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Jocko Podcast 21: Tim Kennedy, Police Self Defense & Use of Force, Women in Special Forces, UFC, Chaos

2016-05-04 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening

0:02:52 - Tim Kennedy's background / About Him

0:14:07 - Law Enforcement/Military Self Defense Improvements?

0:25:30 - Bayonet Training thoughts.

0:29:26 - Can you instill the will to Kill and Die in soldiers?

0:35:46 - Green Beret VS Navy SEALS?

0:41:47 - U.S. Rules of Engagement Bureaucracy.  Women in Special Forces.

0:56:18 - Staying positive when the worst of humanity has been seen.

1:03:20 - How to start in Self-Defense

1:07:08 - SheepDog Response (SD Response) / About

1:14:13 - Influential Books

1:19:33 - Combatives with Full Kit on / multiple attackers.

1:21:31 - Range 15 (the movie) / Steroids in MMA/UFC

1:31:50 - Tim Kennedy making a UFC run.

1:34:51 - Importance of recovery from training.

1:38:39 - Best qualities/skills needed to be a soldier and Fighter.

1:42:22 - Advice for the Young Generation 1:45:33 - Final Thoughts  

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This is jack. Podcast number, twenty one with ECHO Charles and me Jacko willing and our guests tonight is Mr Tim Kennedy. Who is an active duty are special forces soldier, Ranger, sniper. M M a fighter little bit that jujitsu black belt visits, fighter in the? U S c current fighter in the? U S: Z, who everyone's awaiting to watch fight again an american Patriot bless America and is an all round. Beasts There miss anything Pretty Skinner. I now have a kick ass moustache and he's got that going forward, and
really excited to have him on the show. As you know, if there's not been a lot of gas on the show, the only other guess it's been on this show so far has been Mr Lake Badin, who is one of the ten command for me in Romania last deployment and wrote the book that I wrote with him and we had a pretty fired up, gas to talk about a lot about the things that we went through an experienced and you know, knowing you know, you're a little bit younger than me, but No, you just been through a lot of the same kind of I uh and mistakes stay, the same kind of stuff, so it's pretty cool to drag. You little bit today and get to talk to you and we for waiting to know the results of the grappling death match between ten candidates coming it will. You can't even tell results because it still to decide it didn't happen. Today we we ran out of time to get a little dinged up injury, and so we had to forego that, and so instead we just went out and slaughtered
me too, some amazing barbecue coming from attacks as like, really you're taking me to buy intuitive argue had to do it not disappointed so also with us of courses. Echo Charles good evening, echo good evening so. Where do you get straight into it to questions we'll get a tonic questions from the Everyone is loaded with their export. What questions last needs, like my phones on fire bone, is owned by the internet broke, but we do get a tonic question. So thanks everybody for asking a bunch of cool questions. Obviously we can answer them all and but we're gonna try to take a crack at and the first one I just started this whole thing off with because it for anybody does know who you are because I bring it alot of fans from you know, Emma may or whatever, but how really? You know so people are listen to me. I think they might be. Jujitsu rested a lot of business people and stuff like that. So I guess a start
With a question that would give everyone a little bit of background about you oven. What I just said is someone said: hey I'd like to hear a little bit about TIM Kennedy up bringing it. What led him to enlist Go to a group in central California rule California when I sent from California people like a man you eat, like Hollywood, has now do serve as like dude. I speak spanish argue with Mexicans. I write horses and it's all there is to do where I'm from it's beautiful, air, but its very rule is like an hour long drive from my folks place to the gas to them the supermarket. So you know as like christian version of a boy scout oil, Royal ranger and who and shooting and
pretty normal kind of rule. Kids like there's a lot like the markets, the trials and Chris Kyle's elected from Texas and seems like a pretty natural thing as a decent athlete. I wrestled and always What did that next thing that next challenge and in college. As fighting much one easy see, was like by Jason Miller, Ryan. Come on. I was like buyer Dennis. King was in the tournament, is an ape man, one eighty five tournament, chocolate in my corner, Matthews the rough. And I M is for three. Fight in one night and one that which rank me in the top ten in the world. That was like August thirtieth of two thousand and one then September eleventh happened. Watching planes find a buildings piss me off pretty bad, so
time. I was a pretty bad person. I had three women pregnant and within the next couple of weeks. I also found out that I possibly contracted the HIV virus. And this has pressure fighter grad school or can adopt common commerce in California thought as pretty awesome and- like all revelations and life win not reaching your potential? It's a stark. Herbal reality and that's what a was is this wake up? Call that I was a piece of shit I should be properly buried would be, What I've, sir? I would have served the planet better. Had I just Knox continued consuming ox so you're, saying that that trigger moment for you is win it September, eleventh yeah. You saw everything that has happened, and you said yourself man. This is what I've done with my life so far, yet that's the authentic time to get in the game you up.
All correct their bell, I think a little bit more negative like I am a super nasty piece of poop Frederick yeah, my dad's, an amazing human, my moms and amazing you in my sister, my brother, you know like even to this day I aspire to be what they are and then I was like man, I'm a really that's a good under recruiters office and I don't know the difference between special This may seals marine recon. Bitranger being a greenbrae, so I went in as like, obviously weren't, Idaho they're, all in one of thing- and I was like I just want to be- no Chuck Norris. Essentially they laughed at me but it's what I gotta recruiters office when I thought I'd like this autumn, American again taken say self, like ah so, cool that I'm gonna go. Do this know like how selfless of me and there's two thousand people in line of head of me. They are not valid. One thousand,
now, one hundred which had been a lot. Two thousand people it's in rule, California, we're like a man. Do something and they'll be too so, I'm again complete piece of shit. So that that was kind like the genesis, the origin. That's what brought me the Kudos office and then, through the course of trying to figure out what their as vat score in your g t score. Being a college athlete like what the right that was. I wanted the fastest thing. Get me behind a gun with people that wanted to kill bad people and that, Sir, and that being the green, brace awesome Unita! One! Don't want things I I was on a interview in England and I was talking about the fact that America is pretty restrict and in the way it handles things. But I also said that if we get pushed to a certain point- and I dont know where that point is you can't describe it, no one can predict it, but that's a case in point something happens. Like September eleventh, you got two thousand men military.
Age, males in rural California, standing in line to go and make the ultimate sacrifice. If need be, you can't forget that about American. Now you can't forget that about you go. Pearl harbor beautiful, why drops and bombs on us for me because you're pissed off about the a mix of some oil deals we're gonna drop nuclear bombs on you, you come and fighting planes nor buildings, we're gonna, go and try to wipe your culture to face the planet for fifteen years where we are now getting we conclude: don't fuck quotas. We get pissed off. If you push us too far, it's pretty much it you going like this. Are you like? There's a man, bad decision its it. Unfortunately, you can see that because it is american, because it's in isolated place, it's a very comfortable place to live, and people are driving around
you know. While you were you, don't around daughter on a helicopter, get ready, get inserted a target. There is something else find around the mall when their cadillac escalate get ready to go by some new. You know apple soft, hardware, their reality be they have no idea what that's like. So we do for in America that what's happening. What can happen to us and it's that are out there. We can forget about that very easily, and a lot of Americans do. I know a lot of Mercosur America's adolescent this park, as they don't forget that when they know when we talk about it all the time but there are Americans. I have no idea They live so isolated from the rest of the world that it just the fault of going to war. For them it means going to them all. Changed. Their life doesn't impact of life at all. We were here in California like the perceived utopian the Shangri LA of the United States
two hours north here too, radicalized fanatics bring machine guns, the automatic rifle Russia rifles and start hmong people down. So I think we're come into a crossroad where, we're gonna either need to wake up and stop being pandered entitled little bitches. Or we may I have the same type of life in culture, an opportunity that we ve always claimed american at half and be yeah the key point of that being freedom. And the freedom to move the freedom to go to that ball, the freedom of all those things that we definitely take for granted. We ve had it for over two hundred years forget what it's like to live in an oppressed society You're gonna learn here, pretty quick in that's, that's one. The best things at a military does for you. You can travel these all these other places in the world
see what the rest the world lives like icons of lack from the into webs because I mention that yeah I know, but there's other countries that are first world countries in Europe that are nice places to live. Do I get that but with that didn't send us in the military to those places we we don't get to go to the the first world countries that are all nice. We go to heart voices where there's wars happening and so on its or oppression the world in other times and its accurate. That's what move? the world is like my God, Germany's nice right? You know, but you said Belgium was really nice. We set ITALY from the oil from the fifties until just about two months ago, like a great chocolate, cheese, coffee or less time here in Belgium right pretty nice, o crap they're, pretty much breeding terrorists there, the up so shut your face if you're too can the jackal about. What the world actually is and at the same time you eat you talk about like the word,
You don't get sent to the nice places and the people complaining they don't get sent. To the badly ass right they dont go on a vacation in Liberia happened so yeah, of course, they're all hey. I've been all over the world to see all this. All this whores claim to have seen you know, can at his heels either, but it's really good and balanced perspective. Like you live in San, Diego, California, its freedom, or just one was beautiful place on the planet, is yeah, you ve been to some nasty places. I think, unlike or, if you like, oh yeah, in Yang in balance of life and crap with you evil that you ve seen you ve seen the sharing out of beauty in marriage. Same woman got beautiful family. You ve, been in an amazing career, run, a great company yeah, you saw horrible things too, but like if someone's gonna come and talk to us about our perspective on life you know like, oh you don't really understand. Have you, in our view, spent time in France like
bitch I have first of all. Second, is I'm not talking about France, even though parishes gather aspect in the train, which would have been like a complete massacre yeah? I understand and you don't understand until you ve been with me too, like cars, or the patchy afghani border say fuck fucking face. She Come on here goes just that. I was afraid you you can. You can swear if you feel them to try out when I said as running late as walking out the hotel to come here. Grab by some people like men, against some great feedback about your presentation yesterday. Did you know that you said FUCK eighteen times, like others, about TAT
So is that a positive or negative feedback? We did it, we all know the park. Yes, we'll talk about swearing, we talked about it for like seventeen minutes, because. My basic boy was, I try not to swear on the block. Yes, the reason I try not to is because this is gonna be out there forever ed kids are gonna. Listen to this end. Humans are gonna, listen this, and so I think man I'm going to try not to swear, and I do swear sometimes, but I try not to but sometimes it's needed and I believe in you in that in the last statement- It was needed cat. I'm also try, not agree, but sometimes snub outlet for examination mark at the end of a sentence. Something else is needed sometimes it is our right anything else on that
get warmed up. Her first question orders like hates s job in part, at warmer fifteen years it was coming out of the gate. Strong, so getting into America will be next question, Lovest thoughts on current military law enforcement, self defense techniques and what you both would incorporate to make better. That's a super broad question. You know I'll narrow it down in our talk about aluminum podcast, but you got cops police Have a heart, jars miserable you. Never do it a video, so I could never do it. Never would want to do what you say to me. Yeah dress. I mean just deal with the dregs society. You know four team calls and then the fifth Call your going to you know some
ethnic violence, and I didn't just to get you a horrible, hard job. It then, have these shootings were what I quote, innocent people get shot at. Sometimes they are, I mean I think some of these police shootings there's no way I can approve it. I'm all about, kill and bad guys and the shooting, should you say man that guy and I always look at it the same way, and I say that cop didn, have the training he needed and I would really hurts Is that I know how to I know what to do to make a better get better at that. I know you do I don't have the money they dont have the tide of the money. They don't have. The time allowed. At times we have experienced within the department of someone that knows how to train people. Men leak, that's what it is its metal preparation Getting someone ready to all these scenarios, because it's just an unknown scenario. That's what it is in one of my worst examples this guy
up to seven eleven at all. It's all body camera, the guys, the whole things on video, the guy gets a call. Now the gods have eleven pulls up. It is crucial to seven eleven gets out of his car sees a guy. Walking away starts yellow that guy's wearing a hoodie, guys walking. From him. He's too Cassio freeze, breeze, breeze guy doesn't freeze, and these realities. Standing. There cops standing in a white opened holdings gonna your breeze breeze, The guy turns around looks at the cop reaches its hands in his pockets. Both cops you down falls the curb role he's on his stomach cop comes over rolls over starts to certain. He finds pulses pull this off. He's got headphones in regions. How could got an Iphone on and use sit there listening to music couldn't hear the cop turned around region is pocket turn off the Iphone, and you know the cop who got the call. There was a guy with a gun and pigs Forgot gossip guy blood out how'd, you get here
the cop fell horrible you once you realize that he's a common body through the ok region. We just like the classic things that I know you ve heard before of like. I want to save this guy's life and it's not gonna happen and What I know is that that guy go into that situation from a get go if you think, someone's gotta gaunt don't stand out in the open and talk to get behind cover and stay back and you'd be you'll stay behind her car cruiser get on your loudspeaker and look. And watch him and see what he's doing to see if there's a real threat, but don't expose yourself to my standing, album it'll be open, a weary He does have a god he's, gonna get you a ghost simple things that you know you could do to improve. The training what you have to do is you have to put people on stressful situations during the training and that's We didn't miss your teams. I know that's what you guys do it s ass. If you get pudding horrible, stressful situations where everything is getting destroyed. You get shot with paint ball in the blow. Smoke. Grenades up at all frogs hit you they do that in the train.
So, when you get combat, you're, not freaked out and you can handle the situation, in our cheaply less. You know it's like it's pretty simple: that we do it in Austin. We do astray, that's too weak, sometimes Barville stuff on the range and kit we're we're doing like Olympic lifts to a sprint, and then you pick up your gun shoot. Art's slung, and you do like a five mile run in a serious step on the range. It's like five our target serious running down the line: That's so I know, and it feels normal for my heart rate to be pounding, so they can't hear anything besides my own beating heart my ears, wet driven in my eyes, sweat dripping alma optics, my grip been jacked up its covered with sweat and me a little bit about, excise tripped and fell on my face and that seems normal
went to a range and shot in like a vacuum, in other words like air conditioner, unlike I know you can faster than one round a second, no drawing from the holster. So it's just you know have good time here I would know to do this. Really uncomfortable. Can somebody start screaming at me and throwing some fat me so I could just at least shoot you know on reset. The training for my my brother's police officer, my dad's, a police officer out the police academy. Ninety nine, I was astounded. I was a kid. Twenty one years old houses. Down at how they were not prepared for anything One was like our habit, this twenty of you try to catch on me. Yeah and down my wrist were bloody. A cough on my leg. Cover my arm. Like six or seven of them come together. There is like there's like
tea or others, twelve of them yet left, and they didn't want to do visit twenty one year old kid. It's not their fault. Just You said they just don't have the training with that said, if a cop tells you get on the ground, get on breeding ground too. Talk about it later understood. I get it. I guess you know that solution. So well, you're, like the greatest lawyer, about you know, your criminology shut up laid out yet autonomy and just figured out later or have your lawyer? Do it? If you can't afford aware just daft the sergeant afterwards just give those guys more training and you got to do the right kind of training you gotta do thee. Gotta do force not force man on man rating. When was the last time the municipal please, parliament did force on force training should be doing it all the time but I heard of doing it- that's horrible,
seemed certain whatever I mean whatever. When are we going to use you gotta have people human other humans that are maneuvering on you that are reacting to you, that our drawing on you or they're not or the raising their hands are therefore not their cell phone or the running. Scared so needed for some force in the seals You who'd you use as your opt for seals, socio stew, and is there nothing better then, what's to win every Everybody wants to work so that we at Fort Bragg. Would you like a second airborne? Org use another s, Epp group. Do not ask me if you are Second guy, like this, is their chance they're going to do everything that they can to shoot. Msf guy, you know if it's a if it's another s up guy, then the level of competition that competitive nature? Like oh avenue we're gonna. Do I'm an ambush. I'm worried crawl opened the ventilation and try to shoot him in the top of their heads from the front. Air conditioning year. There are taken quickly saws and cutting the
ventilation open its it's the gangster and you know what that's what so great about guess what the enemy does at present. The most of us are just not as good. They build false walls, they build trap, trap doors, they do all that stuff, and I was added at a group that was going through their land warfare, training initiatives she failed, and so we were retreading them. Make it go, make them go through again, go after excess. There feel training exercise. These big giant training exercises with all the chaos and they were doing their first rate the tragic trying to pass the exercise this time and I go out there and I'm listening to them. Briefly from wasn't or due to her son, they done the hersel and they all together that the senior, unless guys can put out some word looks at me and he goes a jacket. He got anything to say to these guys we were expecting. You can also. I said, NOS forty, forty man seal element. I said yeah gossip, I say you guys are gonna go out there.
Against six other guys. There's orgy of you, you guys machine guns, grenades, and there's forty of you, I should go. Out there and when they start shooting at you, hunt those motherfuckers down and murder them. At their like it's over walks away and they're all fired up, and then the the senior unlisted guy, the senior officer stand in there. They said a man thanks for thanks for you to get your guys fired up. I think that really help them out, and I said You should hear what I'm about to go. Tell my guys go against our give my guys all kinds are rewards anybody that they could kill. Are they would cap your body, is anybody could get the perimeter they would you completely. What you're saying it's completely months outcome drawn into the most chaotic situation and appoint
all this conversation is that you're going against other human beings and other human beings that are gonna do predictable things and that's what makes the train challenging and that's what makes life challenging. That's what makes this situation challenging in a real scenario. As you know these people to do how many, how many times we deal with some enemy or or unknown and you like wanting not name. Is this person doing Iraq or Afghanistan? I added fight Afghanistan, but I be looking to someone. Gourd personally isn't saying? What are they doing right now? Why are they doing that they're going to die? If you know it's, it's crazy. Yeah. This thing about humans is their humans, there's like points of departure from logic you they live in chaos and some people can't even live without chaos, and then we're went into a place where cultures, Dick languages are different, no way is the norm is different and we're trying to enact what we think is normal and there are like bro you
you're crazy, like no, no you're, crazy yeah. It's all poor cops So you know what you get you. If you're cop, though you don't your force, doesn't have the money for this are not doing this. You can absolutely train. You can actually absolutely train in Georgia in Emma may. In fighting, so you get more common more confident those situations and the other thing I've said to do in the past is man. I know it sounds lame, but watch some you too, deals, Watson Youtube videos of these, like the thing that I just described, watch that to video I'd. I watch Youtube videos in combat before combat, you're gonna, walk before Youtube. I want war movies, but documentaries there. So I could watch these guys and actually get see what was happening. Their faces, because you can watch people aren't you You watch these perpetrators and start to understand. In human nature better just by watching what they're doing just grow your mind grew your brain and ensuring a better shooting driver,
I've been ninety percent of my my practice. Time of shooting without bullets and my gun the and there's like a few grandmasters that are out should mere it. Now. It also driver You could questions the internet with a were arguing over. That really does not bode well for time. Ok for those either no, they recently removed bayonet training. Didn t, I noted sorry, but they removed in that training? what makes the green grass grow. Do you know what makes the green grass right has been it Jane, no blood, Eliza flood blood. That's why it does that's the motto cookie is, The question was, I guess, I'd purchasing here, just for entertainment value. Would you have kept bayonet training?
the question is, what does it in so warrior spirit or not till Kennedy? Your opinion, I don't even want to dignify this question with the response I dont show infuriating so yeah I get it. We're not gonna have been It's on eighty force, you know we are army. Now that should be tactics are dictate in that. That's now we're going to train with that said. During bed at training. It just give you a for blood, but gives you an understanding of wars like an or is chaos, war, hell, wars, ugh worse. Disgusting wars violent most of all its violent. Bayonet training. While you're running around affixing your bayonet ensure what makes green grass grow blah blah blood. Next green grass grow yeah, that's it primal, it is primal war. Where's disgusting and you have to
one understand it and maybe of trained in it so You can appreciate what it's gonna be like when you get there the first time you ve seen crazy and chaos and anarchy and rage is there is not there. It's in training nuggets, that's puss, exactly what we have just talked about the odds exactly what we just talked about, and that is what that question have made me: do TIM crunched up his cocoanut We can add with that question and the other piece of this is TIM, said in that I'll go and called a little bit of a rat
he said that war is crazy and chaotic and evil, and disgusting and savage and in a way when you're in war. You have to become that and you can't. Has become it from nowhere. Now you have to develop very lines over time. I got a bad ass. A site works doesn't work that way. It's over This type of training, which I would call price more truly with people is that worked all the time. Primal I'm act using it in its in its proper terminology? Usage rhyme all true nothing, I'm taking a tool used to kill things and attaching it to a coup, a tool that used to kill things. So I can practice
tool stamped on top of another coup tool about how to kill things. Did you're gonna. Take that thing you grab unionist slam it into a thing that looks like a person, observed you get used to it over running a shorter, is gonna hurt in your hands are going to hurt. You know I, like you, Bob blisters and cut your hands up up against your gun? He didn't realize you had a whole it that way they emit mental note that unlike organs, my shoulder that time next time- because I can't feel my shoulder- you know like these- are good lessons learned, yeah yeah. So let's keep the bayonet turning bring it back, bring it back next question
Can you and still the will to kill and the will to die in soldiers without a corollary nihilism yet, and we get a direct answer from Tipp most exquisite. We account retards about it when we said, in contrast of things like your life, I think, is a personification of how to do that. No, if You can't have beauty with. Unless you know what ugly looks like true now You can't have hot. If you don't, no what called feels like you can evil without good, and I dont think that you can teach me or how to shovel Teaching everybody how to be like murderer killers. The soldiers that can just the one up making role thoughts were shut,
in them how to do something the reason they can do it and not be complete, psychopathic murders, occasionally once looked through my seeing them, but not very Often it's because the humanity of us like what oil the thing that stopping us from killing. You know echo, try highly trained? You are It's our humanity. You know that's it! precision, my beautiful wife, my kids, you know loving Austin, Texas and barbecue motorcycles, like that's normal to me, so I have to go and deploy and seed scouting things and you are making. Takes like throwing grenades into a room with women and then have to live with that risk, my life, the reason that still saying is because. No, what right is because of ethics and morality in humanity, so yeah. That's how weak and you can do it. It's because guy intelligent guys at the end up in you.
Like the ones you weren't can understand what the differences? Yes, yes, and I think that I think that this is something that is again referring. Back to the culture of Amerika. The lot of people starts to slip away, but but you gotta member, those two thousand men lined up in rural California,. Sure sure there was a little handful of that, like all cool, I'm going to go, kill some people, but there's a lot of people attend having to go out and protect freedom and So I think it's not only something that you in steel. Would you work on through the training and like the through the train that we just talk bout of stabbing or shooting man shaped. Its or even better when you use simulation, I mean you're, shoot that other people,
even Stilson, you that you can't do that, but I think the values, the american values that we are taught as people growing up in this country. Are they do respect life? They do respect freedom and the right for the pursuit of happiness, the things that you just talked about accuse motorcycles, wife, kids, those things we respect and I'm sure you ve been in this situation. I know I've been in it Many many times of. Where are you taking the the man from the house? Either you killed them or your taken him away and he's not going back he's not going back that's one of those things where you don't ask just as a as person. You look you'll get the wife and kids your kind of thinking yourself. Well, you know
buried the wrong guy, but you feel bad for absolute, I mean hey. Sorry, you're using them we look for kids on the planet? You dad I'll come back. Your dad did the wrong thing. But I doubt would also hide behind those kids were in a bar. That does not stop a bomb to himself. Absolutely not the same type of human know that it's not you know, we are it's not it's absolutely not. That was one of the most that was apt. That was absolutely Warner, most disturbing things that that my guys would have to deal with. Was it sergents using kids as shields thank God, I had some really good snipers that were able to kill guys. Were literally using case as human shields. Her Weena guy walking towards us, we're in a bomb vest and we're using thermal amateurs, and he had a kid in front of him and he was trying to cover. Could we heat signature He was trying to cover himself, so we can get close enough. His whole
kid out. Like take my kid, take my kid and the only reason was he is trying to cover the distant, so he could hurt us with his bomb vest which had glass and shrapnel and nails and stuff so please body whose guineas bodies of water impulse charge so No, it's not naive and I'm saying they're, not the think humans is us they're, not they do not. For me to see their seem human. You have to have the same value for human life. The one you when I watch Marines up. On top of gaining an iraqi kids trying to protect them from a bomb going off, not using the kid as a bomb jumping on top of that, not not american kids Marines or navies your army guys jumping on top of local kids, indigenous kids to save them different understanding of what humanity is there, so we get
your question great question: you can do it yet you can definitely and we have done it as a nation and we are doing it and we are continuing to do it without a stronger military, ever come about the ten years of war. The experience the training while we have been shrinking for the past five years, money wise its given us. We ve had a fight wars, the war differently and now Nano think there's I'm doglike like spartan, samurai or even the war. Or to AIR America, like that's the type, a generation of warriors that it small who has a point, five percent, but there there will no doubt.
Next question number five, exactly how much better our green brays that the seals at what I think we have made the first just like me at that dinner, twenty one years old, I didn't understand the difference. So. Every special mission unit has a pretty well defined mission and all of them are different. I would never want to get a gun fight with a bunch of Navy seals, but about any near the water I mean within, like me, out of water. Obi adjust act ass. I also
I think that there is any born on the planet beside special forces that can do a force force multiplier like we can. You can take to all of us. Can drop us in Venezuela. Lee thus there for six months and we probably overthrew the government and placed the president the new president in place. And running economics. The what the power plants the commerce interpretation and like each other the twelve Us Catholic. Married at least four five Venezuelans mobility that stuff You people understand like why we have to speak other languages why we have to go through economic and yours. GEO political classes. It's because we're different, like the missions, are different We're supposed to do is different and. Because of information we end up with different products,
products or a group of deeds that are the bad astute the planet on the planet, for what they have to do, and I mean left that question in there. For a couple reasons, number one was because it will, I thought, was kind of funny it. Obviously, you ever had a sense of humour and the other real question. You noticed to me was just about really defining it. I'd I'd, say the exact same thing that you'd say. I would add this to it. You, yes, you know you look at rangers, you look at seals. You look green ray you. You look at more sock in everyone's got their own little specialty of what the really good at and as a whole, though they'll be better than the other group and then within the seals within the Rangers within the within S, ass, you got different levels of guys are in there. I know you probably work with some seals that you thought one of these guys and you might work with some guys that won't you said damn I'm up
those who work with those guys and the same be I've worked with some as F guys that I thought to myself met these guys are just disguise unbelievable. I would do anything for these guys, and sometimes look at me, go out. I wonder how these I made it through you teams. I get two teams Ebby, like did you Really past selection. Do we that's one thing: it's really hard for the american public to understand is, at the recent I've explained this a bunch times in the past that there's a bell curve, just like any other organisation, there's the top guys that are, you know, totally bad ass, guys just made. It ended, there's a bunch guys in the middle that are totally solid guys they get it done all with others punch guys it just did they barely got through and they skate in. That's you know, that's part of weight is but one thing I can tell you for sure is the special operations community. I dont like my respect for the special opera. Community alone. For me, what with the army? The convention
are you guys, the Marine corps Miranda either always good. Other irish good. There's Let your rifle company, you oughta, please we're Video Kissimmee, discordant they but people the billing locked up an occasion. These get prodded everyone swan, maybe they go like tear somethin apart and they get thrown like some robbed me call. This is good, and how do I get to do? I would like to appeal to get another piece of meat. The marine corps really is an outstanding organization and then there's units in the army that are unbelievably just squared away professional anyhow, heritage behind them of glory for lack of a better word it. So I'm a huge fan of the entire military of: U S, military, but, like you are you to be a seal. The Abbe You are not how to possibly agree break in Oda, like when who plays Navy, like I don't know crap affable! You know about my vote for
try it out loud, be Navy from what's in this decade, I am your century to be honest with you, I literally don't care and the biggest will when we are Romani work with the army and with the Marine corps the guys the sacrifices that they made were so They were so just impressive Dade day. What these guys did, and your we had. Of course, we do have better trade, we do have better gear, and yet those marine corps, cartoons and companies would be out there doing I mean there first, while they live in the city, you know we're going back to a little far We got a little bit of video games and erode halls, huge walls, great Jim, the protein powder, exactly those guys got any of that didn't have any of that. We are doing
The power of porn in protein to fire bears that pre, a bunch marines that, like saved our lives when we're like knocking on their gate at too, back in the morning. We weren't we're like two hundred metres awake and we don't want the motto murderous and they are going to back. Please let us in our air won't come pick us up and we got it you guys been eaten t rats and Eric we're getting pretty much gunfight every single night like they were taken good care, guys God bless all no doubt about that next question. Will American orally that rules of engagement continue to become more bureaucratic and cumbersome forward the? U S regained the will to win First, guys. There have the the will to win and not deal with to tell people shoot them now: EC, not like near them like you like, as the euro is not like. You
be if somebody shot and you heard The gunshot that's like getting shot but now we have to be able to actually say that we were shot at that's like bullets. Syn, been passed. Her head, that's hearing the wishes and then the crack. That's close That's what we pretty much after half an hour. We do so. Let me put some carter that, because we don't have not everyone that listens, this isn't a military, maybe some context around. What tempt you said. That's freaking Dick yours. That means you're waiting until you're about to get killed before you take action, if you're waiting for round because when rounds or snap and over your head, that that means you're you're under suppressing fire just about you can no longer maneuver. So this like waiting until her first civilian? This is waiting until the knife is at your throat before You decide to defend yourself, that's that's what TIM's talkin about
the biggest salesman beam. Your commission based salesman and news, Potential, like maybe you're, not allowed to engage him. How do you actually have to wait? Let me pick up the product. And they walk over to you and ask if you can buy it and almost half the cost. We'd be walking out the door had he already set the product down before you're allowed to talk to him Yolanda engage him doesn't make sense from a sales perspective. Yes, it does echo Charlie wisdom thrown it out, so not could not get we'll see. First of all, the rules of engagement. There are not going to be the same here, so I think Some places like Afghanistan and Iraq have been capitalizing on and now Syria, or our rules engagement. I don't Africa is after
like. Ok, we know the Americans are only allowed to go to the last concealed cover position and are not allowed to directly engaged unless they have been actively fight. So the big, oh there's, the Americans over there weren't get a shoot them, so they can't shoot back ward kill all the Africans who there there to help their like intentionally doing this in their pretty clever. About it, the book, but there right now with the radicalized cells here, the fanatic. Poems that think that they're going to come here and be able to do that. No bro, remember Pearl harbor promote the Alamo Four nine eleven shit will be different. If you think you're gonna come here and play around our, we will not exist dope. Air dunks dunk down there's a lot of political correctness
your stuff from time to time and its people killed it does it does. You are one of the things that cover up a lot. The news How are we gonna ask questions about? It? Is women women coming in to combat roles inside the military, which, your first of all credit to the women that have served in the wars I've seen women. I've seen women in Romani roll out on cars of acts to go out and help my gas God bless him, fearless fearless brilliant awesome? we capable of their respective jobs for credit and then there, a limitation in my opinion as to where you would want to intentionally aside,
women do those things that women can do that we can never do. That is true in South America, I want to get some intel, and go in a bar and work for a month before I get one inform it. I just spent twenty thousand dollars of taxpayer dollars. You stick girl in their and our as she has ten she like you suck you suck you suck you suck you suck. I'm awesome at this. Sport a hundred pounds on her back in through the back of an airplane. I love women, their legs gonna break the it's just a biological factor of what is it muscular skeleton anatomy, anatomy there you go. Thank you.
And their built differently and thank other bill differently, because I could never give birth. There were targeted there. We are What what we're right now is like the Millward talk about it, Pinnacle of exercise One really good way to judge would be the prospect games. Well rounded, athletes that have to have strength, endurance, agility, etc, and the different standards for men and women. There are different standards for many years we have different standards in but safe I forces selection. I would hope not ok, we had the same standard you had given an example, the cross, the games yeah? I mean why it was. It was interesting. I was watching the finals of the cross but games. It was last year. I think, and the event
met the finals. Men went first, was ten guys or something and They came out in the first there. Did you multiple physical activities. The first one was a peg board like what you had. It was our heart, the other, the rustling of they had him in the wrestling room ahead in school. You couldn't go home and tell you did it in this? One was, I want to say it was fifteen feet tall so to pre tall Packard and the headache guys come out. They had a clock, OPEC boredom back down. They get on with that. They have to jump on. On a rower and roll a certain amount of calories. I've got than they moved down the line and their pick it up and clean. I think you're cleaning or cleaning jerking weights we're increasing in weight as they went towards the end and there was a ten minute maximum time to complete this evolution so guys come out boom, they go, they all go it's hard. They cried the parrot become now there are other road they lift awaits there. Don everybody finishes that, given by the first place, ok go there's the grocer and the land, and they have
set up with girls they're doing the same thing. They make the wait a little bit later, but they have for basic concept and the girls come out at these girls that they look as big and strong as I do, or you do and I'm not kidding these girls are peace there. There is their amazing outcrop. Athletes are beautiful and they come out and out of the eight or ten girls that goes into the first thing and hits the Peg board only one of them can make it up their tough and The other, seven or eight or nine athletes can't even get up it. And then the girl, I took her so long to get up the Peg board. That way, you got the roller, she was exhausted. She got down to the role and she didn't complete the rest of the course because she ran out of ten minute time of there.
And to me I'd, never really thought too much about the physicality, always figured. You know what you get a girl, that's good enough shape. Maybe they could make it through some of the training that is required for special up patients, but when I saw that it really did leave an impact on me mentally of how different it is and I'll tell you. Another I was at my Jim several years ago and I had rolled with a girl, but you do too for a long time. Right, maybe player and all of us and we had a girl that was coming into town, that was a black belt jujitsu was a multi time all champion and great technique in its said my: have we gotta watch, we we're on the map and she's. Like you know, hey. You want a role and in my mind I thought myself. Ok, you know I gotta bring my game right now I mean this goes on champion she's, not a small girl. You know, I mean she's, a home
sixty hundred sixty five pounds in- and you know, if you make a mistake against two hundred, sixty five pound black belt you're, going to tap. That's it started myself, you know what I got it. I gotta be careful gotta bring. My alligator and we shook hands and as soon as I like grant with key assumes, I touched her Gigi and she touched mine. I just realized there's no way that she could ever submit I mean, unless I just was completely they. Each wasn't gonna happen because she just didn't have she's doesn't have the the strike, what I want to talk about that all you do, martial arts twenty seven years. So what this year day like we can with, in a second of touching somebody haven't idea about what they can do away with second sight. This isn't just like you ill in this massage mystic sexist way, moron with his girl, she's,
a chance after I touch that's not what it was this that this is like or the best grab on the planet and a Navy seal an amazing black belt instructor that legitimate had the road The revelation that like realised that this isn't possible. Yes, an echo. You described the story last week, the first I ve ever use a white out the first time ever toying with Dean, Lister. I see it as soon as he touched him since you locked up or too, because almost I can't do anything it's this guy. So I failed to mention that that, yes, when you're a grapple or as soon as you try to get someone suck you go. All of this will be tough, this guy, really know anything you even things like hangar watch out for this guy's the Ito head position or he's really good. Can feel all that just by is oh yeah, that's right, so I should have stated that But as soon as I made contact with her
I said to myself while I was I was mistaken, because this is no factor solution. One in a thousand women could make it through one of our region, the selections which I think might Be a little unrealistic, honestly thinking more like one in five thousand, could you could do it That still doesn't mean that they should be. There I must efficient, or should we have to see what it can't be is dictated that we have to do it. Second, we can't change anything. Otherwise, it undermines the entire idea of being special. If you, special unit and there's a special, requirement to be there that require it has to stay the same if you're gonna. Then change that requirement. You ve been changed the unit and Then you have undermined the woman earning her. You to be there?
no change chemistry. It's gonna change, how the team is going to function, not for the worse, not for the better, just don't know what that's gonna be here, and it's not just for small. Not to special operations is not just military. I mean it's a job that requires physical strength. That's what I'm talkin about I'm talking about physical strength and if you can't maintain, if you can't do what the job where's your firefighter you can't put use but the latter with Canada. Eighty pounds rope on your back, eat. Our hopes on your back. You should be able to have that job and. Yeah, so it's one of those! It's one was really tough things because hey I got by the way I got three daughters right. I got one sided three daughters
believe me, I want my daughters to be successful and I want you better have every opportunity they possibly can. But I tell you what something else I do not want my daughter's going onto the battlefield if they can't hey one of their bodies out from the street. If their gifts they'd been shot, you a two hundred and thirty pounds so you re to sixty five to seventy with kid on owe more of it there our kids got wider. Ok, I go about like my my plates. My first deployment were twenty four power. Kenya. Now they weigh five pounds. The whole thing Like the actual bought bark is just deploys yeah, it's like so you're sorted out, you're safe enough twenty years, they're nice, stuff getting wider nice yap it I gotta pick up two hundred eighty five pounds it happen now. It's not gonna happen abnormal
two hundred twenty pound guy and I love I'm a gorilla grenade carrying maniac. So, while my kid is normally like twenty thirty pounds, I then have a backpack Twenty grenades can sometimes I'm like a flash being this room. It sometimes I'm like a frog. It is idle. Wanna do what's inside you get guys like you, and I appreciate when someone like yourself takes a certain artistic. Perspective. When it comes to combat- and you say to yourself, you know what these off regulates. I like them. I like what they do so little their sale. Me yourself, and I like that. I like I, like people that have that artistic expression that they utilise combat to express themselves
two beautiful thing says over an opportunity, but that's the yeah, that's the political correctness and bureaucrat bureaucracy in the military, not a good thing. Jeez here's another one, how stay positive, having seen the absolute worst inhumanity easy of a beautiful. Brunette, Amadou, huge liberation here, beautiful brunette, bust ye babe That's bang in the bikini that will drink bourbon with me. Both so yeah, I have heard kids and women scream than I grenade into the room there having their dad shoot from get nightmares from. It
Yeah, I've seen Doc donkeys go down wells because a village lied to us yeah. Well watch bombs get dropped on entire villages. Why knew that there are people like not bad people? There are good people near bad people and watch the all the voting scrub I love life, I love my wife. I love my kid. I love a sunset. I pushy art I play the piano. I wish I could appreciate beer to have power for, but like everything about life, is that sweeter, because I know how nasty in Elite is, and if any point I forgot why I fight, and I forgot what right was- and I forgot What humanity is of God, The moment, whereas, like I wanna, go, kill something I'm that's it I'm good at war. There's nothing else, I'm good at it,
There's that temptation, because you good at something you wanna go, do more of it to go and. Spend time doing that. If I ever how that. That realisation that I've actually doing that, I'm done term I got in
I'd go be a salesman. I tried Celsius, I don't care, not I'm talking smack about t kiss, I'm just or hardy whatever, and this is a subject that comes up then. I think people want to understand in the civilian world and you ve definitely nailed a perspective that I think most guys feel, and I would say on top of that is that war wallet does expose you to the worst part of humanity. In my mind, for ever I will. I dont think I will ever see anything as moving or
beautiful, as men rolling out into a horrible place day after day night after night ray skiing their lives directly indirectly for their country, For the civilians that are there that they're trying to protect and for each other into, go to memorial service after Memorial service, and realise that these are again. You know, I always try to remind everybody that listen to this, but when I say memorial service are not talking about a dog tags in it. And some body in a uniform I'm talking about a kid talking about person and a person that
sacrificed. Everything in in everything. Everything they are. And everything they ever will be. And so yes, war will show you the worst part of humanity, but that right there is an incredible party, humanity and I don't care about the politics of it. I don't care about any of that, but you're talking about men that will give their wives for their friends.
And when I have that in the back of my mind, then that makes it very easy for me to stay positive, very easy for me to wake up in the morning and say: I'm gonna do my damn this today to leave a good life and do some good things and try and honour those guys. So I don't think war makes you worse, I think we're making better no services. There's memorials they're not like just some dude, had a younger and yet some guy and his wife was like why you bring back to me.
You know what it's like to lose him. You know what you know what we had. You know you didn't know him. I like bitch, please I didn't. I sat there and took it. You know Ruth. We think we sit there to talk about as we're stared at a tree for twelve hours, yeah yeah, I don't u Fort smell. Like woman, you know I don't his favorite panties weren't, you, every single kid. The other you kids. When their birthday is. You know you don't think you think you know him better than I know him time. Did you spent within the past five years in a day and night sixty hours straight taken, his blood he'll be covered in it. Like we note like this, isn't just some memorial with this. Finally, your talk about this there's a different level of your talk. What intimacy?
the brothers in what we say about the dude sitting next to us is that it it's not just subdued some push line in a movie like these are deeds. When we say would die form. For reason. It's goes women I'll never know somebody that close and never will forever either the best due on the planet. You're Jarley, asking how we prefer how do you stood up do when he starts talking, I'm slick
boy is the next word. There's too much base is I can't take it anymore, shit, you, let's bring it back to you a little bit. I won't say a lighter question, but a little bit of a of easier question if a non fighter wants to learn physical self defense where and how can they start, First of all, in your head start, calm yourself, a non fighter. Whatever that is bore ever dude that comes out of the giant and, in my opinion, has the capability to be or if you just so chooses to be. I think every dude is a fighter. So to turn the switch on stopping pussy. I'm sorry
No, it's actually information. Then let me leads our predators, we're predators and we ve got the eyes. Our eyes are in front of our head right are there other not on the side over here were watching out for ever the predators, threaded so you're are correct. I guess here I came seawater term ahead. So. Yeah, that's! Ok! That's good start with mindset where you going from them. So you're asking the question: it's really to me just a choice. Anything better than nothing and then of them. Over that anything is then there's degrees of better theirs. That there's like a right or wrong. Now you could do Cromwell guy. You can do tat, you can box, you can do to get he'll across the self defense now, but thing is better than nothing. But then degrees of what that is get you know, I think, a little bit better For me, the foundational Marshall,
we are always the best to start wrestling boxing more die. You don't you You step opiate again together as a but a knowledge in any one of those, their pain in the ass. Let alone if he has a little bit and all of them or he's really good at one of em. This case rascal. By going to sleep, the leaves, you heard me say the same: exacting actually digits. I would say are what you get you? The reason is you already have a natural defence for someone trying to strike you, and that is wrong. Where did off someone's life you're covered you, you got an ivory whatever one for me. It's ok, it's defence! Being defensive, outwits view that sucks, No don't say like if somebody came to with you as they broke in your wallet as I gotta get
The first example exact unless you have something travels. A few other reasons you have to defend yourself is: if I grab a hold of you and now you not a gradual some kind of rapid right. You gonna be all to get out of that, and so that's why I say starboard you do too and then for me boxing only because I think He's your learn than white, I and you want to learn a little bit of basic striking and then. My tie and wrestling, I mean you, you just get sorted into them too, but there's a beautiful thing America Right was all these places to trade. There is that you to school and every every city. Every quarter I mean out of its India goes. I guess it's actually completely out of control. Here I can take you on a tour of like seventy four totally legitimate to digital places in San Diego, and now they all have more tidy all boxing. Oliver everyone's doing everything and so we think about the six self defense oriented martial arts through
Would you be dark, Melick Crop Magala? I think those are good arguments, so I I think, once you have a base of digital boxing wrestling and more time, then I think cool. Now grandma because then restart looking at weapons are looking at knives. I think it's good, but I think from the b getting. I would rather see, invest my time in the debate for Hungary, get a foundational pillars right right. They can you wanna of that there's some of that asked about SD response. To hear more about SB response aid if Ya Who is going to be involved at lunch today, took me to barbecue guys like do you have to come to
Zack, I do these music and open arms or fire. Then, when we're done will happen held under your play? Is you got you you, Lord me down the Texas, like forty seven times, did everything I like food shooting working out, Jujitsu machine guns- I mean the ice We're not come back once I get down here, I will or take a camera, and- Phil, most of it yours, each Arco like we're in woke him into the sight of a little bird, and so. People get mad. Sometimes I talk about hunting I tell you come and do it show your face the farmers, their pay us to either exterminate the animals or I will you're gonna come and stay at my house. We're going to eat Elk Org eat bison work, eat some raw, more workable bear
and now a of wild pay, because the pig their tastes like toilet, Why get? Madam you talk about hunting because I want to be doing it instead of you, I tell you that when we talk about chocolates because the people the people might not know about the SD response today, the sheep dog response cheap, diverse? That's all about So the sheep dog, it was a phrase coined by Colonel Grossman, and he used as this metaphor, that yet the sheep, which is like the normal people and they ve got a cruise around eat grass, the living their life's either naive about the predators that are out there? Then you have the wolves and those are the things that we need. The sheep grass doesn't taste good. We get canines, leaving our hair and so the wolves wanting to sheep either think that would stop them, and this is
in the reality of cannot take the millennium generation. Is we got a bunch of sheep it like the Sheep war room. Play tight, pants, flannels had beards and never carried in act. Four didn't know how to change the oil didn't know how to break down a gun. Didn't know clean and animal, let alone kill it. If those were the sheep then that's all. We have the thing that Separates them. Is the sheep dog and the sheep dog is genetically more similar to the wolf than anything else has the same natural instincts deal is different: Is that it like sheep, not dead or blood in their mouth? It likes keeping the sheep a wife So that's what she dog is. We give people skills to make them be the hardest person somebody ever tries to kill so you're gonna go and get a gun
fight with somebody. That's come from a sheep dog course. You better be damn good. Do you think you're gonna go hands odd and so tussle with a guy that or lady that's better sheep dog, better plan on it been body violent because when they come in the way they finish. That course we requirements feat of Finnish. That course. People are afraid of their own blood, but not one of our students. They have seen it I've seen it on top of the person of their training with you know that it's not this frightening thing. It's like cool the fight, just guts. I did so that's what it is it some. We are putting confidence and technical skills in the people about being hard to kill you, and I took a look at some videos and stuff, and it's something that people been actually asking me for. I am in the process of setting it up, but I think that
the videos are solid arson, and you know anybody I can get one of those courses, no matter where you could see it will cover anybody on the spectre of bright like I could go and I want to get something out of it and someone on the complete other end of the spectrum, like echo, could go through I bring guys like you signs outside Costa. Ten Bordeaux, case such just enough group, we have a couple of professional com, if shooters. So anytime. I do on developing better I'm getting better, like I'm trade without Castilla right, but point. Was you have you have women than ever shotgun before that cost? Is that right, yeah yeah? Both first. It would only done to civilian classes. We ve been doing military law enforcement for a minute and right then we we its unfair in society that, where it now it's sad that we have to give that we keep the things that you know. I think it would be a huge
the service for you, to share the wisdom, like you do to a society that is now vulnerable, so that now is like- it selfish for us to do this and its, I think, inhumane. So when our first civilian courses both corps This had people that had four shouted gun before now encouraging you to come to a sheep dark horse if you ve another shot gun before, because it ends in a huge painted, but for us cuz, I don't have to put somebody with you the whole entire time and that instructor could have been used to help other people get better. So it's a little bit still selfish If you come to shoot. That course, I'm not going to say no, you know you got to learn the stuff to stay alive. If you have people on trains that just walked out of bathroom submachine guns, they they go to a Christmas the San Bernardino Start moment. People down this is a different era like we can't we can't it and in the cops and law enforcement
I'll, be everywhere all the tile. What's the average, months time in America, formulate ex minutes and that's if you're in like a night in a city with a lot of cops, didn't you got some rural area of yours is word I like twenty yeah, so you are like it or not. Here's the reality. You are your first line of defence and you might be your only lighted so investing yourself learns skills. Have you got money you you're going out there in your buyer, two thousand dollar gun. Don't by a six hundred organ and then comes fourteen hundred bucks and train with you, the alcove play jock. If you like,. You need you need a five hundred organ and a hundred oversight rights. I tell you to a pretty high level. You know like stop. Wasting your money, get the skills, get the skills. Why? I think that thing sound awesome
sure I'll be doing something with it have my good times. Ok, next question: for both of you, I would like to know the most influential book and why you got many adventure box. Ok, we're married One book, the idea of always searching for knowledge is more important than the actual single book. I mean I read right now read in this book on the war of electricity It was a sea versus decent area. Huge electric chair. Tat the great story like a great story. It's almost split the nation tat there s like, current or alternate current, but direct Kurtz. Much more powerful, because I can take a little bit twelve votes and I can kill an elephant
It takes a hundred twenty votes to do the same thing so Ill Edison he put back the wrong thing He was too proud to admit it so I'm learning Tut one about maybe more. Your belief in the wrong thing and how you had how damaging it can be and how, damage you can do it if you're that thick skull, stubborn you know or just said in your ways and how important it is to be or to all is being fertile soil that sir for more nutrients. There's there's no doubt about that, and I think that that's one thing it's been common out of this part cast as echo silk as I review of books in the background, I can always people now tell me. Read this book. Read this book, I'm reading more right now than I did when I went to college, and I was an English Major College, I got people just set up get books,
get books and a male some. You're! Troopers! You sent me, though wolf, his hair. I sent you a book. This two volume some seven hundred pages each I said, This will be on my list, but that's gonna be Rita S heavy, but absolutely reading all the time is what is definitely happen, I know we know. Echo- has been on a reading. Rampage picked a direct result of the podcast cast anybody else asked this question. I there's only one book that I refer to all the time as the most influential book, I've ever read, which is about face by Colonel David hack worth and I've read it many times, and I always go back to it, because it's a great book about a war and leadership and
I read it all the time, but I got a dagger books jurisdiction over barely so I actually read. I split my time between Fictional Nonfiction and I get a ton. I love especially in the times of wearing right now, reading, like french revolutionary stuff, I love learning about the. Why of the thing you know why countless times the french people overthrew the government's, why they width and they started bearing the rich class. Why they widen or than built getting or if there's a did the. Why of the thing, not the how I get that you don't and whether such acts and do more Victor Hugo, you know it's like. I get a lot out of that, and I also get a ton of wisdom. You know really like the count of Monte Cristo, when that priest was digging with
now who would then in the metamorphosis as he's crawling through those tunnels and emerges that as the count them of wisdom that that that that priest gave him about ruling governments. I look at that for our government right now at its profound, So I dont limit myself. While I love reading nonfiction and learning like I am like the book on coming right now, all based in real fact, marketing science engineering I love going back and it's not it's not brain candy. You know it's not under sit here too and on you know some crap dragon He read romance not smart I get a lot from a so I split my time between fiction nonfiction. Fifty fifty I don't sometimes I'll. Try
You told me about a great fiction book and I might give it a try. But in my perspective you know you're talking about or is it the why I always like to figure out like when I read about war, I like to think about the psychology of what's happening with the guy. Especially from a leadership and a follower perspective of what guys we're thinking, because that emu is always the most fascinating thing about what was going down. Was we gotta get these guys do this or my boss is trying to get me to do that how does that work in the most intense scenarios, so from TIM Kennedy get out their lead people next? Why love to hear TIM's thoughts on combating how grappling changes in full kit, with multiple people etc,
it doesn't change, the basic fundamentals of how to punch. Somebody remains the same. You give so like. The bodies to me as a chassis right. Doesn't matter what you put on me. You can give me more. You can take away less my this chassis is still a killing machine right. Now the only thing that changes my locality, the type of damage that I can do is like a hot civic right It can go fast, Oregon, ripe, run down the road gets thirty. Eight miles of gallant ripening could change out the exhaust. We could put some nightrobe. You could put in some wheels eventually. What was just a vehicle it could drive to. The road can drive down the road kind of fast, so it's just based chastity can expand or detract from so this, Jesse this particular one So I don't normally head, but people if I'm worried, ops, core helmet, I'm ahead button as I have already said. We head, but you know
like oh yeah, wear gloves that have like carbon fiber across the knuckles brings the bits lot back. You like no again about being a massage honest, I do not encourage people to ever bit slap, I realise its sexist term, but vice You question and you lied to me, No, that I want to hurt you in the first place, I believe the politically correct term as these doctrines this time. I have backed the matter that gives the pimps Lady Alice, not mythology list poker or maybe more so really it doesn't change. The skills remain the same year, just adding Cairo. The damage that I can do with the more equipment that you give me. That's it pretty simple question. I don't even have anything to add next one cheaters, p d use in ever may and elsewhere, and then plan of action, defence for homeless person, just through much courses in there,
gone Rachel an area we didn't get to talk more rage, drifting, it that's use your originally supposed to be wearing allowing cloth, but I, sweating so much that tor, my pants off, so with the loincloth, it was like actual real soon of an animal, very skin when you get wet hunters. No. This it deteriorates and did my loincloth? So when I too, my pants off to fight the Riddick detour. I'm not giving workers, we really do fight, and so, with my loincloth, so tell people about the movie naked range. Fifteen and TIM Kennedy make it. Is going to challenge everybody's perspective. As to what a veteran is right
this I don't know what it is where people look at veterans and there like their damaged goods. PTSD or actual physical pyramids or the mentality of the God through training that I haven't so that persons now a freak not even dimension the climate that I think is encouraged from the government to treat us differently. This movie is not very gingerly. Gonna cover those topics. It will absolutely offend what I think to be about. Seventy percent of this of this country. From what you told me about the movie today, I'm going to go ahead and up that number to ninety percent and I'll say what what, when you were telling me about the movie today show, the one who made it what's his name primary, so map Ass Palmer, Shadow Matt, best owned company
article fifteen raindrop. Is our company such waistcoat, ray. In fifteen article thirteen and rage rob pretty clever name, very, very creative, already such army. Listen, you fellows sophisticated cosmopolitan. We oars officers and the military are so now Nick were the masterminds by that man is our main character, he's our hero, numerous Udo right, he's good! Look at me. I I've seen a couple of things it he's done he's obviously, funny guy, and put together this movie, they did it through Indy. Go go, which is some sort of a crowd. Funding deal where you get money from people and its public. The public is, gives money erased. How much money have you been a few million dollars. You make this movie, and then we had like me or from their we'd. Like sponsors, people there the community that, like believed in the product that govern I assure sponsor by weapons. May
factors we had like people that make hazmat suits coffee maker. Awesome We just what is moody. We made people in Hollywood wanted when they saw that we're like breaking the board, because Hollywood is stuck it's a cesspool of inhumanity. Selfishness and greed. That's what that industry is the it's it's! It's damn near evil when everybody, that has been suffer esben suffering by that the organization of what Hollywood is saw that too, but veterans. They didn't give it anything, and we're like we're going to make a movie and it's going to be the most efficient moving everybody in this whole city. Hollywood is going to hate it, They started helping us. They like it, takes a few hundred thousand to rent a red camera will give you three for you to use the whole time. We had guys that we're like
Two thousand dollar day type directors, directors, photography, doubt step up big, let us go volunteer my time for three: was he like, so we can't pay you the fifty Grand for a week. You normally make or the fourth for the shot like it's cool, so there's something when you tell me about the movie today: This is what I think about what you told me. There is something about special operations: community that is very secret. It is something there's never been revealed reveal it. It is something that is outside even beyond Topsecret, clad highly class. If information in a special operations we may have to kill you echo Charlie, in what it is
for that. I see you ve never seen come out the public. If you guys talk while missions, they ve done, but no one has ever talked about this fact, and that is that this shall operations community has an insane a sense of humor insane and the reason it doesn't get released because it's in my I believe it is not previous we ve been anyway remotely acceptable by the hue, by the normal people by the populace, you told me the similar scenes you told me about today they are went to shock. They are going to shock. Everybody from speck ops in most guys in the military and look at it with a laugh with negative they're gonna. Think it's funny there. Laughing, so hard going to seem normal to us. It's gonna be seen over me up, like a classic of course, you're doing that. But I think, Like you said, I mean Hollywood is gonna be beside themselves. They are, they are going to be completely beside them.
Whilst this may start a revolution, I hope so. This? We start a revolution, and- I hope this start a revolution with what you told me about it today, and I know that everybody gets us in his pocket. Ass is gonna, go seek, gonna, go see this thing, a media and I think it's gotta be phenomenal. So. I'm looking forward to it when it comes The movie is called range fifteen and it's gonna be a general release. It's gonna be a nurse fifteen, so the premier is it the military gee. I film Festival Memorial Day weekend and That's gonna, be in Washington DC and then, two weeks later, the wider lease run our in eight or nine. Hundred theatres offsets just gotta keep going growing, that's awesome, pities, stop using them, they're, pretty straightforward
item I get a lot like you have a big mess, more physique right, and so we looked at you like a mailing- that big old guy, what What right does he use? Torrents work athlete since I was six years old? but data was an olympic le. Why my brother, ten times athlete that I am my sister was History shows that she start an athlete even before we were throw stones at me. You saw of tests me every week the military testing all the time. Still today you guys get tested. Last month I got tested like nine times. I've always been clean. I will always be clean
and just for those either. Don't know that for those that are Mme fans, you find a lot of guys that weren't clean air and that use you know I've since being in the make community and in sport. A lot of guys and fighting a lot of guys I've gone with guys. Just so everybody understands when someone goes on steroids, you can feel it a hundred percent. You can absolutely feel that they work they work. They work. They were they make you stronger, then maybe we recover commerce faster, and so back at you, ve gone in the in the cage on multiple occasions and fought guys that had that massive advantage and you ve beaten, awesome, awesome work and its above that that that's out there that self respect integrity
yeah, you have more of an outspoken opinion about it could save him like the next guy. Yeah women, so I ve been a bitter professional athlete for fourteen years, like the pride peak of guys dripping. Anabolic steroids Are we not like I used and fight camp? I didn't like they took Direct needles, damage to their eyeballs right before the fight fights. You know the vendor lay silver like George, like he's up on the ring screaming and Polly hasn't even remembered, like the last four days, because he's been destroyed, rage leading up to his fight. That was that the that is the era of Emma may that I came from and down my My tire career has been that man bitter that, like your life, I thought lost titles. Yeah? Maybe they would have gone differently had I cheated or they weren't cheating. But that's all
about to meet up in a Marshall artist, since I was since as a kid so a Marshall artist has to do with ethics and intact Eddie and hard work the pillars of what bein a morsel artist is every one of these guys spits in the face of what I think the sport is supposed to personify all the beauty that exists in martial arts, stripped away every time, one of these guys tests positive! That's why yeah! That's all leave it at that I'll leave it at that, while we're on it. The next question is, why not make one last you have see run I do it,
The other. Are you gotta fight again with? What's our youngest schedule? Are they call on you, so I suppose, to deploy in MID May and then to begin June, so I normally even midday May and Again I gotta breaks and stop down for some civilians here, right, TIM Whose doing all this stuff we sit in a room with me right now, who's got done. Doing a photo shoe today whose making movies he's gone. Deployment, Overseas to go, hunt down a kill, bad guys. In a matter of months. I'm retired right he's still you in it and he's doing all this other stuff. Fighting for the you have seen how you see. I mean you should be the absolute poster boy for the? U s c, for the love of God? Sorry Wrapping you, ok, you gotta go on deployment gap,
for your information, and so my middle management told them that get back on this date and this date until this date, is when I leave again I'll, be a hundred sit down to fight anybody. They say so one last you have see run. I want even limit it to last there. I'm right whatever sixty or seventy six were fit in the world. Right now to me fight away from a title, and I think I can beat everybody above me, and I think you can do so Let's hope it, the folks at the. U have see pay attention to this. You gotta guy. That's a veteran that hero. That's our heart, worker? That's never let you guys down pop and positive, that's train in his ass off and you know what
besides all that he's get ready to deploy again. You can have the damn you FC about when you back. You tell him how much time you need my brother, you to boot How is when you want to fight and Anne who you want to fight? If I may, Dana White I'd like oh, you know what this this whole. You have seen schedule is based on TIM Kennedy, That's u! We base the euro she's, getting all not on what some other person. That's not ever served so hopefully data If you listen, my name is Go gimme, a shout I'll lay this out, for you explained to you how this needs to work there. Let's do this, I love it. Yes, certainly aright.
Importance of recovery within your training programme ends. By the is from a sore necks. You guys it make wait. Racks Well, you know, for fur recovery be important, you have I've done the hard work to need it. So I think people focus on recovery overtime, were they seriously. I can't do that. I'm on recovery therapy or ice bath or get a massage acupuncture. You know like bitch, go train hard. You like these callouses, I cut off you weekly, it's from hard work. You know, and- and I think recovery is as important as training but first The training has to be there ass to be hard enough for it to warrant needing recovery
Vienna, which I would say when it went on when I was trying to do a lot more bone Austrian Yossi fighters. It was so obvious when they were overturned They go from the EU, They give me a hard time on the mat or whatever and all of a sudden, I'm just a nice lady and I go yea Day off man going to stakes tomorrow. Then just relax, easy, but. You know some guys I did it. Couple days off, you read, it I think it has more to do with lifestyle than recovery. You know like when people like I have not been able to put the get the output, the volume that I need to do for work or let's talk about your life. You know like we are choosing pussy last night. Oh you, are you or your extra club? Is that clear so get out? Get what have you Even this week, they tell me, show me your diet. Did you even have a log? No, you dont have a log get out you don't know how much you sleep last night- oh you don't know what you drink get out. He only gonna. When was the last time you had a drink, o last night, get out, you don't stop
Talking to me about recovery, victory at a lifestyle is conducive to training. You know what you're talking about health lifestyle, give it our sleep. Well, kitty. I know java job with this is right. We'll food, stop putting crap in your body, stop drinking, YO, YO drop to your own. You talk about these guys having like a huge problem stuff. What one stop using steroids to stop drinking for me sex day every day get it, I was asleep ward my ass off. I think the man. For a real athlete man or woman. They have to go. Retired, to love that feeling that you are exhausted, you see that bed in here like to me. Can I make it you're gonna, make it from the shower Tibet fast, What you're supposed to feel like we ve talked about that on here. That's that's one of my favorite feelings in the world of I get to the
The night, barely hang it on through dinner. I will get double good care with life starts talking you're like baby long long long, while won't want war and hear the word thou know you're saying you know so I the that's. That's great inputs, sleep right. It's you can we met humans can do a lot and it's the parties so adaptive source. So you got people, they can run ultra marathons and he got people that can deadline thousands of pounds and were the same species right here with you. Will they can like The Mona LISA in there's people there, can go in. Murder. Villages, same species? You don't like it. Isn't a guy Dave thing as long as you train it properly next question: one of them:
What are the best qualities slashed skills? A person needs to be a great soldier, Slash fighter, and are these the same. I think that there are some qualities and each that complement each other. For example, The regimented schedule of the military does Things for somebody wants to aspire to be a fighter because most fighters, our selfish little pricks that are super lazy They don't understand what it takes. Dedication, wise too little things like said your alarm being on to work out riding a journalist who were you're eating. Not cheat pussy all night long and they should go to bed like those that that's discipline. That's that's what that is. That's that word
and a lot of military, not all guys, but a lot of the military teaches discipline. So that is a characteristic that would compliment somebody that aspires to be and then fighters like yes, obviously, you're, learning skills, technical skills that could be lifesaving saving you you just get comfortable sweating, you're, getting used to heart, work and solve so some of those things are nice, but. So there's something that that do well being it soldier can make you better fighter and things about being a good fighter can make it better soldier somewhere. The I think up for me that the biggest quality that would transfer both back.
Fourth soldier fighter and our goal and throw one more on there and that's being in a leadership position. But to me it's humility and I think what makes a soldier a fighter a leader, the most important quality they can have as humility, because the minute that you're not humble is the minute that you stop treating as hard as you can see them, you say you know what I don't need to do that extra work out today. That's Humility, could you think it already got this? I got this in the bag from a leadership same thing. Are you tray my guys hard? I don't need to short earlier than my guys because they already respect me. No, In that respect, every day it so For me, always humility is the most important characteristic.
Of a person. Could you not also not learn what you're? Not humble? How do you do? I mean the role today, the whole you d, get on the path to day. Are you swing that it'll Bell today, already good the humble git, humble or you're going get Humboldt dude surrender Let me put this my former fast it'll be recorded. Team can refer back. I don't want you to keep it. I want to keep it we, all kinds of tee shirts eggs that come out of the park cast each time be humble, we'll get humbled. Take die router I wanna. Take you yeah. That's another Goodwin saved, ok,
humility right there last leg and learning from external? It's also thievery of his intellectual property. More I'm sure you cut me of giant fat check for the thousands and thousands of tee shirts. It gets older, ok, this question, and I think the reason this question is in here is because a lot of people I was an Spock ass, their turn to get better John, improve them I will try to do good and we are, and we get people of all ages, this one in particular, says. If giving a high school graduation speech, what would you advise? Eighteen year old, navigating their first there next steps which dominate in Europe, how a man be humbler gambled his tail. Do we need to make a t shirt that you are too? I am.
You don't know the way this question gets phrased and from what the story you told tonight. What would you tell yourself if you could tell your own eighteen year old self? What would you tell yourself. Do something that you dont know. If you can accomplish family climbed the mountains, the I could go up to Mission San Luis Obispo here, which is like a two thousand about I'm pretty confident could claim that he now mount Whitney without some training closely We ve got a challenging the obviously k to Everest diff different beasts could do it. Do that? Do that? Do that thing that you dont know if you can do
stop being afraid of hard work. That's the thing! That's gonna really determined success or failure, one is your desire to actually do it and then to the commitment that it will take to achieve it? Stop being scared go and do it? I thought I'd say my statement, then I put it right on top of that, I would say that not only you want to stop being scared, and do that thing that you don't know if you can do or not, but you know what you gotta do. Is you gotta start taking steps now? Because when you're eighteen years old, seems like it's gonna last for ever, and I will tell you right now: it's not gonna last forever in opening
years go by like summers Day and the next thing you know you look up you're thirty, six years old or your phone, four years old and at times gone you cannot get it back. You can not get time back, So those dreams that you have those goals. Is that you have don't put them off. Others. Second, one. Not one second get on them and go out and make them happen, starting right now,. Get off them, like you, got anything else with an eye to make sure suspended. She can't drop of but
good. That's why I would have done I like about you got anything else. Dude does awesome thanks thanks for coming your inspiring, Appreciate your your inspired. Do I nation echo anything? It is interesting how a lot of stuff Most of the stuff that team was talking about was like what You were just cut recently talking about in terms of the reading stuff to stop doing stuff, the see the hard work stuff or whatever, but it was. Is that those in so as subscribe to this idea of, like I prefer dean. Press freedom, who peaceful slavery, the only reason that that you can have that is from individual possibility Frida freedom, which does not this construct. You actually have to take the work and do the that's associated with it
and see what I mean is laughing right now, because one of my sort of monsters in life. Is discipline, equals freedom and the more discipline you have the harder you work, the more effort you put into it, the more freedom you're going to have So, as you are describing this philosophy, it somebody we ve literally say on every it's it's a chapter and they look. That is what I d like how everything you're saying is like lock, even exactly with local boat. He's been think where it hurts me: Jack, you're, crazy. We have a shared one of the two only two years. We have one is this: when freedom, they don't be hamburger, humble doesnt- we have indeed every drop to make, but what else on it on it? yeah, you know all about on a dry traitor. I train their. Today's weak only utilise their lives. There are several million. You use shrimp tech.
I swear like so I'll. Make you a pretty sight I think I'm a scientific guy So what I'm using something I'll have like measurable? like tangible numbers, I can do exe, number of reps reps or rose like how many calories can I burn in ten minutes on from tat or off from tech all things being the same same day of the week same pretty diet same similar, wait it's more when a mushroom tech are always placebo. I don't. I gonna role There's knights were like tuckered out Maybe there's knights were a mushroom taken. Arms like our another round. Those carried out in that say the later rounds. You really feel it as rounds gone any other, so on it yet if you want to get trim tech or of brain.
We're on it that comes or crude oil rich on it. That comes less Jacko, a Thorn ten percent of whom we forgot. That's an Austrian who is Twenty minutes for me, click through click through Amazon Doc. Oh, I feel be free shop on Amazon. If you support this type, guess good, a jackal, podcast darker Do the Amazon Lake or Juggle store come and then yet do Shopping in. I should get a little over time. He got good. Jocapa generally converse data can be just take. My money to do is click. This bonica ends up on my door. Yeah it's hard to do Amazon now say no it to Yemen. You're right. I think that's We ve got tonight, I've one question: send it back I am standing you twenty sixteen. Is it too late?
I realise the delegates are the delegates are about to be distributed to a bunch of bitches you might be too late, twenty one thousand and twenty twenty I'll have to meet with Bryanston What are you a week? I want like President Mr President, I want to present our advice: TAT, Shockoe, asthma, to press after today you might have a little slot in there somewhere do not get no nope awesome. Waiters, we go back come on appreciate, sweet here and with everybody and most of all, you for your service to this nation, can never thank you not for what you ve done. If you want to connect with any of us on the into webs echoes, good Charles TIM is at him. Kennedy and may- and I am at Java, willing
in all the troopers out there that are listening to this thanks, listening. To those you that on the front lines of the battlefield overseas right now serving in our military thanks for taking the fight to the enemy to the police, enforcement fire fighters that are here stateside. Thank you all for protect. The hope front, if all other troopers out there world on your job site or in your office or in your manufacturing line or sittin in your cubicle out there. Grinding away. I want you to remember that the grind is how you sharpen the axe and it's the toil that makes the man so keep grinding
I keep living and go to sleep later and wake up earlier work hard and play even harder and have fun while you're doing both and squeeze every minute of every day and make every second count in the best way to do that is to go out there get after it. So until next time this is ECHO and TIM and Jacko out.
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