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Jocko Podcast 12: What Made Jocko, When to Quit, Mistakes & Trust, Fitness for Military, Switching On & Off

2016-03-02 | 🔗
0:00:00 - 0:04:03 - What made Jocko Jocko 0:04:03 - "The Forgotten Highlander" Book review 1:04:33 - Jocko won't complain about anything ever again. 1:11:49 - Mistakes by Leaders and re-gaining trust. 1:19:43 - Workouts for Special Forces selection. 1:26:32 - Is the Military a "Young Man's Game"? 1:31:55 - When to cut your losses.  When to decide to cut bait. 1:43:03 - Substituting anger for aggression. 2:04:00 - Switching BEAST MODE on and off.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/jocko-podcast/exclusive-content
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This is Jacko podcast number, twelve. With ECHO Charles and me Jack, a willing Sometimes people ask me what made me me how did I turn out like this, where they come from? Then I go back, and I I pointed you know: hard, core music grown up, and a bean in that scene, where school to be hard and strong- and it was the question in this Flynn knows. Like the underlying theme song. I pointed out, you know, and I think that's real. There was much interest that I remember from those days it stuck with me my my whole life from some of those from some- that music.
Then there's other things that influence to me as a kid add even. Even a younger age in one the things that I know influenced me at a very young age, in a pretty significant way, We see in the movie bridge on the river, quite which is a classic war movie, in that movie. Pretty much had it all for me. Look, I can trace my ideas of being a commando I use that word. You that's kind of up our case. Word that people don't use anymore commando, but I think I got it from watching that movie. When I was a kid and. If you haven't seen that movie, you should check, for sure, because its epic.
And it's a story of prisoners of war ended american and british, mostly british, that are sent to build a bridge in the middle of the jungle in Burma for a time, in line. That is, to connect Bang talk in Rangoon. And, of course, these are prison so they're badly. Media there beaten are poorly fed, eventually want American escapes an he leads a command The truth back to recital bridge to blow up the bridge, and they do it all other commandos. At a movie, they do all they parachute in they swim up the river they live. Demolition on the bridge. Like a dream operation and one point The plot, though, is that the senior british officer at the camp that senior prisoner at the camp, these name in them in the movie, is Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson. He takes age
who leadership role in building a bridge, nothing that he's being by the Japanese to build this bridge and instead of salmon. Dodging the job, because it's gonna help Japanese, he. Actually gets his man fired up and helps organizing has his engineers, we design it and they re located to a better piece of terrain and any pushes is meant to do a good job building it. He actually takes pride in this bridge and again The bridge is gonna aid in me Japanese, Domination, so when the commandos show up to blow it up the colonel, he almost foibles the attack, but at the end the bridge- is destroyed. And ass a movie and it was-
like I said it was very influential to me as a kid, and people should definitely watch it. And you should know this. It's all a lie. Dollar there. Well, there really was a bridge under and it really was built by prisoners of war, but that's about where these similarities and the prisoners suffered at the hands of the imperial japanese guards is beyond anything that they showed in the movie and really be anything that even remotely Civilised person could imagine. I was, I was CS recently in Europe, and I was in Britain and a friend and gave me a book called the four
gotten Landor. And he told me no, oh it's by one of the soldiers that built the bridge on require, read it and I thought to myself Ok, you know great, it's like the movie. Please it's not like. The movies are like the movie at all, and it is. This is a book. That shows the ultimate in human suffering and Through that, ultimate inhuman will the offer Alister your court. Was fresh to the british military, he was sent to Singapore and wins Therefore, was overrun by the japanese inferior army, he ended up in the jungle, a prisoner and a slave.
By this time, mental Health had become a major issue on the railway We all suffered from depression men. Taking their own lives, all along the way away, then cut throat. Throats put their heads, on the railway line, We walked into the jungle to die. Many develop. The attack stare and just lie intently at the had roof of the hut soon followed. Others went mad because a medical conditions caused by vitamin decision deficiencies in some Just gave up losing their minds and their self control they would fight. With any one over nothing at all, throwing punches biting kicking. They need
be controlled physically, but just couldn't be calm down. He came. To a point where something drastic had to be done to prevent innocent men being killed by deranged fellow prisoners, some of whom had reverted to animal instincts, The decision was made to build our own lunatic asylum to cage these poor souls with it, Women of the Japanese, the bear your party built to six foot square bamboo cages bad men could stand or lie down in. These just the feet from my heart: had a bench to sit on they received food and water, but sadly were largely ignored at night it was awful to hear them in the darkness jabbering and screaming, throwing themselves at the cages. The men who went in we're came out alive death
would have been welcome for them. It was. It at full thing to see our fellow human beings caged like animals. But what else could we do. You know, as I was prepared, for this and allow at times went on putting put together I'm thinking about some thing that I'm gonna say some comparable thing that I can Bring back from some of my experiences, and I but nothing for you. I got news for you, This book is just like that. Back to the book, I turned the gods several times. Often I thought
My prayers went on answered but I somehow lived through this madness and I think that someone must have been listening but face. The God could not prevent the beatings on the railway, which were totally routine. The threat of a rifle butt across your head of Bamboo Kane across your body for ever loomed. Large for no reason at all wire whips with lash into our backs and draw blood some guards with creep up on you and striking open tropical officers on your legs with a bamboo stick, causing intent agony of They delivered these beatings with such brutality and swiftness that you did not see them coming or even know that they were what they were for. Sometimes You just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The korean guards took a certain pleasure in the beatings there. Express permission to kill prisoners without any reference to higher authority,
but most of them would be satisfied to stop at the sight of a blood trickling. The beat no matter how frequent never easier to take. In fact, they got tougher Each time I took a beating chipped away, not just in my bones and waning muscles, but on my way, or to endure them. The dilemma Emma was whether to swallow your pride. By going down at the first blow retain some of your dignity by taking several blows and standing up to them. If you if you refuse to show that their blows were hurting you, they would fly into rages and beating could be severe even fatal. From an early period, the Japanese. His camp commandant, whom I called the black prince, became ever more were inventive with his punishments
I cannot imagine a more suggesting any evil person on the planet. The more heinous the so called crime The sentence. Under his instructed under his instructions, the guards had free rein, if they fail, you deserve something more than a beating. It meant eight, you aside and make you a large border for the rest the day you had to hold the rock over your head in the blazing. He within minutes you're, already weakened, malnourished arms would start. Should fail. You before long you'd, have to drop the rock usually the size of a rugby ball or football. For that you did so without letting it fall on your own skull You let go the guards with parts fists, rifle butt, and boots flailing into your body. Until you picked up the rock again would go on all day and if japanese officer did not
thank you and learned your lesson sufficiently. Punishment would be rip. It repeated back at camp Black prince was a true bastard. Others called in. Can you kid But I thought my name suited lieutenant, who Suki really well. He was, Darker than the other japanese soldiers and structured around like royalty, his beefy got protruding from beneath the shabby uniform he decides, As us totally, we were scum to him his absolute power over us and capacity for pity for pity brutality made him who terrifying to me. Long before our decision to incarcerate crazy man, the Japanese, build their own cages. The boy A cause, as they were known, where higher form of punishment. Those Fortunate enough to be locked inside the same, though,
the unfortunate enough to be locked inside the SAM. The semi subterranean cages proportion, so you could not stand lie down or even Neil fully would become then, for a month, typically, Corky In Ireland, metal covered the bamboo to intensify the heat and deprive Victor, Of air and any cooling breeze few who went in came out alive, yeah, it's yeah, it's unbelievable, unbelievable. The black princes right hand, man was Our joint sagey, to us bread simply ass, doktor death short,
squat. He took the right. We'll calls and carried out all of them, Commandant orders Presumably, he was more educated in the other Japanese, your credence, but he was evil to the marrow. Ruthless and extreme, he loved Tormenting us here specially revelled in a sickening brand of water torture. He guards pin down his hapless victim pouring gallons of water down the prisoners throat using a bucket and a hose the man's. I make, would swell up from huge volumes of water. Then jump up and down gleefully on prisoners, stomach sometime the guards type barbed wire around the poor soul stomach. Who survived.
When a prisoner was caught, stealing from the japanese officer store Room, or if a man turned on a guard they risk If the next great on the sliding scale of japanese torture, I well that the indian ROPE trick one favoured by Indians in the old cowboy films the hell This prisoner would be tethered spread equal to the ground. They wrapped What right on the scene? String like bark used to lash our bamboo huts together around his ankles and wrists and tied him two states in the ground. Return, dried, the tie slowly dashed into the skin? Drawing blood and tearing into the sinewy cartilage as it pulled limbs from their sockets. It really used even the toughest men to agonize screaming and they would be you're all day. I
we must be glad to get out of camp in the mornings just to avoid hearing their cries of unbridled pain. It was, way of torturing. All of us. Often when we return from a day on the railway, the men would no longer be there nobody asked where they vanish too. I certainly did not want to know you're such a horrific ordeal at the end of June please bayonet, would have been welcomed. So ass time went on. Eventually know when they showed up. They had their there, hence there sure their boots theirs. Box.
And ass time went on day Paul that's just got destroyed agreed by the jungle as they worked and eventually fell apart and one of the worst things to lose is the last thing that our star lost was his boots. Now a bare feet I had new challenge. My We were extremely soft from living constantly in wet boots and the ground was particularly unforgiving. The jagged vocs rocks, often hiding just below the surface of topsoil. I with the souls, would hard enough. Until then, I would have to walk like a cripple when you. In Spain. I will be able to use my foot to dig deeper into the soil, would have require more upper body strength. Having
Oh boots, also made the ever frequent trips to the ban, the trains even more unsavory. They we're reporting vast, open pits. Later covered in after weakened prisoners, began to collapse into them and drown as you, which the panels you had to wade through the mud layered with excrement of those dysentery sufferers who never we made it flies and maggots and fly, and maggots swarmed wriggled over this foul mush. It got so add that we had a bucket of water at the entrance to wash our hut to us Are feeding it all out to the misery.
It's amazing what we take for granted is to say the least. He goes on to talk about, and if you feel how do you deal is this when you're going through it and he writes In moments of adversity, I would often think back to my childhood and remain we're going barefoot during the long hot summers we spent down at the Aberdeen, Aberdeen sure Fisher Fishing Village of Newton Hill, where I was born. So there is no having to go barefoot his feet practically falling off and the best then he can do is trying to think of the good times in his life when he was forced to go barefoot. You'd think.
You'd think some level of calm roguery would be critical. And this is one of those books where again. In almost every military bloc you here leadership in camaraderie and there's points in this were that stuff fails fails. And this is where he kind of talks about that back to the book. I even castigated myself for getting involved with another prisoners problems once You got started with sentimentality and grief. You're gonna, It was a selfish tactic, but I was desperate to survive I was refusing to let the japanese win this like on the death March
Some men found the going easier by teaming up and making a close bond with another prisoner. They would, railway life. Together, sharing, whatever food they had helping each other, whereas they could and always having their back baby into beatings. Gather to share the blows and the pain is not the way for me I watched the heart of men losing their best powers and suddenly being left alone They never the they never usually last, very long and soon followed their mates to the grave by now the cuts on my feet and legs had turned painful and dangerous tropical officers. When I said what scrapes on the railway, or had a rash, I could not tend to it until yeah sue me time, which is like rest time or at each time a warrant, was back at camp there,
leaves around the cuts at night to keep the flies off, but it was useless and he also usually spread their how did your flesh muscle and tendons people left with gaping holes, as the flesh simply fell away and also would eat deep into your flesh so deep, you could sometimes see the white of bone. Even worse. If you are not careful, they could be Gangrenous and many men walked last legs that way by improvised, amputation without any That or drugs I went to the medical hot for advice. In kind and, with most of the men, tropical ulcers had engulfed my feet. Ankle and lower calves, I'd avoided the medical hot. Until that point
it was set aside from the sleeping hearts and about the same size as ours. The off, certain charge was Doktor Macy's Matheson, a likeable character from easily just outside Glasgow He had studied medicine. He had come to Singapore about the same time as me and would later in much different circumstances, save my life on this my first encounter with him. He would at least save my legs sneaking under the cloud of black flies that circled outside the heart. Like a swarm of minute, your vultures, I entered nervously the reporting stench immediately had me gasping. Stepping across the continent, various forms of five or six men who appeared to be wrapping death's door. After Mathewson introduced himself, I'm not
broken for so many days. But when I went to reply, my parched throat failed me here, he said We have spoken a cup of water, get this down you, I slipped watered down and thanked him asking how patients were. Doktor Matthewson, whose MID Thirty's at this point appeared weary beyond his ears. He he was probably on self imposed half rations just to keep some spare for his patience. The men spoke highly of him, and many of our dogs There's more revered, saintly figures, the dock it took me by the arm and led me down to the far end of the hut. Away from the men in a soft. West Coast accident. He said half of these men will die within days the other half who knows if I access to some proper clinical treatments, drugs or instruments they might live. But that is not
I suppose I sure you know. I could only not in agreement the squirrel. What of death inside the heart was appalling. What can you do for them? I asked. Quite simply not a lot I try and give them some hope. If nothing else. He went on it's easy for these men give up. And when they lose hope, the fight just seems to seep. It out of them on care, was occasions I've seen two men with the same symptoms and the same physical state and one we'll die and one will make it. I can only
But that down to shear willpower. We do talk about willpower don't think we ve ever disk as the willpower at this level. And that is when you have to make with the same symptoms in the same physical state in one dies and one lives and the doctors The determination is, he fixed comes down to shear willpower. Will strong, whose strong force. I considered this for a moment and looked around the hut, You tell the men who were dying by the look on their faces
Their gaze was lost before it reached their eyes and no amount of positive attitude care from doktor Mathewson could change their destiny. It certainly was not the medical staff for their hand, were tied no blood was firmly honour, coppers, captors, hands. I told myself right then and there that I would not stop fighting. What can you do for this? I ask the door Your lifting a foot onto a bamboo cheer tropical ice tropical ulcers a disease of food filth and friction Do you know what maggots look like mad it's I asked for it to be inspected. Foot praying that I was subject to some sick joke. Yes, maggots they'll fix you right up
Go down to the latrines, find yourself a handful of those we white beasties and set them on your officers. They watch through the dead flash before you know it You'll, be right is rain; almost doesn't after thought he added member to count how many you put on carefully you dont want. Forget one and leaving it there to eat itself to death if the medical, hot pot, my head still wondering if I were being had Letting maggots eat my skin did not sound particularly appetising, but I was really willing to try anything I knew I had to stop the wrong that was devouring. My legs. The latrines were nothing more than a hole in the ground, but now with bamboo slats across them about Of jungle leaves usually laid piled near or you took your own foliage or toilet paper if there was no river water collected for the job,
I have to go far to find what I was looking for, I generally scooped up a handful of maggots watching them score, but wriggle without thinking about it too much. I found a quiet spot nearby, sat down please just with three other nasty, also run by echo, the maggots which were about a quarter of an its non instinctively knew what to do They started gnawing away at my skin in the most with the most minuscule of bites. The sensation was of tin on earthly, yet not altogether unpleasant, until the realisation that the maggots were eating your raw flashed in raising back To the forefront of your mind, It still feel that sensation to this day. But the doktor Matthewson credit, it certainly worked days the wounds started to heal a news? get grew back. It was a trick that it
persisted with throughout my time on the railway pass it on to other men. When I thought I could they silly that today, by the way the maggots think there. I've heard of it. That's crazy, who use colonel I like it I like, Forget that feeling of the maggots bodied he talked about it is not being totally unpleasant gonna like that. But because he knew it was kind of healing adults, heavy, relatively yeah, So now we get into a guy that I had tried to escape was captured I was unaware that anyone it escapes. The one morning, a sorry looking chap was dragged.
Before us he had been horrifically b His swollen and bloody features virtually unrecognizable. The interpreter Told us man very bad. He tried to sleep, no good. Two guards threw down on the ground in front of us the bad record, human frame and made him Neil? He did not plead for mercy. Or beg for assistance; he knew his fate and waited silently resigned to it. The black That's who seem to have dressed up, especially for the occasion strode forward, and unsheathed his long samurai sword. He brought it a prisoner in the back forcing him to straighten up then the boy. Prince, raised his sword. It stainless steel glinted in the sunshine. It was a moment of such horror that I could say,
we believe that was really happening. I closed. My eyes tightly This was one of the many instances of barbarism on the railway that I, who try to shut out of my mind, but I could not escape the chilling swore shut the blade as it cut through the damp tropical air or the sickening flak. Sword coming down on our comrades neck, followed by the dull thump of his head Landing on the ground, I kept my firmly shut. But on my feet and felt a collective gasp of impotent anger and revulsion. In that line right, there is something that, when I heard it when I
I kind of thought to myself that this is what separates every experience. I've had in my life with this, and that is this, this gasp of impotent anger and revulsion so the anchors there, the revulsion there, but it's impotent, and you can't do anything about it.
Because you're a slave and you're at the mercy of another human being. Your freedom has been taken away, and I talk about freedom fairly often, and I dont think there could be any greater reminder of how precious freedom is then reading about someone about a group of men that have had their freedom completely taken from them.
Now at this point in the book- and I wanted to point this out because if you have seen the movie the bridge on the River Kwai, he makes some. The EU can spells out the differences. The building of the bridge of the river quite took a terrible toll on us, and the depiction of our sufferings in the film of the same name was very, very sanitized version of the events unlikely. Well FED actors in the movie, we did not whistle colonel bogey too, nor did we work alongside Americans, nor do we have any semblance of a uniform. We were naked barefoot slaves
and there were certainly no pretty scantily, clad local girls wandering through the jungle and contrary to the film are real life commander. Colonel Philip Tuesday did not collaborate. The Japanese I'll, I was not alone in doing. Little work is possible without blatantly shirking which resulted in sadistic beatings. And Gee every ounce of it had to be conserved for survival to Boston. On. Starvation rations was absolute suicide. We had long lost our dignity and working faster certainly would not have brought it back. In fact, it would have resulted in us in the opposite. Would even more of us die Instead, we need constant attempts to sabotage men, sport orders to tear the construction of a bridge wherever possible. Some charged with making up, concrete mixtures deliberately added
much sand or not enough, which would later have disastrous effects. We collect the huge numbers of termites and white ants and deposit them into crews and joint load bearing trucks out of sight? guards. I saw a half way through, bolts whenever possible, hoping they would snap whenever any serious wait like a train was placed upon them, but river Kwai and its tributaries harbour to kill or even more lethal than the Japanese and our starvation diet as an inevitable cod? quince of the lack of sanitation and the tens of thousands. The bodies buried and shallow graves are dumped along in the jungle. The river. System was loaded with cholera bacteria, and the monsoon season became king, we're a season,
as the heightened waters of the way of the quite flushed vibrio chlorine, Korea Throughout the land, this fear, What disease cast a black shadow over the camp, collar arrived unseen and unheard but soon had us in its grip the slow to hear about it, but I sense something: terrible was in the camp. More men were falling ill than usual and the Japanese kept their distance. Leaving us alone. They were scared to death of catching cholera themselves. So this wretched disease comes in the camp and you just don't things can get worse and they do, and you think
The owl stores get all avoid cholera, but he does it. Overnight. Cholera struck me down. I walk up with explosive diarrhea and violent projectile vomiting. My ears were bringing as I felt dizzy, It started in my bowels and soon spread all over my body as it rapidly dehydrated. I was Drawing from the inside out, shrivelling like a picked grape left out in the sun our Rebecca Bird into the walls of my small intestine, producing toxins that suck my vinyl salts and every lots of water out of my body. I wasn't sure what was wrong, but I need to speak, but I knew with serious. I did not Finish up with life drained out of me always been extremely careful to drink, only boiled water. So at first, It was doubtful that it was cholera. I did not
so much about it. But I knew that the Twenty four hours were crucial, if you see You're a day and night the problem, we survive most men, succumbed did so in the future. Few hours a horrible death and so quick men who The bodies of cholera victims onto the few funeral pyres in the morning could easily connect the disease die had before on the pyre themselves that evening they died. Agony like crazed animals, and it was dreadful to see. I lay in my bed unable to rise for work party. By that I was somewhat conscious, and I thought it was the end. I was elucidating vivid flashes stormed. Why eyelids? I knew had to seek help after making myself upon. I made
to rise and wobble Doth Doktor mathesons Hut ass soon ass. I walked in here that I had cholera. It was debts and he was reluctant to tell me. Instead he looked We simply said you, to be isolated, you'll be looked after. His orderlies led me to a cream colored, a tent like the ones we scouts, as they peel back the tents front, flap a deaf, we stench leaped out Unknown to me this was the death tent and I was the unlucky thirteenth occupant. Of a game. We lit space already full of men. When I saw their state there drawing back rasping unintelligible voices, their legs raised with these bent the bizarre, telltale side of cholera sufferer, I that my number was up. The only were putting me here to die, but the fight was fading from me,
and I lay down on the canvas floor with a sense of complete and utter desolation, but he did survive out of the thirteen men wind, the tent. He was the only survivor now at this point in the book, and I want Remember this book: this is another human being is life, and at this point in our sisters, life he actually got moved to a nother facility. Another prison camp that was for people that were really bad bad shape.
And he was there, he went through some recovery time and that's a very important part of the book. And then he begins working on the docks. You know, unloading Food stores for the japanese soldiers and loading them, and eventually we comes time for him to be moved. And so they move the prisoners of war by shipping them On four September, nineteen, forty four nights hundred british peered abuse were rushed up. The gangway of the catch Dokey Merou, ten thousand tonnes cargo vessel that had been named for that.
At present Harrison before I was captured from the Americans using sticks. Japanese drove us, like cattle aboard the ship and down the holds We could never move fast enough for them wine had to hold both Quite obviously not made to accommodate human beings, yet they were wandered around four hundred and fifty of us in each volume. Its below were shouting begging and pleading for the job. But he's not to let any more men. But the louder they shouted, the more frenzied gars became down at down. We went into the depths of hell. Nothing in all of our suffering had prepared me for anything like this, and even today I can scarcely find the words to describe the horrors of the catch. Dokey Merou by that I got down to the hold I had nowhere to sit
it was standing room only most of us packed in. Start sardines with no toilet facilities, tat, dysentery, malaria, berry hurry and all matters of tropical diseases. Once inside and the hold crammed full the Japanese, battened down, the hatches plunging us into a terrifying black pit. At that moment, them. Fearful clamour went up as cluster phobia and panic gripped the men. Many feared they were doomed screaming and shouting strange tranquillity. Came over me I felt resigned and just thought this: is it I thought that we would never get out alive Would never see home again. You felt resigned to accept. This is your last. I could only think that,
we're taking us out to sea to sink the ship and drown us all our capital capable of it I had seen what they were capable of anything We knew nothing about these ships, which would become infamous in the annals of the Second World war history as Hell ships, a fleet, dozens of rusting hawks used to shuttle supplies and prisoners around Japan's far Eastern Empire. Some of the most appalling episodes the war occurred on these ships, which men drill crazy by thirst, killed fellow prisoners to drink their blood. In some cases prisoners to escape from the ceiling. Massive hysterical captives were shot by japanese soldiers, some voyages took weeks with only a handful of prisoners surviving men. Drank their own urine, sick, prince,
were trampled death or suffocated. The same, murdered the insane and wondered when it would be their turned to go mad. Cannibalism, as well as a family terrorism was now unknown and even Happening medics were shocked by what they found when the holds were finally opened in the case, The Oracle Merou we're in ain't prisoners killed, fellow man for their blood. The two hundred and seventy one men survived out of one thousand six hundred and nineteen. So all those times that you think of horror movies and they don't seem realistic, and you don't think I could ever happen, it has happened. There must have been at least one officer, a worn after a sergeant major somewhere in the hold, but they certainly do make themselves known, discipline had gone
we want whenever their rank was in the same situation, All of us just wanted to survive and were prepared to do anything to ensure that happened. It would have can a very brave man to try and take command of the men in the hold these conditions. It will then suicidal it again. That's one of those points where, every book we ve talked about no matter how bad things get. There's a leader ready to step up. Then you wonder if there is a lie that you could ever go across where that doesn't happen. Well is I But I never thought anything could ever match the terror of the railway B. In the hall was worse at me: slaving on the railway, you could move at you,
Add fresh air there, another dread thought struck me submarines. A catchy Dogan Merou had no Red cross markings painted on it. I would later learn that that none of the Hell ships bore any indication that Cuba views were on board as they were required to do by Geneva Convention. Red crosses were, however, painted on Companies ammunition carriers, my fear, is that without markings we were a target for our own side. So he starts thinking well we're Part of the japanese fleet. Now what if we get attacked by our own people? What if we get sunk. And ass, you can probably foresee
does this story is just misery upon misery. It happens. In the hold of the catch dokey Merou the torment went on the noise was constant and deafening. An awful cacophony of fraud Bing engines, moaning, coughing and occasional panic stricken screaming the background for this latest torture. The two the screams of the mad and insane would stop abruptly dont know how they were dealt with, but I could imagine. I was completely stock. Where I was in the whole, could not move? No one. Could you couldn't sit or lie down? You can even go down to your haunches. They were so little room Didn't really want to lie down anyway, It was a sea of human waste and you rest being trampled you had
space and protected it with your life. Quite literally, you stay strong, protecting space with elbows and fists by any means necessary by the stage it was every man for himself. Each person. Had their own problems to resolve their own life. To save again we have not seen this yet every man for himself. The smell inside the hold was indescribable, repugnance, stench and all powering mixture of excrement urine vomit sweaty bodies. We being officers and rotting flash clog. The atmosphere. There was no way we could get any fresh air even when the Japanese, open the hatches. It really didn't help that much use
Still breathing in what was already there first be, in biggest problem people, don't We stand what real fur truly is used The hallucinating see mirages, and that is most dangerous thing people died down enough. What's from suffocation or heart attacks the men who died were not taken away. Bodies lay among us. So one of the other vessels that they're out with get hit with a torpedo miracle we're veto at another vessel. What's holding prince, There's a war it is the one
thousand three hundred and seventeen were killed. We're sorry, one thousand three hundred and seventeen prisoners were on board. None of them were killed, by the explosion. But one thousand one hundred and fifty nine of them drowned or died of exposure and. Mind you. These were all guys. It had served on the death railway. Guys it had already suffered just unimaginable torture. And then ass, he suspected they became their turn.
Four minutes later, we suddenly felt a tremendous blast and an explosion tour. Through the hold the structure, shuddered and water flooded in it from above, I knew then, as the warder crashed on top of me, that my worst fears have been realised. We ve been hit and I knew that the top you two had struck very close to us. It was in fact the first two torpedoes that would send the hell ship to the bottom. Within fifteen minutes the ship tilted we were going down, so the ship sex, Now the Japanese had immediately try to get off with lifeboats. It left all the prisoners trying to just create rafts with whatever they could. Even after the sinking the killing went on for those of us who survived got under wraps anyway. Starting to panic was thrown off into the sea when they scrambled to give. Actually kicked away. Men
pushed under it, held the japanese men pushed under and held under japanese survivors fighting broke out as the animal instinct to survive asserted itself. Some survivors try to capture more seaworthy vessels and shove others off to their deaths, maybe gave up already so weak dangerously dehydrated and ill and he gulped salt water and quickly went stark raving mad drowning themselves to end the torment. Who was it, may sound as men. Became mad. They had to be shoved off of the rafts or boats. Major might have perish perished. There was a lot of shouting and screaming. Cries of gear. You bastard or I'll kill. You made me close my eyes and distress most of the shouts, where the English they were not. Any Japanese, the majority of whom had gotten off early in the lifeboats.
Drowning and dying. Men called for their wives, their children or mothers, men said things like. Daddy will be home soon and then disappeared beneath the waves It was harrowing do here by that Sir age. Most of us were treading a very fine line between sanity and madness. It didn't take much to put people over the top I couldn't see whereas coming from, but a group of men started singing first to keep their spirit they sang rule Britannia. After the seller rang incident. We had been. And from singing the stirring at them with its line about. Britain's never ever being slaves to their. You start seen some spirit. As they start singing rule Britannia
Celeron Incident was win support There's a just just when the Japanese taken over Singapore in me by. Forgive me, if I don't remember this correctly, but. A couple guys had tried to escape and they got caught and basically we stand off between the the soldiers and the japanese prisoners, our japanese prison camp commanders than they would end. The soldiers did not back down until they had executed for the four is that a tried to escape, and then they kept everyone else locked in this compound five days, and when the guy started to die from starvation and dysentery and dehydration than they they said, okay, worse than they signed a paper that normal to try to escape, but they they held a lie, As long as they possibly good.
Two hundred and forty four of my comrades on there, turkey Merou died that night. It was tragic beyond belief, but having survived the death railway, they became prisoners of the deep one thousand Four hundred and three outside servicemen had died as a result of the failure of the Japanese to observe the Geneva Convention and apply red cross to our health ships. He ends up getting we captured by the Japanese after ass soon ass. He does survive. If he gets we captured by the Japanese, eventually he's most aware. Nagasaki is but far enough away that he doesn't die from blast Nagasaki, the war ends they get picked up and eventually there obviously brought home by Americans and eventually
sent back to England. He says that when he left Aberdeen he'd way to healthy hundred and thirty five pounds, but here are not Saki on the steel yard scales very act, accurate, contraptions, similar to those I used at the plumbers merchants. I was Zuzu reduced to a skeletal. Eighty two bounce Some pictures of these guys- I mean they- they literally look like skeletons its it's it's unbelievable that they were even able to survive. New arrivals men the vast industrial gulags. The japanese said created in fact an hour flight The quayside and lengthened accuse for showers basically clean in these guys up now get ready to provide ships and shipped back to America. Sadly, at this
final hurdle- some did not make it and died that way this disease, Rest the Americans immensely and they were shocked by the matter of fact way that the other prisoners accepted the deaths of their mates. We, Seen so much too much now think quite possibly. This is the heaviest book that we ve talked about on the part cast year review it
and it's one of those things where it's a question. If people Or even gonna want to listen to this. And I understand that I understand that some people did not make it through this reading and some people listen to. Some people are gonna, buy this book, which they should. And some people are gonna. Take this. As a message. From somebody who is seen evil,
in a way that not too many people to have seen in a person that has had their every freedom taken from them and their lives and their destiny, Put into the hands of sadistic people. Now. If you did make it this far, I will let this end honour on an incredibly incredibly positive note and message.
From the author, and he says this. My time is a prisoner of the Japanese helped shape and determine my path and life just as much as my childhood did like it, or not, The horrors did happen to me and two thousand others. Yet some good has come out of it. My ordeal has made me a much more patient carrying person inspired. The devotion of our hard. Breast medics on the death railway. I was the care for my young daughter when she was ill and from my late wife, who required twenty four, our attention in the last stages of her life, well in Japan and working with my and doktor matthewson- I vow spend the rest of my life, helping others and I'm sorry pleased to say that I have done so.
It is where my satisfaction comes from nowadays. I have tried to use my experiences in a pause the fashion and never. The d amato from them, which, never tire of telling others. There is no such word as can't. I have not allowed my life to be blinded by bitterness at ninety years of age the long life and continue to leave it to the fullest, I enjoyed along marriage to my wife and I ve been To have a family and to join Their success. I am amazed my doctors, my friends, my family and myself by remaining fit. I am grateful For my present way of life after all turmoil that life is thrown at me and
People to have retained my sense of humour most import May I now visit schools to tell pupils what really happened in the Far east during those terrible terrible war years and my ninety first year, I've fortunate enough, despite the best efforts. The Japanese Imperial Army the thin and vigour required to tell a new generation of how we suffered sky. Obviously, our sufferings, which have Hon All of us far EAST prisoners of war throughout our lives were only recognised by the british government in the year two thousand, when it offered Compensation of ten thousand pounds to remaining survivors. Unbelievably the british. Spare had to pay out that paltry sum and not the culpable japanese government. I hope this book was. And as an indictment of the criminal regime that ran Japan during the war years and the failed.
Successive japanese governments to face up to their crimes, but I hope to that we'll be inspirational and offer hope to those who suffer adversity in their daily lives. Especially in these difficult times,. Life is worth living. And no matter what it throws at. You is important to keep your eyes on the prize of that. Happiness. Welcome even when the death railway reduced us to little more than animals, humanity, shape of our saint. We medical officers, triumphed over barbarism. Remember While it seemed while it always seems darkness before the dawn persevere Its police off and the good times? Will return may help
and happiness? Be yours Alister or a cart July? Two thousand nine life is worth living. Yeah the book is the forgotten island. It is a phenomenal read. It is
Reality check. It is incredibly moving and I highly recommend you buy it. You read it and you understand what the world is. You get a better understanding of what the world is about, and I know I definite got a better understanding of what the world is about in reading. We're pretty much. Every detail like every every little element that he went through made me think like I'd rather proudly rather die, that's it. Every little thing and up and down and there's a loose. Obviously, thousands of thousands and thousands of men that made that choice here and there will got broken and they just they lost the will to live.
So it's incredible how strong the human will is that you could survive that he two pounds, dysentery, starvation, Also in your legs put maggots on your legs, I mean it's just done. Its truly incredible what that, what the human can survive and its also true, credible, what the human can complain about in this day and age I mean I can complain about just the most ridiculous things, just the most ridiculous things: yeah yeah, it's crazy about pick that spectrum is just remind me to never complain about anything ever again. You know what I mean you don't do it don't. Let me complain about anything ever again. I consider myself a big complainer, but come on this is just
We have no reason to complain about anything beer, young men, what's crazy tooth when one of the heavier parts there where I felt it was when he talked about the cluster phobia, hurt you I know of an issue it it's air base nuts and it's not that super sensitive to a, but it's something I know I feel that then that's like a tough one. They get over. You know taking special going through all that's the first and then you gonna do the cotton. An omen might be too heavy for me. Well. It was too heavy for a lot of people and yeah. I mean it's almost like you. We almost don't need to have a discussion about this book. Your magnet, just stop talking about it. Everyone go? Really I get it and just let's move on you know because,
the light. Like I said it is made. You realize just just what kind of suffering there can be and how good you ve got it how good you ve got it. I'm gonna go to bed at night in my bed and gonna feel feel good. You to appreciate that appreciated. Every night you yeah so. Could you think about like some little things you don't even think about, but there real luxury. It's just things. You really enjoy? but you don't you think about it there, just thirty. Second, whatever like for me, I really like a nice call. You no bigger bottle of water, I have a big just a big bottled water. I complete. We take it for granted. When I go to work out an Wardrop CUP ice cubes affair filled up. It's all night filtered and what not you, I don't think Think about that
be like Heaven. Heaven and then you get did you know you go to bed at night. You just crawl into the. The five hundred thread it's you out. Another said: there's some kind of sheets arise, but whatever they are some kind of cotton sheets than are all nice climate of those. You don't think about that. You not thankful for that. Every night yeah pretty much everything Everyday pretty much every even like oh Now, you're breathing Rina Lookit consider that compared to that, what you just read there, just Just breathings start with that, MRS Break. It down with air at the beginning, I remember I'm. The cable guy was coming which already some silly I know, and he was late use both come. That is too, with the cut off right. We ve gotta be
or the struggles real guy was late. Yes, we came out to fifteen or something and I d go and want to see good work out is only this. Getting worse and worse. I know busy enough careful appoints good heat for my fifteen minutes later. All my days, you know it's these fixing not fixing from outside Europe, rather than anything in that One of the things I thought of primarily what you said: think of all the little luxury, so not only not only am I complaining about thing, I don't need Complaining about something that kid like accepts cream luxury complaining about that because it didn't
fifteen minutes of all things before the time that it did the Czech myself to good idea, I'm going to check myself do so with that. What's what's go to some questions From the internet and actually to start this one off after the war spot gas number eleven, but I had foreign and we talked about mark. We talk about Mark Lee, we talked about right Joe. We talked about Chris Kyle Ed. We actually Talk about Mikey months or so. I had a couple, be last behave. Why do you talk about making onshore? Well the.
The simple reason is it's kind of similar. The reason why I hadn't talked about mark. Right and Chris, yet either until I got lay fawn, because leaf was the the choice between them. There are. Those guys were entirely the tune. And you know it. A dive hey I'm on, as you know as as. I don't know what the word and looked for his, but I wanted to have guy from his bill on from there the tune on to talk about it. And I just that's where felt, and so that's what I stuck with with Mikey Mikey was dealt with and I can promise you I will be talking about Mikey at some. Wait on this mighty was just. Phenomenal ended. Hero,
and a saint and. I will actually absolutely be covering his life and how he died and how we remembered him, then how we remember him still, but I I we just want to get. You know somebody from his potu. That was, you, know right with him the whole time and this is this is the way I feel about it. So that's what I'm gonna do and beer. Certainly do with Mikey, so it was mighty war. Like will definitely. We know we'll have a show for Mikey absolutely Mikey deserves have shown. And we will have it for mighty, so be ready for that matter to whom we get a lot of it, not a guy from dealt tourist on active duty
commander, so on active duty. The all his good friends are stolen, active duty, so it's gonna, be. It's gonna be tougher. It might take a little bit of time, but that's the plan then it'll be worth it. So let's go to the next question. Jacko regarding mistakes waters Of your own, in some you ve seen me by leaders you looked up to and how to recover, can someone ever fully regain trust This is actually breezy one because If you make a mistake on it, first thing you can do if you make a mistake, is trying to avoid taken blame for that, the worse than you can do.
Everything about the bosses that you ve had that he has a boss. I made a mistake and he's like, nor wasn't my fault you to split. Only losers back form, so you can't do that. You gonna, take you gonna, take ownership of it. Because any again, if you ve got the bosses that you ve had the times it you boss, that made excuses You don't have any mercy on them. You just rueful, sounder, AEGIS, Peckham apart So that step number one. Is you don't take ownership if you make a mistake and that's how it's always seemed to me from ass. I looked at the chain of command. You know if I saw guy that made mistake Kennedy took ownership of miracle, because he knows you made a mistake or will was boredom if they're doing the thing in their blaming everybody else are not taken worship. You can have a hard time with an asthma fact. I actually had a mutiny in in one of my pursuits, where
This is a long time ago. It's you know all the aims are long since forgotten, but we had a mutiny inopportune well. We said we are pretty much us US lower enlisted guys. We we went to the we literally went to the commanding officer, etc, worker. This guy, yeah so you all these ideas of people have of the military and of you know. We obey orders not herself and think of what a little ass I I was do now We say: well, you know what we we're offers guy would go to the commanding officer and tell him we don't want to work for this guy, creating officer to his for credit whose eye glasses you can have a mutiny, not at my command. None of my team, yes lock it up. You figured out a way to work it out. Go. Do you told get so the mutiny didn't work and then he fired the cut.
Yeah. He like basically made it perfectly clear like this. Is your one chance and fired murder was it was it was pretty crazy to see? Does it happen, but and this is all type it wasn't, because the guy lacks tactical scale. It was because he wasn't physically fit it most of them. You said it was because he couldn t take any ones- you know advice, he would listen anybody, and so, when he was making a mistake, it wasn't no. No would do it this way. No, it's ok, constant cover for himself and. Obviously it didn't work out for senior me, Ni swords put him on put em on notice. Those is right up essentially yeah, but I think the commanding officer, I think, was really just do doing the right thing say: look eyes: you can have a mutiny, doesn't work. That way. Does the military get back in their duty are supposed to do, and then he was like. Ok, I gotta find this guy business,
not be good to have every enlisted guy in the pool to come, I didn't say I dont want to work with this guy. That's not a good side show. The commanding officer did an outstanding job and he was actually a great great commanding officer to and it worked on the deal it worked on the deal says echoed say, and then I actually, the guy who took over was one of the best Gaza a reward for, if not the best, I was pretty awesome evidence where's, regaining trust, which is the unfortunate question. It's almost as soon as you admit that you made a mistake. You are automatically regaining trust, that's where you started getting dressed and it just goes from their than you follow through with what you say. You know your car. So we try to build trust and relationships. That's what you're trying to do in the minute, you're blind people, how you build trust, and if you make me
they can you say it's not your fault, that that's a lie and everyone knows it yeah that that fear is especially not especially, but in reversing regaining trust will speak in one someone admits mistakes. They have that fear that all they're gonna think I don't know what I'm doing, whereas we have a handle on this in also doesn't matter it so doesnt matter. It so much better to go. Hey guys, aren't we gotta do this? Can you show me how to do so much I've never done this before, or aid productive uses getting wet before. Can you give me an unending on this thing the worst thing. You do step up the line with a weapon. You never used before, not no outcome. Loaded, cleared safe. It look like told lady. It gives an you look like a guided is too arrogant into insecurity. Ask it's actually it's actually a sign of insecurity. If you can ask when you need some help or somethin yeah
funny hope one billion people are in that position in Aachen. Just this kind of a general thing to know is a year you come off way more transparent than you think. You know people like, something just as well as their name dropping. If you name job someone even he just mention this person named, but you really name dropping even in a small way. People can smell. So even like this stuff stuff, it's little bit more important, where, if leaders insecure about some, they want to make, they can knows everything, buddy really dive, and I do stuff like that. I know but yea idea when I do stuff like that, God s lose really there and is transparent, airborne. Everyone knows it and a lot of people brother, not in touch with that. They think that They don't know cause, I'm just gonna sort of mention it. This all these little things that it's just this week of the Inn. I don't put it like that. I want I'll just say, like I said.
You re more transparent than you think, yeah and transparent. In this day and age actually has a positive connotation. If you know that, but people view always really transparent guy, you read, he really just tells you what's going on. If you deliberately transfer using it in a negative way say: look, people can see right through your exactly ass. He s when you're not trying to be transparent, right, there's a big difference totally but it is definitely better just to ask that insecurity. The when you don't feel like asking thing yes, it will not do you know where the hell you're secure Europe here. Would you hey? You know what I'm gonna do this you came here with us. I am stuck this probably can you give me out, but ask Xanadu people don't say all this guy's unless you're doing it every three sentences, you haven't, studied cause. You got a study. Gonna know your trade can do you, you know
you gonna, learn it how you gonna break out the books on it. Won't you broken out the box. Now there's a little bit of stuff that you don't understand. Well guess why just ask the question, because you're frontline troopers can no more new. They should know more than you do know. This is highly likely that there are no more than you. I was a radio meant for eight years and seal teams. By the time I was a lieutenant commander in a troop I didn't know as much as those Guys knew about all the new radios starts. I just asked question: it's no big deal. If you secure and your leadership year, You find to ask a couple questions. It's not that big a deal, but you are not clear. Calliope you're not clear to make excuses and that's what tell you regain the trust. As I told the truth, it's really is, we'll concept next question in regards to working out in training for
selection and by selection you mean mean special, forces or ranger or seal selection. Editor talk about here, so chuckle. What do you think of rocking as fitness verses just trainer. So for poorer people? I don't know what rocking is rocking is put no back back on a rucksack with a bunch await net and walking long missing. Is an end to you really are jogging, you know you really gone at a pretty good pace when you're doing it and that's it first rocking news big, because in a military they can bring the paid with rock mad marches forced road margins. What they're called be reckoned all have been you you'll, be reckoned. Do you don't want to rocket league
So you know you'll do twenty mile Force Road March, which is just your on the road with a fifty pound back just marching, and so the thing is like anything else, If you want to get good at it, you got do it right. If you want to get good people, ask me why I need you wouldn't get polyps. How do you get gonna? Pull up? Do Bob's how'd, you get good erotic, run how'd you get it swimming swamp Oh, you were not to get good at Jiu. Jitsu. Did you just do we don't get on about. Did you get your birch and if you What are you gonna, rocking hump in Iraq, wait over long distances rock he's all kinds of little things, gotta get used to your feet, gotta get prepared, you're gonna! Get you weird muscles. Your backs. Gotta get strongly and get you know. Callouses all over your feet. It takes a special type of
in his regiment to get we used to and ready for long rock marches. Special fitness regiment is rocket and lots of it, so If you want to eventually you can augment that you know you can start doing squad, you can start to experience and that'll help you yeah, that's fine, but foundation of the preparation for rock humping should be rock humping head. That's what's gonna make a good at it. So did you do I did I did and rocking for be. Actually, oddly enough is something that I was. I was good at and it's weird, because I wasn't the fastest browser and I wasn't the best long distance runner, which would that make re veggie will move right. You can't wait to spread and you get. This is wrong. What's wrong with you, you're can in the middle the island in the middle of your, in what I realized was that was good for carried Iraq's act.
And I got used to do because I was radio. Betsy always had always had a curious, friggin, radio, thirty lb radio with water batteries and you're, just it's always have you're decided up it's all. I got used to it. I suppose it was that more than anything else, you like gum, you're the movie tremors, no, they didn't, we travel read all of them at the end. There are like man we need too. We need to go to those mountains, for those are to avoid underground worms, and there are like a. We could take the cat and he's like here. It's it's slow. You know, a cat is a big in bobcat actually know what a black cat is. I'm not sure I know what underground ground work sums that completely different but their bed, so they took it. Tat in the gothic. Now we can t get slower than no music. It doesn't they can carry a tunnel is used like you, you're, like the cat, so they hooked up this big trailer, which is the rock in your job
And you know it and they drove everybody up to the mountain. When a planetary walk, no their trap an unruly on rooftop in their like we're all gonna. Carve up here. We gotta make it to the mountain dislike nine miles. You like her Gonna get there. We can't we, you can't run they gonna get us. We can so that we will get the cat there are like arts to slow, but they're, like your body, can carry this big trailer yeah. You know and I say that in the seal teams, in my opinion, was it was better to be built. Before my for that, like a porch hear me, Better to be a just cause, you gonna carry weight around durable. What would you rather have working on a farm, Ford, F, three, fifty or a porch I mean, of course, call for the track when everything's all lined up and down the weight supposed to do, but you get any kind of terrain going on you want that for before, and he wanted
So that's why you're the seals disuse Guys we're gonna more afore by four, then a porch, yes, it would be better in the field in the real seal Situations year? Another read the actual, because the thing about that's, that's it's about a misconception about the seal teams? As you know, you see guys running on the beach. Many see thy swimming in the ocean and they never are carrying anything. That's is complete, lie bees. Every time you do anything in the seal, deems your kids torn away with you. It's you, gotta be built like afore by foreign, not like a porch near makes sense, so yeah. Way, rather, someone like you than some Springer who can run like a ford Two forty, but then you put some, you know something splinters. Actually would you you just want somebody that's durable, durable is the word
and if their great athlete- and they can have a awesome. Forty days, or they can run a marathon but they're just durable. It's us here are much I parameters around the guy's sure gizzard guys there was a guy what the team to music actually withdrew birds with an He was he's he's kind of a short guy and he was kind of had an odd body. Sheep and so we kind of looked. He got have almost like a little pudgy belly and. This was one of those guys and the funny thing is He could run fashioned, meaning a bench more than he had no getting those items of that year, he's guy. Also, guy, I said you know, that's cool people say it about him because hello, but short. A little but thirty looking unlike Egon, he can actually
more than me. Any can run fast, leaving all right. So, let's just be quiet next, russian juggle. Do you think that the military we may be efforts is a young man's game because he's disk, this guy is twenty nine years old and is about to join up he's about to get it out, but also. To answer to that question. And, as usual with answers from me. The dichotomy unfortunately, there's a dichotomy in the opposing each other. First of all, yes, enabling it says is not a young man. Game is not telling the truth, because either game where you gonna, be on travel you'd, be gone through real risk, the wife's at times, you're gonna have to put up
with a lack of copper in your world. We live in a Barrack Jimmy, I'm just gonna, be it's not it's, not creature, comfort right. It's the military is a semi spartan environment. It's not forgotten highlander for the love of God, but it's but it's definitely more spartan what the average person has in regular life. So anybody to say it's. Not a young man's game is, does not come. The truth, because it absolutely is and for me I join when I was a kid when I was eighteen years old, and it was awesome. I had no attachments in life like We went to the map station with nothing more than that the recruiting station. We, you actually go and everyone it stands for, but Were you actually leave for the military near? I had not had nothing. Do you need to store now watch here. You know
where you to send your mail, I dont get me, there's no mail that sent me a blank slate and that's awesome. About family. You don't think about anything you just get in there and you get your job doubted if they say hey or to deploy you tomorrow for the next eight years you say cool. We all you will bring an. And you have a obedient nature because you don't know any better. You know. You join the military year. You stopped you gonna pay check. All of a sudden. You know you gonna. We hearts and caught it's all good, whereas when you, as you know, when you're seventeen years old and you're not quite put things together yet yeah and all of a sudden, like I said you gotta pay jack, you got three out and got your Iraq role. They tell you what you do. You do it that so the young man gave now. That being said, of course, there's a dichotomy that is that the military, easy
ways in need of guys at are mature and smart and have experience in life right that you need a people, that now you get them eventually through the military, but is also good to have people that were raised in the military environment, so they can always have a little but who now review and you can learn a little bit from them but what you have to get over it. Those things at the young I can eat for breakfast right. You know twenty nine years old, there's a decent church, you had a pretty nice apartments and those decent. She had some slept at all. You know nine, forty, five on the weekends. He's a decent jobs that you stayed out till two o clock in the morning and party. Didn't you know, brought a girl back and you slept it until nine, and you might be do that. On the regular mean you, you got some clothes, you watch cable tv. Yet all these things right and in the other, The parliament, as you might have a family. You know you, have wife, you might have kids at twenty nine years old. You might be established.
You might have people rely on you not just financially, but motion right yet to be there, so how you gonna cut all that away. That's the challenge for the old the guy now some older desert twenty nine years old there have any that yet If so, does case scenario, you got both now about town. They to you. Hold off on an on in the military, don't hold off, just get it dont get it done, and you won't regret it as Europe, unless you screw up in bringing about yourself but If you are twenty nine and you can either overcome those obstacles of the things that are going to the things that are gonna things, tear it. You emotionally bright dignity, but you emotionally now who is when you're in military and you raised in the military. You are. Raised in such a way that those
those distractions are easily overcome right you learn how to you. You're, not a cop part vandalized those things at least I did to say you know what I understand nice to stay, open, sleeping on the weekend, market to do it right, it's nice to be able to hang out with your wife and kids, but it doesn't matter to me compared my job. That's what you end up like, which is slightly psychopathic, but it's where you end up right. Words where I answer it. Where I ended up was you know nothing else, matters besides the seal teams, and I don't care about anything else, so If you want to be my life call he's gonna do around these giant parameters. It's called the seal to deal with it here so joined up. My brother, twenty nine years old- don't get after it PDF next question, Jacko. When do you cut your losses or give up on something and walk.
When and how to decide to cut bait, not a quitter, too much brain damage, brain damage. The word I've been hearing more for the corporate world. Actually is people talk about. What's up is really hard to do at its core the brain damage. By trying to do it- and this was the two questions that thought metaphor obvious yeah yeah. It's ok to metaphor, for a metaphor, for when I talk about those beating, my head against the old fashioned gets yes, this is one of those things that confuses people, because. Every one hears, including us and the seal teams. We hear the mantra of never ever right, never quit and not just a mantra that we say it actually is actually what we believe and
Furthermore, its not just what we say and it's not just what we believe. But it's literally how we act so that that drive that attitude of never quit it's a powerful force. Aided does push you over the edge to victory to victory. In many cases, but and there's always a dichotomy did just about everything. Dichotomy that this too, because over that attitude, you have to layer something. On top of that and that is, if basically strategic, vision and understanding of the battle
field as a whole, so you know it's like the the saying of When the battle lose the war, this is the opposite rain. We. The battle is the war meaning? Oh you. You stick to a right now and you might win right now, but in the long run, you're gonna lose. This is the opposite, where? U yours? do not lose this battle right now. Remember when the ward long run so you absolutely need to know. When you got stop beating your head against the wall. You ve gotta, know that I personally, Ah, my limited twenty seven times after a beat my head against the wall, twenty seven times on the twenty eighth time the saying oh, what a breath is another way to do this, or maybe this is about a worth fighting the main reason. I think why people it caught in the trap of Bangladesh, Against the wall or not knowing what to quit is because it again
created a strong word and it's always hard for me to say right now, because it's not knowing what to quit the matter quit you talkin about give the add on talking about making it a strategic assessment of an animal the whole situation at deciding disengage, only suit you, kid re engage with superior. Our power, the enemy. So this the difference between that and quitting quitting means curl up into a ball and wait to die. That's it is, and I also bore down nor any circumstances. So when do you window and where it happens, because people get emotional. It too emotional, about whatever obstacles in front of him, the crazy about a niece, seeing the obstacle, as not only the battle, but also as the war and vague
still their own determination have seen. Some seal bodies. At night They're so determined that the day will not stop, even when it's cool we'd be detrimental you know, and they do it would just about everything you know they'll be determined at anything. Although be hurt themselves, training, they'll be u dont, deter when the drink harder than anybody else, though I'm just anything you can throw out of their determined to wait at that in your actually losing so. So, how do you prevent that from happening? Is you have to again common theme here? You have to detached you have to detach yourself. You have to be able stepped back away from the problem enough to look at it from a strategic viewpoint and say: ok, what's goin on here. What's the wit risk, what's the reward
my willing to sacrifice right now and how is that sacrifice gonna impact me tomorrow and the next day or next week, and then once you detached and you ve weighed, and you ve seen what the real value of the this immediate objective is. Then you can assess and make a logical decision based. Not on your emotion but on the actual impact of the situation in the overall strategic picture. Yeah, then Are you saying when you weigh the to the detriment of the rewards, and I think, That really makes a real clear when you can assess and be like. Oh all, this we're getting all this like all these, this detrimental stuff?
we're trying to get this. You know this one wrote benefit Bruno out of this person or out of this situation or whatever, and when you're you're using up your resources are sacrificing more resources than you are gaining ground. Then you know that that seems like a clear time to it at the very least start thinking about disengaging yours and you got it. You gotta detached, go unnoticed, editor notices and you get to our time. People tried ass, big ass, a gorgeous accent was example: people just like do one guard pass and it doesnt work and they do it again and doesn't work to do to get a dozen. What did they go on and on and on until their exhaust? The s well. Are you get mounted and they get put to death It is because they were stubborn and they didn't detaches. I mean asked you, ve tried to pass a guy's guard. Fourteen times in a row, the same weight has worked. Why is gonna work the fifteenth time The answer is: it's not try something else to think about solid answered.
There is no such as in the same period to see this puts eels through training, we'd get like bogged down in a bad situation and they would arm they would they would you speak get focused on that one problem: one room in a building, maybe like no more guys into its and more guys intuitive your skin, sprayed with Paypal and put down. Training operation. It knows, more guys and eventually everyone knew its trading benevolence dad and their load up and you just didn't they got focused on. Asked him, so the leaders gotta beheld a step back and attach and take a look at the situation and decide. You know what I'm gonna go. Edna change course right now, not gonna quit, but I'm not just make a strategic adjustment in its it's weird how those semantics can really change your outlook on. All tat when you, when you use the word, quit verses, disengage or
another one with quit, like cities is give up a meaningless. If somebody negative like smokiness, unlike tat, quit smoking, you're gonna give up smoking, that's good, but smoking's negative, but any kind of task or anything requires effort. If you quit or couldn't give up its like it's hard to have. That sounds like a good thing. They're in wanting it. This is your arm, Say it applies to combat, it applies jujitsu, as we just talk but also you know you look at what you're doing day to day and others. Things in your life that you're gonna make work or in business that you're trying to make something happen. Sometimes people get so addicted to their plan. They did so their egos wrapped around their plan. Their plan is like fifty percent fifty percent tactics and technique in it Fifty percent of their own ego so when you try without persons plan starts to fail, guess what they dont let it go cause, it's all right.
Up in regos having just push it further, the push it further, they push it further and expressed that persons and see your position. Well, then everyone's kind of just followed- and I did there looking at him- they, although they all know whether, at the bottom, the tunic men. Looking this person saying hey, buddy, it's not working. Let's disengage and fall back in figure out a new plan of attack and then let's reproach the target from a different angle: what's flank this target, so if you're in a business, if you in a relationship relates in you, ve got a situation where you're trying to make something work a certain way, and it's not maybe it's gonna disengage, gotta come different angle of attack? You can get the big went, a long road, in with relationships? Obviously it's it's it's Same dynamic, but it's different because what's this
and because, when you're in a little boyfriend governorship, when everything has been life, you see it's not working, it's it's one of them's abusive Meanwhile, the other ones China Quorum Court, make it work and if they end up leaving all you gave up on him, you know me, you were you, you could not an item. Thank you to proceed, quit the relationship, he would say you gave up on their relationship right. War he's been abusing, for ten years already, or in your case twenty. Here's what you know whatever the number is in. An eager eyes I repeat my wife or era, but you know what your numbers go. Twenty, but again if you say, oh, you gave up on the relationship it's kind of its kind like it's the girls Father, like maybe she's cheek. She should the done that almost you, but yet
he's in games and if you wanna go, if you wanna go for the wine in that relationship, and if you really want to maintain relations, don't let it be husband, wife relation. Maybe go to be neighbours or something like that, even though it be super relationship that might work? The scene, theoretically yeah sure about all that, but I do know and if you find yourself trying Pleaded led make something happened and it's not happening. Try a different route, dont consent. Yourself, a quitter, consider yourself a taxi strategist or attacked his next question,
double in a fight Emma or otherwise. Would you substitute anger or rage for aggression? Would I substitute anger? rage for aggression. This isn't a fight and then otherwise that's important. Actually, yes, so just to clarify this means, like instead of aggression, is Ok to use anger or rage, yeah, ok! Well, I think We obviously in people expect the answer would be for me. The initial answer is no, and I wouldn't Substitute anger or rage for aggressiveness, I think obvious, when you let rage take over, you think any and the mind Is allegedly the most important weapon and I actually believe that to be true. So if you,
Let your rage and anger take over you're not use your mind and that's not good enough. Should get to see this an May on a fairly regular basis, because you'll get somebody that is really good, at talking smack and they'll get the other persons had what it mean to get near the person's head. What does it do? it makes some sad. No does it make them not hate the Don't know what is it due to him? It makes angry MIA. Except frustrated and that anger to frustration which leads to defeat so. And again, I think it important to recognise that this doesn't just occur in anime, it occurs in everyday life and a good examples. When you get a conversation with somebody get debate with somebody, you get an argument with somebody them in it you get from
treated or angry or enraged. You saw the argument right, I mean you bite, you might feel like you one, but we will not win the argument. You, you lost the argument, the method that happens YAP in any. Oh yes, it's in a debate man because of its and understood your debating you're kind of against each other and then, as you just went off the rails, basically right, it's not going to lose your temper in a debate in a conversation or in an ever may batch like. If you please check we're playing chess entails talking smacked you you got, frustrated and inflict over the chess word yeah, you re with it with the A display of monumental power, whatever whatever those rejects rage, ass, yet You won't be lass away you you absolutely is so
The ideal I talk about this time is that the rulers you'd. Never let your emotion gettin control, so you don't let anger rage overwhelm he little brain now, here's the here's the other side of that coin. Here's the dichotomy- and I dont think you can even argue gets. This is it's you. That's pre sound argument right what we just gotta, be we seen it? We know we know for a fact, but Was are made to be broken up there, our times when emotion can increase performance, their names who we are- and I remember, Was a kid grown up, the the Soviets It was still just hard core communist, and when I would watch the Olympics, they would be like machines, the Soviets, no emotions, father,
bad ass. I wanted to be like that in an often Brunner the trees, but I heard a Well, when I was a kid I actually looked for, I wanted to bring it up. I could find it, but it was something along the lines of this, and that was that Soviet, the soviet athletes perform better in practice, but the Americans perform better in the stadium. So the Americans and that's not a universal statement. It there's plenty of examples of the Russians beat Americans in whatever, but there's. Two examples of where the Americans, with their emotion and their fire. Were able to beat these rush sent me. The greatest example would be the miracle wise on ice in late, placidly, ordinated eighty which, as you know, that was a bunch of college kids that were I heard up to beat the hardened russian professional hockey. Team and
And it's because you know the kind of trained their emotions out of it, and there is a great time to have your motions trained out of it. You know, there's a Each time we like you, know what I'm not gonna, let my emotions play into this heard something about Tiger woods and his golf game and he's not thinking about the The broad statement is when he's Eating a shot gulf he's not thinking about the last shot and he's not thinking about the direction He doesn't think about that shot right there, so there's no emotional of weather is by ETA behind and nothing else. Just is there on that one shot. So I think that you know we People mean Americans example I used, but I think that people in general, Can I use your emotion to two years vantage sometimes, but it does take courage.
Rule and it takes direction and also, I think, it's important to remember that it doesn't take long for that extra fire Of anger to go making you stronger and faster to making you slower and weaker both mentally and physically. So you can get that burst. Then you're issues in fighting all time where people punch themselves out, you know they go out, may go level, seven rage and restart swinging for the firms and excitement even yet or excitement. They think the guy they think the guy, the guy and in her locker they commonly bring the thunder for they get. They get emotional. And, I think, on the mat, when you get a guy that lose his temper when, when somebody losing their tab with me about it, just America like I just go article, please You know he's got three minutes left this is gonna. Be done so,
You ve gotta, stay calm. Now a couple situations, I've seen or better participated. Pretty sure I was trying to remember that's for sure, but I was wondering german Stevens no german Stevens is little even ever may some guy stud fighter, and We were training about the time and he was fighting, I'm pretty sure- was in its Marcus Davis. Who's up well respected, boxer, really get Mme fighter as well, but definitely for his boxy well journeys, for his striking, as well as a very powerful striker and he's got unbelievable. One punch, knockout power. Jeremy does. So I was cornering Jeremy and it was a really really close fight. I mean it was a, I don't know if you- winner loosen, I think he was leaning towards Marcus, actually enter
three rounds in animal It is in this fight and in between the second and the third round I got in the ring. Got in the cage with Germany and I will I did the full on you know in his face and now I know I gave him the hay. This is what's going on this. Answering from you is taken money off, your kids table was taken food Africa. Today we gonna take you off the roof off their heads. You taken everything that you work for, he's gonna, take it from you right now. You gotta get pissed, you gotta go when are you gonna destroy him and I. You know I gotta, give fired up speech like that, and you could see switch in his eyes. He realized he went into a rage of. I did, kill this guy gave out that round and knocked about me here and there one after another. One I saw that was. It was the same so it was, it was Carlos Candid
since Rory Mcdonald- and this was. This was the first time they fought I pretty sure it was again, and I was there I forget who us cornering, but I was there and I was down with courting whoever's, cornering and MRS Petersen Boathouse Corner if he was up in Canada, but So Carlos Carnero risk, Roy Mcdonald and Carlos who's, the Vatican is going up the kids, a kid you know: Roebuck downward was a kind of an eye was an unknown, but he was definitely the younger haven't. You is twenty years old you just a kid. No offense worry, but he was You don't mean bad ass, but Young Carlos was the that you do. And use a veteran grown man with a wife and kids and mandatory was getting very funny. Lorries, home town, one of his home town, but it was a canada- is of a crowd, was absolutely supporting. Rory, please
pretty sure. I remember this right. I'm sorry if I don't, but it's like the crowd was on the side of Rory Mcdonald. So. In between scientists, watching fight bride, snake. Some really good seats, really good fear, by the way, when I go to your see thanks data widen the rest, the crew, like I sneak into some awesome seeds after I get done quarter yet people still thank you. So I was sitting you know in the second row or something phenomenal see that I'd snuck into because they felt the cheap seats when you, when you're going to people you about to watch the fighting in Europe in the nose bleed, which is a goal. So I just get aggressive intact, removed a better position. Which is using the second railway beyond the press box, so I'm sit down there and I'm watching the fight and Gregg Jackson is cornering Carlos caught. It now You don't really think I grant Jackson he's he's present like a guy and I've action, We go in
back in the day go away? Back in the day, we indeed- and I were competing all the time- the kind of the soul cow sea of grappling. We would we do every competition. There wasn't competing all time grappling Remember that where there are so many of us that we do at hand Greg Jackson would bring guys out too, to fight to compete, it's like we wrestle against these guys. You know, or we did submitting wrapping as he's got some kind of new from that and then surprisingly one time whether you have to use in San Diego, I That work at the seal teams in someone called and said haters there's a guy from the from the see here. Do you want to give my tour of you know What's a tour, you have to set up a tour of the seal, deems it Marshall around, like that. Facility facility. As you know, the whenever sums guns, you know just a gear whatever so chauvinist Gregg Jackson.
You know, we gotta had a little bit of recognition, but anyways Greg Jackson in you know the kind of here this stuff about Gregg Jackson, all the time that he's is really nice guy. That he's Ramallah that he's really humble well at all We can try he's a super nice guy. He super humble he's just a fantastic guy, and I gave a towards. Are we gonna get to know each other, and then you go and fast forward. Now that you have seen, I have cornered him several times how many times have cornered against him? You don't get somewhere. My fighters are fighting his fighters here in Europe I said he's really like a really well, what is it like I've? You watch me the corners of his fights he's always like that, just very steady and hey. This is what you need to do to watch for this or whatever watch in this fight and
said Carlos conduct. Research Mcdonald, Carlos is not winning right, is not winning, and between the second and the third round, Gregg Jackson goes for dessert about on Content- I mean he is yellow Adam. He is in his face his point, anatomy wave and his finger. He just going nuts on it and I was like veil Jackson is bringing the heat and shirt off. He apt up Carlos COD Carlos caught a came out and finished Rory. The third which have a fight. He was deafening, gonna lose so. What you see there is a motion hoping to win in that situation and Actually, but when the fight was over, I saw Gregg and I just gotta said some to him. You know like a do you it forbids Eric about our Carlos and he said,
yeah he's a good guy. I had to do it it it's funny. It's you could see. It's almost like he'd, never got it before I dunno. Maybe we'll have to have Gregg on at some point. He can tell a story but he sets up a long lines of uniting. I had to do it. And it worked Rodya smiling and that was work in it and it definitely indeed did work. Gear. In those would you do you think, I'm in total gas? But do you think that's because those who happened to be the exceptions or is it really the we look, and it seems like. Here's the emotion and then here's on the line chicken skill in the planning implementation of of you know, gave plans and all the other stuff that you're gonna use in Europe. In your mind, And here's emotion: it's like us little smart, blogger, suddenly and then. Surely motion can go up, but skill. Gotta go up proportionately and once you
start to do this when the emotion takes over that's one when you're gonna, failure or take advantage so think, there's a sweet spot in there. Therefore moments in time, emotion and even border whining on rage, would, I think range is a little bit strong, creating rage. You lose your clarity, but anger, which is you can see. What some clarity of what you're doing right. So I think you can actually that can be utilised appropriately at the right time, and I think these times you know like a duck or Germany, I had it woke some anger out of him. You know I had to provoke an absolutely help and he's gonna lose that fight and is the same thing with Carl's calls was absolutely gonna lose that fight. If didn't do something different. If you didn't, you know it's like like hit the turbo button. It's like you know when I just oxide right. It's not gonna forget the blood, the nitrogen oxide blower. It's only gonna get you get me. So we can
You go hard for another yeah. What is it another two it's what without nitrous oxide, it's not a good idea but with, but with anger. You know can make you go for another Don't ever maybe it's maybe it's two minutes, and this is what else. Have you remiss like a heavy single I, like you, can you lifting your dead, lifting or you're doing power clean to something? You miss a heavy signal. Now I never ever heard so so this is another easy way to prove it Man, I miss a heavy signal sometimes, and some I just get angry And I just have to bring the anger and I start fired up, and I start thinking about things that make me angry and I get off.
Born. I whip that thing off the floor. Like I hate it. Yes, he ain't. It absolutely makes me strongly that moment so that address probably adrenaline, that's probably the same thing at pumped into Marcus's or or ensued. Journeys head it's by disabling apart pumped into Carlos his head, but it's crazy because despite getting punched despite being beaten, despite having someone, you know trying to destroy you in front of a large crowd of people, none of that was able to support the was able to speak the adrenaline as much as some kind of a Tap into the emotional portion of your mind, to bring out just enough rage to get out there and get the job done once and for all and the end, that's really the key there just enough rage. Switching on you, talking about something that requires tech. Equally, I say lifting year, Europe like partly in for example- and I remember using in college- and I was going from my one rap max- and yet you feel a couple times, but for the sake of saving time,
Stuff, you can only give you three times more. In my case, the there are like you have to get it three times so, the first time gun Oliver US as pretty solid partly into that. So it's getting all of them and then I got to the point and I didn't get. It is three that is three hundred. I we'd one. Eighty five at that time to ninety eight: are you looking for projects progress to project nobody is talking earlier about when you need drop and stuff. That's what it says I did not. I did that appropriately traded on purpose, because, if our, if I were to go out of my way to leave out that number of true you wanted to know, you wanted to know how much I was doing, I knew you'd understand it didn't matter from you on its way, doesn't matter. Nonetheless,. The first time I feel- and I want to look at this
you got, isn't it had this getting run, would whose name pro blonde hair use like is tough guy could hit reward and you you'd always get nothing. Attitude in here this, then you are making me mad or whatever I didn't outwardly expressing, can anger, but I felt that anger and partly takes technique. Does thing. It's not like it's just like I don't know, I can't you can benches sometimes but had lived? This is miss. I mean everything. S ethnic group. Publicly takes a little bit more technique, then other lives here. So it was just the perfect amount of rage on this going to deepen,
what can a person you're only Jimmy Stevens? He could tell this even the way he trains. He uses them region there in Europe as opposed to roaring done, for example. Seemingly I don't watch em train on time are nothing, but it seems like he super methodical in red or anger. Whatever is any is as much of a part as someone like MR misuse of light with with popular Homelike pre rural, whatever the border just one year That's the way they train up there at try stories. I spent like to do that. We cannot have a weak router with them with for us and worry and its heat for us has this head. You know We will hold midcentury, they hold meet somebody as this head that you hit the instead a limit
it seems like. That's not that lay it seems, can obviously never see no undue and it made way more sense because I've hit mits before and then you, when you got a spark like it the weird you gotta get used to the difference between hitting myths and heating, thorns heads and is causing a smart appearing with respect those carried out respect all the guys, get get the you'll see in five minutes after the watching. That that Lawlor Mcdonald Fight was just wish just in saying it was insane you watch that fight. If anyone knows was, if I go up from sea couple warriors he's Brian bring in it all? I leave it all right there you go our separate so did you get devoutly together a thing? Yes, yes and then we here's the thing about their power clean. Isn't so you yeah. I got it right in so you go you gotta go up in weight. The next one was like
real three legs super small way Joanna gives at seeking the theory healthy? Three, not even close everything was spent on it. That we mean. Is that one didn't we all time, life life, not I just disengage, that's all! It is engaged in seawater that I feel like we should go into the next time for about one I think so, Chuckle is the ability to switch on and off a personal feature, or is it a trained skill? Is this confused with the term be smoke What causes that switch to flip the overdrive, the beast mode.
The full on destroyer that will mark I think it's actually It is something that I think a hard lesson, I don't think everyone gets it planning some people go through life without ever getting it an idea. It's an important lesson, Egypt, its critical lesson. If you think that allows you to go the extra distance to dig just a little bit deeper push harder get after it and, like many other things in life, there's a dichotomy because it actually takes. In my opinion, two opposing forces.
To bring it to life. It takes both emotion and logic for you to meet your match maximum potential, to the really give everything you have and go beyond your limits, because both emotion and logic. They're gonna. Their limitations and onward, fails in rely on the other one so when it doesn't make sense. Chicle sense to go on. When you gotta use your motion. That's we. You gotta use that anger, girl, frustration that fear. Push yourself hunger sure self, to say I don't stop.
And when you feelings are screaming at you, ve had enough and when Think you're, gonna break emotionally override that emotion with concrete logic and willpower. As you know what I don't stop. So you you fight the weak emotions with the power of logic and you fight the weak this logic with the power of emotions. And in the balance of those two: that's where you find the strength and the tenacity in them
guts to see yourself. I don't stop and you moved, and I think that out it for tonight? So, thanks to everyone, for doing it and listening to us. If you want to continue these conversations, you wanna do in these conversations you connect with us through that into webs on Twitter. I'm at John, go willing can of course ECHO Charles is add ECHO Charles. Thanks relieving reviews of the pod cast on Itunes and of the book on Amazon.
And most of all to everyone. It's out. Their tuning in list
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