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DEF 07: All Failure is Psychological

2024-01-18 | 🔗

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Other than death, all failure is psychological.

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disappointing equals freedom episode seven sitting over there Coach Charles and Dave Burke. deaf all failure is psychological in that from the army field manual fm 1922 the 1951 version that we covered in podcast guess one seven seven are you running into this the other day echoes we're talking about it you're doing you're twenty rep squat work out and you made it to eighteen and i tell you tell me you didn't make it you failed you made it eighteen and i texted you back all mental and you didn't even denied because it's true that's one of the things about that work out is that it is mental because
you can get one more rapid you should be using a weight that you can get one more time and you didn't get it because you didn't want to its failure we can we can face this right we can face the sophists anytime when we don't do what we are supposed to do this happens we don't do it we're supposed to do and it's really sad because we all know what we're supposed to do we actually know it very few people that have no idea what they should be doing well no it should be we'd have we know we shouldn't be doing but it failure its failure to control our minds the failure of mind control i wrote about this in the manner and the other field manual the despotic was freedom feel menu let's go to the book here you your mind that is you that's an important point
when you say you when you say i that's you that your mom you have control over that thank you you are the machine and you can control it people ass Me how do I get tougher? Be tougher. can i wake up early in the morning wake up early how can work out consistently everyday work outcome system we every day how can i operating should stop eating sugar can even control your motions how can i Stop missing that girl or guy or whoever broke up with me. How do you do that? You stop missing them. these are the things these are these simple answers the simple answers but there the truth though the truth
every other look if you can if you get someone that says well you know four waking up and early in the morning what you need to do we need to put alarm clock across the room you percent multiple along courses of those are all techniques but essentially there we won technique that you need to follow it is control your mind which you have full control of you have control remind back the book you have control remind you just have to a certain you have to decide that you are going to be in control that you are going to do what you want to do interesting isn't it interesting that we actually do things that we don't even want to do we dont what there's party or brain wants do it there's a little media gratification that's screaming that's begging that's directing that's driving that strong that knows little ways to manipulate but that's the that's it
Inferior being. That's the lesser being. It's the weaker being, and yet we let it step up. weakness doesn't get him back to book weakness doesn't get about lazy this doesn't get a vote sad this doesn't get a vote for duration doesn't get a vote naked if it doesn't get about your temper doesn't get a vote now listen there's an reading those guesswork that's not completely accurate let me rephrase it i was goin hard in the pay right against late because that because a does laziness get a vote it does get about right gets a vote it gets a vote maybe get to vote maybe sadness gets a little bit of a vote may be frustration get they get they have a vote but we have the majority they dont have the dictator veto
power which you have you have dictator veto power no matter what it doesn't matter how many votes they assembled acre several thousand devotes does matter year the dictator you rule you have mind control you can overrule these votes hundred percent they have no Pragmatic control. control over the situation zero you could do Not have to listen to them. This is like a tyrannical parent, right? The kids can, the tyrannical parent with five kids, and the kids like we want ice cream we want asking when i screw you didn't after listen to them the tyrannical where does not have to listen to them If you really want to be a tire you can tell them shut up the tyrannical boss at accompany the tyrannical c o o
Workers are saying that they want to have Friday afternoon. I don't care. Shut up. Keep working. the control that you have you literally have that Continuing on. So next time you are feeling weak or lazy or soft or emotional tell those feelings they dont get about or if you will two if you need to you can say yes you get a vote but i'm not gonna listen to you you're getting vetoed continuing on your declaring martial law in your mind mind control impose what you want on your brain discipline were positively will and use my Control to move your life where you want it to be. Stronger, faster, smarter, quicker, friendlier, more helpful, more driven. don't let your mind control you control your mind then you can set it free so
it really is under your control you Have the keys. it's not a magic either check this out i imagine that you had to pull yourself in detector or in chess or in basketball whatever can you be yourself before you get all lab tell me talking about equal echo separate and complete b From this other echo. i'm talking about you against you can you ain't years give cause you can't you could throw the game you can throw the game you can do whatever you want with against you like there's two x echo want an echo to they're gonna play of chess ok i'm in a bet
$5 million on Echo 2 and I'm gonna let Echo 2 win. That's what you're gonna do. lately control the game it's you against you and yet you whose for no reason to yourself so so the only way you can lose if you actually decide you're going to lose you accepted in all i'm saying is don't do that you have till power you know what's good for you you know what a winning will bring you you know what winning will bring you you know It'll put you in a better place in life. what we have to do you have to control your mind You have to control your mind. That's what we're doing. And that's the discipline.
furthermore this check out the deaf reset dotcom turco jackals will become organ usa darker national front our com jog restored our camp and stay disciplined
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