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Jocko Podcast 13: Chechens VS Russians, UFC 196 Review, Supplements

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0:00:00 - Combined Arms Operations In Urban Terrain - Manual about Chechens vs. Russians 1:23:30 - Thoughts on UFC 196 / Holly Holm vs Meisha Tate and Connor McGreggor Vs. Nat Diaz 1:36:40 - BUDS Training stories get people FIRED UP. 1:43:49 - Is Jocko Too INTENSE? 2:01:40 - Jocko's thoughts on MARSOC 2:05:55 - Is Shooting a martial art? 2:14:37 - What Supplements do Jocko and Echo take? 2:24:39 - Leading others to a STRONG finish.

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This is Jacko part gassed number, thirteen with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing. This is extracted from. U S, Army F am three. Attack o six dad one one combined The arms operations in urban terrain. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union of Chechnya, began to seek for independence. Nike, ninety, for Chechnya when into civil war. Between pro dependence and pro russian factions in December, to ninety four Russia sent forty thousand troops the Chechnya to restore russian primacy over the breakaway republic and attacks,
was launched by six thousand mechanized troops against the Chechen capital of Grozny, that of the anticipated light resistance, rush the forces encountered heavy resistance from the Chechens armed with massive amounts of anti tank weapons The Russians will repulsed with shockingly high losses. It took them other two months of heavy fighting and changing their tactics before they were, able to capture Grozny begin. Between January and May ninety. Ninety five russian losses in Chechnya or approximately two thousand eight hundred killed, ten thousand wounded and over five hundred missing or cap. The Chechen cash, the Chechen casualty, These were also high, especially among noncombatants.
This war is a major and cautionary episode in military history. The law Scale, lessons of Chechnya lie in these areas. Gold again the limited effectiveness of heavy weaponry in urban terrain, and extension of crucial importance well trained, well, lead well equipped and highly motivated infantry. It proved
given that a society judged, primitive or chaotic by western standards can still generate a tremendous fighting spirit and very effective military discipline? This is not a new lesson, sets a little introduction to the focus for today and that this soviet attack on Chechnya, the breakaway republic and it's just urban combat the urban combat and that's what's I find it very fascinating, and I remember the first time I started to the first significant moment when I remembered hearing about The lessons learned from Chechnya, because you know you watch it you here we all watched it. I was in the military at the time, but the first time I remember
Hearing about the lessons learned was actually going through officer candidate School in ninety ninety eight info whatever reason when the Marine Corps Jones doctors had had put this soon, is of lessons learnt of the russian military up on the wall. And this is something I talk about occasionally is that that is the lesson that I remember seeing there was that it was when they, when they stopped shaving, when that, when the russian Stop shaving, it was like the beginning of the end. Discipline fell apart, morale fell apart and everything turned into a disaster newer, a bunch of other lessons learnt and I've looked for that specific document and I haven't been able to find it. So I don't know what specific document was that. That's what I found, others that are close to that, but what's interesting That now, and this this field manual
Army feel men over I'm reading from was actually published in two thousand and two, so we had definitely looked it at this war. And it was brutal, and if you want to go into some dark places, you can go to some dark places, because this is one of the first. It definitely one of the first where, where you had your information warfare happening, meaning there was propaganda coming out homemade propaganda, you can see it on Youtube, especially from the Chechen side, of just brutal, brutal behaviour here, and they were doing that purposely to strike fear into the hearts of the russian soldiers and they D day. They were effective and do that. They didn't do that yeah crazier they make those videos available to everybody they do it is. It is crazy.
So as we dig into this little bit, this is still from within the fn three tack, one or sex, but there holding lessons learned from the world turned upside down military The lessons of the Chechen war by MR and a tall leaving and he said It cannot be emphasised too strongly, therefore, that the key This success in urban warfare is good infantry and he's good infantry, rather than good country is a traditional mixture. Of training leadership he's an end seals and junior great officers and morale implying a readiness to take casualties. So this is class. This is what we. This is what Romani was all about as well. You know good infantry, which they. Absolutely had great.
And your leadership, which they absolutely add, the junior officers were outstanding and the morale which which he says them arouse a readiness to take casualties in any one of the things that No doubt about it, Colonel Sean Macfarlane that was running the brigade. He had to overcome that fear that many we had one which was when you push entities and we control territories. You are gone, to take casualties, it is going to happen if you cannot avoided and that something that we see We had to deal with as well, because seal had been in had been in Iraq for three years. At this point, and not had any shield killed in action. So this idea that we're gonna push into this heavy urban fighting men to us. We were gonna. We were going to take out of these at some point.
The, U s back the boy, the. U S will not always have the ability to pick and choose its wars and the key reason Chechnya is that there were all These be military actions in which determined infantry and will remain the greatest asset, and that is very near endeared, my art, knowing that it's not the deck, energy is not there, the drones, it's not the aircraft. It's the infantry minutes, the soldier that makes the difference in the leader the leaders of those soldiers that make the difference now. Here was the Marine corps analysis. First of all, strategically military operations alone cannot solve deep seated political problems? Ok,.
Military commanders need clear policy guidance from which they could work steadily and logically. An fusion generated by missing or conflicting policy guidance is made worse by poorly defined lines of command and control. So those first two messages right. There are all about clear guidance. And this happens all the time in the business world, where you don't. See clear guidance, making it all the way down to the front lines to the chain of command. Russian senior command, lacked continuity and was plagued by too much senior leadership. Involvement at the lower operational level lack. Ought Woody there's gotta be clear message that every leaders be basically saying the same funding. Until message
the jury to initial expectation operations were neither sh of short duration or low cost. When Russian security operations began achieving results. The chairman started attacking targets within Russia. It with difficulty. Night police and military units into a single cohesive force, distinct tactics advantages accrue to the side, with less concern for the safety of the civilian population. That is something that we absolutely dealt with in Almaty again. Is that the distinct tat go advantage, accrue to the side with less concern for the safety of the civilian population. This was of utmost concern To every soldier and marine on the ground and remedy was trying to protect the civilian population and, of course,.
The Al Qaeda insurgents that we are facing did not care, and all about this, The population or any their buildings, Ernie them their lives or children, women or anything else. Concern about civilian casualties and property. Destruction declined as casualties among russian forces rose. So Surely the Russians were also can and about civilian casualties, but as they started dating casualties, got worse and worse. Here's some operational lessons having well developed military doctrine for urban warfare is not enough in and of itself gotta have that creativity, doctrine does not answer. Everything
situation. Oriented training would have improved russian military effectiveness in order to talk about that later today, but situation oriented training, and that is why You put yourself in situations in you make people have to think it. Not about executing pre planned moves into. Second in martial arts is not about being able to do a cotta. Do a movement that what it's about it about reacting to another free thinking, human being, and in this case a group of Breathing human beings: how do you react in those situations in there and specific situations as well re like those situate like indicative distributional train? The molecular get here, half part there. If you get on top- and you start over a few in all tat, the guy would have yet our lower in half gart start all over again.
Inadequate training in the most basic maneuver and combat skills, inhibited russian operations, so you ve gotta be trained up in the basics. No doubt about it. Urban combat is extremely manpower, intensive and produces significant attrition of men immaterial among the attackers. Overwhelming fire power can make up for organizational and tactical deficiencies in the short run If one is willing to disregard collateral damage, so get you can guess bomb bomb, the crew about a places, and you can make up your tat, go an organizational problems in the short run. If you don't care about a collateral damage you this is we we don't do that. We as Americans, don't do that. We care about collateral damage.
The sudden requirement to deploy the Chechnya, coupled with the unique supply problems posed by the weather and the urban environment, overwhelm the already fragile russian military logistics systems and the judges bullet points by the way of the sounds stilted the way I'm reading I was reading bullet after bullet. A lack of high quality intelligence made operations more difficult and dangerous. On the russian forces. The geometry and perspectives of urban combat are very different from combat in the open urban combat is much more vertically oriented, so in in the desert you do have elevation. You know you have ills mountains, whatever suit So there is some vertically oriented things. Have to deal with, but in urban combat every you know. Every foot can be separated by ten stores, and so
his eight three hundred and sixty degree environment, not to mention you get Subterranean situations you have basements, you have sellers, you have underground sewers and pipes and things tunnels. Go for building the building, so it's a three hundred and sixty agree environment for sure. Fratricide was a serious and continuing problem throughout the campaign in Chechnya because it was difficult to tell friend from foe, that's friendly fire, that's friendly fire and this is obviously in our book. I start out from it in the first chapter, is about a fresh cited habits. So obviously we learned this. You know in the in the most horrible way, and anybody that's been In a hard core urban combat, and again I'm not talking about doing it in
operation with, let's say, one unit against a bad guy in an urban environment. I'm talking about urban com that we have multiple units all over the place friendly units in. Buildings on roads and their mixed and there's no weak helping their mixed in with enemy, and it becomes very, very challenging. Standard russian military unit configurations were inappropriate for urban combat. Going keys time maintenance is a false economy, so there's something to think about going, Tell me forget when you say you know what there's nothing going on right now, we're just kind of slack off in a word. I don't need a train in the off season. I don't you prepare right now, guess what you do you do need
They're right now. It's it's a lie to think you're gonna get away with it, The potential of special forces for urban operations was never realized in Chechnya, Well, we realized it remedy for sure and out of work it, the Nature of cities tends to channel combat operations along narrow lanes of activity. That's just a diminished that, were there called roads. And just like, when you're in down San Diego in the gas lamp district. Guess what things, are channel, want a long, narrow. Long narrow lanes of activity. It's called a road, that's kind of an obvious one, tactical essence. Rigorous communication security is essential even against relatively primitive enemies, and this is what the Russians found out was at the the Chechens, many of whom spoke russian big deal with a scenario gas listener, radio commands they would
It actually get on the radio and give false commands. So it was, it was just a nightmare for them Now in the in America, we have very highly sophisticated encryption systems is really no factor for US night. Fighting was the single most difficult operation in Chechnya for infantry forces again. This is something that we are very good at we being America, we are often at fighting at night. We have incredible capability, vision. We do it all the time. I actually that's that matching a reason that we're good out as we do it all the time. We train it all the time we do it all the time and which is used to being living in that way will used to live in that green world of night vision.
Tanks and APC cannot operate in cities without extensive dismounted infantry support, found remodeling they absolutely operated and they operated with a phenomenal success, but they, but they did have introduced important usually very close by, although they were they did pushing do do incredible operations on their own as well. Orson operating in cities need special equipment not usually found in the russian TV, which is the basically the table of organizational commits the list of normal thing. They had lightweight. Ladders were invaluable for assaulting infantry. This is my first appointed to Iraq, We actually up, we do. It is built little ladders with a little too before ladders. Walls all over the place which we just have. Ladders, have moved on. On these. When we him with Papa off of a bear
with the other was farewell by force. Train. Snipers were essential, but in short supply we had plenty of snipers. Skirts are especially useful in fighting in cities, smoker AIDS and other ways of blocking vision, but yeah, That's one of those things when, when I was a kid in the seal teams, and we would learn like a you, gonna throw smoke in one's fellow smoke, you can run away It almost seems like it. Joke almost any right. That almost sounds funny when I say that like Batman, yeah, it's almost like Batman were or James Bond. You know it s little smoke, but its freakin real. It's real, like you, Throw that smoke out you let that smoke start to pour out an enormous and you can get out of there and its again it's one of the things that it almost seems like a joke. When you first here
when you were a kid Uruguay, really, that's a real favourably know at a real thing. Recur bring damaged armoured vehicles is especially difficult cities. We absolutely learned that the insurgents took out dozens of tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles and home these, and it was always very difficult for the engineers to get in there and get those things out of there. A failure of small unit leadership, especially At the end, the seal level was primary cause of russian tactical failures in Grozny. So, when you hear me say, leadership is the most important thing on the battlefield. If that is what I am talking about, and that is exactly what I am talking about
and it's the same thing in businesses. It's the same thing in teams and it's the same thing in life we about leadership are not just talking about the overall person in charge of talking about leadership at every level. Both sides employed commercial off the shelf technologies for military purposes, be ready for that, going in remedy they enemy. Absolutely, Huge, noble, Motorola, Walkie talkie ease their Motorola Bay station set up, I mean they were, they were using. It. Tactical communications proved very difficult in Grozny, again that change the laws of physics and, radio waves cannot I'm still more than you know. A couple to three buildings, so once you get a couple
There are three buildings away: you're not gonna, be able to talk to the other units. You know maybe four five buildings and the only way to do it. Get on rooftops, and so you know I was always on a rooftop good, I was killed. My main role was usually do make communications with the various groups, at rather Army and my guys in. So. I was almost always unmoved up with big old antennas taken off my shoulder and that's when you know when one of the guys You talk to me like you to go rooftop and they catch me The calves of supply trucks must be armoured, no doubt about that, but Her busting weapons are invaluable for urban and combat. This is something that we used. A ton of was the cow Gustaf. Eighty four millimeter big thunder.
Helicopters are not well suited for urban combat, and there is no doubt about that one again and remedy: we found that any time helicopters came in the remedy they received so watch small arms fire that they left immediately, it was used to hot for them to go into these situations when a helicopter comes in. What does it take to take down a helicopter day, I mean: do you take one out right? It's almost like a human body notice of some sort of human rights by the rice bought you can. You can take it out, but so it's really hard to put like an absolute on that. But you know generally, they can take. They contain, and punishment, especially the Apache which are you know, very well armoured, but they're not well armoured enough to get in there and do what they would want
You re so the antibodies taken so me round a day. The early they couldn't they can stay here like you'd, be hidden that lead that that rear propeller yeah, maybe you hid it in the weak spot. There's gonna be issues which I won't talk about I now hear that was the marine corps. Analysis and again. This is all from the same manual barometer go into this in a cup What the Marine Corps analysis had, and now this The? U S: Army, Infantry school analysis. Is russian army. Lessons learned from the battle Grozny. You need Culturally or you, your forces, you dont end up being your own worst enemy, simply out of cultural. In ignorance, many times russian soldiers need see serious cultural errors in dealing with the Chechen civilians once insulted, or mistreated the Chechens became active fighters or at least supported the active fighters.
Russians admit they underestimated: they have the effect of religion on the conflict. So you gotta know you enemy ain't. You got no, your friends, and this isn't but they definitely. They definitely make that important in the. U S, military, that you know, you gotta, understand the local culture and there was a true hero named Travis, Patrick One, who will have to do ashore. Some point, but Travis Bachelor was with us over in Iraq in remedy, and he was just incredibly smart, guy and here s a guy? He was then he became a gap in the army and he spoke arabic and
He's the guy really that started say: look if you're gonna do to make friends with these locals, and he ended up producing this. This actually pretty famous Powerpoint brief that just had about Stick figures of hate us of the local guy. That's what he sees you as what you see him as well, This is what he really is, and this is what you know, and it was a great, a great document, a very simple document, brilliant in its. What city in the way it explained and have ended, end up being circular all over the place, and that was written by many Travis patch good, whose just again for all areas, guy very nice guy and really had a vision of a full understanding of the arabic culture that
tribal culture, the shakes that were therein remedy any didn't amazing job moving that whole scene and that whole piece of the battle he did an amazing job,
moving us forward and making sure that we were culturally oriented, talk to understand the locals and unfortunately, after we left romanian and they were still there- captain, Patrick in Patrick, when Travis Basket was in a vehicle. I figure is heading south on a road called sunset and hidden, I d and he was killed in action and it was a tragic loss of an incredible, not only incredible soldier, but just an incredible human someday, Willa we're going to some more depth about about Travis Batch current costs.
Really had a huge impact. Next bullet point: you need some way of sorting out combatants from noncombatants. The Russians were forced reserved to searching the pockets of civilians from military equipment and sniffing them for the smell of gunpowder and gun. This is crude and not very reliable. Train dogs. Were you To attack the smell of gunpowder exposes, but will not always effective, nevertheless, specially trained dodge by the best way to determine if a person has been using explosives or firing a weapon recently. What was good for was working alongside the iraqi soldiers. They could tell they could tell what people from their could tell whether accent was found. They could tell but a couple questions who could tell you're the Nike soldiers when we went to speak to some random, iraqi civilians yeah they could. They could tell
I wouldn't be held down a million years, just like it. If you took an iraqi transplanted, I'm here and put them in a room with a guy from New Jersey Guy, in southern California, and a guy from Georgia It would be a little where these, but any American could talk any those three people in immediately know where they get so We use the iraqi soldiers to help us of that and also our interpreters. We had no interpreters that had were fluent in the language and generally came from Iraq or some other arabic speaking country at so they had the same knowledge and they could do the same thing. The psychological impact of high intensity urban combat is so intense unit should maintain a large reserve that will allow them to rotate units in and out of combat. If a committee, Where does this, he can preserve a unit for a long time if he doesn't once
gets used up. It cannot be rebuilt so that statement about the psychological impact of high intensity.
Urban combat and there's so many little things that make this true. You know how to talk about the three hundred sixty degree threat. There is the ideal there's the civilian, populous there's that close inviting there's all these things that make urban combat the most intense kind of combat psychologically, and you have to be careful with your troops to make sure that you give them enough time out of a fight that they can maintain a long deployment in that sort of intensity. And the Russians did not always do a very good job that next bullet training and discipline are paramount. You can occur
complex nothing without them? You may need to do the training in the combat zone discipline must be demanded once he begins to slip. The results are disastrous. That is something I believe in across the board. I think you mention that before I may have mentioned that a few times there it is again, training and discipline are paramount. Discipline must be demanded once begins to slip. The results. Are there
asters. You have to hold the line on the discipline you have to the Russians were surprised and embarrassed at the degree to which the Chechens exploited the use of cell phone Motorola radios, improvise tv stations, lightweight video cameras, any internet to win the information war. The Russians admitted that they lost control of the information coming out across the early in the operation and never regained it. As expected. The Russians reiterated the need for large numbers of trained infantry men. They said some tasks such as conducting log back, that's logistics, operate She could only be conducted by infantry men, the largest
the unit soldiers were hopelessly unnapped at basic military skills such as parameter defence, establishing security over watch and so forth, and thereby thereby fell easy prey to the Chechens So that's something that our troops in America have have really done. An outstanding job of adapting to the logistics support people being combat. Ready, because every time you you know of your if Europe Supply Guy in the army and you gotta bring whatever it is water, food ammunition from Baghdad to remedy them. You're doing to combat patrol damage you could likely get attacked and so on.
Get that really good job of given their folks trained up to run these gone boys, and you know the logistics teams that supplied the war fighters, the frontline troops. They came under all kinds of attacks. It didn't now standing job, so all you Folks are listening that run on those logistics, common voice. Thank you and you didn't standing job in another huge risk, every time you rolled out the front gate next bullet, they found that boundaries between units were still tactical weak. Points, but that it wasn't just horizontal bad boundaries that they had to worry about it, I'm cases the Chechens held the third foreign above, while the rest, and held the first you force and sometimes the roof. If a union holding the second floor evacuated pot
Did it without telling the unit on the ground for the Chechens would move troops in an attack the ground for unit through the ceiling. Often this resulted in fratricide. Is the ground floor unit responded with uncontrolled fire? You all of the ceilings The ones below that section, the building still occupied by the Russians. Higher battles were fought throughout floors, ceilings and walls without visual contact. That's gotta be scary. Right. Ambushes were common. Sometimes they actually had three tears channel it the underground on the ground for and on the roof. Each group had a different task in the ambush. The most common response by the Chechens increasingly powerful russian indirect aerial, indirect,
in aerial fire power was hugging. The russian unit. The hugging tactics caused the Russians. Sorry, if the hugging tactic caused the Russians to cease are hurry and air fires he came a man to man, fight and the Chechens were well equipped to win it. If they didn't cease, the supporting fires. The russian unit suffer just as much as the Chechen fighters did. Sometimes even more the morale of fact was much worse on the Russians, so there's always very simple coffee, if the enemy is gonna use or the Russians, are going to use big bombs and big artillery and big bombs. The sky to defeat us we'll just get so close in what has closed the distance and be so close that, if you aren't ya bombs, you're gonna kill your own people.
Both the physical and mental health of the russian units began to decline almost immediately upon it, Creation of high intensity combat, less than a month, almost twenty percent and of the russian soldiers were suffering from viral hepatitis, would the very serious develop debilitating with slow recovery. Most. Chronic diarrhea and upper Reps Pretoria infections. Turned to pneumonia easily. This was blamed the breakdown of logistical support that meant units had a drink, contaminated water, unit sanitary discipline broke down almost completely so that discipline, like I said
start with the shaving in the next thing. You know you're, not boiling water and the next thing you know you're, sick and the next thing you know your crap and all over the place. Next, they no other people you making other people sick. It starts with a discipline. According to a survey of over thirteen hundred troops is a russian troops, maybe immediately after the fighting about seventy, two percent had some sort of psychological disorder. Almost seventy five percent had an exaggerated startle response that equally loud. Noise shudder from it about seventy five percent. Had an exaggerated star response. Twenty April, and had what was described as narrow, emotional and almost An percent had acute emotional reactions. The Russians, recommended to psycho physiologists ones.
I go pharmacologists one psychiatry, east and one medical psychologist at each. U s core sized unit at a huge recommendation for mental health. Although their experience in Afghanistan prepared them somewhat from the physical health problems, they were not prepared. This level of mental health treatment, many permanent, combat, stressed casualties resulted from soldiers. Now being provided proper, immediate treatment again. This boils down you, how harsh that urban combat is, and they were not ready for it. We're not ready for the psychological damage that that urban combat does to the soldiers mind out, gets in the head and you got
startle response. The emotional, acute reactions nightmare the nightmare that acute emotional reactions as like, like what the library breaking down gallery, reckon down. Questions were afraid of tanks or be Mps and be Mps like Bradley fighting vehicles, basically an armored personnel character carrier for the most part with it. On top they assigned groups of r p gunners to fire volleys at the lead and trail vehicles once these were destroyed, others were picked off one by one, others battle grassy, some facts: the Russian for Mrs ask twenty of twenty six tanks. A hundred and two of a hundred and twenty be Mps in the first three days of fighting yeah.
So imagine you, gonna convoy of twelve vehicles with a taken from the deck in the back, and the Chechens take out the front and back so now what nervous why you're stuck to sit there and pick out the rest? The vehicles ducks check. This is also, Important chechens chose firing positions high enough or low enough to stay out of the fields of fire of the tank and BNP weapons. So you know that the angle fire can only go so high and so low, so they just stayed out of those two angles. Russian conscript infantry sometimes refused to dismount and often died in their BNP without ever firing a shot. So. This is a nightmare. Your vehicle get it and if you know anything when you vehicle gets hit or
like your convoy, gets it get out. In other words, if the vehicle can't move cos Trapped by other vehicles are true by the road or its trap. I would ever get out of the vehicle, get out a vehicle and take down a building, get out a vehicle Move to cover gap, but get out of the vehicles of the vehicles used a bullet magnet at that point. In our Fiji maggot such gifts, their russian elite effigy did much better, but didn't coordinate well with armoured vehicles initially so can tell you that we coordinated with e armoured vehicles beautifully and we love them, we loved the. U S army, armor, that we work with absolutely loved them and we coordinated with him, and we worked together with them in a beautiful man. Chechens were brutish, especially with prisoners, some
report say the Russians were no better but most say that the Chechens were the worst of the two sides. Whoever was at fault the battle degenerated quickly to one of No quarter asked none given. Russian wounded and dead were hung upside down in the windows of defended, Jeshanah physicians, rush, had to shoot at the bodies to engage the Chechens, russian prince there's word decapitated and at night their heads- Placed on stakes besides roads, leading into the city over which russian Raw,
basements and reinforcements had to travel cedar. You don't think that in this day and age that somethin you you read about in history books, you remember from the history books, but there it is- and this is ninety- ninety four, ninety five. Ninety ninety six heads on stakes, both russian and Chechen dead, or routinely booby trapped. The Russians were not surprised by the ferocity and brutality of the Chechens, but they we are surprised by the sophistication of the Chechen use of booby traps and mines.
Chechens, mind and booby trapped everything showing excellent insight into the actions and reactions of the average russian soldier. Mine and booby trap awareness was hard to maintain his as you look at this more Emily. They booby trapped anything that when they talk about how they showed in saying to the actions and reactions the abstraction soldier. They knew what would attract them. They knew what they couldn't, keep their hands off and that's what they booby trap. Some old tiny objects on something that looked expensive or something that worked worthwhile it with booby trapped. Now that can wrap up that first,
book, but I pulled out some other little articles that I thought I had. Some good information is one hears russian tactical lessons learned from fighting Chechen separatists by Timothy L, Thomas. This section with regard to general ambush guidance. Cars laugh offered the following. First and foremost mobilise your will knowledge and experience no matter how difficult this may be in order to. He established command and control. We pause the enemy attack Seize the initiative and report does donation. That that is something that is it were full statement and it's a powerful state
on how to react to any situation. First and foremost, mobilise your will. I love envisioning. The will ass like a military unit first and for Most mobilise your will, bring it to bear wake up. Will it's time to get it on the college in football heard this electricity, but they say, buckle up in court. Your girl, what was it buckle? Upping guard your grill dear get ready to Togo. Mobilise you will your knowledge and experience, no matter how difficult this much may be.
In order to re, establish command and control. So you ve, lost at sea and mobilise your will. Re establish command and control. Who was the enemy attack, seize the initiative and report. The situation has some damn good advice, some damn good advice, moral site- The logical support also was a training area for improvement of if you are concerned here with a mood, swings. That were observed among russian servicemen during combat servicing. These drastic mood swings in. So much of this was psychological. On the Russians and russians- Our people me we're not what I'm talkin about soft people. These are Russians and the Russians are hard people.
The end result of such training would be to improve. The service means fighting spirit use Common sense and rational to overcome confusion, the ability to act, boldly actively and decisively in battle and the ability to achieve ones assign goal and this is talking about training them. I think Use common sense is what you want to do with all your people and care. What. Business Europe and whether you are war, whether your business, whether you earn some kind, a teen train the mind to use common sense, Drain the mind for the ability to act boldly and decisively train the mind, got a free, your mind.
Now that same article pulled out russian lessons learned from spats knots GR. You reconnaissance point of view and the authors were K. Nicotine and s caused loss. They called this one section, the commandments for servicemen and Chechnya and what they are he wore was cultural tips. Cultural sensitivities for russian soldiers- and they are, is false, and when I read through these. This is a directive on how to treat other human beings that you're dealing with gestures Rush in a manner again subordinate Superior doesn't matter was the title in area keeps on cultural sensitivities for russian soldiers.
One always maintain your authority among the local populous. The chechens are very critical of people who try to create a false authority for themselves, a soul. Called patronising attitude towards others usually afflicts those who cannot gain authority through other means. We talk about this all the time you If one around throwing your rank out makes you look like a jack ass next avoid unwarranted confiscation anew for unlawful requisitions of food and property. That one makes plea, easy sense, don't steal from people next, one be fair every local habit, it must be dealt with firmly but fairly in
Does this gives rise to negative attitude in any person, so be fair. Reward a Chechen who performed his attack assigned task well to accomplish task that you needed accomplish, choose the most authoritative person among the local inhabitants and get him to carry out the task if he does the job And does it quickly, you should award the elder by giving an additional authority and by giving some kind of gift. Where's your people when they do a good job, The horror saying in here. When dealing with Chechens display a calm display, a sense of calm and self worth. You, ok, if more through this, then through screaming obscenities, never be a.
And it goes on to say, chechens are a proud people with a very intense sense of pride and sell for. Therefore,. We achieved nothing by humiliating them by screaming at them By abusing them, you are only in bitter them. Right, this is how you treat other people, and it goes. Say even in casual conversation, do not give orders and do not use profanity that you might normally use as interjection interjections. So this idea of your own and three men think you're gay people will do what you wanna do doesn't work next. Respect: Chechen women, girls, old men and children, as if they were Russians.
Always remember the Chechens, respect mainly qualities, therefore, never permit any disrespect of vulgarity with regard to their women. Never allow yourself to curse, defenceless people in revenge for the outrages of militants against russian women, old men and children so keep herself Jack make sure you're, not blaming people for something that somebody else did that can be respectful of national traditions. The more you know about the Chechens, national traditions. The more you understand, their behavior tat means you will be able to predict their actions At the same time, a person that respects the local traditions will be respected. Himself g What a novel idea
Oh you're dealing with respect what they do. Always remember that the above mentioned commandments apply to the fullest extent possible to local inhabitants and they do not apply at all to the militants. Never forget you in a region where our insurgents against whom you are out war. Therefore, never be certain- that the person with whom you are speaking is not helping the militants under conditions of guerrilla warfare, is better to turn down an invitation someone's home and risk offence the house than it is to take advantage of his hospitality and ending up being an easy catch for insurgents.
Again, I think those were just like rules on how to treat other human beings in the world and be successful. Now we get to a another little action that I found. This is from saw dot, who dashi, which is a basically to magazine. It's almost like a soldier of fortune, gesine and he needs, or some other similar rules for a soldier in a zone of armed conflict. Fighters can be anywhere posing as peaceful citizens in the daytime and changing the killers at night. Don't Sapped someone's friendly just because they speak Russian and where camouflage close his brows my favour one right here. You don't get a second chance in wartime. Never lose the feeling of danger or of the strength of this,
The russian soldier never leave a base without the commanders permission in the field, never touch bright or expensive objects, as they may be mind. In the mountains, whoever is higher is stronger. Take the high ground or the high grounds gonna. Take you pay attention to thanks as the basic manoeuvre the insurgents is to get around your back and envelop your force always check your flanks burn through some of these. Now these are Tactical observations from the Grozny combat experience by Barrette see Jenkinson, who is a major the? U S, army, you're, really good article or check out Google it
But I broke down some of these Chechen lessons learned. This is from the church inside hidden run tactics confused the russian units. Targeting russian radio operators destroyed russian command and control small units provided good mobility and more effective basic maneuver unit hugging, which we already talked about, which was staying. Fifty two, and fifty meters of the enemy was the most effective way to avoid enemy, artillery mortars or close. Our support. Synchronized, ambushes, confused the enemy, to the point that he did not know where to shoot back
As a result, russian units would start firefights between themselves, destroying leading trade vehicles, and then each vehicle in between could easily slate. Russian armoured coms, shooting enemy soldiers in the legs caused snipers, doing each other soldiers trying to evacuate the wounded and on leadership a loosely organised unit that allowed greater freedom of action was effective to defend Grozny, little bit of freedom on the battlefield so long way. Now the russian lessons learned: training, Operation, the most important thing and winning battles urban- by training must be longer than days or weeks to be effective. Urban combat maneuvered must be tailored to fit the enemy situation.
Task, organizing the small squad sized combined assault group's work better than large units Russians underestimated. The Chechen will to fight, lessons learned from successful tactic should be integrated into fall on missions to be Successful one must adapt quicker than the enemy for the leadership perspective against the Russians, adapted lessons learnt from previous urban battles, Provide proved invaluable, the greatest challenge to leadership was maintaining morale. Casually rates destroyed. The already low morale of combat units the challenge to Morocco is the russian soldiers fear of em
you miss treatment if captured- and this is an important one of failure to just The five and nature of russian military intervention in Chechnya resulted in low morale. So The troops on the ground not knowing and not, understanding why they were there, not understanding the strategic importance of the vision, hurt their morale big time now have a couple. Experts here from this is from an article that was in the early times January thirteen nineteen. Ninety five by Sony, Efron. Captured russian soldiers paint bleak picture of Chechen conditions, so this is draws near Grozny, Russia, Russians, the morale of solo conditions are so poor and losses are so heavy that the russian attempt to take Gracias, floundering
to russian soldiers captured in the capital of the Breakaway Republic of Chechnya, said Thursday the soldiers are against this war, and so our commanders. Said Alexey a twenty year old junior sergeant was caught by trying to steal food from an empty house in Grozny after gone five days without a say, solid meal, we are forced to fight. The two soldiers that russian positions and frequently been bombed by russian warplanes many soldiers had been killed by friendly fire from the russian side and constant vehicle breakdowns made it impossible for them to pick up their dead and wounded. This is, I am- I haven't, found the book yet I'm sure I will the book you into the battle on the ground, because I've been talking all the strategic stuff in general like to do that. I want to hear from the person on the ground.
And this is where you start to get. You start to see what the Russians to what the frontline troopers worth. Thinking and what it was like for them. How do you you had seen at many soldiers have been killed by friendly fire from the russian side? Constant vehicle breakdowns made it impossible for the pick up their dead and wounded. In a company that had a hundred men now they're only fifty laughed in our battalion out of three hundred and fifty men over two hundred and fifty had been killed. The soldiers accounts indicated the new official figures bring the russian military death toll at three hundred. Ninety four soldiers are vastly understated, chechens horses, but the russian casualties in about three thousand dead. These risks. These are worse than fascists, said Greg The aid smear not fifty years beloved cherry tree with decapitated by the rocket for young,
I've been killed them our street, they weren't fighters, they warn against anyone. I apologize what Russia is doing here. Smirnoff said, I'm embarrassed by my country in front of all world a month after president, Boris Yeltsin, promised there. Public that law and order would be restored in Chechnya and that the EU you go arm. Formation in Grozny would quickly be disarmed. It was unclear whether russian forces could soon break through the fierce Chechen resistance. I dont think they can take. The city said one chechen fighters. They can destroy it, but they can't capture it. But you, russian prisoners would enter Graziani December twentieth, looked exhausted, filthy and frightened if, condition is typical of the rest of the enemy. It is not surprising the Russians have not yet attempted another all out of infantry assault on Grozny. Frankly,
there is no discipline, know anything in the mill, The Terry now the prisoner said the soldiers are weakened. They haven't we for a long time they are hungry and unshaven even a soldier when he wants, cry about bad things have got me says that of soldiers are dirty hungry and unshaven there were times where more of us we're getting killed by our own people than by the Chechens, we don't even have time pick up or dead just no time where eighty five The Chechen or our own, when the air force is bombing us, the prisoner added that they ve been ordered to kill everybody from kids to old people. Not just chechens but also Russians, nightmare. The two soldiers said they went to a house northeast drowsy, nearer to look for food because they haven't had a proper meal for five days.
They ve been surviving on dry rations. That will never enough and were delivered to their push. Positions are regularly as a prisoner spoke, Chechen fighters gathered around them to listen upon hearing the Russians admit that they broke into the house. One man shouted angrily looters. All we wanted was something to eat. Muttered, the prisoner now We gotta remember we ve got up. You know that this is the the union is Russia, so they have their own media and I found this article am. I should be laughing because its. It's it's horrible, but this is the Moscow time talking about the other story of Grozny. Gracias, cold and dirty again, this is some kind of state approved message.
There is no water, no electricity at night, the streets are illuminated only by distant fires sparked by russian, showing an occasional flares here is full of sound, costly, thumping of artillery shells, screams of God, missiles and crackled machine gun fire, the only course of heat and burned out baseness of grass dear from homemade furnaces that russian soldiers fashion from bricks have destroyed buildings at night off there is an soldiers huddle around them. Their faces, dirtied and covered with sweats. Is there really have water with which to wash it and almost looks like you're wearing the kind of camouflage pain that is issued. Two soldiers in western armies these men are by and large normal decent people. They believe that they are doing their duty in Chechnya, a little bit contrary to what we just heard from the browsers occurs. Now the prisoners, those during the dress situation. Dukes there might get their heads chop off at any moment, so they're, probably making the case the best
Can that hey, you know he up we're on sport. Russia extra stay alive. They insisted back to the arctic, They insist, they do not intentionally attack peaceful civilians, but our instead waging battle against an organised and pitiless enemy. The concept who are risking their lives in Chechnya. Might as well be considered. Volunteers is the paper. You now say that these poor guys it are fighting If we consider volunteers, even other concepts that are being forced to fight there, they might as well be considered volunteers. Russia's, declared war, martial law, so nothing threatens deserters except the moral condemnation of the comrades they leave behind. The army's morale, has been steadily improving as comes more experienced in street fighting again, there's countless documented cases of the morale completely falling apart and being one of the premium causes of the loss of the battle.
Its casualty rate is falling and is able to inflict increasing punishment on the Chechen fighters. The military confident of victory. Among these soldiers, you hear a different opinion about the war than what you read in Moscow. He reports in the media about Chechnya campaign are obviously biased against the military. Some even be censored when I was in Chechnya on twelve January. Twenty second accrue from russian television was in Grozny, shooting report for the evening news programme. The report included graphic. Ridge, of the bodies of russian soldiers who had been mutilated by the Chechens. However, was the programme refused to era without even seeing it. Of course, A fraction of the russian Army is fighting in Chechnya, but they ve been sent. Here there. First, we every military district in the country event
three, they returned to their bases and tell their stories to the rest of their comrades in arms and those soldiers or what more stock and what the Chechen Chechnya veterans have to say that they will at any press reports or human rights activists. So there's the year the official russian version brutal in your experiences that Eric in here. Like you found your stuff in the media, and you like staring at us that happened. It definitely happens. There is no doubt about the way that the meat portrays things is, is very wrong, often very wrong. I think one of the classics that I've been telling lately you're talking about lately is
That day, they never portray the iraqi people as normal human beings that just wanna live normal lives they never portray the iraqi people like that when that's what they are era, the vast majority of iraqi people are normal people that want to have it. I raise their kids letter. Kids go to school, improve their lives, do better! That's what the Vow a majority of iraqi people want, but You'll win when's. The last time you saw in America family on the news that was going you the store to go grocery shopping than come all men and do some hard work in the afternoon. No, they don't show that because it not new and interesting. Same thing in Iraq. They dont show that year. So we always get the impression that you know.
That everyone on Iraq is some kind of militant right where there is tired of us being yard has not true, not true at all said one of the biggest points Think of where the media this debt to they just get it wrong. They just get. It on any really leaves people in America thinking what God, why are we there, it so crazy? How do you know why they don't want? Is there? No? Actually they do want. Is there, but you don't show those people. You show the protesters because at noon have, since it is not used to get a view, someone as yachts great haven't, Americans Europa. They can maintain a piece. That's not news! Isn't that crazy? How sure? That's not news lack in that kind of me?
then see that what are you? Why would you report on an american family? Just you know the dead, Wentworth Hewn reporting back? That's not me, so that makes sense, but the fact that you're not reporting everyday stuff is essentially changing the accurate message into message that inaccurate than that something there it is. It is it's. It's horrible term oversee This is just another little section. The russian counterinsurgency operation in Chechnya part one Winning the battle losing the war by Matthew and Genco R p e g sniper fire focused exposed russian troops, small groups of candy, twenty chechen fighters moving now to buildings and the surrounding mountains to engage heavily armed, an armored russian troops the Chechen teams will attack and shifts summit
tacking, while the others rested. So therefore Of no more than fifty held entire battalions at Bay Bottleneck in the narrow streets in cities or the travel or the treacherous deaf ways of the mountains, The Chechen utilization of information in space and are highly sophisticated networking allowed them a tremendous advantage in terms of physical, combat and even more important advantage in terms of psychological impact on their enemy, rather a group of ragtag insurgent fighters fuelled by hatred and national fanaticism. The Chechen fighters were highly trained, disciplined well equipped and knowledgeable of the terrain. From the individual up through the army level, the Chechens held the advantage in all but air power and fire support, and we are to talk about how they overcame that the Chechen fighters proved better trained, equipped, technically skilled and,
and demonstrated remarkably higher morale and motivation in addition to an intimate knowledge of ass restrain? Doesn't it just incredible how, over and over again they point out on both sides, how big the factor miraculous So if your leadership position, where are you working with a team, what it were from the company with you, took him work in him with a business model how is so important- and you have to pay tension to it yeah. It seems that, can it at a glance or something seems like morale- is kind of this extra thing what you don't feel good remain our businesses desert in. I don't feel good about it, but that's kind of the fuel you have the fuels. Do it yeah, I wouldn't say it's a few. I take a fire taking bribes.
Yes throughout the first Chechen war, Chechen fighters, many of them former soviet soldiers with combat experience in Afghanistan, Doug into the hills, and fought a defensive and fierce war patrician with the russian troops, not unlike their former after any counterparts. Although sides, engage and acts of brutality to weaken the enemies resolve the fight Chechen fighters. Far out did there. Russian counterparts in these grizzlies psychological tactics. There On russian wounded upside down, wounded and dead, slow down the windows, a defensive positions, for example, forcing the Russians to fire at their combat comrades in order to engage the rebels clearly at the second time we talk about that clearly had a huge back. I can't even imagine What that does you psychologically when you want to shoot at the enemy? You gonna shoot at one, your brother's, whose either wounded a meaning,
be Debbie's, possibly just wounded in either ways illustrate their. You shoot. Both russian Chechen dead were routinely booby trapped by the Chechens, who showed sophisticated insight into the likely actions reactions of average russian soldiers. We are to talk about that. In addition, chechen fighters, you dirty tactics, collectively learn from dozens of asymmetrical guerrilla conflict before such as instructing snipers to aim for the legs of russian troops, injuring, but not incapacitating, eminence using free range at the subsequent rescue parties that were sure to come. Some snipers, aimed specifically at the groin dealing a crippling you militating, wound and humility, humiliating wound that resulted in slow painful death and we the experiences in Iraq, you wear in part.
It was a rumour mill, where's people. They are managed because it was I remembered Felicia. There was a sniper that shots couple guys and there in the groin, and then your wife, in person got shot the groin in in remedy- and I remember We think it all. There go the US within its psychological, its psychological attack, nations routinely dressed in russian uniforms, to gain access to bases and used these opportunities to launch surprise attacks from behind enemy lines. Each and took seriously the notion that the scent grabbing, the war was no longer the enemies army. But rather the enemies people tactics were devised to attack Psyche of the Russians aimed at creating a constant level high level of psychological. Stress on the russian servicemen Undermine their morale, so the Chechens war. Hacking the morale attacking them doing things that were.
Making them psychologically. Hardened by united sense of purpose in driving out the invader, the Chechen troops terrified, and can that russian troops slowly bleeding out their morale unwillingness to fight russian troops, many, still in their teams. Were hopefully unprepared and under trained in comparison result of such a disparity and morale and military expectations had tragic consequences. According to one russian participants, the matter, the ground, shaken and angered by their losses were just taking it on anyone. They found there his revenge in the air for them, comrades who had been killed, and now you end up with
passengers get so frustrated there, so psychological damage others go out and taken out on the local Chechen, which are some of these are russian. Some of these people are good Russians and there taking down on them are taken not only work being insurgent and now what happens. Now everyone starts turning against you. It's a nightmare. Without recourse to set peace, conventional battle, the Chechen insurance had argument. We arguably achieve the acme of skill by subduing their enemy largely before the fighting began at the- each time? The Russians, with their vast superiority in military firepower, failed to use to use it to tactical and strategic advantage. Employing air and space power thoughtlessly or unimaginably
hush. Power was less effective or even disastrously, impotent, so lack of imagination, a lack of creativity, brutal brutal war, And along the lessons learned, but I can tell you that there is a lot of lessons that were learned by those Russians on the ground. That were absolutely implemented by american forces in I know and remedy absolutely the amount of similarities for that urban combat and the things that we watched out for because of the sacrifices made by the russian soldiers. I too had a huge impact and am glad that we were able you take away some lessons and take those to the battlefield in Romania and do things like
the local partners and do things like understand their their culture and do things not take out or aggression on the local. Populous, which only turns the local populous against you, and it was that for Nationalism of thee- U S military of the? U S army soldiers of the? U S! Marines, that professionalism Maintain that discipline throughout the battle. I was actually absolutely critical in bringing about the victory crazier. All these are these strategies and in tactics, are it's all the same. The patent book
All the books it these messages it it's all the same, it's crazy it is it is. It is all the same. It's crazy how somewhere they are, and when they do, fleetly line up and It's amazing how the tactics from the battlefield reflect the tactics in business and like the tactics in human life. You know what you want with Craig me. Eerie feeling is one. You talked about. The chechnyan rebels that there were the rebels, ranging from touching railways there how they attacked the russian morale re. So what giving eerie feeling is that we get with like guys who abuse their girlfriend or that wife that's what they do. They attack their morale. Yes, yes, Gimme, that feeling- but it's like that, because the gave you that every feeling, because you understand how
this lady ass, you know and if not exactly that's perfect, we'll put it because it's not this thing were its different than chopping. The guy's heads and putting it on on states that that's something pressure but its we different. It's on this weird, like chemicals. Very level, but still so devastating. So it's weird words. Is it and it's bad? When you, you see a guy doing that to a girl, else. It's it's! It's horrible and also in you mentioned earlier. The morale Peace is something that gets ignored so often here, especially in the business world, where people just their morale, will take a beating the markets ban. All these things, and if you dont prop up that around you dont protect the morale, you don't defend them around. You don't strengthen the morale, That's when you get was what would happen to the russian soldiers. The morale fell apart, yet in a lot of them.
If the morale that, like in a company or something the leader of his bed, what kind of blame them like. You guys have bet attitudes we're trying to do some big thing. You did that attitudes that says the opposite, their leader, that's not taking ownership of the situation. Is why Ownership is so important because the minute you start blaming. Can you just years put a nail in the coffin when used are blaming people for bad morale it also it's either. The beatings continue until morale re idea. It's exactly doesn't work. You know the beatings, do not improve morale. Would you say cut off the top you head? Would you say that that more common than that, that is the whole thing, were just a blamed people in general? really needed. To absolutely I mean it is absolutely a very common. The problem in leadership here. That's that's why
work is done really well because people say man I'd That I can't believe I do that because we never hear any of this stuff like growing the eel. Say: ok, don't blame, but it's it's not like a bridge, strong message that you're Saint growing. I know I wasn't. I dont think that people Have isolated and focused on ownership at this level, I think that's why the I think that's why the book has done very well, I think why people continue to contact me and say aid? You guys! Thank you for this book change. Where look at everything it changed the way I have done my business. It's changed the way I'm treating my wife changed my family change. My outlook on my physical failings suits when you take ownership to that high level and that intensity and you call the extreme ownership yeah. I think it has a huge impact. I think that we are the first people would have said. You know what this needs to be. The focus
This is the game changer. This is the fundamental principle in life. That is going to turn you from the greatest success. When you say hey this person didn't help me in this person went against me. This person sabotage me that's great but doesn't matter, Will you take ownership of everything, somebody sabotaging me, I only I gotta figure how to stop it's too soon. Youth when you can ignore that or you can't get window that it almost seems so obvious. I care Whoa whoa there thinking if I'm gonna blame someone's. No, of course they're gonna go me back if I, if I get belligerent towards them- will of course need belligerent back, but you don't. You and your Eddie knew that really, if your ass, but it's off, it's almost like you don't think. If I take ownership and went up, I'm gonna start taking ownership on it. You don't really
about that. That much even though after you know it, it seems rule of these things are simple, but not easy, but only if they really are and ownership. When you take ownership of problems, when you take ownership of your life and when you don't have anybody else to blame, it hurts yeah. It hurts and urge the eagle. We heard the mind it hurts. So people even though it's really easy. I'm gonna take ownership everything it's hard to do it's difficult for people to do and when they do do it when they do step across that line, and they do take over the absolutely see things turn around and I've I've heard that you mean, thankfully, for the internet, thankfully for twitter and Facebook and all these things people hit me up every single day and say We either hey this changed my life. What somebody just something might you know they'll, say
Some issues at work today took ownership over problem. Solving Uzbek ok gripped Ray. What was aboriginal done a month ago before they read the book. There were to blame somebody else. They would have shifted the problem in older. They would they would have ignored it. They would have cast blame someone else. They would not solve the problem. So when you take on chip. It allows you then, to solve the problem so that together do so now. It is time for questions from the entire webs here we actually have occurred, event question which technically has never happened. Well, I would say it's not I'll, explain
has not occurred event once you asked the question, because it is what are your thoughts on the kind of Macgregor verses, name ideas, fight in the Holly Home verses me should take fight. You see one. Ninety six, this past week in women's Benton, wait championship only home because we should take and then like a super Yeah super faintly ideas and kind of Macgregor, the champ at one, forty, five and here's why? This is not a current events. Question to me because this is just a question about fighting. It really is because and you could say this at any time. These were good examples when we talk about these examples in one year, five years and there's other.
I did or similar examples Polly Home who is a world class? boxer and boxer inbox and a very good Marshall artist. However, not that group, it jujitsu, not not horrible, not trying to. Gonna, because she has also made a smart fighter, two very smart with a grave or coach great corner. She lost her mutate, who is definitely not as good as striker, but who is better on the ground. Yeah and she's real real well round is essentially lay well rounded, is extremely well rounded and she's also gotten be twice by Rhonda Rosy and the The strategy in those fighter jihad was awful in the majority drastically out for some reason me shirt kept clinic
in grabbing and trying to take the fight to the ground again. Rhonda, which was just stupid, shoot clearly a better striker. So I don't know I think that might change the next time they fight me show off. We now have a smarter game plan. Then trying to grapple with under there's no reason for it is a better striker chinese. Take advantage of it on the other with Holly Home, she does get the grappling going and not that easy. I'm good at avoiding the take thousands of men so good, but finally does it in the in the fifth rush she had her. At the end of the second round area, but enough can neither the term ran out, and then you have managed to end in the fifth round, manage to get it to the ground and immediately
finish yeah I mean she managing that is key to you said that she managed to like a get it to the ground because it was a beautiful take down or anything. She got in honor finely she'd gun stuff the couple times it was Hollywood, when a really good job of keeping her at Bay Holly was obviously scared, because even the second round she got once it was on the ground of domination by militia and then Polly didn't want to go to the ground with her again. But then she let her get in and then like you Ed me. She just force that the kind of dragging ugly wage is gonna, make add it to the ground, and once you have, the gums, gonna backbone got it back in and when he got back, she got choking once got choking Ali kind of trying to flipper offline and Even that was legitimacy of Hollywood. It just like student, shook her off like a really good experience. Jujitsu player might do
But she did, she slept there over a landowner back into in than me, shouted the joke in deep and finish Amicia timing, Missus Bennet perhaps before she easy scrappy tough. She got big heart. She fighter water heart I give her are given. The problem. Exhorted Holly, of course, we would sleep Geneva. Tap abuse what no I'm not having and you could see her instinctively started, throwing those at the end. I mean into the air in a different direction, because that's her that's her train Augusta! Yeah, yeah! That's really how you see that all the time you ve always been knocked out, earthy go get not having. This are grappling with their eye, for he was or with a raft of work that has gone on unconsciously. Do it it's kind of a kind of compliment outside
still like that thought America, so that aggression is low and pointed at the air, even though she's asleep so yeah, so in this case straight up and you get to work. Yes, ok, we'll talk about to give us a debris found in the greater DS fight, see the think it was There is a lot of components I think did buy things. I think that will give us the outlook of what happened just delicate yeah. They thought they find it one. Seventy, In Nigeria is either one fifty five or thinks he's He's gotta one always we ve got one seventy before yeah, but he's the his normal way for fighting is wonderful, so a Gregory normal way for fighting is wonderful, came up ten pounds, but due to the
nature of them about they actually ended up fighting at one. Seventy four they fight it was. It was a little battle in. I think, from what I saw is it was close, but I think Conor Macgregor caught em, like some solid once column, couples out ones in the area then yet shifted and then Nate study catching him and german him up in and I think that's really what did it because he is started beating and then Conor went for a take down and that's what you quickly what you do and when you go for that, take down the way he did that's when you get beat up and you go for their courage in order to avoid getting data even unbuckling, they did in a younger, you got so those kind of what that kind was in an ever made. You go further. Take down. That's kind of weird is so we did Platt and that's the thing here comes the Jujitsu, where his thought
the reality is Conor of couldn't you That wasn't an option for him, we're sure you went for that. Take them when you take down is even worse now because they did is one of the really good you did the guy good. So in Canada, Gregory still working on its budget is good from what I hear whatever, but not like name isn't. It is like levels above an absence of It goes to the ground and it really showed for not only is Conor kind of beat up a little bit and in dazed now the majority of the Digital now, which is that the double a double strike, I'm so, of course it usually takes couple more shut, and then they took them up pretty pretty quick yea by magic, Jitsu skill, in wanting ideas is pointing out the whole week when they were getting interviewed everything he said you know he either turning partners, new local Enron with her look. Who is wrong with you?
with his brother neck. He always Jake Shields whose based on the ground, I mean he's gone with all those little bad as wrestlers to ease got on reality, farming, these guys are get after it. You don't owe me and so. Whose I mean I don't know. I mean he train with Gunnar. What's my gratitude, Gunnar, even though the others good everything but is, but the thing is about the Jujitsu and about the training. The guy's it your training with all the time, that's gotta you trimmed with every day. That's what makes you good, I'm the guy that comes out for a two week, camera for we can predict. We camped that does not make you good jujitsu.
Open up one or two things, but it's not the life, not the deep daily grind with the with the masters. You know that would make you really good. So I think that, like I said, I mean it's, it's definitely. Showed that you get, you definitely works. It also shows you how hard it is to get good at how much harder to get good at Amsterdam. Any measure She was not dominating, but you surviving on the stand up remain and is a world crier strike me she's she's. Definitely, a better striker then Mission eight is a graph, or I mean Michigan Doesn't have any tremendous accolades as grabber she's, a high level Mme grappled, but she's, not a world champion granular, and yet you know
She was able to hang because striking is for the most part from us. Our perspective is a linear fought pattern of throwing strikes and another human grappling is aware infinitely more complex infinitely. It infinitely more complex? And so you have to learn it earlier and if you want to make something other more striking. Striking, has an element of luck to it I don't care. What you say is striking, as I mean we're, when two enemy fighters go in a cage, there's not a goddess hey. I can definitely knock this guy out. There is absolute lockers, counter, seldom even boxing, where the whole object is: Pontio Vagina had knock em out. Whereas a rear make a joke is around like a joke. You know it's a really make a joke. It is a very, very
assured weapon utilizing in those situations around one table talking to her head. Her Gracie ages made a real small short comparison to having boxing. He said the average person can walk into a boxing jim in an rock someone knockabout. He used the word he and rock someone. If he d swings for the fences, and that is possible, but you get when you can't really do that. You can't really a new guy come in as a white building, just go real hard and somehow catch some yeah worthy submission old, so you're in once you learn that you and the other guy does it not and he has it learned it or a hasn't learned it even close to the but you ve learned it it's that it's that easy! Really! Italy, in really the best way to say it is you have that much control over the fight.
You do now. The thing is, I don't wanna make like all of a sudden jujitsu by itself is the a powerful thing, because you can guess count that the dozens and dozens and dozens of jujitsu people they have been beaten, emanate even beaten down. They been knocked out. They had their shots, stuffed so that there is no doubt about that, but its. It is definitely the skill that you have to have in this day and age, for mixed Marshall, That's for sure I may, without it yo you could be without which have, as you have seen one and you have see to digital speech, the other martial arts, whether addressing with its boxing, doesn't matter. You know, but did, you have to train everything. I mean Jujitsu takes alone
Stu learners. The most allowances should start with that, but not about cannot Russell. You know I gotta know my tie and that's the way it is. And when you have that much of a discrepancy between like a certain element of of people's game like an end, I think Digital tends to be the more prevalent because a lot of times people people be like all world certain guys, like let's say like a chocolate, l or clay Guido there like hey. These are what actually would the chuckle he's not necessarily Jujitsu black belt and use champion aware, but the thing is he knew he had rustling backgrounds. We agree point, but we knew about Jujitsu area for thoroughly. He knew about like where the armor comes from, where the chokes come from. To defend the chill out anything so knowing Jujitsu thing like you needed, no do you. The isn't doesn't necessarily mean you gotta, be a black belt ingenuity or you have to have this slickest sharply submissions. Necessarily you just have to know you did
and if you don't know it or know very little, he I'd say the chances of you getting expose exposed is really I I agree we can. I think these just so happened last night that that the those fights exemplified that I agree with you gotta got another digital. As I was listening to your recent pod gas, I thought that of a few topics you could discuss those big good and helpful for young guys want to join the military and special. I know that buds and other training are just baseline entry level schools,
But in my experience those stories it would get those excited and fired up. So you know guy wants to hear about bud stories and what it's like going through those stories. Further, those first types of training costs. It gets people excited and fired up. Well,. There's there's actually kind of a reason why I don't sit around and talk about buds, which is basic seal basic onward notions. Your training, three not sit around and talk about it, a bunch. One of those reasons is because buds is not the seal deems at all, and it doesn't mean anything, and I try and say that is often as I can, because I want people to get the impression
that that the seal teams is the little one initial training that is barely even a fraction of your career in the seal deems it has nothing to do with what you actually do when you get in the seal teams I also don't want There's an intentional was more response. The question, but I dont tell stories to get guys fired up to join the military. About birds, because that isn't what the subtleties- that's, not what an s f, o the eighteen years, that's not more Ranger battalion is real. You're battalion and as if it is not the same action course to that, you go through to get into it and that's not what the job here. And you shouldn't be joining, military engine be trying to get in the special operations, because you want to do that training, you should.
Do the training you want do the job you want to do that Actual job of being in special operations and being special forces in being rangers and being in Marseille being in the seal teams, you want to do that job and if you wanted Do that job, what it really boils down to is running or working or Pulitzer Swimming irony that crap? It boils down to whether you have the two wills that I talk about, that war is determined by. And that is the will to kill, because that is the entire premise of your job. If you're in the military at all Maybe somehow. Supporting that
If you were in the military but the ultimate goal, Of the military is to kill the bad guys and if you to be in special operations, you're gonna be on. Keep the spear of that to you absolutely have to make sure that you have the will to kill. And you also obviously, if you're gonna, join special operations are, you want to be in the seal teams? You have to have the will to die. Not that you want to die, not that you want to be a martyr, not that you. We can suicidal or anything like that, but you absolutely to make sure that you have the willingness.
Die- and I would say, put your life on the line, but now I'm going beyond that, I'm talking about the willingness to die because you join special operations or you join the seal teams. Will you join any the combat arms in the army or in the marine corps. You will be asked to put your life on the line and you gotta be ready to do that. You gotta have that, will you gotta be ready to make that commitment. And I mean the training, if you, if you have that, will to kill and you have the will to die the training right.
Swam do push up Stewpots debt sprints, derailed granted to flutter kicks all that stuff is the easy part. And so if you sit there, you see see. What training on Tv- and you think all that be cool, dont. Think about that as what being a seal is because it is not that is just
the selection, just the weeding out of the week you wanna, be a seal means you wanna, be a commando means you wanna go into harm's way. It means you wanna meet the enemy on the field of battle, that's what being a seal is and that's why I really don't sit around and tell Bud stories. Found the guy too much more to say about that one, I'm sure at some point I mean there's funny things that happen in bonds. I mean, of course, but this compare do
Like what happens in a super too, there is no big deal. Yeah yeah, that's interesting. Are you put it? Don't folks, don't do it because you wanna go to do it? If you want to do the job at a big, that's a big mistake maybe I can help some people out that are out there right now thinking. Oh I'd really like to go through that training. No, don't do it to go through the draining goat. Do it? Could you want to do that job? Is it true that they they take a pin? Then they stick it in your skin, clip painted on the skin, the truly didn't. Where would you get your tried in the? It has like three little prongs that go out the back of it to stick it onto your uniform and when you get, you tried it yet. I put it like India or Scandia
Secondly, you standing out with no shirt there like earlier in the internet, punch it in, and you know everybody when I went when I got my tried and the whole team lined up, and everyone punch you right in the chest until you just bleed, never learn the bruise under just me next question: do you have experience with people telling you that you're too intense. Or that you need to work on that being so up front and straightforward, sometimes, is called working on your. How, I think, would be great here how you could apply this using extreme ownership in the business world. There is a big push on diversity, which is wonderful, but often it comes with also deadened, diversifying away from intensity and male aggression, quoting what I'd love your thoughts.
Well, this is it's it's kind of, interestingly it this course. It's gonna. Strangely this question, because all the time when I about leadership. I talk about. Wasn't you hear me say, take the indirect approached something I always talk about the indirect approach, because the direct approaches is not digits, direct approaches, beating your head and punching someone in the face so I'm always talking about using the indirect approach so by its very nature, indirect is not straightforward. It's not in tents, No, I dont have people telling me I'm too intense around straightforward. Why don't I then tell me that, because I'm not in not, and I'm not saying that I'm not intense, not saying that I'm not straightforward bomb,
very, very careful not to go too far with either. This is this is a fighter that swinging to hark or being to predict or just will stand in trade and take damage. And do damage, that's the dirt the approach, the direct approaches. I put you in the facing you punch me in the face and we play a war, patrician. Want to enter into a war of attrition, I do not want to enter into a war of attrition. I want to use a manoeuvre warfare. I want to move. I want to see unseen into the weak areas and set my bombs and have them go off so, I just got this ass. The other night by a relatively new Clyde, a mind. You are you gonna, get in their faces and and.
Given the thesis of leadership and demonstrate that they need to get their act together, and you can see that this person was very excited by that idea It was most senior leaders and I was that your head. This idea that also come in and just get in their faces and tell my screwed up? They were- and I said no, I I likely will not do that. And then I said to myself: look what if I told you that you are all screwed up your failure at your job and you do you're a week later. What would you do be sure you, like you, really wanted to listen to me. Would you would you be opened My suggestions that point, you think I'd be an efficient coach. Do you I would even appear as an intelligent human being. If the best I could do to coach you with it
will you that you sucked as a leader and you are a failure, your job and your screwing? Everything up, and I wish you the answers, work. Oh no! No, of course not. I would be a whore mobile cut, which I would be a horrible leader myself, that's what I resorted to and Most importantly, if I want you to change and. The way I'm trying to get you to train is by their changes by being abusive, and begging Judas send up your defences and not listen to me what the hell good am doing I would I do anything that's going to when he bit my goal, which my goal is to get you to change. It should be a better leader. So if I slap you in the face with aggression, always straightforward
that makes you defensive. How does that help me the answers? Doesn't now again that doesn't mean that I'm never straightforward and never aggressive, but I collate those moments. I calculate those woman's. There's a reason. Why we sugar coat medicine for a little children right? There is, why is it so they take it? oh they take it into their system and it's the same thing with adults. People say: don't sugar coated, don't you don't just tell me how it is, they don't mean it. They want it. Sugar coated. Because they want to accepted into their body it's just like Jujitsu. You need
use your dignity set things up. You need to manipulate to get people to do. What you want to do. Especially if it has to do with them, changing themselves. One of the worst ways to get someone to changes by telling him exactly how you want them to change. I mean of where's their situation. We have this beautiful relationship and you ve built with someone you have this intimate last with another human being. I dont think I have that with anybody. But have been situations in my life, we have had- oh just complete trust with you know, maybe there's three or four people that I have that within my whole life, I can t say, listen man, here's the deal doggie different. Fears. What's going on here is watching you do just very few people. Do you have that relationship and life? So you gotta use that.
New ones and that maneuver warfare and is this anything with aggression, it's the same thing that this would just read in this article. Don't yell. But the Chechen people you're not going to be able to get what you want from them and I said it does not just apply to those people applies to all people, you gotta bring people way, and then you gotta manipulate them. I know that again that has negative connotations, but it's what you're doing you're trying to get someone to think a different way. That's manipulation, collared influence what are we want, but that's what you're trying to do and the most difficult we manipulate. Someone is to see them in the face with aggression. So there's a little dichotomy here. Of course, because you know I was saved, the default mode has to be aggressive, but I dont mean
Necessarily overtly aggressive, it means that your aggressively forcing things to go in your direction, Every means necessary through over and over and clandestine and Firstly, the preferred method of all these cover the prefer? The method for me to get echo to do something different is for echoed and never even think. I had an opinion on. It is for me, justice. Nick in their behind enemy lines, plan the seeds and let him grow, and let echo come to the conclusion that you're gonna change away you're doing something in Europe think differently about some. That's leadership It's real leadership. So that's what you're gonna work!
If somebody is, telling you you're too intense, and you too aggressive, guess what you are. You're, giving away your greatest weapon. You're advertising your attack. Surprise is one of the most key components in a battle. And when you tell people aggressively and overtly what you're doing you giving up that element, don't I'm asking you now
to be manipulative person behind the scenes with weird plans. But tat is what I'm asking you to do. That is what I'm asking you to do, because that is how you get things done, that is how you get into people's minds. That is how you will lead, not by yelling. Not by being overly aggressive, not by being so intense that people don't want to listen to you, because intensity is a form of emotion right in the minute you come. Causes an emotional, intense, maniac people
questioning already you're validity, these guys to intense dont, be that guy manipulate influence, be clandestine covert, and that is how you win the reason of current laughing this question, is that it cannot make sense from some kind of from outside, and not only in the main, when me personally world View as being in tents or aggressive or or is like when you just talking about
something that you you never doing it towards anybody know like you'll, never lose I've. Never then I've known you since o six. I think some like that in Anderson you'd lose your temper get mad, I'm in kind of one. I'm stuck in a leaf about it. We'd, never really seen you get mad, but maybe one or two times you have this. Massive in intense persona fresher and when you talk about things for sure, but yet when you're dealing with people it it's real like basically the way you want to be engaged in another, yeah, yeah yeah patent, who wants to have somebody get aggressive with him? It's never eaten the only time it works, like your handling, a prisoner like literally, if I'm handling a prisoner, I'll, be aggressive with them. If I'm trying to
get command of a survey of a case, ex situation and there's a there's a now. The aggressor and the situation. I might have to be more aggressive than that person, but In normal situation dealing with human beings, aggression isn't a attribute. It's a negative because all it does is make people defensive now, listen It doesnt mean that you're sitting back in your shirking and shrivelling up rail, but it means that your finding a balance with another person and you're you're working with them and conversed with them to bring them along into your way of thinking. That's what it is in and you know when somebody asked me a question like this: it it
really signifies to me. That makes me nervous, because I think to myself I see this all the time I mean They use the indirect approach, don't you know, get people's defence up. I say this all the time someone can still come back and say you, people are telling me I'm being too aggressive. They're not even taken ownership of the fact that their being your crazy right, it's like other people, are weak. Yea and therefore, since their weak, they think I'm too aggressive. I can't believe how pathetic they are That's the reality, that's what you're going through someone like this mind, like sometimes it's cool the working on your how you know he's kind of saying. Oh there they ve got a euphemism forward and and in the business world, there's a big push on diversity, but it comes with differ the flying away from intensity and male aggression. I mean you can guarantee what what this is
I thought I was gonna say like no. You gotta stay the path where you going people can take it. You got crush him up. No, actually that's a complete wrong answer. If people can't get it's because you are being too aggressive you given. It is wrong that way. You baby is wrong, so that aggression needs to be child in such a way that its being utilised to further the goal, two further go, and you know who you get aggressive with yourself. You get aggressive with yourself. That's who I get aggressive with your straightfor, with I'm straightforward with myself That's why I'm straightforward with I'm the one guy that I am allowed to get aggressive with to be straightforward with to put things in. Tonight, sugar code, anything I'm alive. To do that with me.
But I'm not allowed to do it with another human, because it's not an effective way of leadership. It just is not yet it's it's funny out like that, have led to an incident in with you, what I said is is absolutely, I don't think I've ever seen. You get mad at someone else. But at the same time, and I think a lot of people who may not know you good but but have have experienced being around you, they offer you. I would say that they will feel the same way and that is that The african jack was or whatever, but if he were to lose his temper on me, I'd probably die The good good and the right like I'm glad I'm not losing my temper, that will be good at all that bad. I have you know that
the good people hath honour, and I don't think so that they caught him either. That is, that a kind of safety, yet the sense of impending doom is there at the same time yeah yeah in, and I think it I think it does genuine they surprise people here, because I look like a serial killer, I'm a big guy whatever, and they expect that that I'm gonna be aggressive and implementing this, and you know you gonna get your shit together right, but it is not just an effective way of leadership if that was if that was leadership, leadership believe easy. It would be easy right. I'm sky, yellow everyone, really what I say I'm just gonna, yellow everyone, then they'll do what I say that just does not work. Yes, crazy, look the way! You talk a lot about that, but just the way, maybe it's like
That's how you saw your voice that fully everything really is you do so only in tenth, even though you're not being intense. You know you this kind of seem that way for all these reasons of Gore. Well, it's like you, said earlier when I'm tired about something that I care about re? Yes, I am definitely going to be intense about, especially when it's something that is impact full to me end and something that means. Something to me and tricked me leadership does mean a lot to me in and trying to help people lead is Poor thing to me, I enjoy it and I like to see you. Succeed. So, therefore, when I talk about it, sometimes I get a little bit fired up and I get in tense with what I'm saying that is, it's scary that discourage like indirectly scary thoughts that miscarry, ok, use words, Gareth indirectly, scary were when you do it's like. Oh, not scared. What you're doing, but you kind of can imagine need like all right. What are you know, you're kind of like you like,
raging hurricane that when it comes by turns into like a warm gentle breeze, and maybe that's that's probably part of the advantage. The heart of the advantages people he I said this- I think it was TIM Ferris- has said this to you. People are surprised when I can sit there and have a conversation with them, and I am not aggressive with them, in my mind, is open to what they're saying that part of the game. Next clash, ok jacket
Your reaction to Mars Operate Marlon, Martha Emir Souci, forming Marine Corps special operations command so that the new, the new king so in this is the question that is, I think so, Marines think built their steals now or yeah we should be, or we should have been Marines all along. So this It is a question about, like I said, the Marine Corps special Operations Commander was formed in no two thousand five, two thousand and six may be in and if you don't know the army has its own special operations group, the Navy has its own special operations group. The air force has its own special operations group and the Marine Corps did not way. What is
I recall if ever the YAP pursuit for shriek on was a part of the marine corps, but it wasn't broken off in and it didn't get the extra money in the extra funding and didn't fallen to the chain of command of special operations, and so when they made morsel it did so now. They took a pointer for three guys and put him into a group and have their own funding and everything else so the bottom line is on. This is that the Marine corps is awesome and I love the marine corps, and I think that this was long overdue. I think that the marine corps as a whole is likely it's likely the most capable of fighting,
unit the world has ever known. To be honest with you, I mean, maybe the in addition, the airborne divisions from the army are also just highly capable, but the marine corps with its air ground see it's got commanding. Controls got integrated intelligence, it's got everything and it can use at all together, and so that makes it just in an extremely effective and efficient fighting force and they are highly disciplined. Their highly motivated, there's an incredible esprit de corps. So for me this was long overdue. And I think that I actually did turn over with the with the union, your kind of more sock group in two thousand and four in Baghdad.
And I work with a marine Koran, I'd more work before shriek on multiple deployments when I was younger seal and they took a bunch of those guys, buncher, just legendary forgery. Guys and put him into this first Marseille company, and they were awesome warriors awesome, guys. And I think actually have one thing it that's a huge benefit to them is in the marine corps, you're in the marine corps, so every marine corps every marinas riflemen they have the opportunity to work with big, conventional infantry. Companies and opportunity, battalion. So so fair guys will be very experienced, and I think that they are going to be. I mean I think, that the more marine corps especial operations command is gonna, be next
strangely capable force in the future, and I am glad to say the least, that they will be defending our country and freedom around the world for many many years to come. Yet I can go along with what are you. Sit or a lot of these points that these books make about how the discipline in the training or so paramount, you know and success. Now you have yet another division. That's gonna get some solid training. You know that for sure there's, no doubt the marine corps will put these guys through outstanding journey. Near next question, do you consider shooting a Marshall are and how his your firearms training been like or unlike martial arts training? Well.
Shooting is absolutely a Marshall. Are I mean, maybe not the way people picture martial arts nowadays be or because, when you picture martial arts people picture, you know a guy with a guy doing karate. That's that's right! That's the generic picture. To me, that's not that's not Marshall! Actually to me, martial arts is the out of war, the artery individual warrior skills that it takes an fire, arms are absolutely Marshall ART, because it something that you train it, something that you get good at it, something that you need to maintain your skill at and it is absolutely a Marshall, and to me. It's another piece of the puzzle. To another thing that
you need to know how to do and just like tactics that go along with shooting are an important part of being a warrior. You need not issue in the training is very similar in my mind, to martial arts training, in that it too gonna repetition. You have to know what the basics aren't. You have to repeat those basics and then you get more advanced and it's it's about movement in getting efficient with Movement it then you want a train, it very similar to the way that you train Mixed Marshall, It's all martial arts in general that is, are you. Gonna have different frat levels. Now you deal with them and you want to deal with a weak side. You know you can shoot with your off hand in various environments, in the low light in the dark, and
rain in the you want a mixed up to your used. All that you want to be used to people at close range. You want to be used to people at far the range and then once you get all those mechanical skills down, then you wanna train your mind around this thing. You wanna, train your mind around this skill. That your mind knows how to utilise this skill when things are unexpected and when There'S- he asked and when there's mayhem going on and us that's one of the things that I really like about simulation, training or paintball training or laser tag training is it allows you it allows you to have somebody else, you back at you, which is just like. We are just like role and introduce you sparring more tie or sparring enemy. Is you have to react for since no longer just a caught up.
Language is shooting paper targets that don't shoot back and don't move so you do I love to take it once you ve got the skills down, and then you learn, you ve got the fundamentals down than you. Take the advanced fundamentals then you begin to train dissimulate combat, and this is I'll. I have these. I got these laser tag guns for my son. I just got two of em at first but that escalated very carefully because they were often there is little nerve, laser dad guns and you could show. Each other at I don't know, maybe a hundred metres, which is a pretty good shot, is like a pistol and so when I got these and similar two of them and I realized how good they were. I bought you more so I could go against my son and his friends and they could go against each other and I taught me.
Like all the basic military maneuvers that he would need to know, and this is when he was maybe eight years old and she. We would play this game all the time they know in. So I taught him out of covered move. I taught him out to get elevated positions. I taught him how to do individual movement techniques, where you don't show your face. The same spot like twice in a row every time you get up, you move a little bit and he realize that are you win in his little games and their real was the real tactics, and so I had to speak in speaking of speaking of the Marine corps. I had a friend that was was came over the house one time and he was off green and we got the conversation all of a sudden. You know my son comes out with the laser dad guns and my son's I
you know, do you want to go guys, like me, yeah of course. Let's do it so son, looks enemies as indoor outdoor anything else you could see. There was something going on in the guy, Outdoor outdoor, so my son, you be but another thing and accounts down for ten seconds and then it's all so it's legal fight cover. SL, the so ten seconds, my son, it's a thing. My son takes off at the door you're gonna get this guy's duped, because you know you you're going against a change in the kill The guy comes out and in its dark right. Guy comes out of the door on watch him he's gonna crouched a little bit and always on his gun, because it was in this once dismiss all takes place inside the gun, you don't wear helmet, you don't do anything. You actually are shooting the other person's gun when it shot. When you make it, articles and shaken a red light flashes. So here
walks out and sure enough. My son head run around the block, honoured, elevated position and who is. He came walking out my son sort of drilling in the guise. The freezes it's in Russia. He freezes, he doesn't even think to myself I'll, take cover. No, he just froze and got drilled and as soon as its easy sailors gonna looking around looking around look around. Finally, he sees my son. He starts to point the weapon up towards so my Sunday disappears and then the guy's a guy. Can walking over in that direction and then fifteen seconds? They are my son pops upon his flagging drills them again from behind another defence in a hole in the wall and evasion of Kyoto,
and in the castle he lets go again in my sunbeam, like freedoms in IRAN and its because he had the basic the basic skills, basic instruments. Girls is one it was, you know he would shoot and then move and that's what it boils down to. So that kind of thing is is very important in, as far as being a martial arts, and you should train it s an open. You know. I said this to Saint Paris when I was on his part cast. You know: yeah, maybe there's no chance because you live in a bubble in I've, no great neighborhood in your while protecting of alarm system, your house and all that and maybe you're never gonna have a problem and that's good I mean there's always a chance. I would never believe that you're never gonna bomb, but there's always a chance somebody's gonna coverage that evils going enter your world and you want to be ready for that now, if that
makes me sound paranoid. Ok, let's you say you're, not paranoid, and you don't think it's ever gonna happen. But it is still highly valuable to train in these situations because they make you a better person. They make you sharper. They make you smarter they making more prepared. If something does happen, it is good to know this stuff in it makes you a better person, more reliable to real skill set. You know, I always was bombed out about basketball or footballer baseball because those are the their life skills involved, and while I was there, but this skill itself of throwing it, his ball of shooting a basketball of Verona. Football is now as valuable as a skill as. Number one, a Marshall artist. You know my time, boxing wrestling jujitsu,
Because, as a real applicant applicable to life hundred percent. And this is something that, should you got me not as a real applicable scale that you may need at some point your life and you shall have it meal. What supplements do you and echo take what supplements Dietrich, where my number one supplement is stake? Stake? Yes, beautiful stay, that's a number one. Well they're. There are a couple of things that I take number one. I take crude oil. I've taken in every day for probably. Ten years, maybe a little bit longer and I take glucose mean an update.
Not every day for ten plus years I got ahead. Will my shoulder was bothering me many years ago in someone said Haiti COIL take glucose And I actually know what it wasn't guerrilla. There was fish oil at the time, but The same time I started taking both and within a short period of time my shoulder got better and it had been a nagging nine month, injury, so I dont know which one of those to get it but I'll never gonna find out it is I'm always gonna. Take above I yeah. I eat a cocoanut oil. Whenever I get the chance, I like gaping things and
and an oil cocoanut oil is out. If you get a taste for it. It's really nice tasting thing here, yeah, so that's that's. The supplements that I take one thing has been really cool is is picking up sponsorship from on it, for the park asked you know from Joe who is obviously been on big supporters, is actually them the reason that we're sitting here I now discuss Joe Rogan meeting First, that the same thing which arose and said you need to have your own pocket, and I said: ok here we are any. Was you no real supportive I definitely like supporting him his company with on it, but what great, as they make good quality stuff and Real simple, yelled funny is an area really tell you about this, but if you could be gone on the website on the internet website, you can get stuck on there for a while,
this reading other stuff about it. You don't like that. The crude oil was one- and I know about crude oil from long term in their cruel, like these little through, like little shrimp, insulating danger, anyway. So teeny tiny, relax a better way of putting it, but how they get. It is like it's. Our eco friendly way doesn't destroy the early or affect the ecosystem, even the big ship, the vessel that they used to the harvest, the cruel like low emission specifically certify thank dang. It's real in deadly get stuck on the interesting. Because they tell you like one of the benefits You know how they know that these benefits are. There could again to say, hey, take this little cure this. You can't do that. You gonna, go through this prize. Says the out of you. I have watched over the crude oil- I don't know maybe like seven years ago or something at some point eyes went from fish oil drilling oil. Apparently, they finance like little bit better thanks a lot better when well, at least when you read about it
do me. People has been oh, oh. What do you do? Yoke is I'm forty four years old, all right, but I dont you're forty four article twenty four hour, you don't feel forty four, I feel for private twenty four. Actually the thing there Can we turned me on the fish oil was. There was a guy that was a bad ass guy and he was fifty four, but he was a competitive power lifter when he was younger and Was it really good shape resupply when I was? Why was I then about fifteen years ago, or something like that? I would like thirty years old and this guy look young and healthy, and I said you know: hey What do you do like which remain thing to keep you so young and healthy, and he said I take fish oil every day.
Ok cool. When I like, let's try that yeah we'll get on board that trade here, so Tibet asked for some today in no we'll get you some pro rata. Thank you said: you'd get Colonel crude oil Add on a dark earlier: relax, lash Jacko, that's right for shipping, I don't know what it is forwards list I put it on the on the website and both website the jackals on our website and the Jacobites s lips. So sweet and all any in the EU with a disco so or so on. It is giving artlessness disco like ten percent. My people, and what I did find out on it, regardless of whatever discount you get the you're free shipping on everything, except. I want to say that
the big? Oh, let alone he felt kettlebells yeah, but everything of visa free shipping costs, which is kind of seems, like a small deal in doing that such things are lining of before. Like ensured and of course, but he's online, but when you get free shipping to something seem small, real slightly larger here, you can feel it Wouldn't let people by one know what supplements you take poor, mainly with after that in college, whenever Nazi what's up, because they think for some reason that supplement give you big muscle, is on the table. They all think about our work and how the other work it out. They hear those secondary. But you're in Digital. They care less about muscles they'll be like through its actually get Kennedy, sometimes in digital. If you have big muscles weird
get teased, but you lose credit for your skill suggest on your site that you behind it do get the every libraries my ever role with you, get done. Wrong, they're like mad, She was wrong. I keep em right job weak they train over twenty years, who, by the way, has nothing to do with it. I take the only supplement I take out for brain. The instant one- and I were, I do take a pre worker, which is I mean, I'm gonna, be,
and it's? I don't know if I should take a pre worker pre workers. Do you know what that is? Re Ediths like a little powder? Italy is a stimulus, slits cavity, grand, basically caffeine in a typically in an all too nitric, nitric oxide. It basically makes you think so. Dilated vessels get dilates till you get more of a palm Benghazi energy. It's just like. It's basically stimulate energy, singular if you're not in the mood for work it out, but I found this little wheat sweet little but you put out forebrain instead with it or just with coffee drink. Some coffee in the upper brain in city hits you at the same time. If you don't want to work out you wanna work out whether they are so yeah. That's that's pretty much it. It's funny cause a lot of people. They think that if you take protein powder, it'll make your muscles big like it. I hope you get big muscles but not like. If you take your favorite supplement, which is at
This is normal in oh and if you're working out, you can eat little bit more. That's a big muscles work out good and have the correct work out for muscles with this difficult work out. Then, if you wanted, you know, get conditioning or something and then eat enough. That's what you do and eat right after you work out any you do that to a think. No, actually, I think I do you got it. Somebody actually somebody put on twitter that that I was right. There's some about you're, not as dost her own release or hd age. There's some kind of something happening. Your system will resource out again. I don't have an uneducated argument right now at all
Jurgen in them call it broadsides the exert an awakening science, road right now, thou. But yes, he answered that question supplements outlook. That's like an everyday supplement to upbraid meddling in the pre worker and through tech I've been taken even before we started this biogas out. I took shooter no DR them every year in all fired up for the shoe active, as he gave you the Cordelia you'd with, as we have the courage to explain to people that you know. We need more of the same echo in the past rain. I like it. Safety, sad or feel comfortable by say there was a little bit of cardio deficit. That would be. Very quick. I lack of Charles on the matter more accurately being tired,
is more of an issue for me like dealing with being tired. You know some people get tight, but they just don't care. I ran Henderson, Ogilvy type beheld via say I didn't have the know how of the opposite. So, yes, I thought. When I take the Schuman Export, you could ve, I can feel it. I can feel it it's like you almost like you expect to get more tired than you really are, but I felt like I was taking that before, but that's in specific cases only with you it's like if I'm doing like conditioning like now like a mechanism? May I won't take it because you dont want to give of the extra yeah it's a. It seems like you from previous four conditioning is handling. I want for the mats hack your way up. That's all the supplements there. I will take the crude oil, though, for sure that's good help me last
question Jacko. I enjoy hearing your thoughts on leaving others to a strong finish in both the deployment and in the civilian life. Mrs Sommer, I saw income about my four, my first appointment to Iraq in it, something I tried a train out a people, and that was a tendency to relax once a target was secure, the vehicles reloaded and we will leave it, target area. People would have a tendency to let their guard down, but you can't let your guard down then.
Or ever really and in training. When I was running training, we always had the buttons hard on target, but we always we always hidden even harder after they left the target. Once they were patrol and back to base in their minds indeed already gone home and then turned off. That's when bring it to be hit him from multiple angles with all kinds of mayhem, because I wanted to instil in to them. I wanted to instil that added to the muscle memory to always keep going
and always stay focused as that, as the mentality that you have to have is that it's never finished, it is never finished. You always have to do more. Another mission, another task, another goal and that attitude that the enemy is always he's watching and waiting and looking locking in studying you for that moment of weakness. Lookin for you, two eggs, Hale put your weapon down enclosure, eyes. Net may attack.
So my rule is don't be finished, distorting the alert be ready, be attacking be relentless at the enemy stuff. Let the enemy rest. Let the enemy finish, but you don't finnish, don't stop! Don't rest! None too. We enemy is complete, Lee destroyed and even then then Winnie enemies gone ass. When you turn that focus in word on yourself- and you take me up
to me that the rest, but as always you take that opportunity to make yourself better, faster, smarter, stronger and with those goals. Nothing is ever finished.
So they steadily body for turning into the pot Gaston listening to it. Thanks for subscribing and reviewing and spread. The word tell another people about the part gassed thanks to on it dot com for the support, and what do we got with Amazon dot com for support me, I put a little linkum again, both the websites where you can like you shop at Amazon thinking affiliates does away to support this Paca. If you shop on Amazon, you click through their first and I M a kind of gives us a referral fee
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