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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QorFNL9CRrU 0:00:00 - Opening 0:07:55 - Book review, "Machete Season: The Killers in Rawanda Speak" 1:17:40 - Onnit / Jocko Podcast Info and Support 1:20:55 - BJJ Competition mindset and training for Competition. 1:25:44 - Taking advantage of time off training. 1:34:30 - Dealing with orders you don't agree with. 1:45:35 - What Supplements do Jocko and Echo take? 1:49:35 - Dealing with training troops in hard and tragic situations. 1:56:55 - Advice on workout schedule with newborn kids. 2:15:39 - What are the right questions to ask?

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This is Jack O gas number. Sixteen with echo Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. We we couldn't have been more excited. It was a real mission. None of us had been on a real mission before Were, except for r L, p, o r lady uses are leading petty officer who is in the four First Gulf WAR and are platoon commander? Who is You know the Granada invasion and fight the radio tower those guys had this small amount of combat, except science. The time for us that was a world from what we ask is the rest of us had zero. This was the ninetys. There is no war,
going on and so now. Here we were with a real mission on deck. Ninety nine before I think twenty three years old, I'm in my second seal Putin and at the time. Being in a sealed. Platoon was literally the sole purpose and focus of my life. It was my whole world and that's what most of my platoon mates we're like as well. That's, that's that's what we were, and this was an awesome port. Grateful to the Ark out for pursuing and as far as Having tight friends in a brotherhood inside of opportunists was definitely one of the best that I was ever it if not the best. All of us were just a hundred percent about being in a sealed
and it was the world to us and we care about care about anything else, really not power. Domestic politics or international politics we sitting around in reading his papers and we barely even watch the news. At this time we were deployed on a ship. There was no internet. We were. We were troopers we were airing boys ass, colonel It says in apocalypse now we didn't know about the policy, but. We sure, as hell, wouldn't force it. It's all. We had this mission and we were fired up here Like I said we're on a ship than we are off the coast of Africa when there was something going on, in one of the countries there and during the last deployment. That's it Was there on a ship at this time
There was some of our fellow seals guys that we knew had gone into smaller and so that was a real mission and we kind of thought. Maybe this will be our opportunity in probably seven or eight, months. Prior to this, the battle of Mogadishu had taken place, which is where the movie black hawk down came from. So this was this this was like our chance to get into some and a combat, and we start hearing more about the situation where they might send us it look like where to go in and provides, some kind of security. Did. It looks like we're were to go in and maybe help some Americans that were there and get them out and then it look like we might go in and reinforce some kind of you. Troops and, like a bunch of since in a kind of changed the situation develops and in which started reading about what is happening and what we're gonna be going to do, what But the situation was there on the ground,
didn't understand it at first, but there was people killing each other by the thousands by the by the tens of thousands by the hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people were being killed but it wasn't Michael, wasn't like a war that you know I read about right scene in the movies they weren't shoot. Each other with guns or drop bombs on each other. They were, they were using machetes like like a horror movie. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people being butchered, And what was it all about? It was
a tribal difference. That's bear. We distinguishable to us, I mean it's barely distinguishable for them. The country was Rwanda, the event came to be known as the rwandan genocide. Mass murder, Primarily of Tutsi tribesmen by the rival Hutu Clan now war, Or something that I can rationalize right, maybe I shouldn't be able to do that, but I can, I mean there's some kind of wrong or evil in the world. That needs to be stood up against me
is it fascism is tyranny? Is terrorism, its forces of darkness in there it against forces of light forces of freedom and democracy, and, as I say, all the time. War is hell, and should be a last resort when everything else has failed and that being said war is necessary, sometimes to stop evil. And sometimes it's the only way to stop evil. But this This idea here this situation where people are killing each other. In a mob type scenario and their literally
doing it like a hare movie. I don't know how else to explain it. It's a horror movie that seems to insane into bloody to even be believable. You take the worst horror movie, you can imagine with the worst plot line. And this makes less sense. It wouldn't even be believable. If it was a horror movie, it's too much it's too violent and two ruthless and too much to even comprehend or understand envy
is I mean I. I hope that this is somewhere at the limit of the evil that human beings are capable of you. You hear me talk about the darkness, the evil in the world will this? Is it. Can I go into the book now? The book is called machete season. The killers in Rwanda speak.
During that killing season, we rose earlier than usual to eat lots of meat, We went up to the soccer field at around nine or ten. We would go off on the attack Rule number one was to kill. There was no rule number two: It was an organization without complications, the judge, told everyone everyone there. That from then on, we're do nothing, but, We'll Tutsis, well, he understood was a final plan. The kid of every Tutsi. Without it Corruption We simply said, and it was simple to understand. There were some who ass. If there were the priorities. The judge answered sternly
There- is no need to ask how to begin. The only worthwhile plan is to start straight ahead into the Bush and right now, without hanging back behind any more questions. When you get right down to it the gross exaggeration to say we organised ourselves the killing, his began without much planning the only, regulation, was to keep going till the end, maintain a satisfactory pace, spare no one and loot what we found it was Possible to screw up and that's one the craziest things about this book again. The book is called machete season it the killers in Rwanda speak. So this author. Jeanne heads felled he went, Into the prison where these people are now being kept to talk
about what they did in its their own words. In the pre face to the book, just to give you a little bit a background Mars is appallingly an age of genocide. But even so what happened in Rwanda in the spring of nineteen? Eighty four stands out in several ways: in a tiny land locked. African country, smaller than the state of Maryland, some eight hundred thousand People were half to death one by one by their neighbours. The women men and children who were slaughtered the same race and shared the same language, customs and confession. They were Roman Catholic as those eagerly slaughtered them in I'll. Tell you.
I was seriously considering not doing this podcast and in its this book SAM Harris Acquaintance of mine who does pod gas to I was on his podcast. Very Smart guy, brilliant guy- and you know he said we denounce, said: hey Jacko check out this book and you know. He said it's about the rwandan genocide in I immediately set eight you I was. I was there along the ground, but we were there. Waiting to go inside mediately knew what he was too talking about he's. Yours basically said it's by the killers though I ordered it on Amazon, and it seems I got it. I just and at first I was excited
the girls is really the skin of impact for, but, as I went deeper, deeper into it. I started seen myself: maybe I don't do this podcast? Maybe I don't do it. Because, like I said it's it, almost too much. I think it is too much. And for that very reason, I'm gonna do it, because we we can't we we must not. And that evil exists and that humans can be evil as the previous to the book continues or obligation and it is an obligation- is to take what Human beings are capable of doing to one another knots, continuously
crimes of this order or never spontaneous, but when mobilize to think of other human beings, boy who were their school friends, neighbours coworkers and fell who parishioners that human beings at all and when organised, for and directed to the task of slaughter. The issue finally is not judgment, it is You're standing make the effort to understand what happened in Rwanda is a painful. Asked that we have no right to shirk. It is part of being a moral adult. So now, let's listen to these people, then that might be a star. But let us know what these people had to say.
At the beginning, we were too fired up to think later on we were too used to it her condition, it meant nothing to us to think we were busy cutting our neighbours down to the last one it became. Goes without saying that we stopped being good neighbours of long standing. The ones who handed around the Rwanda can the cabaret robbers. I got be it. Banana beer, since they wouldn't be there anymore It become people to throw away so to speak. They were no longer. What they had been in either we they did bother us in the past did not bother us because nothing bothered us The Tutsis were driven immediately. They tried to escape to this area that they called the marshes.
Your outside of the hills, but people lived in the hills they tried to escape. The marked did the Tutsis tragedy keep to the marshes other one of the murderers says, kindness to was forbidden in the marshes. The marshes I've no room for exceptions to forget doubt we had meanness and ruthless ruthlessness in killing and a job to do you and do well. That's all. Some changed color from the hunting their limbs were muddy, their clothes were splattered. Even Faces were not black in the same way they became Yes from everything, we had done a little layer of stink covered us too, but we didn't care. We no longer saw a human being. When we turned up a Tutsi swamps, I mean up. Some like us, sharing similar thoughts and feelings, was savage the hunt.
Sure savage. The prey was savage savagery took over the mind. The more we killed the more greedy has urged us on the! If left, unpunished. It. Never let you go. You could see it in our eyes bogged down by the killings. It would even danger. Some There were those that came back in the bloodstained shirts, brandishing their machetes, shrieking madmen, saying they want to grab everything. We had become them down with drinks and soothing words, because they could turn ugly for those around them. Men, and get used to killing if you killed, on and on. He could eat become a beast without noticing it I'm threaten one another when they had no more tutsis under the machete,
their faces. You could see the need to kill. Me, I was not scared of death, in a way I forgot, it was killing life people. I know hunger thought about either life or death, but the bud, struck terror into me. It's stank in dripped At night. I tell myself. After all, I am and full of blood all this, spurting blood will bring me catastrophe, a curse. Death did not alarmed me, but that overflow of blood that yes, a lot. In one of the things that they talk about in the book is in this in this part of the continent,. The the people, they use the machete for everything, so they they do their if they cut down brush,
that they slaughter the animals with it. They take up their dinners but they do everything with a machete to every but he's just sort of its there. It's there it's a rifle right it's the rifle day. Everyone has its their smartphone, that's it they use for everything like we do America, we use a smartphone, they use machete for everything, that's how they get their food at how they clear out. Their house telling Building its everything they do, they do with America, so everyone's very comfortable with machetes up. Why, with the strength in his arms to hold the machete firmly Brother father brought him along in the group. He imitated and grew used to killing. You ve, no longer hampered him. He became accustomed to blood Killing became an ordinary activity since our holders and everyone did it? The young boy might improve more at ease with it. Then
experienced oldster, because death touched him farther away. Given the novelty of the circumstances and his young age death seemed less important to him. Sought as belonging to an older generation, he shrugged off his perils considered it a distraction. It became a madness that went on all by itself. You raised ahead or you got out of the way to escape being run over, but you follow the crowd. The one who rushed off machete in hand he was to nothing any more, he forgot and everything first of all this level of intelligence doing. Same thing. Every day, men we didn't have to think about what we are doing. We went out and Kay back without having a single thought. We,
Onto because it was the order of the day until the day was over. Our arms ruled our heads in any case, had no longer had their say. We became more and more cruel, more and more calm, more and more bloody, but we not see that we are becoming more and more killers. The more we cut, the more cutting A child's play to us For a few, it turned into treat, if I may say so, That's one of the things they do is they use them somewhere, it's like cut in what they. The slaughter murder, but they use kind of a term that less direct is a euphemism. At the start of the killings, we worked fast,
and skimmed along because we were eager in the middle of the killings we killed casually. We killed keep the job going some were tired of these blood assignments. Others amused themselves by torturing Tutsis who had me them sweat day after day. Since I was killing. Often I begin to Who did not mean anything to me? A gave me no pleasure. I knew I would be punished. I was killing without consequences. I not a problem. I left every morning free and easy in a hurry to get going. I saw the world and the results were good for me. That's all. During the killings, I no longer considered anything in particular in the Tutsi, except that the
person had to be done away with. I want to make it clear that, from the first gentlemen, I killed till the last I will not sorry about a single one. Now, as I said, it was difficult for two to tell who's who right, they had the same culture, they're the same language. They look the same, and you might be wondering How did they know? Who was who, while the author explains that somewhat here- and it is just too well go to. Book after the genocide. Many foreigners wondered how the
huge number of Hutu killers recognise their Tutsi victims in the up here of the massacres rwandans of both ethnic groups, speak the same language with no distinctive differences, live in the same places and are not always physically recognisable by distinctive characteristics. The answer is simple: the Pillars did not have to pick out their victims, they knew them personally, everyone knows everything in a village, so they didn't have to guess they have to identify and by a different skin color or by a different. Facial structure or by different language. They knew them.
A teacher and a survivor of the marshes confirms the principle Inspector of schools in my district participated in the killings with nails, studded clubs, teachers priests the burgomaster, a sub perfect, a doctor. They all killed with their own hands. They warp asked cotton trousers, they had no trouble sleeping He traveled around and vehicles wrong, light motorcycles. These well educated people were com and they rolled up their sleeves to get a good grip on their machetes. For someone who has spent his life teaching the humanities, as I have said, criminals are a fearful mystery. So, like the. The priests he the Berger
master, which is like a kind of a german name. Over of someone. That's up. The political person, political magistrate in a town or a sub prefect. That's a sub prefect is someone that's in command, someone of authority, especially in the catholic church, so these people, with their nice shirts, nice pants were rolling up their sleeves to get a good grip on their machetes, first, the killing was obligatory afterward got used to it. We begin I am naturally cool. We no longer needed encouragements or fines to kill or even orders or advice. Discipline was relaxed because it wasn't necessary anymore. I don't know anyone who was struck because he refused to kill. I know
One case of punishment by death a special case, a woman. Some people call punish her husband who had refused to kill, but she was fact Tutsi afterward. The Hudson took part without whining. In fact he was one of the busiest in the marshes so these tribal though the Hutus and attaches remarriage beside Peter you put human beings living in the same village. You know you went up Marian. So but from the other tried and if you did, go with the system. You are getting murdered. In the evening we had to report to the leader about exactly what we had killed many, but Stood for fear of being taunted or frowned on. That was also a good reason why we did not bury the bodies someone's
back to the faking, could guide the her fires to the truth. Anyone who had the idea of not killing for a day could get out of it. No problem. But anyone with the idea of not killing at all could not lead on or he himself would be killed, while others watched Voicing disagreement, allowed was fatal on the spot, so we don't oh- if people had that idea in the evening after the killings there time for friendship and meeting friends brought us light hearts we would How about our days we shared drinks, we ate, we know under counted up what we had killed. But what it was that it would bring us the killings, it made us gossipy and greedy, so that's one of them. Things that drove was they get you
You'll kill vainly take what we want from including their land, including all their property, everything, so that's what they talk about, may become. They become greedy. And then at a certain point, the authorities no longer had the ability to plan or to channel their orders fell on deaf ears, the math. Occurs had become extraordinary. Beyond all reason, the keys once when they killed grabbed the positions of the dead. They wanted everything right away, not even stopping to finish off their victims, deluding exe, I did them so much. They needed no advice or encouragement. Their greed spread those who followed, who went crazy in turn, we began the day by killing? We ended Day by looting, it was the rule,
to kill, going out and loot coming back. We killed in teams but we looted every man for himself or in small groups of friends. Those who killed a lot had less time to pillage, but since they were feared, they would catch up because of their power. So go out and kill the most people. Don't have that much time to loot. That's ok because everyone scared me, so they let you there. Some killers claimed girls in the marshes that sound this fight them and made them neglect looting. They figured they catch up the next day. Now, here's a again this is
we back to the the author does not direct quotes from from the killers, but the others kind of telling a story about a situation that happened. One of the murderers witnessed the passage of armoured cars, so the international community community, like you heard me talking about the fact that I was on a ship with seals with Marines that could have done something here, but we didn't do anything I can actually Marines went in and provided a little of tiny bit of aid. I think they sent thirty guys in, but there was nothing nothing to what did it have. You know a very minimalistic impact. But what happened was civilized people left and. So they see armoured cars coming and they call
Here now this is going to one of the killers talking. They caused a big panic among among us who were already roving in the streets eating themselves up with sudden burst of gunfire. Some of them shouted. The whites are here, others will com, they have terrible weapons, it's all over for us when they are the convoys disappear in the dust without even the little stop for curiosity or a drink? on the main street. They celebrated with some Primus, you get an alcohol and shot off the cartridges, nor guns is a sign of relief. You could see. They felt saved, they were of the last stumbling block so to speak. At the same time, in Kigali, which is the capital white leaving the embassies offices monasteries and universities view road convoys to neighbouring countries and in urgency. Airlift operating out of the airport.
Very few foreigners sought refugee sought refuge in guarded villas, but Oh foreigners were left, and now this is again, this is the commentary from the author. Not one foreigner priest, service core volunteer, diplomat and GEO worker none can provide. Convincing reason for this immediate, an astonishing flight during the opening hours of the killings. In any case, Neither danger nor panic can justify such haste most telling explanation I have heard so far comes from Claudine car. You stay Farmer and soup and survivor on the hill, when she says reversing our proverb. Why
I do not want to see what they cannot believe and they could not believe The genocide because that a killing that overwhelms everyone them as much as the others, and so they left now. The thing that sparked this there was a there was a leader two there been there been revolutionary civil war going on and it was is that the Rwandan civil war been going on and it was between the Hutu led government and rwandan patriotic front or the rpf, and so the RPF, was largely composed of Tutsis and a lot of them had fled to Uganda, but now they were, you know, saying it.
Let's go back and there was A bunch of pressure international pressure on the on the government, which was led by the President of Rwanda named be very minor, so Habyarimana felt all this pressure, and so they they made peace, and then what happened was on April sixth, ninety ninety, four, an airplane that had Habyarimana in it was shot down, they never was killed, including him, and that was it so the who to president was killed by his aircraft was shot down. And that was it in. I pulled this little. Paragraph here from Wikipedia Jenny, title. Killings began the following day: soldiers, police, some militia quickly executed, key Tutsi and Moderate who to leaders there it's getting after it, then erected
that points in barricades and use rwandans national identity, identity card to systematically kill tat is so in the thirties. They are implemented this system, where you would put whatever tribe you weren't, because you so hard to tell who is ill and they Its use those identification cards. These forces recruited or pay who to civilians, to arm themselves with machetes clubs, blunt objects and other weapons to rape, maim and killed or Tutsi neighbours, and to destroys their property, but one of the one of the major influences on the people was radio. Four was radio and, as leading up to this, we had this situation where they were broadcasting sort of. I guess
I guess it's what we call hate speech. You know so we call it only. This was actual hate speech go into the book. In the broadcast due to use of popular radio stations, radio, Rwanda the Tutsis, referred to as cockroaches announcers the two best. Known of whom were Simon became D. In the container. He's humorous, sketches and songs to call openly for the destruction of the Tutsis. One of the One of the killers remembers: those joy and actually this this guy was a the up using the killer, those gentlemen were famous artist and great comic virtuosos they said was so cleverly put and repeated so office, often that Tutsis, themselves found them funny to listen to.
There are clamouring for the massacre of all the cockroaches, but an amusing ways. The Tutsis, those Willie words were hilarious other. I should carry this and laughing about it. The songs urging all Who hutus to get together to wipe out the Tutsis? We laugh now that the jokes and they made this. Who to ten commandments, which is basically its document. You look it up on Wikipedia. That's just a document. That's the ten commandments If you marry a touchy woman, she should be killed about its brutal, absolutely brutal, and now this is this. Is I found this peace fastening continuing to talk about the the radio and.
This is, this is a statement And this is interesting because we're on a pot gasped and and I listened depart gas and- and I haven't talked about this before. But when I was a kid listen to radio shows an eye on stood the power of them. I listened to a radio show and I live to look and see where it is now. It was called. The doktor demented show the doktor demented show was this. He was on. Sunday night, ten o clock some college radio station, the New England and it would just have, various it was like a variety show and they have a Ec partner be like a twilight zone, type thing, but I would sit there like we. With part CAS now and I'd put dead phones on and I get in the one and I would listen and you realize, and you realize it's when you get into a podcast
you realize there's a certain power to it There is a certain power to listening to a person in their voice going into your head in there there's a piece about this inside the book and it just nailed me It's it's a remark made by surge Danny who was an essay destinies talking at the First Gulf WAR. But what are you is about radio any be obviously saying this about part CAS now. Is that radio is far and away the most dangerous of the media. It wields a unique and terrifying power once the state or institutional apparatus collapses,
It can solve everything that might attenuate or side tracked the force of words. The attic situation, radio. And proved to be the most efficient tool of democracy as well as of revolution or fascism, because it panic. Great unhindered to the end visuals deepest or Anywhere and at any moment immediately without the necessary and critical distance inherent in the reading of a text or an image. So when you listen to a part caused such a great note to explore I mean why radio has so much power. You don't even have to interpret the words you don't have to interpret and image. The words are going into your head.
Any use it use it in situations like this and one of the killer said Everson. The plane crash. So ever since the president was shot down, The radio had hammered at us. The foreigners are departing They had material or proof of what we are going to do and they are leaving. This time around. They are showing no interest in the fate of the Tutsis. We win it's that flight of the armoured cars along the road with our own eyes, Our ears, no longer murmurs of reports of reproach. For the first time ever, we do not feel We were under the frowning supervision of the whites uttering. Courage mints, followed that assured us of unchecked freedom to complete the task. So we thought good, it's true,
through the blue helmets did nothing except in about four. To leave us alone, if you no, what blue helmets Hour when Europe working as a United Nations peacekeeper. They give you a blue helmets, and anybody can they'll that role any any nation. That's part of the! U N Americans filled out role from time to time, but any nation can do it, so he in that the blue helmets did nothing except in about face to leave us alone. Why would they back before it's all over at that signal off. We went. We were certain of killing everyone without drawing evil, looks without getting a scolding from a white or a priest. We joked about instead of pressing our advantage. We felt too. At ease. If an unfamiliar job that got off to a good start. But time and laziness played an ugly trick on us. Basically, we be:
came to shore of ourselves we slow down and that over is what did us in. No, let's secure a little bit about the psychological impact of what's happening to them. Look rubies kept on slaughtering cows after the killings because they couldn't put down their machetes. During the killings, we had One wedding: not one baptism, not want soccer match, not one religious service like Easter. We did not, find that kind of celebration interesting anymore. We did not care spit for Sunday silliness. We were dead, tired from work. We were getting greed we celebrated, whenever we felt like it, we drank as well We wanted some turning. The drugs.
Anyone who felt sad about someone he had killed really had to hide his words and his regrets for fear of being seen as an accomplice had been treated roughly. Sometimes drinkers went mean when they found- no want to kill that day. Others went mean because they had killed too much You had to show them a smiling face or watch out different personality, some guys, are going crazy because they're not killing enough in some guys are going crazy because they're killing too much a youth could hide a girl. He had brought back from the marshes to have her behind a pen or account of bushes but when he had had enough
Tom started wagging. In other words, when people started talking about the fact that he had brought one of these girls back, he had to kill to avoid serious penalty. We had sessions with girls who were raped in the bush. Nobody dared pro. Tests that even those who were edgy about it, they had received blessings in church, for example, told them. So It would change nothing since the girl, was marked for death. Anyways, There were two kinds of rapists: some took the girls use them until the end. Even on the flight to the Congo, they took it. Adage of the situation to sleep with the prettiest Tutsis and an exchange showed them a little bit of consideration. Others caught them. Just to fool around with for having action drinking they rate for a little while and then hand them over to be killed right afterward there were
no orders from the authorities. The two kinds were free to do as they please. Now we get into way a story, I dont know what to call it other than a story, a travesty, a horror coming from one of the workers. At a little basically a little christian hospital. They surrounded the maternity hospital, they ripped down again its. They simply shot up the locks. They were were very handsome cartridge belts of highly polished leather, but they wanted to avoid wasting bullets.
They killed the women with machetes and clubs,. Whenever one of the more agile girls managed to escape in the commotion again, the window. She was caught in the gardens. When a Mamma had hidden her child, but underneath her, they picked her up. First then cut the child Then cut its mother last, they didn't bite cut the nursing infants properly. They slam them against the walls to save time or hurled them alive onto the heaps of corpses. That morning we were more than three,
women and children that evening, in the garden there only five women left spared because they were lucky to have been born. Who too. Now the author goes into a statement here about. About a tradition in war torn areas where the other some sort of friendship or there's some, some love that that makes people do things that are outside the bounds of what the. Form of what the massacres in helping the opposite whatever. So so he says this people of who have lived through wore off until wonderful stories about friendships, incredible romances, amazing gestures of solidarity, comical and
collaboration between protagonists, an enemy camps or humble, and Admirable deeds it Provides material for novels, songs, films and evening of evenings of memories near patches things up between you and humanity,. French and german conscripts conscripts chatted across the trench, trenches and swap tins of potted meat. Algerians hid french colonists with whom they played cards. Each minister foiled the deportation of a colleague with whom he went to school. It was the same in Vietnam, Ireland, Lebanon and El Salvador, Israel, Chechnya the name of passion.
Childhood, a clan elemental things like affection or loyalty, but here. We find now one com robbery impulse among teammates, not one, Gesture of compassion for helpless babies at the breast, no. On the friendship or love that survived from a church, choir or an agricultural cooperative knows Civil disobedience in a village, no rebellious adolescent in a gang of budding tufts. And not a single escape network, although would have been easy to have set one up and the forty kilometers of uninhabited forest between the marshes and the Burundi border, no convoy. No links among the herders paths, nowhere
Of hiding places to allow the evacuation of survivors, nothing in it can t he continued to talk about really the difference between genocide and war. In war, men are killed first because they are the most apt to fight back the next. Goods. Are women liable to help them and boys because they try to continue the conflict and then older men who can Four wise counsel. But in genocide the killers tracked down everyone in particular babies, girls and women, because they represent the future. Genocide goes beyond war because the
tension last forever. It is a final intention. And again, just talking about the fact that There was no mercy no mercy. One of the killer says I do now. I know of a single who to woman who hid away a little the child to save it from the massacre of its family, not even father, wrapped in a cloth or nursling. Recognisable to her neighbours because of its tender age. Not one woman on the whole hill cheated in the way of a rescue, not even for a short moment of trying. And one of the other killer said. I did not hear many women protesting against to see Tutsis being raped. They knew this work of killing fiercely healed up the men in the marshes they agreed on this
except, of course, if the men their dirty sex work near the houses. And again here is one of the killers talking about the fact that they knew these people. In war, you kill someone who fights you or promises you harm, Things of this kind, you killed it It's a woman used to listen to the radio with the kind lady who both medicine plants on your wounds or your sister, who is met. We too a Tutsi or even For some unlucky devils, your own Tutsi wife and your children by gender, demand. You slaughter the woman same as man. That is the difference.
Which changes everything. And here's? The loan story of someone that tried to stop. This It was close to noon on April. Eleventh, so remember the started on April six, what's been five days, the first day the Tutsi Hon in this particular area is a door was sitting on chair in front of his house, resting after a morning of weeding here, the who to former sixty five years old who had arrived. Twenty years before strapping fellows armed with machetes came singing the path, ran near his house is a door all to them in his deep old voice and lecture them in public in front of the neighbors you,
Young men are evil, doers, On your heels and go you're blades point. The way towards a dreadful misfortune for us all do not stir up dispute too dangerous for US farmers, tormenting our neighbours and go back to your fields to killers. Approached him laughing. And without a word cut him down with their machetes. Among the band was, is adores son who, according to witnesses, neither protested nor stop to bend over the body. These young men went on their way singing. Now speaking of family, and I mention that some of the Hutus and Tutsis work inter married and had mixed children and
here's sort of the standard operating procedure. For that this is coming from one of the killers. A Tutsi wife, you To try to save her, offered a cow to the leader and a radio Would you like to the organizers? Then you handed out small payments of money to those who were prowling around your house, but that wasn't even worth trying if you did not want to cooperate, meaning if you didn't want to kill a Tutsi husband, you couldn't bargain, for he was at the head. The list. If his wife began to argue, she was struck right away and they caught her husband, while she watched to discourage her. If she kept on she'd be caught herself with her children.
One of the other killer said someone who wanted to see the Tutsi wife was required to show great enthusiasm in the killings some, Who behaved weekly or timidly news? over for his wife ground, seeing or idleness doomed? Her drove you even complained, and they talk about one of the other killers talking about how it was easily killer this to the strangers. It was much better to kill strangers than acquaintances, because acquaintances had to To stab you with an intense look before receiving the blows, a lot
from a stranger pierced your mind or memory less easily, but there were some that obviously seem too. Enjoy this sum amused themselves, with their machetes on the Tutsis to show off their skill to everyone They would swagger around boasting later in the evening. Sums. Bowed down their machetes just for punishment. If a Tutsi had worn out pursuer in a running chase, he could be teased with point of a machete. It would be nasty for him. It was like demonstrating the bad example,
ship that no one was left alive. The notice. And obviously, when you have families, you have children and we have children. You have babies. And here's one of the killers talking about the treatment of the babies. Leaving the baby's that was not practical. They will. Whacked against walls and trees, where they were cut right away, but they were killed. More we because of their small size and because their suffering was of no use. They say that at the church they When the children with gasolene- maybe it's true, but that was just in the first day turmoil after that afterwards, that did not last
in any case, I noticed nothing more. The babies. Could not understand the. Why of the suffering? It was worth lingering over them. And, as I mentioned earlier, some of the kids were part of the killing. And here's one of the key was talking about that many children killed. Some say they were sickened by it, scared of it but were forced to cut their mama's or Papas. Most Are completely silent when they hear talk of the killings even from years ago,.
Keeping silent blocks both judgment and change. Now. To add to the evil of all this, to add to the to the inn comprehensible nature of it all its. It. It's almost just unbelievable nature, but on top of all this, these people were Christians. They were, Which they were, they were church going, people that work, its formed almost instantly into murderers.
And here's one of those one of the key was talking about that transformation, that Saturday, after the plane crash was the usual choir rehearsal day at the church. We Shane hymns and good feeling with our Tutsi compatriots, are voices still blending in chorus. On Sunday morning we were, we returned at the appointed hour for mass the. He did not arrive. They had already fled into the Bush in fear of reprisals driving their goats and cows before them. That disappointed us greatly, especially on a Sunday. Anger, hustled us outside the church door. We left the Lord and our prayers in I'd to rush home changed from our Sunday best into our work. A close. We grabbed clubs
and machetes. We went straight off to killing here's another killer. I is a dig it. The one who made arrangements for the christian gatherings on the hill in the priest absence, It was I who conducted ordinary services during the killings. I chose not to pray to God. I sense that it was not appropriate to involve him in that The white priest took off at the first skirmishes, the black Greece join the killers or the killed God kept silent And the churches stank from abandoned bodies
religion could not find its place in our activity. For a little while we were no longer ordinary Christians, we had to forget our duties learned and catechism class. We had First of all to obey our leaders and God only afterward very long. Afterward to make confession and penance when the job was done again. I I it's just it's it's. I didn't know if, if I could do this book to bring people here to this place And to me, this port that I'm about to go through is about his dark, as it gets In the marshes you heard notes children's cries not even murmurs.
They waited silently in the mud. It was really something when we for the woman with a nursling, the infant would not even whimper. It was miraculous. So to speak, many Tutsis, no longer ass to be spared. That was how they greeted death among themselves. They had stopped hoping. They knew they had no chance for mercy and went off without us. Single prayer? They knew they were abandoned by everything, even by God,. They no longer spoke to him at all. They were leaving Suffering to join him and no longer asked him for anything, not comfort, now blessing, not welcome
they no longer prayed, even to drive away the fear of an agonising death. It was too astounding. It was unnatural, even animals. That know nothing of pity nothing of anguish, nothing of evil. They cry out terribly at the moment of the fatal blow. That mystery drove us too many discussions we sought. Explanations for these Tutsis, who went often to death without breaking. Your silence that could frighten us, sometimes at because it was said that such calmness must be a bad omen from Heaven. Here's one to the other killers talking about that silent death from the Tutsis when the Tutsis work,
Many died without a word. One people say: die like a lamb in the Bible. Of course, will wonder there are no sheep, so we have never their cry sometimes touched us painfully that they awaited death in silence things we would ask over and over. Why no protest from these people who are about to leave by do that. For mercy. The organizers claim that the Tutsis felt guilty for the sin of being Tutsi he kept saying they felt responsible for the misfortunes they had brought upon us Well, I knew that was not true. The these were not asking for anything in those fatal moments because they no longer believed in words.
They had no more faith and crying out like frightened animals, for example, howling. Heard above the mortal blows and we're powering sorrow was carrying those people away and they felt so abandoned. They did not even open their mouths. And the all that was happening, where were we. Like I said, I mean I was in a suitable tool, ship. We were had assets. In the marine corps did like, I said something small, they got authorization, but it was tiny in comparison, and it was
To hear them to hear the killers talk about that here, spears were one of them said all the important people turn their backs on our killings. The who helmets, the Belgians, the white directors the black president's? They need the syrian people. And the international cameraman the priests and bishops. And finally, even God,. Did he watch what was happening in the marshes? I did he not stab out our murderous eyes with his wrath. Or show some small sign of disapproval to save more lucky ones,. In those horrible moments who could hear his silence? We were up.
And then, by all words of rebuke. M reclose from the book with this statement from one of the survivors. Before I knew a man could kill another man, because happens all the time now. I know that even the poor with whom you ve shared food we ve slept even he can kill you with no trouble. The closest neighbour can turn out to be the most horrible and evil person can kill you with his teeth. That is what I have learned since the genocide. My eyes, no longer gaze the same on the face of the world.
My eyes, no longer gaze the same on the face of the world. What what can we take away from this? This order? Madness? We we have to learn something we have to gain something, but what What is it and, as I tried to answer that question for myself, I thought about something that I say something that I know, and this made it even more clear.
That there is evil in the world, there is darkness and it exists and its real and it comes from us its human. It is people we are evil It wasn't it wasn't. A monster that murdered all those people, those men and those women and those children and those babies Wasn't an animal or some force. Nature, like a tornado, were hurricane or a tsunami. There was an Dayton and it wasn't some mysterious evil spirit it with us.
And that that is downright horrifying. But there is a counter that there is a dichotomy to that and that is Fact that while we are the evil, in this world. We are also the good. We are the light that counters this darkness. And its sickens my heart to know that we did nothing while this happened, and I was there I was. Off the coast. I was on the point in my platoon. Was one quick helicopter flight away? It? Maybe
Could I helped? Maybe we could have saved even just one person, one child or one mom or one baby? We could It's some kind of difference, but we didn't. We didn't get the order. We sat while this evil unfolded. And I am ashamed of that because see, we all have the capacity to bring light. Into the world to counter the darkness, all of us do in some way, maybe maybe not directly, maybe not
face to face with evil, but we can help. All of us can help. So the message I take away from this to me it's there I need to focus that we need to focus on what good we can do to help people. Who can? How can we help hook we help get better. Who can we in help improve their station in life? What threatened person can we defend? Oppressed person can we free one person
What what fellow human being can we remove from the grip of fear? Who can we, who can I. Who can we what one person in the world can we take from the darkness and bring into the light? And that's. The question and the answer that I brought away from this. And I know that this was a heavy heavy booked cover and I, like I said I don't just one every time that you turn on his part gas to get rushed with something like this. I don't want to dwell on it, and I've got some good pause Books, I want to look at next, but I don't want
ignored this kind of thing either, because as I said before, you can approve. He ate the light. If you don't I understand the darkness and, as I said, This is truly about his dark as it gets. Little bit heavy. I come here yet say so dear. I gave ECHO a heads up three or four days ago, then I said a man, I'm not quite sure about this one. This is gonna, leave a mark and I truly debated whether or not to go forward.
You know- because there are some people are even or even about the even about the forgotten Tyler. There were some people to say: hey, you know, that's just too much, you know that's too much, and this is this: is it This is completely beyond that, because the the there is no rhyme a reason I mean at least you could look at. Companies imperial soldier and say: hey he's a sick person. That's doing something for this cause. There was there's nothing here. Right, I'm a reason. There was just slaughter, kids and be that's. That takes it to a whole level on this highly talking detail about how they deal with the kids, then again to me that the
the thing I took away from it as a sort of personal responsibility that we all have to help out other humans, and again? I understand that it was not going to be in a military out on the front lines fighting against. You know: tyranny and evil. I understand that. But what can you do to help out now said since day, one has wanted when things are talking on the spot gas, as you know, I feel like I'm really good at helping. You know people with causes and stuff like that. I just don't feel it feels something I'm very good at but makes you rethink and say what were in a. What can you do to help Because there's people that are suffering I mean obviously right now we ve got. You know we got ISIS. That are doing the same activities, if not worse, they just stages, crucified, a priest. That was just in the news, so the evil still there.
And it is happening before our own eyes and it makes me It makes me sick. That we with the ability to do something about it. We sit on the sidelines so Finally, we start to move in the direction where. We take a leadership role in the world and help lead the world towards the right away from the darkness, and with that thought, let's move
From this darkness right now, let's talk about something else not to forget about this, but we do have to recognise that we gonna live our lives and people gotta live their lives and again don't deny. That this stuff is out there don't freak Yet this stuff is out there relish your situation. If you're, if you have a mp3 player of some kind in your listening to this podcast, be thankful, be thankful that you're in that situation. And looked down below you into the darkness and if you get the chance put out your hand, see if there's someone down there that you can help pull up. So out of that. The heaviness then out of that darkness, let's headed a little bit alight with the community questions
lessons from the troopers out their got questions for us plan. Before we talk about. There Before we go to questions from the inner webs, what can we do for me in a webs supporting the pot yeah depends on your mission, but in the event of you wanting to support this podcast capacity, bunch thinks he can do. Do your average Amazon shopping like if you want to get that book? You wanna buy this book right here, which you should really season and I opened now, though it might be for everybody Antonia if you're using you should know about what the world yet like dig. It machete yeah right there. If you want to get that, for example, through Amazon, just click through the link, That is on Jocapa, cast dot com or Jacobite gas to dot com or chuckle store,
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All right there you can. You can read about other supplements that you're thinking about getting, I recommend, trim tech support. As always, every gonna do hard stuff. That's like extended in hard like to get to her. You know across it situation or that can lose yours called across his situation. Yet. As if it's all those going to occur cry appreciate that in an eighty dotcom slashed Jacko, ten percent off free shipping, except for the exercise, the heavy exercised their. It is also because, of course, go first question. The Jackal. Can you tell us your views on brazilian jujitsu competing mindset? training leading into a competition will complete.
Great competing make you better competing points out. You weaknesses competing. Let you old Kinspeople, you ve ever train with before that are going to go one thousand percent against you. Every move matters in competition, yes, a bring it! I Peter to turn back in the early days. You know really just talk about the Incas dean and I work. Teenage back then and still are, but we competed all the time and we compete in the old school tournaments Thea grappling games, they used to have those the the the PAN american submission grappling with sword like and some offshoot or another competing sort of PAN Ams type situation. Might my with there was the jewel we're a tournaments back in the day, those were pretty cool,
the Copa Pacific guy they get did a few of those back in the day when my favorite was doing a neutral grounds tournaments, because those words like held NL lay up in Good somewhere and we'd role when it became underground and those really cool companies so but competing to turn back in the day. Once. You want September eleventh happened. That was now my focus more than anything else, and I need to be ready to be ready. I can be But a blown out knee, I couldn't be, haven't, hurt shoulder so Furthermore, I had like less time to focus and have real, like let's call it a training camp to be ready to compete at a high level, and I mean I was at a high level. You know I mean I was. I was you know a brown wild or a black belch at the time it so wasn't like. You could just show up the weekend warrior and jump in the jump on the mat with video, some some other black belt, and it was. Go easy for he was gonna happen so
I didn't know the bottom line is: I need to be on a zero dollars and four cents for the job book and eating it. Awesome content, no matter what you do, you cannot get, a person is fired up as they are the competition- it's not gonna happen, so it's really good to to so you find out what you we could you find out what it feels like when someone's going psycho on you, because there between only psycho, and to prepare. For you know you gotta, you got to my favorite. You prepares, you know you get guys where they're going got fresh people come in on you because everybody can be destroyed when fit Rosy and insults gettin playing a role in the situation is very good deeds bad, so we bring in a fresh person. You know after every tool three minutes form its one minute six minutes, but person is, is, is fighting
the whole time and other people getting rested in coming in. That's very challenging major, relying your technique. It pushes you beyond your normal limits and it's an awesome way to do it. So that being said, you also can't just do that all the time, because you have to train Europe's businesses. Well, you need to be ready to do you know you're doing, to submit fight needed, repealed, go hard for seven minutes and not save everything. For thirty eight minute fight, which is But you sometimes end up doing Jim. I you and all time the gym on doing you're sick. Seven rounds. You know nine rounds would have. The case may be and you also doing just one round. But it's one round that twenty three minutes law that happens too, so I like you a little bit of all those things hand, but yeah compete, get yourself better and it'll doesn't make you better Jijiu player, which will make you a better person pressure you know one another tactic which is which is kind of good in general to the sometimes do like a three minute round.
Yes. So it's strange because when you know there's only three minutes, you can get the illusion that I'm just we'll go out and see him. If I can get this guy only have three minutes to get on and you're going to heart, so you sense of urgency is more than if you have an ape inner up, so you print, but here The use of the little to an analog Jeff did this on purpose money, it's kind of this little trick where you're going hard, but only gives us thirty Secondly, between the two dozen Elevatory Marianne you're going like six around here, so you like and so that'll tests air conditioning but it'll test, like your quickness and not quickness, like a quick but your urgent, yeah you know: you're, not gonna, be just Chillun in some guys guard or you know, cause because its peak and possible the children, the guard, you can yeah the inspector gas with good strategy in some cases in own you, gotta recovery, or something like that that those of interesting one that I came to realize Jeff put it on us when the jetty phobias next question is due,
Ok, I have myself significantly throwing around house kick recently. Domino hernia at the sight of an old appendix surgery. I try Emma may five days a week, sometimes more multiple times a day for two years until last week, when you got that injury, but now Introducing the chair without pain in surgery is two months ago in who knows how long cover, recovery will be before I can train again. What I'm asking is what, we, as Marshall, artisan men, do in terms of forced hiatus in injury, what do we do when there's a quiet, but we miss the storm. Well,. One thing with injuries and you're gonna come in you cut wood. Get sawdust. You train you gonna, get injured. That's what's going to happen, I mean it's just a duchess, this law. While the land the
The one thing I remember is- and this is something really hard when you're super active and your super fired up at your training, our time when you get injured and you sidelined? You feel like its net, we're gonna go away. If you like the healing and you're, just like a man, this I'm doomed. So but the injury is gonna weapon go away now, obviously, for some guys first for some actual soldiers are warriors that have been wounded and a permanent way. That's that's different and those guys what they do is they learn to adapt? You know they learn. How are they gonna get through this, how they can adapt their life. How are they in a role with one leg? how are they gonna do pull up with one hand, Jeffrey out, you know Jeffrey out here we are Murphy policy of the dance, but the enemy classes do it. If you don't owe Jeffrey I'll awesome, guy awesome fighter awesome did you two player born without one hand, had the guys do reports and a black belt, but by the way he had blackened
And he had, he has like a little hook. You can put on their two duple ups and. The thing was fallen off its reaches through that into the ground, and he was his cooking. His his forearm over. And then the other hand was Grauben he's doing polyps I mean if. If Jeffrey out can just jump, do we did Six rounds worth a bird people ups or five rounds bore the poor people of any crushed it No one has any excuse so guys they get some kind of a permanent injury. They get wounded, something like that it's ok, you got adapter, we gotta figure out what you can do, but injuries that basic injuries the daily injuries, the the Temporary injuries that is normal from training that that's you gonna get him, and so of course, Oh, you got an injury, get right,
It's a little injury. Bethink was not something worse, you know I've I've had you know a blown out echo. I've had a toward him see EL in He already do what you say when you turn Terry ratio or your amselle, you say: ok, awesome! But my Asia, it's not my monistic, as you know the eight the embassy allworthy itself. What do you say if it's your? If it is ratio? Ok, great, that's one that can be repaired with surgery, so none of these problems are permanent right, to be thankful. You don't have a permanent injury. And even though it seems like it's gonna, take forever, like Homeboy here who's got two months before even get surgery and then how long is gonna take it seems ex can take. I had next surgery right the blood on the return of you remember how long it took a long time- and we took months to heal from that- and I remember that when I do a time? I didn't other exercise. I figured out stuff, I watched Youtube videos. I figured out o moves. You know that's what I did so Youtube was.
We're not watching dvds, Digital Dvds, yeah readjusted. So what do you do number one stacked. If right either do, if you, if you can't, move your body or work, your forearm strength right, squeeze tennis ball, one of my bodies, blew out his knee. What is it the triple free he did ACL pc manuscripts boom, he'll hook right, didn't tap tap. The hue of people got attached to it, got caught, you didn't tap blue is blue. All part. He was enough he had to get em all reconstructed, so he we had a dummy member. That big tell me we have at the gym. We had people, One hundred twenty about in he would lay on the ground his knees in full as legs and full straight brace won't bended all he would lay grounded in lay next. This dummy and Egypt.
What, from one side himself put it on the ground of the other, set himself to report back to the other side, it back to the other side, vacuous so he's getting this motion of sort of tat lying on the ground, this massive core strengthened when we when he finally recovered it, was power you know what he would turn underneath using. Yet some get some strength there. So you go figure out what you can do you know if you can't role box, if you can't box lift, if you can't lift, Stretch and get that flexibility work and in some areas that you're not flexible or whatever you gonna do stay engaged stay active because I think I'm definitely a believer in the act. Rest. You know I mean when you just go out damage or told her sit on the couch and watch tv, no wrong answer. Run away from that tv you keep moving at Peter blood flowing it, it keeps give its more blood more circulation. More healing gives this area that's injured. To do that, and if you,
but you know still yours so that more time in your day, right so what you can do I'll say what you do. Get a guitar right learned play guitar, A book build a website. Take pictures, learn a language red. What books expand your brain. Right expand your mind when your body needs a little recovery when your bodies injured make yourself? Smarter make yourself better for you. Might so the bottom line. The question was: what does a man do when there's quiet and I'll tell you what a man does when there's quiet he takes advantage of it so take advantage of it, get smarter, get better In other ways, and when the body comes back, you you will be better here, that's good waited to put it like take advantage of it like actively because a lot of template
where the problem comes about. I know this could monitor. I told my bicep remit. I wasn't here. I was watching your out here. I am thinking there. I was. I have a picture of you yet later the ground where MR thank you sent me smarmy text, do something like that now those for something else but same data. Nonetheless,. What were the problem comes when you miss the story? Miss the action is your harping on it's almost like you have this hope. Like oh it'll, be storm or maybe that the doctor said nine months, but maybe, Do it for kind of thing! You know that it's just that mindset where you can in a way that admit to yourself. Ok, I'm I'm out right now. I can't rule right now. I can't training it made two times a day five days. We cannot do that mid? That's what did you don't act? Did you work on your video editing, scale, sterner time? Another think tells me or so? Would you do
but I'll tell you do not to tell you that I did it do is is hard on it. Amazon. You figured out what you can do yeah exactly, although Isn t working on it's not so I would do other stuff like legs and start working left arm here actually left on the still bear. Nonetheless, I think that that's that's a good little jumpstart is don't harp on yet emit yourself that you're you're out should right now and then how you said take advantage of it. Dang, that's good. I wish you would have known that actively take advantage because so much advantage to be taken there there's all kinds of time you have em and I think that all the time the husband in the German on the matter, I mean that's a bunch big type everywhere now, like with with reading, for example, their backing to eating and look. I look at it this way where, as far as books go books that exist any information in the whole, whether you're interested in it not into their whether you can understand it or not. All
information of the world is accessible right now spent more than what is more than at any time ever all different angles. Different aspects of everything is just There is no more time now take advantage actively actively extortion question- is this as a military man? What do you do if you cannot reconcile the order? Is that your asked to do? I know that in your book you talk about believe the mission in how to. I must ask questions until you believe what happens if, after all, the questions and all expect as explanations either agree or believe what, if the path the politics ask
you something you're not congruent with. How do you, as a military men, respond to your income, grew and see with the mission, so the great question and and You know what kind of ties in with what we just read with a book review of machete season, how people were just doing it, I didn't believe what they're doing they did it anyways wrong answer. Then Eve resulted in the death of the one guy. You know you talk about that in the book, but so, first of all, as you as you stated in the question self, if you don't agree you with some mission that you ve been given? Then you have to ask the question: why in the book? Extreme ownership? We talk about that. Primary examples we talk about, is working with iraqi soldiers and how that's very challenging and very give
very dangerous and the story that we tell him. The book is that I said to myself: ok, why are they haven't us work with iraqi soldiers? My guys, you can be a risk exists. Etc and Actually I realized why we needed to do this was because, if we didn't get the Iraqis. What matters to a point where they can handle the security in Iraq than who's gonna. Do it needs was US swine. Stood. Why now I ask we have to ask anybody why I figured that out. I ask myself why that's all will become too it come to that conclusion. But. When you are part of something. With whether its business sorts in war, the goal the ultimate goal: to be a wide and in so, for example, where in IRAN we must use our soldiers. Ok. Do you think that the generals wandered are meant to be killed because the the higher risk
no they want to win the war they want to keep our thy safe. So that's what I wanted to. We want to win the war. We gonna keep progressive, so that's aligned, so any with their telling me to do, must be at some point in the distance aligned with the same goal that I have and it's the same thing with a business. Do you think a boss of a business doesn't want to be profitable or doesn't want to be ethical? No somewhere in the future they want to be profitable, may want to be an ethical and somewhere. Your mission is going to align with that. If you don't, if those don't allow, at some point, then you get a real, serious issue on your hands right, because maybe you're, being told to do something that you just don't believe in it. You act
like? I said you gotta, ask those questions all the way up and if you do ass, those questions all the way up and you still find ok, I don't believe in this mission now you got a way out the consequences, because For instance, if there's an order that comes in for whatever reason you don't believe in it, you ve asked two questions and you still don't believe that it's the right thing to do. But what, if it something that's pretty inconsequential, write, something that's no big deal and You say no to it, but I'm not going. If you decide to make your stand. Ok! Well now you you're So are you not supporting the chain of command anymore you're not supporting a chain of command anymore? How can you support the guys that work for you. Because not now, you might get removed and if you get removed from the situation
now who's gonna go executed, who's gonna don't do this thing that you thought was wrong now somebody that might security in a harsher way in a worse way- or you control of it. You ve lost your influence, use Youtube some of your political capital. You impaired your reputation, by saying no, I'm not going to do that because I don't believe in it. What was it and by saying no, what did you accomplish? Because now You have no control over the more you're you're. You can't change, you can affect it any more. So let me ask you: this is an example. This will make, A clear what I'm trying to sex, I don't think I'll, be very clear right now, if you're playing a game right, your point, a football game or a basketball game- and that makes a bad ok, so you say, Ref made I go- I don't agree with this cop. I quit working off the court now. Does that make sense? I mean
How bad of a call was it? How did in fact the game and, furthermore, once you walk off the court will get to you. You can you do better, can use trying to bring back the score. Can you try and show the rest that, yes, you are playing fair. Look, I'm a good guide keeping my head. I keep my cool now you throw it all away you, Not all the way and so what good is that it's the same thing not to serve the rough? Could that sort of outside your chain of command? But what, if your own coach? What if you could suppose you out of a game or a coach cause a play too for you to run a play. The union believe it. So you can say you know what I believe an apple. I am walking off the field. That's an x. ACT correlation to this idea right this military order comes down that I don't believe in. Oh, I don't believe it's not gonna walk away so that is is problematic because you ve youth,
give up. You ve surrendered your right to affect the situation, and that's that's not good and in the military there's all kinds of all you know. Policy new wants is that we might not believe in a hundred percent low, both things that might be little did you go? You know what I see think? That's the best way to do it. I think there is a better way to do it if you walk away from it, we can no longer effective, and that is bad. So much generally speaking from most of these things, you I don't I don't within the moratorium on time all the time, and you know what. Generally speaking, you stay in the game: You can still have an effect and can still have influence now. That being said,. There can be orders. That unlawful or on ethical that can have right,
you are in a bad situation workin for back Mary. What if someone is unethical- or one of the case may be. Maybe they're their orders or plans that are tactically on the sound to the point. The they're, afraid people are going to die. In and in those situations you know, as we will run back to Napoleon's maxim again, if you execute something that you knew was wrong, you're culpable so there this time, when you stand up and say you know what I'm not do this new and semi Leavenworth. You wanna demote me demote me: do it but I do not believe in this and here's. Why so That is a where you may have to say after you way out the situation, how bad is it something that's on ethical unconstitutional You think you're gonna have a bigger impact by protesting it I personally jeopardized your career or possibly going to go into Leavenworth. If your new motor, in court martialed. All those things can happen. If youth
that is so important and that's it We have a better effect on it by making this protest, that's it or do you now making a protest? Then? Ok, Maybe that makes sense. So you got like them. The may lie masker. Vietnam were horrible. Situation happens it. If you were a soldier that was there and said you know what I'm not doing this stop and me Maybe you do rescued in court martial, maybe risk getting killed, but that's a situation where maybe you do it or maybe it some miss treatment of civilians or something but again with mistreatment of civilians. The? U S military is not going to order the mistreatment of civilians. It's not going to happen, so if it is happening, it's coming from a rogue commander that you're gonna be able to destroy when you bring this situation to the to the authorities or its entire to come in so again,
you know if you're getting wrapped up in some small nuanced thing. Yet, in emissions, the pole, the political like, if you're, not politically concurrent without an often meant that we actually and again when you're in the military year, you're not there to worry about the politics. You know you're there to carry out the politics. You there carry out the policy now if there is a part and if the policy use a grievous read it Regis and think you would do better to to make, a protest and end up in jail, and you know beyond CNN Fox NEWS and say. That is why I am in jail, because I didn't agree with what we're doing if it's something that the rest of the nation is gonna, look out and say: yeah. This guy was right, of course, but if you're doing it because it's something that is, in comparison. That is something relatively small. Then you're, probably your problem.
He doing worse to help the situation, you produce less good bye. Walking away getting off the field and letting letting the the The situation transpire without your presence. I want to be there. You know I want be there. If I, if my guys we're getting tasked with a mission that I thought was a little bit sketchy, I want to be there. I want to be there now Hey! I protest. I'm not gonna go not a good call so yeah it again saying that you don't stand by your principles but all I'm saying is especially this guide us in the military. Your principles should be. The most part in line this amount, worker in if you, if you, if you being told to do something. That's that's all American, then yeah stand by your principles, but most if it's some small in it something that you do might not agree with a hundred percent. It is me unprincipled person. It means
you are winning, losing the battle, but you're gonna win the war. You like We weigh it out Let us not allow Langley, it bothers me, I'm jumping on the inner on that side of things. Next question chuckle and echo: what supplement do you guys take besides krill oil and alpha brain indeed take the alpha brain, instant or capsules. I think everyone instant its tasty, treat it Those arrested which is gonna sweetness, do it ex guest Evian it. So it is good of you. If you have a little bit of the sweet. Do you want some sweet? You been eaten like stake for the past seven days. That is good, I also take glucose mean as never before
How'd you get from on it, it's a product, strong bone. That's what I that's! What I'd taken until you I'd, I, the getting ready for the back ass right do prep work. Three days in a row, I was deep in prep work, and I was pounded, some some awful brain deletion each day at the outset, drinkin full alpha brains and maybe like two of em and and I I had directive two days, Europe and when I went into train and I join with the Indians getting ready for something right now and I was wrong really good within each day, I was- I was doing well, he has other you did was doing well and in dealing with Dean was not a happy camera and then the third. Day was like I was pretty much Dunwood wrapped up the prep and I didn't have any outbreak
Rough day- and I advise that was available, lover causation correlation- I don't know- maybe yeah, and I suppose you want Ross, Mushroom Tech, yes, room tat, of course, like I've always said again even before this, as I took them, let's get that's the pre work out. Sometimes you know who actually Alla time. If you If you really want to feel like working out, you nice, I like working over it you're always feel like that. You know what a guaranteed feeling that takes on pre worked out with the alpha brain instant makes them together. Both catering boom is further awful brain instant versus the capsules, and my brother has verified this. I've never taken I've taken the capsules without before that. I hear that if you take the capsules before you go to sleep
cathartic does like any kind of caffeine or nothing in Africa. So taken me, fragrances If you get loose in July, the dreams of her that I put that from everybody, everybody who takes off a brain. They say that it affects a jury. Don't want my dreams to be any more real than they are actually, but do you know that they are dreaming when you need some territories, the jury? Sometimes the apparently like this, but a Walter's, my dreams use blank, but I wake up and complete full athletic sweat drafts bed. That's that's how I wake up it's not one year, but in regards to like protein powder. Nothing like this steak acidity before us, Eight again yeah, I think that's a big deal like a lot of people. You know people on some people really into supplements like to be This is the new protein particles. Comes this delivery system in all this stuff.
Protein here you know all this other surf anything does like if you eat food, that there does normal food, that is a good delivery sisters, data seriously, especially when it in the form of a revised directive every system there remained so we're. That's not that heavy into the supplements, maybe a multi vitamin from time to time. I dont really take him out there in the air I did for a while. I dont anymore yeah crude oil rig question? I'm a Kentucky trooper and I'm an instructor academy. The police will, three guys last year. Could you discuss how to deal with training these guys as hard as you can, and they still,
Lose their lives while working so is for dealing with people and letting them know that that this goes down. How do you do that? First? I get a lot of feedback from police officers out there in the world and if I would say one thing to them, to lead this office. Thank you for You do you guys have a dangerous job, its intense it thankless most of the time and you're dealing with the. With the dregs of society all day long and then you have the balance that with dealing with normal civilians and citizens so you for what you guys you and also I'll, throw on top of that fire Why does x. Thank you, guess what you do and again fail was job difficult job,
Dangerous job, where people, helping people that don't wanna help themselves in many cases. So. Thanks for everybody thanks for all those those first responders for what you guys do. Now, as far as training, guys hard and then You still get guys that get killed, blossom. But let me ask is what is the alternative right? What would you do? Not train hard, you I had. The first rules that were killed in Iraq were killed under my command. My guys mark we might be more sore and Ryan job. It we trained as hard as possible and we still Took those calcium tone. You we trained as hard as possible and if it wasn't,
for lack of training or lack of planning or lack of skill. It's the nature of combat eats the risk. SK of conducting operations in a hostile environment and I'll tell you what, when I got back to America and I took over the training for the I suppose you ll teams that fact. That fact of losing my guys in combat it made me fanatical. About trading- and I was already fanatical sure about training but multiplied infinitely It now became my mission to prepare the, These guys, the apt to the best of my ability and get them ready for combat.
In part of that preparation, was making them understand what was at risk, and I think that something that you should do here. You know you don't know, what's going to happen when you go into the field and you don't know when it's gonna happen, so everything you do should be. Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the moment of truth whether that happens at a traffic stop or while you're serving a worn. Why you stopping a bank robbery, you dont know when it is going to happen, and so Gonna tell these guys tell them the truth of the danger and let it sink in and hound on. It. In I I tell you story from time. Nothing is story, it's statement It's because I remember this feeling than it was when I got back from Romani and we were doing we be doing urban training and
I would see a guy like standing in the streets ending the Middle Street, which is which we could move right. That's reports, fry down, you're gonna, get shot me saying that little street in an old timer guys remedy, and I would see a guy that what canning industry and I would literally feel sick. It was only for about maybe six to nine months after I got back we're going to translate, I would feel sick to my stomach and I would just feel this horrible feeling because it was like. I was waiting for something To be sure, I was waiting for you to get shot. And he felt horrible and I want my goal was to transfer that feeling into their heads. I wanted them to feel sick. I wanted them to feel embarrassed and feel guilty and feel angry and feel discipline We need that they were doing something wrong because I, let them to change their behaviour, which would keep them alive.
So I would say in this case you, you ve, got your putting people training valuable training and, of course, they're still gonna go out do a dangerous job, but you? U dont back off the training. You train harder and you you These guys again God bless him. You you these guys that work holding action, as an example of hey guys. This is why were training hard? This is why we're going to push. This is why I want. Did it take personal responsibility. For yourself and for your training and for your skill, set So that you're ready, you train how you fight and you fight how you train.
So take advantage of that can be ready, yet all attempts that that pain of any kind of fail in this case is an extreme case losing your guys in all EU countries. Extreme cases the neck innocent. There's a spectrum of you know of cases, but any kind of failure or or mishap that causes any kind of pain you can and it's not easy. It's not easy, but you can use that pain to facilitate. Your passion in a corrective way. Langleys, they train harder. You can take that pain and literally focus on good ways. Training training hard being attached to the result, of training you're in or the process of training the appeal, In it, or you get essentially news that paint yeah. So you you got a guy, that's an enemy fighter that loses two submission hold right.
Do you take that you say ok, but if we are going to work out you didn't you take your guided gets his legs kicked out from underneath him. Ok, you got a working which I saw you take those painful training experiences and you put them like you, said you put him to work absolutely in the interlocutor. Eleventh that'll come naturally alliance, but it doesn't always so in those keys You can just actively unconsciously that pain you know in redirect it you can do it. You can do that will even if it doesn't come, naturally helps ok, chuckle advise you have to continue to work out at four hundred and thirty. A dot m, but with two newborn twins at home, give the struggle to stay. Awake is real, Awesome question and well, I have afforded the first three evermore.
Worn pretty rapid succession, not quite twins. Obviously, but you know we had at one point: we had three kids under three, so we will get after it now part of that I got it in full. Disclosure. I you know I was deployed a fair amount, but. When you got those young kids, here's what you gotta do you gotta get it done gotta get it done in this idea. That you're gonna, get it done on some pattern or some. Structured time schedule it's gonna, it's gonna fall back and you gotta. Both sleep and working out in every other thing that you're trying to get done in your life. You have to make it happen when you can make it happen, you know, we have to make it happen when you can make it happen, there's can be no ideal time. You might be work out at three How can the morning you might be Workin out at seven o clock at night? You might be working out at midnight. You might,
trying to sleep at noon. You don't know, what's going to happen, would definitely say when you got the young kids get some and if a home Jim set up at least get a polar bar at least get yourself a bull bar. If you have a poor bar, you can do everything you can evolves. Then you can you push? If you can do squatting newsprint you can. You can make stuff Look if you at least have a follow up car and then you just gotta squeeze it in there. You know it the half an hour there. It's twenty minutes. Fifteen minute there, its power nap in afternoon its squats, while you're sitting there holding the baby trying to get the baby to fall asleep. Then what it is. It's the stroller to the park with it, rock bags when you get there, you can do support on the swingset, that's what it becomes, because life is Have a vote in these situations and your kids and your family are more important than
You are and that something that is a tough. Reality for the young dad. The face All of a sudden, you are not the most important thing in the world at all. They are more important than you are. That being said, Which I know it was to pay some kind of a fine when I say that being so, Somebody on Twitter asked me about it. That being said, so kids are more important than you- your families, more informed you that being said, guess what the number one thing you need to do for them. Stay healthy, you gotta, stay healthy, you can't get all out of shape and turn into a bomb just because you got kids very looking. To you to be able to provide for them for a long time. There also looking at you as an example, the big so Gotta, be the right kind of example, and physical fitness is part of that example.
So they should see that from day one they should know big daddy's doing squats, Wally's old me now a double down that being said this, not a time of your life. When you have new born twins that you're going to be in the optimal condition. You're, not gonna, be at your p. Performance? That's, ok, right! That's a gay, hey man, you got things going on year, dad. No, you know get between new dad. We don't you're, not gonna, be set any easier p hours on yours, Aren't you dead, lift rights, Knocker happening so but that's not a reason that you fall apart at all. You got hold the line as much as you can get, balance this situation. Now you guys squeeze in.
Dig in you gotta be creative, with your work out with your rest, with your sleep when the Bertone presents itself whichever one of those the priority you to go, get it on, and you know it'll happen. It's not just when you have Newborn KEDO happened with your job. You you'll get some pressure situation at work and all the son you can you get a squeeze it in. You know I had I bought houses, overtime always by these houses that we're unlivable Just unlivable just ransacked disasters because they were cheaper, And then I would go in and do these light speed. Models alone by myself, but for instance, I did I got the kitchen in one of my oldest gotta the kitchen and read it your kitchen plumbing electrical new counters, the whole thing- and I got it- I don't get it
countertops in because at that was aching, especially girls, coming to do that. But seventy two hours Seventy two hours nonstop work. What we moved into another house? I had we pulled up the car. My father was he's nice hardwood force under the carpet pulled up water damage a third of the little bit more than a third of almost half Before I wandered homicide, yank those boards out and then say in this whole thing was a nightmare partook of seventy two hours of no sleep like I'd sleep for twenty minutes late for the next layer of varnish to driving sitting there in the fields right, but that's it do sometimes you gotta be like US big project at work, something that's come in and you gotta figure out. How what you can fit in when you can fitted in and realize it there's benefit, there's benefit to that. Twenty minute little session you just did go. Do a hundred berbeus right, go swing, a candle bell, discussion,
I would start with you the Duke Cannibal up. I got the the zombie bells all right. I got a zombie bills, I've, a garage, Jim there's humbly bells are in my house, because I'm walking around and sometimes needed, snatcher cattle about right. Sometimes you guys not about so so you have that in that builds up, because now you just boom you hit out united breaking into a sweat just hit, and seven seven each arm we'll cannibals, Maybe you just doing that and so that's the kind of thing. Maybe we know where the newborn dad you gotta have that can have zombie now sit ass, ready just ahead. Some snatches ready just decent some, some sumo deadly highballs, try what's a good at every fourth make it we'll get the polar bears, our or set a ranks get the rings yeah. You know something that you can rings are great and you can do. Policy can be deaths there very, very versatile, very versatile.
But you ve got to the bottom line. Here's your life is going to change. It has changed so it doesn't mean and Europe what you life has changed and he just got better. It just got better. So what you need to do is to adapt to the new situation and continue to drive the excellence but the excellence isn't gonna be served up all at once. The excellence is gonna, go served up little chunks throughout the day where you can grab and that's that's the way goes yet another tape in I am a twin, I don't have to ask you. If you don't know, ECHO Charles is between and by the way you ve got some requests for the echo whose story so maybe next part gas weaken we're here, echoes story here: the church
the less I'll. Give you three minutes seconds for consider find me, but no one. When I had my daughter and I'm pretty into working out so to not work. I was kind of hard would not have the time, but here's the thing, I'm really into like the luxurious situation resting for a long time and mentally ready like taking an hour and a half to get ready for as used to that. So there was a big big change to to not have them much rest in that of the much time. So Are you doing Jacobite? Guess you get? Even ladders lay S. Life is also its different, but at a thing that helped on top of everything he said, which is, in my opinion, absolutely correct. Hundred percent to add to it is Work with your wife or husband, if your girl, you know you're in years of life, can communicate with them. Tell him that you are out in staying in shape, is is important,
to me, whatever or in a good way to put it is getting unhealthy at this time with our new kids is means a lot. You know if I do that it means a lot to stay healthy. So you know if you can Kate that'll help as well, because you can work with each other in how like, when you have a new kids, it's gonna like one guy, can You know capitalize on a rest time in over and then you know the other guy will understand. What's with the kids in the other, the other person can can get rest. So if you communicate that, this situation so much here. So I am guilty here of unintentional communications, because if I your work when it when, when my wife Kids were young if I didn't work out. In quite honestly. If I didn't train jujitsu, I'm not the idea,
I was, I wouldn't recognize it, but would we you like frustrate me, and so eventually she said you know what just get here stupid ass out of here and go trade. Because I'd rather just have you go and that's one that's what you're, we showed that the german eight o clock at night, like Dean, don t think last night come in there and we train for thirty eight minutes. You know just go in there, get it on and come home. So you know to do that. Were you jerk rate, but there's something I talked about this the years there is a man, in the body connection that is undeniable you don't find a place to get there aggression out and get that doorance flowing and get them that the good field that you get from physical activity. Then return you internal but nasty.
And our good will and end of course, that that I bet you a lotta relationships really suffer from. Then people will recognize it. I think so. Do I think in my experience from talking to people. Ok, so ok that so that element that element of of exercising in it being interrupted by new kids, like that that will vary from person to person right you being on that because you can't train The next go might not be that nuts it might affect. Maybe this much road. This much is different in. There goes along with what I said that communicating actively you don't know how to tell him that you, like you, were doing what you did, but community and at the same time, if you are aware of it, which it can be done but if you are aware that you're, just not as happy just just know that so really kind of czech yourself, if you few yourself losing it, You know I unhappy because I'm sacrifice a few training days,
The red flag of that's that's a good great point, red flag of hey. It's having kids ass, the red flag or reason you're feeling. That is because of this part, that reason is disrupting your physical activity, so recognise that, and in do something about it, communicate with spouse, set up a plan, you ve gotta, pull a bar Get a kettle bell in the house, do in and make it happen here and I think that's a good plan. Yet it's not gonna be as look Curious is knows, you know, you're, not gonna, be optimum. It's not. I've got a lot of them that what would mean that bothered me? You don't know it didn't. I didn't really pay much of a price for where's. It bothering me when some buzz me. I don't like lose by timber typically, but I did feel that they are my gosh. I don't have that much We also have the energy because getting enough sleep in it was kind of annoying, but at the same
am, I did adapt and I got real good it like the exercise, a gymnast and do it like a permanent basis on their I'd, go on I'd sit with my legs and feet out run in little. Yea. I got real good doing that, but nonetheless the fact you did something to things yet communicate understand when you're certainly get a little irritating, because he didn't didn't, train, understand that and then handle it accordingly, that, on the flip side, if you have the wrecking that cause. Ok, this is due to a situation where now you have kids yet you, don't want to go train jujitsu, but your wife is like how can you reconcile going to train your buddies Iraq has elapsed. The girlfriend waif will think that that's just some
fun and games there. My they think it's another relationship began. I have gone on yellow they are the middle understand the important gelato. My energies potentially suspect some it's important to two legacy, communicate. And let him let him know that it's not that you know in the little always get it said that, but if you just can communicate in effectively get the message that it is an important thing: the lake hey, listen, darlin. Do what we'll get. You never know what it is, whether its running a weathers, their biking or whether it's there Dna with their girls, whatever the case, maybe that but you ve got this. What I've got read at these two things to work out a tradesman, jujitsu yeah. You know that's what I'm gonna do, but beef We fear that, like seven days a week before the kids and you still the seventies, with three hours a day understand that gonna break down a brain around like six
I was really bad yeah. I can see there but the Ets in a way. It's not fair. You know, like t not only to your wife but to the fact that you have kids now. The only so much jock looking around year- I don't I'm questioning whether I should tell this but I'm going to so there were times when I would come home from work in the seal teams work until seven o clock at night, I come home from work, walk through the door, drop my work bag and pick up my Jim bag. My wife's there with three young kids and she would be looking at me with the expression Are you freakin serious, because you know me I'm only home, for let's call it. Forty Then I'm gone under the trip and home for three days so those four days she snake and costs.
For four days family time, I'm thinkin cool for four days for time and but again what she realized was that if she was to stop me, she's got a jerk in the house now, not not even. I mean just just it just is just the reality of it. I just would be freely frustrated with the situation. In all I wanna do. Is you go train because its partner, who I am, I get on the mat and I want to get better and I want to it selfish right. And you know what the reasons are selfish but happy. That said, but. The reality is, that's that's me that's me yeah, that's meeting man can't change. Yes, you. You will, of course, have grown steadily you, but this gonna Sanrio basing cliche
the compromise thing you're, what do you mean? You don't have a bunch of kids, you got a compromise, And not be like hey everyone, it's in the whole group, by the way, the kids, even the near your wife. Everyone in the whole group, you guys compromise a factor of eight. Me, I'm just going to compromise a factor of point five, you're gonna go. Did you do to every single day for as long as I've done it? You do. All the things that you ve done before you Don't do that yeah yeah. I know you shouldn't do that, but I am saying we're an idea. Yeah, and I had a lot of UK, not aware love it. I mean you not seen in what I know, I'm being a dick right now, and you know what I'm ok with being a dick or you know, is a measure of offer, not many material. Whatever the I guess, I might not have been the best of the best husband inlets,
living in its to its wants it good. But when you have new kids Ashley twins armed it. It does allow you to can sail. What's important, you don't like me: let's see every Tuesday you went to tackle Tuesday or something like that and drank averages area before kids, now. Twins man really hurt you you get it honestly. Ask yourself: is that kind of stuff import? It now no tackled uzis, not import compared to kids. You know, but you could say time of my friends is important for us to put the drinking in just a little little detailed things that you can easily go without. In other cases, do better without but their vices or whatever, when you can, when you have twins or new kids or just kids in general, you do get that opportunity to reconcile what's more important year. You'd get railroad ties next year.
For her to me, I'm congratulations twins the Big deal, Yellow Dell Alba hope the names are echoing g. Meanwhile,. Blogger. Jacko knowledge is a powerful tool To become knowledgeable, you must ask good questions. You have advice for asking good questions here I mean, Knowledge is a powerful tool for sure I mean it's, it's the master of tools right, it's where all your tools come from Because without knowledge is nothing- and you know you take that one step further and really now
Is this a weapon? It's the ultimate weapon. In it, trumps all other weapons right thought is what since the mind is what wins? The knowledge is, what wins. Then you absolutely you you, you gain knowledge by asking questions right. So my advice for asking questions is presentable. Question everything. Don't just accept anything as truth crushed it all question everything I tell my kids. When they go to school, to sit in front of a classroom and when they, when they were they don't under Strengthening the second, they dont understand something just put your hand right up there and say
percent are set apart. You over arrogant. In. That's how you need to be in life. That's how I try to be. We don't understand a word break out a dictionary. Look it up. You don't understand a concept break down. The concept until you do understand Something works dig into it until you do know how it works, asked every I that comes to mind. I'm not saying that you have to blow out why? Why? Why why this like a five year old everything you see but yes, those questions and learn, and most importantly question yourself, question yourself every day ask yourself who mine
What have I learned, what have I created? What forward progress? Have I made who, if I helped. What am I doing to him? prove myself today to give better faster, stronger, healthier, smarter Ask yourself: is this what I wanna be this is this all I've got. Is this everything I can give? Is this going to be my life.
And do I accept that you gotta ask yourself, those questions was hard questions and you gonna answer getting from truthfully in
You got to realize that all of us all of us can do better. We can be better. You just got to take that first step and that the first step is when you begin to ask those questions so advice on that be questioned the hard questions and ask the hard questions of yourself and in the answers to those questions, will you find that path, the path to progress in the path of freedom inside your mouth?
and I think that's all I've got for the night. They saw the troopers out there for tuning in listening. Bennett? Some time in my mind, with my strange little thoughts preceded thanks for sharing your thought of me on the web connecting It definitely is cool to have everybody connect with me and give me feedback, giving us feedback about. What's going on supporting the pot gas listening downloading subscribing reviewing all that stuff is very helpful and very cool and we are couple other things that we can do that you can do if you want to support your sports broadcasts. So what we're gonna do echo for thing,
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on it on it does come slash Jacko there are more than a year for them. Yeah you ten percent off boom. We support you too difficult for the supplements and cook bills and what not married there. It is the new did you gotta, get the donation thing yes or ask for yeah at stress, strong requests for the donation situation, and I I feel about it first, but men. Yes, thank you. He has for that and it is available to it. I think I did it. A good year for at least thirty four cents for thirty four lutterworth are therefore monosyllables from from John Kosovo donated to donate and besides, for all that sport thanks forget them extreme ownership. You know Hardcover, Kindle Audio
Look if you didn't know that review it, and you know what all that stuff is great, but, most importantly, here's what you need to do get up and get out of bed in the morning shake off that during this and that darkness and quench your fists and go out into the light. Now
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