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Welcome. This is Jacko Podcast number two with ECHO Charles and me Jack, o willing good evening. I go did evening, so people ask me regularly what books I like in fact came Ferris. Asked me what she s all of his guests. What books I have given people what books I regularly give to people had wakened what what books to a gift Which I actually am not a real big gift, give her for some reason. I dont know why, but I dont really expect gifts from people and people of the world should not expect gifts from me either
lessons not give yes less so, but there is one book that I have given To a few people in my life- and it is a book that was and still is, very influential on me, and especially on my perspective of leadership and really especially in combat leadership, and that book is Called- bout face now heard is right here about face. If you can't, if you listen audio, it's an eight hundred over eight hundred page book written by a guy named Colonel David Hack, worth. Heck worth was a kind of us we'll soldier and born in team? Thirty join the merchant Marines towards the end of world war. Two at the age of fourteen had the light get into the merchant Marines got done with them, gig. He joined the hour. We just after World war, two
studies mean yeah, sorry, what would it mean the lie to get into a more so used to young? He was so delighted. Fourteen years old, you lied about his age did in fourteen the Marshal Marines, when he went a few years later, to when the army he was still too young and had a lie again to get in the army? once he was in the army, he went Europe and he served directly- underneath the war were hardened veterans of World WAR two knows the guys that brought him up in the ranks and taught him about hard training and really that's? Why they taught him an end again. That's one of those things that I look back on my military career and Vietnam veterans that way were still in the seal teams when I just got in the seal teams in ninety ninety. Ninety- ninety one we're still some some veterans around from Norman those guys. When those guys spoke. You listened because they had some word
put out- and I absolutely listen in a lot of those lessons that those guys taught me those Vietnam veterans taught me I care it onto my may. I held on to him and took notes past one in the water, those concepts the basis of of what brought about in extreme ownership, so you did that He ended up getting fighting Korea Korea was kind of his where he first saw combat. He ended up getting a battlefield commission and if you don't know what that means, that means you're. You wanted, foot soldiers and all the they go. Look you're a good leader. We're gonna, put you in charge, that's exactly what happened to him. He was wounded four times before the age of twenty one, so the guy was a warning Emily read his read the book dedication here from the beginning of about face. It says dedication to Steve
Presently, who is one of the world war? to combat harden veterans that taught him how the soldier so so? to prosaic who show how the soldier to him We deplore who showed us how to die too over Johns, who showed us how to lead, and to all the dough boys, the ground pounders, the grunts the American Infantry men past present and especially future to them. This book is dedicated. So he wrote this book obviously to pass on the lessons that he learned. Gotta make a note here and read, a little section could talks about Henry De Brewer who showed us how to die. So this took place in a green war and I'll go right into it. There in a big fire,
and here's hack worth. I saw a soldier prone on the ice. He'd been there a long time. I thought he was dead Then I saw movement and I rushed out to get him. My god, I thought it's the boolooroo private Henry see the Boolooroo had been with George Company since early in the war. He was wanted. Few survivors from the original third platoon, basically, because in those first Hard monster combat, he had not seen even one good firefight. He had an uncanny. Sixth sense he could He's tell and opportune was in for a major bloodletting and invariably he'd find an excuse to be somewhere else. So here's a guy that hack worth essay, this guy was. Avoiding combat finding excuses normally that excuse was going on sick hall, by regulation he was allowed to do and you couldn't stop, and even though you knew the only thing that was wrong with him was a chronic case of cowardice, so absolute being called the gout.
Deborah himself even admitted. He was a coward and we hated him, for he was an outcast from them. Tune. We ve had a little song about him, which we sing in unison out, dark jury korean countryside comes. The call of the debates are bored, sick call, sick call, sit, call he pulled this. You pull the stun only yesterday, as we were saddling up for this very operation. He'd sense the blood letting all right, but he hadn't figured that foggy over Asked covering the battlefield would not lift and the attack would be postponed. He'd returned from the dock last night with a clean bill of health. Most surprised to see us the rest The protein took great pleasure in the fact that his ML little ass would be in the thick of things the morning. So he there was a big operation planned and he was supposed to go on it. He snuck out went to sick all cities.
Check. The operation got postponed because a whether he shows back up here, it's inscribe, praying many missed. Rev did miss now back to the book now De Boer was ashen faced hit in the chest, or got I dont know there was a lot of blood and well the shock. I knew he wasn't going to make it come on De Boer, you're gonna, be fine, you'll, be all right. I said giving him the old pep talk as I grabbed his jacket collar and started sliding across the ice, but the boar said no Sarge. Just leave me you're gonna, hit just leave me sarge, then. Suddenly he groaned Sarge, I ship my pants, and that was it he was gone. I left him and ran back poor, a deaf became where the greatest heroes are outfit.
It was true. He'd never been anything in his army life, but a coward, but he died right. He died. Like a man, he didn't say, take care of me. He said, leave me to carry yourself, but when I told the other guys the story of the Boolooroo became a legend in the petition. So that's the kind of thing that hack worth saw as a young leader from there. You know he when the Green war ended, he was highly decorate. Korean war ended did time in a bunch of different units in between the Green war in Vietnam. A more when the Vietnam WAR kicked off. He went right into the thick of it again ended up as a battalion commander in Vienna, and here's is Heres a list of awards to this.
Thing we're service crosses ten silver stars for legions. America distinguish flying cross eight Braun stars, eight purple hearts, so you have a guy here. That is obviously a highly dedicated soldier, a guy that would do anything for the army and for America, But- and this is a big, but this guy was a rebel. He was a true rebel and he
went out and went against his officers, he went against would away. The army was running all over the war in Vietnam, and eventually he went out in public on national television at spoke out against the Vietnam WAR and said that we should not fight their enemy so even on this tv programme is called issues. Answers is a big show in the in the seventies, and you did this interview and again you gotta remember this guy's an active duty, an active duty, ivy decorated, senior officer in the army. I mean this guy is all by all accounts, should be the most dedicated and hearing Is it- and this is what he says he was wont to quote from this interview. I think that the top measures of the army and there's a big difference between a leader, a combat meter and a manager, the top
managers were so involved in systems. Analysis in the normal bureaucracy of it all they were that they were fighting for data. They just move paper that cross their desk and they couldn't see the forest for the trees In February when we win the loss We went into louse conventionally. The idea was to block the enemy supply routes, so he dropped in there. We paid a horrible. The Vietnamese paid a horrible price from Hence mistakes were made again conventional thinking. He's gonna hounds on this law. This idea of conventional thinking and again you got a guy that's instead. Otherwise, we, the guy's, been an in military service and she was fourteen years old. You'd think that they would have him mentally sedated to a point where he would just think what they told me nothing, but he does not that's the dichotomy of this guy.
Again conventional thinking, conventional thinking, put us in that operation rather than have a light mobile guerrilla force, but a grill of where's that belong to the government of Vietnam or an american army operating they're like guerrilla, so he was saying the Vietnamese should be doing this, that this a vietnamese army should be doing this or, if we're gonna, do it. We, He'd operate like guerrillas. It takes a thief to catch a thief. What we need is a thief. We don't need a conventionally trained FBI agent dashing through the woods with a large where's behind him. We small people well trained highly motivated, and this is what we have not had. Because what we have now- and this is where you say Yourself- Well- because what we have now among the army is a bunch of shallow dilettante who run from pillar to post, trying to punch there
hard serving minimum time at company level, because the exposure you are very close to the heat of the furnace, their meaning, you can get in trouble easily- so he is on national television a colonel in the Army- one was highly decorated individuals at the time, and he calls, Says the army is filled with a bunch of shallow dilatory who run from pillar pillar post trying to punch their card and purposely avoiding combat is what that second peacemaker. You don't see this kind of behaviour from army officers. Very often, I will tell you that, And here's kind of how he closed it out she says the interviewer there's our he says the interviewer says Carl: do you think you feel it's possible? You have become too emotionally involved in Vietnam and he says I have become a more
really involved in Vietnam. One couldn't have spent a number of years. I spent Vietnam without becoming emotionally involved. One Couldn't see the number of young studs die or be terribly wounded without becoming emotionally involved? I just have seen the american nation spend so much of its wonderful great young men in this country. I've seen or national wealth been drained away. I see the nation being split apart and almost being split asunder because of this war. And I am wondering to what end it is all going to lead to. So that is a devastating statement and when it came out they immediately,
he put in his resignation papers immediately and the army start you investigate him immediately. They tried to they try to get him in trouble for every little minor infraction it happened underneath his command at any time. In any situation, they really tried to come after and he ended up retiring and you know I think, one of the things that he
spress. There is a dichotomy that any body in a combat leadership position will feel an end. That is- and I know I in fact this might be the largest dichotomy of all and that's a big statement, and that is as a combat leader. You are told and beyond being told, your ingrained and beyond being ingrained.
You are here at the inherent Lee caring of your guys. There is no one more important than your guys in the dichotomy is as much as you care about these guys at you love these guys and you do anything for them. But that being said, it is your job to send these guys on operations that can kill them. So that is a huge dichotomy and I think that's why the things that have worth when he saw it on a grand scale because he could deal with it in his own groups, but he saw it on a grand scale. You know we are
men being sent to their death its it. It is, I think, what what turned him so he ended up after this new, he can continue down that path, any moved out of America, he moved to Australia and he ended up. Kind of playing a big role in the Anti nuclear weapons, movement and I mean that's kind of where he went so I pack was a complex purse hack worth that's kind of his nickname. Everyone. Cosmic hack was a complex person and I don't agree with everything that he says. I greet with everything that he does and why we think that he did
I dont worship a guy, and you know what's interesting about me. Questioning what his decisions are. Questioning leadership is like that's something I learned from him like: don't even don't, listen, anybody hundred percent don't put. You should always be questioning what people are saying in and making sure and confirming it through other sources and other experiences that did the right thing to do, there's something I always try to do with everything is is used that attitude, and so I am, I know, don't call and I was actually trying to come here to night. I was trying to figure out when I got this book and ass. You have no idea, I dont remember a way appeared in my life at some point. Don't know how it don't. Whenever made the recommendation to me, I just somehow ended up with it, and but I got it, I got it For one thing I do is I got it before September: 11th, two thousand one. When that
and I had already read it. I had it in my brain. But when I was in remedy in two thousand and six this I literally read this book every night that I was not out in the field. I read this book every night and May I just open it up, you could open up anywhere in that in his book and you could find something some some piece of information, a similar situation. Some lesson learned that you could take from it and you could guide you in and you're one of the like, but for instance, in all apply to what I was doing, the situation I always in so, for instance, we were in Iraq. And we were supposed to be working with iraqi soldiers who are. On motivated, poorly equipped poorly and uneducated, educated, bad morale and that's a corrupt. So there
the monies all disappearing. It's it's a horrible situation and what was hack worth doing: Vietnam, where they will work with the south sudanese army, who was corrupt and on motivated and poorly trained and all those same thinks they were doing the same things who deal with that's one example of many, took a little break about three months into the planet. I took little breakin and I'm not a hundred percent sure why? But I found Other books, somebody had left the book in our building in the book was speaking a dichotomy. The book was the electrical laid acid test by Tom Wolf, and I think at this point I you know three months into deployment. I think I needed some gonna mental escape you know, at least in articles. I was dealing with combat all day and I'd go in my Roman. We do about combat at night and a kind of was I'm ok. You need to think about something else for twenty men,
for ten minutes, edged get out, get get it out of your head and I randomly found this box arsenal and I'd rather stuff by Tom Wolf, which of the fantastic book and started off some I'm Josephine resting as well so as I read this book, the electric Kuwait acid test, which is about hippies in drugs in the sixtys in that's what it's about hate ash bury the whole nine yards and there's a coup in the middle of an actually pulled out, because I will never forget this quote and how this quote was so stark weakened drafting with about face and and am going to read this quote, and these and I can afford the whole set up to it, but you're at some. Kind of cancer concert and there's all this screaming in craziness, going on at some rock and roll concert and Since I couldn't hear what they were screaming either, but you don't have to there
screaming me me me me. I'm me that's the cry of the ego and that the cry of this rally. This concert me. Me me me and that's why Wars get fought ego because enough people want to scream pay attention to me. And it was one of those things that I read- that it was so stark. We different from this. Situation that I was in where I was with these guys in my own task in the seals in my task unit The Marines outward there on the ground was the army soldiers that were down on the ground with us, and these guys were all so self. The last thing they carried in the world about me me me me, and I got done without book, and I went right back to about
face because I I related to it. I understood- and I said to Myself- this is true. This is selflessness is where I met right now, so I went back into about face and I continued and and eventually this book is, although the one book that I've given to a few of the guys that worked closely for me included good life left Avenue, the one of my brothers, you road extreme ownership with me in ease wanna guys yeah he's got he's got a scorpion. It's all dog eared marked out it's a great book. So obviously, when we like on Twitter and Facebook, Can we asked for people to give us questions along the questions? Are a lot of questions are about leadership,
so I kind of as I thought, about diving in a little bit too to this book. They talk about a little bit. Of course you could spend union. He could do fifty episodes ten hours each other speakers said so dense and filled with information, not imagined, eight hundred picks, lock theirs. But I wonder if I want to go a little bit deep on this one situation, where David Ak Worth Colonel Hack we have now gone into. Vietnam ensures a battalion of soldiers and they were kind of a disaster. They were kind of the standard of like a what what had happened with some of the poor leadership in Vietnam,
and he took over and again just a kind of tat kind of lay out what pack worth was like yours, a quote. The cutter starts off the chapter, how course was essentially a legend just before You were arrived. I recall going The g one and asking who the new battalion commander was going to be the deputy juice G one said, can't tell you you know how per now people are they like to hit pocket everything, but he's Mr Infantry I thought who the hell is mixed. Mr Infantry, of course I'd read about David H, Czech, so his Can a nickname was Mister infantry? That was what reputation what has hit pocket me, meaning if people are in charge of personnel
moving people around inside the military? They know they know little bits of information and instead of giving it to you, they keep it closely. Keep it in there that's islands and then. Two to kind of explain now that the others The political gathers this guy's, a great leader, he's come in, but. To kind of show you what the attitude of the troops is get remember Vietnam, we got draft ease, we got hippies, we got all kinds of Anti American, I mean it's crazy times. Our colleague another quote for whose, from a medic, Charles Windsor, Dark Holly and I were sitting in the aid station drinking beer and saying God this is gonna, be hell. We ve got gee, I Joe life around here, is going to just ruin us that was probably the law, was point em around the battalion.
Not only did we ve been taking a lot of casualties, but now it looked as if someone's gonna come in and kick ass and make a man made career soldiers out of us and it goes on to go through more courts would actually talk about a price on his head, the the soldiers talker hey. We need to kill this guy before he gets us cap, which is just kind of crazy yeah. Yeah, that's right! You know ye hear about that. You hear about that Vietnam. This idea of its called frank- there's a name for it. They were right or after means we're gonna, kill our own officer and it's something I definitely happened in and its yet. This is it's a perfect cases where people talked about it possibly happening.
So to get into this chapter a little bit, here's hack worth talking about when he took off There is no sense in showing this sorry outfit. I was in a state of shock it. Wasn't just a command post group that it wasn't just that the command post group slept on cots inside tents that they had four. The chairs and stateside foot lockers, portable radios and plastic Coors filled with beer and coke at their fire base out in the field. More than that, it was that they had portable toilets too. So here is the guys. Are supposed to be, the field, and they have all this luxury that something that we saw in Iraq, where there was certain bases where they had Starbucks
and subway sandwiches and Mcdonald's literally had those things did you get the further you go out into the fray? You get guys I'm in revisited some of my first deployment to Iraq. We go out some of the guys. You know completely in the Bush living like just barely scraping by on one mre a day, Now we talk about the command posting, he says that the command post- apparently were blissfully unaware that just near by their troops were cramping on the ground and not even covering it up. So you have complete just disaster situation going on here and then the the general that's an tort charge of all these battalions. As he's about to put hack worth in charge, guy named general, you says it's
pussy battalion and I want tigers, not pussies, but he'd, gotten it wrong with the fourth battalion. Thirty nine in third night of Jupiter is taken over. It was not a question of feeling degree. As far as I could see, this unit was not even a military organisation. That's that's what this guy walked into come was total. He goes on to say it was total disintegration throughout the fire is a much amid the shit and toilet paper and the machine gun ammo laying in the mud were true who were love, beads and peace, symbols and look more like something out of hate ass, very than soldiers. In the? U S, army all were low. One spirit and a few were high openly on marijuana. There was minimum security fumes carried or cared for their weapons most had left go red with Russia as a stroll around without them grenades, weren't tapes and when a unit moved out most of the guy?
where's wore their ammo poncho, vs style. The ideal It guarantees weapon Jan some time now the track when dirty dented cartridges were inserted into their m sixties. So what we have here is a total lack of discipline and another thing That this reminded me of was, I was always trying to when I was in the buildings. Also China pool as much information about war as I could and one of the rest wars in recent times was when the Russians went into Chechnya, the first time in Nay. They had a really hard time, and I read the after actions reports from the Russian off
there's that had taken troops there and one of the ones that I remembered I've looked forward to try and find it again. I move its core. I don't know I don't know where went, but I haven't been able to find it, but the guy basically says it all started when the guy's stopped shaving and when they stopped shaving than eight than an extremely do. They want clean their guns than the next thing you knew they weren't sting aware, while the wrong watching the next. You know they were getting overrunning killed. So those little things, those little things that you do right all the time are important and that's the same thing with you and with me and with our life it's those little things, those little disciplines as little daily disappoints little cycle. I, like you, waken up at four thirty in the morning, like me, and I guess, a ritual, you know that's one of em at you. I try and do something physically active every day that
another thing: we when you who's that discipline. What goes next, acting on the living room and in the end Next thing, you know you're sleeping in until nine Iraq in Europe John, and things are going horribly backwards. But it's those little disciplines. And whenever I feel myself to slip, I always think it I always think it a fact that there's these little disciplines, that means so much and they build by John. The in finches thing- is I didn't. I didn't really look at it that way ever and that makes complete sense where you left the little things slide in slowly by slowly those things that you, let's light, start getting bigger and bigger. I always thought of it. Where I remember hearing somebody say: if you can't make your bed right, then how do you expect to run a company? I think it was. How do you expect to be the boss of a company, And I remember thinking well unless your company, as a bedmaking company, that has nothing to do with it in this.
Also a little bit counter to something of her recently when they talk about. Have you This decision fatigue, if you heard that So it's basically this theory where The decision you make take some time toll on new mental. Yes here and so you should, you should not fatigue you're here. Decisions. You should only should save your decisions for important things. So, for instance, is that penalised, if you're with a group of people and once one day he, where do you want to eat and everyone, I don't care. Where do you want a it's different, not the same thing? It will soon be made on a way lower level, but but the level of this, when I heard about the decision fatigue level in our design, was like. Eat you every day. You should think about what you ve been aware. That day, you have you close ready, because you wait and we have to think or do I wear the boots, sure to the white shirt and ended it becomes decision, and then you decide what am I a half her breakfast may have this method and each one decisions chip away. Now that's fine
I don't believe. I don't know why believed that a hundred percent- but one thing I do think is the opposite- is I think that the smaller disciplines it still and create stronger disciplines, so the waking up early, the making of the bed, the checking all feel less than all those little things that you do. I think increase this one. I know what you want when I all off the discipline wagon, for whatever reason, cakes like it's, like I tried hook, you know I'm like all God what just happened now, all of a sudden, my room is a mess, and my it's just goes down hill in three days in two days ago, my God get back in the game, so and then, as soon as I get back in the game I implemented, smaller disciplines boom were back in the game. In the end. The bigger disciplines fallen place so continue now There was a general that head
swung through Vietnam, Jenny James will know and he observed and is going to the book General James Wall no observed and wrote to the cheap to chief of Staff Westmoreland. We all knew that is less than a month before, so before this he showed up before hack with it showed up this guy General James. Would wall no head curved and wrote to chief of Staff Westmoreland less than a month before. During his whirlwind nine day, trip to the war zone will know, told the chief that the most either the almost universal opinion among those he'd spoken with was the young officers and enlisted men being sent to Vietnam were indeed properly trained prepared for combat both by train, in and mental condition. So this guy role This flowery report after egos goes to view
on four nine days. You can imagine somebody like pack worth it spent five years in Vietnam. Somebody shows up spends nine days there he's looking at this galaxies knee idiot, and this is a classic statement about leadership. He said this is hack worth going directly to the book again, what a mistake get was to listen to the generals of corporate h Q, who were briefed. Only in zero defect terms, and so far from the cutting edge expected nothing less it was among the biggest mistakes of the war, the PA petitions only listen to these generals and these generals to themselves. That's that's crazy. And this is again when I- talk about questioning earlier, I question a hack worth questioning everybody in everything of costly asking these questions, because you No, you don't know.
If you just listening to the generals at only listen to themselves back to the book fee people ask the frontline soldiers the only what ones who really knew so you ve got to talk to your front line troops. That's just a mandatory piece of leadership. I liked. I had a great word on this. It's called incestuous knowledge right when the when this little group just talks. Among themselves and they believe everything that a year and they end they agree with everything they hear and universities. We see this and we saw it with mixed martial arts, because you- our guys that got so in their own little thing with no, outside influence that when they, All believe their own crap yeah, it'll digits. It can be to fully the candied away and you gotta have an open mind with everything you know
definitely gypsies. One of the things you got have an open mind with a see what people are doing and how are they doing it and that's it. That's the mirror these days, you can be seen getting all this influence from the internet is all these different p go out there and showing how they're doing in it's it's a whole new world I have an open mind if you have no, don't have an open mind nor you do is in sight. Curiously converse with, Other people that believe the same thing is you Europe, and this is crazy. This is. This is again. This is what we all know. Says what is left and talk about the this Vietnam. What is left appears to be a mopping up operation. I do not believe that in the current situation. The enemy has the capability to more Been harassed us, I did not find
The division commander, who disagreed with this conclusion, with respect to his own tat wary of operation. This is nineteen sixty eight and this generals cutbacks in hand, and we can't do anything but arises at this. This guy was the right Can guy going back and reporting to Westmoreland in charge the whole army crazy, crazy that this could be taking place as we go a little bit deeper into this. They had a board. That explained is a scoreboard, for how many Vc Vietcong, how many of them had been killed or wounded and how many Americans have been killed or wood and when he took over when, when hack worth took over the enemy had zero K. I so that had been zero enemy, killed, zero enemy wounded and zero enemy captured. Meanwhile, they met
Consider twenty four killed and four hundred and eighty five wounded. Did you hear what I just said? I did so. The enemy had zero cool zero wounded, zero captured, and yet we on twenty four Americans killed and four hundred and five would. This goes back to what I was talking about. Where I would see these similarities in Iraq to Vietnam, because these wounded came from rocket, mortars, booby traps friendly fire rockets mortars booby traps in front of us. I think Seventy per cent of the casualties in Iraq were from ideas which ideas and improvise post vice. That's a booby trap, you the other. Big percentage was from getting Mordred. You know where you're sitting inside your fire base and Allison bombs are raining down from the sky, and it's weird to like this is something that we talk
often it something that ad hoc worth talked about as well, is, if you have heard someone say, in Vietnam. We one every major battle, but we just lost We ve heard that one is illegal it's a a statement that peep some people make and I started to analyze that because when I was young girls like yeah, that's right where the best military world we would never loose these guys. We're awesome your os may we are the best knowledge or in the world. But if I have a multitude of you, no forty guys in the army and we lose a guy to a booby trap and we lose guided mortar and we and we never confront the enemy who's. Gonna win the war. It's not us. So that was very, very
disturbing, and we did see some of this. We did see some of us in Iraq where things would get sugar coated and that's one thing: I'd go back to the book say why the sugar coatings what's go on. Somebody needs to speak the truth. Need to down what's really going on here hey. I raised my head and say no boss. It's not like that. We we need this week, it was, this is where we lose us what's going on, and luckily That's a very strong commitment tarried leaders that did that you know betray us for sure who can aim. Amended the surge we had up Mc Mass HU. I talk about a lot. A german master up and up in northern Iraq and you're the guy that I worked directly for com, China crowned who is now a general view? Those guys- you guys. That spoke the truth, and I would here I heard metrology that I would here that I say no. Actually we can't do that. No, that's! Actually. The wrong idea No, we actually need to engage with these tribal leaders, even though they were criminals six months ago, note, which is what we need to do so,
got to see some of that leadership step up, which was which was awesome. He goes on to talk about how I gotta meet this So he goes is: what's call the change, a command which is when you I'm in charge, let me give you the battalion so before One day I took over the battalion from Lieutenant Colonel Franklin, a heart in a parade field, change a command in the middle of the make on Delta, what kind of war have I got myself into. I wondered a perfectly large general use their having flown info occasion in his polished choppers there weren't. There were other brass too and photographers the american flag, but the battalion colors, we're ceremoniously passed on to me. And all this before the scrounge used most speed. It lists assembly of soldiers, I'd ever seen, incredible
None the generals or colonel seemed a notice, the slack condition of my new charges or their positions, lieutenant colonel Frank heart would still receive a legion of merit for job well done with the battalion. So Did that your mind you're, taking over this battalion, these guys are just complete disaster. The general show up in their polished Helen offers wearing starts uniforms and they don't but they just ignore it, like I got blinders on their just ignoring the fact that these guys you're just a total disaster, crazy thoughts, crazy thoughts. So then we get into the pool. Where in this is where, when we do, when we get these questions on twitter, about leadership and this is sort of what to do-
Back to thinking about talking about this book, because as we get these questions, you end up with a with just really great. Samples and a lot of questions that we get are what do you do with people around motivated? What are you doing? You know, and everyone has that question of what you do and people are motivated and I'll, tell you Can you imagine if there's any one, less motivated, then a your conscript drafty from Vietnam from Vienna more in its it's kind of crazy? Yet no problem, One of the things that hacks says is little. Could I have guessed that whipping it in
the shape meaning the battalion would require every little bit bit of knowledge I gained in, in the end so his whole career. He realized for careers left to take every Tripoli learned to get these guys initiate. Now what in writing about this is his whipping these guys and shape, and this something I've had I've had exam gives Y gotta get on with the ceo and he'll say I needed coming here with my guys in the shade: in its always it's one of those courts and I have to push back on. Because they think I'm too come in there like a jewel instructor and bark orders and before you know of any, is doesn't work that way, and yet you you have to do you have to do more than that. So. When one of the initial things that he did was institute discipline and as you know, discipline is one of my favorite words.
Going back to the book here from the outset I realize system that to make this unit and effective military force I'd have to implement about a thousand changes. So I figured we start with, five day little things basic things like where your steel pot helmet in a carrier rifle at all times and ammunition, will not be worn, poncho, vs style. My first order was that come down here's the fire support base. Primmer would pull back three hundred meters. The oops instantly began to grumble at this, but at the next but it was the next order that really began the mutinous feeling within my hard luck, outfit and thing you can't carry twenty four hours a day gone on the next shopper, so here guys, I will live in intense, that had toilets out there.
Radios and all the stuff he said anything you can't carry with you, you go and is out of here that's hard core discipline and. They piled it all up in the middle of the year, the middle, the base. And had a big helicopter, come in and take it out now, thank you said here, just as I was there to have them like me: One of those dichotomy is where and I'm sure everybody at one point or another, who has worked for some one that is very. Grace if it thinks it can just stores round and an end, no one likes workin for that guy. It's it's awful, and so there is a fine line between? Listen, I'm not here to make friends and oh just gonna. He told entry everyone like crap, because you're not going to get people to follow you with that attitude
He obviously was very good at work. That fine line between pushing hard enough where It's ok, I'm not here to make friends but at the same time not push him so hard that he's getting shot or there there's a complete mutiny against it. You think that someone who, in my experience when people hey that now here to make friends I'm here to whatever its use, really kind of like an excuse because they piss somebody are so I think that too, really use that in a in an accurate way or in a in, use of. Why am here to make friends is You can show them results and, at the same time, necessarily it'll, be the nicest of guys, then think. That's when you start to walked out fine line. So so it's beautiful that. Said that so this this goes right into the fact that a short time later so after they pulled back this perimeter every night and
staying where they were just all relax, they packed up, they pulled back, they dug in time later, we were hit with a barrage of rocket recoiling rifle fire, but more it, fell on the old positions. When I got the horn and called for artillery. I was sorry as I was very nervous command is not like hopping back into a bicycle and after two and a half years away from it, I was rusty and actually scare and I'd screw up but then I heard a guy later. Do I bit be identified as lieutenant Larry taller? Who worked in the S three set? running behind me to his defensive position and here's the quote from this guy he's a mean son of a bitch, but he knows what he's doing so. That's. It Actually, what you just said and that's exactly what affected had now moving through this
The men- and I we saw him others unit before three nine, the men of the four three nine no unit identity and no pride in themselves, so for all those people that are out there that have sent me we're questions, and how do I do with people who are motivated? How do I know how do I change does not want to how this culture change? he's gonna. Go into that as a first step towards rectifying this. I decided to call my hard buck battalion the hard core and the troops raw condos. So he's renaming them he's real renaming the battalion- and I actually did this very thing when I was attacked the commander Ratchik over tasking itself, task units in a small team. They have a fanatic letter for their name, others out task in an alpha tasking, Bravo Tasking Charlie and then you ve got the balloons. Are them So what I did with ours is basically assumes I took it over. I said how we work
Bravo be, and I said guys we're not testing a bravo, we're task in your browser and that was one of those things were, even though at first but work on it. You know what what's this all about, but then, but then, after a little while they're like oh, no, no cause you're too, to ask you to our mentality Bruce and it s really does have a a legit effect strike a little psychological sense of pride like were this these unique kind of almost elite just in that small little psychological. Where in Think branding allowed. That has a lot to do with branding. Where were you get like a company, for example, you do just little things. For it and include everyone whether it be the name whether be little I mean. Sometimes they do with them team building exercises which I've seen a lot of ones at that that dont, really there not very effective. But there are certain things that if, if those activities can
invoke a sense of pride in you guys are doing it together. That's one, that's one that can work in the name thing, crazy. How that such a big thing when you a little bit it when you have a cool name, where lay its arms like a gang mentality, literally, says where they had no unit identity. So guess what he's gonna pick that identity com, the hard core com, the route Ricardo he's gonna, give them that identity give them something to latch onto, and he goes even further. So he talks about how, in the past when he was in it with another unit. Had this greeting between officers, two guys in the offshoots airborne in the in the cigar would say all the way so that airborne all the way. And so now these guys are in Vietnam and it's a little bit different, it's a little bit harder so now, This going back the book when a soldier saluted an officer he said hard poor Ricardo, Sir,
when the officer responded, it was with a heart, felt no fucking slack and I mean He doesn't get me better than that and as a matter of fact, when is this one of the most fired up things when I, when I retired from seal, deems the guy is that ran the land warfare. Training select the most miserable hard training out in the Imperial Valley of California, where it's a hundred and twenty degrees and your husband. The desert and adjust completely core and we would damage meaning was miserable and tough and realistic and bad ass, and when I left those guys from a land warfare group gave me a shotgun and on the shotgun was engraved no fucking slack so these are picture these guys walking around its like. You just sit here song about unit identity in they, given this name, but now the Walker every time they see each other there saying
we call Ricardo, no fucking slack in I don't care. That's a mantra. It becomes a monster that becomes what you say and it doesn't take. Much What do you say to start to become if you believe- and so Love that I love and when we work with companies we depending on how long we're working with him for will sit down, and it will have come up with a mission statement here and it will come up with some kind of a modern I'll. Tell him the story about no fucking slackened deal like what is going to make you what is going to make you think that way. That's what I say: land warfare, when I was running land warfare, training Yo Asia, we give these guys a little extra times. We given the each, we move the target of it closer to the insert point of. Can we, This a little bit easier form and I'd say no fucking slack and the reason was I wanted
gotta be ready. I wanted every one of us feel that was going to Iraq and Afghanistan to be ready for anything we re. I wanted the training to be harder than real combat. That was the goal, and then these these little monetarism and all these things that can give everyone a sense of pride in going through that hard training officer to ultimately result in being ready right so for them too, to take pride and enjoyment in that hard training because of these little tiny things that makes it that much more effective the whole normal situation. It's it's completely true. There's another piece here: simultaneous had gone back to the book Simon. You see, I started establishing standard operating procedures that would not only keep the troops alive but also give them. For the first time the feeling they were in charge of the situation now bet mercy of the visa fee, or insidious, booby traps so think about that,
this. This idea that you're on the since all the time in your car like waiting to get blown up are waiting to get Morgan waiting to get take a snipe around. That's horrible feeling been on the receiving end of that stuff is horrible. You don't have control over it. So then they boarded slowly putting things together two to go on the offensive, As standard operating procedures included such things as every officer having to read mouths, little red book, so this was under the communist way. And he wanted all the officers to know and understand, because How can you beat an enemy? If you don't know what you're thinking that was another just classic move, you gotta think like the enemy I got a couple more things to pull out here
people. Talking about you care for your guys. And here's another good. You know. This going back the book. I wasn't going to lose any legs for Apple VC. I was fighting hard, but not at the expense of bleeding troops. The fact that I had that I walked with double tunes. Put me in a good graces and a lot of men, but my stock eat, rose even found. Stir when they got word when word got around that I wasn't a butcher so even though he was hard core and he was saying no fucking slack. What what talked about earlier. Not paragraph is, if he found one of the young officers was doing something that was careless. That could put guys at risk of running a booby traps or about what that didn't have a good return. He'd fire that guy, he would literally Five, the guy in that- and so the guy's realized. Ok, this guy's hard core, but guess what he cares about us and that that that is huge and and
Another piece, this kind of going back to what we just said, all the for three nine really needed had need had really needed. Was a good kicking me ass. Well, included, creating or bringing in leaders who cared for their men and giving the men some sense of real purpose: wow wow you know, and what we call that in would lay flat about in the book. It's the why why are we here and you'd, be surprised. It happens with companies happens with families? It happens in the military, it happens with teams, they don't Stan. Why they're doing what they're doing there just doing it as a task as a robot, and you can't treat but like robot people have some kind of long term gold after an understanding of why they're doing what they're doing so, whenever that's Ninety nine percent of my answers, when somebody says have got this problem with these people, don't want to follow,
this rule they don't want to do this safety task or what safety procedure the? U, I my guys do safely procedure and, unlike all, did understand why they're doing it, what do you mean Do they understand why they are doing it to understand why they are supposed to clip in at the top of it? power that their climate do they understand. Why did I understand the implications if they fall? understand the implications not just to them but to their family. Are you thinking the implications to their job, they think about the implications of the company and then other people's jobs. You put all those why here, why you're clip it into that tower, because if you fall, you can't pay your mortgage, your kids, you can't ie, then top of that we have to shut down the tower for weak, we're gonna, lose money, weren't lose jobs, and when you think about why did all those undergoing us? Ok, I guess I'll clip it's one of those things so that idea of understanding. Why is just extremely important and
to close out this. This section on new about face which again today, I don't know this. Maybe maybe this was you stay on. An exercise in my own, my own, what is it was outward selfishness, TGV able to talk about this with people in and have the mayor in and from you go through this book again again- I learn every time I read it, but a kind of wrap it up. Would he goes on and they go on is along chapter and they go on to talk about all these different things that they did, I did turn to fight and they did start kill the enemy and they did start to spare the guys and they started fight. The guerrillas like they were girls. So he really implemented all those things that they talked about, so now he's getting ready to leave and he says the CORE battalion proved to me every
thing I'd ruminated on throughout the two years that went before all those ideas and theories on how to fight the g and the G8 guerrillas. If there was satisfaction in that there was much less in the fact that my success didn't make again in the way the war was prosecuted, so either no, he did a great job and it really changed their battlefield for him. Other people didn't say Oh, I see what they're doing aiming to do that to, ironically, what did was debacle of hamburger here hill? Where, Screaming eagle, General Melvin, Xuthus ordered eleven assaults up an extremely well fortified, totally use totally use this piece of real estate as if he thought, as if he thought he was Korea or storming kraut positions at Normandy. Almost. Four hundred american men dad or wounded later
one. Wanna one unit was king of the mountain, but within a week the objective was abandoned, so I don't know if you've ever heard this, but Hamburger Hill was a huge deal, lost four hundred guys wounded or dead, held it for a week and then left. The ensuing horrified uproar among american people and in Washington nature. Hamburger here was the last huge and costly battle fought by an american troops in Vietnam. So yes, if no one learned how to fight the war for me and the men of the hard core at least from jail. Jose stay. They finally learn how not to but We were already four years into the war and there were almost four more to go. Tough. So that's about face. We got that is a that is heavy book, figuratively and literally, and
again, depending on what people follow, that made will come back to it and talk about it again in the future. That book, in those experiences, are kind of where this comes from. This mindset and the attitude that I have much of it. Do you think I don't? I couldn't sincere and put a percentage on it from a leadership from a combat leadership. Perspective is this is a pretty significant amount. You know its billina in twenty or thirty percent of. Confirming things that I believed learning new things see Things in reading about them and then watching them happen in and understanding I'm so that it definitely is ay. Is a significant portion of some guide me.
While. Meanwhile, on the internet on the entire webs, we got a bunch of great questions. Bunch Emmy. We got hundreds of Konrad distance and obviously we can answer them all. So some of em we gonna compiled together. Some of them. We pulled out, and you know what I did not do is I did not put the names of the people that submitted I'm so next time. I will do that. I think we got one person that right mended that so I apologise for everyone out there on twitter and Facebook that submitted questions and we use them next time. I'll, try and get your name in there soon. You'll know that I am too getting to you but ass, but we got a great. Feedback and garments and all that. So, let's, let's dive into some of these cases
It'll toughness, we're going back to this, I think, is important mental toughness, because I think this is one those things that the constant endeavour for I wouldn't I would argue for everybody I would agree in one way or another. In the end, this questions really appropriate. Mental toughness is not just one thing people are tough in the GM or in fight but weak when their wife leads them. For example, do you agree with that? And this guy again I wish I had you ever you are. I apologise because he actually makes a statement this statement, mental toughness is not one thing and then he quantifies that's it meant by saying some people are often the gym or in fights but weak when their lot when their wives visa? He says you great well, I agree one hundred percent and this opens up a whole spectrum of reality.
And that is that these, that that what is it that crushes a person because for everybody. Everybody has this thing, this weakness. That Maybe it never gets uncovered, maybe it does and the fact that you talkin about you, know, fighters and say that people are in in the gym, their tough and fights, but they have some weakness that can crush them. I think We ve seen that point. You mean just famous people famous fighters that this has happened to John bones Jones, I mean obvious the guy's, an animal and fights he's an animal training in the gym but he has some mental weaknesses that he needs to overcome. Then that hope he will be able to so he can reaches for potential and I I hope he does, but,
you know, he's lucky he's got a good support. A surround him and Got money too to try and solve these problems because there's a lot of people that end up with Has weaknesses or have those weaknesses and ends up crushing and that scary. And I'll tell you what the scariest things and I think This is a great lesson in itself. I learned over and over again and no when it exactly solidified in my brain. Its sole disturbing. And bizarre when you see somebody there. You care about and you watch them- go down this spiral and it's so obvious what they have to do to stop. At the start, the downward spiral
it's like oh get rid of that girl or get stop using that drug or stop drinking or do whatever the case may be whatever that thing that got them in Europe early telling them to stop it and they don't yeah, because I mean I think I am I think I know what you're points gonna be here, but I believe it clearly obvious its clearly obvious kind waiter, put, is clearly obvious on paper, where, you could pointed out in that person the person about he she would ever be, It probably agree with you when you say always this holding you back, you think, or is this German Europe and they'd policy here. But, to be honest, simply let it go. Let's say the girl would say on a girl like that, nearly gather girls, german bishops. Normally I live here or large diameter and you know it's as simple as that get rid the girl, but I think in ever
These different there's a certain need that someone has inherent need. That's that's that girl is fulfilling and that need is big. But how do you down it is it's a big need, obviously, that they're, letting that he'd get fulfilled in aimed at the expense of their goals, their training or whatever? So it's not that easy. It's obvious sure what does not You ve been. Oh, let's just get really girl, I didn't say, was easy read by, oh, you ve seen this. I think we ve all seen us where you looking at a situation with someone that you truly care about and you want to help them, and you could write down in two sentences what they have to do to completely He resurrect and change their life in it. It is as easy as getting if a girl or a guy, that's in your life, that's a disaster or it is easy, is stopping you! The use of drugs now or it is easy, as cutting sugar out of your diet, because you're sick from it.
His easy as working a certain methodology to get you through this situation. So it's it's it's horrible it's one of those things. That's for me. It's taught me to Again, I talk about detachment detached from I myself to make sure I'm not that guy that doesn't have some issue that holding me back and like It could be doing better if I would get if I would take that input, from other people or even better off, if I could detached see that import myself and self correct, but is in you when you can see it in someone else, that's really what you want. The dynamics of that relationship is meaning lit the inner. Your friend is something a girl, for example, holding back its For you to say, oh just do this, here's the two sentences is likely to do. Get rid the girl be happy. That's it it's easy! because you are detached death. Absolutely so the hard part is for him to actually tat, but if he can
detached, look if he be essential in the same position as you and probably be able to at least be on his way to do it exactly it's weird, though, and that's why I say people You're crazy, like we do cawing easily s, we make big mistakes, we get emotional, we do things that are crazy human beings. Do it, and that's very very difficult to deal with it, and it's really. You can Very sad to see. You know. I've seen people with great unbelievable potential. That of for all practical purposes, cast away or some ridiculous reason that again, if they would have followed two bullet points on a piece of paper that said, get rid of this girl and stop using This drug, their life, would be different in you. Just you can open and obviously mean getting rid of a girl that clearly just an example. It's not.
Saint girls are any year were promptly of using the same thing with girls and guys irregularly. Yet how date this guy? That's a disaster, the dragon down whatever and it could be the wanted. We should just say, relationships, arabian, fair, yeah, toxic relationship, the political relationship, I did I mean either word ridiculous, which are in a cool, but I don't think it is really ridiculous, because if you can have it could break it down. I think, like I said that have a certain need that is obvious, they won't. You know I have one aside to them. It might not be obvious, but they have a need in there that this toxic relationship is fulfilling its Jim. A bunch of other things in their life for their goals, but it is the feeling this little thing that they need
Ok, you can say that that's that's right, mind that make on Africa. I argue with you, that's that's the root of the problem wrote, but it if that need is basically the the some of that need or that the size of you that the size of rigour and in need of them achieving those goals which may seem weird, because it's like all that teeny tiny need to be loved or accepted, is bigger than being a. In Vienna, the world or be it seems weird, but from an a vigil standpoint on the inn how they feel on the inside that need in a lot of times is bigger and that's what's crazy, which is worse, it people Greece, because they get their email. That determination and you can't help them. That's the peace. You cannot help yeah you can try, you can paint it out, for you can tell a thousand times thousand different ways: yeah, I think you yeah
I think there are we sell Bugsy. I think it's late through, like a therapy type of situation, not necessarily for professional therapy. Maybe, but not necessarily or something real, impact for you. I was here. You know you always here. It's gotta be the rock bottom. The persons gotta hit rock bottom, somehow red and they realise our gave destroyed. My life now start moving again. She could help him before they hit the road but I was talking about this today with great heating rock bottom, the reason that its tribute all disease, easier. It's easier to move forward when you hit rock bottom is because you're not You can't go any further deeper. But what they mean. That sounds obvious, but what that means is you're here right at the bottom. If. Below here is unacceptable, its death or its job I dunno whatever Reverie rock bottom, is so
You can never justify. Oh I've been doing it this way, and I'm still here, you can never make that justification. Bottom because I've been doing it this way and I'm here that's unacceptable Europe up, but let's say you're not bottom but you're, pretty junk union you're not doing good but you're, making your handling it sure your job socks, but I'm still here you know I still got my card yesterday in order to justify yes here when they ok look. I need to make an improvement start on the start of Monday eminent them and make an improvement. So we start a money. Ok goes good to say, goes good Wednesday, some temptation, coms and whatever the drugs drinking whatever When their kind exhausted from putting in that effort to change, Ok, I just have one we're: ok, I'll, just ok to start drinking again, because really I'm cool with it in oil
I made it is now more than a bad. They ve accepted their station in life. Right somebody accepts their station in life. Then I guess they're not gonna, be motivated. Do anything right so in that accepting their station is offence. Lay their justification for relapsing, but when you hit rock bottom candidate, So I mean obviously people's rock bottom, where different like I said, but that's the reason that it's that it's easier and ourselves created it's easier to move forward with you rock bottom stuff stuff. So yet mental toughness yet like. He said it is it's different for everyone and you can be met. It's not an across the board. Think you're right, mentally tat. Yeah to tie this back into mental toughness is again go back to detachment. I'm glad were most people listen. This are dealing with a situation where they got some grieve. Scenario going on and their life is on a downward spiral. Hopefully. We're downward spiral is that you slept in until
I've heard know. That's that's that everything we want to catch yourself it like we talked about earlier. You wanna, get those little disciplines in place in and bill upon those and become better dear stay out of them. Never mind the rock bottom, let's get to the top of this bad boy, in it. In with that, I think this might be kind obvious, but it's important Recognize what else answer what aspects of you like that you are not quite as tough mentally at you'll like it. If you know, if you have a weakness for Beard Algarve and recognise that- or I believe this for giving up when I start to get tired in training or something like that, you know recognise that there is a quick story for imports. Echo trials with a story. Christmas eve I went to the story is real, quick and Israel crowded, that's
market right, so I go and I get to twelve. That's a beer and some tomatoes and I have a cart, not our. I have a basket, not a cart from carrying it, so all the lines, are long sons, some standing in one of the lines and upholding the basket with the twelve back a beer in one hand with the tomatoes and the other twelve backup. Now then so that you know it's not. Terribly heavy, but it can get heavy after a little. So the lines ruler so I'm want to be in that line for a while. After while you may show this are getting tired in bright, then I recognise ok how this can be a small exercise in mental toughness, just a small matter. You don't have a marathon another like that, but you know what I'm gonna do. I'm just gonna hold these until until I put him on that they are not an opponent down because right now I can wanna put him down. So
What I do is I made it consciously made it. An exercise saw held them and every little thing now- it happened this guy's not taking or this has not been as quick as it should be borne that that's another element added to the mental toughness exercise. He's gonna write a Czech, yet so I did it I told you did it took. Maybe I would say ten minutes ago, minutes, just holding you know, so I put my Maya, my stuff on the on the little carousel Where'd you get it checked out, and I remember thinking. Ok, that's one little exercise in mental toughness. Little work out must mental toughness done now. I realize as a demonstration of mental toughness, that's quietly, but as far as recognising a potential situation where you could be mentally weak using it.
As an exercise to be to help with mental tough is as a concept An important element in you know what I like the best about that all story was the fact that you had to men Billy detached yourself and recognise, because that's the true exercise, in my mind, is having the woody to be out, hide yourself and look at yourself and say you're being weak right now, there's an opportunity, that's real triumph on a small scale yet will adhere. It is tempting fear, but if you can just start thinking to yourself that way that small little exercise and turn into a little bit bigger exercise, and in next thing you know you're in a detrimental situation, recognising hey. If I can practise when the time is right. Now, where you know a month ago, two months ago, I would it straight up, gave up
But let me use this as yet another excise and it's a big detrimental situation were being mentally ventilator. I like it, He's on your way, you approved here barely approve. Nonetheless, next question came Ok next question is my son, who seven seven years old and I want to get into Jujitsu what lessons has taught you in life. Well, you know I talk about you due to all the time, because I do think it a great metaphor for life. Some of the things it teaches you without a doubt. Is it teaches humility because it's not gonna teach you humility by telling you hey, be humble, be humble! It's gonna teach you humility, because you are going to get submitted and before
To surrender to people that are smaller than you that are weaker than you that aren't as good as athletes as you and that's gonna happen. Most a daily base, Sir, when you first start out so is no doubt about that. It's gonna teach you about respect, and I had a I had a body in the Marine corps, great dude baggage. I know you're out there somewhere and you and it bad ass me look like a superhero super strong. Just any any grew up in legal text. You some kind of a gang member in Texas had a rough childhood used, use bad ass, scary, dude, super nice, but but were definitely could bring it in when he started training. We, after like a month, you know, I said so. We know what we think of Jujitsu and he said you know I used to think I was bad ass and now I do when a mess with anybody, because
I dont know if they ve been training for three parts can if they have been I'm in trouble. So you finally will learn respect from Jujitsu discipline we were just got it. How earlier lear- and I was sort of training today- how I just did not feel like training today, I was all beat up tired of sore There's only one thing that go beyond the map and not just having a disciplined ground. There are no that I needed to train. So There's nobody ever care who you are that feels like training every single day, seven days a week, but if you They get better and you want to reach the goal. Then you have to do it and so did each is about discipline in and I would say from a mental perspective, One of the cruellest things that you Jesse teaches you is it
teaches you that maneuver and that tactics in that brains that those things trump strength and Trump meeting force on force. I talk about this all the time in psychological situations and it's too bad. I wish everybody in the world trade you get too, because you have all these metaphors that you could tell him. So it's great I have a client that actually drains jujitsu because there or understands anime or much is martial arts or watches. You have sea because even use these examples, but you know the classic case in them It'll confrontation is people habit currency to war ago, you don't fist on fist. And if you say one thing, if you say method a I say, method be and we'll just bang those do methods together and see who you know a lot of times. It's fifty who has more rank.
You know what you know. What echo Ahmed Georgia will go with. Mathematics will now you're gonna, do what I say, but you're not gonna do willingly you're gonna, say the Tajik whatever the case may be, that's not jujitsu, dude is it using maneuver end setting people up and and being more crap that's what you do too is and that's how you win and that's how you win not just on the mat notches, but in life is. And it's the same thing on the battlefield you know. Will we have a little saying in combat he who flanks first, wins meaning. The person that gets around to the side and attacks from an unexpected direction is going to win its assent thing in immensely enjoyed your doing the same thing in in you don't mind so confrontations with people it's it's. Who is going to maneuver. And it's always this in direct approach. That's it the phrase that I use when I'm dealing with someone, that's not a Jiu person and I'm talking about
Are they deal with their Boston? Does this or their suborn? That has a big head or whatever tell them. Listen. You need to use in indirect approach, because the direct approach is not gonna get you to his person. I was, I was doing something. Active Kosovo then had this guy geeks in the personality of this guy that work form and the guy that work form had been moved underneath him up in a reorganization, and it was one of those guys he's a senior guy who, he should have been appear. Banal was in his reporting to whom it has been in the business for thirty two years, and he knows stuff better than I do and the guy says to me so I've the guy yen and I've told I'm going to catch him in the Sudan would help him with an I said I'll you you. No way is this guy going to accept that that you're going to catch him AIDS and it is not in his personality- you can't go. We there's this guy. There is talk into column, like I said MIKE. You want to
coached, you wanna be helped. You have an open mind. If I came here? I want to coach you'd, be like that's great. This guy is the complete opposite If I got him and say: hey, I'm gonna coach, you he's gonna say I don't need coaching and even if I awakened I say no, I get a coach, you he's gonna, do it relocked, Alenia sabotage and he's never gonna put more effort into it and you can actually do the opposite to prove you wrong grey zone. Secure! That's the direct approach. Jujitsu is the indirect approach. So what you do with this guy, when you're gonna coach him, as you say, listen you know I need is yours so much more experience in this. I need some help running the organisation. Can you common help me get things in order give me a hand straightening things out, and all can, you feel me on what we can improve inside of our department and win when you do that now, listen he's started. Tell me what the problems are and now I can discreet
and indirectly coach him on how we're gonna fix those problems. That's Jiu. And that's one of the lessons learned from it yeah and not to mention the be sort of more obvious things where, in all its great work out, you get you no kind of this in a man. Actually, just be are people they have a sort of aggression, kind of built into, and it's spectrum some people, one another's you can yeah, What are you trying to tell me you gimme aging Jujitsu Jitsu and be a pretty accurate. Simulation of whether it be a fight, for any kind of aggressive, combat, jewish and it still be even doable, where you can do it again and again, you can go in other next day is its. If you go spar, Brett Boxing,
you really do it every day and you can go all out if you go out and do it everyday get messed up ingenuity. You can do that and so you, that satisfaction action when, when you leave in its kindness, age, because when you get the satisfaction from that you kind of want to do it some more. You know some most people when you talk to these people, who have been doing it for over a year talk to anyone. You know has been doing more than one year. I say my argument would be eighty five percent or more will tell you that at some point they were addicted to You go to sleep at night and they'd be thinking about a move or something like that to go along with the things that you just the obvious things, because you're right there's an obvious things: the the work out. It's a great work out you quit in tune with your own body. You learn how to handle yourself into real fight and any does give you absolutely gives you confidence and confidence in Uganda situation, confidence that guy that's coupled with the
respect that. You look at every one and say you know what this guy might be able to. This might know more than I do. Somebody respect him, but at the same time you know that I'm gonna be older, least know what I'm doing very confidently, so it helps out across the board and it's definitely a great sports. So with the new year approaching, but if you change your mind about in as far as do fifteen, fifty thousand his dinner. Well, the biggest thing that's been around echo. I am I talk about how I had this big open. Mind minded all, but in fact the matter is, I I'm very set my ways and I kind of follow pattern tonight I believe, if things in an my beliefs are open for fur change, but a lot of times they just don't get changed
ok, so one thing that's been radically different about me in two thousand fifteen in it's been kind of a bizarre ride is the fact that I am now out there in the world, and you know People are obviously when I made the decision with life that we were going to write this book. We knew that we were. The out baron and people are gonna, know us. Now the book has been more successful than it's kind of Bin, the MAX level of success that I thought it could achieve you. My father was a spectrum and we definitely achieved a great success what were superior super happy about that, but that means were even more out there. Then we thought we're gonna, be and on top of that there is been this whole into net phenomenon. Out there on the ground, the Inverashiel we term, go on your Rogan, Joe Joe, and
doing this pie, gas being on twitter and all these things being on Facebook I mean I didn't literally did not have a facebook account literally did not have a twitter account. Now banana before and then now I have you know I'm on it in in it and communicating with people, and I think that's you people would tell me like a social media school, you can link up with other people, and I would definitely. I want to link up with other people When I had my friend he's an admirably want a maiden meet other people, but now that I'm there, it's us honest its awesome to have people off over the world. Have people over the world, especially, as you know I do the thing in the morning with my watch and work for thirty in the morning- a tick objection I wash and imposed on twitter- and I get those other people do it, and now,
my twitter is filled with people from every timezone throughout the day that wake up at four thirty in the morning, they should get to work out on. That's that's cool. That's very cool to see that there's other people in the world that- of the same kind of mentality. That wants to be better that want to improve that one do their best and I think that's, I think, that's pretty cool to see, and it's all been it's. It's been. Honestly, it almost makes me feel like I'm in a leadership position, because I've got like people that are saying hey thanks, miss out there and thanks and if it makes you feel just like just like you being a leader, combat leadership position where
You feel humbled by these guys that are doing so well what I feel the same way with these people, I'm humbled by the fact that these people are out there, and there are communicating with me in talking to me in and saying, inspire them and I always right back menu inspire me. You know that inspires me that Europe Don't kick his ass and and there's these you? I will talk about that. The single market and a single does that are out there. There get up earlier than me that more work, you know job number one and there get home late. So that's it! That's inspired me. I think it's been. Pretty cool ride. So far. Any of the weird thing is: I have no idea where the right is going: I do not know all about plans and I'm a little bit of a control freak which is to be out there, on this roller coaster. You have no idea where it's going, so that's that's pretty entertaining to yet did to connect with them with people who have the same interesting and not all interests. Obviously,. To some of the same interests as you. It is kind of refreshing b,
If you go through your data, daylight friend, someone is extreme, is you? Are it's gonna be hard to find someone to relate to it specific ways or even in a general way. It can be harder for someone like you, so when you at these little tidbits of people. Doing the same thing, is you and it's like? I'm relating to these payroll. Just in that small it away every day or, however often Yacu Twitter it and it's gonna refreshing Any reminds you that there are people like that there. You know who want to wake up early in in be discipline in work hard and then face the day, get stuff done or whatever, and you might not see that, in your day to day life outside of the internet like inured in your rural life, you might not see that flee might have this feeling Man in my the only one who's trying to get the stuff done enormous, like that kind of thyroid, and definitely not near in its any right it is. It is reassuring here and it's cool to communicate these people up got what you firemen,
and police officers that are on that are fired up every day, bunch and obviously a bunch of former military people. But then you know cause I have kind of weird background. I get these crazy old, hard core punk rock kids, and you know that communicate with me and ditches its variant rustic were very interesting. It has been an interesting ride. Like I'm, I'm curious to see what all ends up the F B. I do think that the more experience you have with people, the more good stuff you can learn that that people have in them. Regardless of stuff. You might not agree with them, but if you can I have more experiences with more people in whatever way you you'll be more info, and unless this this really does the fear or thee. Rejection ahead of social media was based on what I talked about earlier with that Tom Wolf book. The electric Kuwait acid test me,
me. Me me, and I always felt that social media was me me here is a picture of me here. Is me doing this. Here's my food- and this is my car, and this is me me me, and he just felt so disturbing, and but now I what? what you're saying I realise that this this social media least the that I'm involved in right. Now, it's not about me it's about we, and there is a group of people that have the similar mindset, and some of them are more into a sum of mark, but they are there and they can come with me and it's not me, it's we and I think that's that's political project It is everything it's a spectrum, but I think I think we all feel- that, even if were people who are really into the internet, really interface with brilliant iter and Instagram, if people
overdue Mimi. Here's that selfie of me in front of the mirror it before you see ten pictures of them take. Peter of themselves and from the mirror. That's me me me Senora for sure, but there are some that side of the spectrum. That's all business, all kinds of different people and I think the majority people are in that we we category a shirt, something about me, but there is. There is no. We without me do not coola. I dont like people. That said these tough on Twitter. I get pictures every day of peoples of watches. I get pictures of their jump, Roper their cattle bell. No, once I don't want any these people look like- which I guess it's gonna bizarre and but that's the right not about Mimi Meter about we and the like having a little were low group blogging get after. Yes at your picture,
it wasn't for third world noon, its fourth, and only after actually to Pierre so ears, sleep next question: you sleep routine! You get less than eight hours sleep. When I know care, so you see routine humbly, obviously do you get and what are the techniques used to get to see? he could not tired. You know do take Napster that does not work, ok, so I generally sleep. I try and sleep at least five, five and a half years. Hours a night. He generally ends up being somewhere between five and five and a half generally, I feel not good. If I sleep for you no seven hours, I dont feel,
but I feel groggy. I dont know why. That is that's the way it is now. I feel good and I sometimes I feel better when I slept four point five hours. Otherwise known as foreign half hour so. There is no doubt that I dont need a ton asleep. That being said, sometimes I do feel tired as sometimes you know come the afternoon, especially if I have to do something boring or tedious and that's all the really legitimately tired if I'm upping moving, I dont need I don't need to sleep like I can go law periods at times without C. If there's something actually engaging my mind, especially something it's gonna be partially physical. You know, could you sit down reading a book when you're tired, as is tough, so I do
and empower. Naps are great, and this is something that I learned, the part of it in high school and part of basic seal training. When I was in high school, my I mean physiology teacher I should go in, walked by room at lunchtime and he'd, be in there with his feet upon the desk in like a share of low. Spain, there sitting, you know, do little work and one day, you know you are kind of relaxed in there. He said hey. This attack me can I say we I mean he said, put you when you, when you rest elevate your feet above your heart, because your your veins or stressed out, you know the one way valves injures veins. You got blood pulled up in areas new feed, you wanna get that stuff out of her so elevate your feet. Of your heart and also that makes sense. Then in seals. You'd come back from let's eat breakfast in the morning or lunch you get back to the barracks. You have to grab gear to get ready for ever evolution is gonna, be what they do.
You time to grab the gear, but it also give me time to use the bathroom or whenever any, would literally be. You, we gotta be back out her an eight minutes. Well, Why did you one minute you don't so fanatical the bathroom? I would go in my room. I would lay down on the floor and put my feet upon the bed, and I would set my alarm clock for six minutes and I would get I will not need falsely almost immediately because you're so tired, sages fall asleep. Six minutes later boom you wake up and you feel refreshing. You feel recharged, if use April longer than that. Sometimes you start to feel good. Again see gotta, be careful that you don't sleep for too long but yeah. Try the elevated feet above the heart, eight minute power nap. Will you feelin tired? It'll make you feel better. Yet us at your alarm clock, so you don't do that. Eight minutes does since you and
You know I look, I know, and probably No, I should probably sleep more and I would like to do that I try and do that. Sometimes. But also my mind. It's it's not like a big choice that are making you know Why would I'm thinking about something? It cannot be stopped it cannot be started around thinking about something it just goes in. In my mind, it feels like I'm going down various tunnels of thought That's literally what it feels like I'm going down, these various tunnels have fought and won, leads to another and taken left or right turn of getting all these ideas, and I can't sleep so you know and I would imagine that move a lot of people are later were if their
a lot going on in their life. You know where they can't get these certain thoughts after they had good or bad. Sometimes you just excited about something, and you can't stop thinking about it and whenever. But if that's the problem through gets in the way you sleep at its German you up the next day, then I'm shrieking in, meditation can can help. Is from what I hear about morality. I Mariano Mouth, even though, but I will say this if you, if you want to go. The better earlier. You have to get up early like it doesnt work in river, you can't just force yourself go to sleep at night, yet judges wake up earlier and be more tired at the end of the day, and I love the feeling of one, I'm so tired that my my head, it's the pillow and I I'll say immediately: I love that feeling just exhaustion. That's what I'm going for every day, I can just barely that burning Al Jazeera. These retired. At the end of the day, business mostly pretty, probably made all kinds of doctors and stuff angry
sorry, sorry, doc partially, like I think they say that that though the ideal about sleep is seven and a half hours for some later but I would imagine it be different from person like if you're used to getting six hours sleep. Does your body can form like getting your sleep cycles? I think they conform to that six hours at their donnithorne doktor. Echo has spoken schedule conform. I learn that on the internet. In regard to achieving goals and just your pursuits life. How do you deal with love ones who seem to determine or who seem determined to hold you back from regos? I guess it's kind of that you have loved ones that are determined to hold. You back rears well that enough, an issue. This is one of those questions that came in and I think you voted positive on this question was what answer
the question is. Why did you? Why are you so? Why did you want to answer these questions? It is not yet, as I had this experience everywhere, that answer this question that asked this question I put a line through echo brought up. From the dead. Ok, you also. I think people do this. I don't know. I haven't explained this personally, but I've seen it I've seen it in other people were- and I think part of this is just my philosophy, but I think a big part of this, I believe, a big part of this is you can apply to every situation where it's a supposed loved one where the Beers family spouse, whatever, where they will hold you back sometimes, and sometimes it can be because there, like jealous of you, something so and not necessarily jealous so they're gonna, say
you know, they're gonna lie to you and say that a bad idea, when it's really good enough, like that just they'll just be focusing on the bad part of it. So let's say, let's see You were unemployed for a little bit. You ve been working hard to to get this job and you finally get a job and then you're no apparent or whatever says what what time zone? that day you know you. You know you got this job, congratulations, they they focus on the negative and neck and tat can be discouraging. On a personal level like like, there was no There was no happiness. There is no encouragement. There was no, no one saying that: no when making me feel like there were. My team made me feel, like I'm alone, in doing this, people did do that and then they do a bunch of other stuff is while telling you the other priorities it there, so you it's a bad idea to start this new company. You know cause there, they may be afraid, subconsciously or whatever that you don't you might out trying them or you might do something good when they haven't done anything. So yes,
did you with that, of course it a bunch of other ways that they can pay to get in the way. It's probably going to be anything new, but you know how you surround yourself with like minded people or you surround yourself by certain types of people and you're, going to start to become like that I'm not saying disown any family members are loved ones, and that say that, but you have to create boundary specific boundaries. To these people, and I know a lot of people say well, that's my family and I can't change that or this my family, so you know, and they feel like their under this obligation to to give away part of their life, but I think it should be the opposite. I think that that's your friend LISA. They should understand that you're on a path does. Sesar, you want to be on a path to success and if they're in the way, then they're in the way and those boundaries have to be created. If they can't handle
the mare there is someone who who is against you in your path and if. You're, on a successful path and someone is against you'd just that the eventuality is that they're gonna be cut out your life and if, if they can reset the boundaries and boom you can and you can keep them in your life and they can be them and you can I loved for them the matter how negative there and you can have all that. But if dont there, either gonna bring you down or you gotta come on, come on your life family or not family should be held in a higher standard. Then your friend or year whatever, because they're they're your family, there there, the one who should be treating you good. So save your loved ones are treating you. There are the ones that shit there last week that should be treating. You bet, they're your loved ones. So if they're not treating you good, then, like I said there, the one in violation, not you for pursuing your path- and you know
And not giving them the attention we're not going to their house every other Saturday or whatever, like you're supposed to whatever its, therefore or not their fault, but it's their responsibility to support you and, if they're not than like anyone else, is not supporting you, they should either have a boundary between them or because of your life. I think that's fairly sound advice, I'll tell you that a couple things from my perspective. First of all, I think that many people are negative in the world and to coin a term that is used very often these days lot people are haters and they don't we. To succeed in, and we would see that we do not see that and seal teams, because seal teams in a bunch of really super competitive, guys and everybody is kept.
If, with each other and when someone Sars doing something well, other people get can get jealous of pretty quickly and so that like I had one friend of mine who, he decided that hey you going, try and take like a year off or forget, give orders to go to an Ivy league school while he was in the ceilings and he had applied and actually got into what we know. The best colleges in the world to go every year and get a degree, and that's awesome, and he came to me in it. He said I know I've got some guys are told me I should do this can be bad for my career and that's that the thing I said Bro, I ate this. These guys are just their haters they're, just jealous the fact that you all of this. The fact that you in on a lamb affected you may this happened. Fact you put an application if, after you took the the testing,
in the school and now you're gonna go there. You have that on your Reza may, which is awesome. You know what don't worry about anybody else. There they're just. You know I hate you used the word jealous, but their jealous fact that you're gonna go out. Make this happen, which I thought was a but that was also the other kind of contrary advice to you just said is when people on approving what you're doing and their Jane negative things to you and I'll give you the praise that you want for Europe, what you're doing? That's your fault, you're the one. That's wanting praise you're, the one. That's looking for approval, you're, the one that wants all the support like now. I don't expect anything from anybody. Could boy, crazy, as I briefed earlier you're. Not. I can give you support if their, when these people better better negative they're gonna, be negative, no matter what you do, so you can't be behalf.
Up on getting their approval in getting their support. You go forth and conquer, regardless of what people are trying to do to told you back was to hold you back. You hold you back, has actually happened. Let them hold you back yet in I grew they'll. Ask where you dont. Let him hold you but hold you back, but here is an example. It say, let's say you're pursuing this business degree or something or you here. You want to start a teacher company and it's gonna. It takes all this time. You got a really get your knowledge down and really do while you're resurgence of, and it takes a lot of time with that takes fifteen hours a day every single day, while you getting this thing up and running, but You visit your mom and the weekends. Typically, and you go down there. You help her with your her yard work discussions company, you know you do other stuff. If you don't, it makes you feel guilty. You know if you can't make it or or you're sick or something she makes you feel guilty so you're under this other, and when you grow up
He gets ingrained in into you like these relationships with your loved ones, and not to mention their your loved ones, they're supposed to love you, you know and useful to love them. So I think you do care about the support. I think that's a natural. Part of it. If that's your loved ones- and I M not saying like your friend or your neighbours, not recognising my my successor, whatever that's your loved ones. Typically, that's it everyone's gonna praise, you you're going to hope that their the first one year, but you can't be hung up on it, especially if their crazy right and that's that's my point. That was you point yet it all. So you say you that's how they can hold you back its ingrained in you that you have to be there for your mom if she's trained you from a little kid to be too You owe me, I gave you love than he had been again. That's your fault of your letting them all drew back and that your fault ready to take ownership of it, move on. Yes, so yeah exactly That's what I mean by Ukraine?
this barriers, yet you have to suck it up or or Connemara your life and how you would say about about other people or other situations when you're in jobs or leadership situation, where you can make them understand if you can make them understand what you're doing that ideal where you can maintain antiquity of their relationship are correct. Now you just sit home run kids are going back to the basic principles you have to. Let people understand why you have to make him understand why it can be beneficial for them in the long run, and I used to with guys when we are working hard you training guys for combat or we were training for combat anything. Oh well. You know Let these guys get home to their families. You know they get you home tonight. Let's let em out early and I'd say, look the best thing we can do for these guys to help them and their families is to train was horrors boss, balsam long run, they come home from combat. That's what we're here to do here and everybody
he understands that message so to say that you are right when you explain to your family members. This is why I'm doing what I'm doing this is how it's gonna benefit me, which will thereby benefit useful, thereby better benefit our whole family. Yes, that is correct, explained the wine without next question. What does the water. The bullet points and keys to success for motivating and engaging a team of leaders. Well, so are we just gonna covered that when we talked with about about face for a solid our, which is, which is one of the questions here actually answered this question last I'm. So this is a question that you here all the time is it we can do to motivate these guys. How can we get them engaged and First of all, I want to say that. Leadership, although there a basic principles, fundamental principles, can be used
it is not something that can be bullet ties it isn't it is trying to both eyes how you play guitar or China. What time, how you play the violin. It is a it is an hour, This practice- and there are many many different ways to to manipulate that instrument to make it make the noise that you wanted to make an that's what leadership is. Leadership is not followed these four steps and you will become a good leader. It doesn't work that way. It is an art now again just these principles behind music. There's principles behind leadership and that fundamental principle stay the same, but how you engage with those and the new wants, is involved in executing those these principles is what makes leadership so challenging, which again, is why we have a book, which is why we have a business, which is why there's leadership schools around the world, because it is a very challenging thing to do so. You, the bullets,
or I almost after sitting, that you were the bullets, were you gonna, build relationship? You gotta, listen to people, you gotta, give respect you gotta the main thing we talked about tonight with about face you gonna answer about why people going to understand why you're doing what you're doing and understand what their perspective is, so you got to communicate with them. It's all those things, but I think it's him important to realise that leadership is It costs a learning process. Its new wants to. There aren't any bullet eyes list that are going to make you into a great leader tomorrow. What there are principles that you can learn and understand and interpret and apply in different ways with different amplitude at different times? with different personalities It made him. It's me that's what makes it so challenging in cell phone and idle either What makes me love to talk about leadership because there's it's an infinitely complex thing: on in so many different ways, but all
That being said, it is something that does fall a core principles and so learn those core principles know those core principles and that's what will make you the leader but Don't look for a quick solution. Look for a comprehensive, a comprehensive mass of knowledge and technique in understanding that will make you a better leader, In your opinion, what are the best tactics in order to remain focus. The this is individual for me, because I know different people have different techniques. If you're, if you're, using whatever techniques you have and they're, not working well, then they're not working so try mine so minor, when I have to do something focused know me,
no video, no tv plain in the background number that no phone turn that off and and get focus on the task at hand. So what do you do to focus on the task at hand? You have to pee determined. There's a dozen thing we used to using the assaulting scyldings, it's got task condition standard here's the task. The conditions that are involved in the task and here's the stand, during that, you have to complete the task to so I, like think of where I have to focus on something I set up: I own task conditions and standards for it, and a good dimple for me was writing our book when we were riding stream ownership leaf road Half of it I wrote about half of it. We actually a little bit more of half each because we we both wrote chapters that our main therein, but it was a lot of writing to do and How do you do that? How did I do it? I'll tell you. I said the task
conditions and standards for what I need you to do. For me, it was do the task was to write. The candy was I I was trying to write the draft, so I knew you didn't have to be perfect, and I got perfect out of my head is perfect, can be bad and the standard was, I said, I'm every damn you to write a thousand words regardless alright thousand words, and I try to do it in an hour or less. So that's what I did. I made no music, no phone no videos playing in the background. I have an hour to sit down and get this done. So to me To form a motivation, when you say okay, this is one way to do the same thing to do at this. How long can you take me nominated and I'm probably, to try and get it done fashion, our an icy time, myself decade, I took me forty nine minutes, that's pretty good peddling across the excess death like you're, going into amendment with a with a challenge.
And then you go about it in a way in a disciplined way, and that's gonna be the core of a lot of answers I give yet. I think I'm gonna disagree on a personal from a personal standpoint I mean with no music thing. Music in my case helps, I think, for a lot of people. Musical it. Might I, when I stock specifically about writing, then music does not help me specially music, with words like if there's lyrics, but it's like them or something like that that jail? echo, your cleared was in Vienna as you create violence workest. I think that at work to force cello any it was their Morton
no school, I'm good any advice on balancing the thousands, You have to do everything again. Chapter in the book is called prioritizing. Exe, prioritize and execute. That is the name of the chapter that as a one of the basic since both by the laws of combat that we used, and that is that you can have all these problems happening on the battlefield, their organs happened at the same time, because Murphy's law and. When they do, if you try and handle them all at once, you try and doom and all at once you will fail. So what you have to do it after prioritized them and execute. So in business that looks the same way you you always problems of these initiatives that you're trying to start these things you gonna handle and that's good in that looks very some on the battlefield on a personal level. The same principle. But I'll tell you What I consider to be.
For lack of a better word. I will I will use this word. I will tell you the hack the hack for this in this is no Jean This thing here. If you really want to get things done, make a list of what you Need to do the next day make it a priority, what you actually need to do its schedule, the time that you're going to execute those taxes is a peace that a lot of people miss. So I guess it is all about bigger of a hack. Then then I gave it creates, Before you have to say, ok, I've gotta do these six things tomorrow, you ve gotta, put on your schedule when you are going to do those things and that, Really drives execution because it puts the time limit on it- and it makes get on there and get it started and get it don t. You can move on to the next task so task with.
And calendars should actually be connected. You know intimately and then once you have that in place, you get up and go and you get it done, wake up early and make it happen, priorities and execute. That's what we do new year's resolutions. Twenty sixteen is coming. In a few days so. It's your one thing for twin sixteen we need to do such that by doing it, everything up will be easier. And unnecessary, and that's that's one of the new year's resolution questions that we pulled out. I got a bunch of them because every thinking you know what what is what we are going to do for the big New year's resolution and. I mean you seem pretty fired up by the new year's resolution. So what
you're far too late, like my personal new year's resolution, and fought therein. You know, I'm be honest. I haven't come up with any specific ones. Right now Maybe I will maybe I won't, but I think I think, all evaluate where I want to be where I am and see if I can connect those dots whatever that looks like not yet, but we'll see what that sounds reward anyone who just heard that the world's please ignore or delete from your mind, open it? Actually here's the funny thing is: I think that resolutions are, for the most part, little feel good statements
that people used to justify a an execution, that's what I think so I say, don't make a new year's resolution for tomorrow. Dont execute then execute. Now x you now and when I say x, you now, I mean now and now and now and now and continually execute what did it you trying to do and it they think about. New year's resolution is its each year that big long chunk of time and that type of goal anybody. I don't care who you are a year's too long. It's too big of a chunk so saying that you're gonna make that type of a long term strategic goal, it's like shooting when you shoot, if you ever shot weapons before You look at the target belong target. That's four hundred metres away least, if you look at a target as you look at it near vision camp
that focus it becomes blurry, so you have to shift back to the front. Citing a weapon which is only two and a half feet away, in that becomes very clear in the end of long distance target in the background fades a little bit, but that's ok, as you can see that thing right in front of you, but you want to make happen. So what do you want to do as you want to set those short terms, goals that are closer than a year away. That's gonna be blurry and lose its impact. Do you not see it anymore so make up that launched? term strategic goal, that's fine, but make sure you make some short term tactical goals that are closer now That being said to close this out is the last one I would say: don't make New Year's resolution to be a better person in two thousand sixty. I would say, make a resolution to be a better person now.
Make it a resolution of discipline to get better smarter, faster stronger, healthier, more productive, less agitated cleaner live more to go and do. Do all those things, but don't Furthermore, new year's Eve: don't do him on New year's day. Do now that. That resolution of discipline to work in full, through maintain your will. That will result in the freedom that you're looking for. Yes, you heard it once again: discipline equals freedom, and with that that's all I got. Thank you. Mister
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