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DEF 06: You Can't Control Other People. You Can Only Control You.

2024-01-12 | 🔗

When we fail to do what we are supposed to do, it hurts us to admit it's our fault.

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Disappointing was freedom episode six sitting over there, Go trawls. A blah blah blah blah blah blah blah words. Words, words, excuses excuses, excuse. Why do we do that? What do you do that Are you a big reason, a very poor. One reason why we're making excuses? Why were blah blah blah blah blah? because of our ego. When something goes wrong, when we don't do what we're supposed to do when we, fail. In terms of discipline on a daily basis. When we fail, when we drop the ball, when we don't get it done, it hurts arrigo to admit that it was us, so we use a bunch of words and a bunch of blah blah blah blah blah, and sometimes we blame inanimate, objects which is kind of comical and kind of ridiculous right.
But blame inanimate objects for their own shortfalls in life. Ok, the donor! Somehow snuck into my mouth right, sir, it's the don't! Let's fault that I'm freaking just I got powder sugar. All over my face right now. It's the donors for or the other clock decided It wasn't gonna wake me up today. That's the of the alarm I didn't go off inanimate animate object, but it's it's the it's? The alarm clocks fault, not mine. You ve heard that before right, desert the bed covers rest- told me to keep me in bed. I could have hurt someone. I couldn't get out a beggar, the data it was too. It was too call their too warm. You know like this day, at least it I at least have heard someone many times say I couldn't get out of bed today. I couldn't get out of bed to look Was it the pillow? Was it the warmth? Was it the whatever
I don't know what it was, but I know that their telling me that there be had caused them not to get out their blaming their shortfall in their failure in life on an inanimate object. So this totally freakin ridiculous, totally ridiculous. and everyone can a nose, that's a little bit ridiculous. So what do we do? we tend more often than not to blame other people, other people, because those are those are people they can make. They can make things happen. They can make adjustments right It sounds a lot worse to get be by a donor than they give me by a person right. So more often than not? We blame other people, we blame or spouse. We blame our boss, we blame are subordinates. We blame our co workers. We blow blame our peers. We blame our friends. We blame are enemies. We blame our kids, we blame unable. We blame everybody about what our professor! It's everybody else's fault because didn't show up I'd. They pick me up. They made me late. They were late. They needed me, the boss called me. They didn't tell me what was going on.
tell me area to be they they they they they that's order just excuses excuses, excuses excuses Here's the thing about other people, and here's the same are blaming other people it's a lie. it's a lie. Your line yourself, here's the deal! You can't control other people and you shouldn't for one. Second, think that you can you shouldn't You shouldn't put any reliance on your success on some other persons. Behaviour because can't control them, you're not going to before friggin, crazy, think of the ship false you ve got the you together, people going to let you down. You don't think somebody going show up late. You think call you with an emergency. So panic situation, you think that's good happens? Gonna happen. You can't control them. The only person, you can control is you
least the person that you better control. Is you I'm going book. Right now, I'm going to disappoint equals freedom field manual, limited you about a little bit about this. You can to control other people. You can't make them what you want them to be. You can't make them who you want them to be. The only person you can control. Is you so focus on making yourself who you want to be faster, stronger, smart, more humble, less ego discipline. your body free your mind, I used to say that a lot in the early part gas for your mind, it's I think when I said it. Would I would say for your mind. I don't think it land with a lot of people at the time. I think I've gotten gotten better. Articulating what that means.
free your mind, open your mind. I think I use Open your mind, now, more often than for your mind, this I mean the same thing. I think it's better. It's easier for people to understand, because people understand close mind. They understand it. If I have a closed mind, I dont want there's no new ideas getting in there Open mind they got ok, I interest What that means that the opposite of a close, my but free your mind. They don't your stand, what it means it's hard to comprehend what it means to have your mind, not be free. It's a little harder to comprehend that when I say your mind is not free, it's a little bit easier but sailor oh free mind verses. What slave mind: you're trapped, trap the mind, something they got. It's all hard to it's hard to. Really comprehend what that means, even at a surface level, so I've started, saying open your mind more, but it's the same thing when I wrote this book free your mind. That's right.
and open your mind up able to comprehend, be able to see be able to under stand more, that's what our goal is. Discipline your model body free or might get up early and go get up. for it and you will become the person you wanna be and you come that person through one small decision at a time and that kind of stuff. And to think about one small decision At a time when little decision at a time and who excess decisions who makes us citizens. I do you make those too isn't I make those decisions We have control, Can you get yourself in a situation whereby take some time to get out of here? We can. We can be there the story many times my fur
deployment to Iraq. We move into these old, broken down buildings ana bonnet, for were iraqi military base, We do when we move in there that day we move in their research squared away. We start fixing thinks we building them out. I built myself a desk. And a bed and partitions between other, for, where other guys were sleeping. That's all where immediately squareness off away were immediately making a habitat that we want to limit the Moment from moving in there to start to improve the situation was zero seconds as soon as I walked into this place. Where I got to live, I'm trying to fix that stuff and squared away and move it forward of come on we're month into that deployment. We wouldn't didn't. I hit on a building. and I get in there and there's the the kitchen You'd call the kitchen was basically one big room: the kitchen the living room,
dining room were all kind of one big room and in that room about four feet from the counter where the sink was where you would prepare. Food was The trough were you would go to the bathroom. And it was multiple generations living. There remember thing myself. If I moved into this place today in one second, I would be fixing this to where I wouldn't have to prepare my food and go to the bathroom within range of each other, within a within three feet of each other. That's just not cool out a sort of fixing them. That's an attitude Could I fixed it all immediately that day now, you're gonna have to take time to build that stuff up, but I would have start small problem. I would That's more from immediately. So when we are in a situation, there is a way to get out. Can you do it overnight and sometimes it overwhelming you might find yourself right now in a situation where you dont, like your job, you don't like where you're living you dont want,
what's going on in your life and it might seem like? Oh, how am I ever going to get out of here? It's gonna take time, Did you ever see a movie, the great escape clause, sick, warm movie, and their true there's a bunch of american soldiers and some brits and whatnot their trapped in a nazi workshop prisoner of workers and they come up with plants and they're trying to break out there for its for you, I guess the shawshank, That's right, you don't, the situation that the living it. What do they do? They start to come up with. Plan to get out there by the way. That's not only a plan to get out of there how they're gonna stay saying. It's also grounded and look at the world and and and and. up some kind of control over their life. That's what you can do in your life,
The minute that you save the guards are never going to. Let me outta here in the judicial system was bad and I got screwed over by my wife frame me and that's why I'm locked up in this prison because that's We are all saying, but you can do something about it and you take a little tiny step. You take a little tiny step. You take out the little. Why would they the mineral hammer yeah and Shawshank yell rock I'm a little rock hammer, little tiny rock AMOS. We could look at minerals. car of a hole in the wall over months and years years years. That's what I'm doing as well doing king little decisions not just make little decisions, then taking, action that backs up those decisions and you gotta go That strategic vision in mind you got it, keep Long term vision of mine, because you think about what you want to do it now, you're in prison,
night. Do you really want to sneak around and have to pick away this thing quietly for three. Hours to carve out one quarter of an inch. You feel like doing but these are just a late hour but but he had stood, teach aggression of how he's gonna get out of there the way our lives are we gotta. Take these small actions over time If you blame other people, you blame other things: you're not gonna, take any action. So control of yourself. Get control of yourself come up with a plan and take action daily. That's what we're doing! That's the discipline. for more of it. Go to the def reset dot com go to jocko fuel, dot, com, origin, usa, dot, com, national front dot, com, chocolate, store, dot com, you know
The deal it all starts with discipline.
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