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Jocko Podcast 19: Over-Detachment, Bullying, Helping VS Enabling, Theatrics/Acting, Use of Force

2016-04-20 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening 0:03:06 - Book Review. "Red Blood, Black Sand," by Chuck Tatum 1:12:08 - Internet stuff / Onnit 1:14:45 - Thoughts on OVER-detachment 1:23:36 - Bullying. What if your child is being bullied? 1:28:41 - How to deal with a forced environment. School, etc. 1:38:48 - Does leadership require theatrics/acting? 1:43:35 - Helping VS Enabling. When to cut ties. 1:51:33 - As a new leader, dealing with not knowing everything. 1:57:15 - Use of force. Police, security, etc. 2:15:19 - Aggressive VS proactive.

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This is Jacko broadcast number nineteen with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing. I want you to think about something, and I want you remember it, and that is that these books, that I review and go through the written by people. Real people, they're not movies in when you picture what's happening in the book, don't picture it as a movie
We get inundated with so much damage me that we actually think the world is movies and television, but these books, there not movies they're, not television, their real. And these things really happened then happen on a screen or just in someone's mind and they weren't played by some actor, and when I talk but the fear that a soldier in Grozny was feeling it's not part of
script. It wasn't just a book, it's real! That's a real person person who really add those thoughts, and those fear and when I ran along the figure of eight hundred thousand tutsis killed by the Hutus and the rwandan genocide is not just a number those war extras in a movie, they were people, p, Like you and people like me, people with families and friends and hopes and dreams and jobs and lie
its people. In so remember that now, as we join. United States Marine Corps Recruit Chalk Tatum November nineteen. Forty three at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego California,. Bayonet training was a new experience. None of us would forget. It was tough, rugged and recall Perfect physical conditioning after we read them, A new chapter in our guide book
pro Leary marched to the training range along the shore of San Diego Bay to learn this lethal art of war. Irony for one paragraph in the bayonet chapter that got my attention. The rifle and bay, and that in the hands of a marine, become a deadly combination of spear, sword, club and shield at night, This combination weapon can kill, silently and with surprise. In hand to hand fighting when the rifle cannot be reloaded and the use of AIDS would be impracticable, impractical. It is the decisive weapon. At these times the aggressive bayonet fighter will win. Leary quietly explained and assault is critical moment of any combat and bayonet assault executed by determine Marines can turn the tide men each
to engage in enemy with cold steel, Wilson, terror in their ranks He emphasized four points. One get the blade into the enemy, it's the blade, kills. To be ruthless, vicious and fast in your attack. Four thousand your attack until you have one There is only one winter in a ban at fight, make sure To you. Seek vital areas, but don't wait for an opening make one. The best killing zones are the throat and the belly a solid rifle, butt stroking, the growing will open your enemies guard, deliver hard and then go for the kill for protect yourself your rifle bayonet make a good shield use their produce.
By dodging impairing, but remember. The best defence is to attack first strike the first blow and follow through. So the train in these young Marines, obviously nineteen forty feet or get ready, go and fight. They know for a fact or get ready, go and fight. And you can see the psychological aspect of bayonet training You know it is an absolute yeah sure you might get a ban at five, but this is a psychological training to get them aggressive to get. When the mindset of striking first to get them in the mind, set of killing what there get ready to go, do and- as they continued to train this episode place now they're they're alive. But further along in training, and here we go during marching break one hot afternoon, a marine remarked, screw all the training I'm sick and
out of all this pussyfooting around. I wanna get overseas and slap me a job. This remark, made in the presence of sergeant George. Lucas whom We cut him off saying hold on sunny. Let me tell all of you thing or two about the japanese soldier number one he's not the caricature, easy in the newspapers with bombs, site glasses in buck teeth, the average japanese soldier has five or more years of combat experience there? When he doesn't have a boot, is division like ours, dont forget the Japs, have Already conquered half of the nations in Asia, Pearl harbor. Not only are they better trained than you are right now many are. Old hands at combat fighting and have it Rick military cold. They live and die by. Although she do
really translated. It means way of the warrior with their code combined with their pledge to die for the emperor who they consume. Oh god they would Die before surrendering. Jap soldiers are well equipped and our experts with their weapons. They are trained to endure hardships which would have most, you guys. Writing your congressmen. I dont like Japs, but I. Spectrum as fellow soldiers. I learned my respect the hard way on Guadalcanal. Epps jobs or the worse, the world's best, snipers experts at the camouflage and get by on a diet of, sheds and rice. They will never surrender and will commit Harry carry rather than being taken prisoner heck. We even have corpsman if their wounded, they are considered damaged. Goods, so sunny more that over and don't ever.
Let me hear you complain about your training again. There will be a time when your life will depend on what you learn in the days ahead. That's. Obviously, anyone that's listen and that in the military, that's in law enforcement that the message you need to get your younger troopers, that the training that you're doing your life may very well depend on it at some point in the in the future. In the near future, in the far future you dont know, but you gotta take advantage of it. Now we get to win chop Tatum is done with boot. Camp. And his check in any meets american hero. On my third day a pencil.
Then this is camp penalties for those EU dont know that is its southern California. On my feet, they are Pendleton. I was sitting on my bank when I heard footsteps echoing through empty barracks. I looked up and through We came a cheerful, looking marine undress greens on his arm, were the chevrons of opportune sergeant a hash. Adorned once leave and combat. Ribbons decorated is left chest the lump This is bodies Cobb of lump the lump in I jumped to immediate attention. After spotting the sergeant stripes on his sleeve look in straight out ass, a smile crossing his lips. The new arrivals said quietly and with authority at ease men how's everything going aptitudes. Tune Sergeant, John Bass alone. He was husky genial, handsome looks and its unity, We had a comfortable travelled, look I noticed strands of jet black curly here, peeking out from it where's garrison cap, which are set it up okey angle. While I
founded to his greeting it hit me, who was in the presence of a marine corps legend money though a bows alone was the first marine and the man to receive the medal of honor in world war. Two four actions are gone We can now we heard about him in Blue camp Never had the courage to ask bows alone directly why he had received the metal of water on can now. I didn't have ask IRA, He knew all the mayor canoe historic, required reading in every red, blooded household. Sergeant John bows loans, medal of Honor citation red while the enemy was hammering at the Marines defensive positions, sergeant bass alone in charge of two sections of heavy machine guns for valiantly to check the savage and determine result. Assault witnesses
His who investigated the results of the Knights action during daylight, remarked on the gruesome evidence of wholesale slaughter of japanese soldiers from a balanced position. They counted thirty eight riddled and mangled enemy bodies at credit the kills two, the fighting sergeant using of forty five cow or a pistol at his faithful machine guns, this room, a couple feet, was accomplished during the night when Babylon was at the same time changing spent machine gun, barrels, clearing jams and running barefoot for ammo to keep his sections guns. Spitting deaf. And so, if you know anything about bows long after he did that on Guadalcanal, he they pulled him back to America. And what they put him back to America was was basically go round and make speeches in all this document it very well or or imitate very well or shown very well in the movie, the Pacific,
what a the series the Pacific. So he gets pulled back to America. They make him go out and do these war bond speeches and ease he's not having a good time It's not who he is right, knees he's just a guy. It wants to get after it, and so he literally goes to go to Commanders and says: listen, I wanna go back to fight and go back to work. No way what he's doing those bonds sales he was living in our complete life? Luxuries use meat movie stars and he was get treated like a movie star and all that, I sent for you want to go back to fight, so he ends going back out, some of the other training through this in their work. Sergeant that would help and train them. Was a guy named this net among businesses. Other towns was. It was his ability to instruct us in the art of jujitsu. Being taught us how to escape? I half Nelson Headlong by relaxing, holding our arms straight and letting our body go limp once
behold we could reach back and pull the legs out from underneath are attacker By pulling out a k bar knife, this showed us how to dispatch our assailant. So you back then learning a little bit of the Jujitsu Why do people will recognise that that move? If you train and This, of course, is to prepare for this island hopping campaign in the Pacific. That's what it was and for Chuck Tatum that started on the black sands of evil GMO, so they hit the beach they all Jima. You know, after the work up going overseas, more training in Hawaii. They finally get to this point where they hit the beach. And here is on the beach for the first time and here's. What Chuck Tatum
As I noticed alone, Marine walking back and forth from the shore among hundreds of prone figures, kicking behinds, shouting, passwords and demanding move out, get your boss off the beach. He gave the Marine corps hand Signal for follow me, a group of men. Responded fascinated I wondered why he wasn't digging in like the rest of us as he advance as he advanced. Recognize that the South a Terry Marine was none other than gun, restart John bows alone, the companies living Legend and the Marine Corps icon was headed toward me, Steve the hungarian were freshly washed in irons. His helmet is helmet, strap was on hoped he held a car boot carbine in his left hand, and he had already did just cumbersome gas mask Laszlo, more light field pack and showed no fear as This evasion was no more than a serious training maneuver saw Colonel Louis see plain the twenties, whence Marines executive officer
he'd bass alone were the only two men standing up shouting, obscenities and orders. The forward surge of Babylon group carried them to our position. We back loan in plain defied. The fire storm raging around us move out, move out now off the beach you dumb sons of bitches, they screamed kicking us rind, butts right and left. What I thought was yet another mortar shall falling in the same spot as before, exploded. Seventy five feet in front Stephen me: the Black Shock wave, whipped up black dirt pushed its way into my eyes and for sand in my mouth, making me gag. It was uncomfortable nasty but my worry wasn't for myself. I hope the dirt what wouldn't Fowler weapon, baseload, ran up whacked. We on the helmet and pointed to the area where I thought the mortar shells had been regulatory hitting only
when the sand and does cleared, I could see TAT Babylon was pointing at the aperture of a reinforced, concrete bunker or block house you're, probably houses. Seventy five millimeter or larger cannon, whose field a fire was directed down the beach to our right. It was a big bang. With incredible killing power. Its we're stalling the advance it by killing men of the fourth division, been firing tree bursts, which is basically anti personnel shrapnel that explodes in the sky and rain downhill on ground troops running thirty five feet to the spot picked by baseload? Our field of fire was now diagonal to the aperture of the block house cannon. We open fire again in the trees around were right on target. Now pleased, my boy. Forced the enemy gunners to close their gun port with their armor, for closed. The front of the block house was blind, even though it was temporarily out of commission. I still want to fire at it.
Dazzled signal to me too, Its fire again, I directed, and then he rested a flame thrower operator, Corporal William Peg, a marine of imposing size to repeat their precarious path taken by the demo. Man along our line of streaking bullets. To get some cover, move, go on, get Chuck, Tatum, laying down fire and are you gonna, aflame thrower operator, a feeling At this point there is our big giant, looks scuba tanks on their backs. They wait seventy or eighty pounds and Obviously these are prime target You know for the enemy, the enemy hates. These things of your. Where one of these things on your back you're you're, gettin, sniper shots at you and everyone's trying to kill you. Baseload whacked me on the helmet to signal cease firing, I didn't want to quit. Everything was working perfectly. Why stop? see, trace around pounding into the building and let and felt extreme satisfaction with my accomplishment. Nevertheless, I cease firing is ordered and Peg Peggy, the guy carrying the the
point four staggered under the seventy pounds: weight of his tanks and equipment cautiously move toward the shattered bunker walls, taking his flame, throw nozzle into the smouldering hall he ignited is napalm, releasing three hundred fifty pounds per square of pressure and his tanks. There was loud roar of the sound and looked like a fire spitting, dragons Jawed erupted the unceasing in stone men inside, did know the horror that was about to engulf them. They work, asked instantly in the centre of a roaring inferno. Sinner rating searing hell felt a surge of relation when the flame shot inside it wasn't me, the gruesome four and agony that we're about to overwhelm the enemy, but because of our success. Lived, who taught pegs napalm, pyre, sorry Barcelona directed this operation by the book exactly the way. We'd practice it Pendleton and cap tar. What so perfect cover move at a reason he ceases. Fire is because you have to
his fire so that the selective, with a framework and actually get close enough, because when you're shooting at that building, there's ricochet is gone all over the place so that yes, the cease fire at the last moment. So the guy it right up close as I lay prone again ready to fire. Baseload stood astride. My back startling, bending over He grabbed the machine gun bail on one hand with a practice. Unlock the tripod, releasing the gun. He screamed in my ear, get them follow me. Baseload ran toward the roof of the old block house grabbed what was left of cloth animal belt. My arms I followed him at a gallop up. The slopes of the ruined emplacement stand, on top we can Look down on the rear entrance is the rear entrance of the pale box There was a low area thirty feet in diameter, where some of the japanese defenders had run to escape the umbrella string inferno inside baseload caught them firing from the hip.
The machine gun vibrated its powerful arms. He spread the enemy soldiers helped by bows alone bail I wouldn't handle fastened by wire to the barrel of the weapons that was inspired by babylons Medal of Honor engagement on canal when he was born, and carrying the hot machine gun. Without them. It would have been nearly impossible to control the blistering machine gun when its tripod was taken off. Moving down the screaming. Japs was pure the mercy slang pitifully The men were frantically trying to wipe away the still flaming jellied gasoline sticking to their tortured bodies, smell of burning human flesh, nearly made me want to vomit. The one's eyes contained a fury. I had never seen before his jaw was rigid, clenched, hard and sweat glistened on his forehead. He was an ex executioner The true marine performing his duty.
For me and others who saw sergeant bazzle actions during our assault. His leadership encourage were overwhelming. Meanwhile, Charlie company, riflemen and Steve Evans and shot the jobs as they screamed in agony. Intense basalt, just completely intense and again this is a guy. That's already won the medal of Honor and he's out there taking Large and leading juicy has no, we had no was not required to be there. He could be back in the states with You know in Hollywood, Robin elbows with with with the movie stars, but thou there There he is back in combat back on your gmo and leading.
We came under intense fire from a gun from gun placements on the slope of Mount, Sir, about you less than a mile away and took shelter in a crater made by one of our own. Sixteen and guns from of, or a very large bomb. Mortar rounds, fired from enemy positions at the north end the runway starting to fall in our immediate area We knew someone was watching us on top of it. Everything else we began receiving incoming fire from offshore? U S Navy vessels. These were not misguided rounds. We moved so far and fast that this rolling barrage that was intended for the iter japanese defenders, now hitting us so now Who are bracket by Sir Rabotchi by enemy held high ground to the north and by her own navy. I always want to bring up these points of of blue on blue and how chaotic it is. No one- Realises that How hard it is to day conflicts,
errors in combat back to the book. Of the three dangers we faced. I feared our navy the most I had already seen the destructive power that their shells caused when they pounded the Japs Beach defences, I firmly believed we'd be killed. If we stayed insider giant shell hole with what's to be an instant common consent. Everyone in our small group start to fall back back alone, stop the retrograde movement in our tracks. By ordering dig it and hold this ground come hell or high water, I'll go back for more men. Manila Johns perfectly. I was John Babylons next was Manila John Manila, John Professional, combat expertise had broken up a human log jam on the beach and wiped out a major, japanese defence position. Now his moral leadership, will hold together a small group of green troops in advance position
gingerly peered from our position towards the landing beach? Seventy five yards away, a group of men, means, was advancing toward the runway, with bass alone in the lead. This is so to Babylon and got back get more troops and now they're. Coming back to their position. I felt Oh Materialisation gun: Babylon, was coming back with more men, I heard enemy rounds falling to earth from relative safety of our shovel. I watched in horror as the explosions tore basil loans body apart. It was awful. Look like sergeant Babylon was down. Some time that afternoon the word reached Us Babylons Dead America's hero my own hero killed, how could you
You'd be dead, I couldn't believe it. The legend of Bass alone, alleging born in goals of Guadalcanal the hero I had read about in blue camp, who stature had grown larger on the block And bloody sands of evil, as I held the machine gun dull for him, he was gone. We will all miss you. I thought as tears, cut path Down my grime covered face, I thought of as loans, cocky smile, curly, black hair and the way he wore his hat at a jaunty, ankle over one year, yet unique personal style and charisma. For me, at least no one could ever be like bats alone
Erika the United States Marine Corps and Charlie Company First battalion, twenty seventh Marines had lost a hero dead at twenty nine. Balance deaf strengthen, Our makeshift squad. Resolve showed on the faces of seventy Marines, told the hold our position come hell or high water. We were receiving. Fire from all quarters the shells were pouring in, and ass with shrieks and house shredding the earth around US enemy, Anderson Sir Rabotchi now turn their ballistic attentions on us using observed and directed fire from their lava lair. Five and shells from ships mingled in the blue of devastation smashing across a lot landscape, sir Body,
defenders continued shooting at us, while japanese mortar men, north of the airfield pursued their deadly pounding, the Marines along the beach. The invasion area was a tangle of equipment and supplies, smashed vehicles and sunken naval craft Reserve and support units continued to pile up in congested mess fell thousands of men, the dead, the wounded, the terrifying. And those trying to unload supply swarmed over the black sand, We will now target by our navies gunfire. I wasn't sure of the size and bore of projectiles or if they emanate from a battleship destroyer, but I did know that they killed my blood as they came shrieking in. We would be safer if we withdrew to establish line so that we would be behind instead of in front of the Navy shells, but Jabez alone had ordered us to stay
that alone was sufficient. Enough reason to remain but would disobey his direct order. We believed It was only a matter of time before others would reach us and we be free to move on brutal. In and by the way, this is this: is U unexampled this chart Tatum First combat experience, His first combat experience use out a boot camp. Did some training in Hawaii did some training on tar, LE and then boom? Here is back to the book Turning to my right, I saw uninspiring site survivors of our Bravo Company, with sergeant window out in front followed by Lloyd heard and the ammo carriers were approaching us what we, We witnessing whether remnants of Baker company.
You are happily reunited with heard and the other ammo carriers, but devastated by the news, our companies. For severe losses during the beach assault, we're seventeen men killed fifty one wounded couple hours in seventeen killed. Fifty one wounded So now, where these, reflecting on what this morning is feeling like our first morning on you will when we are paying hell. Closely by mortar barrages on the black sand beaches. We were reminded of warnings by veterans who said the judge so the world's best soldiers, with a new mortar though chilling those warnings, worn exaggerated. Even the blunt advice of the vessel Convey the pure horror of an enemy mortar attack
was pure held to be caught in the open when the Japs opened up with a full mortar attack. The sound of mortar swish swishing through air froze my blood again, these invisible missiles. There was no defence if we're The open all we can do is hit the deck foxhole offered little protection, from these high trajectory missiles because they dropped straight. On us again, This is a lack of control of your environment. We ve heard this over and over again the indirect five, the mortars, the artillery that you can't control and it's random that's the most horrifying thing to everybody. The rear areas, particularly eastern or landing beaches, where support
We're working suffered a bloody pounding, Duncan Broach landing craft piled up along the beaches. Time. Millions of dollars worth of valuable equipment in vessels have been systematically wrecked. By deadly accurate, japanese shelling debris I back and forth in the frothing surf human wreckage, the wounded, dead and dying littered the codes, and engineers see bees and shore party personnel struggled to create order from the chaos doctors Corpsman too often fall a losing battle against a grim reach. Reaper watching us or a armed with some feel dressings and infusions of hold blood. They tried to. Damn the tide of human suffering and life blood pouring into Eu Law love hide our corpsman.
Turned into angels of mercy. They save hundreds of Marines daily and try to ease the pain of the hopeless cases with liberal injections of morphine now There is obviously a famous picture from evil dream of the Marines raising a flag on what one comment I think, raising the flag max. It was a corpsman brazen, the flag on your Jima, and this is what it looks like for him, and this is not mean You get the impression that the fighting was over with that fighting was not over you and you look at. Did you hear about all we want we and women in close yet, but they did take a prominent terrain feature this. What it was like for you tatum. As a twenty six Marines press, their attack, enemy mortars began falling in our rest area. Japanese weapons were cape. War firing from one end of the island to the other.
Thousands of Marines crawling around in concentrated areas. It was an easy task to keep our advancing troops under fire from reserve positions near the beach. It was possible to witness the battle raging for the possession of Out, sir, about. Through sergeant windows field glasses, we took turns watching the upward progress of our men as they approach the steep rocky slopes. It appeared the twenty Eightth marines- rather of the volcano haze from the battle axe scared, my vision, but we could tell us was one hell of a fight going on it felt. So to be in reserve, watching a battle where men Dying almost before our eyes, seem like watching motion picture from the wrong end of a telescope. If that makes any sense, about ten thirty, I am Steve slap me. On the back and turd sir. A botched shouting data. Do you see that.
I twisted around and saw stars and stripes clearly on the peak waving in the breeze. The twenty Eightth Marines were now king of oh you'll Gmos, hill here's from thousands of Marines, roared and reverberated across the island. I felt a surge of pride. I was proud to be a marine and proud to be an american fighting on well, but we weren't attending a picnic Live shells were still dropping on us throughout. You will see and I soon forgot the flag raising as we busily engineer, our foxhole digging deeper into mother, evil,. Because, like it or not, the word wasn Japanese still occupied more of you than the Marines to prove but they were still the main, Landlord, the enemies,
a message for you, concentrated artillery and mortar attack. Now, couple days go by and chuck items feet are get messed up from being in socks and their wet, and so we need to give him some clean socks and there's basin. We want place to get em, given the condition of my feet. I You additional socks were imperative. I asked window for permission to make a run to the dead man or casually pile to look for a pair the dead man. Or casually pile contained, clothing equipment and weapons of dead or wounded Marines had gone
quarter of a mile and, as I hobbled there, I felt uneasy in a big guilty about the prospect of being a scavenger. But I had no choice. The demands and horrors of yours battlefield left no. Other ready solution to the problem of resupply hesitantly picked up a pack only to drop it instantly. There was a bullet hole straight through it, I found another one intact and solely lifted it. Try to see the stencilled name of its previous owner. Curiosity got the best of me. It was anyone I knew doing the straps. I carefully removed the contents. There were two perfectly clean: Dry pair of green war socks, Lloyd, folder lay at the bottom of the pack and it fell degree and as I shook out the contents, I opened the folder.
A photo over, smiling girl beamed me all. My love to Joe Marilyn was neatly written across the bottom of the photograph. I carefully replaced the folder in the back and said a prayer for Joe and Marilyn yeah you're taking gear from dead and wounded Marines. Now they're out. Continuing to press through continuing to make slow progress, but they are making progress, leaving or machine guns. We spread out in an infantry
dial formation to calm. The area are search, snipers was fruitless, but we did find a dead enemy soldier in a clump of bushes, the smell rotting. His corpse almost made me puke, the stench good gag Maggot Steve, said bloated. The body was a spider trap. And almost unrecognizable as having been a human being his uniform was charred. So I thought that it might have been he might have been hit by a flame floor. Bloating had caused the tunic buttons of the Canaveral uniformed Papa The note was no skin on what had been the face, but the putrid flesh had scabbed over swarms of flies work.
Packing. The torso and maggots were wiggling in the eyes. I guess we were lucky. You will had no buzzards A rifle lay beside the body, no one touched it, it might be. Booby trap, don't screw with it. Later resting in our reserve, very I looked at my watch saw it was three P, p m and decided eat a k ration, seeing the body of dead, apps had become so commonplace. I could erase this one from my thoughts. It had nothing to do with me. I'd become as hardened death as an undertaker. Moving on pausing to consolidate the men were with grenades, mortars and machine guns,
from their explosive flanks and rear, and this is taking place there. Performing an assault on a hill cleverly Japanese, sprung, trap mortar fire from behind three Stick to alpha. That's the name of the hill. Caves in front of the cliff opened up and our companies where's platoon was the hardest hit, incurring heavy casualties. I wondered P M after company had to pull back his court We as the hail of Machine gun, fire and bullets, would allow. More men were lost, trying to save the wounded, the worker the gun and arming and fortifying he'll, kill three sixty two alpha. The Japanese The Maginot line in France was awesome
and it was serving its designers purpose. It was stopping the Marines, the trap sprang shut and we were Japanese mortars winged in greeting attack. We took cover machine guns and rifle fire rapid from every crack and Kravis and he'll. Three sixty two alpha, the mountain with spewing, asked and destruction from every Fischer. In his volcanic hide. There was no way to fight. We could see your enemy, but They could see us and they had us. And in their sights. We, and rolled over the rocky terrain, without cover Stephen Van carried our machine gun, followed by pops, Whitcomb and Lloyd, heard our ammo bearers orchestra of marine Jap borders, machine guns, rifles and artillery creator, roaring, shrieking clamour induced in terror throughout the ranks. Stopping our forward momentum.
With mounting casualties and nightfall approaching. We can. Call of and dug it we were, early knows too knows with our mortal enemies. Some of the enemy positions were less than forty feet in front of us. The days fight, ass, the battalion, an estimated one hundred casualties for gain of two hundred yards a typical days fighting on annual going forward continuing to push. Back to the book Mortar Machine Gun and targeted rifle fire torn to the company men started. Dropping on all sides dirt written My eyes and the clamour of explosions and bullets pounded against my ears, the red, We faced a lot was alive with an enemy that was impossible to see or kill. Captain main shine, kept forward crept forward. He gets
the chaos and disorder of our situation, standing up with a coup we'll purposeful manner. He took charge. He looked ass calm as though you erecting a training manoeuvre. Camp Pendleton we organizing the company, he directed a withdrawal from our untenable position? He seemed be everywhere at the proper Mona moment. Personally, listing wounded, making sure everyone got out of the Japs trap. Captain Jimmy Magi never ran out of courage and his selfless broke actions saved Bravo Company from destruction, but he did but out of luck he was. The last man still in the trap when he attempt to do draw towards our line. Japanese Rogers used him for target practice, riddling. Chest with multiple bullet wounds killing him. Reacting to a loss of our favorite officer. The company found a collective fear and determination,
he organised? We rushed to the offensive because we are too close for art we, fire support or air strikes the fight develop in a classic as a classic Marine aid attack, so all clusters of men advanced by fire and fast movement until they found in obliterated each concealed, strong point or individual enemy soldier, vans gun suddenly stopped looking their way. I saw that he and Steve were down suddenly. I was overwhelmed with rage, All the anger stored up against the Japanese burst out without fought or hesitation. I sprinted into vans position than had been hit in the back. Near the right shoulder and the rounded exited his left side, Steve, They got shot twice and was white. With shock by reflex, he was holding his hands to his stomach to stem the bleeding
blood poured out around his fingers, pulled, his legs were the fetal position. I could see. The pain on his part Face knowing that it, Jobs would shoot Stephen Van as they rolled around on the ground. I grabbed a machine gun into my arms and fired from the hip, like bats alone, did sending led into the cave to suppress enemy fire. I was in a hot rage and swivel the gun about. So it's bullets ricochet throughout the cave in decimate those bastards. You shot my friends lots of rock just below from the caves mouth. I poured fight into the caves black mouth until the belt round. Out for a second, I stood there. The thirty cows barrel smoking jobs who had shot Stephen Van were silent. Nothing came from the cave, no bonds. I charges no moans, nothing just smoke and dust.
My senses returned, dropping the gun I turned to Stephen Van. I knew it would die. I screen poor man with the with the caves pressed and the area safe, Doc, Marsh Randy Stephen knelt over him then turned to Van second tick past seeming like ours. I waited for dogs orders heard, ran out to join us and help me and course, drag Van and Steve to cover marsh, injecting and with morphine. Why broke up Steve, Steve's. First kit and handed them Surete, Marsh of the needle and Steve's flash I screamed, that's your bears this, day of violence, fear killed And maiming left me on the edge despair, so Window talk to me in a personal,
marine way. Tatum. He said. Let's go, we ve got a job to do My mind slipped into a productive mode, would have and beyond my control took over from afternoon on. I purposely tried to avoid getting to know the replacement ammo hampers and the Marines filling the slots of those we had lost I didn't want to know their names where they were from or to see there reference pictures. Wanna get attached to them and suffer through the loss of close friends again the war was still going on through. Feed ahead, I wanted revenge. Unseen, our enemy continued to punish us, as we can How did it our gains for the day and attempted to clear the newly sees territory, a new private, a replacement, only the edge of a bluff.
Spotted enemy soldiers clustered in a pill box and was trying to show me their location I couldn't see what he had found and was citing down his arm. While he pointed our heads I'd, buy side. All this on the crack rang out he jerked forward and was dead before I could catch him Prs Bullet had hidden between the eyes, instinctively I called for a common Although the man was beyond help, when the medic came up here, I can't take it anymore. I can't go on if they want to. They can just shoot me right now. The blood covered, the medics uniform was his own. Ex are considered noncombatants under international law, but the Japs Care about international law, for ten days on evil. He had fired a shot used to
is he stopping the flow of others blood. I didn't know what to tell him. I put my arm around his shoulders and said. I understand it didn't seem to help. Staring straight ahead. He cried. I just want out of this war, Then someone else yelled, poor man Eric dried, his eyes picked up his kit and left to go patch up. Another wounded marine. Now, it's twelve days into the invasions of He plus twelve march It was a bad day for replacement officers. Its Garcia, Harrington and Leech. All assigned from the twenty seventh replacement draft were killed in action.
With almost no experience, commanding troops in combat or anywhere else. Second, lieutenant. A great deal of offshore candid schooling, Quantico Virginia Wholesale, the marine Core created new leaders with assembly line, speed, Harrington leech were commissioned officers for five months when they were told to lead the tunes and deadly combat brave experienced pinch, headers or substitute quarter backs in a game of death. They never even knew the men they were trying to lead. Now we get to the fourteenth day. By midmorning word swept through our ranks, Colonel Butler has been killed. But there had been writing in a jeep to a conference at the regimental command posts in order to save time
along. The way he decided to check out the terrain he participated would be his men's next objective. When the vehicle approach the trail junction near our old sugar mill, his party took it. Erect forty seven more meat around here from a japanese anti tank and he was killed instantly. The dry An end seo accompanying him worse. The wounded it was another you won't tragedy, but not the last. We have to colonel butlers death, a sniper killed my son what made in camp tar work, placement, Pfc, love or Jenkins of Frida want Freedom Wyoming, as he rested between assaults, the Boers eighteen days, short of celebrating his first
here in the core Jenkins loss meant. The first squad was down to three members: Billy Jill Cough form, our baby face Marine Gopher, Gus, Henderson and Ralph Jefferson. Now they were actually pulled off the line for a bit and had a little. Bit of arrest. During our day of rest, my headache grew worse and I can what did Corpsman, My ears ring, I told him not impressed he answered, normal for years to ring and combat. He gave me some ass for my headache and asked anything else wrong: I showed him my leg wound he jokingly said: too bad. You wound isn't deeper if it was he'd ever take it off this damned island. The asked didn't touch my headache
grew worse. My ears rain constantly and I felt nauseous. I was getting weaker and I knew it. And so what we ve got now is the initial stages of combat for tee. He started to feel it. When tremendous it's one of his other guys went tremendous gave me hell about something another my mind was hazy and numb. I didn't answer him about midday The word came down move out our, the rest was over. I reckon ruefully, we Warmed up to move out, Red formation and immediately began taking mortar fire, I mean just a nightmare. Take cover, window how hollered as and we scattered liquor Covey of Quail seeking refuge around.
A few yards from me my pulse, raised my battle senses told me to move sprinting. I ran for Iraq, outcropping thirty yards away. When I was for your safety a close round now where the ground mortar artillery showing it scared the hell out of me since D Day, but the fear, now was different. My hair, Trembled, fortunately, the I stopped quickly. I change smoke, settled down. My head, pounded and down canteen water until my stomach was upset my leg, felt paralyzed like a childhood nightmare in which I wanted to run. But couldn't company moved out, but I stayed where I was all I could think was fought. The war fought the Japs and fuck this whole island A flood of ever of other factors.
Breathing search through my tangled thinking process. Then awareness that I was alone and the fear of becoming a sneakers snipers target price made move. There was another conclusion: if I stay where I was the marine corps would shoot me as a deserted Preservation instincts kicking in, I told myself, get off your butt start moving. I look from vanished company. Eventually, I heard someone calling my name. Through the hazy vision. I saw sergeant window walking toward me. When he was close enough. He looked at me are you ok? He asked let's go. The company and don't worry, you're gonna be ok. You're gonna make it. I followed him without argument or objection. Before we set in for the evening at three thirty p m,
Windows said to me: Tatum, I'm sending you back, it's in your tremulous, he added. You're out of here too, both finished get the hell back. Both of you. The track to the rear and red beach to our starting point. Ten days ago, took an hour there no tears in my eyes. I had combat fatigue, so there done and they get pulled off the island they get put onto a ship, so they can recover.
Mentally from what they ve been through, so they're out there on the ship and obviously they're out there with a bunch of other Marines, have been wounded. Back to the book tremendous and I felt completely out of place. We were among seriously wounded Marines and I almost felt guilty that I wasn't wounded physically. Our wounds were to our minds and there were no bandages that could be applied to them. There no drugs, that we could take that when a race, the images of war that filled our heads mother, nature, with assistance from modern medicine could hear flesh, but the mind is different:. You can never forget the pain you suffered in a place like Ie Will Jima and the scars will always be there. Tremendous and I had been labelled as s c F,
or shall shocked, combat fatigue. This label had a negative, connotation eyes This was the result of General misunderstanding of this type of condition: it did not no a lack of courage or resolve to fight it was mission caused by the inability to continue past physical or mental exhaustion. Most Marines who suffered combat fatigue were the ones to survive, to fight another day and another day and another day. The lucky ones,. Not the million dollar wound on the first day and lived to recover dating back into the siege time and time again as tremendous, and I had done each day.
See the decimation of young lives, the deaths of bodies who are closer than brothers boys, whose parents hopes will be dashed by a message from the Navy saying we regret to inform you most people never have to witness the killing of someone. They are close to a loved one who was shot or decapitated watch your brother, whose faces filled by the look of deep shock that precedes death. They never fear the helplessness of watching lifeblood out of a mortal being. Those who know war. No of what I speak. I decided on Cyprus and that I would never
college for my actions on evil gmo or for falling prey to combat fatigue. I gave my arm. Obviously, in this day and age we ve been with a lot of combat fatigue. Ptsd think one thing is I, as I read through this, I thought back to Colonel Hack, words, book and about face in one of the ways it he describes it is. He says that basically, people have a cup and
what size cops. Different people have different sized cops and the cup source get filled up and if it gets filled up its, don't you don't? You can take anymore and you just gotta go away. And this is the first time as I read this, obviously your Tatum, showed extreme courage over and over again, and he points out the fact that there is not many guys that, with day after day after day after day and were lucky enough to knock it wounded or I do as you could say, unlucky enough. And eventually they reached they reach a point where Can't take anymore now you do get some guys that can handle born. I follow this today. It's it's just nature right just how you how your formed in a knock be mad at someone, because they can't bench press
Five hundred pounds right: some people don't have that that's not part of their physical, make up this for their part of their. Physical constitution or their mental constitution and society, Thing here some people just have a higher propensity for this, a mental stress, so they can handle it more. That doesn't mean that you, someone that can't bench press five hundred pounds like me, doesn't mean I'm up headache person it just means that I don't. I just didn't naturally inherit those genetics. They give me the ability to bench press five hundred pounds now in The same thing with what you inherit mentally in some people, their cup gets. Up, especially when they are lucky or unlucky enough, as we just discussed to survive day after day after day after day and fourteen days of thinking that you're gonna die then see you
and get wounded or killed. Again in the back back then how he said it had an egg. Connotation almost like you, weren't, mentally tough enough right, like you had the you have not getting shot and other stuff right in east. These still can it almost yet. The in my point is number one to support what he says you ve take anybody anybody's can have a breaking point. The breaking of waiting to be different spots, and he was like, like we're saying he was either unlucky or lucky enough, depending on how you look at it to survive. Fourteen the days of this an that was where he wrote some people would reach the breaking point five days, but we never would show that some people would last a hundred days, but we would know that cause they got killed. Meanwhile, that when you get hit how you called it, the million dollar wound. Why so you get hit areas recover from that the flash and modern medicine it heels it so yeah they that's why
call it a million dollar one? Could the sickle you in a way you locked out? You know you don't have to face these terrible Or is that, like beyond day, they learn from fourteen fifty zero and and it just keeps going until just follow any and you're gonna break at some point. You and everyone is like. I said it's just a war that the way you made up as your genetic code. Maybe you can Take it for seven days. Maybe you can take it for twenty eight days, but the motion one thing that he says that, if there's vets out that think man. I didn't do enough wrong listen, what he says, I decided on Cyprus, that's where they were not recover. I decided on on that Never apologise for my actions on Eu Gmo or falling, Ray to combat fatigue. I gave it I all.
That's all anybody could ask. Now he dedicate this book and here's the book. Dedication. This book is dedicated to my brothers. The Marines who fought the gene Bernice Army on one of the darkest islands on earth. You Jima voyage to evil. We had dreams and plans for our futures. We were young and buoyant, are Ouch were filled with love for families. Are bodies? Are country we wanted to survive to come home together then
felt the flames of that Pacific Inferno. To my marine brothers who fell, that rock. I owe every day of the life I've led to you simplify. And here is a roster of some of the people that he knew on evil, Jima Lieutenant Colonel John Butler, First Battalion commanding officer killed in action. Captain James Jimmy may and killed in action. Second lieutenant John, a Draeger died of wounds.
Gunnery sergeant Stanley, Blackie Camacho died of wounds. Gunnery sergeant John Bows alone killed An Pfc Bruno Spike Meares were killed in action. Pfc, loyal lemon killed in action. Pfc Clifford, Steve Evanston, killed in action.
Pfc Carl Tax Thomson killed in action. Corporal frank posts, pickle, killed in action, Pfc, Laval, Jenkins, killed in action, Corporal George Shelf. Killed in action, private Ralph, Jefferson killed in action. Pfc. Edward J Tucker, killed in action.
Those are some of the names some of the people. Of the six thousand eight hundred and twenty one sailors and Marines that were killed in action on a place, where the Marine Corps awarded twenty seven metal of honours, which was a key Order of all the metal of honours that were awarded during world war, two. And want to close this out with a medal of Honor citation but with
Silver STAR citation for Pfc, Edward J, Tucker. Four conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity the squad leader serving April tune of company. Bravo first button twenty seventh Marines, Fifth Marine division. In action against japanese enemy forces. On Iwo Jima Volcano Islands. Fourteen March nineteen, forty five. Heedless of his own painful wounds. Fusing evacuation were to remain with his men. Continuance of an assault against the bitterly defending japanese private first class
Tucker unhesitatingly braved a deadly hail of hostile fought rifle fire and machine gun fire to rescue a wounded marine lying in exposed position. Although mortally wounded, while administering first aid to his. Can comrade private? first class talker by his unselfish courage and devotion of duty Strengthen their morale and fighting spirit of his entire company, thereby reflecting- credit upon himself. And the United States naval Service, so as I I have said, and, as I always say, war brings out the worst in us.
But it can also bring out the best and there are thousands, thousands of heroes like Pfc, Edward J, Tucker, known and unknown that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country for the Marine corps for their battalion. Their company therefore tune their squad further front. And I want you remembered that too, then in all that darkness in that black sand and all that evil in the world there are heroes and brave men and men. They don T lives.
Gave their lives for their friends and well do talk about evil. Also, always remember that the world is. Also filled more filled with good men and good women and good people. And remember those people. In moments of darkness and tempting
You should let them inspire you to follow in their footsteps, because there is no doubt that the example has been set. So it's it's really just a another situation when I, when I think about the dichotomy of war, and that I call me a combat in how it brings
the worst in people, but it also brings out the best in people, and I think that, in order to appreciate the best in people, you got to recognize what they're up against got to recognize. What we're up against. And you can see that example, that example people that shine they shine. In those circumstances,. If they can rise like that. In those circumstances, in those situations facing Such horror,
then. Maybe we can rise a little bit too. They may be weakened. Fine just a little bit brighter and bring a little bit more light into the world. And I'd say echo, it looks like I set us up for another rough transition. Yeah thanks. My apologies, but it'll offer a bit of a contrast. Yes, we will learn Like I said this reflects life and go you horrible things need be faces, some tough times. That's life does tell you in there
a little while later you'll be laughing and that's the way life is, that's the way this pod cast seems to go to Europe their work. You come home. Poor, mere sun and daughters got straight is very. We got the report card. Gotta dig that let's go to the into web questions. But before that I do have to let you know Jacko just in case you didn't nowhere but by on it like that, you know what that is where I get my offer to smart memory on it. That comes less Jacko. If you want ten percent off your on its Duff That's a brain warrior bars. If you don't know what that is, krill oil oil, keep your joints.
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Knock your shopping area, one click here. One click of action, yes supports the park and see that everybody buys everything. And yet what we were doing a little does a lot here. That's right, echo with all kinds of good knowledge tonight. Or if you want some shirts that either think Turkle Jockers door that can get some sort of you think bearings and happy schools. I think they're or a coffee mug. Its is up before the enemy on it speaks in a question. Do it also bring gives you we're doing by the way, if you take it before you honestly, I take it where dreams, regardless railway. Ok, actually you know what they don't give your dreams. They give you a weird awareness of your dream.
I'm not making. That is, that can official claimed something that's what happens with me in that way here literally everyone else who takes me for the good of it. It does not happen to me, for some reason could is not is stimulate by the way you still go to sleep good. I take it before I go to bed, so you so smart. Jack. I want to hear your thoughts on over detachment from a police officer and I'm sure military personnel experience the same over detachment defined as motionless separation. From moments which require emotional response in family and profession. So what you thought over detachment, This is definitely obviously I'm always encouraging people to be able to detach, because that's it Get your emotions out of the situation, but this happens to what my brother, you're talking about a police officer, say a sometimes, we think well being over detached. It is something you to watch out for
Because you don't want to go for your life or you have no more emotions Giving a life than you're a robot or a machine end, and you dont, you need to have emotions so one, as I thought about this, I thought. How did I watch out for that, and it so that creature on anybody that does anything we could even have to be a copper or ability. Person. I mean you could do if you're any job that you have you have we can't just get all emotional about stuff if you're in finance, if you're anything you could just become patched! So how do you do when you look out for what one thing I did it still do is compartmentalize and trawl little segregation between work and home and there's a really easy way to do that. Actually for people that our cops or doesn't matter what you do.
Whatever that uniform is that you were at work, whether you're a cop. Whether you're melter, whether you were the business suit at work when you get home, take off that uniform, taken off met effect. If you can take it off before you get home meal Lee, at the office. Could you wanna leave that there and when you get home put on the home clothes right. The t, shirt, comfortable, t shirt, flip flops, the shorts B B waxed at home but be is in a different uniform at not even a uniform in a different changer change, your appearance and their fortune the state of mind a little bit different music. Right whatever it is that you listen to work, he go to something different at home.
You know, when you're going into work, listen to the first hour of Jacko Pont cast your coming home. We listened to the second out. That's how we do it. You don't have a different attitude. The different language right don't come home thrown around the in acronyms from work, and you know I've talked about this before I. Never. Swore o s world Cal at work, but it never saw I'm sorry using a different language on. I was completely. Compartmentalizing mental. I was what I work and what I was doing at home and in check out european. Your. What are you standing around your house light or you stand in all cross, armed and glaring at people, let's This asked the question, are, you know, modified weaver stance when you're talking you, I've got married, you of my drug for living like a bit like a pistol, shewed examples that they did not know. You know are you? Are you digging for under her If you could say I give you a hug and go to mean, are you looking to get the takedown know? You want to relax right
Find some was maybe maybe group of people that are involved in your work. That can be hard to mean an Luckily, for me, my wife made friends that were outside of the sea community and so I got a bunch of bodies that were had nothing to do with the seal deems they had their friends of the airlines, way: a wife, your friends and husbands of my western. So I had a whole group, people who are still hang out with all time, they have nothing, to do with the military at all. In fact, many of them are is that, as far as you can get from military personnel, as one could imagine and but that another thing that help me segregate the two. Now, of course, I'm not saying you gonna, let your guard down a hundred percent. Could you shouldn't do that? But you should had it down enough that you can enjoy life and you gotta detached sometimes
now that being said, because it's gonna hate is gonna help you make decisions, but there are sometimes words not good and if you're too at your wife's gonna talk to you, it's not gonna, be good, so open up. You gotta, show some emotions and one of the things about being detached. Here's appears The paradox I'd be detached enough, so you recognise when you're not sure enough. Ammonia items ain't, if you so wish, have you been attack should allow you to realise that, oh, my god, I'm not showing any motions, all I'm too detached yeah. So don't try and be a tough guy, that's just being detached. If you'd attach enough, you realize that you're being too detached here, Yeah- and there is too did the war oversee like if you got in a year and a deep eight argument: fight whatever with your girlfriend wife right in your data edged. Let's say you know you're right. Let's say you are right,
that has nothing to do with anything when you're argue. Generally speaking, in my experience, I would agree with that. It makes sense, but here's the thing because when you look at us everywhere, I just wanna make us even get when you're an argument with, like your wife or you, close friend or any your boss, your subordinate weather, right or not, is almost Doesn't matter at all What matters is what you're trying to do with direction you're trying to move and is winning the argument being right or wrong. Gonna help you move in the direction of, and that's the real question so detached for a minute and figure out. They lack question because I never care from right or wrong. That's not never my go well in an argument with something they. Never, I usually don't care the most, but for the most part, yet And I think a lot of times allowed him to keep. Due care, whether right or wrong.
They do, they care political cycled, already being right or wrong yeah I'm proved beyond. You know, like a reasonable doubt, all questions. I am a hundred percent right, you're wrong, and so even when people are wrong, the still wanted. Just when argument rights of that's, that's that's bad. What can be even worse is when you are right yet Other person is it lets, say your wife is emotional cause. Then this is unknown thing that. The girls generally speaking they They want to know that you care more so than they want you to fix their problem someone as if your wife is having a problem that worry there's something right. They just want you to care that that is going on with them. I didn't want, like all this shrieking advice. You know that, generally speaking, I'm not gonna category. There is not black and white, but generally speaking, so that's it you're in the debate. Some, I said, even argument and you know you're right in the say, you are right. If you're,
detaching been like war. Here's the logic behind. Why I'm right any of this airtight case does nothing help your relationship each she wants the first, that you care she's mad. She said she's. Whatever do you care about that? The way you will not argument, that's where you in the situation- yes, and so not only are you not only do you get out of the fight in tat as a relationship but you're the good guy in Rio, that's part of the reason why I see you're the guy at the wheel We agree so yeah that just unknown question, why my wife It's me. Yeah? No, that's that's! That's it, but yeah thirty debt. So you see that but be attach because you care yes, yes so that you can end, then, when you, back to work, your Comp Europe military person, you're businessperson, put you uniform
put your boots back on- put your body on the back on lock and load and get back in the detachment zone and move forward, Now the question kind of advisers to- and I will point this out- I mean at work who also care just be detached. All time cause you're your leader, your leadership positions. Are you can't walk around this detachment? We know you gonna, show motion. You gotta relate to the people, The working with you gotta be a human, they follow you or you follow them or the case may be so the did it but you have to be detached enough. The recognised when you're being too detached Let hair dye question. I was hope To get your thoughts on bullying every child, in bullied. What would you tell him or her? This is. I guess slew. The soft offer for me rose question because you know what I mean to say: you get it easier to give in Asia to immediately get them in there, and
let them start to learn what it's like. To deal with people physically and it will build up their confidence and it won't be false com. It will be real copier because they will know how to handle themselves. They will have people that are trying you take them down to the ground and trying to choke them, and they will learn to stop that from happening and they will learn to do to other people when warranted. So that's how you prevent both In my opinion, you also get him to start doing polyps pushups. Did she get him to you a little bit of boxing, maybe a little Why take to at our Jim over the years, we ve probably had half a dozen kids that have common specifically Because they were getting Boyd at school and every one of those cases within three HANS four months, maybe six months at the outset, the parents, means and he's not get bullet anymore
and sometimes there is that that that incident we have had a few students that of these kids, are ten years old. Getting there I'm getting picked on getting picked on. And all of a sudden, they are trained to too and then one day they got the boy and they never. Picked on again and there confident and they're not jerks about it, they become defenders because they know what it's like to be policed. So they don't like to see other people get Boyd so I would say you know, get your kids into Jujitsu if they're getting bullied and it, Not only teach them to prevent themselves from being bullied, it will prevent them from becoming able here, because they recognize what it's like in what the power of physical India. A nation is, and they were not like it. Yeah in out. They would help them not become a bleak as a lot of stuff. They goes on at home,
different Evans families different, but a lot of times, Belize people, people, kids, that become bullies Their believed at home, so being abolished as a result of something else, so yeah you, because it helps you put your car. With a new security as it gets, you will feel less insecure if you're in insecure kits, but that alone is really powerful, even if you are poor it becoming a bully? And this is true: this kind of well known, I think it's pretty well known that, usually, when you're bullied like once a month someone else, even adults, it's not necessarily about beating him up and picking on a beating up its needs less about the physical part. More about just the mental power with the power to do so when you learn digits and men, I'm telling you. I am wasn't really believe or nothing like that, but we you start to know Jiu Jitsu, you have it in your head, it's it's almost like you can't help, but just. Radio that kind of secure confidence so when, if, if you
like, if you, if you rolling, you know you get to know and abilities of believe he will gather immediately in this programs like specific programmes having to do it. You did took up in a bully proof. In August I mean just generally speaking, you learn this India to where you just basic You just stand your ground any basis. Keep it. There's all these different ways to do it, but you call the bully like are you? Are you trying to fight me and just standing up to will usually stop the killing. We believe in you like. I'll tell you this. I can even though a majority the Boeing is verbal our mental or psychological. Yet It's all on the premise, All the bowling is built on the premise, most of the time that I can physically beat UNESCO there What you can't do anything occasion, you'll get some young kids scrap be little loud mouth kid that just bullies people just on the fact that they just don't care writ right. That's a rare at a rare breed, most bullies. They feel like they can fish
We went and therefore vacant mentally abuse people and once that, once the once the victim realises you know what I can actually take this purse now the whole dynamic changes, and just that that that first stage standing up to him just even verbally in the belief that little indicator use sky, but somebody They might be like here size advantage. This does just feeling a little triumphant today and using try stand up to me and then we'll they'll push it and then, when you know that you did it man you can do. It believes really easy as a kid w, I take down Mount slapped faces. Men have future? I wish I knew and when I was a little kid it teaches you perfectly well, to be, and we are not to be where you just can shoulder fight the big and I wish it well.
I wish there was around another question. How do we do with being in an environment? I am forced to be an eminent. Eighteen eighteen years old. And have one year school left, Highschool just the place. I perish in kills creativity. All Information tat is easily obtainable on the internet. I don't feel like. I have a purpose in school learning, things that I'll be. Of without will be little of little to no use in my life for eight hours a day, just He's done in having Asperger's in ADHD doesn't make sitting in a math class for ninety minutes easier. Also, most people are not about achievement, motivation or anything, but would rather play it safe and stay in our
Martin, all their life would love to hear your thoughts on a forced environment. Well, I will tell you that the thoughts contained in that paragraph probably encapsulate a large large number of humans in you eyes. Myself being included in that group myself and my bodies we are grown up. We didn't want to be nice cool. We wanted to get out you wanna get after it, we weren't you whether we see the world we wanted to make things happen right, not necessarily good things either, but just things make it happen. It is one to make stuff happens and when I hear this is kind of very I am also for slightly the game and you just feelin what normal people feel. I mean. Not everybody to some people really enjoy high school. They enjoy education, not a large number, but some people nice that it's it's an opportunity
I schools, an opportunity in its not doing do, learn and an opportunity to hang out and meet people in You know can live that party or life I mean it is for the most axing things, that's why most relaxing phases of life right. You just have nothing. No pressure and I see no pressure and when you're in screw, you will know. I had to take a test. Homework executive right is another thing that I always think about with forced environment side. When I was a kid or construction, and you know some as it construction worthwhile, pretty rough characters and one of the Madonna, Fair, a time in prison in one of the things that he said to me was you know when you're in prison.
If you stand right next to the bars in yourselves, you stand right next to him, then you locked in there. But if you walk back away from the bars- and you see kind of freedom you got inside that sell, even though its small, it's big then, where you stand right next to the bars, So I always had this feeling of you know just back from the Barcelona and I've actually explain that to some bodies of mine when we they would feel trapped in the navy. You know cause even the symptoms. I love that you know, but guys would sometimes feel trapped in the Navy and I'd say I do we know what, if you want to get out, get out, give yourself it out if you want to, but then assess it from a position. We say no, I could get out. If I wanted to say, don't stay local support, I'm stuck in the Navy stepped back. No uniformity cannot make it out, look out an agreed on actual, not a bad. It's not a bad deal. That's a pretty good deal and that's
I would do in a situation like this, you look at go in high school. I mean are you trapped in school for eight hours a day, but eight hours a day in school. Plus eight hours a day of sleep. If, if you silly damage that you ain't hours a day of doing whatever you want right, that's awesome, plus you got weakens thrown in there. You got a lot of opportunity. Do all kinds of things go high school for eight hours days, a small price to pay for the opportune is that you have, while you're in high school. So it's I don't know it really is a as a forced environment. I viewed as an opportunity I mean: do they gotTa Jim What vetoed you're gonna learn something even if it's not you can learn on the internet Why not have a human teach it to you? That's pretty cool! You know Sit in that class and learn what you can get if you eight ADHD, it ass burgers! Ok, let's see how our disease
when can get control over that and challenge ourselves to work on the patients and work on paying attention paying attention is skill. I learn that, where knowledge skill it a skilled, able to sit down, read something that you do not want to read it to skill its skill to build a sit into a class at least into a lecture on a subject that you do not want to listen to that did I just got a cool twitter, next time, I'll, try and remember redeployed to guide it was like hey. I hated school and I'm going to the grass right now and I got a right these responses to these two. These Reading assignments it we ve got, there was really bothering me, and he said I was in the park ass. It you're fired up about linguistics fired up. So I said you know what I'm an onus now he's totally fired up to tear those tear those reading assignments apart and dig into and find out what the words mean. It is killing it. Now, I'm in
Bobo Jack, that's outstanding, so again, you're not true, Unless you stand right next to those bars sector and for a face stepped back away from the bars look around and see what kind of freedom you actually haven't, you got. A lot of freedom may not feel like it We ve got a lot of freedom. Use. A lot of things to take advantage of from time to equipment to education take advantage of all that stuff. You got another, you left kill it make it happen and that's my advice to the senior. High school, where you mention reading or pay attention, is a m scales, the skill and You mentioned reading stuff that you don't worry, remember how I said a few times back, where the that's not that
that's a common thing people just I don't want to read, and I want to read a book. You know that's not like that. The three come let people would prefer not to read books or whatever, but if you're willing to read Or you liked to read, I would even go beyond it almost call that is a superpower not like superpower like its superhuman renewing, but that's like that in a major advantage- and I mention this where The information you ever want to do is out there in it. You can access it. If you know how to read, you can access, it will use a thing With them in every kind of knows that in one way or another people, especially here in the- U S, you can you know that information that all information with you in the center and others are differently. This information can help you Probably ninety tonight. Percent of anything you want to do it can help. You become that achieve that. All this information I knew
information than you just act on it do it. But then why is it? Why aren't we everyone is successful in everything they want to do everything You can learn all the information you can learn all skills by reading about it all of its lack of discipline, because they want to read it what's a good about library or get a book and read it to tat. Then page book on economics, even though, if their origin to read that read it three times they would know actually what to do, what to invest in where that you'd know, alot you'd have some powerful information. To become richer or does make more money or whatever so the reason that People- don't they don't want to read? That's it, meanwhile, and without But this before, meanwhile, you have time you have time to read. If you have tempted Stevie of temporary. If you have time to go to the each year. Whatever we do in your spare time,
Henry Glinda. The good of the beach won't help you in ways that reading can help you Watching reality. Tv can help me as much as we can help you, but it's one of the things that is viewed as such a chore. For a lot of people is viewed as a chore, instead of being viewed as an opportunity, and I think that the right like. If someone could just inject all the information into your brain maitre, then people would do it. You know, but it's that reading. That's that your that's what they want to do so consider that mention that the honest information available on the internet- in school, you, you have a teacher who knows this information. You can ask questions about it. You can make that we. I read stopping, I don't really get what he means right there, I don't really get really really get. I still don't get what it meet. What he means by this, but at school is richer as a question who explain it. You're, honest arrays handing it here, Israel,
after everything the teacher says you can raise your hand, tell explaining it is right there, every glass, there's your opportunity, sexless echo fired for the reading. I like that. When read its flake one day, the late the languages can a new right, it's new! Yes, this is post it is this Bostock about gas, and now you just absorbing information right and it's not this thing where I started to start to get into reading its use like like one look into them later off sick? nothing really in this room. I don't see anything in this room. You turn them. You're calling us the author, It was here. This whole time this age I could have been doing this the whole time this reading period. If I started Deadness illegal, oh my gosh skills
team, denying keeping the lid off don't do it don't do that happen, you're just going to turn up for you do good advice. Jacko does leadership, require theatrical or acting skill in the case of underperforming subordinate? I mean, obviously in a way. Yes, it does it, but it's definitely more complicated than that as well. Because- and we talked about this before you know- I talked about like win. If, if We want to make an impression, your kids, they haven't, listen to you and you ve told him fourteen times in. Finally, you know then all calm and dash like this is it. This is why you give it got everything you're supposed to do in the Extreme ownership handbook of leadership and theirs you're not listening to you and you go, you know what I've gotta show some,
anger here right, so they realise that closer. So that's time when you might have to foot the switch and act like you're angry, for instance, you know that, this part of detachment, because if you are controlling your emotions and you decide, you need to show some emotions, then you're gonna need to do some sort of. I guess it would be considered acting some theatrical too, to me exact that clear now and also like all the other direction where you don't want to show that you're frustrated you don't want to but you're angry dont want to get out of here. If you got your team, can you in your speech, you don't wanna, show that year streaming collage eroded gay. Yes, we act. Ok, you know what I'm saying I've got a cool, I've, gotta detached a little bit just our core, and so that those are both. I guess
Those could be considered acting At the same time, I don't think it's disingenuous and I will tell you why there is not tell you. Why is because Remember. When I was on SAM Harris and we were talking about, being brave. Then he I think it was. He said. If you pretend to be brave, will then you are in fact being brave, sir, if if, if you're wounded in the street and there's a machine gun fire going on, and I see no, what I don't want to do this, but I'm going to pretend to be brave right now and I run out: grab polio, mistreatment, even more. Pretending to be brave, I was brave, because that's what I did. I did the actual it's this thing here? If I'm really angry at you, but I did how'd, you know what I gotta keep that inside, Act like I'm calm. Well, guess what we, I did was outcome. So therefore, it's not acting that's what I did as a person so
I guess I'm really not acting as a whole, because I'm being me and me is detached, acting like I'm com, even though a super angry. You are a kind of weird paradox here. You technical and I thought about this before you are acting but light just like her. You things like this, genuine, because there is a difference between what you feel in how you behave like feelings and behaviour, so If I'm mad at you for something- and I don't Yet you in beer it does that mean I'm not mad at you doesn't mean that book, but what, if I am at EU and I did I do my my madness. My anger makes me yell at you all that means is my feelings are driving my behavior just because you're, is aren't driving you behaviour doesn't mean its disingenuous. So you can still be mad. You can still yell. Even though the yelling isn't
because you're mad the yelling is for a specific result, full just Are you saying you still rang yet you're acting yapping, but you're acting? because you want to certain result. Yes, that's what say you are acting because you you'd, if, if you're not, think that means your anger is driving your behavior you're feeling. Is driving you're bad behaviour, otherwise you're just you're acting, but is it I think I If you were talking about it before it. That's a good thing. You're going for results here and that's the course. The actual question is its specifically. Says, underpin underperforming, subordinate and so clearly you have to show some angers than I realise that you really serious that they may get fired, that they need to improve that they need whatever the case maybe yeah, yeah, it's with your girlfriend, a wife. It shows me here. A lot of time Tina I, like you, be like you say something in your saying that our common whatever and carrying knowing you care about Orson
someone knowing that you care about them? That is a big deal verses if, if they suspected doesn't care about the situation, evangelio, you know, you're right shows that more about you care people, White declare chocolate care next at what point does loyalty and what could become martyrdom for human that you care about, become out, waited with the desire to improve oneself put differently. Loyal to be therefore loyal to be there for a loved one, teammate, employee, etc. Tough situation or downward spiral. Important men in viable tree but when does it go too far that once you come selfish and begin to cut the stuff. This is a question of everybody's got to deal with something:
Life is obviously I'm all about helping people are doing, everything you can to help people outright. That's great, but you gotta take care yourself first and I think to think that I think of it when you go on an airplane and they say if we lose fresh in the cabin auction mastered drop down in, if you. With a child. Take her yourself, first You can take your child. So what happens? If you don't Take your yourself first, then you pass out, and now your child doesn't get helped, and now you both die from lack of oxygen, and so the sort of life right. If you got somebody gets dragonettes going down the downward spiral and you just I that you're, just gonna poor everything into them, will then you're go down that downward spiral was well and now you're not gonna, be able to help him. So I think you definitely have to get yourself. You have to take care of yourself as a person though, that you have the platform to take
here of someone else and help someone move in the right direction and I don't think you can. Let yourself get dragged down too far down these ass. You have to get the oxygen mask on yourself and stabilize yourself and have a platform to help other people I'm getting dragged down and I'll take. Something else by the way. Oftentimes. When you think you're helping someone you really justified. He telling them? Then you, you see that with the addictive, you don't be born in case of addiction. It's awful The people that are trying to loved ones that are trying to help them by Saint. Ok, look I'll help. You I give you a little bit more money right now, but this is the last time and then the next week. I'll. Give you a little bit more money and other doing is buying Boozer drugs or whatever addiction that they have and it's horrible to see it. You are actually, even though you think you're helping them you're actually hurting them. And so I think up either. I guess it's a big night for detachment
the podcast here, but you gotta detached, Make sure not becoming emotional, you gonna make sure that your singing the person and the situation for what it really is, not what you want it to be. But what it really is, who they really are, what they are really doing and then, when you're detached you gonna make logical decisions from that. Detachment too decide whether this Person can be helped and how far you're willing to go to help them and you gotta remember you be a hero to everybody. Then you can't. Help everybody all the time and again, I want to help people out when they are in trouble, You need to maintain your own stability in law. If so, that you have a platform that you can help people because it
burned down your platform and you throw away you're stability. Not only will you not be able to help that person you'll be able to help anybody, including yourself, eventually, the end you, you say like you and help without letting them them drag you down to four. So that point that to four point is committed: for everybody in every relationship, so I think, can be and you get a handle on that like what is too far away. What is your meat being dragged down to or is it getting in the way of these important things in my life he's talking about when you cut those ties, that's dinner that means you ve enjoyed down to four we gotta cut. This does so. I think I think that's important some people they're, just that's kind of their thing. You know, they'll get dragged all the way down. Some people are recruited. My word tying to help. Yes, yes exactly which can be fine. I think I think, if that that's people's credit thing, I think you know these organs.
From people, and I think that that people play because I think it drags both parties into the needed yeah they galler we'd like enough. They lose some important stuff in their life. But a jobs all finances answers ability, but some people they the you know it's like that's kind of their currency, their lot in life to the sounds kind of like it's a bad thing, it's their adoption yeah, it's like! They think they like it. So there's that The sole helping versus enabling so these two kinds of like correction and make the terms wrong, but its direct help in the systemic help, so direct help is like the superficial, obvious how like Tiktok, take the consideration of giving money to homes for where,
you if someone has a cup in is like you to help me in opium. Give me money. Basically I pro five bucks and now in the cup right. So that's that's direct versus. Stomach systemic would be ok, I'm gonna contribute to a soup kitchen Yeah or no move not even go more systemic than that to contribute to a programme. They gets people on their feet, basically giving people the tools to help themselves for it, so that systemic, that that goes, that doesn't sound the superficial from its like what it's like. Instead of watering the leaves you out of the routes that so instead of giving money to a homeless person which can pretend Thirdly, worse, yes, because just like what enabling is if I'm homeless, guy I'm like hey, look whatever whatever my situation among our homes and they asking for money, I make fifty bucks today. This corner. I will come back tomorrow and make my fifty bucks
I have no other skills if, if you wanna help but if you what, if someone came in instead of fifty bucks or five bucks or dollar whatever they gave me, some skills. However, they do a magical pill and it gave me some skills, some you had it so real estate or something I go use their skills in boom, then I'm helped you do so yet helping breezes, enabling I think the e gotta put it into perspective and give it a lot of thought. When you help someone- and I the people who enable people or who accidentally enable people all that is them not putting enough thought into it. How help him could reluctantly? They really care. But then it enabling on end on top of it with which makes it more of a challenge for people enabling the people you care about. Is they get a pay off, From giving them whatever it is, think big, no more or lying forum or doing this other stuff like I helped them for that day, so it gives them that that pale
a little feel, good yeah helped the midday. I gave the home our man, he saw nice. He gave that bad. This guy unify Box all day. I once giving changes over here given on five bucks One really Emma all the time, I'm not seeing all the time, but potentially you could it be we just made that corner more value for him the work potentially fatal time so legacy. I think something that would help is put in the thought with how you want to help. So, if you can help systemically that some. That's the way to better the better way. In my opinion, expression, Jacko. How'd you get over feeling like an impostor. As a new manager. I feel like I'm about to get found out
Welcome the leadership, here's the thing: here's! What you actually scared of what you're scared of most likely is. Them no wing and finding out that you don't know everything. This lead people to when their honour. Yes and the thing that you need it it's ok, it's ok, not to know everything is perfectly normal to be, no leadership position and not know everything in the world. You don't to know everything about this particular job that you're going into or what you need to know everything you don't you do what you need to do, is go in asked questions, listen to people in They ain't what I've done this procedure before I'm never ever work with this piece of equipment. Forty Choky walk, withdrew and show me how to do it. I'm gonna make sure I understand what you're doing make sure I get it. Oh, ok. Now it's not an excuse to not know anything,
If you're, no leadership position, you should be studying in reading and learning about whenever the role Europe You can understand at all. Study the manuals and the regulations in the procedures. See into follow all those things blindly without common sense. No, that's not what I'm saying, but there's a knowledge base that you should use choir very quickly. When you roll into a leadership position so put the work in and then apply common sense, but this The same thing that I say every time somebody asked me about how to lead this or how do you like that or how'd? He led new people are. How do you lead senior people? It's the same answer every time, be humble, listen to them beyond time, work, hard, treat people with respect way. Either decisions carefully talk to people and then make it the decision,. Empower your folks to lead Micro manage them, but give them.
At the same time, clear guidance about what the expectations are. It's just leadership and when you are a new leader, it's all good. You don't need to know everything. You not expected so everything and showing that you can admit that you don't know everything, isn't gonna hurt you reputation to actually gonna help. You reputation go in, be humble Some good questions learn as fast as you can and its Kay, and you know I was thinking: But there's some. In the eighties, and perhaps even in the nineties, when. Guys we're losing their hair and growing problem right? They do a comb over So the gene pool pull their air over their balding scalp, so did look like they were going bald. And I'm tellin you as a leader.
Don't do a leadership come over, as you know today to shake your head right egg, it you know what I'm gonna put up top now good, just gonna shaven off hey, I'm your new leader, dont know everything. It's all good here's where here's one week Gimme had no big deal. Don't do that we receive go over, would tell me if you will three with this. It generally speaking,. Unfortunately demolition men with this loan was this night negative freeway Dennis these names Dennis Leary seem like your calmly, but maybe it would be anyway. Deadlier he's this kind of underground rebel does basically It a long explanation make sure, though you resolutely should therefore am ready, so, mobile leadership. Basically the impact in the future, whether in the
the world is turned into this, like over sensitized like you. That's where he can junk food? It's the law like an eel, also everyone's on asian real weakens stuff. But there is a group. Who who rebelled against it, went underground right and the leader of those guys is called EDGAR Friendly, and so they go to Then he regarded as this huge criminal. Demolishing comes back long story about him, but What he's back to help rid the world of these criminal? so he goes any encounters: EDGAR Friendly and they're, not reveled they're, not these evil people there, just like just trying to live basically a freedom of free life. You know and the like, Oh he's a cable. Why don't you leave these? People? Are here pennies, like leader? Sometimes I do some shit and people come with me And what he says so, isn't this he's so here's the question serve long explanation, his house.
Because he's kind of like worried about people find him out that he's not a leader right, isn't that, like a huge sign of humility, he's like on the inside he's not, I know everything it s kind of like, I don't know it all euro and I'm worried about. This is actually a good sign more correct use goods. I guess it was a man I wanna do yours, you good job. He was roused by the US to be job, but he's a word about it, so that that is get. That is a good thing It's like his humility is like it's so genuine that that's one his many worries of being a leader. It's better than someone says, you know what I'm about to go this year yeah I'm own. This is what the hell do. You know everything knows anything that I know so it's gonna write the only that guy this next one, is sort of a statement and sort of a question wrapped in there somebody from law enforcement. I thought it was a pretty informed
This statement is based on one other part gas that we did and its as this. I currently work of vice. I've had my share of use of force on the job. I quickly learned that you can't knock everyone out and then applying jujitsu reduce injuries to you and the suspects as what we talked about last time, whereas if I've, if my method of controlling you is to strike you, I'm gonna have to beat you over and over again to get you submit, whereas if I noted your chokehold boom, you're good back to the core of the church, cold or carotid, as we called it, is the permitted in our foreign policy, but only in an immediate defence of life situation, basically using it so called is considered deadly force and a quick when with shooting someone, was a time when the LAPD saying was when in doubt, choked him out.
In the eighties during the pc, p era officer: were applying the carotid choke on pc peed suspects daily. During one of those incidents, are made. A black died from the choke being improperly applied. Chief gates made them. Stake of going on national television and saying that mail blacks at our higher chance of dying from the choke due to their physical make and larger Adams Apple. As you can imagine, this caused an outrage which, in turn, caused the duke Are to fall to political pressure and make the carotid choke almost impossible to use. So when I Kind of alluded to this on that last podcast that there's. They! There is exactly what happened. A guy got choked death. There was political pressure chief gates, come out and says that.
Actually I went, I went online and research is a little bit hidden, maybe like every classic mistake you could make on this and that's why they outlawed using chuckle And actually, as I read through it deep some kind of how I referred to Ronnie King beating and said here had guises way we on this, this individual, with with bats, sticks and Billy clubs or whatever, and didn't stop him and they referred to that that when they looked at the church cold being used as one of the major cases that they say and let us let people use, chokehold, though this does not happen This guy goes on as a certified our car, which is our conscience for arresting control. Our con instructor, I feel the department
taking away our ability to use a rear, naked choke has caused many unnecessary shootings in injuries to suspects. It saddens me to work for department that is being run like a poor corporation stead of a police department. So that's gonna build up right, So I wanted to read it because there was just, information and there it is very much in line with what we talked about last time in in police work And and also in you know, about situations where you're dealing with non combat of people in a hostile environment. In other words, you go into a building to capture a terrorist and there's a there's women and there are others kids in their there's teenagers in there that are not combative, but they're, not compliant so, you have a gun, you're, not gonna shoot em, but you gotta get control of them. Now, into the sort of the leadership question here. How do I keep morale up and said he motivated when
I have no faith in the leader. And when the leadership has turned its back on you time after time,. The morale is at its lowest point. Even lower than post ninety two riots, according to the old timers. We were trained in the academy to be warriors now that up doesn't allow us to count. Call ourselves warriors only guardians. This change in mentality will sadly, cause only more add shootings in more off there's getting hurt. So that's obviously tough situation and, like I said for them, Jiu Jitsu, vs striking. I think this is spot on that you just doing the grappling is, is a far superior away. Like I said: if controlling people then striking is that's just reality.
Now on the leadership front that leadership question. For me, I I have my own team right, I got. My people people that around me the I'm gonna buffer. All this bad morale and all this up, a buffer it away from my team to make their lives good. That's my goal. I am in a lead toward what my ideal is right eminently toward what my ideas now in order to do that. Well, you got play the game. So let you get more influence? If you don't What play the game? You say: hey the bosses, don't know what you're talking about Bosnia, to talk about and we need to urge you got play the game
you so that you can get more influence in and that means doing what you have to do, that. That means not saying hey our morale socks and we don't have good leaders, No, it means going ok, we're gonna move forty years, here's the goal. Here's, what I think, here's what I believe hey by two. Hey, I'm gonna run this up the chain of command, I'm gonna gap, the data myself, I'm do the research do the administrative work, I'm study the cases and when a presentiment say, hey here's what's happening. Amity from an on emotional situation, just impure logic, Kay This may shootings vanishment instance. We had this many. We this many suspects turn up with with concussions there's only one thing that causes a concussion to a suspect didn't hit in the head. So, if we're having you know four, be two percent concussion rate. Maybe we could.
That down if we use something that doesn't cause concussions but still gives us control you gonna be, do that legwork and make life good for the people who work for you and that's that's that It can be a little bit hard to do, but it's not that hard. You know your support, its look at you as the guy. And the way you carry yourself in the way you present yourself in the morale that you have is the morale. What they're gonna have that? What they see as the way it is, and I've I've always viewed the ultimate with seal teams to have different vibes in them. Good and bad. Someone have good commands and there's a There is a new commanding officer over two years seal team, so you get a new guy that comes in and a might be a lot different than the last guy. He might be really good. He might We really bad, and you know what doesn't matter doesnt matter to me. The soup tune as important commander or even a squad commander, or even as an e five in a sealed potu.
Meaning just one of the sled dogs. I don't care what the opera. In the guess? What we're gonna do things right? We're gonna make it's happened now, we're not gonna, give bay what's being told, but if we're being told some that's wrong, guess what we can try and get it wouldn't run up. The czech man we're gonna, be squared away we're gonna play the game so that we can make the changes that need to be made. Because I care about the teams. Just like Skype cares about the the police Department wants it to be a great force wanted to do the right thing. And so you gotta take that attitude that, you control your part of the world and the more you improve your part of the world and the more influence you gain. The more you have control over the big picture as well. There's no company, no corporation, that maintains just superb morale all the time it doesn't happen. You know, peep
Ray Company every business every unit, every force, every team has ups and downs and they have leaders, If it comes in and takes over, and that everyone considers to be bad and that's. That's the way it is, but you got oh you're, a little piece of the world and then as you own your piece, the world, guess what everyone starts performing well and as you perform. Well, you gain more clout and, as you gain more clout, you can influence real change and that's what you gonna do so dont. Let don't Let that leadership that add what you consider to be bad leadership. Just don't look. At permeate into your head and your world buffer. Your p, far from it and then do You can to build the best team you can get so that you can have more influence so that you can change that policies and procedures that you don't agree with it's a long haul. I know it
I don't have a miracle solution for mass tough. It's tough! That's! That's! That's the world! That's the world! yes, but soon when you deal with political elements of it and then At the same time, you have the public eye on you. You know so far: powers, the explosion of like that, it's the newsman in interest. I think media in general, it's easier to spread all this negatives Of easy, so like one of those jobs where in a big way it's some get the tension when something wrongs going on. You know yet, and I will take advantage of this negative press because law, this negative press like like this guy saying, hey, we're, get more shootings, we're getting more beatings. Well, why is that lets? look at our procedure: hey boss, you know what we used to use this chokehold and we had x amount of concussions. We had x amount of shootings, you could prison. At the information in a logical way that proves what
I know to be true what this guy knows me too. What anybody has ever done. This paper work before knows to be true right. That is, that certain techniques at work better than others and a chill cold and a grappling type scenario definitely works better to subdue somebody, then striking them in the head repeatedly until their knocked unconscious The reality of a no one can argue with that, and the only reason I did when I guess it's for political pressure. So how do we? How do we defeat that we gain clout? We move, we continue to get influence. We grow our power. We wish our allies, we build a coalition and we go forward and we win. Why take three it might take three months. It might take six years, sky right here that wrote this might need to be the chief of police himself before he gets it does, but he that's what he does. He keeps on the right path and keep moving in the right direction.
Is the right thing so that he can get advancing, doesn't make a bunch of emotion. Arguments against people that have a bunch of power put himself in a bad see for them. Where there look at Adam. Like he's a rabble, rouser, no, not a good thing. You gonna, build you gonna, build relationships up the chain of command. Silly you become respect. Is that people do listen to you that What you gonna do, that's how you make it happen and honour on a side. Note: the chokehold, would you to overall isn't just submission old? That's that's kind of In my opinion, one of the great things about Jujitsu. It's like I know, a kind of seems that way. Sometimes, if you're, not, if you don't, do you get through what everything all this kind is all ill, Joker you'll break your arm the kind of the glamorous part of it, is the omission for sure, but the, every other part of it is controlled, controlling the situation, all the way down to controlling the other guys. So when you do when you
consider like just doesn't concept of risk control in Digital when you're always on risk control, that alone, we will help you in law enforcement just that alone, let alone the whole of Jujitsu just risk and draw that'll help you alone, so you know. Need to necessary, and I'm not saying so. The chuckled should remain bantam. Nothing saying that I mean for someone to die. I mean I know this guy, because a joker who was applied incorrectly, sleep on and off he broke his neck or is Adams up or somebody else. And by the way, if he had, if you'd, better Digital, he would have avoided sleep, then custom and an opportunity to go, which happens all the time at last by the way in training. Does you put to sea bottom up to see, won't even know how many times a bunch of time for someone to die from it, from a regular and normal chocolate, you gotta took a long time where you're only me so tat just from choking him after he goes unconscious. You have to keep a check on it for a long time, so it takes a lot of really
He's probably what you said, probably a crushed her hired born. I think it's called the airspace you you're Adams, apple crushes. You shut your windpipe and guiding get a trick out means in time. That is very re, very rare, if ever engine. Did you know I've had I've I've seen it happen once I'm guy passed out and went to sleep and some risky choking him, and so just cranking didn't realize it. He was out for a couple seconds and end. It hurt you do have to watch out for it, but I mean that is so rare compared to the At times it someone gets hit the head and gets brain damage. That just happens all the time. And this joke that you can actually do. That does does that kind of stuff. But again, if you know DDT, You know the positions, you know the moose. You know the submission to begin dismission edge, you're, not panicking. They feel very comfortable on the ground. You feel very comfortable engaging in combat. You feel very comfortable engaging in this struggle. Your use,
do what you do it all the time you're freaking out you're, not Adrenaline, just crane can a guy in the head with a Billy club over and over again, and what you do. He puts his hands up. Why? Because he turned bite me. No, you just try to protect his head, but you think he's trying to fight you and that's why you're hitting him even harder. So yet, Sir, it's Definitely a tough situation and and the way you win on the ground in What you do to end the way you win this leadership situation. It is also with Jujitsu, you don't go and bang heads with it Dana Command. That's not how you gonna win this fight. The way you in this fight is by doing jujitsu against the leadership and you get in with them and you, gain their trust in you, make them think that you're, the man
Your team is awesome and oh by the way I nor teams awesome, and we totally agree with this policy and we ve sport allowing this policy's working gray in this other policy only which met this one pass here, that's not so good. Maybe we can do so fix that limited research? that's how you win. You gotta play the long game so funny that that entails. You'd, like digital rights, is really what do you do? establishing a good position, savagely good position knowing where to be in not to be. You know where to But your weight or where to put your force and we're not to put your forest yeah any other big pieces that in future too, that I was more refined. Two. Although those are all correct- and you have two years but is also a you- think- I'm gonna joke you, but I'm actually right like that's the set up that you flank people and you take them indirectly, you infiltrate in you, you do things in it. Actually, instead of going into fisticuffs?
and each other war attrition. Don't do that so yeah leading up the chain of command. I think that's kind of a new concept of new layers. If we give you know, that's that's a chapter in the book or it's actually a sub chapter in the book, but it's one that people are always have a hard time getting their head around because I always said, like my boss did whatever I want him to do here, people donors and that that's the way it is when you build trust in you, take the time and you build a relationship, and you prove over and over again that you're going to do the right thing in the right to education and it you're gonna, take accountability and responsibility when something goes wrong and that you. Have a good head on your shoulders that you're not gonna, get emotional about things, and you do all those things, and you're driving in supporting the mission. Guess what you're gonna get you can get supported judgment your boss is going to do what you want to do Meanwhile, you do the same thing with down the training of losing their jobs. That lets you do nothing screening and could you just stay doesnt seem isn't,
But if you know the easiest excuse that anyone could ever have is hey. You know my boss, didn't give me what I want. That's why I failed hey. You know what our bosses won't. Let us use choke, hold and therefore we can accomplish our mission. Well, no guess what I'm gonna make I'm gonna our leader, Jake Main, and I'm gonna get my superior to. Let us do what we need to do to do it effectively. Could guess what than the leadership is lined your leader. He's gonna, be aligned with what you wanna. Do you think that the leadership of the LAPD wants? You know Victor's suspects and perhaps to get. Your brain damage revealed no didn't want that they wanted to What then, do we rested promptly and one have lawsuits a whole minors to have your presenting something to them? That's going to improve them and move them towards the mission and support the ideals of what they're trying to get accomplished. Of course, you're gonna get support now. You're gonna get these little political battles, but those are just part of a challenge spirit. I to make it happen,
that part of the Jujitsu yeah over the guy. Don't expect him not to fight pack fight back right. Last question: Jackal, Do you think having an aggressive mindset is the same as being proactive, so actually looked up the debt, the mission for these two words aggressive and proactive. So proactive is creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened and aggressive is ready or likely to attack or confront character, I used by or resulting from aggression so you can see that.
The meanings there. Certainly the similar and identity think you have to be proactive in the world. You know you wanna be noon, we dictating what happens not responding to it in Yeah, that means creating or controlling a situation as much as you can write. So that's that's proactive, but being aggressive. That means you ready to attack. As I always point out, that doesn't mean that you walk around with your chest, popped out right, a heads with everyone around you. It doesn't mean you confront people over time, physical, your mentally. Head on without a tactic, lease peer. Your plan.
It doesn't mean you go straight forward into conflict without fought and without reason, Doesn't mean you engage in attrition warfare that is almost never smart. What does mean what aggression does mean? Is that you're going to get after it? You gonna, move fast, you gonna, think fast. You gonna our thinking, outmaneuver the enemy. I think the enemy is going to attack me. I'm an attack him first think the enemies sees a piece, a train, I'm gonna, be there. We thing for him.
If the enemies gonna train, flank me too late. I'm already can be flaking him so I don't you aggression as an outward attitude. I view aggression as an internal character, treat a fire In your mind, it says I am going to win, I'm gonna fight and I'm going battle and I'm gonna use every tool. I have to crush my enemy and that too, it might be fists. But it also might beguile in it could be a frontal attack. But it also might be a covert
Assassination, be a vulgar display of power, but just as likely he could be a subtle political manoeuvre. That's what aggression is to me the on stop a bull fighting spirit, the drive burning desire to achieve mission, success using every. Simple to every asset and every strategy attacked it to bring about victory. To me, aggression is the will to win. And if that kind of internal in Rome
Aggression is your fault mode. Then you will win everything. That's now. I've got for tonight. So tell you troopers out there, thanks for it joining us in this conversation. Thanks for listening and subscribing, and if you like it go what little review on Itunes. Posted on your social media. They do what you can to spread the word. So we get more people out of the darkness and into the light
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sure you have you got a question asked on Twitter. I might just respond and say no. I wouldn't Four, do that rare? Yes, that's an excellent idea or whatever Where am I say, I am convinced that the past year that it What do I think it's not where these things were this be like a jackal this and then it goes ignored not really no longer be able to keep this up. For I mean there's gotta be a lot of people on. There is also, but I Definitely war like that put something pertinent: Ben semi citizens? I'm to talk to me. I will take some time to talk to your back Goodman do the same thing, even the people more just making jokes to me, which actually prefer cost well answered. May or may not be reliable. Would you say that but if you will support the broadcast in other ways, of course, and
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