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Jocko Podcast 8: USMC Manual(Book Review), Physical Limits, Injuries, Fear of Public Speaking

2016-02-03 | 🔗
0:00:00 - Book Review: The USMC Manual 1:05:02 - Injury, recovery, and mentality for quicker recovery. Finding Physical limits without recovery. 1:11:15 - What injuries has Jocko gotten? And how did he adapt? 1:19:28 - Fear of Public Speaking and other things. 1:26:42 - When you know you're "that guy" as a leader. 1:31:41 - What is Jocko's biggest weakness? And what is he doing to work through it?Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/jocko-podcast/exclusive-content
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This is Jacko podcast number, eight, with ECHO Charles and me Jocker, willing good evening echo good evening. They, nineteen fifty to a young Marine Robert again and arrived on shore at inch on Korea, where He was going to be shipped north to fight as again either the head north. He saw stacks of sea bags, which is like a military duffel bag me some sitting in the rain. No one had to explain what they were doing there, why they belong to Marines that had been killed on the front. He wrote this poem year
later about seeing those sandbag seeing those see bags piled high when clouds or grey. And lowering in fog obscures the plane. I sometimes Think catch sight of sea bags in the rain. I know it is a vision. Two ethereal to last, but it brings of sadness and a hunting of the past. We had come ashore at in John in nineteen fifty two administrative landing just a unit passing through. We mustard at the rail head lining up to board a train. When, through the stormy darkness, I saw see bags in the rain. There was no need to question They were lying there.
Looking lonely and abandon the damp korean air. Their owners had gone northward and would not return again from where Hell's of bitter battle took the lives of fighting men. Now, in fog and darkness gather, I really can restrain my saddened thoughts of in John and see bags in the rain. Imagine that you're, a young marine who has joined the Marine corps and you're fired up, and you have the visions of glory and that romantic. Vision in your mind of what war is going to be like and you get to. Ray and it's an administrative waning. So there's a shooting going on and you're yet now, you're on the ground and you're in Korea, and then you
mustard to go north and go to the battlefield go to the front, and you see these sea bags of all. These marines have been killed and combat, and you can imagine what that does psychologically two guys and obviously to Robert again, and it affects them affected him his whole life, and he still thinks about it and as much obey intense XX periods, as that is. The marine corps has been walking past those bags. You know theoretically walking past to those bags for over two hundred years and going forward going into the fray towards the risk towards in Munich
This is towards death and I'm gonna, leading in we're talking about the marine corps tonight, who I have just absolute respect for the United States Marine or we worked closely with them, but when we Romania, in two thousand six, mostly with ie. The three eight Marines, which is the third battalion, eighth Marine regiment, and they were there for the bulk of the deployment with us. Then they got relieved by the one six Marines who arrive towards the end of our crews and but prior to that My whole career I was working with Marines. I was did multiple shipboard deployments with Marines. I did a turn over with. The first more stock company in Baghdad in two thousand and four so I know Marines well and like I said they just have my absolute respect and
As a warrior class, which is what are a warrior class of men and women, their professionalism and their commitment. It is its impeccable and because they fought you know in all major wars. They know and understand, combat very well and therefore they know, and they understand combat leadership very well and with them We are going to look tonight at what used to be called the F M. F M one tack: zero net was the Fleet Marine Force Manual,
Which is now called the M C w P the Marine corps, war, fighting publication, six tack and eleven, and the title of the of the document is called leading Marines. And so what I did as a kind of like I do with most of these books that we look at, I went through it and found the pieces struck me as highly applicable to combat, which makes them highly applicable to life and to business and in the way we go through this world so have pulled. Some of these ideas out. Some quotes out some sections out to talk about. And discuss, and here we go.
Imagine you are riflemen in a company right to assault a line of enemy, machine gun, bonkers. You're lying flat on the ground protected for the moment. By a slight rise between you and the enemy, but just above your head, the enemy, the enemies guns, are throwing a visible and audible curtain of lead, which under the trees around you causing you to wonder if it makes the same sound when it hits flesh, you tell yourself it's impossible impossible to penetrate that curtain of fire alive. Yet in a moment a sergeants voice will boom. Let's go You can't live forever, but all you here now is the clatter of machine guns. The vision of dead
the wounded you saw on the way up to the front rises to plague you, your belly de fleets and lies flat against your backbone and all the gallant thoughts you had hoped to have at this moment are gone. Your naked and alone, with the instinct of self preservation. And that's what soldiers and Marines face, not all of them, but many of them and they, In these situations in situ you shouldn't even worse than this. They do decide to go forward. They decide to go forward and today,
Maelstrom of fire and of death and soldiers and warriors have done that for thousands of years, and you ask yourself and purpose that they wrote that paragraph was so that they could. That question: why and here's what the Marine Corps says about it? Why do individuals rush forward, gives there mate most basic instincts Why do Marines take their lives in their hands and lead a charge straight into enemy guns in world war, two wasn't that made Marines clamber out of their landing and landing craft into author of unknown depth and choice. Into a hail of machine gun and artillery fire. Not knowing whether they would ever make it to the beach in Vietnam,
what was it that made a marine? Take the point and start down the dark and misty jungle trail at the heart of why Marines were able to put mission accomplishment over concern for their own safety is leadership leadership? That is the combination of the intention, or elements of our ethos and the more ten? double elements of our leadership philosophy so
you're saying that this courage comes from the leadership and from the ethos that they live. That is that is brought to the troopers through the leadership, which is a pretty profound statement. The very profound statement- and I jumped out of this manual for a moment and I grab sore the marine corps principles of leadership, their key words here they are justice, judgment, dependability initiative, decisiveness, tact, integrity, enthusiasm bearing on selfishness, courage, knowledge, loyalty, endurance,. Those are the traits that they talk about and what I actually from that lists. I think they're all pretty pretty obvious. Why there on that list, the one exception or
I would see the one that stands out to me a little bit as maybe what people wouldn't expect is tact yeah, I didn't say tactical or tactics. I said tact and they actually go want to define that a little bit further. The definition of tat is the ability to do with others in a manner that will maintain good relations and avoid offence. More simply stated TAT is the ability to say and do the right thing at the right time. So obviously almost every time we sit down at this podcast table and do work here we end up soon now talking about the interaction between human beings and they actually put this as a one of their. Tenants is that you have to have attacked the already of consistently treating peers seniors, an subordinates with risk Acting courtesy is a sign of maturity tactic.
Now's, commands guidance and opinions to be expressed in a constructive and beneficial manner, This deference must be extended under all conditions, regardless of true feelings. Regardless of true feelings, their say you, despite the fact that that person annoys you or do you think you can do a better job or all those things that we talk about regularly hear you have to have tax rate regardless of your true Felix, I can help. You know people rude people, for example the bill will say stuff like hey whose true you know they say something. That's rude or whatever and they'll be like a. I speak, the truth, if you don't like it, that's like lack of tact that, as I have always have to evolve, that were yours, wondered why those people are
leadership positions for the balkan war. They don't have to act is who wants to be around. Somebody dies like us and which nothing about it, as you know, one of the other words that they have wonders integrity right and yet there, saying that you know, regardless of your true feelings, so there is a little bit a deck of a dichotomy there you know and to be the purse, that's as well. It's true song, just gonna say it read. Nope tact should override integrity in dealing with people and human emotions yeah, and it that's kind of what I've always thought. When I hear people say rude things and be like. Oh, if it's ok for me to say these kinds of kinds of things, because their true even allow time to adjust their opinion, but they kind of its cloaked in this like presentation that they're just being honest, so the That's interesting how it's there saying the tact overrides that court unquote honesty in offer that, for the sake of leadership The group, or whatever you no doubt about it,
so now we get into this in what leaders? What leaders are actually leading against now, of course, There's an enemy. You right there's a force that, supposing you so your leading against them, but they have another word that an friction, and this is something for anybody that knows anything about sort of military science understand understands- and his heard, the word friction before, and it's a word that comes from com Klaus wets, who was a great prussian, Dron General. When in seventeen eighty four, the Rhine, campaigns in the Napoleonic wars was a famous military theorist and he wrote the famous book VON Craig. Which means on war, so that was his. That was his sort of masterpiece that he wrote in its
well read by anybody in the military has read on war by cross. What's so, friction is a term that he coined. As far as I know, it's a term that he corn, I haven't, read it please to him and to talk about friction hears what classmates says about it, and this is from on warm. Then again, I departed from the Marine Corps Manual here for a few minutes to go a little bit deeper, in the friction. Everything is very simple in war, but the simplest thing is difficult. These faculties accumulate and produce a friction which no man can imagine exactly? Who is not seen war So when war, through an influence of in an infinite of petty circumstances, which cannot properly be described on paper things,
the point us and we shall we and we fall short of the rank. So this idea of friction is all the little things that build up against you and against what you're trying to accomplish. And I love what he says: next, a powerful iron will- overcomes this friction. It crashes the obstacles, so your will can overcome them but there's about there's a caveat, but certainly the machine along with them. So your iron will can smash these obstacles, but it does take a toll on the will. The strong will of a proud spirit stands prominent and commanding in the middle of the art of war, and we'll get too will a little bit later, but right now we're talking about food,
activity in war is movement in a resistant medium? So it's it's. You know, as opposed to it stuff on the ground in the air, you D, water, are you doing in oil, you doing something that is slowing down and stops you. It is therefore this friction or, what is so termed here, which makes that which appears easy in war difficult reality, and I will tell you in working with all kinds of companies and businesses. There's friction in every business. There's friction everything every goal that people have in a business world there's friction and resistance to trying to stop me from getting there an obvious. Plea that just slides right over into your life and those goals that you have in your fighting against friction, and what is this friction this fortune is. Everything is everything that is stopping you from achieving your go and in war it's what the enemy does. It's the web
It's a lack of ammunition, it's the its materials, you need them arriving in time. It's a muddy road. It's a straw! a strong when it's all these little things, it's the way, you'd attitude of your subordinates. It's the it's the men, the capacity of your leadership. It's all these things create this friction, Letterman, stop you from achieving our goals, or at least it's gonna, try to stop you from achieving our goals and its same thing when you get a business, that's trying to make something happened. You know when you, go to formulate a business, this is not an easy process. This is a challenging processors. Friction that comes up against you and obviously, like I said, with your personal goals. We see friction all the time now. The marine corps here's their take. That was some classmates and it was a little bit of an abridged version, but you know I'm a bridging, so This one is the Marine corps and you'll notice a little bit more
clarity, because it's written directly in English by Marines. So it's it's clearer than here's. The marine corps take on. Friction friction dominates war. It makes simple tasks hard acts constantly to tear down the will of the individual marine and interferes with you cohesion. It operates across the entire. A spectrum of conflict from garrison, Activities to combat from sea your command elements down to the most forward, fighting position. So the friction everywhere. It's everywhere. It's on the front line. Troopers are feeling friction Udall. The The senior command has friction that in this day and age,. Friction. Can be loss of connectivity, You know you're sitting there on the on the internet when you are trying to communicate with troops that are to feel nowadays that it, It goes down their friction or your broad.
And cable get stuff up its literally that's friction. Everything is friction she couldn't be caused by external factors such as fast environment, the nature of the mission or friendly. Enemy action, inadequate or enact Your intelligence also contributes to friction by causing uncertainty. This uncertainty Is sometimes called the fog of war where things are not always what the leader expected. This expression this Russian describes both a literal fog created by dust, smoke and debris on the battlefield and, more importantly, the mental fog of confusion and uncertainty. Cream by lack of knowledge of the enemy, chaotic, noise, mental and physical fatigue and fear, and, interestingly,
late tonight that the book that we wrote extreme ownership, the the first chapter- it's called the fog of war, and it is in- and I talk about this fact- right here it was the literal fog work as it was burning tyres in the streets, green suit, everywhere, knowest concrete floating through the air and smoke from machine guns and smoke from smoking it's a literal fog of where we you can't see, and then, on top of that you add the theoretical foghorn I didn't know where when was it, I wasn't sure what's happening, and so this fog of war is still very real. Frictions most lethal form. Its most lethal form, however, is self induced and may be termed internal friction, so again, it's just incredible how these theories war parallel life
and, although you have these things that are going on in your world, that are trying to stop you from in your goals, the most lethal farmers. Affliction is self induced it's what you do to yourself. Fear of the unknown, breeds this paralysis. It is best Come by vigorous leadership, which clearly sets out what is happening
how what is happening and, most importantly, why is why it is happening. So again it is almost I dont move at some point. I'm gonna stopped being surprised and stop being shocked and stop being stopped being amazed in the parallels between war and life, and this is just one of them another one of them to the the self induced friction. Yes, I think a big one that a kind of noticed in I think most people. This is, is pet. Peace in our people have these pet peeves about like, for example, when people commie boss. You know you know what people say: hey what's up, do you browse rather motors? First bank asked? Yes, oh, listen. Friction with echo journals, yeah and Toby Self induce don't mean anything bad by the word boss, but meanwhile like,
this little almost like check against them, because the referred to me his boss or dude, I dont know why do not actually in what? If a girl calls me dude, it's like its, it seems real condescending. Even I am figure they don't, but that could jam up the relationship and potentially jam up any kind of task we have, that can be just just one little element jam. You in person he's in general on illegal, getting people's wit? Pepys are stupid in my opinion, so you need it correct yourself, an hour I mean it's, we could we get to see here and there s this park ask indeed be unite coming up with the various frictions in life. Whether you know want to sleep more want, not the GM, is close enough to my house. You, you got a million reasons. We get a million pieces of friction countless, whereas they say I recourse as countless minor incidents, the kind you
never really foresee combine to lower the general level of performance. So that one always fall short of the intended goal, and this is very similar to classmates iron will power can overcome this friction it, arises every obstacle, but of course it where's down the machine is well, you can see. They obviously took that directly from call. Whatever form it takes because war is a human enterprise. Friction will always have a psychological as well as a physical impact, so you're getting warm. You are getting worn down by the friction. Friction is inevitable. Marine leaders must accept it. Do everything in their power.
Or to minimize its effects and learn to fight effectively, in spite of it. What what I'm? One of the things that I really like about this term is that it captures everything and it turns everything you know a clarifies: what you're up against you're, not just. Against all these things, you're up against friction, rent and actually, I was with Joe Rogan, and he talked about this book the war of art which I haven't read yet I press field and he does the same thing. But what does he call legalism resistance in so the same idea. You know you put it name on your enemy, you identify them whether. Laziness sore. Sugar or lack of movement,
whatever. That thing is that's what they do in and it allows you to identify it and be aware of what is happening now. Speaking of. Overcome that this next part of leadership here is- and we already mentioned its will. It is something that I obviously identify is extremely important because it's the driver of life, it's the driver of your discipline- is your will to make things happen, and it keeps us on that. You know it keeps us on the path to victory, and I talked about it When I was on the same Harris Podcast- and also talked about it on the history Jem, when they forty lived to tell episodes about markedly first he'll kill my rack, and I talked about you know. What does it take to win in the most important thing it takes to win is: will the law
ill to win? So the marine corps goes into a story. That's about will and I'm going to read it. Assigned to defend three mile mountain pass along the debate its main supply line and commanding the only route of approach. Captain barber took mission with his battle, weary troops and before nightfall had dug in and set up a defence? along the frozen snow, covered hillside when a force of estimates, regimental strength, savagely attack during the night inflicting has heavy casualties. And finally Surrounding his position following a bitterly fought seven, our conflict captain barber after Pulsing, the enemy gave assurance that he could hold, if supplied by airdrops, drops and requested permission to stand fast. After all, rivers were received to fight his way.
Actual relieving force after two weeks, forcing units had been driven back under fierce resistance in attempts to reach the the isolated troops. So here was captain Barber with his troops, thereon, rich line; they hold off the enemy. They get told hey. You know what now that you ve held the enemy off, go and fight back to our position, and he says no now we're not fight backward stay here. We're gonna hold this ground. Although severely wounded, Captain Barbara, tend to maintain personal control, often move up and down the wines on a stretcher to direct defence and consistent, encourage and inspiring his men to supreme efforts. Despite the staggering opposition waging desperate battle Throughout five days and six knights of repeated onslaughts launched by fanatical aggressors
He and his heroic command accounted for. Approximately one thousand enemy dead in this epoch stand in bitter, sub, zero weather. And when the company was relieved, only eighty two of his original two hundred and twenty men were able to walk away from the position so valiantly defended against in Super bowl odds, his profound faith and courage, great personal valor and Unwavering fortitude, which is, in other words his will were decisive factors, in the successful withdraw of the division from the death trap in the chosen reservoir sector. That will then that shows you. What will escape
love. I mean when you talk about sub zero temperatures. You put you just put people on sub zero temperatures for a night that will break most people now get attacked. All night now stay up there for five days and six night. It's just it's. The only thing that can win in that battle is: will Human will from the same battle, Lieutenant Colonel Murray, whose commanding the fifth Marines at the chosen was of our summed up what was required of leaders, and this is a very impact for when I read this, I personally felt in a state of shock the kind of shock one gets from some great personal tragedy. The sudden loss of someone close. So we get in this bad situation that we feel this guy's. The commander.
Of all those Marines and it shows what reservoir and he gets. This shock like someone like someone's, died and he feels it and then he says my first fight was within myself. I had to rebuild that emptiness of spirit, and you know I get asked I've gotten asked on Twitter. I've gotten some direct messages, people that ask me about.
Loss they ve lost people that are close them, whether its guys talking about being combat or whether its people that civilian world and disease or accidents has taken people from them, and I think one of the things that of the kind of the thing that I say to people when they say look. This is this is crushing me and I feel horrible, and I dont know if I'm gonna be able to get back and an end. My first statement is always like, of course, of course, and that is normal. It is normal for you to feel that way when you lose people and you could De that this you know Lieutenant colonel in combat. He went through the same thing, this hard core bad marine had to go K. I feel this
loss and I have to rebuild, I have to rebuild the fight was within himself, and so I think, that's very simple, for people who listeners park as that are in the military you are going on the battlefield, an you if you're halo, You're fighting long enough, you will have casualties, and that is one of the things I know when my guys were killed? I felt the same. Damn thing: the horrible, wretched emptiness. And I knew I had to rebuild it. An answer reading this quote definitely brings me. Back to that end, it clarifies it when I talk to other people about losing someone that that lost that you're feeling
that emptiness that shock is normal, and it's ok and don't think that it's gonna just disappear. You ve got her. We build it, you gotta, we build that spirit. And so this may or goes on to say for leaders too old units together under adverse conditions? They first must fight and win the battle within themselves. And that's not me talking. That is this manual talking that the Marine corps talking about leading Marines, they know that there is a battle going on within you that there is a battle. You gonna fight every day that there's a spirit. That's gonna be rebuilt when
broken down. This is what combat is. This is what war is, and this is what life is. It goes on to talk about the difference between peace. And combat, leading and combat is vastly different from leading in peacetime. Anybody can do Orders and have them obeyed at a peacetime posters station there, nothing! blocks the way to obedience the brig meaning jail reductions in demotion may be all the Sent if necessary, to instil good order and disciplined but execution of orders in combat May mean immediate danger, or even the likelihood of getting killed, the Marines, the marine, need to know,
why an order is given and how it is to be executed. We talked about this all the time people got to know why they're doing what they're doing and I'll tell you the first section of that the Marines. Don't be like that, the Marines don't go around, saying hey, you will. Do this or I'll send you, the brig rock you pay reductions are demotions, that's that that's not how leadership works and it did not that way in the marine corps. Of course, those are there if you need them, but you don't want to led like that. You dont want to lead with beatings. Above all, Marines need to feel that the leader giving the order knows what he or she is about. Even given the best meanings. How Marines perform will depend on the kind of leadership they had by the example. Encourage demonstrated by Leader Napoleon said there are, No bad regiments, only bad colonels, which is very interesting.
And is a very common statement that Napoleon said, and you know we soccer we ve done that bout face on this case, David Hack worth says: there's no bad units, me bad officers and then lay for now. In X Ray Mona ship. We have there's no bad teams, only bad leaders, as I always say, there's no bad students, there's only bad teachers or there's no Bessie and serve only bad instructors. Rhetoric. The saint raised the same thing. It's the same thing and You know from Napoleon to hack worth delay, and I say that what the Marine Corps saying here, a unit led by an able an aggressive leader, aggressive leader, who commands respect because he set the example and demonstrate courage and confidence will perform any task asked of them. Not some tasks not most of the tasks, not the easy tasks, any task.
Ass, a leader who commands respect because he set the example and demonstrated courage and confidence will perform any task asked of them. That's what leadership is about now we get into the moral chow The armies of superior numbers have been put to flight before one man out of ten has fallen. They were not beaten by blows, which became more than flesh, could bear they were beaten in spirit according to laws as old as the human heart, and the victor is the one who can best apply those laws. So you can have a great the huge force, a much bigger force and they can break before anyone's even been killed or one of only a few people being killed, because its spirit is broken.
When people conduct wives built on high moral standards and physical fitness, they tend to develop qualities that produce inspired leadership and discipline. It is not a new notion, it can be found in any good Military force in the past. Gaining moral ascendancy requires that subordinates feel that their leaders genuinely care for them that they are fighting for a worthy com. And ensuring that their sacrifices are not made in vain. I talk about that one regularly year. Your people have gotta know You cannot think that you care about. They gotta know that you care about. That's what leadership is your leading this group, because you care about this group acting as a buffer
to protect subordinates is a key responsibility of any leader leaders, must avoid passing the buck. Leaders must if necessary, act courage of their own convictions, even when your position runs counter to the policy of seniors. We talked about That last time remember Napoleon said that if If you follow my orders and you a bunch of guys killed. It's your fault, you're caught your culpable fears about plan. If, if you this if you obeyed my bad order, it's your fault, it's the same, That being said here even No position runs counter to the policy of seniors leaders, must always accept full responsibility for their actions. Pillow, extremist extreme ownership right there, leaders must always, except for responsibly, for actions for their actions and legs. It extremely
if that's what our books about trying to make that at the utmost level of responsibility, is to own everything, that's happening, regardless of whose fault who might be at fault. What other factors were in place? Doesn't matter take ownership of it all now, even the physical checks The physical demands of battle encompass more then being fit These demands influence both the leader and the lead. The effects sleep, deprivation, poor, diet, poor hygiene and, most importantly, fear have to be understood and be a part of every day, training. No one is immune to fatigue asthma. Means become increasingly tired, they may be
is the ability to make rapid decisions and are susceptible to being confused, disoriented and ultimately ineffective. Guts and pride are not a substitute for fitness and one one place where that becomes completely evident. Is In mixed martial arts, where you get guys, they got a lotta guts and they got a lot of pride, but a you think I was persons, never gonna tap in once they get broken down and fatigue sets in you know were. Fatigue makes all of us all freight. It's not a substitute guts and bright or not a substitute for fitness. There are good augment fitness, but they don't take the place of it a leader relying on guts and pride will not be able to fully concentrate on the mission or the task at hand exam.
The limits of endurance cannot be determined, but physical condition. Is one method of reducing the effects of physical exertion and increase individual self confidence and reduce stress wasted, people to work out this way you gotta get up and go because, It increases individual self confidence, it reduces stress, produces the active, physical exertion, it just good so many benefits, and that's that I think the most important is that reduces the the effects later. So you know, if you're, in shape your heart stronger, your mind is strong. Because you ve worked out your whole life or or just you're, just into fitness? You? U perform. There. Is this man? I heard this thing where it was an article by red where it said why exercise is the most important part of business in
and the whole thing was it you up. The whole thing was exercises the only thing that affects every other part of your life. The only thing so. You can have all these other trades and in order to ensure they might affect one thing. Most things don't affect anything they disinfect that one thing like if you have money you ok of money in that affects like X y see but exercise will affect your Billy to make money, it all affect your relationship at all affect effect everything, and it's the one thing that does break out. You jump rope. People ouch kettlebells, trying to get it on its way if you ever, if you ever get in a relationship where The girls like, oh, you know you, you put the gym were jujitsu or something before me. That's a red flag, red flag, read for I'm not saying break up without saying that the red flag is a warning. Yes, it is its friction, friction resurrection.
The physical development back? The book of the physical development of marine leaders must include dealing with the nature, natural fear of interpersonal violence, which contributes significantly to the fog and friction of combat dealing with the fear of interpersonal violence. So I talked about this with SAM Harris, and that is if you're, the only one worse things that happens when somebody gets assaulted, if they ve never been had somebody on them grinding on them before and grabbing them and holding him in smashing them, they ve never had that feeling before there are way behind rather away behind, because they're just not used to it. It's completely new to them, whereas obviously someone that trains in martial arts, like Jujitsu, where you're going getting around on and people are smashing you you're used to it as part of Europe.
That's part of your life in you and you ve been in actual firefights, but that's why getting getting some sort of a gun, drink, gun, training or firearms training is good, because if you ve never shotgun before and fire it you don't watch movies and stuff does not prepared for how loud that is like just the just in time. Act and all your home thing you know when you fire guns with them happen in some stressful situation. Somebody that's your someone fight. The gun in your presence in its you know this commotion just dealing with the fact that a gun, was fired alone is like this huge battle that You have to pay. You essentially loss, because you just got used to it, does a hit. You need to inoculate yourself to these situations, and we will actually be talking about that. A little later tonight.
Units and their leaders that do not have the mental and physical strength to overcome fear will not be able to fight effectively and overcome friction, in fact, one of the greatest sources of friction is physical exertion and it may be required of individuals, units or both and again the physical exertion thing. You know we do at the gym, We do shark tank right so guys, gonna fight coming up or a guy's gonna tournament coming up, and so we put him in the middle and their given fresh guy. As you know, every two minutes, one minute so most format. It sometimes five minutes depending on what they're gone into. But you can watch and see it too. The destroyer of a guy after they breach that breaking point just get mopped up in again. We're taking them therefore reason we're taking them there, so they do have to rely on their technique, and so they do get, can
The asian and inoculated against that breaking point learn how to dig even deeper, but you can get anyone I mean getting one so physically exhausted that are no longer capable of you. Do even slight percentage of what they would normally be capable of. So you have to maintain that conditioning at the highest level, all the time that you can- and I think that I mean really like you're saying it's- it's not just the physical, good, physical conditioning, your conditioning them too. The situation like we're ice and when their beyond their physical kind of breaking point where they they don't have all their strength. They wrote that the point where you feel like stopping and beyond that point, if you rarely or ever been beyond that point. Once you get there, you you're completely the new ones you realize you can push through that yeah that there is little more than you think, they're azure you get condition doing you're ready for tat
A gain in moral force deriving from all forms of physical training is an unconscious game. I actually think it's not just non costly advocates, a conscious gain to. I think when I did when I train, I feel better, I feel stronger. I feel sharper. Willpower determination, mental poise and muscle control arm all March hand in hand with the general health and well being of the individual. So again, according to the marine corps that this physical training increases your willpower, your determination, your mental boys, your must control. Clearly, as you stated earlier, physical training is important across the board. Establishing an and means
Training standards. Maintaining this attitude and standard of excellence is a responsibility not limited to officers staff Non commission officers or not commissioned officers. It is responsibility of all Marines. That's the attitude you want to have with your team with your company with your business that that attitude of excellence and maintaining the standard of excellence. Isn't responsibility. Just of the leadership is responsibility of everyone. Your ship in the long run, depends upon the example set by the leader. Not only a war fighter, but also as a citizen and a human being. So the leader has to display a high level of I'm not sure what the right word is. A high level of bare
a high level of presence in all situations, not just as a marine but at all levels being a personal example requires high more standards reflecting virtue, honor patriotism and subordination, personal behavior and in performance, these inner qualities that mark leaders. These are the inner qualities that mark leaders rather than outward marks of greatness. They are often deeply buried and in many cases must look closely to see an individual's inner strength to you're, not always gonna see is always guy beaten. His chest, that's the best leader and as an example of that here. Major General John, a Luzhin DR middle of honor recipient sergeant, major John H, quick, perhaps of All the Marines. I ever knew quick opera,
more, nearly the perfect type of Non commission officer, a calm, forceful, intelligent, loyal and courageous man. He was I never knew him to raise its voice, lose his temper use profane language, and yet he exacted and obtained prompt and explicit obedience from all persons subject to his orders. The image of the marine barking orders, you have to balance that you have to balance that, with the reality of the the example just given made sergeant major John each quick in the marine corps we are trained,
Wonder combat violence and deaf, along with other, less arduous situations in both peace and war, Simply because we bear arms and wheeled awesome power, we do not have limitless, ready to unleash it without due requirement. We may not say, as one enemy commander said, King oh all burn all destroy all so again, the image and the stereotype of marine or away american soldiers. Has to be balanced with the facts of who they really are, and that is that they are trained that I don't have one
lists of forty to unleash the awesome power without due requirement. Now, of course, we these are human beings and their military people in the Marine Corps, the army and seal teams and special operations that govern line and that something that gives dealt with some not sitting here, claiming that this is a you know, a perfect situation, but I am giving you the ideal that the Marine corps itself sets out upon its marines of what it wants their Marines to be lacking and a good. We are actually used to say this initial teams as well, and this is how do you figure out when something is like you know the right thing to do. Do the right thing:
sometimes doing. The right thing is opposed to it, you're being ordered to do or what the rules are. If you are prepared, to talk about your actions or lack thereof in of a national audience made up of oh you're, seniors, peers, subordinates and friends, who share the same professional values and whose opinions you value- your behavior was, or is probably ethical in nature. So when you do when something, if you say, ok, I'm gonna to go on, you know came lose tomorrow anyway, debrief everybody what I did and if you can be proud of it, then it was ethical. You're gonna be hanging, you had it wasn't a good decision, you are doing the right thing and that is deaf We something that I used to guide my judgment and because that again
the rules are not always what they should be and over the rules. They don't fit over the situation that European LAW is a diner. Make thing, and so sometimes the rules have been put in place for one region. They don't work in the region urine, and so you have to say: ok, you know what by the book vacant burn me on this one, but I can look whoever's charging me and say this is what I did, and this is why I did it. If you want to send me to the two Leavenworth for that, get out the handcuffs and let's go, this is a powerful. This is a powerful paragraphs about reading its actually, if you listen the descent, the deposit s attitude with SAM Harris, this is just to. This is a little bit of a different spend on
bravery and on courage. Courage can be misunderstood. It is more than the ability to overcome the jitters to quell fear, to conquer the desire to run. Is the we need know what is or is not to be feared, an infant, it shows an infantry men. Charging a bunker is not hampered by the fear that he might be struck down a few paces from his fighting whole a pilot is not afraid of losing all hydraulic power in his hair cut in his aircraft. They are both prepared for those outcomes. A marine in battle fears does SK racing himself by running he feared not losing his life but losing his honor.
He may not be able to preserve his life, but he can always preserve his honour that much is within his power to fear disgrace, but not deaf to fear, not duty but dereliction from duty. This is courage. The truly courageous do not live thanks anxiety from morning to night. They are com because they know who they are in that.
Last two sentences about the truly courageous do not live in anxiety from morning to night. They are com because they know who they are, and I definitely more when I hear that statement. I think about the guys that I know that were truly courageous and how they did have that almost peaceful attitude of acceptance, because they knew who they were, and they knew what they would do if the moment came for them. The type of more kind of overt courage here from major Jim Crow former enlisted men Marine, Gunnar disdain
Riflemen STAR football player was a tower of strength throughout the battle is trademark red, mustache bristling a combat shot, gun cradled in his arms. He exists confidence and professionalism, quality, sorely needed on that long day. Crow ordered decoction of his life. Been craft, put this goddamn boat in the body, the reef at high speed, sending a marine sprawling quickly recovering. Orders men over the sides then led them through several hundred odds of shallow water reaching the shore intact. Only four minutes behind the last wave Crow cod in this regard, his teeth and standing up. Grumbling at his men? Look the sons of bitches can't hit me. Why do you think,
They can hit you get moving, go red Beach, three wasn't capable hands kind of a larger than life, a larger than life image of courage. Adaptability. Adaptability has long been our key to overcoming the effects of friction and its components: although it is synonymous with flexibility, adaptability also embraces the spirit of innovation. Marines. Constantly seek to adapt new tactics, organization and procedures to the real, all of the environment deficient, he's existing practices are identified, outdated structure, discarded and Africans made to maintain function and utility, that's it or might want to do in your life
deficiencies in existing practices are identified. Outdated structure. Did guarded and modifications made to maintain function and utility. Yes, go ahead and note to self the ability to adapt, enables Marines to be comfortable within environment dominated by friction, and we just talked about innovation. Intervene she has always been a key component of marine corps tradition and our style of leadership. It isn't It is come naturally, because our combatant function was and is unique Innovation requires that leaders listened to their subordinates. Ominous say that again, Innovation requires that leaders listen to their subordinates and that two way system of communication is maintained, corporal sergeants captains and generals.
I'll have responsibility to be innovators everybody in your chain of command has a responsibility to be innovation. Because innovation is imprecise and because subordinates, especially junior ones, will make mistakes. Protect. Zero defects are not a standard of measurement, they do not encourage initiative, they stifle it. So you ve, When your folks and some of your junior leadership- and maybe some of your senior leadership, they're going to make some mistakes and you got to protect him and encourage him To continue on to try to be innovative, if we wish to think clearly, he wished to free you, mine. If you wish to think clearly, we must cease imitating if we wish to, these imitating, we must make use of our imagination. Thou. Often Did you see a marine in his dream?
service, dress, blue uniforms. Looking like a statue of perfection, how often do you think that their manual, tells them that they have to make use of their imagination. People don't get that image said this before and I will say it again com. That is an absolute exercise and creativity. That's what it is. And you gotta use your imagination. We must train ourselves for the unexpected in place of training, others for the for the cut and dried audacity, and not caution must be our watchword. God takes risks. Gotta take some risks now, here's a term that just like, as a matter of fact- and I use the word- I love this too
the term is fighting power. Fighting power is organizations ability to conduct combat operations by overcoming challenges, to lead, compete and prevail on the battlefield, fighting power rests on mental intellectual and organs, national foundations in its manner, stations in one combination or another, are due. Supporting cohesion, morale an initiative courage, and toughness. The willingness to fight and the readiness, necessary to die. Fighting power in brief is defined. As the sum total of mental and physical qualities that make armies fight- and you know what I did
added, something in there, because it actually says mental qualities that make armies fight in adding mental and physical qualities, because we ve talked about the physical qualities and how important it is. Fighting power in brief is defined as the sum total of mental and physical qualities that make army fight, make armies fight in what I like about this idea of fighting Bower is: what can you do to improve your fighting power today? What can you do is What you're you doing helpful? Are you moving it forward? Are you increasing you're fighting power? Are you decreasing it? Are you going backwards? That's the real question here. And I think that when you realise that what you do in your life, is either do in one or two things: it's either increasing you're, fighting power or decreasing you're fighting power,
If you stay in stagnant, your basically going backwards and here's a little wrap up, here's the leadership principles. Be technically and tactically proficient no yourself and see itself improvement, boom, no you're Marines and look out for their welfare. Keep your marines informed set the example. Ensure the task is understood, supervised and accomplished. Train. Your Marines, as eighteen, makes hound and timely decisions develop a sense of responsibility among your subordinates little
decentralized command- employ Well, your unit, in accordance with its capabilities, see responsibility and take responsibility for your actions once again ownership and I, like the seek responsible little a seal nor seal, sound, saying that we do have was look for work. So with there's, nothing go and look for work. Men would say, and you see a new guy standing, there are not known. What do I go? Look for work means go pick ups, dirty position go help move. Please go do something makes up it happen. Seek responsibility in this last statement is just a note to remind everybody of the troopers on the front lines throughout. Street, the time always comes in battle with decisions of statesmen and of generals can no longer affect the issue and when it's not the power of
national wealth to change the balance decisively victory. Never achieved prior to that point, it can only he be one after the battle has been delivered into the hands of men who move in imminent danger of death, and that's s away marshal the folks on the front lines so for everyone out there. That's us in this part gassed that's on the front lines right now. I salute you all. Let's get to the questions.
Ok first question from narco: thirty one eleven: will you guys cover injury recovery and the mentality that quick recovery and advice on a fine physical limits without injury? Okay, so for this on? Well, first of all train hard, but always train smart. You know, don't do things that are going to hurt you, and this is a balance. Just like everything else. You have to push yourself hard enough that you get stronger, but at the same time you can push yourself so hard that you get injured. So I think that's one of the keys.
Another key is making sure you take adequate rest, which of course, I'm usually guilty of not doing. That being said, when you see me training every day, I'm not you know, I'm not going a hundred and ten percent every day there's some days rye role under the german I say: yeah. Ok, this is not at this nodded to push myself on injury prone to day. You know, and so I will taper I work out in all use dude some other kind of intensity, but let's I'm not gonna lived heavyweights or I'm not gonna Sprint, because I'm feelin tight and I want to pull muscle. So you just you gotta, listen to what your body saying. Another thing that I think is important about. It is your we talked about on the last point. Gases yield changing your boss and costly chasing after difficult. As you know, we longed for a dead, lift and then you're going for a mile time run and then you're goin for number evolves in your your constant,
he kind of changing those, and I think that is a good way to avoid injury, because you're not just hammering the same thing over and over and over again, which I think leaves injury. Now. That being said, you don't ever wanted just completely. Stop you don't elements of your work out. You know you want to keep that's why it's good to knock on these extreme directions and I'll tell you. What I want, I think, is the most important thing for me for being relatively injury free and about a list on my injuries on the next question, but relatively injury free is that I always work out. I always work out and I think that.
When people I think we're people take its then did periods of time off, and by that I think I mean you know, you're starting to get into like two weeks three weeks, maybe a month of not doing anything. I think when people come back from those needs when they get injured is when they get hurt, because our bodies- just it still strong, it- still thinks it can do what it did three weeks ago, but it can't it's not condition for and that's when that's when you get hurt another good piece, I think for recovery. And is there is a majority. What the Kelly cased are, you know, got a mobility while dot com and just look at that. Look at what he's doing look always put now. He's got some great stuff to heal yourself and in
square way. Your injuries, I think stretching I think, stretching is important, but I think people take it to an excess and I think when you do too much of it, I think it's I think its causes problems, I know, is I awesome, some guys have done extreme yoga and I think extreme yoga Is you don't want your once? You go beyond what is normal or a little beyond normal. You start danger yourself and I think that's not good make. It leads to you. No joint laxity were your beer. Your joint can actually move too much and there's not enough to holding them in place on earth stability right right, and so I think just listen to your boy body, and I think that the next part this question will answer in the next question. Distant can add to that
Fishing is well media and I saw a lot of infrastructure there. Trying to cut up her or drop some weight in training for some either make wait. That's you know, there's gonna be a little bit more specific strategy, but let him spool starve themselves. Almost sound people when there Ellen negative and I feel like their injury, but aren't you they're, probably lacking fats, they're, probably lacking good fats. You know so I agree with you. Died is. Many important year in what like, when you, when you were kind this, what I learned early on in an understanding the importance of this, I think really really helped is if you eat right after you work up. Don't don't think that your eat a meal and that's gonna few. Your worker, like it, takes a while for the the calories to go into your system. The fuel work out a second: do it like an hour suddenly so go we're having eat after so that those calories and in those nutrients will help your body recover
Within that, our that's when your body wants to recover their wants as nutrients ass, so doing that if you start yourself or don't eat or eat very little, Europe What's it going to be recovered your tendency to be a little bit more week, even when you recovery didn't taking those nutrient there, so you will be way more prone. I probably eyebrow. We need to do a better job of that, as you well You boys asked me: I get on working out, you know like five or six. Well, maybe six o clock in the morning. I'm done work now and I usually don't I use you- don't eat until nine or ten you know. So I probably do a better job of that. Take IVO Charles's advice about what the thumb it's funny, but I lay open minds.
Let's go, I can do that. Yeah good in abiding bill embody building world. That's like it, no brainer anabolic window and it's like it. You can see little jokes on. It works like a jump to make only business anabolic window in each of the picture like a guy holding the guy dying. Second, it's real important thing and help so much will give it a shot, ran on next question. From. What honey bees do when it's all one word. It's just: can it strange what honey bees you're not on the de coding sheep? I can tell you they could be like. Why, though me these, do we care about honeybees, do never advisory busy. What the honey bees do. What do you suggest? One honey bees? Not
a third general. What injuries have you got in and how did you adapt so obviously active lifestyle? You know growing up and spend in my life in the seal teams, ton of injuries from everything I've had embassy, I'll, tear, sprain ankles shoulders risk slower back elbows, but the most serious, actual injury that I had was I had neck, I had neck surgery, so I had a frame anatomy and my neck, which is they go in and they scrape some bone away from the foramen which hurt bad when they did it, and but it's been really good I was really me: I have like loss movement in my arm for a little while my right arm from your neck from my,
I can hardly area just grinding over time and I remember, there's one partner Seal training, where you're carrying these boats on your head, which not that big of a deal, but then the instructors would jump from boat to about these two hundred pound instructors in and there is jumping they're, both in your head and their jumping from both about any its. I remember an instructor jumping into the landing pretty much where I was, and I remember hearing of arranging noise in my neck and of course I was nineteen years old, so I didn't care, bring it on but they all they don't do that anymore and actually don't jump from both about the war which is which is cool they shouldn't. It is not good for you. So but many ways with all these injuries, whether its embassy I'll tear, whether its veto, high ankle, sprains in and all kinds of ligament damages my in my ankles and my lower back, which have entered a few times mode
most all muscular there. What I do as I do the same thing with all of them, and that is I do whatever I can. You know if I fire? When I heard my knee and I couldn't squat, I could do like a quarter squat. I get a quarter squats, you know, I'd go out the garage nightstand there with no body weight in due course gods and get the blood moving in. You know that I tried you mother body parts and you could develop still, and so I did get a policy that could even movement it like Kip at all. So I did what I could there you know, so you can't you ring dips. Do regular dips have yet to gives to push you can't you just push off of a wall whatever it takes to get something done. You can't live that forty kilogram kettlebells lift that twenty four kilogram kettlebells just do something move. Get the blood in there always get a blood. An irish think that the more you moving anymore you're using that range emotion, the the faster you're gonna heal
you're just circulating more repairing nutrients to your body. So it would make sense to me that that's gonna help you he'll now course you can redeem and you can get worse. You know if, if it hurts, do a quarter squat, and so you do half squat you're you're going backwards, you no sir, you want to stay within the range emotionally or not we entering it. Making it worse. So don't be stupid, but do get the movement go And also I dont know what I would do mentally if I went couldn't do anything at all. Now, when I heard my neck there was, I was laid up. I don't think I was gonna be out, Mr Power, through in a tough guy. You know I was laid up with my maiden of just hurtin but I'll tell you as soon as I could get up and start trying to walk around. I didn't, like I said, try to try to stay sane and in the other What happens is when you have these injuries yo here you got to adapt your goals you gotta, go to set new goals. Ok, you know
and really I've never really fully regained the strength and my right arm and my right back It's not as strong as it was at its definitely way weaker than my other side. He was probably at seventy or eighty percent, and I just have to say: ok. Well what Can I do it's? Ok, you can. We know you're normal human now she herself. So here's what is years where's your new goals are items. You know I'm still trying to improve and get better at whatever it is, but you know. Injuries are gonna happen in life and you gotta do your best. Uganda work through as smartly as you possibly can in Canada, Ed today that the train smart. This may seem obvious, but when you do like higher rep like heavier way or not, pirates are heavier weight, loss, reps or a real explosive stuff. You're gonna be more prone to injury, so
even being just more conscious of your movement there and and really avoiding those types of movements. When you feel in injury start to grow like can we get a little lower back thing or or a shoulder? The overture just be conscious of your movement. Your way more today I was dead lifting and I I was I know, ok we're and everything for the day and an you do I definitely spared myself being laid up. You know but I just got out the roller unjust grounded out for a while. Now the ball grounded out for a while, but for sure you analyse the european tension and where, if you feel that will twins It's no big deal. You know, there's plenty of other ways to get you to get your work out on besides Jack in the big steel self, yeah, you like are used in the body weight, squats sealed zero. You know like if you, if you had a sick, squat work out, planned
and you feel your lawyer backer. I t then, is one where it when you, when you get after eight squat, settle attempts actor. Why spray my ankle, sick, nuff, try for five months ago, and it I couldn't do it was weird it's one of those weird things I couldn't do overhead squats, but I can You know it was like after snatch. Yes, I can do overhead squatters. It hurt my uncle for whatever reason, but I could do front squats irregular squats and I could go to fold the ones I could still gotta fold up on again. I don't know why. I'm not a physician, Francois felt the best, so I started do more more front squads at the time and then eventually you been there now. To do anything so figure out what you can get away with figure out what you can do and knew it also went in regards to being conscious of like your movement a lot times. I know this is the case, for me, where all get little injuries from just like racking or unwrapping weight.
Just because, like online, I need to do more functional training, my always get injured, but its debt and little things. You know, because that a lot of times that is like its unconscious, I'm just put So here you know you're, not one. Meanwhile, if you do a clean and jerk you're like ok, I'm in a focus on this good technique is so again. There goes along with being careful of moving being the conference as it is actually when you feel when you hit that fifty when you ve been working for a three week, ST aren't very little restaurant. You know, and you start to feel these little things come about at the is important to do, to become and also to what you were saying earlier if my head- the game on my jack in the big
It's gotta be thinking about it. You gotta be thinking about your body position. You know before you do before before you just try gravel must be wait thrown around here. You gotta get you hadn't again next question. This is actually my question, a question from MECCA combined with the question from someone else here: yes, yes, you what they thought public speaking. How did you like I've seen or some speeches? How did you get good at it because that's it? That's a daunting nerve, racking thing in file like some people, They prefer death over public. Speaking literally us, that's heavy! So what's your m? What's your mindset in offer, keep you from from being nervous and then that that's coupled with another glass
in here right, which we got it just relax, conquering fear in general right right, your failure or fear of rejection of the unknown. What would your advice b to someone who wants this? Like start a business or major project, but there, but their held back by fear? So this is again it's interesting for me, because public speaking is not something that induces fear made. It never has, but I know that it does make people scared and I think that overcoming Key to any, overcoming any fear, in my mind, is weak Sakharov earlier, which is an occupation, and this idea and I actually looked up the definition of an occupation and it's the introduce the introduction of a pathogen or end the into a living organism to stimulate the production of antibiotic antibodies, so you're, giving yourself a list
I read you give yourself a little bit and you build a monster and- and that's what you do you take the small doses. So it prepares for the big, bigger doses, Anna, one of my daughter's my little daughter she was really wanting to be in the school play right and other plays around town and all cackle. Well, that's cool, but she was horrified. Got in front of an audience horrified, and so I looked up- and I said: ok, how do you stop your kids from being getting states right? Is one big ol it and you know I read about people what they did in. What I did was. I said I'd here: ok sing, a song and it's not a big yoke summer. Dad has issued sing a song for me even then, to be a little bit embarrassed but she's from it and then then you know couple days. You're, not my wife, facing that song for both of us,
and then it was all my wife's got a friend of hay sing that song for the three of us, because we get a mystery person and unknown when in the realm of overcoming effort and each time she getting a little bit more and more cover, because we took her to what are they called tryouts. What's trial called dish audition, we took her taste a couple additions where it was her turn and she didn't go. She broke down just crying. I just use just couldn't handle it, and so that it was the than it was a few My wife's friends Rover then it was, some of my friends were over snow got you guys and girls, and each time she got more more confident and eventually she you didn't carry more and she was totally confident and she got the lead role, school age legitimately, gotta led realms, okay, so so she was able to overcome that fear and in the seal teams would do the same kind of thing. We know where you're going. Get inoculated against stress as much,
They can stress you out misuse they're gonna stretching out. There's gonna be machine gun fire you're gonna be used rather than the explosives goin off. We use that we do. We do a fire machine, gun, drills and an end. I add drills. Immediate action because we are maneuvering around. We see that without your per year protection and sometimes a u get used- is crazy. Banging we'll do that anymore, it's not smart, but of but you Do that to a like what you are talking on earlier, when that gun goes off, you should be completely comfortable with it and theirs one of my favorite stories on that one matters. But what am I wanna a buddy of mine, Actually took my job, I was a task to commander. He actually took my job as task you commander, and a flash bang is a grenade that you throw into. Run before you go into the room and it makes a loud explosion in smoke. And then it allows you to enter in the room when the people, better insider now startled, so you have an advantage Well, occasionally, you know you have open the door to further the crash in their attitude
Someone will open the door at someone or run in by that bidding coordinator well and so the open a door guy runs in and then someone throws the crash into now. Your crashing yourself. It's not a big deal. Getting used to it. But why. And with one of his new guys, you know that happened so the door wide open. The guy went in and I, while the guy's run in it, so he throws a crash into the guy, see the crash, and he runs back out of the room which is not which are supposed to do so. This guy was the task of commander. He does come with me down here, and so they walked out he brought him into a closet in the Kill house and just sat in there and said has gone and they just there in the dark and dropped like eight crashes at their feet, boys and a guy, because you realize you just gotta get inoculated you're, just gonna overcome it. So that's kind of I guess my my theory here would be, if you're afraid of
Fighting in altercations go change it if you're afraid of heights, work on some raw claim, climbing, if you're afraid of water timed swam it's time to surface trying to get out there, you're free to pull ups. If, if you're, pretty pulse duple severely, squats do squats if your fraid of public speaking, though speak in public, if you're afraid of a business start, a business, make it small and on all these, what you have to do is you have to mitigate the risk any of the ease yourself into it, but you gotta go for it and eventually you will overcome that fear, but the hard part is you gonna. Take that first step. You gotta take that first step to begin to knock you let yourself hence the fear against the fear of the thing. That's in your mind is that fear generally is in your mind. You know when you get up.
On staged, your public speaking people, are not gonna, throw tomatoes at you and say: oh my journey do you get off the stage in our very their various at their head? So there is nothing to fear. It's in your head. He does flash grenades, they don't causing damage to people. They're coming you dont like one I'm next year, I their rearing their loud and they make a big boom and daring explosive, but yeah they dont didn't hurt you read generally days, you dig deep new days. They stand you to like what, if I had one in, my pocket and it went off here- you'd get or legal or some not end. I get hurt, not injured, you'd get yeah, you get hurt, uninjured, lift there's a three year. You d be resort yeah. I never let one off in my pocket. I always wonder about those two there.
Our next question? Ok and podcast- number. Seven, you answer the question which was essentially about how a subordinate might cope with a leader who was a competent, and so this this person is interested in your thoughts on the opposite side of the coin. For example, if you're that guy could on quotas- and you know it, how can you still lead a team effectively given the lack of confidence, given the lack of confidence? Cannot mine, the teams, trust and confidence in you. So so this question, as you are, that guy, the guy that doesn't have the knowledge you're, the guy? That's inexperienced you're, the guy that just got hired, that's good. They didn't you know it, that's good. Ray. I see you gotta eat, argued by by recognising that studies step number one is recognised that he's the guy that using experiences
aren't, etc. So this this question, while it might seem like a tough question, it's actually, you might think, because Competence and knowledge definitely are very beneficial for leadership that the knowledge, peace and underhand knowing the technical side of what you're trying to lead a team in, but it is deaf not mandatory? Now, if you dont have it, of course, you should strive to get it because it will make you a better leader, but in certain situations there is times where you have to lead and you have to lead now that does happen. So what do you do and how do you eat when you're in that situation? and it's actually pretty easy. You lead almost the exact same. U way that you would, in any other situation humbly and with an open mind, so leadership is the same regardless, What you know think about it, leadership, is the same regardless of what you know what you.
Do as you gonna gather ideas. Could you don't really have neurons you gather them from the other people right you to explore the different, ethics right cause, you don't know what the other methods are used, exports ale. How would you do too? How would you do it you can away the different courses of action because. You're, not sure which one is gonna, be that's not gonna, be super evident, which course of action is to be the best you're gonna, listen, listen to what people are saying here. Keep an open mind any here. What they're saying. You're gonna show that you're a quick learner annually listening and learn. And how do you show your quick learner? You show your quick learner by being a quick learner, and how do you be a quick order by studying so when it comes the winter stuff that you should know, then you study it.
You learn it and you prove, and then you take all this information that you ve got a new way. The decision and you make one and Again, that's how you should be leaving anyways right, So so Maskew s just because you know the most right. If you are the most knowledgeable nineteen, does that mean you can plan everything yourself? No, no, it doesn't Does that mean you gotta make your decisions in a vacuum by yourself? Just now, if you're a good leader, not gonna, do that at all? Does it mean you're gonna make decisions move forward without consulting with people? Know it doesn't So all this means is that you're gonna do other things. You are gonna get consensus from the group. You're gonna get people bored you're gonna talk to an issue at their their ideas are any again, I should have used the word consensus because you can't always bleed by consensus that can be that could become difficult, but you're gonna, listen, you're, gonna, learn, you're gonna talk to people about what you're doing and that's
How you're gonna lead again? It's almost exactly the only thing that get added. If you are sort of a technical expertise, you can build but more vicinity check on you know, what's the plan that people are coming up with, if if, if we were doing a computer You know software engineering problem. I would not be able to add my technical expertise, but if you know for the Do the engineers came to me and presented what their ideas were? Ibm look at him. Logically, zero explained we are asking of questions until I said: ok, guys, here's where I'm thinkin healthy. I think we should go with you. No method be or whatever and the other. People can kind of counter, and eventually we can make their decision happened. So. If I had the knowledge myself tat, I could make them Global easier- and I could add a little bit of a sandwich check, but it's not life and death, and
The other thing that's interesting is when you do have the knowledge yourself you can, you can actually come off as a know. It all which is not a good leader. So in both basis whether you are the technical expert or whether you're not the leadership. Simple stay the same, be humble, be open, minded, listen, learn and lead last question: what is your greatest weakness in? What are you doing to work through or around it? What is my greatest weakness, my biggest weakness and that's actually hard question, because when I think about it frankly, I am
nothing but weakness, not naturally strong and that naturally fast and that naturally flexible arms. We're not the smartest guy in the world. And I get emotional over stupid things and I eagerly a food. I don't sleep enough: Christ Annie I waste time and they cares too much about stupid things and not enough about important things. And of course my ego is too big. But at the same time I mind is too small and it's trapped inside itself, but now that being said, I have a say: and its end probably heard me say before a person. Strengths are often their biggest weaknesses
and that also means that their weaknesses can be their strength. So me. I am week in all those ways that I listed I'm weak, but I don't accept that. I dont, except that I am what I am that that what I'm doing to be now. I dont, except that I'm fighting, I'm always fighting I'm struggling and wrapping kicking and calling it those weaknesses to change them to stop them. Some days I win some days, I don't.
But each and every day I get back up and I move forward. With my fist, clench toward the battle toward the struggle and fight with everything I've got to overcome those weaknesses in those shortfalls and those flaws, as I strive be just a little bit better. Today, when I was yesterday. And I think that now about wraps it up for tonight and like we always say. If you want to continue this conversation or you wanna
Engage in one or you want to hang with us virtually you can find us on Twitter. I met Jocker willing and echo. Is that echo jobs thanks for listening thanks her subscribing face for leaving reviews thanks?
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