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Jocko Podcast 10: Police, Cussing, and STRESS–Deal with It, USE IT

2016-02-17 | 🔗
0:00:00 - 1:02:02 - Book Review: "With the Old Breed," by Eugene Sledge 1:04:04 - How do you balance Extreme Ownership with holding others accountable? 1:15:41 - What are the best ways a Police Officer can mentally condition themselves for unpredictable violence and confrontation? 1:34:39 - What martial art should I put my kids in? 1:42:14 - How to overcome friction as the new leader in a new organization. 1:51:05 - How to learn/practice detachment in real time. 2:00:27 - Cussing and Foul Language? 2:14:35 - Dealing with situational stress in life.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/jocko-podcast/exclusive-content
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This is Jack podcast number, ten with ECHO Charles and me, Jocker willing, Our thoughts into Hell, We waited a seeming eternity for the signal to start towards a beach. The suspense was almost more than I could bear. Waiting is a major part of war, but I never Sperience anymore, supremely agonizing suspense and the excruciating torture of those moments before we received the signal to begin the assault on pollute, I broke out, cold, sweat as the tension mounted with the intensity of the bombardment, my stomach tied in knots. I had want in my throat and swallowed only with great difficulty. My knees nearly buckled, so I clung glued to the side of the tractor.
I felt nauseated and feared that my bladder would surely empty itself and reveal me to be the coward. I was. But the men around me look just about the same way. I felt finally sense of fatalistic relief. Mixed with a flash of anger at the Navy officer, who was our way Commander I saw waivers flag toward the beach are dry. Our driver read the engine, treads turned up the water and we started in the second, wave ashore. We moved ahead watching the frightful spectacle, huge of water rose round the M tracks, all of us as they approach the reef. It was now marked along its length by continuation the flame, backed by a thick wall of smoke it It is, though, a huge volcano had a rapid from the sea and rather than heading for an island. We
being drawn into the vortex of a flaming abyss. For many, it was to be oblivion. Suddenly, a large shall exploded with a terrific concussion, and a huge geyser rowers up right next to our front, barely missed. The engine stalled the front the tractor lurched to the left and bumped hard against the rear of another Amtrak. That was either stalled or hit. I never knew, which we sat. Old floating in the water for some terrifying moments, we were sitting dogs for the enemy gunners, I look for word further hatch behind the driver. He was right, Slim frantically with the control levers. Japanese shells were screaming into urine exploding all around us sorry Johnny, more met leaned toward the driver, yelled. Something whatever it was. It seemed to calm the driver because he got the engine started.
We move forward again amid the geysers of exploding shells are bombardment began to, off the beach and move inland or die, have bombers also moved in line with their streaming in bombing. The japanese increased their volume of fire against the waves of am tracks. Above The din I could hear the ominous sound of shell, fragments, humming and growling through the air stand by someone yelled hit the beach. Yelled enhance your moments before the machine learning to stop. The men piled over the side as fast as they could. I follow snafu climbed up implanted both feet firstly on the left side so as to leave as far away from it is possible. At that instant, burst of machine gun fire with white hot tracer snap through the air, and I level grazing my face, I pulled back like a turtle lost my balance and fell awkwardly forward down under the sand,
tangle of ammo bag pack, helmet car gas mask cartridge belt and flopping. And genes get off the b, get off the beach raised through my mind, yells crashed all around fragment torn word, sir. Being on the sand and splashing the water, a few yards behind us, the Jap These were recovering from the shock of our pre landing bombardment. Their machine gun and rifle fire. Gaunt figure napping viciously overhead. In an increasing volume up and down the beach and out on the reef. A number of am tracks were burning, Japanese machine gun burst made long. Splashes on the water. Has the floor Yet, with some giant whip, the Geysers Bell, stop relentlessly where the mortar and artillery shells hit. I caught a fleet, glimpse of of Marines, leaving a smoking Amtrak on the reef. Some fell as bullets and fragments,
splashed among them but he's tried to help them as they struggled in deep water. I shuddered and shocked a wild death feeling of anger, frustration and pity gripped me It was an emotion that would always torture my mind when I saw men tracked and was unable to do anything, but why such as they were hit my own plight forgotten momentarily. I felt sick into the depths of my soul. I ask God why? Why why I turned my face away and when should I were emerging in it all. I tasted the bitterest, essence of war. This.
Of helpless comrades being slaughtered, and it filled me with disgust that right. There is from a book and absolutely incredible book called with the old breed Eugene Sledge Eugene Sledge was a marine. He was a marine in world war, two and he ended up being a university professor and an author. When he got done, he wrote this book I read this book for the first time when I was on deployment to Iraq, my first deployment to Iraq, and it is definitely it definitely kept me in check
Because it made me always remember that what we were experiencing this this war that we were in was. Something that men had always experienced and actually they have experienced much much worse than I ever experienced. In this book was later. Used to make the documentary Pbs document called the war and in two thousand think it came out to them The ten was the HBO many curious called the called the Pacific at Edison, absolutely epic, epic series, and if you haven't watched the Pacific, its did phenomenal get it,
Watch it it's completely realistic. One of the things that struck me when I watched it for the first time was eaten about the waiting and the very first episode of the Pacific. Your way, for something happened, are showing the guy's prepping than they actually land and in your waiting in waiting for something to happen and it and it doesn't any, it has this this feeling in, and I remember that feeling it especially Benin remedy when the outlaw streets and no shooting it started yet in, and I would be no, everyone would have this feeling you're waiting for it to start at every step you waiting for to start, so it does a very very it doesnt incredible job of, betraying that in giving you that feeling now what's important, remember about Eugene Sledge,
in an that's another great thing about the the the Pacific is that they do interviews with these Did you interviews with him and you can see when you watch this, you will see that Eugene Sledge I thought about how I would describe Eugene Sledges, yes, he's a marine and you Peter you get whatever ideas. You get your mind of what our marine is. You know it. Of guy above a guy filled with bravado. Eugene Sledge just will destroy that image because Eugene sledge and if I think of the way I would describe him. It would be to say simply he's a good man and you can tell when he talks at he's an upright man, and there is a moral man and these a gentle, any kind percent, meaning it is his. Gentleness in his kindness loses out of him.
Any seems like it. I dont use this word very often but I will use it because this is how I would describe he seems, Like a love we, human being, I mean he just seems like a lovely person ensue as we go into this book. Remember that this guy who went through this. Was just an absolute. We incredibly good human, and also an incredible We are now the last podcast we talked about patent in war zones. And that is a general view when, if you remember, when we talked about when we went to Sri Lanka. That was that that guide described foot soldiers view
as being a worms view. Because you're so in the front line, in fact a worm and that's what this is. This is a soldiers, but this is a troopers book. This is the absolute front lines and it is a book that really on veils alot about will. And survival and the psychological nature of war and what it does to people and what people are capable of. And also, I think it makes very clear why we fight against evil and I think that something that makes me think always out where we are in the world in a in a war against evil. So going back to the
We started to move inland, he'd gone only a few yards when an enemy machine gun opened up from scrub thicket to our right jack. He's eighty one millimetre and ninety millimeter mortars then opened up on us every one hit the deck Drove into a shallow crater, the company was completely pinned down. All movement ceased the shells fell faster until I couldn't make out individual explosions just continuous crashing rumbles with an occasional whipping sound of shrapnel tearing low through the, air overhead amongst a roar, the air Marcie with smoking dust, every muscle in my body was as tight as a piano wire. I shuddered and shook as though we having a mile mild convulsion, sweat, flowed Firstly, I prayed quenched, my teeth.
Greece, my Carbine stock and cursed, the Japanese on acclaimed Cape Glocester, veteran who is near by seem to be in out the same shape from the meagre. Protection of my shallow crater. I pitied him or anyone out one that flat coral. The heavy mortar barrage, went on without slacking. I thought it wouldn't. Ever stop. I was terrified by the big shells arching down all around us. One was our default directly into my whole. I thought if any orders were passed along Anyone yelled for a common, I never heard it in all the noise it was ass, though I were out there on the battlefield, all by myself, utterly. Forlorn and helpless in a tempest of violent explosions, Oh, any man could do with sweat it out and pray for survival.
It would have been sure suicide to stand up and that firestorm on my first barrages the fast moving events of hitting the beach. I learned a new sensation order and absolute helplessness the shelling lifted in about a half an hour. Although it seems to me to have crashed on for hours time, had no meaning. This was particularly true when under heavy Shelly I could never judge how long it lasted order. Then came to move up, move out I got up by a layer of coral dust. I felt like Joe. Lillian couldn't believe any of us had survived that barrage so that feeling of hell. Business and not something that is.
He's the one who is one of the worst things for he told the worst human emotions right, helplessness and. I have I've experienced, a minor amount of shelling of being Mordred and It is definitely I was in is enough back in my first deployment and we were on it. Fire base and we were trying to help some sniper over watch, because this place had been being attacked and We know we. This is earliest. Early in my first deployment, my first time going to war. And you know we're thinking, hey these guys it Mordred cool, we'll, go out there and just kill these people are more groom and where we'll take care of it,
So we went out to this base on the outskirts of Baghdad and sure enough. We started get Mordred end. The guarded the insurgents that were firing mortars knew exactly what they were doing and it was. It was horrible because it was in the city and so The borders were being shot at us from three or four hundred meters away, but they were. Behind buildings and we could. Actually, we can act, here, the more was being watched. So you would here no here the noise and you can actually see the the fire trucks of the watch, so you knew so now there. You are and you're sitting there and you you waiting to get to get blown up
and it was it's interesting because if you have overhead Cover- which means, if you have some kind of a strong roof over your head, if your inside of a building a strong buildings made a concrete, it doesn't have to be a bunker anything Four for smaller mortars, you're, basically safe. You know, you're you're, fine and we didn't really understand that yet so we that guy's myself included that were expose our outside that rooftops, and this is again I want to emphasise, this is nothing. This is nothing compared to what Eugene sledges talk about the only reason I'm bringing up, because I did experience it and my point is that even threw one night where we took. Maybe I don't know me he ten mortar rounds in a night.
Actually affected, the guy's a little, but what money one night and you could see it actually, when we got back to our compound, we add a door our tax cooperation centre that was a or peace apply, would end it. Somebody mounted a spring on there to keep it shockwaves hot air conditioning in there, and it was a strong spread, and so when you walked out and you let that go it would slap in it would make a very loud bang And I literally after one means we night. Of getting Mordred. I want guys shudder, and at this slap of that noise, to imagine what it was for these guys fur, But you know, half an hour of continuous shelling. Is it's just It's unbelievable and I'll. Tell you something else. If you go back further them and you got a world war, one where those soldiers
were in the trenches and they got bombarded for months, and if you want to know what that does to our human go on Youtube and Google. World war one or going to you tube in search world war. One shall shock. And it is when this tissue the psychological damage that it did to these guys and the worst part of it was. Was that too, We understand that we understand what it does to people psychologically and we understand that it's it's psychological damage in World war. One they didn't know that, So these guys that broke they were cowards. They were called cowards.
And, if you think about that is sickening to me, knowing that my guys after like I said a minuscule amount, receiving Mordred Artillery fire is mortar fire, but it's the same thing at indirect fire that didn't know that. Already had a little bit of effect, imagine what that did over time was: was crazy and I was I got two moments in time that I remember that that I had the feeling of helpless We were on us on a rooftop in again. This was in Baghdad and we'd gone to the space to sign up some sniper positions and them eliminate their problem boy. Were we wrong so wicked? Rooftop was kind of divided up by concrete walls and to get to
this two fold. This part away on the roof. You had to go a bunch of these walls, anything who were travelling. Probably I don't know fifty there's across this rooftop to get to one of the corners, and so I had no check in the positions of all the guys in walking from us in a position to see where they aren't you with their field of fire, wasn't making you just if needed, checking with em etc? So I get up to this: I climb out get on the roof climb up this climb up the stairs to the roof Joe a bunch of ease. They know little four walls, just gonna get no room takes two or three minutes to And if finally get this position, where there is one of the one, the gunners there and as I get there, hey how's it going. What are you saying? We're having a little discussion and all of a sudden, we hear the mortar launch, shooting. Sure sure and
One of the other guys in the protein gets on the radio and he says he says that's the boys count em out Hey, there's gonna be three booms and again, we have no overhead covering some on the roof and I look at I look at the game with and he says I think we can make it back inside, because you have time you know that more rounds gone weapon here. He said think we can make it back inside and acid nope when he says What should we do and I said hope it doesn't land in our quest. Don't meaning this little area that we acted abandon there would be dead, But that's a feeling of helpless at that you have in, and luckily you that Landon Quadrant, always in another situation. This was now on them on. Baghdad International Airport will base. Was and there was an attack on on one of the gates and we.
There is a quick reaction force and we get out there and as the attacks happening and what kind of showing up to see what we can do to help out all the sudden motor start. Coming in and again I, it down behind a just a normal. Like a jersey barrier, Concrete jersey barrier ended, but wouldn't The open area other than its jersey barrier, And again, I'm I'm hunkered down with one other seal and He looks at me and he goes. What should we do? Can I go there's nothing. We can do but sit here and suck it up and an that's really all you can do and and it easy to look back and be like that. That was funny you know, but but that was that was up three minutes of mortar bombardment, writer and and suggest to him agent, the psychological trauma that these guys experienced it was. It was just.
It's it's horrible to imagine and in the key point of all this, I think is the truth about, as as pertains to people pertains to individuals as pertains. The us now to people new civilian world? What as is this intense Anxiety and fear is the complete lack of control that what causes it. She will earn a fire fighter, you're getting shot at its coming from somewhere, and you can hide from you can get down. He can maneuver on it. We needs when it's that when it's just random death did you can not control its its psychologically. Much much harder to deal with, and thank God We didn't have to deal with it very often now again when we were the guys that were over with the five or six on Camp Corregidor, those guys get more than all the time they were. They were feel in it
we cannot as bad, not world war, one style but you know they would get Mordred every day. There was mortars hit in the buildings so that that just, randomness is what its things so difficult. Those mortars when you hear that first ignition of em how long take the it depends on how far away they were, but you know in this case it was pie like a minute maybe maybe less not I'd have to sit down and think about it, but it was like a bit maybe thirty seconds it might it might have been locked impediment shorter than that, but it seemed like a long because you're sitting there waiting for to hit you that was another I on the one that was in Baghdad, I would sit near in a humvee, and we had this. We had, Weapons on humvee that could reach across the river so whereby a river and we looking. We could see some activity over across the river and so ass. We sat there
our Gunnar. I said: hey, can you see this is a guy? Can I can kind of sea I go? Do you have a shot? He goes no because we are behind a behind it, bunk some kind of war, I got you ever shot egos. No, I can't I don't have a shot yet so I said he Bobby forward Cycle, the driver we pulled the humbly, like I don't know thirty feet, maybe thirty five feet in a minute later, a mortar hit exactly where the army was luckily was only sixty millimeter in which is a tiny little. Tiny little mortar and only even got frank, but I mean we know we were. We were up to thirty. Seven the where many away from just taken on board around right now view that we Rawlins. So it's it's again: wanna put anything that I experienced
on any level with what these guys experienced. The only reason I'm saying is to give a minuscule psychological impact that it has an just. What apply that times, a billion to get to where these guys were end and what they went through. So. Going back to the book here after the fighting a kind of settled. Sledge Eugene Sledge comes across some dead jabbing. Soldiers. Another kind of patrolling and there's some other veterans that we're way and you stand there. Looking at these dead, japanese bodies, Then a guy comes over and says sledgehammer We stand there with your mouth open when there All these good see souvenirs lying around theses, he's dead, Japanese and he's gonna get some war booty. He then removed a name. Blue pistol slip the belt off the corpse,
and took the leather holster he pulled up. The steel helmet, we inside and took out a neatly folded. Japanese flag covered it with writing the veteran pitch the helmet on the core, where clanked and rattled world for observer and started point through the combat pack, the veterans Buddy, came up and started stripping the other japanese corpses, his take was wagon other items. He didn't with the bolts from the japanese rifles and broke the stocks against the coral to render them useless to infiltrators. I budged or said a word just stood glued the spot, almost in a trance the corpses. Sprawled were the veterans, drag them around to get into their packs and pockets. Would I become this casual calloused about enemy dead. I wondered
Would the war dehumanize me so that I too could field Strip enemy dead with such nonchalance? The time soon came when it didn't bother me a bit. I think again it's it's important to remember that this guy is a gentleman kind soul, and he knows it he's admitting that it came to a point where this. This did not bother him at all. Back to the book. Within a few yards of this scene, one of our hospital corpsman worked in a small shallow deaf devil defile, treating Marine wounded, I went over and sat on the hot coral by The common was on his knees bending over the young marine who just died on a stretcher, a blood soap. Battle dressing was on the side of the Marines of the dead. Its neck. His fine
handsome boys face was ashen what a pitiful waste. I thought He can't be a day over seventeen years old. I God. His mother couldn't see him the corn in Hell. The dead Marines Chin tenderly between the fund? fingers of his letter left hand and me the sign of the cross with his right hand dear streamed down his dusty tanned grief, contorted face while he sobbed quietly Obviously again, we have a vision in our mind of what. A service members like what a marine is like
and certainly that picture of other corpsman which is actually a navy corpsman. If you dont, know Navy, Corpsman work with the Marines and go into the field with Marines and train as Marines. But you picture this Navy corpsman in. Trying to treat this man and losing him and out there in the middle, the bad feel battlefield with tears streaming down his face. That's what combat is. Moving to another section, where you're about to see some near friendly fire. Here it is just then a marine tank took to our we're sorry, just then
marine tank to our rear must mistook us for enemy troops, as soon my hand went up to drop the round down the tube machine gun cut loose it sound like one of ours from the rear of all places. As a people but the edge of the crater through the dust and smoke and sought Sherman tank in the clearing behind us. The tank seventy five millimeter gone off to our right rear. The shell splendid near by around a bend in the same trail we were on. I then heard. The report of a japanese field gun located there is it return fire on the tank again, the fire, but the machine gun opened up on us as before. A surge of panic rose within me in a brief moment, our tank reduced me too, from away well trained determine assistant, mortar, Gunnar, too We mass of terror. It was not just that I was being fired at by a machine gun that unnerved me so terribly but that it was one of ours to be killed.
By the enemy, was bad enough that The real possibility I prepared myself for but to be, The old by mistake by my the comrades was something I found it hard to accept. It was just too much That is what we call a blue blue. When friendly's shoot at Friendly's and fur. At your side is wanted, it's what it's called wind brother kills brother and This is actually the opening of the book. The life and I wrote extreme ownership. The opening chapter is about this. This and happening under my command. To my guys when I'm the senior guy and that's why this idea. That to be killed by mistake by my own comrades was something I found hard due to this is the
This is the mortal sin of combat in sometimes when I talk about my pointed to remedy and what it was for us? I I say that basically, every bad thing that could happen happened, and this is definitely one is, is being in a situation where there was from the fire and we were a number of situations like this. None of them as bad as I too, as the first, when I talk about in the book and here's how these guys get it solved. A volunteer called off to the left and soon The tank cease firing on us, We learned later that are tankers were firing on us because we move too far ahead. They fought, we were enemies, support for the field gun. This also explained why the enemy shelling was passing overrun exploding behind us tragic. The marine who saved us by identifying us to the tank
there was shot off the tank and killed by a sniper. Definitely one of the worst things in war. You think you afterward about the enemy, things are so confusing and Such may him out there that you, you have to spend at least as much time, if not more deeply. Flitting, with your friendly troops as do trying to figure out where the enemy is killed them in its its. It was Definitely a fast. Learning curve for us and remedy learning and understanding and de conflicting. In wanting. To be so. Absolutely certain of where everybody was an The term we would use and it is used in those years, frontline trace. Where are your guys where's the most forward that they are? Everybody needs to know that in fact and this might sound crazy to weed out? You know people have in their minds of all of us
a proposition being. You know two or three guys hidden, very tactically and clandestine in remedy, sometimes for sniper over wants positions. First of all the money we have, twenty or thirty guys in there to secure, building, so that the snipers in the mission gunners could work on top of that. In order to avoid there being a blue on blue, we had joined in aircraft marking panels so Fluorescent Orange Ten, a ten pieces material that we would literally the guys would literally hang them over the side of the over watch positions. To say here we are everyone, don't shoot us oh bad guys, you want shoot us, bring it and will kill you, but that's, the extent that that we would go too to ensure that you weren't going get shot by american forces and there's no life's gonna a
and yet in the book as well, a story about that almost happening, and I tell him one the blue on blue stuff was a nightmare. It was Mary to deal with, and you know One thing I will say we had that formal one that resulted in an in an iraqi soldier killed, from the iraqi soldier killed very early on in our deployment, but we learned so much from it that we were there was blood, lose it happened after that, but then we never had them get out of control like that. First event: again for those people that have never been in combat before and was women live. When I read the book enough, we got down I said man, we ve got three stories that are based on some sort of blue blue happening, and I read it planet that way, again just to realise the veto that's that's how much we were thinking about that when we wrote about it three, the stories were
I'll, just about hey, preventing Boulogne blues having about moving to Verona preventing blonde loose? you never been to combat you. Would you think about that so confusing. So confusing that there are situations in remedy where hum vs Fired on other home, these suits this is an american vehicle and it's not like the earth. The insurgents had home these Emily on Visa, very distinctive, looking vehicle, and there are situations where, in the confusion in the mayhem and with muzzle flashes, Humvee shouted other home. These, that's how that's how Crazy and chaotic combat can get back to the book. Moving forward. And this is gonna, go back into the shelling. And almost wasn't gonna talk about this, but I had to
there was nothing subtle or intimate about the approach. An explosion of an shell When I heard the whistle of an approaching one in the distance, every muscle in my body contracted eyebrows myself in a puny effort to keep from beings wiped away. I, utterly helpless The fiendish whistle grew louder. My teeth grow and against each other, my heart, pounded my mouth dried. My eyes, narrowed, sweat poured over me. My breath in short, irregular gasps and I was afraid, to swallow. Lest I choke, I always pay, it sometimes out loud under Certain conditions of range and terrain, I could hear the shell approaching from a considerable distance, thus prolonging the suspense into seemingly on ending torture at the inn.
In the voice of the shell grew the loudest it terminated in a flash and a deafening explosion similar, crash of allowed clap of thunder The ground shook the a concussion hurt. My ears shall fry which tore through the air towards Europe part as they rushed out worrying and whipping rocks and dirt clattered onto the deck. As us as smoke of the exploded. Shell dissipated- and this is so I need to point out when you will wait when I when I before I was ever in combat and ever saw what mortars really did when you think of wrap nor when people think of shrapnel like like how big you think of a piece of shrapnel is just take a guess, this big. So echoes accident Of two inches echoes, homer pension have to adjust. I actually thought smaller than that. I thought you know what is a little tiny thing and you get scared. Gonna watch out these tiny things
on bigger artillery shells or mortar shells. The The flag that comes off of them is a half an inch thick and it can be. Nine inches long, twelve inches long, jagged shards? of metal. You know they're just evil In the end- and that's why would scary is the shrapnel oh yeah, you can. You can hit you like poetry, you like a bullet, but it can also take. Your leg clean off or take your aren't. They offer just just completely. I mean to kill instantly, if you in the torso but it'll it Limb remover So it's much more horrifying, then then, what I ever initiative to be he and the reason the report of the reasons the sticks in my mind, so well as getting Mordred. We were at in
about our falcon downtown remedy and we took some hundred twenty millimeter mortar shells in there and weep. You know that the accompany commander. Who is awesome we have guy book me What in a piece of rock and the thing I couldn't believe it. When I saw tat, I was shocked at ouch huge was you mean a piece afraid like a random pc up, he's afraid that had come off the mortar shells? Yegg Blue often you know bouts down the street, didn't hit anybody and he picked it up and brought it in said. Ears was flying around the air. We, too are these things. That load into the to the shell is just a vision? Is the showers taste in may that's what the metals forth when it blows up. It disagrees apart and gets people here. You take one like when you see on tv about these on another, criminals or whatever they set. Pate bombs put their nails, snails ruse. You think so. This, like that tend ten there. It's big in its friggin horrifying.
That's another one, remember one of those same situation get it with some mortars in cop falcon And lay in his team were like three. Good metres away on a roof, of a building and Frank landed on them. You know It wasn't. It didn't have the velocity to hurt anybody, but it was raining down on them, so well, you're hot too, oh yeah, hooks horrible back to the boy. To be under a barrage of prolonged shelling, simply magnified all the terrible physical and emotional effects of one shell to me, artillery was an invention of hell. On rushing whistle and scream of the big steel package of destruction was the pinnacle of violent fury and the embodiment of pent up evil. It was the essence of violence and of man's inhumanity to man. I D,
but the passion, a passionate he Four shells to be killed by a bullets seem so clean and surgical. But shells would not only tear and whip the body they tortured ones, mind almost beyond the brink of sanity act, each shell was wrung out Each shall I was wrong out, limp and exhausted. During prolong showing. I often have the restrain myself and fight back a wild inexorable urged scream to sob and cry as pets. Lou dragged on. I fear if I ever lost control myself under shelf my mind would be shattered. I hated shells as much further damage to the mind as to the body be under heavy. Shall fire was to me by far the most terrifying combat experiences? Each time it left
me feeling more forlorn and helpless, more fatal and with less confidence that I could escape the dreadful law averages that reduced our numbers. Fear is many fasted and has many subjects subtle nuances, but the terror desperation, endured under heavy shelling, are by far the most. Unbearable- and I think again the key point of that. If you want to take something from that and apply it to life, because most people that are listening to this part gassed one half who endure shelling other than those troopers that are out there? what lines? Today, God bless those guys are out there. They may have to deal with this and they will, but for civilians from normal people, it's the feeling
Of helplessness and the feeling of lack of control that makes it so horrifying in when you come up against things that you cannot control. That's thing to recognise that it is something that you cannot control. That's what's scaring you, that's what the fear is coming from and making it infinitely worse than something that you can control. You know the other thing that they had to help them deal with. The fear was not camaraderie. And he talks a little bit about this talking about his company. I realized that company cable kilo, I realize that became had become my home no matter how bad a situation was in the company.
It was still home to me. It was not. Just a lettered company in a number battalion in a number regiment in a number division, it meant, far more than that it was home It was my company I, but on doing it and nowhere else most Marines, I knew felt the same about their companies and whatever Battalion regiment or marine. The vision they happen to be in this was the result of, or maybe a cause for hours drawn esprit de corps. The marine corps wisely acknowledged this unit attachment men recovered from wounds and return to duty, nearly always came home to their old company. This was not miss play sentimentality, but Strong contributor to high morale, a man felt that he along to his unit, and had a niece among his buddies, whom he knew and with whom he shared a mutual respect. Well, didn't combat this
the family was particularly important in the infantry where survival and combat efficiency. Often hinged on how well men could depend on one another esprit de corps, It now there's a section that are moving forward to in this. Is called the stench of battle. The sun bore down on us like a giant heat lamp no rains fell in the hot coral merely evaporated like steam off hot pavement. He her hung heavy and muggy. Everywhere we went on the ridges, the hot mid air wheat with the stench of deaf. A strong wind was no relief, it simply brought the hoard odor from an adjacent area.
Japanese corpses lay where they fell among the rocks and on the slopes it was impossible to cover them. Usually was no soil that could be stated over them? Just a hard jagged, coil coral, the enemy day? simply rotted where they had fallen. They lay all over the place and grotesque positions with puffy faces and grinning buck teeth expressions. It was, forgot conveyed to anyone who is not experienced it. The gas the horror of having your sense of smell, saturated constantly, with the putrid odour of rotting human flesh day after day night after night,. This is something the men of an infantry battalion got a horrifying dose of during the long, protracted battle such as pollution in the tropics, the dead became bloated and gave off a terrific stench within a few hours after death.
Whenever possible. We remember we removed will mean dead to the rear of the company's position. There. They were usually laid on stretchers and covered with pond shows, which stretched over the head of the corpse down to the ankles I rarely saw dead Marine left uncovered, with his face exposed to the sun. Rain and flies somehow. It seemed indecent not to cover our dead, often, though the dead lie on the structures for some time and decomposed badly before the breeze. The grave registration crews could take them for burial in the He's a cemetery near the airfield: added to the awful stench of the dead of both sides was the repulsive odour of human excrement everywhere, It was all but impossible to practise simple elemental field, sanitation on most areas of pollute, because an iraqi surface field
sanitation during maneuvers and combat was the responsibility of each man in short under what more conditions he covered his own waste with a scoop of soil at night, when you didn't air venture out of his foxhole. He simply used to empty grunt it can draw a rash in Cannes and food out of his whole scooped Dirk over the next day if he wasn't under enemy fire. That was not possible on pollute added to this was the odor of thousands of rotting, discarded, japanese american rations at every? If one inhaled humid air heavy with countless repulsive odors I felt ass though my lungs would never be cleansed of these foul vapours. As I looked on the stains on the coral. I recalled
some of the eloquent phrases of politicians and newsman about how gallant it was for a man to shed his blood for his country and to give it. Its blood for sacrifice and so on. The word seems so ridiculous. Only the flies benefited so as patriotic and brave. As Eugene Sledge was the madness, the madness Even made him begin to question what this was all about and think about what these politicians would say.
And say that only the flies benefited crazy. How he went so detailed in the in the smells. Cause you know when you watch movies and that's a part that you don't. They catch on everyone throughout with, in other guys covering. This knows something that indicate the smells bad, but that sticking your mind the whole time, maybe if they add like flies or something, but how he hurried illustrated how this was going on to the point where I never thought I'd ever ketchup afresh breath you. Basically this is gonna stand. It really adds that element of of and they say that smell is one of most like impact for offences.
Back in beckoned like spark memories, the surrounded, no doubt about it and there's there is a smell. There's a smell in Iraq obviously was as bad as this, but it was its it'd, it's a bad smell and for sure, when something hates me, if you're, you know a strange place or a place where others do not monetary. You can get that momentary remembrance of that smell and this section called the stench of combat is beyond just a smell which will get into now. The grinding stress of prolonged heavy combat the laws. Sleep because of night nightly infiltration raids, the vigorous physical them and forced on us by the rugged terrain and the UN,
lending suffocating? He were enough to make us drop in our tracks. How we kept going and continue fighting I'll, never know I was so indescribably, weary, physically and emotionally that I became fatalistic preying on me for my fate to be painless. Thinking. Going to die and is only prayer. Is that its painless, that's gonna, believe in it. But you know: you're gonna die. In addition to the terror and hardships of combat each day. Rod. Some new dimension of dread for me I witnessed some new ghastly the crab facet in the kaleidoscope of the unreal so designed by some fiendish ghoul to cause even the most hardened and catalyst observer among us to recoil in horror and disbelief.
Late one afternoon, a body return from the gun pit in the fading light, We passed a shallow defiling, we hadn't noticed previously in it were three marine dead. They were lying on stretchers, where they had died before their comrades had been forced to withdraw some time earlier, as we move past my buddy groaned Jesus, I took a quick glance into the depression and recoiled in Rome, cohesion and pity at what I saw the bodies were so badly decomposed and nearly blackened by exposure. This was to be expected of the dead in the tropics, but these Marines had been mutilated. Hideously by the enemy one man had been decapitated, his head lay on his chest. His hands had been severed from his wrists and also lay on his chest Nearest Chin in disbelief. I stared at the fire.
As I realise that the Japanese had cut off the dead Marines, penis and stuffed into his mouth. The corpse next to him had been treated. Similarly, the third had been butchered chopped up like a carcass torn apart by some predatory animal. My emotions, solidified into rage and hatred for the Japanese. Beyond anything. I'd ever experienced for that moment on. I never felt the least pity or compassion for them, no matter what the circumstances, my comrades, field strip, their packs and pockets for souvenirs and take gold teeth. But I never saw marine commit that kind of barbaric mutilation that the Japanese committed if they had access to our dead,
Like I said, it's a glimpse into the darkest part of humanity, and I want people to think about that and remember that its real it's real that dark part of humanity that we don't want to exist. It exists, evil exists in this is coming from a guy. You know when he says that he never had any pity after this that again and you, if you go on the Pacific. You watch interviews with this guy. You can Absolutely
like I said that the the kindness oozes out of him, but even he when confronting the darkness, to explore his own darkness of jumping. Now to the end. On August eighth, we heard that the first atomic bomb had been dropped on Japan reports about for a week, about a possible surrender. Then, on fifteen August nineteen, forty five, the war ended. We received news with quiet disbelief, coupled with an describable sense relief. We thought the japanese
would never surrender He refused to believe it since in stun silence. We remove our dead, so many dead so many maimed so many bright jurists consigned to the ashes of the past, so Many dreams lost in the madness that engulfed us just for a few, widely scattered shouts of joy. Survivors of the abyss, said hollow wide and silent, trying to comprehend a world without war war. Is brutish inglorious and attend. Waste. Combat leaves an indelible mark on those who are forced to endure it
He only redeeming factors were my car rats, incredible bravery and their devotion to each other. Marine corps. Training taught us to kill efficiently and to try to. Survive, but it also taught us loyalty to each other and love. Esprit de Corps sustained us. Until the millennium arrives. Country- cease trying to enslave others it. We'll be necessary to accept ones, responsibilities and beware, To make sacrifices for one's countries, as my comrades did, as the troops used to say. If the country is good enough to live in its good enough to fight for with privilege those responsibility and now
Is another look at war and it's something that we can never forget That war is off. In that war is the darkness that I talk about and. As you Jeanne Sledge says. The only redeeming factor is the incredible bravery and devotion to each other, and I've talked about that before. What made war to me, an incredibly life altering experience, it wasn't the darkness that I saw, but the light of the
bravery of those on the battlefield and I will add another redeeming quality to war and its core. And that is what is it alternative, so What if we had not stopped the brutal imperial japanese Empire- what if we had not stop the Nazis, what if we had not followed war against ourselves to end slavery. In today,. They're still evil in the world. There still darkness. ISIS, the cult of child rapists.
And see this and torturers and murderers, and if we don't confront that evil and that evil goes unchecked, then darkness prevails. So we have to be a force of light against the darkness and. As you Jeanne Sledge transformed partially in his brain, we have to use the darkness and the evil ourselves to prevail. That's the paradox. And we have to remember that when men get so close to evil, it leaves a mark and it leaves a scar And we must forgive them their trespasses and help them to heal if they need it so to them.
Men and women who are fighting or who have fought against forces. Evil and no world, thank you if we were gonna dive into that to apply or think about that in the context of normal people. I would say just remember how horrible things can be and enjoy that sunrise in the morning again, that book is called with the old breed by Eugene Sledge, and I hit some highlights, but the entire book
he was incredible. The HBO many series is called the Pacific watch it. It's incredible and remember, remember, remember. Let's get to some questions, some questions for the entire webs, if in an acquaintance, ok and by the way, the belief in the game but good evening- echo, Charles good evening attacks rejoining thank your items, island away. Yes, the timing and I'll get with a widow. Look like this, I mean I'm coming over here to the studio anyway. In my mind. I am I'm fired up and- and I picture
When I want to listen to a part gasped, I want sit down. I want a programmer put the headphones on. I want to press play and I want to It I wanna get after it. I want something to get in. My brain certain make me think, and That's what I was tonight when I got on the wrong track. I said I said hey. This is that this is the bar cast any we go, and I just went into it. You're not you know was there was no echo Charles in my brain and that no one else knows I'm gonna be in your brain bread. Do you think I like the listen anyway? I don't know what a charming, in fact I do know and determine when I have a question gas transit, that's true the reason so now here. You see a well thought out going yeah, let's cut out the small talk and let's get down to business, we can small talk. Now now that I've released the the,
passion that I had and I was brewing my Brinks. Remember, I'm prepping these things, so I'm going through this book for for a week or two Elvis into it and I'm doing other watching the Youtube videos of the Bell Lou battle. It's in my brain and its wanting to get its wanting to come out fully. So you just get trumped by that. No offense nope taken questions. Jacko are you balance extreme owner with holding others accountable for their actions and avoiding them using you. So this is actually a question that I end up. Bonding on a fairly regular basis, and really a couple, different angles here that are going on the one of them. The points here,
the balance of extreme ownership versus holding others accountable and but that really means and or what another way of looking at that is its really extreme ownership, verses decentralized command, so decent two eyes: command is It's one of the laws of combat that wave. I write about the book. Decentralized command and what that means is the body led set means everybody's, a leader and that's what you want, and that is a That is a complete opposite of dream ownership. So, if trim ownership, I'm gonna open everything Decentralized commanders, I'm gonna, let everyone else lead so there's a real, a real. Contradiction or we'll dichotomy there, so what you have to do is balance it. You have to balance That's the only way to. To sort of rectify or red or
I can sail those two opposing forces because do. What will you do have to have extreme ownership of everything? That is true. And at the same time you have to have decentralized command because you can't be everyone wants and you have to let your frontline leaders led. Do you have to I want them so the That's one part of it that you should, if you feel yourself, for instance, if you feel like you, can't get everything done, a jury you're, losing control or you're you're, not able to exit you'd. Everything is there's too much on your plate. It me is it you're not delegating enough? It means that you're not you're fault, my troopers on stepping up and leading now that so you ve got too far in one direction now with your leaders there for the sudden you're having to tell your leaders are a unique. It is done hey. What do you do in weren't? You take an initiative in that means. You ve gone too far in the other direction. We have to find a good balance and that's the that's, the guy,
and again- and I say over and over again that's what makes leadership part leadership. The hardest thing about leadership is that there's opposing forces that you have to balance and if you could just the extreme and go with it, not major good leader. Anyone could do it, but it's not it's it's a balance that makes you a good leader if the balance its challenging so now the other word, so that's part of the the other word is accountability in holding people account both for their actions. Now this is where gonna, throw something out that people are not going to expect me to say, because people We talk about accountability and I were that all the time in businesses and they say yeah, we really need a accountability. Accountability And here's the issue I have with that, you don't want,
to have to rely on accountability? Accountability is actually a take. The tool and I'm not saying you never use it, because sometimes you do have to use it. You have to implement. If people do what this was do you have to hold them accountable, but I we'll tell you this. What you want, you don't want, people that are doing their job only because you're holding them accountable. That's what you want. You want people that take initiative and ownership of their job, and they do it not because you want them, what because you're going to inspect them, they do it because they own it take extreme ownership of it. That's what you want so you were to ask people that work. For me, If I held them accountable and they would be like not really- I mean, for instance,.
Weapons inspections. Do you know I'm in charge the protein rum charge of a task unit and there's a couple hundred wet whenever a bunch of weapons and if you don't take care of those weapons and people don't maintain in clean him in lubricate them, I believe they can rest very easily and so we are. One of the things that you may have to do is due weapons inspections. Make sure that my guys are cleaning their weapons, and I can tell you I rarely if ever conducted actual weapons inspections. The reason my guys might has did my guys only my guys, wanna do be the best they wanted. To always the best possible reputation and so on,
To go around inspecting their weapons because I knew that they were do it. I knew that, my guys, who were onboard, who understood why we were doing what we were doing who understood that we wanted to be the best and who were on board with trying to be the best said. You know what we're gonna make sure these weapons. Are The best possible- and I learned this when I was in my second platoon- my boss was an awesome guy and this is a guy that have talked about before using a huge influence on me. He was a prior enlisted seal, whom came an officer he to combat veteran from the worn Granada and he was a very humble guy, and he actually the guy that inspired me to become an officer, because I said to myself where this guy's sky made our lives so good. Maybe I could do that for sixteen guys inopportune, someday
but when I realized about him, is he never held accountable for anything, but at this each time he in used accountability on us, because what we wanted more than anything else, was to do a good job for him furthermore, to that's that's how you get troops and teams all lined now by holding them accountable with imposed accountability, but where are they, are inspired themselves to hold themselves accountable and you had a coup in car. With a team the other data was they were saying hey. You know we really. We really would like to have you. You know coach us because, what were lacking in these areas- and we really we know what to do, but we really need someone to hold us accountable to do it, and I I was like lesson:
I charge a lot of money. You guys would be stupid to give it to me. You guys just simply lack the discipline to work for the team, and make it happen at through this example, is that of your competing against another team and What I did was. I moved into your house and I woke you up in the morning I held you accountable for what you're supposed to do, and I made you do it so we put the old the inner accountability on top of them, I said who would do better. You guys with me? Waking you up in the morning in beating you until you accomplish what use both? Do I held you to the high standard of accountability or a team. That was hungry themselves. That was gonna go the
extra mile that was going to do more work? It was gonna stay up later that was going get up early or not, because somebody was holding them accountable, but because they had the desire for victory. Who's, gonna win that contest and the answer is very simple those with the mate and intrinsic desire to win will win. Over those that have imposed discipline and accountability put on top of them. Now, Because there's a dichotomy, everything and because, as a balanced everything there are times where a leadership position you do need to inspect in it sure that you hold people accountable and an example. I have that as we have, had when we got to Romani, we had our radios and generally the radio men knew a programme the radio's in and get them sink it up so they could talk to other radios and all that, and I too
the guy's. Unlike listen, everybody in the troop needs to know how to program your radio yourself. And it is ok and. It was so critical that they know how to program israeli us, because, if you're out in the field- and you get separated from your unit and all of a sudden, your radio gets zero wiser. It has a problem and you don't know how to fix it yourself, what're, you gonna. Do you can't act anybody you do you're gonna die so because was that critical eye, the after the first briefing. I call a couple of guys up unless it Gimme Radio and zero wise, the radius, and I said ok reprogram it now and couples and did not do I said: ok, listen up, guys know what is going on operation if you can't reprogramming radio and so on guys had to sit down and go and figure out how to do it. So there times were you, you do have to hold people,
will end in that situation. I knew that, even though I was saying hey, it's important, they didn't realize how important it was because I was only got a lot of work, your gear, that kind of took it like that. I knew that guy's didn't really understand the nature of how important it was to be able to operate It reprogram your entire radio and sink it with the army radios and all that I knew that in quite understand how important it was, and so I had to I- had to hold them accountable. Generally, ninety eight percent of the stuff. I left the whole people accountable. I didn't expect things, I expected things and they delivered. And the end. That's that's people will. Follow your lead. If you take ownership, that's how my guys have always been. It is always. The scene that in and known what the expectations were. And finally, if.
If you're sitting There- and you keep saying yourself- I can hold people accountable- I got hold people accountable most likely you we need to help them accountable. You need to lead them. You need to make them understand. Why they're doing what they're doing, why it's important? How it? impacts the strategic mission. How impacts, the team, how would impacts them? that's leadership, not accountability. Its leadership. Accountability is just a tool and it is a a tool. Compared to real leadership. So you if you have to, but try
an use leadership. Instead. Next question: Jacko, I'm entering the police academy in a few short weeks, then I'll be a police officer after six months, I've, no military back home in a very little experience with true confrontation and violence. What are the best ways? A police officer can condition themselves to violence and confrontation. I currently train digital, but I'm not. I am but I am curious what else I can do to keep myself and others say from unpredictable violence. Does not self defense question, rather mental condition in court, Very cool question appreciate that question, because this individual recognises that there is a little bit or two, then just the physical self Defence and that's the mental and he's a hunter
percent right. So here's some things that you can do when you get the opportunity. You gotta get some realistic training going and I've talked about a little bit on here with a kind of Rio stick training that we didn't Israel teams, there's things that up the intensity greatly, simulation or a ball scenario, another good food he's getting just really heavy sparring equipment also face gear. You know and really go to town. We are trying to attack and one and take him down and do it. Three on one for one one gotta be careful not to get hurt, you don't go that extreme, but if someone puts on head gear, you know with a face can a whole nine yards, Shin guards in padded outfit on and people can attack them
and you have to react to the other good thing to do is due in a situation where you know you don't let the guy No what's gonna happen. You know he's gonna keep. Eyes closed until you say: go he opened his eyes. There's someone here, whether my frightened for a fake, nigh, frighten forums, gonna stab when he's gotta draws happening, shoot or defendants. Of some house. You wanna, hit him with these unexpected drills with your weapons. Without your weapons shooting in moving, so those those the kind of things as soon as you get the opportunity to do it, and it's even good, I mean if you ve, been up in a in a way in a shooting drill, with like a barricaded shooter which you put issued at the end of hallway and he's hidden, but he shooting at you. People a you get, you can get the intensity of very high, it sticks can shout with Paypal hurts and if
getting nailed and you gotta do something, and people like I gotta make call go, do something you don't make it happen. How you must not this guy, you can get your intensity up and you can get used to that. You can inoculate yourself somewhat too, that stress and learn to do. It ask yourself from it in Let it affect you and not let it grind on you so That's the realistic training in honestly, I when I watch some of the Police videos of the bad shootings, now We know police officers throughout the country every day are under a burden of hostility and they do not standing job over and over again make, in great arrests and helping people in saving people that are suicidal an incredible amount of thinks right, of course, no one really since those videos- and they don't go viral the village
as they go viral videos that people watch or d, the bad ones, the bad ones and, I hope, that the police departments across Amerika are doing something to inoculate? Their troopers from the stress is that when I watch these videos That is what I see happening. There The stress level and the the inexperience this dreadful situation and there's one video that I watched, which is awful and the guy gets a call you see, if you see here is the first thing you she allowed it. The whole thing is a body camera and forgive me if someone pulses video open, anonymous and accurate, but he gets a call. It's not a seven eleven guy with a gun, poles, a new seven eleven, the Pausing to the seven eleven as he's He gets out of his car any sees a guy kind of
Can one direction of several other internal walk in another direction Guy's got a hoodie on he's, walking away so accommodates out. You're not. May stop, stop stop the guy. Doesn't stop finally It is now approaching him and standing in the open, and this is something that I see a lot of these videos, these cops. They stand in the open when if you imagine that the other guy has a gun. Why would you stand in the open take cover? You take cover that's the first thing you do, if you even you're trying to stop somebody or China yellow someone you take cover, so if they turn around and have a gun, you only a small portion, your body expose and you dont get scared because you're hanging out in the open. So many ways. This guy's approaching he's standing out the open he's young at the guy. Finally, the I turned around and when guy turns around he reaches in his jacket and boom. The cop shooting the guy falls down
you gonna rules into a curb the cop com, over assumes cop comes over you very quickly realized what's going on, and that is The guy had headphones on underneath his hurry. Couldn't hear the copy all Madame and then as the car Searches him he pulls out of his pocket. His Iphone. Oh, he was just listen to music, reaching his pocket to return it to turn it off and he got shot. Horrible situation. So How do you knock you yourself too, that you ve gotta, put yourself in a training situations where you do have the instinct to take cover? Will you do have the instinct to see where people's hands are we doing To realize that you put yourself a better situation where, if that, I does pull out a gun, you have time to react to it and you can read do it from a safe distance. You know as it so a lot of things, I would love to start to
I don't know how you know. I don't I don't know how I'm I don't know how to go about this, but I would to start working with police departments in some manner to get some training said, like the training we had in the seal teams, which was the training that I set up. Insulting was psychotic how stressful we would make it so that these guys were overwhelmed. They were explosions, machine gun, fire, paintball sitting among everywhere: gleaming civilians screaming wounded actors, we'd higher actors that were amputees, their blood spurting or was it, was incredibly realistic and that way when Guy's going to combat like when the first time ever got shot on ozone? Ok, here's was gone on, so I hope some point I can. I can help the military with that now in addition to that, you're, trying to knock yourself to this violence get useless watch. Those Youtube videos
watch those Youtube videos of St Fights, love, Stupid encounters with with bars, withdraw people and downstairs with this shoot or don't shoot scenarios with cops, Miss budgetary situations where they have helmet cams on and you can see things happening and what you wanna do you want to watch videos and you want to pay attention to the people to the humans and watch the reactions and watch their movements and watch their body language and watch their expressions on their faces and see and judge and predict and go to another video and pause and say this is what I see right here. This is what I think is about to happen and educate yourself, the human nature, because human nature is what you're gonna be dealing with and violence. A part of human nature and sometimes things go violent and sometimes they dont. So how do you predict that, and if you're unsure, which you will be? How do you play
Tat yourself. First, give yourself the maximum amount of time to make a judgment call. So you don't have to rush. On top of that Its awesome that you're doing jujitsu do boxing Do might I do wrestling, so you get used to getting hit sing. You start to see what a person's face looks like when they are about to hit you. So you start to see what changes in their bear. Their stare posture makes winner about to throw a punch, those or all things that will help you Jiu is obviously great for the grinding physical grappling. Situation but I'll hopefully, as a cop, most the time you're. Not in that situation, you're standing at a little bit of a distance and or you you know, you you ve, got a little bit more time to judge. So
fight as much as you can watch those law enforcement of military videos again see the reaction. See the noise, see that fear see the panic look at people's eyes. Judge them predict what they're going to do. Press pause figure out if you were right or wrong. Watch about violence happen so that you can anders- and it better so that you can handle it when the time arises, yeah, Odom and disconnected to add on some stuff you're saying I would even say, compete if you can because a lot of times in training you can't, but you give your training every day or pretty often you can get into the mindset that I can just trained casual today and if a guy taps me out, which are worth Does it doesn't matter that much you know? So when you compete? That's that's one of significant things that
got more than I realise when us competing it's your your re. Your senses are heightened because everything matters if you get taken down it matters, if you go for a submission and you dont get it it matters in in competition. So you have that that mindset more so you'll get used to that mindset and to your wait. I tell this guy's at Jujitsu when you're training for com, this is no matter what we do just about nomadic ninety eight percent of the time I can't get two guys in training to go with her against each other as they're going to competition somewhat. When someone the grip of european competition. Here it is ten times stronger than it is when your training, Europe. If I get a grab yogi collar and you go through some
for to rip it away and were training a moment ago, because I don't care if it happens, competition and I only have seven minutes to work and get you submitted on my hang onto that thing- Amber hang onto it hoard non market, let go, and so you end up with a much much much more intense, seven minutes. Competition or three minutes in a boxing spot the natural order. My tie, the intensity cannot stimulate the intensity in caught in training that you're gonna get in and in competition, and take that one. Step further when you get into a life and death struggle, you're, gonna, of the same level of jump. You, the intensity, that's gonna, be there. So that's a good point is well yeah. Can it goes from Reuters what I'm name necessarily sane compete in my time, but which has a good one, because I pray you get.
Cracked in your body in your legs and you get to feel some pain and, if you're not used to that, gave before even started meter. I went in Remember Terry. So could you Hughes I came in we train digital together? They can training animated come. Let's start with me, my other partner, doing now the cattle have any striking threes like autumn. Here you know, Jujitsu City was so bright. He punch me the face really hard and those as like men, just how you're talking about those crash an aids before it was kind of like that. Just the fact that I got Plato knock me out. It didn't tease, In that way is just the fact that thing I wasn't used to this I didn't know. Use just start punch, my face you we're just gonna warmer, so that's actually the main That made me go into my type it specifically to zones to get cracked
because they re not even I thought I was pretty good at you Jitsu, so I figured you know like us of solid in open press. So what? If I get into some thing, you know outside of the gym aircraft movements is there no each year in also mental, do what the meat I did help is when you get hidden face it, Like Jujitsu, someone grinding on you in their breathing all in your nose or their sweating, all in your eye or whatever that doesn't by the EU at all. You barely notice, you register it doesn't matter right. So the same thing when later, when you get punished in the nose and its bleeding and your own blood or whatever back- and I use today that a mess you up and if you notice back in the day, all Caesar whatever Gaza get cracked in the face like three four, hard and lobbied all tat. How do you know who does not use it now is geysers where they won't. They were the other referee. Gotta start on their use. Too. Rarely does anyone tat, you have C4 strikes yeah area unless they're like injured,
you all know, Mcdonald did not so innovative. So the point is so weak. I situation in specific, because that we feel the most. Pain like more than boxy, even in the mean you'll take brain injury for sure, but it's not actual paint we take, it concerns a leg. They teach you to hide the aid into two: did not let it effective in the end in the ribs body like needs to the ribs super painful. When you get used to that, I think that now there was like a few the treaties, streets and cracks? You hardly notice. You know it's interesting about that, though, is that their some people that can can easily or more easily take the pain of my time or of boxing like it's ok with them, then then veiled than they and take the grind of jujitsu, and some people can take the grind did you do all day long, but they can never take the striking pain
so it's there's just some genetic or mental, situations, but to your point you need to be comfortable with both the situation and, at the very least, just familiar with it. I'd like that's first pungently, took in my face and granted it I wasn't ready for him to distant whale. I mean I don't play about one football to be here, I mean so been hit. You ve been knocked out before on the field and thirdly, it's kind of it. If I were you Try to remember it is a combination of sure that physical impact, but just the fact that this guy is punch me in my face Irena. So you it's all sectors this is punch me when these were not how we're gonna like that
After well, it doesn't men, hardly ever got punch in the face was from Gregg Rate and the like right between the eyes, and it was like happened since he threw a real solid one. As I went to kind to shoot, you kind of coming up off his knees. China and I went to shoot like I got from off my back and then forward and shot forward, and he did when boom end of the day the force of meeting for parliament, I felt it my neck, you really bad, but it was a hard part lucky. Otherwise, you ve been killed, but yeah fully. Other Kayo punch. You just happened to be in that really hard part, but I've been through that bright, dream Rita before and it didn't it anyone slowly down. I remember thinking those proto heartiest punch ever took anew with Emma make up. It was with a big Buckingham back in the old days. We suggest spar forlorn without Mme gloves on a regular basis. Yes, stupid, yeah and boil do that folks, we're withhold, but
What I'm saying is that thou you lost your good allows to inform it felt like of a situation where I took that kind of hard hit. You know you know, or a cop would take that, can a hard hit in their use to then in training or whatever. That's not gonna formed a second Us Dunham unless it physically guns are less likely to among ajar. And that's you know, even if your train- that's that's, that's gonna that's gonna, Jane, in fact, if you train too much and you get yourself hit too often deal actually decrease Europe, nobody to withstand punishments, careful about that! You get it. If you want to train enough that you used to it, you want to know that you can take it, but then you don't wanna over train at all. You never get better take well. Don't let me rephrase at you get better, in bunches for a short period of time and because starts to go backwards here you know and unfortunately, that just away the the bodies build, you can see as some older. You have see, fighters get older. You know that
who doubt they don't have the chain that they once had and that's when they usually, you know, decide to hang it up or if they know, if they get the right council from people But nowadays people are sparring a lot less and they're trying to not take all that punishment, because everyone realises that the other. You have a limited number of hits you can take to the. To that end, it starts go backwards and it's a lot of this information is coming from the do soldiers overseas. The Marines overseas that have taken concussions in Idee strikes and I realized that that is a permanent. Oh downgrade of their systems and eight they yield yesterday Sunday, that's where a lot of this information came from about footballist, concussion stuff about water that is coming from the ideas that our soldiers and Marines have taken overseas and they ve realized at this tremendous trauma. Traumatic, brain injury is problematic.
So, we need a greeting to watch out for it. So he especially of your being a copy, gotta be alert dahlia. But that's why not way like them? We tie that's why I personally, I did because it was a lotta like clinching mean in those if you're. If, if you ve, never done it, you would think they ve been punished in the nose squaring the nose real hard would be, only one of the more painful things, but it wasn't compared to the ribs and the legs man. So if you're kind of used to just taking impacts and pain- yeah- you just you just not to mention the physical but just mentally. When that one that comes about me, you can just is: keep on keeping honour their because you're used to it, but I don't want you to move from an inaccurate inoculate yourself. Ok, next question doctor
three little girls and I'm really intrigued by Brazil, India, to what form of martial art, would you put your kids in the easier yeah put your kids into Jujitsu dude immediately. We can cover this last this last podcast, and that is the fact that if he, if you get Did you get up, don't chemistry, fight dont, get into the playground. If someone wants to fight you run away and that's what they should do and you later when they start to become mature enough to make real decisions that should guide men occasionally as a man. You may have to stand your ground and fight and that's understandable, but as a little who might be get picked on by beggar. Kids, hey how he gets in your face runaway if you
figured get hurt runaway. So you have that self defence mechanism already what you don't have and what you are not born with is win that bully grabs you and pulls you to the ground or grabs you and holds onto you. Won't let you leave, that is when you need not grapple You choose what did ya to grapple. So eventually, like you just said, you do want your kids disbar little bit. You do want yours kid to know how to throw some good combinations right I mean they should know how to do that. In your the actually the other night. I worked with dean where work with a couple: people just don't use, got over some basic self defence and there are some luxuriate basic self defence moves it. People should know. We know someone bear how'd, you someone had box, you now we'll think out them at a high level of Judea, because we we welcome Someone had locking us welcome that stuff because we're so used to it as we have an advantage when we get there. But to a kid you get filling
to a head, balk at First Street fight ever the first decade of the street. First time ever got new fight was NEA, like fourth or fifth grade, and this yet who is definitely way stronger than me. Grab me too had lock was told me on the ground and punch me the head, and I did can do anything and you know it got broken up after twenty seconds by the principle, but ok, Ok, that that wasn't cool. So what you want you get, because if that kid would have tried it, back me when I was standing up and run away from the ones you grab the hold of me all of a sudden. I can't do anything so that's why Jujitsu is the first thing you want to learn its also, as I said last, and it's the most technical thing. It there's the most to learn its and now For ending knowledge, quest so you want to get on that quest as early as possible. Now, on top of that and what's really about Jujitsu and again. This is something we have talked about before, but
When you talk about traditional martial arts- and you imagine, you know, Additional martial arts do Joe, where people in plain White gate these- are standing in a very clean and spartan fist. Body with samurai sword, stain on the wall and their bowing to the cen say that implies? A certain amount of knowledge will he passed in a certain amount of etiquette will be passed and the area- get in the knowledge that we pass will be toughness and confidence and humility and, as a matter of fact, if you go to aid, traditional martial arts school, and you bring your kid in there, and you say I want my the train. What will you get out of it one of the things are can say: is he's gonna learn to be confident or she
he's gonna learn humility and they will teach them that verbal wrap, it will be a lesson. It will be a book almost a book, lesson on. This is humility, and this this confidence and hope would your head high jujitsu teaches those things not theoretically, but for real, because in future too You will get humbled you will get humbled by a someone that smaller than you by someone that's weaker than you. They will submit you it will hold you down and you won't be able to do anything about it, and that is humility. And that is where you learn humility, jujitsu and same thing with confidence. You know you will learn
as you get better to Jujitsu that hey. I know something. And I know I can handle myself in bad situations. So truly teaches humility and confidence theoretically, but in a very practical sense so give kids down to the Jujitsu School, get him in roared and You know we do what we did a part that's what we talked about, how to find a good judges. We also find a good rep will place and Did you get down there and you know what, when you bring your kids into start, Jujitsu gets you dang self, on the mat into you, gotta know it in its everybody should know yet the inn yet for bullies and evil people, they should be banned from Jujitsu cause. It's too powerful way to us.
Another element that that you might not think of right off the bat, but the fact that you meet friends, because you did it for whatever reason I mean it, just might be the culture in general. But when you go to the judge you to match you gonna mats, it's not like your thing like a traditional marsh article, where you're like, though talk bow, be rigid. Stand like this, while the senses talking say yes or no search, it's really. I mean in my experience it I've been to a lot for she hidden in summing up one either that's where most of them are its real. Even though the more rigid once casual before ass, he can talk even during class as long as you are talking, while the instructors Did you do that in a school you, William, that anywhere the exactly know, but you know what your
at the same moves it's it's. Of course you do want to deviate too much from the lesson, but it it's just more social, and so you talk after class and you ll find that that the atmosphere is really conducive to gravitating towards people that that have the same interests of them even outside of Europe in kids, especially men, because due to the teachers, are way more lenient with kids when it running around- and you know you you tell them go, do this move they might be talking a little bit about something or whatever, if they're having fun, which it is very fun there, just gonna wanna, do it anymore my daughter's too, and we found a place that that could facilitate a two year old situation and she would always look for it took us that she's think it's just one big display house roof in the whole time. It's the ultimate dream for a kid, a room with padded floors and patted Walser weakened grabbed the clothes roughhouse. Are you on young people to the ground, inoculate punched character ino? Yet
So there is a good community aspect. Did you very much so, which echo likes much. Sometimes I don't even want to Roy, I just wanna come and talk is sometimes Often the situation with a willing. So, basically- being a new leader. Overcoming friction in the new organisation that this that's what this guy, you know he's a new leader of coming friction organs it's in penetrating, and yet I think, what's important here is this: is he's not a new leader like newly commission leader stepping up in the ranks he's a new in a new organization, so we step into another one in his eyes he s new leader in a new situation we ve kind of talked about stepping up.
From within the organisation. How are you going to step into a new organization? Now I'm gonna look at this from a perspective of of like a normal transition into a leadership position in a new job or something like that, not a hostile, over situation. Maybe we can address that on a later time, but not a situation where hey they fired this guy he added add reputation the thing are going wrong, you're gonna step in because that that would take a different leadership approach then the one that I know that I would take and that I have taken where your step in a situation where things are going. Ok- and you put your coming in Gus goals and theirs taken over leadership. As it happens all the time So a couple of things about this. First of all, these different to any new leadership role. You gonna talk to people. But you mostly gonna. Listen you gotta,
find out. Why they're doing things the way they are because a lot of times there might be reasons for the way things are happening that you don't understand that aren't really particularly evident. So you really wanna not make the judgments. Because you're breaking your own experience and you ve done this a thousand times and that's why you're the new leader and that's why they put you in here you gotta That aside and say, ok explain: why this process is in place or where did this process come from. What is this process trying to prevent so that way, you're getting smarter and you're learning and are not being You are imposing your ideas, which you don't have any background for you. Don't you know you may have been a leadership in a different company or a different unit before you, think you know, but you don't know so be humble and check yourself you going, be friendly to people, but at the same time you gotta be reserved, never
is. This is tricky because more trying to build relationships. You absolutely returnable Delicious, that's what life is that's what businesses that war is. That's what everything is about. Building relationships with these other humans. So you want to be firmly people, but at the same time, from leadership perspective you can't common, be MR nice guy and best friends with everybody. That's not work out for you for a couple reasons: number one you no, no, the the face people are going to present you out of the gate, is not necessarily the true face of that person so you may checking your first day. This creates great to meet you so good to have you on board, heard a lot about you and you allow the skies and he's too just give you some background information about things that are going and by the way we got a couple. Things are a little messed up. You know, and I can point about you, but that I met
work is agenda, so you got we'll be cautious. Where'd you go in any their peace. That is, it is much easier to real back in slack or Sars is much easier to give out that French later when it is. If you go overboard and you become everyone's best friend and now you got us cut it off Amazon, you become a jerk, so it's much easier to to give out the slack, when you want to later than it is to give out a bunch of slackened and try and real it back in and be a jerk, and it makes it hard for both Is that why you like? But it's going to be really hard. The only reason, your Poland back the friendship things because it started going sideways, and that makes it even if it's a nightmare
and watch out for the gossip, because everyone's gonna wanna whispering your hair, the things about the things about the people in this now, so you gotta be careful, not your head taken book on board but take with a great assault. Definitely don't in courage it yet, and that can be a hard part for certain types of people say because let's face it and that can some interesting stuff you down. There can be some knowledge to be gained there, but you just have to be careful you, here some insights new right, but be careful when the insights cross over into Gaza and be careful that the insights are coming from people that might have agendas. In fact they are coming from. People would have agenda because everybody has agendas, and maybe the person has a positive agenda which is to improve the company or improve the unit or improve the team, but they also might have agenda of improving their own station, and so you have to be careful that they
or watching you there. Watching you when you coming to take over. They are watching you so act accordingly. Think about the fact that they are watching you like, I said, use caution in these new relationships you gotta find out who's, who you want to establish things, but again you go watch out, because people might, not necessarily be who they make themselves out to be in the beginning. So this kind of becoming a little bit. Of course, when I talk about leading, Be humble. Listen, learn, move methodically when it does come. I didn't make change in a new situation more the time I would say: do it incrementally do
Smaller changes after you ve assessed fully and you ve got people up, got peoples, Indians and you ve, expressed in socialized your ideas. So you China's role in glaring changed the world again If we don't want hostile turnover situation or their someone's been fired for cars or that's it differ situation but front. Normal transition to a new job, be humble, listen, learn and lead the part where you're you're talkin about find out. Why they're doing things the way they are and stuff like that? That part can be. Depending on certain peoples. Personality like it we're coming in as the new guy and you and used ask start asking. Why do you do it like this? If you come off with the wrong time, sometimes it sound like that questioning in for sure you know so issue. I remember when I worked at the nightclub. We knew manager and they must go here.
He'd, he came in and he was strangely who's. This whole list personified he came in Israel, friendly but really reserved, but the one thing he did come to address What has to be regarded you're, really good job? We accept as learn of money, I'm seeing an example of how he clarified that not questioning the way, we're doing stuff he's nothing here where you doing it like that, because this way thought it didn't have that tone, but he came, for me- and I saw due to the other guy where he he came in sit here. I'm I'm gonna be asking a lot of questions because obviously I'm new here you know just so I can understand in in get on board with what you're doing so it can be ultimately what we're doing that's what he said in a limited way out, but that's what he said in that right away. So no matter what you question he ass, it was almost like. Should I want to tell this guy how its working you know cause he's he's cheese he's on my team automatic
will you told me that in and he was a mighty, so I think if that can be clarified, that you're not like question need, because it seems like you don't want to make it seem like. I know, better way, right off the bat you want that tone I know just from are on the receiving end. I don't want no cause, I'm Libya. So anyway, yes, yes, In the last thing I can add, written down here was enjoy it. It's its awesome, stepping into new leadership position and its challenging to do what you do, talked about to transition people in to your leader? yep realm, and they do not Subtle way that. Brings them on board with a positive attitude so enjoy. That challenge cause it's it's pretty fun.
Its challenging and, most importantly, its reward yeah fix wishing Jacko? How do you learn slash practice detachment in real time detachment? So this is something that I have talked about a lot and It is definitely a very important part of leadership and it's a very important part of. Of finding your way successfully through life. It's important part of navigation of of the world so If you have heard we talk about this, this is the idea that you are not caught up in the emotions in the chaos and the any the tactical fire fight. That's happening you detached you can make.
Good judgments about things. So how do you do it? How did you learn it now? Do you practice it step number. One. Is awareness Awareness of yours, self, so you start asking yourself. We Why being perceived right now? If You can just occasion we start ask yourself how my being perceived right now, how is echo singing me right now, so All of a sudden you you starting to take over people's perspective, which is a good start. Because it's not your own and the goal. Wisdom is today outside of your own perspective, and see yourself from some kind of a distance. So you start asking yourself how my being perceived in trying to watch yourself. Like? What do I look like right now? Am I caught inside that man?
yes, and once you start to do that, that's can be like your that's kind of your little tool that you're gonna use is getting outside it just watch yourself in Saint ok. I am aware of what I am doing right now. I am aware of what I am doing right now and then what you wanna do? Is you want to set some kind of alerts. Because your walk walk around detached from myself all the time I mean otherwise, you'd have no joy and you would have no you'd. Have we're paying, you have no emotions pcb detached from. So you don't want to walk around just detached Alla time but I do have some alerts similar red flag, more triggers that happened in my mind that when I feel them I know. Ok, you're, starting to go too far,
and you're losing the perception of yourself. What's your name here there are a couple of number. One is like some strong, emotion, like anger, yeah, you know anger. You surf visa. If you start clenching your faced reached, raising your voice, that should be a warning. Ok, you're, not We can clearly right now detached from get away from these emotions, some kind chaos like cats what's happening and you're in it well it's in a supermarket, whether it's you know something bad, the violent something mob if you're getting it that situation. You start feeling that detached yours from you, can get caught up in its any overwhelming excitement. We'll be it now. Here's a good red flag. Here's a good red flag, good alert
is the twenty seventh time you bang your head against the wall attacking a problem. Whatever that problem is, you know, and I actually made this joke the other day. You do too, because we talk about passing someone's guard and people try and try and try one way. One way. One way, one way: one: two: three four five and I'm like listen after twenty six, The attempt to pass someone's guard the same way I hadn't try another way so this happens, a lot where, if you find yourself beating your head against the wall after the twenty seventh time go ahead, Let that be little notes that you need to do that should lead to get cause. There's some reason that you're doing this, maybe it's an emotional reason. Maybe it's You're too close to the problem. Maybe it's that the problem has a hold of you and you don't recognize it, but let there be an alert trigger? That tells you hey, buddy detach
take a look around and see if there is another way now another huge thing. That requires detachment. Is your ego, big nasty, powerful ego. It's one of the biggest things that you have to utilise the tattered overcome and let me tell you some of the things that will warn you that your ego, now in the game and when your egos in the game, when you're egos and the game it it will very easily win, it will beat you So when you're feeling jealousy like gee. That's gonna, be your ego and actually heard somebody somewhere on Twitter hit me with this the day and it was something along the lines of it you're feeling
jealous. Instead of saying I'm Joe, So this person say We can learn from this person. Wow great statement right. Because that's when you set your ego, that's when you detached from your ego- and you say: ok, I'm not also this person. They can teach me something when you start feeling frustrated me for start feeling, disgust or anger wearers that emotion coming from very high likelihood it's coming from your ego, so you need to put that ie go into Jack. Do you think that's the hardest do you think, oh yeah? But although there We can now be pretty hard to me because you know we You get emotional about our relationship. I mean that
Not always regatta can be regal really there's another person involved right, but a lot. That's not your ego, that's that's your emotion, that's hurting and causing problems. But here the Eagle Eyed. I actually find the ego because it so clear, it's ok! clear that you're just being an idiot with your ego, I was stupid. Why am I doing this? And I think it usually progressing the ones that are harder a little bit a little bit more. Subtle, radio, yeah, that's kind of what I mean because egos like that, how powerful it is because any extreme- situation or earth extreme example of any one of these. I feel really angry. It's easy to see. I lost my temper internationally yelled at enow whenever or if your egos
prevalent in this really must in a real strong way, is obvious and of course not, but the eagle I feel like it's like that subtlety of it makes it hard Because you know that last part of the it's like, if you want to remove your ego, it's it's almost like a bucket of sand where you gotta get the last corner of the eagle out for it to work. Otherwise we are still in the game. You alone always Now don't encourage people did not like the Buddha that says complete, eliminate your ego, because your egos what's driving you in many cases, to perform well to win nothing wrong with that. You know if you. But the parlour I in the end of what's that book aways, you like ego, is this God bless the ego. You know this in its pretty powerful because who drives you, that's the individual effort the problem is there
economy of everything, and sometimes your ego we'll get the best of you and that's what you need to watch out for that. We need to learn to detached from it. Yeah thoughts like each situation, yellow certain sized cup but can only hold so much eager to get it done and then any in one drop. It's gonna jam you. If you're one drop overflowing you, then you could make bad decisions with your ego yeah. Let it get in the way and that's the hard thing, because the annex, That's probably the reason, because you need your ego. Two took a function. You get tat, turning in exile and other stuff, so you have to basically fight that's fine line. Did you have to get rid of? You know that at that, what point you get rid of enough? You go to still haven't you. You get tested cells. The dichotomy. Until now it s not tat, I
If we have that problem, nothing like seeing its liking, we all know that problem. Unfortunately, ok juggle. What do you think of people in leadership roles who cause I seed and coaching guys either totally it or are totally against it? So swearing cussing, Using foul language, I think it's a pretty straightforward question. I can tell you that by no means. Am I a saint end and you know I was in this seal teams. For when two years and when you ve heard the term swear like a sailor, there is actually a level beyond that and that swearing like a seal, and so I ve
there are times in seal teams were literally you know. Every single word in a sentence. I swear word. In an that's something that when I go back and brief, the briefly we'll teams right now in something I go almost right back into that mode. You know not not quite as bad as I probably was at the high point, of my career, where I was well rehearsed and well trained at foul language, but a but hey. Here's the deal on a form like that's where we're on a par gas were, you know, many, many people listen to this, including kids and my kids, and I try and utilise better language. Now and I'll. Tell you what I actually had a point where I sort of said to myself MIA couldn't do that. I heard a podcast what you know
to do what I'm not gonna swear a lot on, I'm not gonna, be in a much is gonna swear the whole time and upon us, and this actually happen because I heard upon cast, I listen to upon gassed where is actually use. Conversation in old, normal broadcasters conversation between two people and the we're swearing so much that Just said to myself. Man sounds ridiculous. They just sounded. It sounded completely ridiculous and. I just decided after initial before we started by this, as you know, maybe like two years ago and is a long time ago. I heard this park, as I just said to myself, and these people sounds stupid. It's almost swearing and- and it wasn't it. What this thing is like ie, listen to your Rogan, nor like a comedic, podcasting swearing and in some people, like France and Joe Rogan, He swears, he does. It
right time and it has comedic impact. We're has value when he goes it so so that understandable, but I've heard people that they just it's it's just it doesn't it adds up having no impact other than just to make. You say this person is smart, so with them you know I just try to keep a clean but ass. She is either almost like. I dont consciously sit there and training the clean, but I thank you for clean That kind of like you, know, people most of us have this problem, but we also like, like you know, why very similar like how just did you send em doing some kind of like that year It's the same work when you hear someone saying like like like As soon as you, you might not even recognize it at first because we're so used to hearing at you, but if you pick up on it
listening to a park ass, I started here. Someone do that. It's the same thing you just say, while this person, really sounds stupid and they might be smart, but this boy, sounds really stupid, I'm not gonna sound like that, so that pretty much where're, where my opinion comes from and why in a video and have had a couple, people hit me up and say you know, hey. This is the only party that I listened to, that my kids could listen to and that's gets kind of cool. Can I appreciate that it's it's pretty its pre, humble windy here that people are Pino Signal was in a bag kids and I guess humbling, is the wrong word, which somebody hit me up on Twitter. It's an honor ray. It, an honour that doesn't feel like I deserve, but
it's an order here. Somebody sitting around and say all you know. I listen this park ass with my daughter, wireless nearby gas with my son and it's so many good lessons learned and that's that feels pretty good and so, if I were to throw them out the window so that I could drop some F bomb. Cbs doesnt really see Morton, because what kind of a what kind of a link stick command. Do I have if the only way I can get my point across his by is by using Foul language here you know the funny thing is due as well I used to go, you know who I was and still teams. I would go on little. Like I said my wouldn't have whole sentence construction. That would be nothing f, bombs right and I would come home and in front of my six six year old kid or whatever I never sworn from. My kids and people would the kind of surprising if I had a seal body over, and they hear me talk at my house and they say how do you even
do that out you and I don't know I've just been able to do it. So that was not a thing yo. These Pont casts we go on the entire there. Therefore, I hate to say it, but they are there. For every year you can taken down, but you gotta be these around So if you, if you but to be represented that way, for the rest of your life lid, the european little with careful about what you're saying yeah gathered some because our economy, so now like to swear, but I like, when people swearing up, I think it's, but just like our your thing, several european, like he'll swearing, somebody else where. But it's perfect it's funny when it needs to be funny. It emphasizes You know a certain emotion when it its bid perfect,
That's kind of the reason why I like it can sometimes be really funny can be fun to do, but overall there's a certain kind of can't help but can respect someone who does it like use the word like where that doesn't Alla time who doesn't say you know all the time or nonsense or whatever and end can can troll, then in I think swearing, is yet another one of those things that some people it's more of a week this where they can it, they don't want their noughties Riera. They d swearing this war, my parents were so I swear. Who cares kind of thing in on top of that you do have to consider who you're talking to and in a pot. Guess it She essentially talking to everybody regards row. You you were trying to talk to you, who you think you're want your audience to be its everyone. Anyone who present the buttons gonna be listening. So if you- care how you come off then good. Didn't that's that's great, but I think you do have more of a control on high you come off when you can control how much you swear it don't,
well well, I haven't had anybody you hit me up on bitter and say hey, you really need to swear right. It does happen. D. No one said a: u need to say more right to say, like more people, don't need here that they accept it, because it's there not funny The first time I took my Take my son out occasionally to various see the training sites, you know what or to inoculate him to violence and firearms. Machine guns and war. And and yes, you are people can call child services on me, but it was we the first time you know of the water suitable to do some event, and I think it was an arab urban training facility and they got done, and I was debriefing em. In the road is my son who had never. He heard me swear a new kind of
he's at that age. Where you know I swear ward was like wars ever and he you stand there to debrief these guys and I'd I'd. Debriefing when the proper seal technique got done. He had a look at his face. That said this guy is a little did the different than what I needed to use pretty shocked, and it was a pretty funny scenario. See you don't you say you don't swear in front of your kids, why is that cause you don't want them to swear or were The remainder is, you know if you ever see a in do now that my daughters are a little older, I'll drop, some swear words in the Inn occasionally for impact or for humor, you know, or for whatever, so I will do it, but if you ever see a the young girl swearing it.
You see a young boy, you know it. Very much seems disrespectful: they might opinion, so I dont want my kids. To be running around with foul mouth now I took my son and a couple of his buddies when all serve trip and they are sleeping in the tent outside of, and I was in the hours in that camper and I were got that when I normally wake up and even when they were up early to go surfing as well, but I was standing outside their tent and I was pretty impressed. We are easier lily why you re a foul languages they produced in that kind of thing to rate, so it doesn't if you'd, never swear it right, it's not like. You have protected them rice wearing. So that's that's. My point is that after us, out there for a while, and I to them. I said something along lines of here you Has done a very good surfing,
My son says how lonely but out there and at I swore back at him. I swore back at him and said I ve been out here, and then they kindness inquired for a second, I been, they started laughing eyes at our poisonous. Go so not a We two shoes. I understand we talk of a patents re Cynthia instead currently amongst the troops and then he'd given for the politicians he would not. Yes, I would hope to behave. I should like to urge you to go. There was one: get back romani I'd go and brief secretary Navy, I D go briefly, congratulates the joint I guess I'm gonna have to go in brief. Some high level governmental officials and what not now just walk in there are not small, obviously you're, not gonna swear for them, so I think that's another another situation. Where are you ve gotta, no, when understand when
swear in one we're not to swear, and I just If we are making the right decisions and like I said no one has No one has hit me up and said you really needed use more foul language here, and you know this times where we ve, you know we ve used foul language on the proposed podcast, because hey it's a reality: the reality of Vietnam is a reality of all wars year so too, Gloody like it doesn't exist is not what I'm trying to do here. Yeah in this kind of a big. In my opinion, a big When someone you can tell their their actively pursuing, not swearing were in any kind of discussion can we're conversation. Where the thereabout is safe, something in me than they use like sugar, Even those reap obvious replace it with which is its there's, nothing wrong with but it does. Canada can make you think or wait like we. So we can disappear.
Algerian Alec. We gotta know you feel like you might not elevator relate to it. Yeah it's interesting is using for and jacket. Then just amazing movie about the Marine corps in the hall. The whole first, forty five minutes is boot camp and its played by Lee. Raymie ethic is his name. And he does. He was a real job instructor in, so he just nails it in I remember when my son was six or seven years old, I thought to myself up I'll play him some of this movie, we find some parts that dont have any following, which there are no part of the whole thing, is just completely over the top and its awesome, so so There is definitely a time of police were the other thing for me. What does his it's? You know I was a most I'd better get stuff. There's a challenge be in trying to find Words that are gonna, have impact without
he's going right to the easy button on them and on the Big F bomb. That's gonna have impact, but if that's what you need to use than its little easy outline wanna take every single time it presents itself I'll. Tell you when I get when there's been a couple times with I kids- were they- stepped over wondered did some out of line in one eye. I would have sworn at them. It was. A guy slapped him in the face because it was he having got much impact, whereas largest donor. I'm all time taken with the impact of re, yes strategically, stretching back swearing patent apparently was from what I read he when he get people why does he do that on purpose, namely even just a normal conversation either release for them? I wouldn't think so. He says, there's a specific tool. You don't get certain things done, it's worth influence comes here. I can't believe we ve
but for ten minutes about swearing, it needed to be done and we got asked requested. The agreed time for one more or less question Jacko what techniques do use to deal with situational stress from battlefield to boardroom? Well, first of all- and I don't mean to minimize the stress- the people face, but imagine a patchwork, Eugene Sledge- that we talk about tonight, imagine what he went through on parallel in the tens of thousands of Marines. That suffered death, unimaginable r l, imagine hack worth who we talked about here, who were about face assaulting enemy positions in Korea? Unease wounded
over and over again on the line and still went back for more got Alan Seeger, the poet who in World WAR, one went over the top. Over and over again to make his rendezvous with death, and there have been thousands. And a hundred thousand millions of warriors that have been in very stressful situations faced evil and face death much worse than the situation I mean or a Europe that we might consider stressful. And I did this when I was overseas when I was on the planet when I was combat leader- I was feeling stress-
and you know what we took casualties and it was awful. It was poor breaking in, but there were other soldiers and warriors throughout time. They have been much worse situations, Gettysburg Vicksburg or the battle the bulge in an all those horrible situations. They prove really that humans can withstand almost unimaginable stress, which meant to me that I could to, and you can add and the first step.
For me is doing that. Taking that look to gain some perspective and then in order to gain perspective, you gonna do something that we already talked about. You gotta detached you, ve gotta, detached from the problems, stress that your experiencing, so that you can get that perspective of them. Now, there's a couple different types of brass now, if it's something that you can control, that's causing you stress! Well, why aren't you getting control of it? We, its lack of discipline, so you gotta, have the discipline to grab control and make it happen, and when I say you need discipline for that. What's that mean does the stresses that you're, avoiding.
They're, not gonna, go way, if you avoid them so take the discipline to fit the stressful situation get ahead of it dont be afraid of it. Now there's also stress that caused by things that you cannot control and if you remember talking earlier about artillery. And how horrible that wasn't? What made it so horrible was it. There is no control over. So if you can't control something- and you can't get control of it, yeah have to at least embrace what you can and I'm not saying you can embrace artillery showing but I'll tell you what, when it comes to things like artillery or for us and remedy was ideas, and we could do everything He could do to mitigate that risk. But eventually there
only so much you can do and you cannot completely eliminated, but you can't toll it. So why you gonna worry about it. Why you gonna stress about it? If there's something that completely beyond your control. You cannot you gotta detached from it and not. Let yourself get stressed about it, and on top of that, If it's something that you can't control, how can you look at it in a different light? How can you see it in a way that you could actually take advantage of it? How can you take that stress and make it into some kind of ally. You know the the he asked of combat is something that I couldn't.
Control, but I had to embrace it's like a try and figure out how to take advantage of it. So when it comes to stress, don't fight, it turned it on itself and use it. Use it use it to make yourself sharper and more alert and use. To make yourself think more and learn boring, get better and use that stress as a catalyst to make yourself better. And it s all we ve got for tonight so thinks every before tuning in and listening to us, they should feed back through the into webs to me at Jocker, willing and echo who
at ECHO Charles face relieving reviews of the part cast in the book on Itunes and on em.
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