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DEF 03: Time To Reset. The Count is Zero.

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Discipline equals freedom, episode, free without controls and me jack, a willing we're doing the deaf reset. The different disciplines equals freedom reset, this is a new year's evolution. So january first is when this thing starts and people ask me in the past, with two stores number one, my wife used to always say which Your resolution, gonna be- and I have said the same thing still say it to her. To this day I always say: I'm gonna get better at jujitsu and surf more It is common practice. Do he's the train like every spare moment and she's with kids, screamin and diapers, not like I'm gonna, try shewed, maybe
be the happiest wife. At that moment in time, and of course, the second everything was sophomore right, you're, outages, surfer too, things. Neither one of them had anything to do with my poor wife. No, so the fact that matters always you know I was always joking. When I said that kind of cause, I always was trying to get better jujitsu surf but also people like what would ask me that now for years. What are you going to do? What's your new year's resolution of exactly what no just live just do the same thing and are waiting if I get some, I got change would do today. That's what I'm doing well a couple years ago, a few years ago. We did this def reason I think, the first one we did. We actually did it internal at echelon front. It was just you know. Some of the team was a We do this thing. What do these challenges- and I was gonna- get of course, you're doing that's what I do all time. Look back with. Let's go!
and then maybe the following year. They kind of announced it to people and a bunch of people did it and we started to get like really good feedback from people that did this deaf reset this discipline. It's free, theresa got a bunch of good feedback, got a bunch of people saying like oh yeah, I lost this weight, I gained This way you know trying to get stronger, they put on pounds or they lost pounds or they they got better a guitar or they got promoted. It worked like just people squared themselves away. They got better. and so I said to myself. Well, that's kind of some? Don't you see results from people and their lives being changed and their trajectory of their life being changed to me, that's awesome. and then I said to myself. Well, when you when you are going to go on a mission to just go on a mission without any planning you gonna come up with a plan. You're gonna set
the conditions for victory. That's what you're gonna do so it's the same thing here. Look! Oh! If you are gotta make a change start doing it now well hold on a second. If you're going to, if you're going to do a true reset, a def reset, you got to do some planning you've got to do some preparation, and so that's what this is about so there's a protocol that we're gonna do every day during def reset number one. We wake up, wake up early when wake up early, give us enough time to do. Exercise first thing in the morning, that's one of two things are doing waken up early and we're an exercise, but for we go to bed where writing down what it is we need to do tomorrow like main things you gotta get done were riding him now and then we wake up. In the morning we get down to the exercise, we're going to prioritize next year, we're going to do the things we said. We are going to do this, something that I've said for a long time? Imagine if you wrote down what you're supposed to do tomorrow tonight and then you woke up and you did it and then imagine you did that for a week and then imagine you did that for a month and then imagine
that for a year three years of five years, you're hot you're lit your whole life is different. So that's what we're doing Where writing down what we need to do and when we wake up next day early. Exercise than we do. What we're supposed to do prioritizing execute we're gonna, have clean fuel that's what we're gonna do during Jeffrey reset hotter percent clean fuel that mean no junk food. That means no tito's That means no doritos. That means hell! No donuts. when's the last time you had a donut, No I wish you a boxer doughnuts, you told me this. The other day by your car killed a boxer doughnuts. What the hell happened, rope what happened you're laughing, how many dies? I think I told you what happened,
you away on how to go down that eight areas? Whirls thing saw this. Nonetheless, the last year, this up in two to three times, but you need a more or twelve ochre whose tommy, what went down just used one of those day? You know those are. What are you doing buying donuts yeah. I know that's a bad move out of the gate. Okay! Well, go on what happened. You went out. First of all, you brought you bought donuts. Yet If I do a loser, move a ball. Yeah is. Why are you doing because it was one of these interstitial I'm going to give you the facts right now, I'm not saying justification, I'm not so easily. I'm giving you the facts. It was my data mine were the families or out of town, I did it. Were these are the conditions that allowed this interstitial state of? Would you feel guilty feeble those doughnuts into your house with your family there. That is why this the condition he ate difference here, exactly rights where you know like MIKE, I dont like the
dear that, like junk food. Is this like centre piece of celebration like I don't like that idea, even though I have accepted it as part of our culture, but I don't like that idea, in any time I bring it up, they get in trouble for it, because you know the kid: they don't Udall kids, they take stuff. Can a personal renault like you like, if only there, the after eating like some ice cream or something that a party of unlike that's junk. It's like this, like you're, saying what they're doing and who they are is junk. So I get it I get it. They met it's a big, it's a system. I get it, that's definitely it we've gotta pay attention to what we're doing as we do now, at the same time, berlin, while the brothers dozen doughnuts, for he himself, is very cause of the families out of town yorkers is more of a vision. Was you can get away with it and get away with it in this sense? Where look everybody's a person? No one's perfect right like that in that whole spirit, but if
Be imperfect, I'm gonna try, my best nodded didn't want more guts and the gods, the second part, but I will do my best. to do it in front of the kids to normalize it. You know where, with is it man, if you like, hey, don't do this, good advice and then, meanwhile, they see you think you're doing it is that kind of makes it like a wash a little bit. So if I have these moments a week. This they're going to slide in at times that are more opportune. In that sense, where you know the kids aren't going to witness it and it slowly becomes normalized, that's a b. You know how, like you kind of mentally gauge, like if you're into fitness, and while this veto in, if you, if you're conscious of your health and what you been eating, watch in doing this exercise. You know if you slow week like a shitty week, you're busy whatever You feel that you know like if you're into, if you're, in touch with it
so. I had a good. I had good week I'm going to freaking streak, it's one of those times where I was like hey. If I were to have a whole box of doughnuts right now, it would be kind of no factor because not only have I been having these massive streaks of greatness as far as like performance, and you know, discipline, I'm going right back to that. Same street great after this kind of thing. So it was now the conditions and then I was like you. Can you sitting in your like taking a break? You just finished a bunch of stuff. You had to do kind of like over them, long term or the short or long term, medium term. Like literally get a month of shit that you had to just get done, and it's done. You know you know just that. Feeling of romeo award. You wanna reward yourself. Yeah sounded so you're a box. It derives from where I got what he lowered. Crispy You had without delay, her dear ass, you treated second hand. and then he saw a box of what twelve, what flavor twelve or what what kind or whatever regular. What is that? What's regular doughnut, then I dunno: what do they call it
waste blaze, traditional, the regular crispy cream doughnuts there, like, I think, they're glazed, anger. he's got an answer. You got twelve of them delivered to your house, for who It's her door dash scenario and how did you eat in one sitting? Eighth, Ok, this is totally anti deaf risa, yes we're not doing this during def reset, not ordering donuts or are looking at donuts, where they're having donuts we're not talking about, though I don't think we're going to hate on donuts look. I hate on doughnuts in general. Donuts are not until they get delivered to your door. Well, yes momentarily it's one of the! Yet what how did you feel afterwards I shouldn't even say this, but I am. I did not care at all. Did it didn't affect me at all, like what eight eight? Don't that's, what I'm gonna do. Rumour what's gonna, do take me off the path I don't know. Maybe it did it in there.
Did actually my life of bread, donuts I'm! No stranger! When Jonah next day did you did you? Did you clean up the next day like a little extra, yet even to call it clean up its like? That's not even really is here, it is just reality of like it. Just didn't he don't answer. My normal stuff is good. so yeah you don't it's not one of those things where you get a delivery of donuts and now you're freaking in the gutter eating doughnuts everyday. It's not like, like that. Yeah I get it. Some people are like that. Some people like it might as well be method in fact a mean yeah. No, you get that sugar and that fat and that whatever combination they put that together and they go it in your veins, you're annual, like your reminded her, lose losing mind as funny as that is that's actually pretty accurate had warned the sense beak and then also even just the fact that you eat eight of them. That's not you not hungry for eight. No, Now human is not hungry for eight doughnuts, Jim Verona,
My view is eating cause you if you like you're, my offer little ass, you might be. I exaggerate, causes so many psychological factor that come into a kind of your life. You like hey. These donors will not be here tomorrow, even if I dont finnish, like warmly to save the donor samaria or what you do, the court again to my nephew men. If you stay but he D had. I think you, they like to the realities of the latter. The last two years, it is normal ps, exactly six, eight doughnuts is freedom. Disgust! It's a lot is like a pile of a disgusting curve, eaten. That's debatable the disgusting part of it, but overall kind of disgusting discuss the eight. Don't it's not a good move for sure, but did you feel a jack afterwards? What do you do afterwards went to sleep? Not what time is it out on the council to this afternoon? As you did, you fall asleep. A little way did I
I don't remember that I fought fell, asleep called fallen asleep. So, yes, that's called when you're on a couch, and you don't remember what happened. That's called sleep. It was a very mellow day will say that in dec, but the you're but you're correct, though, because there's only psychological factors that come into play with that kind of stuff words like sounds ridiculous, but this literally how you might can work with this kind of stuff. You eat eight doughnuts right and then, executing gain anyway, the next day, you're, still live the next day. Still like for I can go rebecca feeling good. So it looks it's kind of like alcoholism in a way where it's like. It's not ruining my life right now, so kind of the doors kind of opiate a little bit more to it. You know as far as the activity, so so now hey next weekend. Let me do that same thing and then Let me get that on Wednesday. You know it's not ruining my life. You say well check this out. It's real no, no, not during deaf zero, zero dollars, no job, we're high
lady drinking water? What is it Seventy percent of your body made up of water, something my best, probably more than three you gotta hydrate and then rewrite every day. Read or write every day and the last is a remembrance. Remember you know we. We talked about this on the on the first episode or the second, actually, the second, the second episode of discipline equals freedom was remember, remember why you're doing what you're doing. so so that's jeffrey said, but here's a thing like that you can't just role into a mission without like any planning, any preparation without reviewing. How you're gonna do this thing, so I got some recommendations as we're heading towards january. First, some areas of discipline in your life. Some moves that you can make right
now that will prepare you cause. You don't want to go cold is the opposite of cold turkey. don't wanna go. How would you say that you want to start january first, like with no preparation, you want to be prepare to go into it. Yeah called the only going to halt right, so here's something you can do to prepare mentally and physically for deaf reset number one. I talk about you get that junk food out of your house. That's number one get it out, get it out of your house the junk food get it out, the don't. Let's get him out the tito's get em out the doritos. Get him out, get the stuff out I your cookies now, if you have more cookies in your court, hot of chocolate chip cookies in there you eat Don't need them in their get rid of him go down. Go to the food bank or the,
homeless person or your dog careful, because I get dogs aren't supposed to eat chocolate. My wife like if my dog eats like a little tiny chocolate chip. She goes into fall I have a you know, really do call the vet fry the dog so get the junk food out of the house. Get that done asap so that you- have the temptations. Why put it in your house? Why have peter to your talks about peter CBS hike. If there's the good news as you just go in and he's gone for the through its there and look if you're a little bit hungry, and you're in your house. All you have, and there is some beef, turkey and some mix knots what're, you gonna do turkey and mixed not no factor all good. If you little bit hungry and your new house and you got a sleeve of oreo cookies and freakin. Big job bag of lays potato chips, what do you need? orioles and lays potato chips. So don't push
often that situation don't do it get that stuff on your house when you're eating, like first drink some water before you eat and eat the good stuff eat like stuff, that's good, for you start now, you're gonna start to change your your taste buds a little bit. This happened. We started making go the drink the first versions that we had barely had any sweetness tomb, because I hadn't hattie soda of any kind in like decades in decades. So it's me. Tastes like the sweetest out of a hat and color I doubt it was an accurate assessment and we need to get it out to the masses to to what it tastes like to a normal person, could mutation for sweet, but it wasn't So you can. Actually you want to put push your taste buds in that direction if you're eden cake right now with frosty on it, you taste buds thing
that that's normal, it's not normal! You want them to think it's normal. You just use the term normalize normalize cake. Don't let your any party, your mind or body think that cake is a thing that you You compare anything else to just get it out of their get out. Portion control would start thinking about how much you're eating right in america guess what we do. We invented some simple. interesting things supersize large medium weight. Small medium large wasn't good enough. We had a good big gulp superbly. super and super big gong double go by the way, so a think about that best not normal is not normal to have them much soda Is not normal to have that many french fries so normal, it's not normal, get it on
control and will go through this conversation again I'm eating a stake in down to my last by an you say to me: hey jacko. Can I have a bite? really pisses me off. Yes, and I'm not going to give it to you. But if I'm two bites into a giant steak and you go a can. I have a bite, I'm like oh yeah, of course. So, if you can set, the x occasions in your head correctly that you're not gonna have a giant. Go and you're gonna have a normal size portion of something It's gonna be beneficial to you in that way, the last by it doesnt. If you can have twelve bites worse seventeen bites the last bites the one that counts. Does have twelve and the northern number twelve is number twelve. You dont need five more.
the seventy no need it so get your portion, control and here's another thing about fuel is pay attention to leading indicators and not lagging indicators what I mean by that well in the business world we want to. We want to pay attention to leading indicators that are showing us what's happening before it happens. Not hanging indicators which showed us that something bad just happened. We wanted something that is going to happen worrying better when we're out to eat. I knew go to the all you can eat brazilian place to call Fogo yeah you go to that place debris stake the bringing sir Ass to bring in a bunch of you at a certain point you go and I feel like I might be, giving full that's a leading indicator. What that, you mean this year for your full and another seven minutes, you're going to be completely full
if you don't eat anything else, you're gonna be full. Seven minutes, but you Listen to the leading indicators, so you kept going in What happens now you patient? the lagging indicator, which is I'm gonna, puke and so now, you're city. You leave the restaurant. go home, you sit around your food coma because you waited for the lagging indicator, which is, if I have one more bite, I'm gonna throw up on the table, so pay attention to the leading indicator, which is I'm starting to feel like I'm, pretty pretty good to go. So that's we're gonna do for fuel. Those are some things to prepare for fuel start to prepare by getting the crap out your house by eating good food by pain, that's not how much reading a knock on supersize me and then pay attention are too short to pay attention to the leading indicator of when you ve had enough freakin phooey toward a what.
next thing next area of discipline, I want to talk about time how We make more time: how can we control our time? How can we get more free time? Okay, first of all, get up early and and this what we're doing improve in preparation for the def reset start getting up earlier, now start getting up fifteen minutes earlier every day or ten minutes earlier every day, and so and then that'll mean should mean you're more tired at night, which means go to bed earlier as long as you're, not freakin, engaging on your? Ah, twitter. Because if you do not that things freaking get your dopamine all fired up in it, the lights, going, in your eyes. Andrew human cannot save you at this juncture, you're doomed. You led the friggin. evil light in your eyes and what means firing so wake star waiting, up a little bit earlier now, every
I wake up a little bit earlier and then don't do the the damn social media at night or the email that you don't need to do. Don't do it! Man- schedule schedule biggest schedule of what you're do seems obvious lottery, You don't do it, but make a sketch well for what it is you need to do and then the last thing is set a timer for things I know I personally am infinitely more if efficient, when I'm on a timeline. But the real obvious examples working out it's a sunday. And I know I don't have to go to open that until nine or ten o clock work out? Rest. Between sets is like echo, charles level. You know what I'm saying: it's everything
I'm war me now. I'm stretch I'm doing a couple extra. This couple, extra that I'm checking old wounds were taken a few taken three four minutes to do music selection having her this element a while also reviews on everything that is by the way, that album cover art in awhile. You know just doing stupid, stuff, so freakin timer, that's what jason clean was talking about right. You said: if we can timer how much work can you get done. and when you have to get worked on. That's when we get the most work done and when we, We have to get worked on that we get the least amount will also set a freak in time You yourself, some kind of a little reward than we done with it could do it when I get out of this. I want to go hang out my dog for good. Take a quick walk at my door. Ten minutes cool. Happy, I'm happy all good, but it said If you don't set a timer you're like
supposed to be writing an email and instead you're looking at some stupid youtube video. So don't do that. If timer get your shit, don't that's we're doing Those things will help. You manage your time and be more disciplined with your time. Get up early make a schedule, don't spent don't waste time on the screen. The screen. Age or of your that yet the as for nature yeah, they call right now they call him screen ager cause they're. Just on that screen. Freaking walking around that's really just numb, so don't screen, control and finally set a timer for yourself. So that's where do enough that that's gonna help you with your time start that stuff now start. making those inroads now, because you know what january first, you started Jeffrey sent you don't even you don't You haven't used the schedule programme on your phone or you haven't. You have a guy the counter together we can write down the stuff you gotta, do you do that start to be ready for it now next thing.
exercise start doing it first thing in the morning, when you get up, that's we're done. That's part of def reset Can you do you get up and you then you exercise, that's where we have to get up I love earlier, go to the gym, no matter what, no matter what there's no excuses, no matter! What go to the gym, and by that I mean if you don't do a gym, but you ve got your. Work out area, your house, where you got your kettlebells, you got the the alley where you do. Farmers walks with wait, what our whatever it is, you do go there, no matter what and do something you have they go and do something because you can feel better when you get done and as per usual, if you feel tired, exhausted you can't take today off in all out
If you still feel exhausted and tired tomorrow, look you can back off a little bit. You can listen to your body and be like well, I don't feel strong, I feel kind of weak. Just do or mobility work out. Where I'm going to stretch. That's all you can do. Ok. Do it still have to go. Do it there's no there's not doing something. Physical is not all. So get that right out of your head, so that we can do from an exercise perspective to prepare for deaf reset work out some way first thing in the morning going with no matter what at the gym, no matter what and do not take today off, you can only take tomorrow off and finally execution part of def reset his execution execute, execute execute so before you go to bed at night, write down what you need to do tomorrow. I want you
to do the hardest thing. First, whatever's like looming over your head, that's the thing. I want you to do. First, the only kind exception to that is this is a big one. Do strategic things first? so you want to do things that immediately gratifying, do those things first, so if you ve got up, if your got up object. That's not do for six months, but it's a big project and you ve got another thing that you tomorrow do this: the big project work on that first, even if it for half an hour, even if for forty five minutes, work on the strategic things first and do the tactical things, the short term things do those after and by the way. This is one of the reasons why we work out first thing in the morning,
That's the ultimate strategic thing that we're doing is maintaining our health. So we do it. before anything else, because that way weep we pay it. That way. It's paid off every day. We're like! Well, I'm not! Look! You don't get in shape today. You don't get healthy today, so why do you have to do it today? Well, put it off till because I didn't do this morning- it's kind of late tonight. My kids has got off to school, but want to be a good dan with them. So as well start tomorrow, work out tomorrow to it. So we do. We, we put strategic things off every day, every day, every day we put him off, we put him off, we put him off, we look up in a year to year. Three years we have done anything or health is bad. We haven't accomplished anything if we want to accomplish on a strategic level, so do the strategic things first and then do the hard things. Next, that's.
We're doing that. Every day we write him down. We do the hard that we do the strategic things that we do the hard things, We work on down the road to we. Ve got everything done that we ve written down to do also, if you need to execute things, do them fast looks like twenty minute meetings The world should be broken up into twenty minutes, not one hour an hour, twenty minutes, pretty much anything you can do in an hour. You do in twenty minutes exaggeration maybe but a lot of meetings that I have to go to one hour long theirs nine minutes of content. Theirs. the minutes of decision making their seven minutes of food that everybody needs. No wish Up to a place we need to do a walk through could be done in seven minutes, but we spent an hour. Don't we go to a brief somebody on something
spent an hour doing, it could be done in ten minutes. Fifty minutes twenty minutes so tighten up your time once tighten things up then work this limit. Contrary to what I just said, but work for fifty minutes, freaking hard core and then take a ten minute break at a good way to operate, to good way to execute things set that time. For fifty minutes, you be surprised on what should be done in fifty minutes. If you do Can somebody else into something than do in twenty minutes? If you can. this is how we can execute we're in action, A disciplined way we're too caught out all the fact that we don't need in our execution. That's what we're doing. That's the discipline, if you want some more discipline, the
def reset dot com, we got jocko fuel dot com, we had origin, usa, dot com, we got toggle, store, dot com and we got echelon, front dot com until next time stay disciplined is echo and jocko out
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