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Jocko Podcast 17: Band of Brothers, Losing the Fight Going Down Swinging, Jocko/Echo Backstory

2016-04-06 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening 0:08:33 - Book Review, "Beyond Band of Brothers", by Dick Winters 1:17:24 - Rough Transitions 1:25:30 - Jocko Podcast and Onnit Stuff 1:28:24 - Is Extreme Ownership the same as Apologizing? 1:33:04 - Can you be a "straight shooter" and not be a Jerk? 1:42:21 - Jocko's #1 Philosophical lesson from Jiu Jitsu. 1:54:48 - Over-commitment to a wrong opinion. 1:58:55 - What brought Jocko and Echo together. The back story. 2:22:41 - Losing a fight, but going down swinging.

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This is Jack, o podcast number, seventeen with ECHO Charles and me Java, willing it's been ten years since April. Second, two thousand six, ten years since those of us and forceful tune huddled around the radio outside of an iraqi army post near camp remedy, trying to make sense of the confused and uncertain radio traffic of the exiles com and firm voice from the ceo see trying to determine what truck had been hit.
Who is missing ten years since we drove the road back towards the Gulf Centre with fear and our minds and hate in our hearts. Knowing we had lost close friends but not yet sure of the names. Ten years since I met my platoon commander on the dark and steps of the Gulf Centre, as he came down from the ceo, see and confirmed which truck it had been, and when I pressed for who was gone, he simply said all of them. We hadn't. Yet learn that one guy who was a fucking heart ass, who wasn't gonna? Let death take another marine that day and whose recovery has been an inspiration to all those men who know him.
Ten years since I did my best to pass the word to my team with steadfastness, but repeating all of them revealing me for the twenty year, one year old, I was through the tears, I was trying to hold back ten years of trying to figure out what their sacrifice meant of shifting views on what it was all for in the end, that is something that is still a struggle. But I've found soulless and purpose in these facts stuff sergeant Eric Mackintosh, Corporal Scott Procope, YO, Lance Corporal Coon, young, Kim and hospital men. Giovanni idea were men who chose to bees
part of something bigger than themselves. Men who chose to enter a profession of crushingly hard work sacrifice endanger all for the simple purposes: protecting the men around them. Ass. Sergeant MAC was the epitome of fighting marine. A study who exuded proficiency and professionalism, while also be in humorous and approachable procope YO is without it How will the finest men I've ever had the fortune of meeting a b? Never marine who drew. All around him with his enthusiasm and good nature. While we were peers, I looked up to him. Is natural leadership. I still do. Kim, had a quiet reliability about him, unlike usual loud gregariousness that people tend to associate with grunts. He was low key and dependable, and for some reason I can still
either way a smile would creep over his face were stupid, shit was going on and he laughed and away, It may seem like he was seeing a deeper joke that you didn't get yet Doc view is new The company and my memories of him are vague, but the men who knew him better describe a year corpsman, whose enthusiastic about that his job, the funny thing with Corpsman, is sometimes you don't need to know much to judge their character. Besides, the fact these young men volunteered for one specific duty to save the lives of their Marines and combat Our honourable colleague is hard to find it's easy for today to be dark to get sucked into the trap of loss, regret depression
and anger. It's easy to drown in liquor under the pretence of having one for the boys, but this morning. As we prepare ourselves to face the tenth of these days. We think of sky is booming. Laugh. He wouldn't want a sitting around morning like saps wasting our precious days. Burdened with his death like torn, and did widows out of some nineteenth century romance fiction. Heed I insist that we all joined up for the same reasons we infantry Marines we wanted to fight to energetically did the enemy in battle and crush him to Serbia.
Beside men with whom we will build a bond stronger than most will ever know, while the politics are complicated and the outcomes unclear. One thing is certain: their sacrifice was not Vain, as it was the sacrifice that warriors make for each other April. Second, is a day that defines us now brings us together as brothers. It is a day of remembrance and reflection, a data gives us reason to look at our lives and say Look! You son of a bitch, This is why you have to live life to the fullest. This is why you must fight every day to be a better man.
And then we must just remember that Scott Procope, you would call you a pussy for doing the opposite, simplified gents. We will never forget you, so that was a post
That someone forwarded to me that was on read it and it was from an anonymous marine. Obviously you this marine was from the three eight Marines who we served with in remedy, who were just outstanding warriors, and I thought that that tribute not only to the fallen but also a form of council to his fellow Marines. I just thought that that was a amazing peace. Are writing and I want to share with every one April. Second now
Speaking of remedy, which you know just like this marine- something that I think about all the time and said that I refer back to in a couple- God. Gas ago we talked about the band of brothers, the first five or six who we also serve with in remedy, and it is a truly hallowed unit and if you ve, seen the h, P, o many series band of brothers, just a fantastic memorial and representation of these american fighting men and the leader of that group, or one of the one of the leaders of easy company and then,
of the battalion was a guy by the name, a major dick winners, and he rode after after his after he came famous really from the first book by Stephen Ambrose called band of brothers and in the many serious came out called Banda brothers, he wrote a book which is called beyond band of brothers. The war memoirs of major Dick winners. And I got to this book basically because I was gonna- do band brothers, this even Ambrose, but as ever but he knows more. If you dont know, I like to get the source material from the people that were there
Stephen amorous as a historian, and so I, this book as I was researching more deeply and abandon brothers. I very quickly found this book ordered it, and yet there is no doubt so. Let me to kick this off. As battalion operations officer, Hester pointed to wear, an enemy machine gun was located in approximately where a foregone battery of one o fives was situated. That was all he knew Captain Hester too to me and said: there's fire along that hedge road. There take care of it that The sum of my orders no detailed battle plan. Now Intelligent summary, nothing, but a specific task to be accomplished without delay, easy companies
Was the silence the battery in we talk about the basic principles of combat? one of them is simple, clear, concise there you go. That's your There's, there's fire longer hedgerow take care of it and this is also obviously an unbelievable example- decentralized command. You go solve this problem and his responses. I got it back to the book, fucking a mental estimate of the situation. I viewed any infantry, a soul on. The battery is a high risk opportunity, since our air forces had failed to destroy the artillery battery in the preliminary bombardment prior to this, keyboard invasion arc It would be initiative an immediate appraisal, the situation, skilful use of the terrain and our ability, Destroy one gun at a time, so you'll notice he's gonna he's Soon, as he knows it, there's multiple guns. What do they decide to do? One gun at a time solve one problem at a time
well, something we like to call prioritizing execute. First thing, I did would have everybody drop all equipment except ammunition in grenades for that All we would need things went from good, too bad to get rid of things. You don't need folk on this one tat we ve got rang out. Another prioritizing execute order right there while the Non Commission offers prepared the men for the assault, I conducted a hasty reconnaissance of the enemy position, a leader in an advantage in combat, if he's able to appraise the terrain and the situation quickly and correctly, crawling along the hedgerow, I moved to position where I could get a better view of the enemy position. The guns appeared to be set in a trench in the head, wrote in the hedgerow covered by machine gun fire from across an open pasture. The battery was firing directly. Down. Causeway number two in the direction of Utah Beach, where the initial waves of the fourth in Infantry division were already landing.
You ve got these german guns in an elevated position, hammering Utah Beach, where the fourth infiltrated vision is trying to land right now the nightmare. Anticipating that it would be too costly to conduct a frontal attack across an open field. I determined chances of success would be greatly enhanced if we could hit the enemy on the flank and silent One gun at a time hit the enemy on the flank again. These are basic principle was- and I hate on eight using the word basic because its fundamentals- isn't it there's nothin basic about its basic. But it's it's beautiful, beautiful in its simplicity,. Returning to the company, I assigned specific missions to each man, so everybody knows what their task is. Gonna be. First, I placed
with easy companies to machine guns in a position where they could provide covering fire as we move carefully into position covering the cover and move Next, I divided our attachment to units one led by Lieutenant Buck Compton and the other remaining with me. Can't move down one hedgerow with sergeant Dornier and Malarkey to get as close to the fore it's gone in the battery is possible. Why led my unit down a parallel hedgerow com? and also sent sergeants Lipton and Rainy Dickens to a concealed position to put, flanking fire on the enemy. While my detachment crawled a coat cross, the open field to approach the gun first, she got multiple covered move situations going on right now. Indeed, up to the military. Folks that are listen. This you can bring
Through this description and miss how important that is how important in and what a great example of cover move, this is gonna put down that cover fire. You gotta put down that cover via that's. Why I gotta bring them heavy weapons out their bring those a double use out. Boys lots of them When my group back to the book when my group, consisting of Corporal Joe Toy She, Robert pop, I win in private Harold, the rain from regimental headquarters, reach the hedge that led to the enemy position. We stopped here Placed a second machine gun to engage the first gun that was firing. Point blanket us. I gave the gun instruction the fire unless he saw a definite target. So you would not give away his position, then we worked our way up to competence. Hedgerow here, spotted german helmet and squeezed off two rounds later. I found a pool of blood at this position, but no Jerry Jerry's term. For German,
next, I sent Compton with two men along the hedge to throw a hand, grenades it enemy position, while the rest of us supported him with covering fire. These guys, don't you anything without covering fire. I fired occasionally, well spots when there was a low in the covering fire due to putting a new clips. Captain took too long getting his detachment position and we spent more ammunition. Then we should have, but in return we she's no enemy fire, so that covering fire, even though Turkey long, but but they do not receive any enemies. Because they were laying down that fire there laying down that call covering fire just as Compton was ready to hurl his grenades. I started across the field with the rest of the assault team so that what we jumped into position together as the grenades exploded site, alternatively, we heard additional grenades at the next position in turn we received substantial, smaller ones. Fire grenades from the enemy as we approach the first.
Pop I win was hidden the butt and fell down in the trench, rather in complaining that he was hit, he apologized I'm sorry lieutenant. I goofed, I goofed, I'm sorry, my god, it's beautiful when you think of a guy who is so dedicated to his company that he upon Jesus, we're getting hit. Now he was a soldier hit by enemy fire in Normandy we d day behind german lines and he's more upset that he led his buddies down than you those concerned with his own injury, Popeye's action. Popeye's actions spoke for all of us now on fast forwarding a little bit too. They get these they get. These guns taken down with the entire battery now destroyed. We now withdrew as the Machine gun fire that we were receiving from the manor House and other positions remained intense. I,
old, our own machine guns out. First, then, the riflemen- I was last to leave and as I was leaving, I took a final looked down the trend and there was one wounded, Jerry trying to put a machine gun onto into operation. I drove them through the head on our way back, I came across worn officer, J G, Andrew Hill, who had been killed working his way up to help us in all. We had suffered for dead six wounded and meaningful the fifteen get in twelve captured enemy german forces in the vicinity. The battery had outnumber had numbered about fifty about three hours passed since I had received the order to dispose of the battery. And then to date they take care that they conduct some other smaller operations and then it goes to the sort of the end of the day. At long last D day was over, our success had been too superb
leadership at all levels, training. We had experience prior to the invasion. Add luck to the equation and easy company comprised a formidable team. On reflection. We were highly charged. We knew what to do and we conducted ourselves as part of a well oiled machine. Because we were so intimate with each other. I knew the strengths of each of my troopers this something that he refers back A lot was really understanding his men, what they were like, what drove them, what their strength and weaknesses were, so he could put them in the correct positions, Evening allowed us a few minutes of quiet reflection with our outposts in place. I stretched out to catch a few hours, even though the rattle of german small arms fire continued throughout the night. Before I dozed off. I did not forget.
On my knees and thank God for helping me live through his day and Ask is help on deep plus one. I would like this war one day at a time, and I promised myself that, if I survived, I would find a small farm somewhere in Pennsylvania, countryside and spend the remainder of my life in quiet and peace. Now You get you as you as you hear about Dick winners, and that's all I want the cover at least one engagement on actual engagement. That's that's one of a kind of sea, the methodology the the principles that is putting into action, but you I want to go.
Some trade, not so much on the action now, but more on the leadership, the leadership pieces of it, although their Selby I'd, still do talk about some of the sum, the combat situations that they get into because they were in a war. But I want to check in going back a little bit from where he came from what his mindset, what developed at any cost. As this. I had a wonderful mother, We conservative, came from a mennonite family, but never converted to that faith, honesty and discipline. Driven into my head from day. One at some point am I just can have to stop like even accepting these things, these common themes that are just run through these. These leaders,
Not surprisingly, mother was undoubtedly one of the most influential people in my life, a mother the child she nurtures hymn sheet still disappoint and she teaches respect my this is, My mother was the first one up every morning she prepared breakfast my sister Anne in me, and she was ass. One, the bed every evening. In many respects she was the ideal company commander, then subconsciously I'm sure I patterned my own leadership abilities on this remarkable woman. So it's interesting. He all he talked about was that she was First, one to work, and she was the last one to leave work, meaning she was the first one up in the morning. She was, alas, when the leaf, and without stable alone. He said that she, the ideal company commander now for those you that all the military accompany Commander is is theirs.
Several companies in a battalion there could be three maybe force, maybe even five, depending on the task organization. But it's it's a hundred. The hundred fifty guys generally in a company, so here saying that this, that is more would be ideal company commander. Why? Because she wakes up early and has a lot of discipline news flash now. Speaking of the I won't red anymore. Since there is another action, I positioned men on both sides, the road and prepared to move out in order to secure the intersection. So here they are on a move, their gotta securing an intersection lieutenant well, lead first opportunity headed accompanied column per se, the on schedule. I Howard Welsh, move out just as the aid. I started german machine gun located in a building at the foot of the hill start, a fire up the road, the german
on crew is imperfect position at the perfect time to wipe out, entire attack from them Stay inside of the road Welsh pushed six men towards the intersection. They went straight at that in section and the enemy machine gun the. The fire, however, was very effective. Our Madame both sides that road kept low profiles and ditches head that heads down and they frozen place, Leaving well she's six men assaulting the intersection alone to my rear, kernels, Rare and his staff, including Captain Hester Nixon, could see what was happening. They in turn were hollering at me. Get them moving winners, get them moving. I should go out of my hardest to rid myself of access equipment, so I could run since it was obvious what needed to be done to guess what people are moving people and taking action in its obvious
To him, what needs to be done, standing in the middle of the column on the right hand, side of the road I hollered, move out, move out. This did no good. When it had his heads down this was the one in only time in the war that I really blew, my top physically kick ass. I came out of that It would only my m one in hand and hollering I and the head of the column kicked out side of the road and random right side, a road back and forth screaming at my top, my voice get going. I will never forget this. Prize in fear on those faces. Looking up at me, with me running around on the road like a wild man. The machine Gunnar seem to zero in on me. I the wide open target the bullet snapped by and glanced off the road all around me for short, short time. I had the feeling of being blast that feeling didn't last year long for hours to find out a few minutes that I wasn't so blessed
and the reason I highlighted that section right there, because In the next literally the next page in the book you you get this idea again. This is this: the idea that people have of military leaders is that these hard ask eyes in these kick ass, guys that are run around and yelling like what I just read. I want to highlight that, because now we fast forward one page in the book, in taking the intersection, easy company. Disdain ten casualties. Among our wounded were sergeant lifted at deeper and burst Smith. Another casualty was private Albert alive, who is in the aid station sitting with his back against the wall. And to have my wound clean, because, by the way major winners got hit, it so he's in there get his wound clean. Now he's looking to private life, and he said-
it says here I did not notice any wounds, so I asked how you do in life. I can't see I can't see he replied. I remember trying to comfort him by say: it's ok. Life relax Have you out of your soon and thus send you back to England. As I started to move away like stood up suddenly saying, I'm ok, I'm ok! I can see now as soon as blithe regained his vision, he immediately return to duty, if you think about that, for a minute that boy had been paralyzed by fear. Yet he had got and dedication to stick to his buddies and easy company. As soon as he relaxed and pulled himself together. He returned to the front rather than too the easy way out with an evaluation. Sometimes all the soldier needed was a calm voice, reassuring him that everything was fine in both
case. He rejoined the company. It was wounded in action during the upcoming fight, the World WAR. Two he served the hundred eighty, seven airborne regiment and korean war, where he was awarded a silver star and the Brown star by the time they retired for military service life was accompany first sergeant. So the contrast there is that you, set of Poland, a General George Patten, slap on the guy, rounded say you're not going to get here what did he do, which would cover the guy and sailors everything's we're right, we'll get you play will get back to England. Just just take it easy. Here's a section that I'm gonna jump to quickly. When he's talking about the confusion getting in the confusion getting our men. Interposition was as bad as we were to ever see. One time I an easy company troops firing into troops of another battalion later
add some take show up for support and they begin firing our own line. So that's blue on blue fratricide and we talk about it nor book and its wanted. The things that they usually don't show it to you. You don't portray it because it's hard to believe that things get that confusing, but they do in its goes all the way back in clear example: right there now we're going back to life- and this is, I commentary on training on one of our daylight patrols, led by sergeant Garnier Blithe was point man when he spot. The german sniper in a tree, just as he did in training, He automatically said Bang Bang instead of
hoping to the side of the road and putting his rifle on the sniper So if you can imagine your back in America, when they were doing their pre pre up attack, training in England, and they weren't you. No boats without overdrawn, if they saw the low bang Bang. Well, that's literally what the guy did. The German reacted first and shop life through the collar bone, the rest, the patrol recovered life and then withdrew to easy law, easy lines so get no. Turkey will listen and law enforcement. You train how you fight and you fight, I, u Trade, so you just gotta keep that in all the time, if you're giving yourself some kind of a training scar by doing something like a lip gun, we actually do. This is guilty lip gun, but so we called it democracy,
You know that my early days as we would have a choice like what you make sound, but I am yet your mouth yeah thing and thankfully now they have we unbelievable good systems. You know the people type systems that go in our real guns, the laser tag, type systems. So we don't have to use lip guns. Back to the book next sector. Success breeds confidence and easy company. Success in Normandy instil the confidence that they would need succeed and live to fight another day. At the same time, I could not help but think that had I train the men harder if I'd done a better job, maybe more of my men would have come home. That's somethin, a leader is always gonna, be thinking always
We think that what could we have done better? What could I have done better? Now? They they get back to England there taking a break they get pulled off the line and he's back an out and out born Regis Aachen. Talking about his reflecting back on his own push into europe- and you know you got guys they're out drinking. Doing whatever their doing any says ass for myself, I relax the best I could combat had made me tents, food Billy since my decisions now meant life or death to the members of my command in soldiers and combat requires personal detachment from the men themselves. In a sense, command. Is the lonely as job in the world look
Yet myself in the mirror, I could see how much I had changed. I could sense it. Another thing that affected me was the importance of supporting the necessity of instilling disappointed my troops and getting the job done in combat. In an attempt to escape the tension that combat had caused, I developed a head, here than usual exercise regiment and I attended church. On a regular basis. There were only a few days that run two to three miles. Do eighty pushups sixty set ups on a foot locker and a couple of split and some leg and trunk exercises after the day's work was over. As a result, I kept in pretty good,
shape, not what I call wrestling shape, but good enough for army work. Physical activity kept me mentally alert, built my durance and kept me supple. You gotta do it. You gotta have that discipline and you gotta work out you gotta. Do it every day that important gay ceiling mention how it kept him mentally sharp it absolutely dollars forgets that four were that's. That's one of the few things that you can do that affects everything. I really think in life you, you are correct. I think people love him in India.
Exercise? People think well exercise that for a certain kind of person you know maybe a fitness person or something like that. It's for a dumb jock right, smart boastings, all knocking exercised a long answer. Yapping noddies people are more hip to richer but say hip, Hitman down down with the cause the new stuff, but yet it is them. It's interesting how these leaders back then they knew that Yup, even there there's been knows, even though at that time there been no scientific study, their scientific studies now approve it. He didn't know that he doesn't knew it yeah, he felt tat, he lived it, he lived,
Are there any other position now again, I'm just fast folded, and even though I said I wasn't cover too much the combat I'm covering the combat combat. What is what puts these people, these leadership positions? Lee combat, is the ultimate teacher, the harshest teacher, and teaches you lessons that You do not forget so they're around this village of foie, which is a village was held by the Germans and they ve been waiting and he'd, been they ve been awhile and hears winners. Talking about. Here's winners, talking about is troops They were now completely exhausted there. Add no hot food, little sleep, no rest constant tension and the pressure of
combat the worst time was night when temperatures plummeted in fog covered the battlefield until mid delayed. The uncertainty of what lay just yards ahead in the next tree line was sufficient to break ordinary men. Not surprisingly, the men became physically exhausted. Physical exhaustion leads the mental exhaustion which in turn causes men to lose discipline Loss of self discipline then produces combat, fatigue self disk. Point keeps a soldier doing his job without it loses his pride and he loses importance of self respect in the eyes of his fellow soldiers. It is pride that keeps soldier going and keeps him in the fight. This is but I feared I would lose the loss
will to measure up to my men after being others break down. You wondered, who is next and you started taking a whore. Look at yourself I often wondered why I didn't break under the strain of combat one. Actor undoubtedly lay in the fact that my battalion headquarters lay seventy five yards behind the Ford foxholes. No longer was I under enemy observation. Consequently, I was able to conduct wait on my duties without fear of enemy, small arms fire. Another factor was undoubtedly my physical conditioning think there was a man in the battalion whose in better physical shaped- and I was my- sports ability to ensure the safety of the soldiers also harden me to cope with the daily stress of combat
one. Last observation on combat fatigue. When you see a man break, he usually slams his helmet down messes up his hair. I dont know conscious or unconscious, but a soldier goes to his head and massages his head, shakes it and then he's gone. You can talk to him all you want, but he cannot hear you when he reaches that point. The best thing for everybody is just to let him take a walk I'll bet. Exhaustion occurs instantaneously. You dont plan to become a combat fatigue. Casualty. How do you prevent combat fatigue? You talk to you. Groups and makes an excuse to pull a soldier off the frontline, of course, pulling a soldier off the front line she's the stress of those who remain but is it necessary tradeoff? I often as the soldier, whom I saw the verge of a breakdown about coming back, with me to see peed help out for a couple of days in this,
and are you invent a reason for pulling a guy from the line without damaging his psyche so bunch of stuff? There Combat fatigue in and I'm not saying that you're gonna see combat fatigue and the civilian world I meet, but you do so. People get stressed out in business, and I thought that that common about people. Messing up their hair and grab in their head. That's it that's a really good indicator of when people are breaking and I'll tell you. What do you think this is something that we talk about the book as well as for us, the guys that had. The most resistance to combat fatigue, with the guys that were most intricately involved in the planning of the operations because they felt like ads and control enforcing for us, we did notice. So we had
eyes that work involved, like you know, maybe a new guy or maybe they just didn't work that involved in planning or whatever so all there and told was I'd hate your gear on you're gonna get come back now Britain egg it your gear on going out again combat cannot operate. A good guy you're going out again those as it didn't really get involved the planning harder for them because they feel like they have no control and they didn't see the risk mitigation that was happening in aid and understand strategy. Well enough. Why? Because I didn't tell my fault, you know I should have been more engage them. I should have explained to the impact of their haven't. I should explain to the overall strategic per picture and I try To do that, I thought I did it, but I didn't do well enough and those of the guys that definitely were the most stressed out so leaders out there wait. Just another reason is another reason to tell people why they're doing what they're doing get them involved in the planning and get them ownership of the planning. So they feel I have some control over it. Interesting
Oh they mentioned how they dealt with that when they put him off the line right, but they wouldn't just be like straight up straight: don't pay your messy not get off. The line is like put for them are lying in a way that women there would it Maxima pay. We need you to take your supply issue back there for me and get this figured out. Yeah I'll, do it and give them a break, give them arrest this sum hack. We're talked about two and a half where it says about face. No, he talks about it, says: hey everyone's got cup a certain size cup. Some people have a bigger cup than others, but when the cup gets filled up, does it there done? And if you let the cup get filled? but over flow than their done forever. But if you can catch it beforehand, they go back a little bit drain their cup out. But that's exactly you talk about when you say it s a manipulation right. I carried tell him yeah dissonant kind of it.
Gingerly kind away you make a maker signed onto the whole situation. There is no doubt about it. This is going back to his discipline. My routine was to shave every morning and then to inspect the line in rest. In retrospect, Shaving in the bitter cold was pre ridiculous, but the practice originated with one of my first meetings. Colonel sick at Tacoma sink. It rocks I urge us to shave every morning. He said you shave every morning for the men and if you want to shave every evening for the women, but that's up to you but I want you to set an example. He was absolutely right. I remember one morning when we prepared for our attack on Foy
I got up in the middle of the night to shave before getting something to eat in the process. I cut myself up pretty badly. I must look like hell. When Colonel think arrived the check on us before the attack commenced. He just one look at me and had a huge smile on his face. I Peter I realize later that he was laughing Me for shaving on that bitterly cold morning, but that was one of the thing I did to set an example for the men she's in the morning and Why would stripped to the waist and give myself up french Wash a routine caught everyone's attention. I did this rule one reason and one reason only to get the man's attention and let them know. I was going to be around for a while- and this was in his bed they thought it was going to be make the best of it. And what I like about that is his total awareness
is total awareness of the impact that he's having on his men. He knows that they are watching them. If your leadership position, you ve got a recognised people are watching you, parents, yeah yeah,. Your apparent you gotta realise that that person that your leading called your child there watching you it's more critical than most me. Wait, then what you say so in people will make this excuse the saying that is the hey do what I say not what I do mean, what you're doing all this stuff? It's not that's, not how they get there can be like. Oh that's just something you say. Meanwhile, this is how you do it apparently momentarily doing it. This way does the work done, because what they say you gotta do the right thing: who are watching you when you're leadership isn't it you are being watched, you are being emulated. Your emotions are being mimic? You know that you may not sense that
Your emotions are being mimicked, you gonna, do panic mood you can have a bunch people panicking. You stay calm. You people are gonna, stay calm, you get crazy. Your people low, crazy. You people are watching you so set a good example and one a premium examples he setting he's maintaining the discipline now, this actually section- I don't it's it's very interesting, because we had. I had made a comment on the podcast about they. Would you do some one asked? Would you do if you get told to do something? You don't believe in it and so I went through a grey area and said: look in others. There is some grey area there and if it's just Small that you get ass do and you just, You decide you gonna, lay down the law right now in being your fist on the table today, I'm not going to do that. Will then you can the fire and Nelson
I'm gonna have to come in there and do that thing that you ve been asked to do, and I had one Person on Twitter that kind of went back and forth with me, and you know he said hey. It does make an impact you walk away and I agreed with him. I said yes, I know I am not trying to say it doesn't make an impact when you walk away because it certainly does but there are cases where it has more of an impact. If you stay a you stay in the game, so this is an example right here, a pretty shocking example. Because we have a guy, that's a hundred percent on board and is you know of ST shooting guy that listen to his chain of command and here's. What happens. Colonel Bob sink with a magnificent commander, but this I'm he had had a little too much to drink, and in order to do,
batch. Another patrol to capture additional prisoners did not make sense. It already captured sufficient prisoners for interrogation. A second patrol would only result in casualties for no apparent reason further ass, the situation was freshly fall, snow along the river that he quickly turned ice during the day. If I followed colonel sinks order, The enemy would have heard is coming a long way off. What to do. I responded yes, sir, and then promptly ignored the order. So he's doing what I was basically with what I would say like if you just said no, sir, we're not gonna. Do that guess what he's gonna get fired and now, Many get someone output charge and even if you do
if artes hurting, is reputation. So it's bad situation, but what he decides to do is go got it, sir, we'll take care of it, and then he promptly ignores the order to now. After the book to give the impression of compliance. However, I assembled the men in a building and told them. We are not going to send out this patrol because I did not think it was feasible. I to inform them that my neck was it a noose if anyone ever said anything about it with that the men laid down and caught some much needed sleep, and I took the radio and adjusted mortar and artillery fire on my suppose. It objective then horses, here's his thoughts on it on reform Jane. I did exactly the right thing and I have never had any regrets. There was insufficient time for preparation, the fields My front was wide open and I would have lost too many men for no purpose.
I wonder what I would have done. Had I been a career officer concerned about my own future. Would I if compromise my beliefs, the deliberate d, obedience of Olaf's order by my commanding officer, presented an ethical dilemma of the first magnitude, but You can see it a guy who's. Staying on his principles, then is principles were to accomplish the mission care of his men and he's weighing those things that those things are black and white? Those things are now black and white, because you look at all the times. He did do The operations and missions and tasks were his guys got wanted and killed, but he saw it purpose was now. Is you something withers no purpose, and he says you know what not gonna do it, but he has until the Basi just doesn't executed. So
and you know, there's stories of seals in Vietnam doing that, and I heard that from from the Vietnam seals would tell me, aid if they got directed, do something that they didn't think was a good mission have talked about this. Before, Oh, we're gonna go. You wants to go three kilometers away and set up an ambush on this river. That's in really tough enemy, controlled areas, and we don't north intelligences on who's. Gonna come down the river. Ok, cool and they'd put or two hundred metres at the gate, set up a little perimeter right, close to camp. Where there's no no problems smoke. A couple cigarettes spend a few hours out there, walk back. Yeah, nothing happened, known came down the river. I would think he'd have to be pretty responsible, though, if you gonna can exercise that course of action. Otherwise It's all his dislike knew you don't feel like it. Don't you know it's. It's obviously something that a guy like Dick win. Did very rarely in the seals in Vietnam thought they would blow emissions of volatile right, but they, you know, like I said
Something comes up where you complete, we disagree with it. But you don't. I disagree with it to the point where you want to make you want Maker maker stand, that's gonna make you get fired or now you know supporting you guys anymore, yeah yeah. Ok, you call you kept him alive that night, what who's coming in to take your place? That's the question whose common and take it ways you don't do that is and what their best interest gonna be. Because you ever comes to take your place, is gonna, be accompany guy, that's gonna, be here, he's gonna, be a guide us good up, obey every last direct order from the guy, and this is what's it strange you I'm in here I am, I mean I was as is motivated it to be the military is I could possibly hey, you know, so I'm not sit here, calling for mutiny from guys. But I am telling you to use common sense and you gotta put common sense on top of everything and sometimes common sense outweighs order such as the way it is.
It's rare- and I said this last time as well- it's rare it's not like. You these crazy orders from up the chain of command people, people advancing the military because their cause they're idiots and it fell, they're not on your team. The Edison like they want you to get killed right, and you know, maybe you know in this case he could have got given them, we back and said hey. You know what boss years was going on theirs fresh snow. Its government here has come at a mile away. We don't have good covered the front this, a good operation, but maybe he heard. The tone of the colonels voice said: hey disk, maybe it's if I say that and then I dont do it or if I say and it's gonna make me suspicious sado what I got it, sir, and then don't do it just a judge, a judge, a judgement of character. But that's what you ve got riding on you in your leadership position. You got those guys lives and that's it be more important than anything. It's it's a string, each dichotomy of leadership, because
on the one hand,. You're trained your whole military career that you gotta take carrier men take area people, that's somethin, you get trained on since day. One take care, your team. The dichotomy that is you're gonna do missions where you could very well be sending your men to their death. So there is a massive dichotomy there and how you deal with the dichotomy you find them I once and the Balance- is not a cookie Carter response, the bounds. Different for each scenario that you're in how well you can away those opposing forces.
It is a measure of what kind of leader you are hasn't, makes leadership part now we're getting too they ve, they ve moved through Europe and now we're about to go from war to something even more evil, which is the concentration camps and death camps. So back the book. As they enter this back the book as they entered the their death camps. For the first time, the horror of what we observe remains with each other. The trooper to this day you could not explain it, you could not describe it and you could not exaggerate it.
It did not take long to realise that the Nazis were intent on eliminating all the Jews, gypsies and any one who disagreed with Hitler's regime them Maria starved dazed men who dropped their eyes and heads we looked at them through the chair, link fence in the same manner that a beaten, mistreated, dogwood cringe left their mark on all of us forever. Nor could you underestimate the barbarity of the night, The regime, even during the latter stages of the war, As I went through the war, it was actual to ask myself. Why am I here? Why am I putting up with a freezing cold the cost. Rain and the loss of so many comrades doesn't
but he care a soldier faces deaf on a daily basis and his life is one of misery and deprivation. He is cold. He suffers from hunger, frequently bordering on starvation. The impact of seeing those people behind that fence me saying, if only to myself now. I know why I am here for the first time I understand what this war is all about and obviously seen that evil. First hand a net one of the reasons why I think we explore the darkness and the evil on a fairly regular basis. Here,. That's why I export that's. Why my mind is drawn these things. Did you gotta?
understand that evils out there. And it still here today. And somebody who's gonna take the fight to the enemy. Now, I'm jumping towards the end of the Balkan. Again, it's not really not give anything away, and we know our world WAR two ended. But this is how colonel winters are sorry major winters gonna wraps up their combat back to the book and so many of the two veterans returned home, yet all would be forever condemn. Did by their shared experiences in combat over the core-
of the war easy company alone lost forty eight men killed and over one hundred wounded, incurring a hundred and fifty percent casualties. This percentage was not uncommon among similar units who had fought in the campaign of North West Europe, at the peak of its effectiveness in HOLLAND and October of nineteen, forty four and in the art ends in January nineteen, forty five. It was as good a rifle
company, as there was in the world, according to Arthur Steve, any Ambrose. How so many men survive the campaigns in Normandy, HOLLAND Bass, stone at Germany was a true testament to their courage, their training and their discipline under fire. Now I want to fast forward a little bit more to ease. He's done is now out of the military No, we got a lot of people that listen, jokes, allow you guys reach out to me and talk about that transition. Alot of people ask me about that transition and here's Dick winners transition. While I was extremely happy to put the army behind me. I realised that I was a different man.
I was when I joined the army over four years earlier, the war. Changed me in many ways as it does all Experience combat. Having witnessed so much mass suffering and the unparalleled barbarism- that mankind is capable of inflicting upon itself, I dont see how any survivor can be ever be cruel to anything again. In addition, I was a far better judge of character that I had been a nineteen forty one, that feeling remains with me today for sixty years after the war, when I meet people for the first time and get to know them. I can't help but judge them inside them up. Do they have leadership? Would they be good in combat? Do they pass the test.
I was also more disciplined, then, I remembered being before I deplore the Europe. This discipline hell We adapt to civilian life. Once I returned a Pennsylvania like all veterans, I I do a justice society, the life that We're going to share with others in order to make a living. I certainly never confuse the challenges in the workplace with what I experienced and combat there would be no life and death struggles in the corporate world. It is hardly equates to war. Such comparisons demean. The word. And when I read that actually to put myself in the check because I want to make sure that I am clear about something is something I am. Obviously we wrote a book, that's about.
Pairing business and war, but I want to make it clear that what work during in what we say is similar in fact, they're. The same is the principles, the principle, the leadership are the same. The struggles and the challenges and the consequences are not the same. They are not. So I want to make sure I make that clear. Now, let's get this summer, his reflections on leadership Back to the book was I a successful leader, They tell me I was and modesty prevents me from disagreeing with them, not so naive that I don't realize the wide appeal of Dick winners today is based on leadership in combat.
I may not have been. The best commander but I always strove to be my men depended on me to carefully analyze every tactical situation, to maximize the resources that I have at my disposal to think under pressure and delete them. A personal example, I think, is it you here, you know a ease. Looking back at his humble guy, you know I May have not been the best combat commander, but I always tried to be. This is a humble man I am not sure there is such a thing as a natural born leader somebody. These are born with special aptitudes or talents, but a success I might have had was the product of good upbringing in ten study and preparation and physical conditioning that set me apart from my peers, here's dick winners. I mean the one of the best kind of about leaders at a tactical,
in the modern era, any say in that it was preparation and physical conditioning, the setting of arms pierce. I was all back the book. I was also surrounded by a group of men who were disciplined and highly trained to accomplish any mission Adler. To the equation- and you can understand that the secret my success was there. Somehow I always managed to survive another day. Recent years I've been asked to address an increasing number of civic groups, corporate seminars and governmental agencies. On the subject of leadership, most outlook, in four cookie cutter solutions as to what constitutes a successful leader. What is the recipe for success, and this is this- is a classic and actually win win the book when, when late night, the book came out when our book came out, we did a bunch of interviews that gap.
Turned into either short articles or video clips and end they would they d tidal these things you know like freezing, every leader must do in it, that's what they all Do everyone's looking exactly for what he says most are looking for cookie cutter solutions to what constitutes a successful leader What is the recipe for success? In truth, There are no simple solutions. Just as there is no average day and combat situation is different in each require There's a leader to be flexible in adapting his or her particular leadership style to the specific circumstances require to accomplish any mission its matter of adjusting to the individual and you do this every day you don't have just one way of treating people you adjust yourself to whom you are talking.
If I were to give advice to young leader going to war based on my observation of one eye constituted the success of the outstanding leaders who comprise the Miller the American Parachute Infantry Regiment, regiments of world war. Two I would offer series Principles that I am certain will result in great success, regardless of the field endeavour field of endeavour in the individuals participate, so here he saying the same thing I say, which is legal it is the same, whether it's in the battlefield or whatever endeavour, you're going into leadership principle, stay the same. First and foremost, a leader should strive to be individual, a flawless character, technical competence and moral courage. If have character. That means you're, the guy. That means the guy you are dealing with. Can trust you, the men, trust you have faith in you and they obey you. No questions asked
The character in a nutshell, character also allows you to make decisions quickly and correctly some may cause. My decision to disobey a direct order from my commanding officer. This is the story we already talked about and to fake, another patrol as a violation of that very principle I am advocating in, the heart. However, I could not send my men to risk their lives for no apparent reason when clearly Nothing would have been gained that we had not already achieved such a course takes a degree of moral core courage, which I have found is far lower than physical courage was I correct in my estimation, I thought so, and I have never regretted my decision. The same holds true for developing leaders of competency. Those in charge. To lead, must, Study their profession to become totally proficient in tactics in technology.
Prior to the invasion. I read every. I command you. I could lay my hands on to improve my tackle knowledge, professional competence, while others we'll just we're out carousing in pubs. While were enjoying the social life of the neighbouring towns, I was, eating an educated myself, getting it led men and to combat getting smarter opening up the books, that's what he was doing and that part of leadership? That's part of his these characteristics of leadership, is to become knowledgeable to read and study. He goes on don't waste time, attempting to define leadership, no need to go to a dictionary, the infantry school,
what forbidding Georgia, Georgia has defined leadership in just two words via its motto. Follow me and he's gonna. Do it again right here physical fitness is another prerequisite for success. I freely met that I was blessed with a sound physical constitution, but whenever possible I took the opportunity to improve my physical stamina, big, I was in such good physical shape. I easily survive to cover that's their their initial training that they went through. Airborne, while men washed out on a daily basis, the contingent from easy company that pleaded the training and earn their wings forbidding were tough as nails B. As I was in such good shape. My t level, never reached the point of physical exhaustion that contributes to mental exhaustion and, ultimately, to combat fatigue.
We all experience sleep direct deprivation at times. That is the new sure stress, but physically exhausted leader, will. He makes poor decisions in times of crisis when he returns about another I have always felt that my principal contribution to the success of both easy company and second battalion was based on my knowledge of what to expect from each man. No, your people Having selected the right man for the right job, I then delegated the authority to my subordinates and allowed them to use their initiative to execute the mission These command.
There is no need to tell someone how you how to do his job. If you have properly trained your team, Good preparation is always vital to the success of any operation, but leave. This must remain flexible once the can commences Steve Ambrose like to quote General Eisenhower who claimed before the battle This joint plans are everything once the battle is joined. However, plans go out the window, next, I would encourage leaders to take a moment of self reflection before rushing into important decisions. This is a little bit of detachment, many leaders don't take the time to consider carefully their decisions were the implications of their actions in battle.
I periodically detached myself mentally from the noises in the chaos of battle I found it useful to separate myself momentarily anti care if we think, through what actions I needed to take to accomplish the mission again, I read this book for the first time last week. Catchment straight, I say in the exact same in battle I periodically detached myself mentally from the noises in chaos. Battle hang tough, never ever give up regardless of the adversity. If you are a leader, a fellow who other fellows look to, you have got to keep going.
I would also urge leaders to remain humble if you dont worry about who gets the credit. You get a lot more done again. This is when people ask me what the most important quality, the leader I told the timidity leaders should assume the blame when the operation fails, when it succeeds credit. The men and women in your team They do the lion's share of the work. Well he's gonna talk about humility, a little bit more since the release of the HBO miniseries, many of us have been flooded with hundreds. Sometimes thousands of letters from adoring fans across the nation. The attention is certainly flattering and greatly appreciated
but it remains better to remember. Eisenhower's address at Guildhall Hall on June twelfth nineteen, forty five to ecstatic british public which showered the Supreme Commander with a tumult. Was parade through the streets of London. I reminded them. Humility must our, be the portion of any man who receives a claim burned in the blood of his followers and the sacrifices of his friends. I think anybody, that's ever been a leadership position and has been called Some kind of hero will think back to that statement. Humility must always
be the portion of any man who receives a claim earned in the blood of his followers and the sacrifices of his friends, and I think we you use that word. Hero. It's something that obviously gets thrown around a lot and here's. What major winners had to say about that? Perhaps the asked characterisation of what a true hero consists is found in a letter sergeant MIKE Rainy sent me January nineteen. Eighty two shortly before he went back to the hospital for a series of tests, the store, Stephen Ambrose used the passage to conclude band of brothers, because Rainy encapsulated the cohesion that
came the hallmark of easy company in thinking back On the days of easy company. I'm treasury. My remark to a grandson who asked Grandpa were you a hero in the war? No, I answered, but I served in a company of heroes. And I can tell you that I also served with many many heroes, the guys in in task browser, the guys from two to eight infantry, the guy from one one, eighty in ready. First, the soldiers in the Marines, all those brave men and some brave women as well.
And to those men and women, the soldiers and Marines I was lucky enough to serve with. I think that this statement, right here from Dick winners, is something I think these very fitting. As I look back on the men of easy company in the closeness we Have enjoyed over the years I remind The dialogue attributed to a senior german officer bidding farewell, to his men in the HBO. In this area many serious paraffin. Getting his words, I would say to you the company and the officers and men of the five or six parachute infantry regiment. It has been a long war. It's been a hard war. You have fought bravely
proudly for your country, you are a special group of men connected by a bond that only exists in combat eve. Shared the incommunicable experience of war and have been tested under extreme adversity. You ve shared foxholes and help each other in dire moments. You ve seen death and have suffered together. You ve lived in an environment totally incomprehensible to those who do not. No war. I am out and deeply honoured to have served with every one of you. You I deserve long and happy lives in peace. I did each of you gods
Need and ass the almighty to shower his blessings on you and your family's now and for generations to come and that perhaps the book and goes thinking after the last podcast that this was going to be a. A lighter one- and I picked this book specifically because I see major dick winners as as an incredible person, incredible leader, a role model for everyone, but because we are talking about war, there are still tragedy and loss and darkness there and that's ok.
And do you that's out there, like the anonymous marine that wrote that tribute to his brothers from April? Second, and we know there's hundreds of thousands of Veterans at are few and that every day and if you're having one of those dark days, it's ok, it's it's! Ok! It's ok to feel that darkness and it's ok to remember it.
Then hated and love it and it's ok to wish. It never happened and at the same time, to wish it never stopped, and it's ok to want to take it all back and at the same time, to want to do it all again Any and if you ve got in your mind that that you think that people- don't
understand: that's, ok, they dont, but you do you know darkness, you no evil, but more important than that. You no good. You know light and you know laughter and love better than anyone so embrace embrace that tax on it.
Away from it. Dont bury it booze horrid pills, listen, listen to what Corporal Scott Procope, you would have been saying to. You live your life in Greece your life with. With physical activity, with nature and with Jujitsu and with sound and with laughter and guitar, Good memories and creativity and discipline discipline yourself, so you can free yourself and move forward.
Into the future, withers, no more darkness and no more war, but peace. Good evening echo ridden little message today to the vets out there. I hear from a lot of veterans and someone who knew I'd want to let those guys know you know can aware I'm coming
from you a of real positive stuff from guys and let some guys growth you hard times and- and I know it and you know I'm hoping to be able to a kind of spread, my thoughts for where our Matt and how? What what I think these things- because you know if you get guys like major winners, that You know did everything that he didn't war, he came back and you know he was able to figure it out and a lot of them. Veterans war and make you know he said only easy adaptation that they made, but they made it. They made it. So I think you got embrace those things and be.
Strong with them, and I know what I said all the time you got it. You gotta know that darkness. If you really want appreciate the light, I think the guys that have been the war they can do that and in life can seem so much better because you know how bad it can be. So speaking of feedback from people rough position right now, but that's what we do here at rough, corrupt transmitted ambitions, rough transitions, any know what was addressing mother of transitions enables at that out there. This wasn't me right now, or anybody does not have that anyone it's been through hard time, there is a loss, it's a big rough transition.
And you go in and out emotionally- and you know you You feel my crap one minute and then the next minute you feel ok you're, be laughing, and that's that like I said, that's, ok, I think a lot of people are scared that they the acting the wrong way, but it's all right! Yeah! It's ok yeah in dislike her you're saying where it may seem like people don't understand and that's ok. Could they don't that's so true because can undo the way I think of it, of my best friends are actually still it themselves so you gonna these guys that you grow up with grew up with this measure I messed around there in my wedding here, so I let him do you know what I so I just got my own head. I cannot imagine what it's like coming back right, so you can consider it
in a nutshell, were you consider Hey? What's your biggest problems when, when you're overseas, when you're in the war? What are these big problems? You gotta worry? Ok, let's factor that it ok, then we come home and then locality in the world's biggest problem is getting shot in the eye. Your men getting children. They are you getting. Both your legs blown offer or whatever, whatever the your biggest problem, is as far as weren't worrying about, giving you come home in on all your girlfriend or your life is like hey? I thought I told you to do those dishes in sheer slipping out on you and so in the back, you're mine, your like accused the comparison it was two days ago, I was in the desert, worried about my legs being blown up, and now I'm here were apparently the biggest problem Turning to my girlfriend lies the biggest. Come on earth, apparently going on the yellow. Yes, he really achieve met. You will really thought to me. Are the dishes here and it's just not complete
you know, and then you go next door and their biggest problem is kind on the same level so yeah they dont, undressed and you in a way you're living in this crazy we're where I can see how that could gonna get him be like MA. Am I wrong you? Yes, one of the things it out, and you hear me talk about this before his perspective. In wanting to see, I was shocked by different leadership perspective like I want to think about what my superior is thinking, Why is he told me this? Let me get his perspective and then what am I? What are my subordinates thinking? What is their perspective and it's a very useful tool, the use and what you're talking about right now and I remember I had a situation like that. Where I was at work and every it was gone on that something was going on, like I think we were who are preparing to do a guy's earlier, there's somethin major was going on. There were some major issues, is it me with Afghanistan and we will get.
They apply guys our leaders will be spent up in all the stuff and Literally I come home and- and I mean I'm, at work in which I think our put this plan together. Guys gonna pointed briskly up horrible and veto. Whatever bunch of stress I come home, and I got a baby- and I dont cinema wife and she sit there and almost she like picks up the only someone cause or, as some calls her she picked up the phone and genes up cheese. I can't believe this. I thought something you know I thought someone died or whatever listen, I don't watch robbed what's wrong and she said It was a lot like the wiggles is the same night is Barney and I brought both take itself with some things you ve taken against it. That way. The illiterate did not matter in any way shape or form to me at all, but to her. You know she had spent twenty two dollars on these tickets for three kids at the time as sixty
six dollars, and now she had booked double booked, read for multiple shows. It was hard dark, but what I had to do is: will you hadn't, perspective in a whole world, then I was six dollars right and it was the kids and it was they both want to see all the shows or whatever the thing was so her perspective in her part of world. That's really big deal, and so that's, I think, someone you gonna do as it As far as a human always look at one of the people's perspectives are, and you know what if people are pissed off, if you wise freakin, how come you didn't do the dishes? I got I'm really easy solution that do this just do the deserts. If we were put on the music is absent pots and pans. Let's do this, you know what else grubs and pots and pans be happy too, but yeah does happen. Yeah, that's good men and let you know that if you have the ability and the wherewithal to do that too,
really it's detaching. You did at it and looking at their situation that looking at it from your owns personal situation, if you can manage to do that, and I think it helps them. Reminds you like just like use arena, and maybe some will be located in weight limit chemical, hidden. Remember that that have all this stuff- and I say this to leaders all time when I go and work with companies it it's so much of it is just about awareness, When you become aware of the problem, you become aware of the mistake. Are you become aware of the solution- and it's very funny you, then it becomes very easy, a promise you people air of how easy it can be to solve some of these things. If you just make this small adjustment to your meant yeah well. You're, aware of is the fact that you frequent steaming deadlines. For the fifth time you wait for you to do something. When
like? I said, you're worried about you guys getting killed yesterday's ago yeah as one of my boys used to say when we are coming home from our first deployment pieces. Can you believe this Tomorrow, we're gonna get on an aluminum to belong to wake up back and said. Yes, I don't care and take it easy. Anything else here. Yes, we are in fact sponsored by Anita, going on it outcomes. Flash Jacko, it's good stuff here, get some very good stuff. I prefer. Of the brain and should tackle that was that that far outweigh the the warrior bars check. Although this the eight I dont like about it. So the warrior bar- it's like it's like eating beef jerky with some space in it
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Kalen me and I'll get those books you don't you should do, should link. You should have the list, the library, but you ve, covered in Lincoln to guess what I did echoes Echo makes things happened now now ones on Jacobite cast out come on the top. I added it on the menu it's his books, it did justice, books, says books and click on there to have all the pied gas episodes in other book. What I guess episode resign. You click on it for making that asshole. I must get some questions. Ok, question number one is taking extreme ownership, the same as apologizing for failures or apologizing for others. Mistakes, I'm having difficulty separating these two concepts when I try to take ownership over failures, this taking ownership of failure generally include in I'm sorry ex occurred such said. Well, it isn't
Just apologizing right, it isn't just saying: oh, I apologize. This happened. It's part of it part of ownership is apologizing. If you make a mistake, you gotta own it in general, you gotta say: look, I'm sorry. This happened you gotta own. There's been a problem or a mistake. One issue, and that does include other people's mistakes. You have to literally take ownership of them. You can't say I'm sorry, these other but made mistakes. That's not what I'm talkin about at its look, the mistakes that were made were actually my fault in another important thing here is you just say: hey. It's all my fault. You We need to mean its end. You need to believe it yourself. Need to believe that you failed in this situation to. Do the right thing or make something happen or make the right decision or make the right collar do the right preparation or whatever it is it your spouse? Do you need to do that
you need to believe that you can just say it. Are these mistakes were my fault? Here's why it was my fault and I'm sorry that these things happen. I apologise for this happening and some people see sorry as a sign of weakness, and I want to see their some go, some legal situation, you might be in or some negotiations that you might be unaware. That might be true, but most the time is foreseen working environment. Inside of a team salaries. Ok in an in fact, an apology is often the first step in moving forward right hand in it. Generally gonna be a little bit of a blow to your ego. Now let us specially true because you're missed? extreme ownership now or MRS Extreme ownership guest what does it mean? Everyone else is not yet get there
but they're not there yet so apologize to someone who can be a big blue? Your ego, especially when someone says you're, damn right, that was your fault. That's death drew you gonna wanna lash back out, but you can't get a put your ego and check and he got away. I understand there is my all EU wide saying it's my fault, because I truly believe it was my fault. It is because it is your fault. She'll be careful when someone gloats, don't let it get your head, but that's it. You have to do it. It's not just not just for you that you're doing this its cause, the team, because the team has to Figure out what the problem is: someone's gotta take ownership of the problem that you and the not so yet the problem solved and I'll tell you something else and you might have predicted this.
But my salary and my apology comes something else: ninety nine percent of the time and that's a good right. So look I'm sorry that this happened. This is my fault, but I'm glad it happened now hey you know what I'm glad we made this mistake. We made this mistake right now. It's gonna set us back, but good, because we now we're not gonna, make it with a client o. This happened. This part of the project fell apart good. Now we can fix it. We know about it. Oh this went sideways. I missed it good. I won't let it happen again so through herself a little good on the earlier sorry, yellow
and those problems or mistakes or whatever the they add. To that experience. Like the experience of being there, you wear it were with the: u go through a path, and you make a wrong turn now you have that experience that that's wrong turn vessels that looked like that with definite that feels lake and guess what we can avoid that in the future, rather than a bunch of situation where it were, for example, one in the future worth more detrimental, Now you don't run into that. You learned you'll have occurred because our video that said the next question is there a way to be a straight shooter dope. Sorry, is there a way to be straight, shooter Jacko and not be a jerk or piss people? Ah you know this is This is a touchy one because everybody want everybody has so
which respect for the straight shooter right aid across the street. You doing you wanna, be a street shooter You dont want to be someone if you dont want to be. What's it helps industry geographical liar, deceiver, daddy, leave right now. So, of course we want to be the straight shooter. Let me do it is very difficult to be a street. You too, with everybody Even when you have a tremendous relationship with somebody, a tremendous relationship with somebody, can you really be a straight? You too, a true straight I've been a true straight shooter, with probably three or four people my life. In my life, I've ministration with maybe three or four people- that's off the top I had but I'm just saying it's not a big number. It's gotta be something there You are so in sync with man. I'm thinking about that. I think that a possible for.
Me and my situation. Even though does it illustrates: how can we reconcile Venus reach straight shooter now consider what that means, but to be straight, you too, with somebody at all times, Yeah really do that, so so what do we do? Instead, you gotta use the indirect approach, the indirect approached, I'm I'm sorry and others all the time- and this is a new US people, people blue people, come on podcast. Well, when they say hey. I heard you say this not only to go member should we got asked. You know why you ever get told your tricks right here, too intense it's. No, I dont get told that, because don't believe in being tried to illustrate you'd with everybody. What I believe is trying to get my message across to people so that it gets absorbed by them and Wait, you straight shoot somebody, their defences go up and it becomes problematic. So some indirect approaches or when you have these discussions with people when you you,
conversation to get your point across no hey. I was looking at this NOS one and what I could do better. Can you you help me or you'll? What can we do better? You, you were thrown at the weekend or he will see some like. Hey you, don't you got so much going on right now, Germany taken enough people. You may take the thing off your plate that this kind of, like a small little detail you want me to handle that or in Wales. Look you're having to micromanage this guy over here yeoman. It's your critical straighten now run that what's in there skies taking up too much time, you want me to take that over take that person over or you know it's a good one is hey. Can you help me with my team members. I just want to sit down with you and just like. Have you talk to me about what you see in my team members I've been when you're you're you're discussing your team members and other be
but were even your peers and what they do can vat, but what you really do. As you just talk, and some things there away some little Is there a way so that day understand and they ate any catholic teaching Jujitsu right. When you did you We teach him or teaching anything. When you did you move, you learn a better right and if you make somebody teach a move: they're gonna learn at better. So when you make someone sit down with you go through the issue that people are having it act. We make them self reflagging. They don't know it, but the red the result they read the result so that's it, that's a crafty one that I've used bunch. Let's see here, is a good one. I think I'm let you down, I don't think I'm doing a good job in those. Actually, I think I'm just be careful. Without seem like if you, if you hit the wrong, told many valuable with eagerness careful bothers you gotta be tactful, you can't
some more direct questions, but will you the more direct questions you gotta, be sort of you gotta, be true. We gonna be there come across as being very true foreign year in your inquisition. So, Constance hey. What was a strategy that you are thinking about over here like before this like a fella part, but you really think or hey what was what we think about when you put this together, because I don't quite quite get it. You gotta be careful, that's another we gotta be censored. Gallagher on could come up with own can come off bad with what were you thinking, hey, hey was yet it you gotta be solved with IE. So it's much better to be ended. Act in most of these cases. I hope we can build relationships. We believe me more direct or you can do to get that conversation to be work needs to be too where you can get the key critical information across, but its very, very challenging again
Not bad challenging, if not impossible, I did it with everybody all time. I always had got my point across to people. Always you know and I'll tell you This is something when I would st shoot somebody. I would illnesses. If I really needed to straight shoot somebody I would write them, a very lengthy email to say: hey, here's what's goin on here's, what I'm saying and I would really crafted a lot of patience and then I would either wants. I wrote the email I would either use that send it, but I use it as a guide myself. Like I get this, the conversation were to have more I'd, send a tomb, four legged, the AIDS no yeah like a deal though you know actually read one of her ass. I read one of those on on on or to number five fingers number five that
is one of those things that it s. Okay, you know what I gotta help this guy out gotta be direct with them. He's making a mistake. I want him, do better! Here's a little de l note for you get you squared away. The thing is this: this is definitely hard, But not impossible, you gonna just have the open. Mind you gotta, use your tat, you gotta use your judgment and you gotta build relation It can have conversations with people and know what your intention is in the conversation in just keep slowly moving in that direction in a tip in a massive Tipp, because I like when people but to me when they're like correcting me or whatever is sprinkle in little comments about the stuff that that they did right
yeah that in that a common practice. But when you do that, though, you add in this, yet him that's what I like about you, you do this. You know you know. So if you add in that's what I like about, you can individualism that person like I'm the guy, who does that in other good parts, would give them that confidence. I can't, I can't tell me more kind, I can attitude and then, at the end, throwing like something along the lines of like yeah. Thanks. You thanks for the time or whatever and then be like. I got your back. There can leave the others all coming. We go over techniques all all night long. Those are both good ones. You know another one is: ok, listen! I think you can be a top or former here I think you're gonna. This is if you're talkin someone that's gonna like a subordinate. I think you could be a top reformer here. There's the here's! What you are taken ass, a business, here's this these two things right here. If we can get these fixed, you go on platinum, when we get there when we were at last, look at you
Only meddling in the sense of you tellin me they like Digital Sonia, dares to say like when. I really hate and I'd ask in this. I'm in this position. He'd be like, like Evan later on United Tax him. What have behaved thanks for for going over this with me Cabral, you don't keep it up and you can be like a world champion. To say that, and I don't know who else is a process that everybody I don't know he's never said at me because we were that moment. Unlike hell yeah, you know, like I hope he corrects me more Nairobi tells me how to do this, because the are visibly just like our using the upper farmer can tell me what, What can I do? What can they do? Another, and actually the point you are making- is very good which, as we know, picture gonna perspective of universal and was no sound like them and those that smart thing to do so you, your hearing
What you would here, if you were them, yeah yeah indirect people, be indirect its harder its challenging. It takes more time, it takes more patience and it is way more effective. In fact- and we what how before like some people, they'll be like him, just I'm just I tell it how it is. Tell out, is in the end, if you don't like it, gonna think and I go and do that, but the other works out for you. You don't see how many people follies him and if we want to listen to, people want to be around you even like indirect, approached
ex question Jacko. What is the number one? Philosophical lesson that you ve learned from Jujitsu yeah, so Jujitsu emphasizes so much of what I believe that its tough the narrow down, but I will, but I will throw some things out there, that kind of our part of Georgia, to and are part of what I believe. First of all, we just talked about being in direct and indirect attacks flanking. That's all you have to do, and you did you have to set things up. You have the detached yeah detached from the chaos and from emotional. You cannot get emotional on the mat attack. The flanks gotta hit people were Expecting it, you gotta, have a plan, but you gotta be ready to adapt. Europe
hopefully improve your position. You gotta have fun while you're doing it. You got practice being in bad situations. You gotta make your training as realistic as possible right. These are all things, They talk about these in all aspects of combat and in business and in life you gotta physically fits remind state sharp. That's that's true, true and you get to Who, in combat true in life you gotta know when the tap right, you got it. Nobody tat to get unknown to give up on a single battle so that you don't lose the whole war, get a train for worst case scenarios. You gotta start with that person on your back just start with a person with you in an arm lock and training for combat
got a trained for the workplace, knows what you're outnumbered. You got a bunker position in. There shoot Paypal hatching you got down, then that's it. You can do your train for the worst case scenarios and same thing with business. I work with sails group sometimes and they'll do role play and I'll say it would be the worst customer. You can possibly be that way in despair meet a normal human they'd. They know, Knock it out of the park. Here's another one from Jujitsu, basically, don't judge a book by its cover, right. You don't know if the person that you're about to slap is Jeff Glover or his dean, Lister or Jill, Tudor or Joel router, you don't know, what's gonna happen, so don't judge book by discovery I mean Dean, you be less apt rather than you would Jeff Glover. I guess that's a good boy, then you can kind of judge whether the covers pretty evident but Jesse. Your jaw you know, those guys way a hundred fifty pounds and did you know
a surfer guy Anna, whatever Jeff is what John Road human you put Jeff do, but you wouldn't think that he would throw em darst choke on your face. So that's that prioritizing execute in the jujitsu I mean we just about it. Fourteen times tonight for combat talk about in business all time, you gonna make sure that the initiatives that you running, you don't have thirty eight emissions and you That's what you hear the solid time you get you re about to get choked, protection neck number one year projection
then you can worry about your leg in any more about your arm in the hook, and everything else would get protect. Inaccurate brow, prioritize gotta, keep things simple: you gotta, create you gotta have an open mind. You gotta be creative and look for different ways to win indifferent things to do you gonna make you don't get trapped in a new rubs mentally trap interrupt. This happens to me, everybody the ad happens to me, but I only know where I can tell you about me. I guess trap and ruts widgets, where I get I get stuck in something and I'll just go with one move for a long period of time. Gotta be careful that I need to be better about that discipline equals freedom
So what you did to the more disciplined you are in training for more freedom. You have on the mat, so the more you train, the more you work, the more you drill, the more you can move, the more you can escape the more you can create the more you can finish, No, I'm not to mention the fear that it eliminates the psyche. You know like lithium, that their discipline you take of two weeks off allowed him when you come back from that to exact you have that added element of nervousness acting and making a gas or am I gonna get Tat in front of everybody, when you know, when you know, maybe there is a higher expectation on mere something like that I don't have here some part of the future.
But I would say the number one philosophical lesson: I guess it's a philosophical lesson is the same thing that I learned from combat. Then that's humility in Georgia to is absolutely one of the most humbly experiences in the world and we ve. Actually I got people now that have started Julia to cause the pod gassed and they say. Oh, I just did my first digital class, damn that was home. Why is extremely humbling? You're gonna get beat you're, never gonna, know everything you always gonna, be learning that there's other ways to do things. In summer. I just started can come up with amazing techniques and that's humbling. There other martial arts that, better. Moves that you need to pay attention to like wrestling, has better take them. Like somber with the leg locks then catch wrestling.
Some of those things are better moves in you to fly those. I guess what you said, We do know how to strike because it can be hard to take people down You gonna have a strike and you can't be cocky nickleby overconfident, because the bottom line is in Jujitsu, you will get beat and you will get B. By smaller guys by weak your guys by older guys, you're gonna get beat. In their somebody, that's better than you, and if you dont like that,
or if your ego doesn't like that, then you gotta find a new game play here, because you need to find a softer game or an easier game, because Jujitsu is honest and you cannot escape that the nets as it should be in its of course, this philosophical this philosophy is something that I definitely carried over to combat and Gary. Were too. When I talk to businesses and carry over to life, you can't be overcome for you, you can't be over covered you're, never gonna, think you know everything you have to respect the enemy, that's part of humility, you gotta respect. You
you're, not humble your respect, your enemy, you don't respect your opponent, euro, respect your competitor, and, if you don't that's when you're gonna get caught so to me, humility is the most important thing that Jujitsu teaches you young in it's kind of a can be kind of it, not a trick. Mccullough attracts cause. Can you tell me how to maintain the humility right, but that humility will be tested if you stick with it, so another aileth, quick start them that testing bestowed upon me Is like little after I got. My purple belt has really like really hit my straddles competing allowed in winning in dumb, and you train with me a lot back. The yes vote, those right at a time when, as training with you in You know what I arrive. If there isn't, there was no prevent or
typical Gallagher, mentorship that that was the exact idea and another can start. The kind of you know given to my own, I go on the men not outward but on the inside and down in justifying jujitsu, did you make its cocky on Means idea and using a lot of people that are united. In fact, a little bit of that is good, because you get a competence that Hungary even more and better. So I heard that and then Gregg unrolled it Gregg, since I did not as good buddy anyone, but not as good as they do that and less him. I want the lesson a world with him of the White belt long time ago, and he just as it would destroy besides, I Gregg like Ireland. I congratulate you know you ve been waiting in something like eyes like a little it's wrong somewhere Guy Lucia working yeah, I'm thinking in my mind here.
I've been winning here. Let me show you mainly stuff financed gonna show Gregg in my only the programme took me out of the White built game immediately. The Kenworth literally nothing. I did work in everything he did. Where is like it's like he did. It wants them to set three tat now they want to say that we are in That was the time where I got put from like the top of it Mounted in my own head right to the bottom of the mountain literally to the bottom, not not almost in the run up to the bottom of the mountaineer. That's that's! Protecting its action. So good when that happens and actually get somethin. I I occasionally jujitsu super humbling occasion. You get some one that is really really good and they don't recognize. They'll come up against people all the time that are they don't come up against people very often
that are better than them most people. In the beginning, you have used several years of of being beat down, but occasion get them. That's a great ressler or maybe they were judo play or something they come into. The game ordered a super strong with it as a free ghastly. Ancillae very quickly a matter of six months to a year over said they're doing really well, sometimes those people, sometimes those people mentally. They might be good, it did you, but they don't they dont mentally, get it and they become really bullies and that's that's that's one of those. It doesn't happen that often like I said, but it doesn't usually happen where you get somebody that just is a dominant force. They don't care humbled enough and and they don't because, even if you don't actually get humbled. You did you normally the beginning. You learn like, oh because the things I said, if you boys- I'm not you know, because I can t. View. It doesnt mean that I'm a better human than you just me the train more due to the new this you know
That's all it means, and that means that someone. That's a strange? Is you more than me and they can beat me and ask just what it is, but sometimes people think that, because they can tap somebody out that their better than them as human yeah. There is a saying that setting out a good attitudes have that's not what you get. You should be about yandah because a lot of times, because they then this is kind of a one way. To put it. They don't pay their dues right. You know like a normal, they don't eat the humility lesson over and over and over again and they get it like a few times within the overcome it quickly and it always that way. So you gotta be careful of that. Just be just be careful if if your personal naturally really adapted, you make sure you're not getting turning into a bully. And let him,
can blocky from learning o a governing body go to sleep. Why would I? Why would I start learning all this weirdo game like if your song wrestler like? Why would I start learning bottom game yeah? If, when I'm killing with all this other right, listen, there's someone it's better wrestle yeah! That's why we're just knows. The combination cause a lot of times certain guys that will build no the combo to beat wrestling without having to directly from visit they dislike there. Some other jujitsu next question: have you ever in so dug in on a solution or an opinion that it felt impossible to admit that you are in fact wrong. So I actually almost gave up on this question and in Because it's been, I learned his lesson a long time ago that again
The humility that you get from Jujitsu and from combat from life is that I very seldom dig in on something that I am not a hundred percent sheriff which means I don't dig in on the locks and not upon for censure. Much right. Who can be a hundred percent share of want to fix It would I do that. It's not that hard for me to realise it wrong. Stifle my ego admit it changed course. It's not that big of a deal to me when I like, I said when I do dig in on a subject or on a decision. It's because I know like Was to a one hundred percent certainty that I'm right otherwise would leave myself a little driven out. I'm not gonna just dig in on things I can't be possible cause. Why would I? Why would I do that now when I end up being wrong. If I do take a stance on someone, it's no big deal, I'm gonna use that as an opportunity to show that a humble and show that I can
yet, when I'm wrong and to take advantage of a good, I'm wrong, you're good at it. So I would say just keep your options: open, keep an open mind, when you feel yourself or your ego is digging in just check yourself and admit that you're wrong and move on, and one thing I think that happens with people People think that digging in and have Strong one hundred an opinion makes them appear stronger or it makes their idea of your stronger, but I don't think so. I am not, and to be wishy washy on stuff. I'm just saying I have an open because I d get the ultimate strength. Kind of my opinion that I mean the last time I came close to digging, it was rising accompany and they were going through some rough, a little bit of a rough patch
and they started multiple initiatives to try and turns, and some things around and one of the initiatives of all the initiatives. It was a couple that the CEO wanted done immediately, to those initiatives. When I looked at them, I thought I thought that they were redundant and so I said, look I wouldn't waste. I wouldn't do both these initiative just pick one. I think this ones that I want to do this one and I think it will cover the problem, and I convinced pretty easy to convey some good. They were have limited resources at the time and limited assets. It wasn't like they had a bunch of stuff to spread around, but he was pretty sat on but I convinced them, otherwise he agreed and within a matter of days it started. Look like I was wrong. Would like both systems, or can we needed to solve that specific issue? So I didn't like wait. I didn't say. Oh, I hope that things go. I said, look hey. I think wrong about this. I think you are right
get, the other knows you're going and let's get this problem covered and that's it in. I'm tellin you! He didn't lose respect for me because I said: hey I'm wrong after a few days of what but the results are and making an early decision he actually. Thought it was awesome. Any any visa air which I wish everyone can admit when they were wrong like that make everything around here somewhat easier as well. That's why I'm here in the first place, rank with these to help with that. So just be cautious when you dig in Iraq is when you dig in your actually, when you dig in your taking away your ability to maneuver, you don't want to do that good, so so, watch out now.
Should I read this question, because this is a question for ECHO Charles. The idea was as part of its two questions actually, but I put together because they're pretty close, Jacko willing what brought you and ECHO Charles together. Can we get it backstory there. I, like the chemistry, ECHO Charles question, for you to answer on Jacko Podcast? What have you learned from Jacko. And how is your life changed since this is echoes first response to a question: don't screw it up here we go I'll call you yeah, yeah, of course, which is funny
kinda how? What brought us here are part of what brought us together, and I think it good that I answer this part because you probably remember a lot less of it so see was o six. I see I'd seen you like the first whenever, within the first year of joining with Dean, in o five, but I didn't know you had in talked you nothin, like that. I just heard of you from Dean and in in like oh six, we moved out of the box and club. I rode with you and I'm still a wider agenda, so they could have been still five and then you know you beat me up in the year just more like this stoic. Guy they see, I would imagine the same guy that people interpret either be from the outside her like that intense which Israel, like oil, through matter of fact, you know
please beat me up or whatever, and then us so I it since I had already hurdy your dean's black belt and in all the stuff that, as they get us about right he's in a good, you do whatever beat me up, but that was a really thing much for their speedy MIA. In time when I see you for a while in an arm when I start to Kenya, giggles string with bread, Branton stream with him and then with less a little bit and then are you I'm back home competing and then you are just around for whatever reason, and then he had studied training with you that's it that's what we often victory right. Yes, it around the same time here exactly and yet was funny. Is that you never came off Like one thing like new you like immediately, you never came off as this super intense person. I give more like you just sarcastic like, like any other than any other of my friends, but
you can still always tell it there's something behind the scenes. You don't you know. Your Morgan said like he seen you in here like there's this guy, now the same kind of got that same feeling, but you're always just like earlier. This real matter fact but fun. Funny, like can a person whatever like, but when, as a matter of fact, I mean like, like that what this one tournament, when the kind of later, where I lost to shun Roberts, any of it with a global player, you know when you lose and you did the dragon and other for Sunday loss in since I went advancing. As has been led a Nokia I'd, never lost in China, which gives you the Google platter. So, Instead of using hey, you know, it's ok here. Nothing like that. You sent me doctor sitting across the arena. You're right there you sent me taxi, hey you got caught with a go, go, that's gotta stay! in fact, as you can see that the guy whatever, but I think that that is not true,
in together in this kind of getting you know, you eat kind ahead, that thing that you could say that kind of stuff, because really it's not that serious. When I don't think I visit does not many people who could have conveyed that, though, and I came in, I think I had to come from you anyway, so yeah, that's gonna, how we met and then I'm gonna after awhile. How did that? idea of a podcast come up because we kind talked about a little bit before I gonna forget the formation, but it was in my mind when I went. Joe rogue- and I think we talk about a you know, we should do something they use, that to me like a, we should do it, and so, when I went onto arrogance- and he said, do you do about as adequate? inverse said: hey you do about gas ended, I kind of the EU being attack. He said guy video guy I do said they do not make about gas? That's right! Is it hey? How do you know how to make up our gas here? I need to make one
as everyone knows, is the total cave. He added do I need a tape recorder? What do I need you better than you said. You know I I I to do that. I can make it happen and then you said, you'd be cool instead of just you sitting there, working. If you had someone to talk to you- and I said yeah you're right, I would be cool. Then you'd said it because it was me here that woman, in my selling point. Was that strange. If it's just you wrote just sitting there, it's it's more strain and it's better. If you have some of the kind about things off of a gun
someone who can kind of be like this everyday guy looks like him like asked questions that can reiterate the point right or somebody might I get it. I had thought out in my mind. I did anyone, but then he said you were ok. Now was kind of the tipping point when he suggested there. They are not good great insight from German and I'm glad he did and I'm glad you didn't look at. We did Make this package happen so to answer the question, what have I learned in this interesting? I ask myself is exactly in question we could cause. I am literally a different person in ways that kind of a kind of surprising anyway. So I think the first thing that kind of cannot not that surprising, but it's
very prevalent is when people blame. When I see people blaming other people are blaming me or I feel the compulsion to blame someone else. It stands out like a sore thumb almost like if, if I've been feeling that in it, like almost like, if I want to say something to to indicate that I'm gonna blame someone here are some it's almost like a red flag like I'm not allowed to do that. In my own mind from this hard and fast rule in legacy, they do stand out like a sort of everywhere, though, on tv you know. The guy, not even my conversation, I see we doing either so it's like, like your whole way of in that regard is shifted. Extreme ownership and the awareness of that seeing other people or lack of it and other people definitely stands out. My career z once you start thinking about a year, and I have the luxury of being around you, Talking about these things talking about examples of it every week, so throughout the week
Might I cannot help but notice that you and it's right it helps when because it applies everywhere in everything like most relationships are going to apply these principles if, if you're involved, so yet all automatic now so so, when it comes to ownership in really blaming myself, if any, one in focusing on my responsibility in any scenario, would comes automatic now says a huge, I mean whether I make the right choices. That's always gonna be working product progress I think, but as far as that attitude its automatic now that's awesome in regards to ok, so I've always been into working out and so mean that feeling like working out is I've always felt like working so who is far as not feeling like it that
Is it really a factor, but in a bunch of other things in life it was a factor in so now seizing we not feeling like doing why you see yeah like. I got it, I gotta go the post office, enough on the low in and then or the other one is getting something more important, but maybe away oh wait till really the last minute or Vienna, procrastination types thoughts, so you're getting into the here and now here and not feeling get. That means absolutely nothing. Something needs to be done and I don't feel like it. It end in a hot like you have you have Certain ideas already and thence other ideas are introduced. And then those ideas, kind of mingle, with your existing ideas and formulate this whole new course of action. So the not feeling like it is excuse. That idea came in and so now make it morphed into the sea,
Like me not feel, and I can guess what I'm gonna do- I'm gonna do it around. So how much like this personal challenge now and men as far as results go and you get everything done, I had eaten so much to be done and, if that's probably compared to youth, nothing I guess I've done like so many things done during the day that I never thought that I could do that many things in a day. That's all I'm all. I was always looking for maybe arrest or a nap or something like that. But now everyone throughout all of be challenging myself to do is make things as I can be like solid and on top of that and you're the one who said this was one time one of the things you are kind of tiring you I mean why. Like this. I liked his grinding grinding grinding than at the end of the day when I go go to bed where my head is correct.
Into the bill. I liked and health care sounds nice. So unapproached things like that now and also, I think, of all the good things that have been done: great things and just good things whatever. If these people didn't do it because they didn't feel like it these things when they got done so we get stuff to do you do it. Well, if you like it and that's all right, I have myself now. The last thing is a kind of new this, but man, it's so clear. Now that you can get certain messages and information and tips and tactics and stuff from from people or the internet or books or whatever, but if you're not ready to accept them,
You just won't accept them or they'll just go in one year and on the other in a lot of time that has to do with Hussein it. So if, like your neighbor who fought he's drinking beer, smoking a cigar he's, ok, I guess what you know you should do this and that it can be this great advice being like I'm, not gonna, listen to you a monumental! Listen, I'm not even get past that part. The fact it you're the one that same is already warned me off from what you have to say and that's a natural thing, but a lot of these like your reading, these old books that have these messages that you ve been saying. So it's not new stuff and a lot of stuff. I heard that take responsibility for for your actually how that there that's not new. You know that if I bus out a a you on the street taker suddenly free actions. If something comes up to say he be like yeah, that's nothing new. I won't stand out but
for some reason when you're saying it. Let me take responsibility here so that silly yard sale when it comes to living too. Do this podcast all. Do you know the answers you have for these questions in any, since even have it seems like it, it comes in a process. It way more readily than you know, means on Facebook or wherever they had the task of reach her? That's that's really go up, that's that's great ear and I've. I mean I've only seen a transition in everything you do. I mean everything you do spot on. An that's legit its legitimacy, its legitimacy, someone moving towards their potential as a human yeah. That's all from the sea out
The thing that kind of a I came to as not a conclusion but which, as a result, it not a direct like you to tell me this, but this is what all my existing thoughts mixed with. All your input can arrived at one of the things that its up. You asked me what I spend my time doing totally up to me and it's up to you. What I feel my film ahead with. So I pleased to have this show that I love to. I love the watch Hawaii IVO in short tank in this kind of I don't really what embassy, but those do that. Maybe you know two hours or so that I could be reading something. That's gonna help me through the rest of my life or getting better at something. That's gonna help my own relationships or career suddenly got in
I use that example, because that seems pretty pretty like not inconsequential. Inconsequential could because only two shows so like a spend ten hours a day watching tv. It just shows that there is no harm in that right but it's not up to me. I'm not missing out by MRS Wifi were not missing out on a Sunday morning. My life in any negative in the future. At all. I want is a fact of life in anyone actually, but if I read something useful educate myself in a whatever arena that can improve by interest or my or or my relationship, or something like that. That will that we'll help me yeah, no idler, I've, that's what things I've noticed. An art shop show, but the studio in you'd say all right, spoke about you. How we can get. This the sound better- and I read this thing about you. Each year backing of all information, and it was something that just
Transition in your brain recent, you know what I could be watching tv in wasting my mind or I could be applying myself and learning and that's makes a huge difference. Bed is what one of things I read actually read it and would say Wikipedia this specific thing, but there is. Is this automatic way of thinking and scope? April, Balikh discounting in already all that means. Is you choose, idiot pay off versed in a kind of mentions before each his immediate pay off verses longterm asset and is therefore reason survival mechanism in all these areas. But it's all did exist free environment, it's not current! So if you can basically a be aware that in combat that where it.
Don't do the immediate pale things for just take. Take what you're about to do evaluated! This gonna help me other than the pleasure that I think when that, whether they be in regards to food drinking tv shows like if you watch reality, tv check yourself a noun and ask yourself: is this going to help help in the future and typically the dancer for those type things to me now and then consider in alternative that you can do a lot of stuff can be pleasurable. That will help you in the future and is totally totally up to you. Why not make the good Joyce AIR and the pay off not only as a bigger it last longer do and the media pay off his memory. That's awesome here and then actually we got that next comment here is sort of the same vein, its common from where we get a bunch of you know, emails.
But I just thought this one was was interesting to hear someone kind of talking about their transition here she said I'm one of many men people who live their lives as they think they should end up mid forties last shabby and depressed. I definitely don't hero, worship, you, but I'm sure be grateful for your online presence. I now get up at five p m daily. Screen grab my phone every morning as the alarm goes off and put that shot with another shot from my walk a few minutes it I walk from our daily had started stretching daily for an hour, but this doesn't stop there. I now have a bunch of friends who are getting up early and going for a walk or going to the gym getting after it, as you say, We are all noticing an improvement in our lives. So we might not be military or police? We are not planning, and becoming jujitsu champions at this stage, we just
People who lost themselves lost their way. Finding their way back in part, thanks to you. Credit, you at least twice a week and tell people to find you want twitter, I had to here because there's no way I could fit this in two hundred and forty characters and thanks. Yemen, Joe for having you on their shows that where I found you have a great day, so it really cool. You know really call to hear that really great to get their feedback and you know this is what I like about it, but, first of all you know I think people are spread the word. And it's really good to hear that feedback fires me up to your feedback when people say when people say I motivate them, I'm always argue motivate me. You know They motivated me that you're out there, given up at five, a m and and turning your life around, I think that's awesome and also what what I like about this was there pointed out that this isn't just me
Terry or police or digital players? It's for pretty much anybody in any station in life when any job any age. Man or woman any country, as a matter of fact I was in England, and my wife from England. And when I was in England, I went and saw one of my wife's threats grew at present husband and YO here's this woman, whose forty something years old, she's lives in England she got three kids she's like couldn't be any further detached from me in my life, when I was, I was hanging out with her husband in London before we went to their house, and he said When we got the train to go to his house, it lets you gonna be ready for what he says. My wife. Loves your broadcast and I really had he said. No, no, I'm serious. She loves your progress,
we have dinner night should ask you questions all my luck. She's been asking me the question that she was gonna, ask you, and so I showed up and seriously. With great. She was asking all these detailed questions about everything, and it was really cool, because I realized at this I mean it's like I said this person doesn't do jujitsu. Doesn't you know doesn't do anything that I do nothing and yet she was all these lessons learned and all these things she had taken away, and it was also to see that then it was interesting to you, because I was talking to her. It was. Friday and Saturday and, as I'm talking tours, he had listened to the latest podcast on the day before, and so you see me, you know We're yesterday you said this and yesterday you said that had so. In her mind, I was talking to her yesterday I was walking her yesterday and that's it a kind of realise that how we
That was what we talked about, where we know where the words that podcast wars are going directly into your brain and I've had a bunch people say your own you're I know you are telling the story. I wanted you to talk about. The story of these are friends of mine. And so so I think, that's that's really cool and dumb I think that's why a lot of people are given the game enjoying it it because in it you just said it. And I say it all the time. There's nothing new here or not given out any ground breaking techniques that there is no miracle drug and there's no three, the exercise, that change your life. Not settling the self help reach your potential through this magical, mystery. I'm telling people what they already know and we're talking about things that people know Would it be right in their own heads like discipline,
in hard work and consistency, those things- and we all know those things, but to everybody that That's gonna know these things for a while, but they ve recently started to get after it good. On you. Yeah and get on that path a year at a feeling. Stay that pan. That's what I'm talking about an hour ago, I feel like I'm like so you're saying that we do this. We already knew we already know about state discipline. We already know about all this stuff or whatever, but coming from you, it helps in on top of that, an element that that I'm kind of really starting to really understand and feel that you know like you on Twitter, like you, engage in a young, you like someone out your questions, it seems like here.
Engage, you know a lot more so than if somebody s was a number of answer. The question about route, which is it I tried to future out. Imagine you'd be it'll. Have we more than me, but and as a result of everything I feel like we're all kind of doing this together while the guys don't in Australia the posts are, there are people on their posts in there for thirty eight wake up time to do this, everyone, the that's, what you did now guess what we are doing here in a world toilet you're, responding their responding to your responding to them. We're reading questions from them. I'm gonna weird like these or other people in it's weird into aware
But actually asking questions from some unknown part were held, we're having a conversation, basic yeah yeah, it's gonna delay, but yeah, that's exactly what's going on so example, I should adjust Gramophone in South Africa, the guy's name, but he's a k, ECHO Sunday workout Sunday, this early this morning, maybe less night, whatever Sunday work I'll give me one. I need Then they work. Ok, so I gave him the work out. Who is basically two rounds? Five sets of cleaning cleaner press fights, five rats, cleaning press my times and then fibre peace. That's once it defies, set forty five seconds arising between rest for two minutes in the new framework, forty five extra, that's it as it use hundred thirty five pounds, only seven hundred terrified Punkahs, that's that's the exacting I do after I live and that's like to me. That's our lifting.
But that ports can hard to me the MECCA the MECCA from life, but I don't know- maybe I don't know if I'm in good shape or not the earth for that girl, sweating say you do it and use that weight, but here's the thing, if he's smaller, yeah, but I don't know how big the ridges sucking on twitter. You know so that put the weighted really matter. Anomalies scaled. It proper law. He said late on you like saying that loud pain, but I feel great as the solid he said Albert I adjusted the we give for Sunday, ok, you know that makes sense, but my my two reasons why, out into that is with us wanted that interaction. My case do my work up. You know what I'm gonna do earlier this morning were or earlier today. I want to send him back, see. Give me a worker, our nice and I'm gonna. Do it and permit make it something really close to what you do or something you do and I'll give you evaluation rail thoughtfully. I can get them variety and it'll help that interaction. I think that's dope like how.
Actually went and did it yeah. Can you do that some bar in Iowa? Some were real is awesome. You deal left question. There must be some aspect of the Tutsi situation. Then I dont understand, even if I'm on the losing side will finally still want to go down swaying, I could tell how much this affected Jacko. It would seem to be so close to such an unjust fight and not be able to do anything about it. Yes, the it is hard to look at situation in really understand it. Then it's horrible look back at it now and know that we didn't do anything about it. But but
What can we do with it? How can we apply this to everyday life, because I agree with you: gotta go down swinging and I'll. Tell you this. If you, if you fight with all you ve got more often than not, you go down at all, you win, but you and make that attitude part of your everyday life, the extra rap, the extra mile, the extra round, the right choices to make yourself stronger, mentally and physically stand and fight, fight against weakness and against fear, the fight against time and decay, fight back.
Go down swinging give every day every thing you ve got when you face. The challenge, even something where you don't believe you can win- maybe too situation where you cannot win with you can't win. Remember this. You have nothing to lose so stand up and go forward and go out in a blaze of
The worry fighting with everything you ve got every ounce of energy, every beads, sweat at every drop of blood to your last breath and then and only then you can stand down. You can put down your sword and you can put down your shield and rest in peace. I think that's all I've got for the night too, thanks all you troopers out there turning it listening and thanks for remembering veto
We started this off tonight with a statement of remembrance of some fallen warriors, so thanks for remembering them remembering the past, remembering war and the horror and the glory and the heroes base, remembering that and thanks for learning from them, thanks for connecting with us through the entire webs You guys out there are opening my mind with books, it you're sending me the articles. You're sending me the videos you're sending me that, actions you're, making you're making us smarter. So thank you and. Of course, thanks for supporting the pie, gassed listening down wearing subscribing reviewing right reviews d at all, and I do his rights and reviews if you feel like it in there
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The the facebook to which has not been utilised as much yet right and I've been slowly checking on. I checked him. We pulled question from ok, ok, vs or Facebook darkened Flash Jacko Podcast. I think slowly re transition to getting there since from their everywhere. Probably really question is a good question. Belong questions I mean yeah, it's hard, kids, don't take pictures of long questions, enforce them I copy and paste them into a document. Syria folks out there that took pictures of questions, and I twittered you back and said a right that is so cool. There? It is the end if you, if you are addressing the book. Lay famine and I wrote a tree motor shepherds all these basic principles. We die but all the time you can get it hard cover Kindle or you How do you about which the audio book is myself and lay reading it so or,
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