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Jocko Podcast 4: Rendezvous With Death, Disrespect, Workouts

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This is jack. Podcast number four, with ECHO Charles and me Jacko willing. So several years ago I was at the: U S c,. Then we will all do you have sees love gonna watch. You have sees not been too. I don't even know how many but its many many times I was there were fighters that I trained cornering them or with fighters that I trained with, and I was watching them some into a lot of you of seas and this one in particular. I don't remember I don't even remember which fight it was who is fighting or who I was coaching or whatever, but my Work for the night, it was done answer now. It was time, do kind of sit back, relax and watch the rush, the fight, actually linked up with one of my good seal friends who I was in Romania with,
and we were sitting there having a good time. This is Post Ramada. I think this is round two thousand and seven slash. Two thousand and eight to we've been home for a year or two and we're sitting there watching enjoying, and all of a sudden any in me We know that we were in theirs big giant screens. And the u have see, plays various advertisements in between fights and normally There's some noise in the background and there's people are continue with what they're doing for whatever reason this advertisement came on and it captured everyone's attention, not just mind so we're sitting there and all of a sudden kind of everyone serve captivated by this advertisements that came up on the screen
and it was a commercial for a video game and I'm not a video game player, and I just don't know much about video games, but the video game was called gears of war and the commercial Was right here and if you watching us on Youtube and have to send you to the link? Because we don't want to interfere with the rights of the commercial So we'll put that in the link on Youtube. Two years of war view if you type in a Youtube gears of war, rendezvous of death, rendezvous with death, you'll, see,
this commercial. I have a rendezvous with death at some disputed barricade it maybe he should take my hand and led me into his dark land and close my eyes and quench my breath. I have a rendezvous with an eye to my pleasure word, so I hear that commercial. I see that commercial and em
honestly, as I see this, I'm kind of surprised or shocked, and maybe even a little bit embarrassed, because something about that commercial hit me in a way that I didn't think that some Hollywood videogame commercial producer should be able to do. I felt like that shouldn't be able to happen, and I don't feel like that very often And so, when the fight over- and I got back to my hotel room, When I got there, I just I was still thinking about this. Still thinking about this commercial, what I saw So I open on my computer and I googled
rendezvous with death and sure enough. There was not the video game, commercial, but a poem, a real problem. Was written by a real poet who was a real warrior, and I did some research on him. It turns out this guy that wrote this poem. Was aimed Alan Seeger? He was born in eighteen. He ate raised in Staten Island New York had a privily pretty privileged upbringing. Went Private schools ended up going to college at Harvard. He was. Classmates with Ts Elliot. So he kind of surrounded by very important and influential people and when he graduated from Harvard he went,
to Paris and and from what I can tell he won kind of continue this this lifestyle of an hour a store of a poet and while he was in Paris, World WAR one broke out, and on August twenty fourth, nineteen fourteen Alan Seeger joined the french Foreign Legion. He wrote in a letter to his mom about this move, hope you see the thing I do, and I think that I have done- well being without responsibilities, and with no one to suffer materially from my decision taking upon my shoulders to the burden, That's so much of humanity is suffering under, and rather then stand ingloriously aside when the opportunity was given me
doing my share for the side that I think right. So this young guy. Goes off and he actually wrote a bunch of letters how many kept a journal as well, which is very resting in. Perhaps it will become one of our future topics on this podcast, but the palm, which is called rendezvous, actually is little bit longer than what they put in the commercial and we're ready. The full poem again written by Alan Seeger can hear this rendezvous. I have a rendezvous with death at sea disputed barricade when spring comes back with rustling shade. An apple blossoms filled the air,
I have a rendezvous with death when spring brings back blue days and fair it. Maybe he shall take my hand. And led me into his dark land and closed eyes and quench my breath maybe I shall pass him still. I have a rendezvous with death. On some scarred slope of battered hill. When spring comes round again this year and the first meadow flowers appear. God knows towards better to be deep. Payload in silk consented down. We love throbs out in blissful sleep was nigh to pulse and breath to breath. Where hushed awakenings our dear but I've a rendezvous with death, Admit night in some flaming town wins
spring trips north again this year, and I to my pledged word am true. I shall not fail that rendezvous and he did not feel that rendezvous. Our senior, was killed in action July fifth night In sixteen as he does, unit success. We charged the heavily fortified french village in France called bellboy. An santerre was during a tactical salt, one of a small fights in what became known as the the sun, which resulted in four hundred and twenty thousand british casualties. Two hundred thousand french casualties and five hundred thousand german casualties from one battle.
Talking a little bit about how he died, this is from a friend of Seeger that was with him during the attack about, we're a clock. The order came to get ready for the attack, none could help. Thinking of what the next few hours will bring minutes anguish and then, once in the ranks faces, became calm and serene a kind of gravity, calling upon them, while on each could be read the determination and expectation of victory. Two battalions were to attack our company being the reserve of of battalion the company's forming the first wave were deployed on the plane, bayonets, glittered in the air above the corn, already quite tall. The first section, which was Alan Section, form the right and then
guard of the company and mine formed the left wing after the first bound forward. We lay slash flat on the ground and I saw the first section advancing beyond us and making toward the extreme right at a village. I caught sight of cedar and called to him. Making a sign with my hand. He answered with a smile, how pale he was His tall silhouette stood out on the green of the cornfield He was a tall man in his section His head erect and pride in his eyes I saw him running forward with bayonet fixed he disappeared, and that was last time I saw my friend that's an excerpt from John Keegan Face of war, so Seeger wish on the stomach and while he bled to death, he reportedly continued to encourage his fellow soldiers,
here's to press on, he was posthumously awarded the French Cross of war and the military metal and like many many soldiers, especially ones from World WAR, one he was buried in a mass grave. Now the reason I started off today, talking about our Seeger, is because I want to talk about World WAR, one and- and I often tell my son, that World WAR one is the the one war that I would not want to participate in. It was just completely safe
ridge and brutal, and if you haven't listen to blueprint for Armageddon on hard core history, which is in absolutely phenomenal, finance. No podcast, but you haven't listen that listen to it. It will give you a good oversight of the war, but what really disturbed? with me about World WAR one and what scares me about World WAR one is that you add very, very limited control over your destiny. You could not use your brain, and your tactical prowess and your skills to keep you alive. You, you know if you watch any footage of world war- one it was listen. There's
It we're in our trench therein their trench at this designated time. We are going to get up there, we're go over the top and we are going to charge and it was just absolutely brutal, brutal warfare now That is kind of what brings us to a book that I wanted to talk a little bit about today, and this book is a very Quick read the very interesting weed I looked for it, On Amazon, its negative Osborne, some digital version, it's all
available for free. If you just google this book for free, you can find it. It is called battle leadership and its by a guy named Captain Adolf VON Shell, who was in the german army. And to give you little information on. Captain VON Shell and why he has this sort of phenomenal insight in to war. Let me tell you a little bit about items is from a forward of a book, He entered the imperial german army a few years prior to the outbreak of world world of the World WAR, so this is written in the thirties when there was no second World war. The mobilization in nineteen fourteen found him on the belgian frontier in command of an infant ripple tune in October, nineteen fourteen. He took part in several battles.
Occurred during historic race to the sea and gave you watch hardcore. If you must not for history, you will you'll hear all about that in one of these he received the first several wounds, the World WAR was to bring him and he was sent home in If you have nineteen fifteen, he returned a duty and a company commander there your hindenburg is company, marched and fought in meter. Deep snow and series engagements known historically is the winter battles of the measures of the Missouri and Lakes which over one hundred thousand prisoners were taken from July October, the same Eureka partner, gigantic Austro Joe when a soul of the polish salient with whose climaxed by the fall of Warsaw following it the german drive to the east, was carried carried, the young officer in Russia as far as the first Siena River there,
Some are filled with endless marches and repeated engagements engagements gave him. Why, experience in the open warfare, tactics of small units and nineteen, sixteen and nineteen, Sixteen captain VON Shell, still in the east operating close conjunction with the Austrian. In an effort to stop the Bruce love, steamroller. In eighteen, seventy his division was transferred to the romanian front. We're VON Shelter, partner, number of engagements in the higher altitude of the car pathogens. In eighteen. Eighteen, the war carry the author into its bypass, the Ukraine, the Crimea and the Caucasus. The armistice found him operating against the Bolsheviks, after the war was over, he stayed in the army, he was in all kinds of different positions, as he stayed.
And he ended up actually in Betty after World war, one he came to America and went to forbidding Georgia and went through airborne school, which an American when these in this is where this volume this this information develop from, because while you going through airborne school. He taught a bunch of classes and. The reason he was selected to teach all these classes is summarised pretty well again in the four from the book. There is probably no officer in our army who has participated in so many widely varying types of military operations as cap VON Shell. His now of war, was gained first hand in meeting engagements, advanced guard battles, rearguard actions, night attacks, guerrilla warfare, mountain fighting in which he took part. He is run the entire gamut of tactical experience from pursuit to withdraw from an assault on permanent fortifications. Two major offensive
In the rigours of russian winter there is no, page of his story as set forth in these lectures That is not worthy of study by american officers and I will say this: yes, he is extremely experienced. Are obviously I mean just an incredible amount of battle experience, especially in worldwide One with a casualty rate was so absolutely crazy, but also and perhaps more important. And you'll see this as soon as we get into his writings. Is he had an incredible mind for war and incredible mind for leadership, and I think that is what makes
It makes him some president makes his writing so important and right out of the gate. The. Was chapter by this guy. Who again is? Is this guy? That's don't been all this war fairies, you know Don raids in a sultan, offences. He's done all these things, all these tactical things and the first chapter is called battlefield. Psychology. So he's not talking about these are talking about the tactics and how to fight now to maneuver he's talking about battlefield psychology. What does he mean by that from the book here Psychology, as I understand it, means knowledge of the soul, yet How should we speak about the soul of others when we did not? No, our own.
Is there a single one of us who can say with certainty, how he will react to some given event? Never who s as leaders, we, must have some knowledge of the souls of our soldiers, because the soldier the living man is the instrument with which we have to work with in war. So this is something going back to when I got interviewed by two Ferris, and he asked me what was the most complex operation. You are in charge of. In my answer was: look the operations themselves that complex the complex thing about being a combat leader is dealing with human beings, and that was clearly what VON Shell thought as well. Back to the book, the great commanders of all times, had a real knowledge of the souls of their soldiers.
Let us use more simple phrasing. Call this knowledge of the soul, knowledge of men. Knowledge of men in all wars has proved an important factor to the leader. It is probable that this will be still more true in future wars, and I am here to attest a hundred Later that knowledge of the soul of your soldiers is still the most important thing to understand. As a leader. This is interesting now he's gonna get into. Why this increased in importance during World war, one. Prior to the World WAR, all armies fought in comparatively close order, so this is when you go back to watch and read go to fight and they're all lined up or you watch break. Pardon everyone's lined up or any of those the the phalanx. You know
back in the day how but how the Spartans fought everyone had this. You know you were at close order. You are close to your you're teammates, you fellow soldiers, the psychological reaction of the individual soldier was not so decisive since the fighting was not by the individual, but by mass and the mass was held together by drill and discipline. She had these very close, literally close together organizations, and I would tell you that even in combat today, when you get your group mustard together would say in the ground floor of a building. Have forty seals in there and you ve. If you hear me talk about decentralized man, I'll tell you hey, can I can I control forty seals on the battlefield? No, absolutely not! That being said, he put everyone in a small. Ground for rebuilding and I can yell out everyone master here, we're gonna break Three minutes get a good
account check your email, everyone here, that you can control them when you're, not close proximity for for at least thirty seconds. You can get some control. So he goes on to talk about that. But, more importantly, he says Moreover, the psychological impressions of battle were simpler, rifle and cannon rule. The battlefield and the enemy could be seen. In modern war, the impression are much more powerful. Usually we fight against an enemy we cannot see. The machine rules, the battlefield we no longer fit. In great masses, but in small groups, often his individuals. Therefore, the like reaction of the individual has become, recently important. So again, if you ve got all your people mustard, Rather than you can verbally talk to them
they can see you and you can set an example and you can lead them through physical contact, its a little easier to overcome whatever psychological barriers they might have when they start being spread out and all of a sudden. They can't hear everything and they can't see you anymore now. The psychological element becomes a lot more important as com. Hinders. We must know the probable reaction of the union visual. And the means by which we can influence this reaction. The knowledge of men is especially difficult for two reasons. First, because it cannot be learned from books and that is one that I know drives people crazy In it drives me crazy and also he will go and control first that little bit, because he just talk about how military
a should study history because you do learn what to expect. But to say that now man is especially difficult for two reasons. First, I'll be learned from box? I think we ve all seen that you are. We get somebody that's been through some kind of a leadership academy and they train Do this doktor analyzed book Lucian for something in and they fail with. Second, because the characteristics of the individual in peace are completely changed in war. Now I agree with him on this with a caviar Because you he saying that the way men react in war is completely different from the way they react in peace, and I would venture to ass if he was alive. Now we have this discussion with him. He would agree with what I am about to say. It is now
after that, their reactions are completely changed. It is just that their reactions are amplified and intense. Fight, and that is something that leaf, and I talk about all the time when people ask us about in million companies, you know it's different because it's not combat and we say combat is like life. It's just amplified and intensified so when you have some business leader, that's nervous about making a decision because they might lose a bunch of capital or set the company for your bad quarter whenever an that's, that's real, that's real emotion! It's real fear it's real hesitation, you do in combat. You put somebody to combat leadership position and they have Make a decision which could cause some of their lives or could come, ask him cause mission, failure it the same emotions, but it's just amplified, and I think that
I think that VON Shell would agree with me if he heard that explanation. I think occasionally you get at the top end. Of intensity. You do get some of our emotions, you know you get people to freeze, but then again I see people in the business world that freeze when things get too complex or too crazy, people freeze and they become paralyzed, and they don't make a decision because there too scared. So actually I would stick to my guns on this and say that the reactions, although do for the same reactions are just amplified. He goes on. Man react differently in war than he doesn't peace. Therefore, he must be handled differently for this region. We cannot learn in peace times the psychology of war. Again, I will tell you that,
The training that we put together when it was intense enough, we would get to see in a micro way we get to see the beginning of those reactions at that guy's would deliver in war. Is my belief that no one can give a prescription for a correct application of the principle of psychology in war, The only thing of which we are certain is this. The psychology of the soldier is always important. O commander lacking in this inner knowledge of his men can accomplish great things that I would agree with what you have to understand. Your people, and I would go one step further, and so you not have two not understand. Your people that work for you. You need to understand the psychology of the people at her above you in the chain of command.
Understand. What's driving them understand what kind of decisions there making and why they're making those decisions. As long as armies were small and the battlefield narrow, a leader could exert psychological influence on his army by personal Example in modern wars, however behalf The commanders are necessarily far in the rear. And the majority of soldiers never even see them. Consequently, the task of info sing in understanding. The soldiers psychologically has in large measure, pass to subordinate commanders. For this reason we shall do only with the psychology of individuals and small units, so to something that is held true today and that element there's there's this element in the army. It's called a company can under which is above a in this guy's in charge of a hundred, maybe a hundred and fifty guys and that sort of thee
the level that I think this is addressing and the reason is because, above the company commander. Now you ve got a battalion commander. And while he has some influence, you know he's got five one, there are seven hundred guys under him. They don't they interact, for them, but that company commander he interacts with them. And so that's why he saying that its that's the focus here so in peace, we should do everything possible to prepare them, kinds of soldiers for the strain of battle. We must repeatedly warned that warned them that war bring he's with it surprise and tremendously deep impressions, and it gives you that word impressions and when I looked it up just a kind of clarify You know the closest thing that I think he's
we cannot, as it gives you ideas. It gives you feelings. You no war gives you these deep feelings ended in its trying to prepare men, Psych logically for what they're going to face, because it's gonna be deep. We must prepare them for the fact. That each minute of battle brings with it a new assault on the nerves, as soldiers of the future, We ourselves should strive to realise that we will be faced in war by many new and difficult impressions. Dangers that Thus foreseen are already half overcome so something you know you already have overcome it gives you know what you expect it. It's the thing that you don't know it's a thing. That you don't see that is going to really affect you in a negative way. I'm going back to the book.
And again, this is this opening chapter to me. It is bad. No field. Psychology just applies to so many different situations. You know yes, it's about battle, but is about Life, it really is about life, and when you talk about preparing teams or preparing kids Firth things in the world that are going to hit them and how hard it's gonna be when I talk about with you, I get asked a lot about self defense. You know, and some will say What what do I do with my daughter? How can I get a deal to defend herself and I always say you know, given the talk but into of jujitsu, one of the things that it helps a girl with Andy Guy. Both is you can use to physical contact and, if you're, not use that physical contact, when it happens to you for the first time that
not. That alone is unknown. To throw you often make you nervous and make you scared make you feel. Gout and not be able to react properly. But when you. You did too, I mean you got somebody grinding on human smashing, you and holding you down, and I mean it's just gets you used to that in it becomes that it's become second nature for fur Did you guys? Are you gonna? Get a fights ignoble deal answer What's we went with boxing or kickboxing some squares off with you. If you ve her squared off with someone before its freakin pay ex situation or if you get hit or if you could hit into panic situation. So these things are a way of you know producing people to dangers that are thus foreseen and already have overcome so my training. With these things we already have overcome when you get in the situation in that's one of the things that makes
training. Martial arts prepare you for these self defense situations. Let us take on the book. Let us take several actual examples from war and see what we can learn from them in studying These examples. It should be borne in mind that they do not constitute universal formula the sky like everything that I think he thinks you, I always say like you can't just apply the same formula to everything you have to have an open mind. You got for your mind and, as we say in right, there bear in mind. They do not, constitute a universal formula. They deal we need now. He goes and specifics they deal only with german soldiers. Moreover, they deal only with Take german soldiers in certain definite situations. We there are other soldiers of other races would react. Similarity in sit sit in similar situations I do not know. But I believe not, for instance,
mentality of the American soldiers soldier differs from that of the german and even in America, the northern soldier differs from the southern are sold from the city of New York has an entirely different viewpoint. Then soldiers lived as a farmer in the west. Now I we say this, I served with everybody dies from a city, and I think where this is a lot different nowadays and I think in in nineteen ten. If you the farmer from the Middle West, you're farmer, fundamental West a year. And travelled. You had seen much there s the world. If you were some of New York City, you didn't travel using the. So I think he's probably less true now, where you have people even though there are farmer from the MID West guess what they ve been all over the country. They. Lived in cities. They moved to cities, they were a lot more mobile of other people. Now it's a much more global, and on top of that, you have the internet, you ever movies. You have all this media, so I think this is
with less true now that people are more well rounded than they used to be exposed to more exactly he will therefore react differently and will require different method of handling. Now, that is true. It As I often do, their background has do well, has do their back competent half do with where their front passenger with who they are as human beings. During the battle of Tannen Burg. Hindenburg, Luton Door for these are german staff officers and theirs half were standing on a hill and observing a portion of the battlefield, whilst gauged, the well known, Colonel Hoffman, who is at the time the G three came up to it, young captain of the general staff and said to him in a quiet tone. My friend, you seem to have nothing to do pay attention in the village of acts There is Land Sturm Battalion call up. It's come
and say to him, a Russian Cavalry Brigade has made a deep penetration in the direction of village acts, the and stern battalions to counter attack and throw back the Russians on hearing this Young general staff officer became quite excited and said o curl, that land from it. Million consist only of old men over forty five years old. They cannot defeat a russian Cavalry, Cavalry Brigade, colonel answered merely given that order quietly and if the bit I ain't commander refuses to obey, ask him for his name. You will see that he will do it instantly. The young captain gave the order over the telephone at time. Commander terribly excited answered. How can I attack. A Russian Cavalry Brigade with my old men, that's impossible, then the captain said I've been directed if such as, if such be the case, to merely ask you for your name. O me came the quick reply
I did not mean it that way. Certainly we were attacked. I will have my unit forward at once and in five minutes we will be on the march. Your orders will be executed immediately and they were the fee or of unpleasant consequences, resulted in the disappearance of all the commanders fears, but the order with the within with another battalion commander in different circumstances. The effect would probably been entirely different, colonel half minute correctly estimated the probable reaction of this battalion commander. Now this is the same idea, for this is very clear a really classical example of this art of estimating a situation psychologically was shown in year. Nineteen. Seventy at one thousand nine hundred and seventeen Fire Brigade commander the general said each of our three regimental commanders must be handled differently.
Aid does not want an order, and I, as you listen to this think about the people. You know the people that you work with and these three people exist everywhere, colonel a does not want an order. He wants to do everything himself and he always does well. We all know that person colonel be executes every order, but has no initiative. We all that person Colonelcy opposes everything he has told the dew and wants to do the contrary. We all know that person. A few days later, the troops confronted a well entrenched enemy, whose position would have to be attacked. The jet Oh issued the following individual orders to colonel a though We must do everything himself, my dear, A I think we will attack your regiment, we'll have to carry the burden of the attack. I have, however, selected you. For this reason,
the boundaries of your regimen. Our someone so attack. It Ex our I dont have to tell you anything more. To colonel see who opposes everything. He said this. We ve met a very strong enemy. I'm afraid we will not be able to attack with the forces at our disposal, Oh general, Certainly we will attack just give him regiment. The time of the attack- and you will see that we are successful, replied Colonelcy go then we will try. It said general, giving him the order for the attack which he had prepared some time previously to colonel, be the one that, Always must have detailed orders and Doesn't have initiative the,
pack order was merely sent with additional details. All three regiments attacked splendidly. This is something that win, but what one life and I are working with companies. We run This all the time where you have to modulate and just Europe your directives in your interactions now saying this is this is the dichotomy that makes a tricky. You can't be a different person to different subordinates or senior leadership, you can't be this different person. You have to modulate slightly to make these different impressions on people and give them a different reed of you, where, if they talk to each other they. They would still know you're the same person and you're. Not being this two faced or three faced or five faced person, you gotta have the consistency, but you do
have to modulate your personality and use it in different ways and use your speech and your words carefully, because they affect different people in different ways and I've always had that I mean even between leaf and his sister balloon commander, who am I to be Those, but you know I had little different relationship with both those guns and just the way it was in it but both relationships were great in both those guys were incredibly successful and aggressive, in in accomplishing the mission, even though, I had a little bit different, a little bit gift relationship and it's a little bit different way of dealing with each of them and they both had their own way of dealing with me. So it was, it was an interesting dynamic of how well that worked. The general going back to the book, the general,
new his subordinates, he knew that each one, was different and had to be handled differently in order to achieve results. He'd estimate the psychological situation correctly. It is compared We easy to make a correct estimate. If one knows the man concerned, but even then it is often difficult. This is getting. This is where it just gets crazy Because the man doesn't always to remain the same. He is no machine, he may react, way today, another way to morrow- and this is going back to- I think our first podcast, where I said that bore crazy people are crazy. Envy you crazy things. That's what, you ve got a constantly. Have the open loop with people you gotta give them something and you gotta, get that feedback and read and react to what they're saying and how its changing soldiers can be, rave one day and afraid the next soldiers are not machines but human being he's, who must be led in war.
One of them react differently. Therefore, each must be handled differently, and I know that sounds crazy and people. We think that the military you're just got all these troopers and they're. Just me, Jeanne forgotten your life, and I have been quoted saying this many times, because people ask us as well. You are in charge seals and those guys you they do whatever you say it's just now. They want machines their humans. They have their own free will they make their own decisions? They decide what their faults are. Gonna he will decide whether faults are gonna, be you after actually led them. Furthermore, each one react differently at different times and must be handled each time according to his, to kill reaction sorts again. You ve gotta, be open loop in reading and reacting to what people how people are acting to sense this and to arrive at a correct.
Psychological solution is part of the art of leadership. Yes, it say a lot of. Sometimes you find the situation where literally Abbas he'll, be he'll say hey, you know what's wrong with you: you're work output. Isn't you know, as is as much as this next guy? You know this What's wrong with you, this guy follows directions like everything I say, does a perfectly what's wrong with you can't think so that isn't that, example of how. A failure in doing that, recognising what this guy responds to verses. What this other areas well depends because some people I say echo this guy's doing better than you. Some people are super competitive in
Ok, woman, if you better than at present to get you know in what some people will take that with a negative tone and say you know what that guy doesn't even see what I do. I do even less so it depends it's. It's always a red. It's always a cycle. Logical, read on people that makes it challenges yeah. So if, if, if you were to think like you're saying, if you would it think that there's just one formula is so you're putting out there's one formula: is the boss right and you see two out of your team of financial five guys to these guys arrest, I'm in great their perfect. You know, but these are the three days. Are operating with varying levels of success. Its Decatur that I Have you not a dynamic group of people under use and they respond differently to different things. Does it's one of those perfect examples? I perfect example that is it. Ok, now, with regard to other matters
still in the same chapter battle psychology we who have been in war, no, that the hardest thing we had to do was lie quietly under hostile fire and wait for an attack. Why- and this is something that I completely understand and relate to, is this feeling- and this is something I think I talked about it on the TIM Ferris show was when there's a movie called the Pacific and the first episode the expected you expect in this big giant you no war battles, we bring up whole time, it may draw you out for homicide, forty minutes of
Patrolling through the jungle in the whole time you just waiting in waiting, eight creates this tension and when I watch that for the first time I remembered that tension from remedy where, if a firefly headstart yet and you're walking through the streets- and you just feel this tension- you're waiting for that was rounds to go off an explosion happen, and it's very unnerving. It's it's a worst time too. If the worst feeling- and I remember action, my first deployment to Iraq, we were helping out a fire which is a foreign operating base who had been getting Mordred, and so we shall cool go out there, trying to help him out, and so we went out. We set up sniper positions and we started
and unfortunately, these positions we were in the aid any line of sight to the people that we're launching more dessert so they were just freely launching mortars at us anyway, No close, they were, you know within probably two hundred metres that we could see, we could hear the watches them orders and we could see that did the trail of the more going up is launched, and so we would Here is a watch and you can see the guys doing it because They were hidden behind buildings, but you'd see that more trail go up in the sky. And you'd here the Watches and then you just wait because- its common, and I remember I was on a rooftop with one of my seal buddies and he was the automatic weapons. Gunnar
and these rooftops are really weird- they had these basically like concrete squares all over them that were three or four feet. Deep. There, probably five foot by five foot in this whole rooftop was five foot by five foot: concrete squares, And we had gone out on this rooftop and walked over to the far end, and it took us a couple minutes and we got there. We were set up, I'm sitting there with them and we here that noise and we see the launch of these borders and he looks it and he goes you think we can make it back inside, meaning you think. If we got up right, we ran all the way back across the rooftop back down the stairs. We could get inside the building where you and be safe, and I said no, we're not gonna make it back and he said what are we gonna do.
And I said well you to sit here and get some end, he said: do you think it'll kill us, and I said no, As long as it doesnt land in our quadrant right ear, meaning this little five by five, which would have obviously killed us, but Our member, so we we endured this night. I say the word endured strong word. We want we want this night. We ordered a bunch- and I remember thinking the now. Today, we all got back and it was this is really in my first upon his any business first than any of us had been under fire any that and we have a result. Jumpy limit jumpy- and I remember thinking that those guys in world war, one that endured months and months and months
of indirect fire like mortar fire and there's something that's if you want to know what it does to people go on Youtube and Google or an and search for world war, one shall shock and you see these soldiers that, are so completely psychologically scarred from that. Any too it's an eye opener and the other really horrible thing about this. Was in World WAR, Oneness Pole notion of PTSD and psychological scoring, I didn't exist if you broke down mentally there was only one word for you and it was coward, so they these guys. I mean it was just a you just a nightmare and again that's why World WAR one is Thea to me
the most the most vicious, an atrocious of of the wars, who's that those with you that one asking them those are gonna get us. It was the one who is a guy named John enough. That's also risen, good buddy of mine and yeah we're just huddled up there looking at each other feeling stupid waiting to hear blowed along. Do those take when, when you hear the storm, those were probably a minute, a flight time series we'd here, three, no two or three of them and the other for anything. That night was one of my other super paranoid. Brothers who is always like. Thank you. Was the last and that guy, on one of those new here the launches and he comes up on the radio.
That's three boys count. Em out, you can see. We are three largest and I three explosions and you're the known to TED, but any no again, It's in your talking of those one night for us in those guys that were there on that fog, they were there every night they were there get Mordred every night, and it is one of those big thing on that first abundant, we traveled around a lot, so we'd go in. Eat some weird Al Post and we're like going into apocalypse now and then the next day you'd be at the the Starbucks on on base and on the on one of the firm basis. So it was very it was very strange for us, but the wars, very different for different people, depending on where you are what your job is and that's why I you know. I always hear me give respect in props to all the soldiers The Marines were out there in the field far and they didn't have any opportunity to come back in and take her off ever they were just in it all the time seals for the most part.
He generally would have some kind of a situation where we can get back and take a rap off. Not always, though I mean take a rap meaning is rather like, like like restaurants, from gave the address from the game a little bit, but you know that That being said, you don't but he was very constant pressure like that and the guy that round, corregidor you're getting Mordred a machine gun every night. Basically, and it was you know same thing. So again, I never want to make anything that I've been through, or even that We ve been through in the modern era, here too. I want to put that on the other a stalwart, putting on a scale next to what the guys in Other wars have been through because you know every war has its thing. Whatever its thing was, and United
I just don't ever want to throw China. China. Compare that. I'm just tell my simple experiences and I'm saying that your guys in World WAR one and what they went through. I can't even fathom what that was You know knowing just what a little bit of it feels like a little tiny, tiny fraction of it now What that feels like compared to what it must have felt like day after day after a week after week after me, aftermath and if you want to get some indication as to what I felt like I said, go on watch World WAR, one shall shocked videos and what how completely. Psychologically scarred these guys were, and it's awful awful to see. Going back to the book- and this is the same subject when a soldier lies under hostile fire and waits he feels unable to protect himself. He has time. He thinks he only
wait for the shot that were hit him. Feels a certain inferiority to the enemy he feels that he is alone and deserted. That's what we're talking about here now Always I like to tie these examples from war back to life, and I think that this theme is very. Accurate, think people get into two modes in their life modes but being offensive and there are making Happened in modes, whether defensive, and things are happening to them in their work and their having to react, and I think that who is psychologically, we think about anyone- thinks. About their life and winds time we're good it when they were on the offensive, I mean think about financially win. You, when you were doing good writer based bills, paid off and everything's going well and how you just feel you feel good about it. You feel
financially secure and you feel like, oh, I can make things happen and then you think about the times in your life, and I spent twenty years and Walter you're not highly paid in the military you time in your life, where you didn't have a lot of money and how that fuels completely different over sudden when you're walking down the street. You see something that guy that guy doesn't What job jack I get free money. You start to get that that feeling well as the times your life. Where you saved up money in your doing. Well, then you, you feel a lot better to same thing. Physically, you know with the more you go on the often with your health and with your diet, the better you feel when you get to calm down by a sickness or injury or laziness. You have one of those things. Take you down all of a sudden. Everything is negative in us. That's why. This relates very well when you lay under hostile fire and wait, you feel unable to protect yourself. So
egos into a quick story here, I remember one day in nineteen sixteen in Russia during the We believe the Austrians. Following morning, the Russians begin a however heavy artillery preparation, meaning they started bombing the crap out of them. We were Familiar with the terrain. We had no idea what troops one are right or left. We did not know what artillery we had I was alone with my company in the midst of an off green battalion I didn't know my superiors: the Russians had been fired for two hours, but our artillery didn't reply. I went com Lee from dugout, dug out to sea and speak to my men. They should at least see that they were not alone. P2P. They asked me, are. We really entirely alone here. Haven't we any artillery they continued this. Four hours are too often wires had been shot to pieces. Finally, A tremendous noise came from our rear. Our own
artillery was firing at once. High spirits returned the soldiers no longer felt deserted? it could see and hear the our side was doing something now each saw that he was being supported and that Everyone is ready to replace the attack in great defensive battles. We constantly hear the remark. We The enemy artillery is firing, whereas our own artillery in everybody, spirits Is that correct gives the same thing when you are a part of a team of your part of a company, and things are we need to go backwards, people immediate, focus on the negative. The immediately focus on the never negative when you're on the defensive and when you're being attacked everyone starts turning on. Jobs are almost. Where's our jewellery. That happens and then took two to reverse that trend: you know, when something positive happens, also people start feeling positive get. So it's important,
to be aware that and recognise that and look for those sites and its support. Not just do it if you're part of a team, but to detached yourself from yourself and see when it's happening to you as an individual. When things start to go negative, are you amplifying the negativity, because that happens? We do that. Now he goes on to talk about. It is different during the attack. Here, the soldier himself acts he has to do something. He moves forward. He fires. He assaults and decay. The action of the enemy moment of the attack he never ass, whereas our artillery from the beginning, the attack. He feels himself, the victor. Storms forward, he believed he can do everything by himself. He needs no support as soon as the attack Sloan. That slows down the cry for our two. Ray is heard again, so this is a
psychological thing when people are attacking, they feel better. They feel Like they're gonna win in that's, why that Mentality of attacking is so important to hear this and in you have see fights year, people say first beer. First, that's literally the coach. You hear that from every coaching enables a and b first be first there wanting the their fighter to initially the attack and not be on the offensive. Now you do get some fighters. Really good counter bunkers in that's understandable, that's another thing, but a majority. Its be first keynote attack first, go on the offensive and were always trying to encourage people to do that in Digital as well. How If you, if you stay ahead of the guy you're at an advantage, even if it goes kind of better than if you to stay ahead, when they focus on that, because it's like he has to make up round, then he can do his game and be better than by Africans. They defend to someone like you, don't have time to two yes to be
pensive entered into winner to be you know in the in the black you're, always in the red you gotta get other read for nine. If you can like Stay ahead of the guy. Keep yourself in the back to have this advantage, even legislative he's even a little. Other than your bigger, whatever, yes, it's such a weird dynamic there, where it gets in the way, like it's not even aware dynamic. It's just a reality here's the deal. You are the attack. You are doing, You are on the offence, your psychologically winning, and that, as you, huge impact, if you're on the defence, your psychologically losing your money, and so this important things or if your training with someone and almost on you, like you, you're kidding negative in your mind, you're getting dominated just save yourself- oh you know what's happening, Rina. Ok, I'm just I'm just caught the negative here. So let's not worry about that lets figure out to get back on the orphans, but you can't double down on your negativity, you're already getting dominated position, wise, don't die
down in your negativity when somebody get some positive position on me, a better position on me. I don't care I'm dislike I'll call you. You got mounted your cross I'd whatever good positioning core standby. I'm gonna come back. I don't let it get me psychologically. Relax. Back to the book. This desire to act is, in my opinion, the reason why soldiers. Go so willingly on patrol? I repeat that this is extremely difficult to line hostile, fine way, because one feels exposed a blind chance on patrol was different,
The soldier feels that his destiny rest in his own hands. He feels that he is not dependent on blind fate that he's not forced to go this where that book ended, but can himself decide what to do. He feels that he controls the situation. For example, he may think that path over the hill seems dangerous to me. I don't know why, but I have that feeling most definitely. Therefore, I prefer to go through the valley. He has the feeling that his actions depends on its own will and in consequence he can act in accordance with that will say message, but from a leadership position, how do you give your people that ability to be on office and that's what you want to constantly look for? How can you get them on office now? This is going back into a little bit of what we talked.
About on the lot last podcast in that's mission type orders in and in this one bombshell calls it mission tactics in the german army. We used, we use what we mission tactics, orders or not. Written out in minute detail. A mission is merely given the commander. How it shall be carried out is his problem. This is done because the company commander on the ground is the only one who can correctly judge existing conditions and take proper action. If a change occurs in situation, there is all Was strong psychological reason for these mission tactics the commander. Who can make its own decisions within the limits of his mission feels that he is right. Possible for what he does. Consequently, he accomplish more because you will act in a court. With his own psychological individuality.
Give this same independence to your platoon squad leaders. It is certainly evident from training in peace, that there is, that the more food You dont allowed a subordinate leader in his training, the better rules, We'll be why be as he is made responsible for results and allowed to achieve them in his own way. Boom there. It is again and in life we sent me? It means take personal initiative in your life. Being control, be first led your life led your life people use that you say. Oh you, delete your life in Can I put the emphasis on need, your leader of your life? You need a lead. Your life, don't be reactive, be aggressive. And going back to the psychology, peace and back to the book again from VON. Shall we
oh, that psychology is tremendously important in war. It is a field on limited in extent to which every conscientious soldier should give much time and study, and, as you know, that's one of the things that I find about Jujitsu is that it is also on limited in extent. It doesn't stop you, don't you don't ever get to the end of that learning process. And that's why we're always trying to be better and that's why we still make mistakes? That's why don't make mistakes in leadership position. That's why I who sit around and teach about leadership and tell people how to lead. I make mistakes, do things wrong and treat somebody the wrong way and make a mad, and I gotta go back and on wind that that's what happens so we gotta do as much as we can to learn as much as we can. Yet it cannot go back,
the book. Yet it cannot be learned as one learns mathematics it must. Be sentenced on four We cannot formulate a set of psychological rules. Human react since can never be reduced to an exact science war governed by the uncertain and unknown and the. He's no one factor of all is the human element, and I think that's That's what I like about the fact that war is governed by the uncertain and the unknown, The least known of all factor is the human element and war again wars like life, and that's why? I think when you hear these stories in these the loss of fees about the psychology of war. You apply them to yourself.
And you leave your own war. You detached yourself, psychological. You detached yourself in you observe, and you see how these psychological elements are affecting you and what and what you can do. To straighten them out, costly, I myself am, I only bunch of defence that a huge question. We should check with ourselves every day and what, if you on the defence, what's putting you on that, friends and how are you go back on the orphans you, I think, a lot of people with them we get asked a lot about doing tasks, and how do you get stuff done every day? I think there's some people at their task list. Their list of things to do makes them defensive. They go all I've got so much too. You and I met. The whim of this list would have Wake up- and you say no, no, I'm not gonna- be defensible up about that list. I've got clear targets. This
is a target list and I know exactly what I have to do to knock them out, and that is what I am going to go. Do that that simple change in attitude that of leadership. Is critically important, now you're not going to see that that you're in that situation, unless you detached into same thing with your team, is the same thing with your your company and the same thing with you. Personally, you cannot be so engrossing the problem that you don't see what's happening to yourself, So that's a little bit from battle leadership, captain aid off VON Shell, a smart unobservant person that taught me a lot, and I much appreciate. His thoughts, so that's a rap for that
We can now it's time for some questions that we ve got from the internet from Twitter from Facebook appreciated once and in those questions it gets great questions. So question number one questionable one. Ok, how important Is mentoring in your experience in your opinion, and you know if its core, whatever what sums points well in doing it. Mentoring- and this is this- is ass- in two ways right cause. How important is mentoring to be mentored is very important. You to suck knowledge of people as much as you can learn as much you can from people and fine good men. Where's. That are great. Yes with their knowledge in that very important in the EU, should always be look. For good. Turn to help, teach you and then as
Boris mentoring, other people? That is also a key and one of the things I find about mentoring. Other people is that that is your legacy. That is what you leave behind, and For instance, I was in the seal teams for twenty years, which sounds like a long time but He has been around for over sixty years and there. This you'll teams is not me at all: I'm a tiny minuscule fraction piece of the seal teams and but what was it when you leave the seal deems you don't leave anything the Only thing that you do you'll leave anything of yourself. The only thing called what's that you do leave, is the people that you mentored, the people that you raised and that's why you need to take great care?
when you meant or people to make sure that you're doing your job and raising people right in one of the interesting things about mentorship is that you have to let go of your ego b. Is what you should want as a mentor. What you should desire as a mentor is that you're, the people at your mentoring become better than you. That's. Your hope is that they do better than you they perform better than you. They become better than you and you ve gotta, be put When that happens, I enjoy jitsu when I'm teaching people jujitsu and yo you get some audio, say I'm gonna tell you out one day and I always say good. I hope, You do good, I hope you do tat me out because first of all, I'm teaching you jujitsu and you get to works, and so, if you catch me at all, due to position in a submission hold it. You did you works
and I will be submitted so good- if you're here in Europe learning from me and you never get any better than that, something wrong with the way I'm teaching you so it should be the same thing in business. It should be the same thing in life in the way. Good thing too is- is that it's hard to find people now want to be mentored in life. It's hard. It's hard, a lot of young. You know young younger people, and I mean I'm only forty four, but. I have said this before you when you're forty, when it when you're twenty three, you think you know everything you really do anyone Europe, twenty seven. You look back and evil man. I don't know anything then, but I know everything now, anyone your thirty three you can, when I was twenty seven I didn't know anything, but I know everything now and eventually reached a point. You know when you're forty and you say when I was thirty five, I didn't know anything, and I still don't know
anything and that sort of when you reach a good point. Your life we remind becomes open well, takes several years, firstly many years for that to happen so find someone that is really has an open. Mind really wants to be mentored young age, its awesome, and you can really affect people in a positive way and in I had some great item great enters some of those, older seals, Dat I looked up to said. While this person really has done an awesome job, those people help me a lot in some. It wasn't a active mentoring. It was more of an imitation. You know I was imitating what they did in trying to I didn't you. I can't remember that many where someone sat me down and civil rights on here's. What you need to do to win at didn't happen. A lot but allotted and they began hey group of people here. We need to do to win and I was taking notes and making sure I remembered what they were saying so yeah entering his absolutely important
it's also a very positive things, you're having a positive impact on somebody's life, and that's that always feels good watch. Him do well. Unless you have a big ego navy it and in which case you you'll be miserable, do you think that's kind of natural, though to say from an instructors point of view or or or whatever when you meant, or some worrying mentoring situation and that person does starting can catch up with you in and beat you. Do you think that that that's pretty it's pretty common, though right have some resist. Senor Mining, and we I mean everyone has an eagle. You don't wanna, get tapped out by your students, but if you like, that drive you then you're not than you're, holding back information from them and you're not pushing and do better so It might be a reality, but it's reality that you have to deal with and you have to get rid of its kind of like the growing pains of the of the group rights of the unit so like. If you have anal
three students in or you have an academy a school, and now they get better than you. Your school, which is kind of your whole, go when your whole motivation, your school is strong, but if you're still- the bull. The alpha beating everyone aware of sure you're individually, strong, an ego strong, but your school is weak. Enough of those growing pains can or part of it. I tell my guys all the time at the Jim. You know that You are the better I am. I have. This also moved its working. Well, let me show you the counter so that I can learn to overcome the counter to the move and that's how we all get better next question. You say you keep your expectations of people. Can a low mamma. You say less time do you ever call people out for being disrespectful or something like that. This is an interesting question and I I was thinking about this question and theirs.
The thing about it. That is, and I dont know if it's just me, I don't know if I have a pause, attitude. I don't know, but I I I don't see a bunch of disrespect like people are given Respecting me, people weren't, you, no sane, things to me that I find disrespectful. It doesnt really happen that much to you me you and I know I look like a serial killer and all that in an that's fine, and so this wide makes it a little bit of a tough question answer, because I'll tell you that I believe that if you carry yourself a certain way, if, Carry yourself respectfully, and you respect other people not only people not disrespect to you, but they will act disrespectful in your presence, and of course what am I telling people all the time on telling people good you know get up early.
Don't be willing to work out until people to change its you don't get people train boxing. Investing in Malta, because all those things help your confidence and your confidence in people. Look at you got that guy looks like you. Handle himself? I think I'm gonna show some respect in his vicinity. So I think it's I think it some never carry over of of your presence in how you carry yourself in and the main point of that is, if you are respectful to other people when you treat other people respectfully unless you have someone, that's just a complete jerk they're, not gonna, just come up, its are being disrespectful to you now, on the entire webs in and this whereabouts crush from. He is kind of come back and I have to read through the questions again, but you he basically gotten to some kind of, sitting when he sticking up for someone and then that's different now, if someone sees if She'S-
we're getting bullied. You know yeah, I might stick up. I might stick up for them. There is, I think, to myself a wise person. Sticking up themselves, you know that person ass a stand up for themselves, so there is a kind of an interesting dynamic, but again I think, win when you carry yourself for us with respect and confidence, knocking cockiness, but just with respect and confidence in who you are and what you do, I think that most people are gonna gonna be respectful, when there, in your presence- and I I usually I mean- I- give respected people and I usually get respect and I see people lacking risks, forty four when I'm around, so I apologise if that doesn't solve the power, for some one. That is, you know beast. Being disrespect all the time. I think maybe you carry yourself, You give an impression that you're not gonna put up with this respect as well. So I think about presence. I think it's about giving respect in and
about having confidence. Got eliminates a lot of that need to call people out for being disrespectful next question, so you do let us strength, work for your work out, go, let us strength, work, you do any stretching or mobility. Stuff is an important, especially for being a fugitive. I know where the actual question says, especially for an aging jujitsu so but that apply The kind of everybody the well we're all aging grey attack when I kind of like this was directed at as all old man at the age of five, before I'm an aging jujitsu. Now, of course, our Jim? We have gazed at her fifty and sixty years old that arose in there.
The young starts in everything out. So I think Aging is a relative term were all aging The bottom line here is yeah, absolutely stretching mobility are important. I I should do more don't do enough that Instead, I will say that a lot of the movements that I do involve mobility in their own right For instance, when I do squats I squat All the way to the bottom. And two people were surprised at my hip mobility, because I squat with heavy weights on my back and I go all the way down into the full squat position. So I'm relatively flexible in the hips, you know. If you do muscle ups in you, you're getting really good mobility work on your shoulders the same thing with ring dips. Many that any the ring I am on rings all the time as you get a lot of mobility and strengthening those
little muscles in keeping them healthy. So I do some pretty good there. That being said, you know I know I should do more and whenever I get some kind of an injury, this is a bad policy, I get injured and then I do mobility work. You know I should do the other way around. This is one of those things that I need to increase my discipline on. So I to improve the amount of mobility work that I do it those things that I don't find that enjoyable I don't find it that satisfying, even though does feel good, I mean I enjoy the pain of it, but I don't I don't feel those results like I want to read, and so that's probably one of the reasons why I don't do enough of it. But now. You can see. Sometimes you know out all sometimes I have to take a day where I just do nothing but mobility and do nothing but grind out. Sort muscles, because I'm so sore after Now-
indeed straight. Unlike ok again take this anymore and my body will start to tell me dude, you need to stretch out take a day off. So I do that. You're mobility, mobility, wad with with Kelly STAR at in his book. The supper leopard and have that and will have something come on I'll, dig into that book or dig into those videos and find out what I need, due to grind that problem out and and I loved you and that I love given on that when when I need you, but any view more interesting You can hear that question a lot like since you do you do. Do you do mobility, training, you get it is mobility, training jujitsu? So if you try, there's something I didn't do anything so digital and dean sometimes will say this.
He'll be like ok, if you're gonna, if you're a runner what's the best way to train, is to run so if your jujitsu guy the best way to trains, jujitsu and that goes for conditioning, suffers Puget space conditioning but so like, if you're like, if you're in the garden of the close guard and you're, trying to hold a close guard in your training. But even five days a week, your inner thighs you're at no abductors, abductor muscles are gonna, get alot of training there. Now I will say this year: you look it like the tenth planet system and Eddy. Bravo and I believe they really focus on flexibility becomes a great aspect of their game, and I definitely respect that. I also You think that some people, echo psycho with yoga stretching, can actually do more damage than good. You have I knew some guys along the way that got really into yoga and
as the years went on, I think he was debilitating for them. You know you're your spine and your muscles our spoke to stretch to a certain point and when you start stretching them beyond that east, I am I opinion start doing more harm than good now, I'm running costs that this is no excuse. This is no really, I don't know danger of stretching too much zone, but I just didn't want throw it out there that some, I think you can. You can overdo it and you can go in, these extreme positions that are not good for many more in it. I've actually want to buy one why seal bodies who very indie yoga for fifteen. Here's an he is messed up now and he says yeah. No. I think the main reason is because I went too far with yoga so yeah with it with everything I do far Gems Europe gesture. I think that, especially if you're doing it in reference to you
You did do its bit. It's gonna depend on your game, like you mention attempt planet system, if you're in, if you like the tenth five system. That's your thing to improve your flexibility. That's gonna be a big Asset compared to you're dead, lift, but if you have a different type of system or maybe to GDP from us. State guy, a bigger guy from mean his schools, I get smash. The guy smash, get on top service was smashed up. Your ass We're gonna lie more in maybe some strength, maybe some balance duff term or southern submissions, those just stupid, on what game you aren't really, but either way when you just when you do she did to it in any capacity you doing mobility stuff too and at the same time, mobility training otherwise does help your jiu jitsu. So it's kind of like a two way street. Do you think you can have too much on your plate and how do you handle multiple tasks.
Well, this is a questionnaire if we actually answered this. Almost the exact same question and first of all do and you end up with too much stuff on your place. Yes, you absolutely can that being said before go down. The road of I've got too much my plate. It is you probably not doing good time manage You know, you're, probably sleep in late you're, probably not focus you're, probably on the webs when you should be getting worked up, you're, probably listenin to you, know me dick, while you're trying to work in getting distracted. So there's all these things that we go. I got so much my plate. No, you don't you have too much in your play. You're just not focused when you need to be you're, just not getting it does not. Tackling the problems, and so what's the easiest thing to say? Oh, I think that too much my pleading to get rid of some stuff. You know so that their there's something that This example, if you ve had something where it something
can I take you like twenty minutes, but eat hangs over your head for a month and it becomes this soccer of men, mental use, mental power. Those things you have and how many can you actually deal with before such ruining and losing your focus because you're not so these we'll twenty minute task for half an hour task that you don't do, because you put him off and procrastinate those the ones get those things away. Ok, you're more stuff on your plate. Go get some of those things off your plate. They take a half an hour or so the things you can get done in half an hour if you just yet on them that that's how that's one way to clear your plate. So that's. My first piece of answering this is is likely It's not that you have too much in your plate. It's just that. You need to focus, need get stuff done. You need to quit wasting time.
Now. That being said, if you are truly taxed, which it definitely happens, if you are truly taxed, what do you do well number one prioritize next, you right! This is back to them Burke extreme ownership, one of them after is one of the laws of combat, is, is prioritizing execute suit. You got it EC whenever all these things that you have to get done and put men, priority order and start to take care of the highest priority first and go in, and that's what you need to do other thing you can do, is you can delegate if you got a team or if you got someone you can hire, you got someone. I can help you out, you dealt and so you know what I hear I get out of time to do this. Do this I'll, give you fifty bucks, maybe ten bucks I'll do. That's easy for me to do like us, some tasks that I'm gonna do for you. You do this for me, so delegate, or hire somebody to help you or the last thing is you can say: no no people wants to do more stuff say no to listen. I can't do that are of the capacity right now. So that's my.
Caught on. Can you have too much stuff on your plate and how to handle multiple tasks. Long board or Short board a surfing question. So. I definitely like to surf, I serve as often as the waves are good and before long border or short bored. I serve both longbourn, an short board, and for me it's Gee or no key. I mean what's what what people on the mat have on that's ornamented, put on a network to get on and with it, aids, if the ways are good for For sure board underground measure aboard and go out and if the wager good for long boredom grab my long, but I got to say thing. I like to very my training, I mean so that I'm more well rounded!
asked the board- and I can handle more different situations so and I enjoy both of whom a lot. See how surfing questions are like pretty then here I mean most sports questions are pretty linear compared to Jujitsu digital freakin mayhem. It really is the complexity of it and directions that it can go, are so crazy, yeah yeah and I guess it could be argued that surfing could have that. But it's. It is obvious in Vietnam. It may even go into like a philosophical thing: yeah, ok, but but but you could go down the philosophical path of digital. You gonna go another ethnic yourself, there's something crazy about you, you're doing it as it is very it's like what Africa what the court was tonight from, VON Shell, but just how its
The cycle, the psychology of people is infinite in always changing and always different in that's very somewhat jitsu. Infinite, always changing different with every person you roll with three person deal with psychological, a different every person you roll with, has a different little thing in their game and you never know how they're going to react to your movements. So that's why like illogically at such a good training methodology, How is your military training affected? Your training, flash coaching of Digital? I e more structure, its Well, interestingly, I would say that my military training has made me want to be less structured in Did you remain it made me want to be less structured in military, the military, these variances of combat made me want to make training less structured because again, it goes back to where we talk
Last week. I want a train people's minds to be ready for situations that they don't expect training. The mind is more important than training the body. Now. That being said, of course, you have to have you have to have a certain level of of standard operating procedures. You have to have a say the level of knowledge, so ingenuity, you gotta make sure that people have those basic knowledge at the base. I Shan T Basic fundamental knowledge, you'll be, we should say that when the teams- and we would teach different tactics and For a while, we were basic tactics, it hey, you need to stick with the basic tactics and I said: look these aren't basic tactics. These are fundamental. And that's the same thing? Would you do to basic tactics? Are there not basic their fundamental to the game
and then everything else is built upon those. So I would say that my my thoughts around you did training or not more structured or less structured, and in and also in terms of style of environment. I like to be in I like it obvious unstructured just about us. I mean there's definitely some structure, but I don't like it to be overly structured. I would rather have people with the mindset of self discipline. Rather than the imposed discipline. So, in other words, you I students must do as I command and, otherwise. You will be punished at that's, impose discipline and that's not what I'm looking for that doesn't expand people's brains. It doesn't make people smarter or able to think differently about situations instead it it in traps their brain. So I want people to have an open.
Mind when you you don't want them to have their own ideas? I don't want them to fall mightiest. I want them to fall Well, I want them to springboard off of my ideas I want them to give them their ideas back to me, so I can springboard off their ideas. That's how you expand your game and get better and you know that means chaos and training. That means starting in different positions. That means using different Listen! You know, let's do three minute round let's do one minute rounds. Let's do Twentyman around us. Do all these different scenarios. That gets you ready for this situations lets you ski lets. You know ye. Let's do put em
a gloves on, let's hit each other, let's eat each other during taken. Let's mix it up, so our brain is constantly trying to or a costly adapting to situations that it didn't expect. That's my be J, J, training, philosophy, yeah you'd think. Obviously, Europe you know is military that obviously you take your class and you're gonna, be saying yes, Sir no sir, and but yeah it's kind of the opposite. It my experience there I'm their teach not to impose some comes in late. Feel about that. Come on on the map. Also reach missed. You know better than the original. I mean the definite baronet, when a law, but I mean ye think that these guys have war have jobs. They they their working, bigeye wives and kids in car accidents and guy shows up late for class
and your common man. I appreciate it get in here less also. She missed hamlets, let's roll, you know, I'm not thinking that the guys, in a military organisation that is Missing- is movement to go on salt let's not happening the guy's, a human, that's gonna life and He you he's he's there to train. So, let's album drain skit. Do you ever failed to wake up early? Do you ever wake up it enough five yeah? So and if you do what you do immediately right, when you get up ok, so first do I will fail to get up early. Yes, the answer is yes, does happen and as soon as you know, if I wake up now, if I wake up and eyes go
I slept late. I have multiple alarm hawks now, so so pretty critical situation invite a flight to catch. I got those long, cocksure off all charged and ready to fire therefore there is no sleeping through a situation like that, like it cannot happen, it's never happened to me, but if it's a it's, it's they were not do anywhere, and it's Sunday in us at my alarm clock for four four thirty- and I you know in the dredge nightmare I wake up and I turn off and then I decide. Oh I'm going to be weak and lay my head back down and then I wake up and it's five or six hundred and thirty whenever I slept in so we meet I feel guy fool, I feel guilty. You know because I the gear, is because I know I missed a great part of my day. You know I know that I missed. The morning I know I miss the sunrise and and I'm addicted to that feeling of seeing that
and soda to miss. It feels really bad, and once you get in that train of where you you get used to that it becomes becomes addictive. You love to be up. Dark. You love to see the sunrise come up. You love to have your day started. It's a very, very positive feeling. It feels really good to do that and so when you miss it, it's like you, you went backwards and if they definitely make feel bad, and for me personally, no, I mean in n. You know, there's a lot of guys. It didn't come back that didn't don't have the opportunity to get up early, that don't have the opportunities everyday and make something good happen, and so I feel guilty that I'm letting those guys down to- and you don't need just want, do you want to live a positive life. That's worthy of their aquifers end and when you don't, you feel guilty about it. It in and of course, there sometimes- and I should do this more often when you know my body does- need more sleep and usually I try
make that mean that I go to bed earlier, rather than rather than waking up later, that we use your sleep patterns organised, but you know, when I was a life gets in the way you stay up late and no there's a lot of folks and there's a lot of medical proof. That says that I should sleep more and we also sleeper and that's something I'd like to try out so at some point, my life just not now just not now get the final question. How do you take leadership over yourself, The same principles apply an posit different well. First of all, MR this question came from a guy on the into webs named
a most Craig and I don't know if that's real name or maybe they miss Craig emails. I don't know he's gotta on Twitter is at D, a m o z, ye are and what It was funny. What made this question stand out. Was he made a Youtube video of him playing acoustic attired sing a song? So if you look up on Youtube AMOS Craig em who ass Craig, he kept his son. It's like a song about java. Will I get it's actually pretty funny? He gets a lot of began laughs? Out of me, it's out of the folks at watched it, so it's actually a catchy saw it as you like it. Play it like you just play me, you didn't know. Jacko Jacko, willing, you'd be like this kind of cool little like a kind of folksy. Can a catchy here.
So he made that song and it's like I said it's funny check it out these kind of weird. As you know,. No one's ever done. That's weird stuff like make a song about me, only allows gonna we're too had to get over the weirdness part at first. I was like I liked it. This is bizarre, but but then he seems activity good, dude huge is ethnic, fun time so good on em and he s question. How do you take your? How do you take leadership over yourself? Do the same principles apply? How is different, and we do- we actually talked about this a lot today with one show and they the answers clearly. Yes, that is what we are talking about today and the the thing about leading yourself. As you have to be able to detached to lead yourself when you do, tat, if you can detached from inside your brain, then you can be. I'm your own leader, and that is where you started, progress any.
Team without a leader doesn't do well. So if you a human and you dont have leadership of yourself. You're, not gonna do as well as you could. If you aren't leadership position, but the principles are the same. With leadership, whether you leading yourself, whether you and your team, I mean things like having some clear goals and being discipline, and discipline within the team over than yourself equalling, more freedom. We just talk about prioritize next year that happens with a team. It happens with an individual ownership, take the extreme ownership, if yearned a team, you take ownership of your problems in every take ownership of the problems within the team than they solve. Those problems will guess what, if your person and your leading yourself and you take off. People when mistakes happen, then guess what
You can solve those problems. If all you do is say, it's not my fault. It's everyone else's fault, no you're, never going to solve those problems, but if you take ownership of one thing is going bad, then you can fix them. So the principles are the same. You have to lead yourself, you are your own leader, and you know we opened today with a heavy heavy poem and a conversation about a guy upon was called a rendezvous with death. And while that is Work and its noble and its courageous aim, actually guess what we all have: a rendezvous with death. There is no escaping that in this trip were on it's a short one, but instead of thinking about that rendezvous with death, Let's, instead focus on
rendezvous with destiny. And that's a phrase that you hear it in it. It sounds almost borderline, corny and I'll. Tell you why doesn't make. I worked with a group in Iraq called the first five or six part of a hundred First AIR Airborne division and was one of their savings. That came all the way from when the way The unit was stood up for World WAR two and the major general a guy named William see Lee. He said that. While the hundred first has no history, it has arrived. They were with destiny and they fulfilled their destiny. The hundred four Airborne division fulfilled that destiny over and over again during D day during the battle abodes during the siege bastone, and you know what, when I was in Romania, they fulfil that destiny again, the first, the five or six, the band brothers so think about that,
rendezvous, not the rendezvous with death, but the rendezvous with destiny. And me the most out of the opportunities that you have few distance when you hard work to focus and drive in Most importantly that you are, responsible for the path you take, don't we time with things that don't matter getting I'm getting the GM get to work get to living this. Is your life read it. Read your life leading how you want to lead it every second of every day take that leadership of your life, and that's all I've got for tonight so to everyone out there,
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