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Jocko Podcast Civil War Excursion With JD Baker Pt.2: The Battles Have Begun

2022-12-09 | 🔗

Just the beginning of the many battles. Battle of Shilo and more.

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This is the jackal podcast civil war, excursion number two with J d baker and me jocker, willing good evening J D, grieving jago Soldiers of the army of the mississippi, I have put you in motion to offer battle to the invaders of your country with the resolution and discipline and valor becoming men fighting as you are for all worth living or dying for you can but march to a decisive victory over the agrarian mercenaries sent to subjugate you into this spoil you of your liberties, your property and your honor. Remember precious stake involved, remembered the dependence your mother's, your wives, your sisters and your children on the result room
for the fair, broad abounding land and the be homes that would be death. It by your defeat, the eyes in hopes of eight millions of people rest upon you. You are expected to show yourselves worthy of your lineage worthy the women of the south, whose noble devotion in this war has never been exceeded. In any time with such incentives to brave deeds and with the trust that god is with us. Your generals will lead comfortably to the combat assured of success That right, there's general albert sidney Johnson.
giving a speech a speech. I was given to each regiment as they approach the battle of shiloh witches gonna be kind of the first really big battle in the civil war. Judy How do we get there? Last episode we left off after fort sumter and lincoln, is thinking- and I guess it's a fair assessment to say that that fort sumter was kind of like her nine eleven moment september, eleventh moment for the north cause eighty Sixty the army, you know you- you talked about this, the last the last episode- armies, tiny, really I mean in eighteen sixty.
There was sixteen thousand total men and officers on the roll. Only fourteen thousand of a more pressing for duty. There was five general officers total most men. people were most, the soldiers were posted west of the mississippi, there's only sixteen companies east of the mississippi. This is just eighteen sixty them, The theory is just absolute tiny. What permanently poor stationed on camp pendleton. California, not thousands How about how bout any? What's it's what marine corps? Basted? You spend the time on lagoon how many people on whom you think at least thirty, five thousand so when one based theirs, twice as many people are there, as there are soldiers before the war kicked off. So
Their september, eleventh happens, which is fort sumter and and now now the now it's on now. That being said, And I say this about september: eleven two people think They will have wars, gonna kick off, but the war. What are we talking a few months for five and maybe to go down south. You know We backed the confederacy will take everything back over. Is that we're thinking up north. Oh yeah, I mean this is a yeah, probably if you're, if you're, looking at it on that aspect, it's like a ninety day like hey, we're, just gonna use the ninety day. Like hey man, I could imagine you know with with the the amount of of sources available like going through there. I mean, when you say, like five general officers, there's probably like five general officers, sharing a cubicle right now, the pentagon or twenty twenty two yo domain. Like that it just always is shocking. So when you're looking at the at the professionals
soldier, it does take a look, yeah you get on with the mexican american war. Everything is out west as western expansion, so they they ve got a lot of these armies and stuff, and companies that are out west in it. It's a lot dealing with the native americans and protection. they spoke centre, are moving west with western expansion. If your look, king, at the aspects of the size of the army and in the comparison of of pearl harbor. Even abraham lincoln is kind of look like I mean he he's wanton them to bombard fort sumter, because now you that's to give him northern buyer alight urinary, like really are a little bit of that. He wanted that. It's not while swagger attack. We wanted to get its acts, so he could use some propaganda to start. Gets troops mast up right.
You know I can look at it as if ok, you ve got all these states and they decide that they're, just gonna secede from the union Joe. All you have so south carolina alabama, mississippi, georgia, yea, virginia they're, all gonna pop smoke and his press, not a stage. You like we're gonna stand up an army word I go down there and and we're to bring them back into the EU in people are like, while they they haven't dont last dude in new hampshire, like rome worth talking about, I want to leave. I got work to do yeah yeah, you know what I mean and they haven't really done anything they're just talking right now. You know what I mean. So it's more like all. The states are just saying that they're not really going to leave and but they are there they're like leaving, but no shots have been fired yet. So it's almost like the same thing before we can. Even when you look at the mexican american war, I mean they sent Zachary taylor down there to kind of monkey around the rio grande. They pop a couple of shots,
They send a memo back up, which was you up the d c, let the president I say states may were under fire to go to college declare war boat. an excellent american war somebody's gotta pull the trigger. Here you mean it. If you like, obviously there was problems that were known prior to september, eleventh that that there was no bad people. Yoda may nets We have a fair thing to say that in the united states we knew that there were in visuals outside the united states that wanted to cause harm. But as the united states we didn't go over there and just go. Raise an army invade their country. They they. They have just done a lot of talk, you mean and they haven't really threatened a mare, can soil. Yet so, as the president, you kind of gotta get some buyers.
as soon as you, the old man, pose the lanyard. You know what I do just got northern via khazar like wait a minute. They just bombarded american soldiers at a federal fort, in the harbor of charles south carolina yeah we're done with this little confederacy. Thank you, I think you're gonna plan up there. So now we're in We can see that you as lincoln, be in the present united states now when he goes to the his is northern folks Looking for a raising of of arms, come join in to this fight. He's gonna get a lot more by that. So so that's basing what's happening so yeah lincoln yo remains yeah southerners is that's his nine eleven now he's, like you said, ninety day, okay, it's going to take ninety days, we're going to go down there and kick the shit out of some people's whole, going to be good, we'll come back home so they're there,
primary initial raising of troops is like national guard. right bringing guys on for like a ninety day, enlistment type thing yo to me, because you know the whole a yearning the militia that unit it has been in existence how it still in existence today you know what if you're gonna stand the right to bear arms Your name was literally like meant something back, then meaning yeah. Ok, you got the rifle hanging over top of the of the fireplace and you use it during hunting season, but if there is a call it, arms you're, a part of the militia revised from the same little home, town and you're gonna say and up and you're going to join in with the company, and then that companies got a regiment, been the states and they are going to send these looks down south to kind of cool elvis insurgency is gonna, take place so yeah I mean ninety days. Man
The only thing you gonna look like moving bodies, yeah how'd it. How do you move? may I it's either by water goods by rail or they're gonna walk get their staff you gotta like have stopped the supply them causing you gonna have to feed on you're gonna have to close them so What more you know what I mean when you kind of look at the aspects of hayward, stand up an army even if even a small army and anyhow I have to look at it as like, like you'd said earlier, like the dude new Hampshire he's, like I got a job like you know what I mean, I run a gym and so cow man I gotta work tomorrow to meet. I got like nine kids at home. Like you know what I mean, what I'm just going to pop smoke, we're going to go down there, but. and again, you also you gotta, look at only aspect of like the nine eleven of like You remember the recruiting ons young, in the united states military. After all, if we were not having a recruiting a problem like in two
kennedy was like. You went down Recruiting officer September twelve and like the line was around the block, you know, and this is one that's in california right like it. It was on you remember, like all the guys that, like because you and I served in the end the same timeframe, like all the guys that they came in light, and so they missed is storm, and then there there's like this dry spam you need to be gather like these little kind of hot pocket, things that are gonna happen and around the world, but if you're not on a specific unit, new specific team at a specific time, you're just gonna miss it, and your sooner I got these guys that are like well, it doesn't look like anything's going to happen in the next four years. I'm I'm going to get out and I'm going to go back home, go to college or just get a job, and I'm caught it down with the military thing- and I am not eleven heads and then these guys were like do I want back in
eraser now that's even a problem, and it's like dude, I got skill sets okay! Well, you left as a sergeant you what I mean we can't brick dude. I don't care if you bring me back as a private, rifle me. You know what I mean I just want to be on the big bird that is going to cross the pod and we're going to bring the wood. These people, that that did these events and in new york in the fields in pennsylvania and into the so I could imagine you know back then, when the war word got out that your demeanor of looking at the aspects that they just bombed. You know what I mean a federal installation, but that's the that's the same as if it would happen today I mean it would be a all the arms, the press, the united states, is no matter who the president is that you're going to get backed by the american people they are. They are going to back you at this event. This isn't this is an
just so yeah when we left off the last time you look at those year. The totals that are there said the other, And- and I wouldn't even, I think- that You know you and I were using the references, the national guard, but these guys aren't even at that level like these are just like. Navas navas got, you know they they they just come out and it's kind of cool. would it be? It's a drinking club. It's like a volunteer fire department. You know what I mean like it's cool place to hang out, but that would mean we're really not going to go to war. It's fun to go and yeah. I get away from the wife and kids for a couple of days, and you know what I mean and so I'm going to come. plus you could imagine we if you think this is gonna, be like a quickie. Like you, don't want to be the only guy that hung back. You know what I mean like when everybody's flying the flags and stuff and they're like what what's worse, Fred shit. That will happen In any know, strikes it's a scholar guy, what am I
Favorite movies is old yeller I dunno. If you ever, you ever saw the movie but yeah old, yeller, one that one dude decides that he's going to hang back to kind of take care of the womenfolk and the and the farm look at that guy like really take fifty and even the women are look at him like dude were good. You can go But he doesn't want to go. You know what I mean so he's going to make it seem like he's. He needs to stay back. nothing- will ever be the freak in world war, one in england where, if a guy was I military aged mail and he wasn't any wasn't in a freak in uniform that the women would give him a white flour that was like the coward. That's how you peer pressure, you countrymen and get an honor. That's a world war, one right! This is where you know, like your chances of survival, are minimal if gonna go over the law- the top over there. But that's you know
don't even necessarily need that. Here pressures gonna come what it's like may you even when you read the the letter that was red prior to the battle of shiloh by sit, that's exactly war or want to mean when you go back through when you read yet he's called out of the the women you in will main of who you are defending in and who you're standing up for, mean he's he's call em out, like you why you're here and who you represent, that Speech that that's right now. Prior ladders is that's it that's a pretty good one, oh so the north country, put this potentate together and The problem of the mind that you know what gonna get this done pretty quick, one of the first larger battles, the first battle of manassas which is a manassas virginia, the the union
causes the battle run the the union thinks there's gonna, be a pretty easy victory for them rolling down. There doesn't work out that way. Yeah. It's I mean it's, it's you. analysis is like a hop skip and a jump just south of d c, I mean you cross over the potomac. You come down the manassas battlefield park, beautiful part of virginia it's in there it's the same guy that we kind of talked about before with beauregard and anderson down there. So now bo regard is up in virginia, so beau regard was the guy that was commanding the the confederate troops at fort sumter. During that initial attack now this guy beauregard who had just attacked his professor, his because professor west point now he's
at manassas and who's, whose he fighting against up there gut mcdowell, one of his classmate or classmates together yo remain that would be like, may go against some, my classmates of two thousand and five yoda me just unimaginable. Now you got there two folks and and and a lot of fun. back then, In some of the readings when you look at the at the battle of of of it taking place but being novice, so you ve got this voluntary force of a bunch of folks at our kind of common in and it's not it's, not the professional mill Harry that we cannot have of today, you know so now you ve got like a slim pickin of officers well lot of the officers that resign their commission after the mexican american war now are all trying to get back in. So we so before. Were the battle on both sides of the fence there either
course yo you're west point grad coming that that's gonna way heavy on selection of officer and then you kind of look at him of like okay. Well, what did the guy do in the mexican american war cause? He was a young officer so now you're kind of like taken like a a young marine, lieutenant or lieutenant j g in the navy. now, we're gonna make him a general okay. So the last time you were in charge of, like thirty people, now To put you in charge of like a couple of thousand people to the upwards of net, you got divisions, you ve got brigades, you ve, got your regiment, you're. A regiment is set out to be somewhere around, like a thousand yo domain of of you, ve got a thousand folks that are in there and they got brigades. You ve got the division and then you ve got core, and then you ve got like an army. If and in so when you're? Looking like an an army
the army mean could be sixty thousand people will you. these guys. They haven't been charged. Six thousand people. I mean your enemies, you said before, like this is a company that is growing at an x, dream rate and they're coming from all over. Both the north and the south. May you got folks just like we had said earlier that have they ve never left their state before so you got books communist bars, remained from mississippi alabama that are had not been to virginia. You got folks from connecticut. You got main you got whiskey cinema, you got ohio and these folks are trying to make their way into the cap. and then you got a law. These guys are coming under looking for positions and in a lot of are immediately coming in and of course they want to be a general officer like why not just to give you gonna go
I beg you may not, but what do you? You? Okay, you were a lieutenant JD. Now you want to be a general yup. That's right make me a general, and it is also because of you, if you're thinking that the war is going to be short. Not you got a guy that that you spoke on the last one. When you talked about sherman, doubted Alice, you yeah. We're sure means down that was sermons got a different vision of this ninety day, wore kind of thing I mean, even when field scott Yonah main thought that it would take your what was it I go over sixty thousand people a year. What I mean to be able to stand up, I mean that's a lot of people to come in and he thought it was going to take a couple of years like five times bigger than than what they had in eighteen. Sixty I mean so he's is increase size by by at least five times, and he thinks it's gonna even take a couple a year. So this is yeah you're senior member of you're look an of like folks with military experience in the united states that top like wingfield scots, the guy,
you're being Zachary taylor him they were both down the mexican america more, but yet whitfield scots, the guy. He stayed a professional soldier very well respected in the administration. But then, when you look at the folks that are that are going to come in for this first battle. They even talked of like yeah, like local folks, from DC like getting in their carriages and stuff and like follow in the rb down cause. They want to go. Spagna watch like this is the state fair, like you know what I mean, we're going to go, watch and, and it's just going to be the union's gonna get routed and then they're going to get pushed back into d and that that's not going to look well for the president or for the union and cause you looking at recruit reading aspects, albert how's. It look in on the confederacy side, sighed accuser, to move the capital of the confess,
see out of montgomery and are going to move it into richmond virginia and when you move it up into richmond virginia, I mean the distance between yeah. I live like smack dab, spotsylvania virginia fredericksburg is like literally in the middle between dc and richmond. So now you've got these two capitals that are literally you know what I mean: a hop skip and a jump from each other, and the battle is going to take place north of frederick spark. So it's gonna be like in between the rappahannock river and where the Potomac river ass, like right up in their of that aka, claw and fair, the foxy kind area. So that's the area we're talking about an end. The the union is gonna, get defeated in the first battle of manassas or bore bull run of how Europe
Look at it, so the union can realise is like ok, we're in any more people were ok and woods, interesting, we talked about this a little bit on the last one. You got baltimore. Who You know, obviously in maryland, which was which is a slaves. They was a slave state before They join the union stay with the union, but as the year unionist trying to ship people down to fight baltimores lead trying to stop it from happening, oh yeah? I mean like rioting, they're, going to come, and so they got you so here you are you're you're you're riding on a on a rail car. You're all excited you coming from rhode, island, connecticut, new york, you name it and then you get baltimore like that those people, happy, however, that we're coming through through bots. they're trying to stop the progress made but bring and friction and yo yo
you're learning that you ve gotta get people at a loss. People and you gotta start standing up, armies that are gonna have to deal with this. This insurgency, that's taking over in the confederacy so these people are coming in the folks in baltimore, like maryland, It is a slave statements, a split state, you look at us. The people in baltimore look alike. Their livelihoods are gonna, be effected like if this gets abolished like war. Gonna have to start making another plan, because now we gotta like where we go like start paying people a you know what I mean like. What do you mean? I can't have slavery. I can't just work, and I can't own this I mean so this is a huge shift, to a lot of folks in the united states, having not it's, not that it's even close to comparison, but like you,
you- and I were both working at the same time and we were getting ready for gettysburg and we have a pandemic hit and we got to go like online, I mean it was a huge shift in america. I mean it was a new way of thinking, so this the sultan, that's a huge way, that's being pushed by the union and and baltimore's is giving resistance. So now they're going to have to start moving some of the troops through at night I mean now, it's gotta be timed and and always kind of look back at it as okay, so here you are, you know you, you think you're working at its it's like when When George Washington decided that hey we're going to stand up a cardinal army, we're gonna go against that like like crown crown and england, but you still have loyalist better in an amongst you living next door to you, you yo remain so, now, you ve got these folks that year you're in maryland, you're in pennsylvania, what you ve got southern sympathisers that
living amongst you, so anything they can do to disrupt that machine as well and men you ve got. folks that ok, who's gonna run these armies as they come in and, of course, they're all kind of jockeying for for general officers. The the one that I'll I'll bring up just because I think it's it is super cool. Is you know when you talked about sherman? So sherman comes in cause, he's a he's, a west point where he fought in the mexican american war and everybody's going straight for general. They want that and sherman comes out and they're like hey diet, which would you get esa yeah, I'm a curl like to man. You could like easily gotten general. He goes I'll earn, general check shown is different of course everybody you they're, going call him crazy, of course, because it is not
in the mold is everybody else. You know he's making those kind of statements down at at me modern day. Ls, you is speaking truth I mean he he's he's it, has a vision, sees what takes place so sermons a different kind of guy I've got an elevated view of an elevated view of what's going on for sure yeah for sure So as these as these troops are now kind of moving into position throughout from the north towards the south. You know you got, you got skirmishes. Haven't you got, you know people run, inter union troops. You got resistance college hands contacts goin on, cavalry, we get new engagements, nor is there I do and scowled I'll get you some resistance Then you get to the battles haven't pines is may may thirty first to june,
first eighteen, sixty two general miss MC clellan called his popular little mac. What does everybody like general macao, mc clellan Well, you know mcloughlin I call on him little mac, so he he gets. He gets you Jim. Officer and he's gonna be the the the commander of the army of the potomac. yeah when you look at the army of the potomac, it's right there in virginia the potomac river, and if you look at like different armies or different organizations, the army of the potomac is the one hundred per cent man. They get the best gear and equipment yeah me they're, they're they're, like varsity. There there get knowledge stuff, you remained the guys it or stand up armies out west there, J, p, Yoda me there. You know they are not getting the attention because he's right there with the cap, and I mean he's right there,
with the president and he's got winfield Scott he's. I mean he's he's in the mix and you know when you look at at little mac that the interesting thing about mc clellan when he becomes the army commander of the potomac horse. He's gotta come up with a plan. And and mc clellan one if you kind of got it mc? Was the status quo guy He was one of those guys, the kind of believed of haiti you just let him do what they ve been doing like yearning, which yeah, that's an interesting. You know. Even we're talking about people in baltimore status quo was a thing like there's not to me people in america. Right now you say: hey, You conservative or you liberal, not too many pills. I have but kind of like it's. Okay, the way it is the conservative say we gotta bring about this levels, and we got to change that. Of a legitimate kind of political viewpoint. At this time it was like hey. Let's just keep but what we got this, how would you got this status quo? And so
get these people letters status quo and an little mac being one of em, hey real quick army of the potomac This is just a a naming convention that that we need to cover right. Cause. It can get confusing. The the union armies are named after rivers, That's it that's what that's their naming convention. So here a bunch of these different armies and sometimes a cue confusing. Could you got rivers, worker that are called things like the mississippi and call things like the tennessee river. So it can get real, confusing real quick. What are the what a confederate armies named after like the yeah, the army of northern virginia, the army of mississippi, meaning, like of not the so it's gonna get a little confusing. If you don't pay attention that, but just remember that the de northern armies are named after rivers, so army the potomac, so general macleod,
he's he's yeah, I cut you off when you were saying that he's kind of a status quo, guy not looking to be super dynamic, no, not at all you know, and- and I I think with with him he's got- he's- got political views. I mean he ends up running for president in sixty four yummy a lot of these guys. You know that I I guess that you'd use the term with them. You know what I mean. me, a general officer with amazes, what's in it for me, after the thing so allow these guys you're coming with a little bit of an agenda like ok, yeah, hey! If I join up one, you know it's it's this It's this civil war that takes place on a general officer. If I serve with distinction May I might gain something out of it you know in the end- and I would say that that plays a bigger part on the union side than it does on the confederate side like
converter generals that are down their monkey? They just want to be left alone and let us run are cut we. What were done with this united states thing with the union work creating our own country, and we just one You guys did just leave us alone and let us just keep doing what we're doing a kind of a thanks. Others like there's yo, I mean when Jefferson Davis. Is these unanimously pact to be the president of the confederacy. It's not like, they didn't even have it like there's no election like yours. Does Robert e lee's, like I think that you know if I have served with distinction I'll, be president of the confederacy like there's what kind of jockeying took to get rid of davis they just want to a man. We're just use the word form these states in the confederacy with Davis and we're gonna, keep run, And how we're going? We don't need this big federal government thing kind of telling us how we're how we're going to run and how our states are going to be ran, we're all. gonna, be a coalition of states and morgan round the way we see fit so women.
Well and gets these aspects in. If you look at the at the map, like I said again like back during the civil war anytime, We cannot look at a general, officer there's a lot of folks their statements that are made that amateur study tactics, professionals, study logistics, especially at that level, because you logistically half the move. A hundred and twenty thousand people, and all that stuff, so you know back down you're either going to welcome you get up the more train. Are you going to put him on a boat and we are talked about you know, so you got the distance. That's common answer. After the first bottle of analysis you ve got. This mcloughlin a tiger it mc mcdonald's out remaining in he's, gonna take them formed army of the potomac and he's got it he's gotta briefs plan to the boss.
he's gonna do is going to do a peninsula campaign which that's where we get to the the seven pines down there. So the peninsula norfolk, because you ve got your choices either get on the telegraph road, which is a modern day route, one that runs from decent court now I got ninety five, so it's basically like, if you put it in today's terms, we're going to hop on ninety five and in two hours we're going to be enrichment, so we can either go over by land or we can just swoop in and around put everybody on a boats. We can float them down. The potomac out into the bay and come right. I mean norfolk, phenomenal naval base and then just come right up the peninsula, so the distance and then you got it. get like ok logistically. How am I going to support these books? nobody will logistically yeah. I mean we ve got a navy. You can just logistically support by by water remain at its easily supported. Logistically, if you look on the other aspects of the room,
ever ways when you get down like to the rappahannock river. If we talk about like fredericksburg, if Blow the rail line which the rail line or blown and furnish bark now. You're gonna have to offload everything its logistically gonna be a lot harder. Moving that much stuff I mean, if you like, us even today, in a military may we move a lie by naval when we could move cities, workers staff so he's, make this decision he's gonna go down, he's gonna fight the bonanza campaign, missus mc clellan. Look the lower louis. Are you got me to go fight this peninsula campaign? to put all the guys, much guys put em on boats. We're gonna flowed down we're gonna, hop off we're, gonna fight this peninsula, the campaign and it's a short aid, be distance. Right up cross the czech harmony and by a man were up the james and we're in richmond will overthrow the capital, easy pc more. over bad yeah. But me we just took the capital well
If there's a problem, the confederates told what it give it up that easy. So they get down there and then they get into one of the distinctive battle of the seven pines It is also when you so lee at that time. the beginning of the war. Lee is a visor he's milton. Adviser, jefferson Davis, he's not a combined commander at the time, due to a general officer. Another johnson goes down his number two Echo is Gustave stubby smith, which, of course everybody remembers old Gustavus. was in command for about twenty four hours because as soon as Davis is like hey dude, what are you gonna do he's like? Oh I'm going to need more resources. Yeah We will have any more resources, does not plan to main body urine and robert e lee steps on the field to take command of the army of northern virginia
He had already established a relationship with with jackson, stonewall, jackson and he's stonewall jackson here, so he's got this threat come in on old peninsula, so of course, he's got It's gotten when you have a nickname like stone wall. You know what I mean. That's like that's like a pretty good one. To get I mean so they're going to stent jackson, and robert e Lee is going to send him up into the valley, so he's going to do. There's the valley campaign. That kind of goes on well, yeah, lincoln's number one worry is like DC protecting baltimore DC. I mean it's, it's huge protection of DC. Well, you get Jackson, their run around. You know, you're, safe, nothing to say with jackson.
It's proven it because he's sending other armies out there to try to you, know banks, and some of these guys are trying to intercept jackson and he's just jackson's foot. Mobility of infantry is just unmatched in the valley. It's just it's! It's amazing. What jackson's doing out there? The of movement with with jackson, eddies winning the morale of under stonewall. Jackson is very high up everybody wants play for winning team. I mean Jackson's becoming very popular. Anything, and you know it just a little back history low little so jackson Even he a professor, he taught it at the virginia military institute prior to the war and as an instructor, like you know today, like you know, you got kids. I've got kids that go to college and stuff. They get that rate. My professor dot com stuff, you know, and the kids can like take a course and
it is the course and then they can they can go on until J d. I saw that unlike Amy, was this back if they had rate my professor dot com. am I jackson would have been the most hated professor at villa ma, and why is that? I just I just wasn't very well liked. He was a mean. Nothing the wrong with it leaves presbyterian, extremely religious, Now he he We are very strict and I think, because of of some of his upbringing, he he didn't. He kept a lot of information close hold. He didn't trust a lot of other people and europe needs a say that could be from a lot of the peer cotta, pure leadership enemies. If he's not the guys that is not partaking in the year. The barbecues on the weekend that yet
main sundays is devoted to church family, that kind of stuff so areas those guys it just doesn't fit in with the two cool club, kids yo domain that are doing stuff, but when stonewall shows up he's gonna go to work in goes to work here, yeah you're gonna. If, if you workin for stonewall jackson, you know you're gonna get up in the morning It'd get on the road you're going to face to the right you're, going to hike anywhere between twenty to twenty five miles, there's going to be a gunfight end and he and he's going to bring the wood. he's gonna win and you're gonna height hike back out I mean there's that valley campaign of the movements that that guys do in and around the valley yeah mean like we talk yokota before the terrain of your look. some of the hills and the shannon dough a valley area, its and these guys are like no shoes you and me like that. Or do some serious movements and they got their their home on their back
and their move in and around in their winning, and so Lee is gonna, send jackson up the valley because he's he know that if it jack and goes up and then the words gonna get out to Abraham, lincoln, lincoln visibility. Ok star walls in the valley is, he is coming up. The valley and he's gonna make a threat towards washington DC, so If on the commander in chief and you're you're, asking for more resources down there, because one thing Mcloughlin was like really good at was exaggerating the numbers like that dude you mean that there would be robert e Lee would have fifty five thousand folks are he's got a hundred and ten I mean he's gonna he's gonna exploit the numbers just in Ain, so he's telling small lies, or in some cases by big lies, where to get more resources, yeah yeah This is Mcclelland yeah. This is mc clellan, so macleod
Once you know gets word from his cavalry his scouts that there's whatever fifty thousand people here tell his boss, there's a hundred thousand elliot types and is this? Is it and this this is. This is his patter. This is his patter make Then that's gonna delay anything that he's gonna gonna have to do like I mean that the president, yeah winfield scott. These guys are like dude. What are when are you going to attack? Well, I mean he's just like slow rolling know the the commander in chief, because he he keeps executives get that guy pinkerton. You know private of oh intel guy, and of course you know if, if you hire me, I'm gonna tell you, I'm gonna tell you what you want here on earth a shitload of Mero yeah. I mean we thought it was fifty thousand. I heard this guy's coming from here and this guy's coming from up there, so they're going to inflate the numbers to try to get more resources,
and you could see it even in the writings and and and in the box of of his can. Indications with his wife Mcloughlin is a little napoleon, thanks very highly of himself and with When you look at it of of mc clellan and wider, the troops liking. cause you keeping alive because you're not doing anything and and mc clellan is not one as a commander to put his personal self at risk. You may like he's, not gonna, put himself out there and that a patter, you I mean he's gonna stay in the rear, it's not go out to me is that he's not gonna here is so he's not seen during battle that takes place out there, and so now he's gone
go up against and and the problem is that everybody goes to west point and everybody kind of knows, everybody and everybody was kind of down in the mexican american war, so everybody kind of knows the character of each one of these individuals. and then now you're gonna bring in the sky Bobby Lee. and robert e Lee. Yet at the beginning, everybody's china, thank unlike man. It's robert e Lee, while many had nicknames too yeah me down and sell block with the private instead if sitting around you know they got this whole thing of like this digging in like what's his what's his dig in and stuff like, what's this fortifications, what is it? That's, not manly! That's not we fight. This is so Robert e Lee, as often times pushing set up defensive positions, get out your shovels dig in we're going to hold what we got right now, which is, in the view of the troop the frontline troops. Cowardly yeah mean they call in the king of Spain, as in spades, shovel Alex
made the shop, lala, you're, cool spinal column, grannie to oil grannie lee, because it which are we we ve talked about this before when you have just I you and I but up at gettysburg having leaves in his fifty's. Course. Yet, when I was a kid at eight years old, first time, I've went the yoke vienna. And I m c and robert e Lee it might mean that do is over now. that across the table for me, I'm like that duty the problem is life but to the young soldiers. You know this old man, so they recall running grannie Lee he's not the the right, Robert Lee that everybody's qana, thanks about yo towards yo after the war and what he is he's not as prominent, I would probably put Don't while Jackson come in early in the war and all the way up to sixty three is probably becoming the most he is the most popular general in the confederacy. Stonewall means
is he still making the paper is making his name and and but they're gonna bring in robert e lee and robert e Lee, I you know, is going to die, he's going to defeat and push back the army of the potomac to where now he's going to put a dilemma. on Mcloughlin, so mcloughlin clellan he's gonna have to make a decision of like man, we're not gonna be able to take richmond. So do I just bring in the boats and put our money back and go on back up to the go up the up, the potomac and and and regrouping and caught it go at this again, and you can only imagine like the amount of resources and the amount of information that he's pushing up the d, see that pressing isolation, these guys up in DC are are not happy with what they're kind of getting down there on the peninsula campaign
know, relieving a general officer pulling from his command is gonna, be the man. That's a differ, whole decision, because these guys are very well connected politically as well. Also as they they pull back off the peninsula. We end up getting you know the they second battle of a bull run by women, ass, a sin and there to bring in other commanders that that are going to come in and at the at the second battle. mcloughlin is going to slow roll and he's getting orders to to release folks up there to to to take part in the battle and and he's going to slow roll. The other commanders, almost kind of like sending them a message of light, so he doesn't provide support, not with his team to the other team. That's in a pitched battle.
Right, he decides no, I'm not going to send you any sport you're and he oh yeah, ok I'll I'll get it started, they'll be there tomorrow or whatever he slow rolls the execution and they end up getting beat again that they end up getting beat again and then yeah now they're gonna put lincoln into a predicament the where they're gonna putting by can command, are going to combine those armies there and bring em all underneath Mcloughlin. there's a lot of a lot of turmoil going on amongst the officers yo the book that We have lain there on the table, the one of lincoln's lieutenants, it's a great reed, ended the insights of the the officers, the general officers in the army of the potomac and what lincoln his hat to deal with some guys. Just dollar honour the drama: like literally it's the housewives of the army of the potomac, like literally like you know what I mean they could have a whole
episode of this stuff, just goin on of just the the drama that's going on in and around the general officers, and yet you others when, when I'm trying to help companies hire people One of the things I advise you to do, if that's possible for them to do it is them in this put them in such he's not going to be working. It says Can you hiram as a contractor for ninety days, and you figure out what they're like, even people say who's gonna, make it through seal training. Will you don't know me way to figure out how to make through your training is by putting them in some kind of similar situation, hewn ho some kind of similar situation that is very similar to seal training, and then you might have an indication. So It's kind of what we got going on here is not like these many of the he's senior officers. They haven't gone, through the the the ranks and you said they haven't led, opportune and then led accompany and then
better battalion exo and then been a battalion commander and then gone up through the chain to wear They they ve proven themselves so you're through when these guys positions words like hey, they might not be this job and they don't have any time to learn it. So you're gonna get what you get. There's gonna be drama. yeah learner on the fly, run around in an you, because even though you ve got so like these west point guys what you still gotta have right: regimental commanders stuff. You still stand on these boats up that are all coming from the same home, towns, yoda, so they're all joining together the joining of arms and then cut out to be I think it's karla go if we're here and in you and insight. In diego county and everybody's, like yeah, hey, we got one thousand folks a reader will who should be the colonel? Well, let's take a vote man, you know what I mean. I I I think eco should be the the colonel okay he's the car
now what what military background you know what I mean like it, yeah you're, just a good guy and of course people are just to do the right thing, but yeah with that level, yeah, that's a huge jump. You know what I mean of of of being in charge of that many folks, so yeah they're they're trying to figure it out on the fly and then, of course, people have favorites hmm. Let me see you got you try to look out for your favorites, of who the guys are. This is the legit. Little boy network of also So I mean it is very good the court, but yesterday they push him off the battle of seven pines, There is also no other events it or that are taken place out west
it would I remain so. The battle a peerage out in arkansas up any ozarks takes place in the early part of march of eighteen. Sixty two in its the trans, the kind of the trans mississippi kind of area that's out there and you You look at it in the mid west. What that expansion kind of thing you meet Louis I mean that's a that's. That's a prominent city at the time to be able to have control, all over that and then you it's. The playing in of that the trans mississippi the battle of p read. Some of us can refer to it as the the gettysburg of the west yeah, where you have a general Curtis eyes run with the union and got van dorn out at the bar p ridge within sight of of the bank. All that takes place out there after this battle theirs,
basically eliminates that entire region of the united states do out of the civil war and keeps in control of the union within sight of that region. one of the most interesting things about the battle of of p ridge that took place out. There's the confederacy were able to go over to the indian territory and oklahoma and nay stood up a couple, a regiments of cherokee to come fight, for the confederacy, which a lot of folks don't know. You know what I mean. I I couldn't imagine the recruiting spin that was going on over there. Obviously they're, probably still a little bit upset with the whole indian removal fang and the trail of tears that that got them. They are so they convinced stand up a couple of these regiments of of native americans to come fight for the confederacy and
It's not really recorder, Barbara. I wonder if they were like a hey. Do you guys can fight with us? Man will give you north Georgia back your name or will move you back and that the problem is after the battle of p ridge. They end up finding this like small detachment of union soldiers that are killed and scalped, and they kind of have to go to the the cherokee like haiti that that's great you're coming up plus they didn't really conform to the whole, like instant obedience to order like the whole military thing. You know what I mean: they kind of fight different like you and me, we kind of do what we wanna do and what do you mean There's no scalping me so they sent back. There was actually native americans. The fought for the confederacy against the knotted states of america, but Eight year the whole scalping thing kind start take place, and there was no more can Better really threat and that trans
mississippi area after the battle of p ridge. then, by bike via by general curtis, and then that that's secured saint louis, which was a there, was a huge key vic like. If you look at its strategy of strategically that that battle of peerage was huge for the union, so so thinking of strategy talk to us about the anaconda plan. This is wingfield, scots who's, the guy who's, the northern commander of the armies. What's his plan overall on how to beat the confederate states yeah. So when field scots gonna come up with its did, it gets tag the anaconda plan, and yet you look the attica early retard by, like being a panama, sciatica, waterborne snake, its get stricter like something out of one
caught the water with you know what, especially that large of snake, so that you would you got this insurgency if you call it yoga insurgency of these confederate states that are kind of down there, so he's going to have to kind of like throw a line around it so ago, he's going to anchor if of the anaconda snake and washington d c, and then the snakes gonna run down the Potomac river. It's gonna go into at chesapeake bay. It's going to run down and around florida it's going to come up the gulf coast and then of the mississippi river and that's the head of the snake is coming from west to east, so they're gonna, yeah they're going to cut off resources to the confederate. I see with a naval blockade and they're going to control the river ways with these armies they're going to start sending armies with a western theater campaign. You know so you've got the
army of the ohio, the army of the james? You are the ohio, the cumberland, the army, of the tennessee, the army of the gulf it! What I mean the army of the mississippi that are going to be, and then you've got the army of the potomac. That is going to deal with this eastern kind of theatre aspect, but when you Look at the anna conned a plan with the head of the snake coming from the west. That's the focus of main effort like they ve got a secure the west before they can start the constrictor of the snake to the confederate so so for pretty the metaphor metaphors matter because their memorable So when you actually look at it on a strategic aspect of the anaconda plan, if you can't even read or write, you can look at the cartoons This is only one yet basis. What we're doing! Ok, I got here first saying we gotta do. Is we gotta control the waterways and they're doing a pretty good job? but so, as you
so it you got the trans mississippi with the battle a peerage, that's kind of secure We don't really know what we're doing over here on the east coast, with the army of the potomac kind of thing, yeah we got a drama. Goin on an end, you're gonna start sending these armies of the west down you to stir controlling these waterways of the cumberland river, the tennessee river, the mississippi Rivers you're gonna put these audio these armies into motion, so you ve got now near the tennessee. You ve got the army of the ohio they're going to start making their way to start being the head of that snake and that's what's gonna get us into this. First like big battle, that you kind of talk about like shiloh, is gonna, be the it's going to be the first big It's not like you, we ve been looking at a low. not really I hated to die graded of of kind of like its precision
lately other battles up to an hour, pre season a little bit yeah. Now we're going to get it. I mean this is this is going to be a big show. I mean this is going to be the the battle of shiloh out in the west. This is going to be a first I have of what they call. I mean even the book that you can read from you know called in hell before, night and the other attributes of of seeing the elephant. This is gonna, be a baptism of fire that nobody has seen like. We haven't seen it at this scale of. What's going to take place in china and so it's a shy low. But shiloh was not really the decisive terrain here. Decisive train is south of the town of shiloh. It's a it's a city on cities, probably straw. works. I've been the mississippi current. Mississippi is a little town relatively small town, and but it's got. It's got.
Multiple railways common in passing through it. So it's a strategic, it's a strategic town and The confederates wanna protected, because, like you said, we got these big. Our western armies moving west moving south west to try and get it get control of the mississippi and die or any of the tennessee river as well, so the can better. It's no! This they know of the north is heading south. So what does what it will do? The confederates they move. North they push north above core corinth, mississippi. To stop. The union forces before they get to corinth in a move. They get to a place called Shiloh Shiloh tennessee is just like a little isn't, even a town. Because a town, I guess Shiloh even over, would get the terms
a key area? There's a church, so as little shiloh church and then there's a theirs A landing area called pittsburgh, landing It is on the tennessee river. And as grant and his army pushed down. This is where they decide they're going to they're gonna they're gonna. poland they're gonna, pull and cause again there. Looking at this this your pardon area, not so much corinth would but but strategic area. Like I said so you got ass general grant and then you got another another northern, with general buell. Who leading the army of, though the ohio, and why they are trying to do there both trying to get there they're both trying to get corinth mississippi they're, both pushing south grant, gets therefore
on the other side crew. You got. You got Johnson, beauregard beauregard's mobile, because getting all over the place Well yeah, and you know when you Beau regard after you know at the beginning, yeah he's there at the beginning, but then you know it's. You start to notice that anybody that sent to the western theater is like what we call like the the land of the misfit toys I mean, like I get stationed in a in a in siberia if you're yeah, if you're the russian army yeah, you know what I mean like so a lot.
If you're going to shit, can somebody you send him west now like when you look at like the guys like good, we talk like he does talk about, grant and a grant you have coming up. You know when you look at it of like what was Ulysses s grant doing and eighteen sixty. Yet the guy was a complete pretty much all. He said he was having a hard time at life at that point. yeah. Maybe he had fought west point guy fought in the mexican american war got sent out to california. You know what I mean he did the others folks talking about a drinking problem that grant has. of course you grant had lost a son. so a lot of times when you have never lost child, but I'm a preacher. It's gonna have a pretty big effect on me, then how I'm gonna handle that I really dont know so you know
got this guy Ulysses s granted that showing promise buddy sullen firewood on the streets of Saint louis. Before the war breaks out to try to support family because he's just he's not really good and the civilian world like being a business guys, just not he struggling which, with their stairs townspeople man that that struggle and put at least he's like a solemn firewood and stop. So when the war breaks out he's like back in me so its head, look, let's see if I can, of course, but now you get your reputation. he remained so what interesting is like me. When we talked about grant them, we talked about sherman we talk about sherman earlier yeah he's crazy grants drunk you know, but the two of them kind of stuff, gather, and it's like you, I mean the dude ends up on a fifty dollar bill. He's the present EU united states. He becomes the chief
of all the army on aid be a spoiler of like grant, but from a dude own firewood on the streets to the issue of what he rose. To go. Perseverance comes to mind, like a people might talk shit about it, he's gonna show up he's gonna come to work, but he's got a lot of struggles to deal with. Like he's never been in charge of like this, many people, soap yo grants make his way down and is having some success is working. With a with a naval captain foot actually working together, army and navy witches yokota odd there he could bring in naval ships in bombard barred me, which is pretty cool naval gunfire? If you will Brings a man and and grants the ground force, but he's using embers transportation. So yo between, like god, grant and foot, I think their work and really well together, but then you know you talk. about with with buell, so
god he's another army commander, so they're both their like pier. So I need a lot of work with each other and you kind of works with peers. Sometimes, like you go to your peer, for some support is like the outward for you you remain like I gotta get shipped from boss. Tell me what to do so. Yet he is trailing grant but they're your everybody's focused on them. on the on the same mission, I mean when you look at the overall arching strategy of of abraham lincoln, it was preserved the union That's his message. Everybody! The only thing we're do as us preserve the union. So these guys thereof moving yeah, they're, they're learning along the way you got Ulysses s grant, so they got me and you ve been to corinth I've been to carve. You know. I think you probably had to do the same thing. Either you gotta fly into memphis and drive. A couple hours over cautious, no easy way to get the current. But when you look like the supply d
both of railways and waterways and you're trying to sell apply these armies of thousands of people and look at the western theatre of the year. Tennessee river, the cumberland river. the ohio and the mississippi. We can look at it like. Where are you going to store this stuff? So if you're gonna break get em by boat, so got ya nashville, that's a big hub! You got memphis, that's a big hub and then you ve got like get where you go. North to south, so you know, Kurth is like right at the very top of mississippi just right below that south eastern see canada area, and it's is not an easy place to get too so if you're gonna commented you're gonna strategically. One you gotta get all your people are so grand scale put em on a boat, they're gonna flowed down the tennessee river and then you got for a landing work or income.
if you don't want to land too close, because you want to get everybody off the boat before you know any of the confederates come because if you're just sitting on the boat, that's going to make it pretty easy for the confederacy, so they're going to pick pittsburgh landing I never saw this day. Like you said, I mean, there's nothing in shy. Little church legit, I mean like me not even trying to thank unlike modern day today, like that very there's enough, I mean there's a hegyi catfish hotel like down down the road a bit in that about it, great catfish but other than that, there's just nothing there. So he's going to bring spokesman and they're going to they're going to offload right there pittsburgh landing in and that landing I mean. Even if you and I like looking at it today, it's like man, that's a in certain extract is usually the worse places to get head
you are coming in. So it's like one of those landings down river and then it's like you know the cliffs over where I'm staying. So it's like getting dropped off there and then I've got this little straight up ahead. So I'm already there there's high ground above pittsburgh land. Yoda me so getting folks off and then getting them upon the landing and then establishing a foothold, as is his first priority and nothing against Ulysses s grant like again manasses. This is right at the beginning, but grants gonna, I wanna go up there and is not going to be a lotta order and discipline. Goin on, I like, hey guys get off the boat, you know what I mean they go up there and they they set up camp me cause. This is their their first rodeo I mean they're having fun on the way down riding on the boat rod mean they're coming in and they're like, oh man. This is going to be an easy day that you and me so. I think that their their expectations, just like really
Aren't there a own me so they're all gonna get of course, that they don't know either I mean look at the last war. They fought it. It was the mexican american war. We saw that wet. your name is we were pretty other than you, at the battle of san pascal. It took place out here with with a cardy and pico kind of put the wood to him and yeah if it wasn't for yeah little guy kit, Carson I got him out of it when he stalked from out there all the way into the bay to link up with the navy to get relief to come out to get them. So these guys are getting off the boat, There is not really a lot of order and discipline, so the collie. If I was going to strive, unlike what it looked like. It, looked like a very unorganized yard, safe. So that's what they, there there there now. Meanwhile, the other side you got general, Johnson and he's. You know that this is the guy
there we kicked off this. This is the speech of this guy is engaged right. He tells his troops. You know before, about tonight tonight we will water, our horses in the tennessee river, loved her so. This guy is ready to get on and well and they meet and a great book and a great account of this company age by air Sam are watkins, guys a confederate soldier, and you get it great first person account took too cannot explain what's going on and what this looks like this first day. So here we go. This was the first big battle in which our regiment had ever been engaged. I do not pay and to tell of what command distinguished itself of here, rose of blood and wounds of shrieks.
And groans of brilliant charges of cannon captured, etc. I was but private soldier, and if I happened to look to see. If I could find anything out eyes. Right, guide centre was the order close up, guide right, hope forward. Right, oblique left, a bleak forward, guide center eyes right, dress up promptly in the rear, steady, double quick charge, bayonets fire, it will is about all a private soldier ever knows a battle in it I read that for the first time, that's just like horrifying right you're in this massive battle. you're just here and orders, and we you know when you and I will march to well when I martian in in navy boot, camp, when you martian reincorporate and you learn how to guide right and your kind out of the corner, are looking at the guy to the right of you to make sure you're staying even with him. You can't eat it's hard to take that
mentality, and then you take it into like combat situation. Where there's you know right, ball. I'm at you guys get their legs blown off horrifying and that's it. this guy's dealing with He says he can see the smoke rise and the flash of battle of the enemies guns, and you can hear the whistle of the many and can emboss, but he has got to load and shoot as hard as he can tear and ram cartridge or will soon find out, like the irishman who had been shooting blank, judges. When a ball happened, a strike him any hollowed out, faith tat and be jobbers, then fellow Shooting bullets. But I nevertheless remember many things that came under my observation in this battle. I remember a man by the name of smith. Stepping liberally out of the ranks and shooting his finger off to keep out of the fight for you guys get he's doc. You, adding some cowardice, a guy shoot off his own finger, so it doesn't have to fight of another
poor fellow who is action, shot and killed by the discharge of another person's gun and of there's suddenly taken sick with colic We need them to fast forward a little bit as we advance on the edge of battlefield. We saw a big fat colonel of the twenty third tennessee regiment, badly wounded, whose name, if I remember correctly, was Matt Martin, he said to us give em gas boys that's right. My brave first tennessee give em hale colombia. We halted, but a moment- and I said I know where you wounded, he answered in a deep. Based voice. My son, I am wounded in the arm in the leg in the head in the body and in an their place, which I have a delicacy in mentioning. That is what the old gallant colonel said. About noon. A courier dashed up and ordered us to go forward and support general brag center. We
to pass over the ground where troops had been fighting all day. I had heard and read of battlefields, seen, pictures of battlefields of horses and men of cannon and wagons all jumbled together, The ground was strewn with dead and dying and wounded, but I must confess that I never realized the pomp and circumstance of the thing called glorious war. Until I saw this. Men were lying in every conceivable position, the add, lying with their eyes wide open the wounded in piteously for help, and some having their hats and shouting for us to go forward at all. seemed to me a dream Seemed to be in some sort of haze way since this is the many balls from the yankee line, began to whistle around our ears- and I thought of the irish men when he said sure enough. Those fellows are shooting bullets down. We would drop first
one, fellow and then another either killed or wounded. When we were or to charge bayonets I feeling mean all morning as if I had stolen a sheep, but when the order charge was given. I got happy, I felt happier than a fellow does when he professes religion at a big methodist camp meeting. I shouted it was fun. Then everybody looked happy. We were crowding them, one more charge their lines, waiver and break they retreated. Wild confusion. We were jubilant, we were triumphant officers, couldn't curb the men to keep them in line discharge after discharge was poured into the retreating line. The federal dead and wounded covered the ground when, in the Very midst of our victory here comes in order to halt what after today's victory said:
me: Johnson, killed general gladden killed and a host of generals and other brave men killed and the whole yankee army in full retreat these Four letters h a l tee o how harsh they did break upon our ears. The victory was complete, but the word halt turn victory into defeat. So it's may him out there, and, unlike you said near the scene, the elephant. These guys are seeing this this hard core combat for the first time and as you can hear in that description from watkins the. the confederates dominate day, one they dominate. They push and they get the upper hand big deal
grant all the way back to pittsburgh, landing minute. They push him back. He mentions samarcand pensions that general johnson's dead, so he'd been wounded, hidden hidden for moral artery, bleeds out and beauregard. After this first day, so the first davy the over the The union forces had pushed in from the the tennis but now they get pushed all the way back and I beauregard thinks they want And actually sends the message out to jefferson. Jefferson Davis sends a message: the jefferson Davis and hey we, we do want a big battle here. I always he's like that. It's it's basically
one and a half time any his claiming victory. when one, I love the company age sam. What gives its if it's a first account from a soldier this just rifleman. it'll, remained in his perspective, and we talked about you know like later on, we'll talk about braxton brag, and I mean that that guy's he's a character within himself night. Mazes gotta based named after him, but they didn't call J D, ask about naming a basis, but you know you look at it of brag east talking about the others, numerous assaults of what he came in to behind so yo brac symbol, I couldn't there's a section of the battle. That's the hornets nest down there and in its like? It's you. If you can,
imagine like pittsburgh landing spend their it's it's all farm. Contrary I mean you ve been in that region before that's down there. Someone when folks are come. and there's like these old, like farming, roads and in the farm field. So if you could imagine just over time, you ve got that the wagons have been run in these same little to track right It was then they start to get like sunken down a little bit. So it just gives you just a little bit of that micro terrain blade and that's where you know prentice in his guys he's going to put his division. That's there and I mean braxton bragg's, just going to he's, going to knock against that that surface new as types throughout the battle. Frontal was just just frontal. I may just yeah, ok, just ok! You you hit you hit a year. You hit a surface wanna, try to find a gap,
like where's the gap in the road and he's going to numerous times he's going to sign them up there and and they of course you know you, you beat your head that many times against the wall. You just keep those resources. So that's what kind of sam is seeing just the the carnage, taking place like a set of me, nobody had seen this kind, this kind of carnage on about I feel this is day. One and yeah and the the confederates are are gonna push him back, but at a cost like they're they're, going to take a huge cost for this and again johnson. When you look at albert sidney, there's a lot of it's like when you go down there to shyly they're like what JD me. A commander should never put himself at that kind of risk. That close You know, but there's a point in time to wear the commanders guy get out of tat and troops, he needs to be seen and he's gonna put himself at risk and yeah, I he's gonna take a shot,
and in the saddle, it's not gonna on horse him he's basically just gonna, but he never leaves the field which kind of says something about johnson. You know what I mean of of getting injured. I mean other folks are looking to just give. You get a scratch it and then through the finger off shoot the finger. All that kind of so Johnson knows that his place in battle one. If you could imagine you ve got these novice folks at her out there. This is their first battle and then they're gonna over run the union and yet I, like, I said earlier, like YO grants kind of run at a yard sale up there, so these dudes are brewing up rom and you know what I mean: they're cooking up some hard time. They got a little bit of fat and then these guys we're gonna, overwrought them and they're, probably hungary. After seeing and all this free gear remain, like gara drift is after you and me like, if your name on it I'm taken, it is so confederate troops pushed through
overrun much of what the union's got set up and there's just looting about go down: oh yeah, they're looting. You know what I mean: it's like man, that's a better rifle than the one I got digging at one, so so they're kind, looting and and and I sent an m are actually trying to stop the looting because its distracting from the back I don't like ok look man, we gotta do like they got a lot of cool stuff, but let's keep like let's keep pushing them and actually yeah, which recur Where did you know they talking about Johnson? He he he ends up taking a ten cup because he doesn't know these guys are like they're, just a bunch of private span. They really don't know what they're doing and yeah they're. Just out there following orders, minded and they're putting them in to this, this first big battle, and he takes a cup as if, like he's going to he's, going to loot along with them that your domain and he raises that cup, and then he rides the line with that cup and any stinking the tops of their bayonets kind of
inspiring them of he's out there with them on the battle and any ends up. You have taken a shot and then bleed now and it's not one The staff officers guy, like it's like me, looking across you'd, like jacobite, you lookin cup, pale by right now and do your bleed now they pay. We're down into and do a little ravine getting out of sight of everybody and pulling if the sidling gary's he's done, train and he d dies right there on the floor, old. So then, now you ve got you pity beauregard. Basically, the second in command is now, and and it it's kind of almost as if, like you know, when you look at it in the readings when bo regard kind of finds out that johnson's dead you'd see me have a little bit more remorse of like Abby Johnson's, a good commander. You know what I mean, but yeah Pity beauregard, like you said, I mean it. Sam wagons calls it out of like wire. What's this halt, like
which crushing this army. Why are we not keep pushing force because you just lost the commander? no one's they're, giving a command people just stop because they don't know they. Even though, It is time boggles me a little bit because, if Tell me like, if you're like eighty we're gonna water, our horses on the tennessee river, then even if I don't hear from you not for the entire rested a day. You know what to do. I know exactly what you did tennessee river, yet I'll, be there water in my horse. My? U get therapy like jack. What is the ultimate commanders attend, intent, yeah! I got it you I have to tell me anything else. I just know I need to get to the tennessee river and anything in between me and the tennessee river. I need to kill period. we I got my horse amounts tennessee river. Were there know they also have know they're worried about this.
like ok, you just like gathering it's. Ok, worse, buell. Cause there's another army out there I mean: that's, that's a huge factor to anybody whether its johnson, whether its beauregard yo, you gotta, know their army out they're moving around like that. That's all! That's another force! You have to contend with the figure on the football field them. there's another team, that's gonna, come and get on. The field begins to you, yeah. You want to finish off the guys that are their yeah ain't. Do that Let that, through this whole becomes in any guys canada's they stop. They hope they hold up And, and while this is happening, I mean the first of all that the union brings in these gunboats for the night and starts shelling. Which is apparently ineffective, other practices mayhem and noise, and you know
bomb sure some casualties, these not sleep and very well you're get shell to give. Even if its inaccurate, you gotten in Bedford forest Nathan bedford forest this guy. He now doing, reconnaissance and- and he actually discovers beauty data he finds out the bureau's common o air yeah florence is trying to tell everybody bills come here comes as other army- hey, boss, bills, common. But the whole mother armies commoner away. This isn't good, no normal system, yeah, I remember all yo last night will recounted chit chat about about four member, like he put on union uniforms and and got like in close and reconnaissance so he's- our eyes on Buell come in and he's reporting it up is check, not you That is not a not a west point, gran and
at the club your name is not very well educated. Were our degree. We gotta talk about about nathan, forced Tell us about this guy disease character here. Will you know like I'd like to explain to a lot of folks like nobody really knew who Nathan Bedford forest was. Until Tom hanks came out with the movie forest gump right at the beginning of the movie, you know what I mean you got. You know Tom hanks and he's talking about his great great great great grandfather that you know what I mean: I, the civil war, was general officer and he wrote around with sheets on his way out, and everybody was kind of like sitting there with their ipad and they were like google search that real, quick wow. This guy he's got a little bit of a backstory to him so Nathan knows Tennessee guy god not educated formally, but at the big
winning of the war when they're ruined their calling to arms. Nathan. Bedford, I mean he's the first one out like it, but I'm coming in. I'm in coach, he's not educated, but he's wealthy right, always wealthy. He's a he's, a millionaire and eighteen sixty from the slave trade from slavery, And he shows up no mill real military experience, not but he's right. He's rave go these private it. Just what sign up and just make me a riflemen I just want to go, kill yankees, because the others gonna go gets I way of life and, of course the folks at are that, like Nathan is well known, that you mean kind of god buying in that kind of money. Back then, in any idea of what he's doing, within side that the slave trade in and ah you know, he's he's he's in a very known individually.
Well. So, of course you know the folks are in there and are like hey man. That's nathan out there now, of course, like nobody like yolks, because nathan doesn't come from prominent family. You know what I mean like dirt. Poor, like the guys just doesn't come from a from a prominent family. So even though he's got money, you know what I mean: it's new money I mean he's not like old money, south you're to me, that's been around for like a long time. We all yeah, we it's virginia like While we still got all money for virginia so he's not old monies new money, but they're. Just like a man, you, you can't be a private, so they're like what the deeds got a whole bunch of money. We don't have a lot of money. Words start up, so why don't you like stand up Cavalry regiment and habits, spend your money and out that all of us and nathan's like okay, I'm down with that, make me a colonel that I'll I'll take this on. So Nathan he's he he he
and have the military back russia. He doesn't know that. Will I what, he's supposed to be doing so like ours noses like his job on cavalry. I do reconnaissance, but he's a little different than other cavalry guys cause he likes to fight and he's no qualms about leading charge is he's not the guide is going to be found. Because again he doesn't know so why everybody else's halting and their alluding the camps, no get not the bacon breakin out the banjo. nathan backers run and reconnaissance, Alfred and his sons, wetting yo, and they're, going to put on union uniforms they're going to get close and we're cautious and they're going to see Buhl coming in he's, going to report these up to hiring and Nobody's listen to you other guy talked about that was at the at the hornets nest with the union. giving braxton brag alot of that resistance was was prentice and in practice,
he ain't. He was commanding the six division of the army of tennessee workin for grant there that first state prentice gets capture. so he's prisoner of war. It he's actually end in the camp and the tents you know, because no back, then a court they gonna segregate the only unless the guys you're going to a certain prisoner of war can the officers you get to hang out with tat. What I ask as well with west point together, will come. job totally different aspect to be european. In our war. When you look at officer verses, the the enlisted sidesa practices, literally in the tent, and even telling the officers that hey dude b, who is on his way, like he's he's common like now, and there like do you're full of shit. Basically, you know what, like you know, If not, we ve got reports he's over, unlike decatur alabama area, because look did whatever report. You're gettin is wrong. You're going to see tomorrow, So not only are they getting like tone from their own
reconnaissance efforts there yet untold from a prisoner of war that they just bought against all day and he's talent, and there are still not taking any of this into regard and That night, like you, said so, they're gonna pull up to naval gunboats and our. Start lobby naval gunfire throughout the night in view is gonna show up at pittsburgh, landing ass. He see in that may help you These guys are better from grant and I mean they're literally running for their lives? I mean they got folks that are hanging onto more. I told you about the embankment so like us, goin out, there may like right across the cliffs like I'm, so scared for my life that I just ran through san diego and unjust. Hang hang on to the sides of the cliff just to get away from this man. I made its complete and utter fear for their lives of what they see that day on the first day of battle so then you got to sell their army commander. Buell shows up. We now
Those guys are like what are you screw yeah. of course any time you got a bad day. It just start terrain. ensure downpour. Sir I like twenty two hard at night. Man, it's just get person out of a boat, I mean it is not a good day, it's rain and on grants, parade and anne who comes over yoke to comes sherman as there would grant and and your grant doesn't go, get on a bow. He doesn't even get the tat. I mean it's like it's like literally like right above pittsburgh, landing like there's these just large oaks that are still sat there and every time I stand in Iraq and always imagined just grant sitting there. Just underneath cover he's in his war cope, and it is right- and he just thinking about his days of vats and yet to company sherman
It's over it's just not a good day, and he looks at at sherman- is like pool whoop em Demar comp yeah. So even though grant yeah ran a yard sale, he did he he his one in it, and the only good thing when buell shows up with with his army, even though their peers, they both have the same mindset. Their attack in the morning like we're goin offensive against this confederacy so Yeah that that shows that their gives you a little glimpse into this guy. They call Ulysses S, grant that I mean pages not rooted. They took all of his stops. could imagine the morale of the private soldier at that time like like any time by year bit like you're without your gear and in its all wet measurable, and you will have your stuff
lady has not had the camphor anymore so that that's what happened? I mean the next day, buell and grant, even though there both independent commanders of their own troops. They both go on the attack and they're able to push burial to push confederate all the way back to two courts. Now the scared Nathan bed for forest. He gets assigned to hold rear guard and little excerpt here from the book was actually read from already called. It's called shyly shiloh in el before night and theirs section in here worth reading. So the can better to retreating Nathan. Bedford falls, and his troops are holding rear guard. You know just trying to keep the pressure off the troops. The confederates as they retreat- and this is going-
book as the federal skirmishes skirmishers began, picking their path through the fallen, timbers became somewhat disorganized and momentarily preoccupied for seem to stance. It was time to act. Owing to his men charge, he led the way as the cavalry thundered toward show, means men, some of the union's skirmishers panicked and fled. Others were blasted by shot guns and pistols as the rebel horsemen rode down road them down. The fury of the charge also turn back. The fourth illinois cavalry and forest, seemingly carried away by exhilaration of combat, was waving his sword and shouting charge charge as he kept after them, his men. the strong front of the oncoming brigade- we're not following, however, and forest was Allah alone directly. Into the ranks of the main federal force. He should have been killed.
federal infantry swarmed. All about him. Try to shoot him or drag him from his horse. The horse was kicking and rearing forest was slashing right and left, even when a soldier managed to places gun up against force hip and pull the trigger the blast. Lifting the commander highness sat on the bullet lodging against his spine. The action did not on horse him or stop him turning his horse around and clearing a path with his sabre forest ploughed, in the direction from which he came. As he was emerging from the mass of blue infantry, he reached down grabbed an enemy soldier by the collar, swung the man onto the horse and use them as a shield, as he galloped away. Once out of range of the union fire forest, flung the man to the ground and rode up to the ridge, to the point where his command was waiting in amazement, show in two was amazed as well as disgusted.
But that was neither the first nor the last time that that devil foresters, Sherman came to call him cheated deaf flow. perhaps never more spectacularly than at the fallen timbers. So that's what this guy nathan Bedford forrest, he earned of a reputation that day now before, it too excited about their heroics of Nathan, Bedford forest. We also have to note that this is a guy that founded and started and was the first grand wizard of the K, K, K and so win forest talks about his great great great great grandfather and about him riding around in sheets after, brought in a civil war. That's what he's talking about, but with that. They were the confederates retreated, they were defeated.
is the battle that, like you, like you were saying the sinister sort of now when I warned the big leaks at the end of the battle. killed, wounded and missing totalled twenty four thousand between both sides and there's a book about the battle shiloh, it's called seeing the elephant and it's written a guy named Joseph out one or two guys Joseph found, frank and george a reefs and have a foot footnote about this suppression, seeing the elephant which I think I mentioned already. And they say is footnote seeing the elephant was a euphemism for experiencing combat the earliest source of which can be traced to the third century bc. When alexander the great soldiers defected defeated,
King poorest is elephant born troops in the induce valley, seeing the elephant well, the war had taken a turn at this point and it was about to get worse with that. We will continue. This journey on the next civil war excursion, and if you want to support this podcast go to dock restore doc. Jacques or fuel, dotcom, origin, usa, dotcom echelon fraud, dot com and the o em, and
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