong. Ok, those were things that I looked inside. Those things are good good to be strong seems like a good thing to be shocked. we're, not win, win all the punk rockers back to the day when you know do indeed
eggs or whatever, and he was working out. You'd see him doing worships. So he's trying to be strong all these other people doing all. That seems like the good thing. That must be the discipline and that's it. So that's what I need right says. Probably that is no doubt my probably the first little kernel in my brain of discipline, and so then I started saying okay. What does that mean? So I need to work out iD do pushups I needed to corpse thus ready to do, and I had this goal. Of course of going into the military going into the seal teams, become in some kind of a commando. So discipline seem like the thing I needed that the thing I need it, so I did worked out, got ready, left gotta symptoms go through seal. Turning in and the thing about seal training. Does it too
you discipline kind of the thing about seal training and the thing about all military training, all basic military training which which basic seal turning its basic underwater demolition seal. Turning, that's buds basic underwater demolition seal, its basic! So what you're getting is imposed. Discipline is imposed when it's like you are going to go, do pushups. You are now going to carry this log. You are now gonna. Do this you're now going to use up you're, not going in the water into italian out one! That's what it's about so its impact, whose discipline Suppose it's not! It's not. You're not dare not city you down and explaining to you. The value of discipline. You're, not hearing that I didn't hear anything. I heard the word. disappointed? One time when I was going through basics, your training not regard that word one time I probably a little colonel of in my head. What you do work,
You what you start to see and what you have to have you have to have some level of self discipline. you have to have some of the love of self discipline, because, if you're going through seawater and you didn't have the discipline to run to get prepared, you're not going to make it. If you didn't, have the discipline to do pull ups you're not going to be able to those ropes and to make it so there's a bunch of reasons why it ends up surfacing and it ends up becoming. If yours if you, if you are aware of it end up becoming something that you see is very valuable, people better undisciplined. They only do what their forced to do. That's not gonna, be that's! That's not the best route If you only doing what you are forced to do, that's not that's not what we're looking for! That's, not what the symptoms lookin for look! They do it.
And there's you, if you dont, do it you're forced to you, don't make it? Obviously you creates called quitting. We fall. you to pull it boat on your head and run ten miles, don't want to do that anymore. Call! You quit What we really want is someone that's going to discover self discipline and what that means. Is that means that you are, you are the general and europe also the soldier you're, the one. That's making you do the task right, I'm, the general and echoes the soldier. Like this, what you have to do- and you do it called out pose discipline. That's actually not that hard. But for me to be the general and me to be the soldier that's order better effect this why people have come
no trainers right. They know what they have to do, but they need someone to dig actually need someone to tell them what to do, Do one more rap, they know what to look. I could give the work programme here to go. Do it but they need someone actually there to impose discipline on them. Otherwise, they're not gonna, do strange right through its real, so We have to realise that we are, the ones that are imposing discipline and we are the ones that are executed, where the general and with a soldier so think about Get yourself in the mindset that yet on the general and yes, I'm the soldier and I've gotta be good at both. I've gotta be good at setting out what it is, I need to do and then I need to be good at doing what I need to do. to refuse orders by the way, I'm not allowed to have a mutiny, mutiny aloud when the general says, do it. You ve got to do it and we missed that little piece. Sometimes
Sometimes we end up with a military unit in our brain. That's not functioning! because the generals put now word and the soldiers not lessening the soldiers? The soldier lacks discipline, the soldiers making excuses the soldiers rationalizing and the general doesn't know what to do, and so what you end up with failure europe affair across the eu, multiple areas, so so, if you're lucky going through, six, your training, you can kind of get it. You kind of learn some self discipline and that's what we need in our lives. That's what we, That's what having that general in position having that commanding officer in position to make decisions for you the soldier, that's we need
and this is why I wrote about this in in the disciplines- freedom feel menu- I get that you don't want to do it. I get that you don't want to do it. I get that the bed is warm and the pillow the soft. I understand that I get that the water is cold. I get that you're tired. I get all those things. but if you want to achieve your goals, if you want to move forward, if you want to actually become HU, it is, you know you can become there's no easy way of getting there. There's no short cut. There's no hack, there's only discipline. That's it go into the book. Right now
this political freedom field manual. There must be disciplined which think about that for ten seconds of your life, There must be disciplined there's not disappoint, the soldiers are doing whatever they want guess what the soldiers wanna do. They want to sleep, they want to get drunk, they want you don't like that of the soldiers want to do. that's what they want. Do they're looking for immediate gratification, so allowed there must be disciplined discipline. The route if good qualities the driver. Daily execution. hey execution? Do you The execution doesn't come from motivation. We look. If you get me related today. Great fuel Evaded tomorrow morning, you watch cool, video. You got motivated good, I'm happy, but how many let what
what's the half life of a video having an impact on you what's happening. how many times have you watch video before you said yourself, I get it in a war off right. What's ass life, so the daily driver isn't motivation, is not a video. The daily did. The daily driver has no thoughts most whatsoever. It only has discipline I only have this one. Do you ever see the movie soldier? Yes and Kurt Russell Kurt Russell? You look in my own twisted way. That's sort of the light I wanted the rights in my own twisted way. That's kind of a life I wanted. But at one point in that movie, you're in the movie this, the guy he just a soldier he's he works out. He trains when there's a war, this war when
no war, he sits on his bed and waits for war and trains. That's the fantasy that many of us have a right to So at one point, though, he who ends up on his other planet and their hands up with a famine. Living with a normal family and the mom of this normal family. asking him, don't you don't you? Do you have any? What do you feel. Do you feel anything in his answer? Is fear and discipline, and he says it like that fear and discipline which is really truly a heavy thing, because the only thing he feels is fear, like I'm afraid, I'm going to die, I'm afraid I'm going to fail afraid, I'm not going to do the right thing, I'm afraid I'm going to make a mistake and all that all that is overcome by one thing discipline. So
When we talk about the daily driver of execution, it's gotta be disciplined. This is the core principle compatible The core principle that overcomes laziness and lethargy Excuses discipline defeats the infinite excuses that say not today, not now. I need a rest. I will do it tomorrow and you can just keep going on the excuse list. Have we ever sat down, we should get on a chat, g, p, t and just have it what with excuses, give me seven thousand excuses. Why I shouldn't work out it'll? Do it took forever and it'll give you seven thousand excuses, on why you shouldn't work out today, And you know what probably, six thousand of them you can kind of niger had to be like, was not about what.
So excuses are diamond, doesn't a they're everywhere we have to have discipline to overcome them, so they go back to book. What's the hack how'd, you become stronger, smarter, astor healthier. How do you become better? How do you
with chief true freedom. There is only one way: the way of discipline. So that's what we're doing. That is the discipline and with that, if you want to do some more discipline activities go to the deaf reset dot com. If you need fuel, go to geography, dot com, if you need gear, go to origin, usa, dot, com or jocko store dot com, and if you need leadership, correctional infront, dot, com and until next time this echo and jocko out.
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