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Jocko Responds to Rumors of Being on Steroids, TRT, and PEDs. Jocko DMZ 001

2021-10-21 | 🔗

A response to an interesting evaluation and analysis from popular Youtube channel, "More Plates More Dates", about the question, "Is Jocko Willink 'natural' or not."

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This, is the Jackal DMZ podcast episode, one sitting echo Charles. So I get a random text from you uncle Charles Good random checks from MECCA. and it says the whole world figure on steroids words. I did there's no contacts around it and I wrote back. Why is that or something Mozart and then you sent me the link to this Youtube video of more plates more data to the Youtube channel? it's this video and they're trying to decide, for, whether I'm on steroids or on Tee Archie soap, Laughter was his body and the like. The subtitle of it is, trains three times a day, sleeps five hours and is blocking huge. That's the the title of it.
It's funny it's so I smiled a little bit and it's it's kind of twenty four million people to think I'm on steroids, Oran, testosterone, compliment cause, I'm not, and I don't everything I don't have anything its people that do steroids. Monsieur alike, are competing in sport. not supposed to you, do that kind of stuff, and then I don't really get, then you should do it, but I know a lot of people that are on either on steroids have been on steroids and a lot of people have been onto your tea, which interesting we, the fact What I'm saying right now is one of the things that this guy his name is Derek and it was a bunch of his videos before randomly he's a well get a guy he's a small guys, pray. Funny to but He that's one of the things that he saw a mentioned when he makes his conclusion which
The conclusion of the video is Africa out. I've got Zack, horrendous right down there, somewhere kind of like yeah, he's probably done on steroids and he's the. definitely onto your, which was conclusion, which was just think the guy does have a lot of knowledge about this kind of stuff but it's weird because even ass, he was saying coming to this conclusion you got a lot of you kept back peddling a little bit but then kind of moving forward backpedal angle of moon. For now, here's the deal on really care. What it is, I think, it's kind of funny in whatever dissolved yours can have stuff setup, you on the internet. But here's what I was a little bit concerned if you're a person, that's what's a Europe you'll get and you think Jack was cool. and you hear this thing, then maybe people I think a well. You know: Jacko uses steroids, just watch this video or, if
personnel in the military or in law enforcement, where you're putting your job in jeopardy to give steroids or use these Drugs then that bad and I didn't want to have that out there where people are like www job. We use them because that's the conclusion, so the I wanted to like go through it a little bit. see how we ended up in the situation where whereat woody. That's a good point there Where it is really think about it in that depth were yet do care, especially nowadays, were breath, take take. What are we you like, unless you're literally cheating, on something official whatever, but do you think but yeah? So if, if you do in it and everyone else is doing it and it's so like normal in life or whatever you who's the woods to kill that that'll influence. Younger people, less knowledgeable people to be, like all everyone. Does it even charcoal
pillar of integrity. You know in their mind all the stuff in is so that's how normal it is an at some influence is like false influence. You know they're so that made me feel like. Maybe we should. We should talk about a little bit because it's not cool the so how the loot limit my bracken little, but this kind of so people stand. So when I was a kid, I was a hard poor kid! I was a straight educate. If you don't want that means. That means I didn't drink. I didn't smoke I didn't small protein do anything like that. I was hard core music- and I was once called straight edge back in the day. So so that's The beginning. Now, if I was in two her kind falls into metal which, metal but I'd move past the mental very quickly at into hard core, got into that seed and
so, I was in that seen. My friends are not seen there. We are and guess what, when you're, nothing you're, not drink and you're, not doing drugs, so there's my high school years. You know that debt there dumb, then what you will. Then I joined the military so- will you join the military guess what you can do: drugs and now I drank when I was in the motor a drink. A lot probably drank too much, but if you get caught doing drugs in the military you get kicked out of military even sterile, even steroids, even steroids, now again when look. I people want to do drugs. I can do drugs, I got all kinds of friends do drugs. I got friends upon all day long, a home, got friends a drink. A lot I got friends do mushrooms and acid and all the crazy shit- and I don't I you're, my legitimate friends, but I don't that's so I don't holding thing against them and I got a lot of friends that
you stare rights for sure and you steroids first people that I train with. Sometimes people on Turkey and all these kinds of people I don't hold one single grudge against when someone it's the shit out of me on the mats. A rough me up, and I think well, you know all that guy's probably Arthur or is uncertain, which, by the way is big they'll. Tell me yeah yeah yeah, I I'm I am going to say I don't have any animosity a person, but in the navy in the military. You can't do that. and there was a bunch of comments in these actions that were about every one of the military's answered which was crazy for me to read, crazy for me to read but ok, so I'm in a military. If you use drugs, if you use steroids, you can get kicked out, there was no way I was ever gonna sacrificing or put at risk. My middle. career, doing the job I loved cause. I
to be a little bit bigger and by the way I was pretty, take heed like I wasn't I, good to go. I wasn't in this situation. Worse, I've! Oh! No! I hope I can. You know bill a bit stronger. I wasn't in that situation. I wasn't a situation at all. I hope I can be a little bit more jack. I was as Jack. Does I thought I could needed to be to do. job, do you know anyone that got in trouble and kicked out whatever for sterile? I know I know guys that got in trouble. I dont know if anyone got kicked out, I know that it was quote hard to test, for they say right. They like it's really hard to test I'm so what they would do is they would take. This is alleged right. This is this. What I'd here and this kind of stuff I just need to hear this one time I did not take up what they do. Is it's really expensive to test for steroids, so they would test a hundred samples,
they mix them altogether and test for steroids and if it is in their than they do in individual test for each one of em to save money. I hear that, unlike ok other test, and I'm not gonna do that and by the way like of my close friends in the seal teams there, is not one of one kind of thing I can't even think of any of them. That was like doing steroids new guy. I knew guys that we're peripheral friends like oh yeah, this guy, oh yeah, yeah, do he's using. Quite frankly, these were the people that were. In some cases it was like- oh yeah, maybe on a ship to you, don't like it. like. Maybe you wanted Jack, or maybe you didn't like working out as much as I did, or maybe you didn't you do you just work, didn't have the genetic to walk around at two hundred and ten, two hundred and twenty right.
And if you don't have that maybe you're like Brown, you know and you're hanging around a bunch of guys that are jacked. So so, Usually, you said you know a team at eyed. The team guy who got busted for austerity he carried other. You got me up there. You and I worked. He worked with me. The elemental story went down and was weird then do it through a test them. and this is how I sort of found out. I guess it's not like. I was looking for the answer or nothing like that, but that's how I found out that, yes to return or no go teams, at least because he went down. I gotta get on that's where you always get em and then it this, this- is this story told me where he'd go there injected in Mexico and then he felt that about throwing away all the needles and stuff, and so you keep like the needles in the trash not liking is like bag runs. Pockets are in our own countries. Consists lawbreakers, Maria
so he'd have like they used like needles or whatever and then he'd. So when he came back they caught they caught him Oh, you came here for sir. This is like long term open ninety, some they being them law enforcement or something on for the border guy or whatever. This actually does like, maybe two thousand to maybe this one, and when I Norman stuff worked well in there. He said that enough. go to the story was weird, like that's a weird way to get caught, but whatever and he got caught in them. They reported it in all the stuff and he got kicked out. That's I would occasionally no of like Marines that we're doing that usually man, but it was not legal Do you know that, like you give you got in trouble for your dick kicked out? Where is it the same? Now, though, phasing out the different day. Yes, it is the same now. It is the same now
you guys have more knowledge, maybe when they can like know how to skirt the system or whatever that is possible. But with me my friends. Brought like my friends were good freakin shape. You know you were students and whatever like trying to be jacked- and you know what else where young and you know when you're eight Years old, your basically on steroids. Basically, you have so much freakin testosterone, racism, so we're we're bags. So that was my cells, my neighbour, I'm not doing something to put my whole life at risk, it's not gonna happen then I retire, and now, when I return, I got wife and kids and houses and businesses and all the stuff going on. I actually that's pretty much when I stop drinking when I retired from the teams novels, and I dont have any of that- that type of friendship directly all the time and I'm design and I'm a little bit older walking around going. Ok. What benefit am I get out of this and it just totally
scenes right. I didn't like one, I didn't retarget, look, I'm never drinking again. I just looked But a month have I, like article beers here and in two months later, had a few beers in a couple drinks at this place or medical we had one at whatever it was, but then after probably another. Here I just looked up and I have always been another four months. It's been six months and then often I wasn't drinkin anymore and end. So that was that- and I am still was just like- I'm not doing any other drugs either. so that's what happened and that's that's how my life has got to this point where I really I haven't done now, even not downstairs stairs, never done any drugs other. Alcohol and caffeine right, which caffeine again it's like. I use that at certain times, I don't drink coffee in all the time, but back to this video it, sir it
It's an interesting video and it's you can. this guy's name is Derek seems like a good do, like I said I Some goes out. His thing is natty you're, not gonna earlier, because Natty means natural is there and not and you're where they keep saying other words for like a hand, tat. They got all been. I caught. All these other sleigh were aura. It's pretty funny. And what what's your experience with the sauce with the gear with thus their rights there? Okay? So so guess which will I I I actually mention this to you too. It had to be a little bit of a bummer that this guy does this all video about their rights. If you're in the video you didn't mention, you throw out like this again in her echoes gotta, be crushed everywhere,
were they mentioned in the comments you made the commonly agreed comments. Maybe Europe next we're not equal draws. So you tell me if I've ever taken steroids, because one of those weird thing so ok. So when I was twenty to forty four somebody, forty four, by the way, I was twenty two useful. As working as a valley, I remember the lifting of MEG at this point they grow it out. I was to forty at that we're lifting boy, squatty Louis again, Scotty Louis Corner Police Department. I forget his pollution but meant shadow. He knew it was me him, and so the guarantee Brookfield living we're lifting art does like for you not to read out squatting Louis for dangers. Non I believe that these are just my listening part and I confirm with India Antarctica Video. I called him up. Montenegro ignoring might numbers. Do I remember this correctly using squatted more than me a little bit, hence squatty squatty day here. So anyway,
we'd lift a lot, and so there are other eyes there, like a number of guys who would who do steer it? Not that would live we thus, but then they were being. There were strong and I remember it the two forty in Euro in Hawaii ones kind of bigger in general. So I remember thinking if I can get up to like to sixty two to five that be a solid like through sixties, big. Yes, it is a big human rival, I've. The picture of me to forty and the thing is: I don't look that big most ever got two or three fifty homesick team. To the most. I wait in those two, forty seven as a team we're trying to get our platoon wait. Average over two hundred pounds was such a squad. Oil rig it, but you know what even that we want using we weren't Jusan Martin lifting and eating, and I finally got to do it.
he did a formal run about. God knows I was up. My frame is not meant for two. Fifty in mine was neither Ok, you're at two, forty or lifting have yeah. You don't want to care about, and it can you kind of when you get that gonna get, because when I stopped shameful balls at one eighty five she put on sixty fifty pounds is over like about a year yeah, but that's a lot of those in all has called waning about fifty bounded gay, all natural law like furry. All they don't mean. Are you get your k? I remember there's a supplement could beat again. You know that I remember taking uncle my friend recommended whenever a well we're gonna bring up. I remember when, when creating came out, I was created. You had greatly yeah. I can get a deal creating YAP trying to get checked yet fully. But here's the thing like ok, so the work of her room that I was on is a very effective work up programme. It still like. I still do it today, even just for maintenance, but it is quit his heart broken. I just want interjected thing when geyser in
seal training right now, They are not allowed to take their not allowed. Take supplements motion because I guess, along the way, someone you know Paul Parliament was taken this supplement over here and answer the exact oak actor and what has not yet dirty batch thou whole family. So so, when you say like or is it stringent that indicate how mouth all right. You know right burnt evenly. He d supplements Katy Millyard too, take milk for crying out loud she'd, illegal waiver. For that I long long story short as a k, yeah, some other guys that I knew and respected like they were going to doing it did, is that this is in item but on all ninety nine is a military, and I remember thinking they're doing it. You know, like sure, I'll, let you know so I kind of hit them up or whatever and in so they got me if I'm remembering the name correctly of it cuz a bunch of different kind of apparently I did not know this and
exhausted, sustenance, something system and it was like- these little vials and then you gotta get like needles like it. The big needle this need the big needle that's a good one and ethics, but also our lungs or when I was young, I got a traumatic experience with a bunch of blood test cuz. They have had to do my surgery on my hand for some stuff, so they blood test me a lot and they missed iv line, and so it was one thousand two hundred. So I did not like needles at this point so like I guess that's what we're doing so cool so so my friend he would heat me with the first one bomblets in whatever in on my cock, a cool like it's worth, it was no promise or else does it, and you know like someone who I think I don't breath. I didn't do reach nothing. I just need to see the other guys doing it and how strong and big in annex I, of course, works or whatever so boom. He sticks me with one and only cool to me,
The next day I wanna be lifting way more than it was yesterday, like hundreds, we go in there and I'm like round not even stronger. It's like the next at length, it cool, so it was just one shot and then one to three days and then the next week comes right. I'm not stronger at all, so my kind of discipline It would then like maybe takes little Otto Kickin whenever rights or the next week again I had another shop or so ago, rum workin out my because I'm not the worker is very regimented sunlight and each work out. You pinder it, you're going for a pr every single day. It's for a certain amount of rats and stuff, like that, just the nature, the worker, so many We cannot even exceeding wild pr. Like all the same, I wasn't getting stronger at all and exuberant I'm freaking sticking getting stuck with like needles and doing steroids. At this point, some like freak, so the third we comes around and I get
he does one more and of my cool and I go and still nothing. In fact, of one day, I had a bad day like a week day. This brought decent working, but I'm like whatever. Maybe I just gotta, do more make it maybe get a by some more maybe takes it takes longer than then So my friend the next week my friend is out of town. He went like somewhere in I'm like, I want to tell anyone I want to tell anyone want to do. Can you do this? Can you stick this in my butter whatever, and so I'm like sure I got to do it. I got to do it. Sid anyway, room like really bad at it, so it so this shot number four I'm on it they give. The number was to fifty sauce does something to fifty that's what this compound was so, unlike
like trying to do. I can't do it. I can't bring myself to do it. I need someone to do it, but I'm like no other sat. You know like I can lift Armstrong of strong already and I I think I'm like tougher whatever unwise it'll defeating me sunlight now, I'm gonna do it, but I couldn't do it it took me. Let one hour to just give up and be like a cat due to myself and my friend tougher like three weeks is like for there for a and- I just pull away in them. You know you can reflect like what am I really get, what I'm doing right now when it can reflect and then I still had like three four five more shots like left in the in the little packages, whatever those is probably still here in the mattress lucky serpent, found a move wherever it yet never did. Did those three shots, no gains in fact had a bad day. That's that's really sad like I'm like proudly. I can
if I maintain and it didn't kick in till later, but had a bad day. I remember like thinking they are these making me weaker or something it's probably cuz. I didn't rest of didn't eat whatever that good, but no gains, no benefit. No, nothing! No side effects. No, nothing! I'm expecting get writer aging! You know cause those whose us pretty crews mellow of a person, some thinking only of be more angry and that'll, be cool. You know like more more morlock, Cuff, come when you call when you confront people. Confrontational, confrontational that'll help my little personality, whatever nothing, nothing no effects at all like if, if that, if I find out later that those that batch was like fake, not real beyond that make sense to me so anyway? That was it those my whole stairway experience, but technically echo. Have you ever taken steroids yeah, that's it that is one hundred percent on my stereotypes. So I have a similar assessment
so I was on my own. I was on the point and there was like guys in another platoon and they went on a trip somewhere and again like these night I didn't brings up when I talk about my close friends like these guys we're different platoon. I knew a mere two guys in everything but like boil them when they went on this trip they joost right and make any came back in their like the rumours, casual pricking towards their rights and also cash uniform In the same thing, you are like these guys are going to speaking just get your hell you, but they weren't I'll, come like really that that's like. So to me now: about the risk earlier of getting caught. Now, I'm gonna risk getting caught, and his over nothing so thou, nothing in it, and then there was a guy that was in the regular navy and use of making good duty is from our things from American. Some more similar super cool guy
we used to hang out and he was jacked. and he was told me he was like a man like you- should do a little bit he was exchanged because that's what he was a look man. I just do a little bit and you know gets me from from. You know, tool five to twenty five, but to me that last year. That is a lot. Do you say now to do in that case me like I'm rich and when you try to let me use one of the earlier just like just do a US, all those in that work, what we use AMOS models, but again, I was as I gathered like I'm already to fifteen. I need what more before I risk my career that to gain time, that's great, increasingly sodium, so that that, but it in all I'll say this to back in
back when it when I did that I was already two forty and the numbers which I don't know if go into the video that dark was we re unseen but and we to do some numbers and I was already doing those numbers. Like that's what I was reached, my peak and then I was. Let me take something founded it myself like here. Let me take something we get more, you know so I did and whatever and since then, the those on twenty two years old at the time, so sick, Range is growing. That's all he did was work valiant Lytton. So since then bride, got out when I'm outta may lead to cut all we do or even before we move to cut all the way back down. In fact, I remember being under two hundred pounds here on purpose through just what are you were caught in this? Does the look you guys So so I'm talking about what you just said, the video rights are there's the ivory
the name of it. I think the name of the video is how much can Jacko lift skinny, which is in its skinny needs, is kind of like what I got shot, video, which is how this video by Derek, starts off has this little clip and just to give a little context around this clip the whole way that thing started. was me talking about squatting, this the reason I came in to work talking Squatting cause- I was honour on this on the squat trade here well here before, even that this is important to know as Derek does gets this wrong in the video he referred to it as the podcast like we were talking about this on the package. This was not the bug out her. It wasn't literally. This is the point before the pot gasping, we start the pod, guess we're just talking track and if you watch that whole video and the beginning of the year, like saying it's weird, I don't feel like putting on headphone
today, that's how we started the video like whether this another buggers before we're doing, and then we're talking all this book and I'm drinking coffee, I'm getting things ready and others desert this. When, were you say like do I look small if, at the Vienna, Isn't there another video or there was another time where I was talking about like do you, Squire? Maybe it's the same video thing that yeah, ok, because ok, the reason I said squat train, and this is something talked about before I go in. I go in different paths of working out right, like for a while Bisbee like trying to do certain it's a Pulitzer certain numbers epaulets then I'm China, you know, You must elapse, then I'm trying to do heavy dead, lift and I'm trying to squat. Then I'm trying to spread like I'll go through these little phases. Just keep myself entertain different challenges, and also, let's face it, you get to it point you kind of reach or genetic cape? billowy or you you get close to your day
capability potential, that's what we call potential and then you're like it's gonna put. You know. Ok, you get to. you get to a dead lift of You know for ninety five and you lifting for ninety five and you want to get to five hundred officer. You gotta call not running. I need it I need a gain. Thirty, partly like you're gonna, do some things are going to compromise other aspects of your life. Your can get your game cardio game you're running, so I have died. I go on these different little. Trains is different cycles of working out and at that point clearly just like in a mode rouse trying to just get get get my squat on. So I was from while back squawk overheads gwan- and I was talking that kind of shit to you And that's another funny thing is the dynamic of you and me talking, there's a dead. Mohammed right. I'm tryin to you know, poke fun at you MA,
you feel insecure have fun with also juries. That's where the whole video starts out with you say like do I look skinny an eye without missing. A b without Messina beat I'm just a Gary China caught. We re now without this to be like. This is clearly just me, but you can't you gained or was ten times you normally. But in my mind, oh my god. Oh it's over here my thoughts on that thing. it's the same thing why, when you're like fire, five for ten and, unlike that's good is the same thing. I'm colonel, like you know, in a little bit of shit, making you feel like all their efforts is providing some on comfort, for you is for us by the way, was it for twelve from the sea. Again, you mention this to me. The in the video like you, I'm a little below there and then Derek on the vehicles, and, what's he talking three, seventy five and and then later in the video I was for ten on the video the out of it. Yes, yes, our later in the video like that
would really hurt me because I started about because the conversation, when a little bit for me just talking shit in two you into like a serious conversation, comic, hey three, seventy five per tonne. Would hurt me. That being said, I wouldn't check, like like going through some of my records, and I found as I do. Ten for me is not something I would normally do. I do twenty wraps and I've was looking as a mild numbers and dumb three or five for twenty was something something that I have done, three. Eighty five for twenty the end, there's a that's all. That's a heavy freakin squatters closer to eat it, and when I say three, eighty five, ninety one already gained here's. The thing is a good point to that eat. I think it's important to realise its subtle, but it's a big deal where we were
in this way mentioned this wasn't part of the package. If this was part of the bad guess, you better get your number lawyer, but we're talking shit, just like our kinship, literally like whether that got recorded or didn't regret recorded. There is no difference, given the importance of the of the information that we're going back and forth, just like literally when I said when I'm like doing this, don't look smaller in your like yeah are you couldn't wait like almost twenty lying doesn't in unofficial off the record conversation hundred percent so much more that a shit talking of you, hey Jack, o, I want improved my squat. What should I do? I wouldn't be like Bro, you knew you know, you owe you if you do four or five or ten year week I went out to get well where you are right now: pay if you're getting this, that freakin legit blah blah blah. So the shit talking on evolution here is bought, I also say that- and he plays its part where I'm like- I'm not strong right.
I say that some are not strong. I knew it about cross found my talk about with across borders can do and yeah. So There's so not wrong, to make that point on not super strong and even you you'll be like, I think, you're struck, so we re front of that system for that, and you know why They come from cause you digital with me, and I have technical fugitive. and I also have medium twitch muscles. I have medium twitch muscles, so I can hold a law of pressure for a long time that makes sense not not explosive. Would you say explosive? I would not say exports. Would you say I'm strong? Yes, sir, he has that's it because I have me. I remember I don't call me on this, but the theory or the discovery of medium twitch. Muscles came out like the nineties and
before that I would be a guy's. Oddly enough, I one window long distance race? and I also would win a spread in my platoon. But if you put a forty pounds or a sixty pound rucksack on me. I would win or I would be much closer to the front row. Why is that meat? twitch, not super strong, not super endurance somewhere in the Middle EAST, which is which means I dont really have the genetic capability to be snatching double body weight or whatever, like Russia's, it's very for me to do that so so there habit, there's some funny. He reads the Dew Derek reads: a bunch of the little
ports from inside there's a red it frank with six hundred grams of mill hundred milligrams of accountability, efficacious dose of discipline scoop of getting after it ownership deployed age the age for that huge head and he says all kinds of forests, as fuck composure bro. So there's that so many talks about the fact that I work out three times a day then puts the own spin on it of work. How hard core three times a day, which is a lot different, then me saying I work out. I left I, run or surf, and I do Did you and I do that every day. That's that's! That's it! That's enough! think this isn't like hey, I'm blasting legs and squats in the morning, and then
doing freakin dead, lifts at noon and then do in power cleans in the evening and of doing all those for MAX, reps or psycho met counts for not doing so that's misleading and if somebody that took me say hey. You know. I guess it's wrong for me to say I work out three times a day. What would be good, I exercise three times a day or something like that, so I feel, like I miss La- might have misled Derek on that one, but it's also the title. You know that's it. I love this red. It remedies talkin about It says five hours sleep at night and look. I don't need to sleep a lot that That is a fact. It's not even a good fact. It just the reality of the situation. The the other day like. If I go to bed early, I wake up early. You know it's not
I go to bed and if I go to bed at nine, I wake up at four thirty or go to eight and I wake up before thirty. I dont my body doesn't need downward sleep. all kinds. A little funny stories from when I was in the teams about me not sleeping. I know sleep is good for you. I I usually sleep more than five hours night. I usually go to bed around ten and I wake up at four thirty. So what is that's? Six and a half hours? A sleeper so ugly Do I sometimes go to bed at eleven? Yes, I do yes, I do I do. I. I have a hard time falling asleep, so I don't sleep a lot. I've never slept the lot two out of my fortune I don't need a lot of sleep. Genetically my wife won't get out of bed until like there's an emergency because you never indifferent right. So that's a genetic thing. This isn't
this isn't a chemically induce thing, but that's rare though love. You don't know that that is called fast sleepers. There's like this is kind of an anomaly. whatever were yet you just essentially you go through your cycling, asleep, just quicker in its from what I understand he up and yet so sleep thing again: if you're taking, that is an indication of like oh, he must be on sauce MIKE That's probably why he got that feeling: hey Wolf! Is God s asleep, but so there's already couple things that are not accurate and and I can understand told me how these conclusions can be made you gonna look surface a workshop three times a day old, I mean she's, doing dead, lifts, squats and freak empower cleans. No, I'm not doing that. If I did that, I would be wrecked right, I mean I would be breakfast like a normal human arm and what's that think so there's that oh yeah and then there's the numbers. If I'm on that path,
These are realistic numbers, yeah yeah in its it. I think, he's too the numbers that we were talking about, which word really they were we're like estimated like predictions almost like a they weren't here. in fact numbers like, even when you're like when I said you can do for wheels for ten, that's good. That's lily what I said- and here I think I'll explain to carry to one we're talking about that might have been squatty loses two times or both whatever with deep your backup, This is where I had learning who's. Coming to this day, I have to erode. The thing was on record at this point. In also my shoe. Let me confirm so: I'm thinking to when I was twenty two years old squatting hard core think we're doing two or three sessions a week of squats, one higher up one medium one lower up and it was like, and there was a hard core work up. I was who forty at the time. So I'm thinking
me, based on when I was really into the numbers on spot. Let me base it on that real cuz. If you remember in the video I stay at, what do you weigh when you walk around that, while you're waiting at the two hundred and thirty so something okay to thirty highway, two hundred and thirty one this morning, not considering these three things which I did consider in later on in the video. If you watch it where first off you're older than twenty two years old to You go all the way down here. I will outline perilous, what which was an issue that we are doing laughing anywhere, but which is also something that you now have adjusted. Your mindset circus going in the hole and as we used to call it back in the day, which is below parallel and that's another thing. You just remind me Derek video says like hey, if you're just walking around it, gives bang out four or five like it's nothin at forty. Five years old. That's that's an indicator and I can't do that. Now, if I was like hey, you know: oh it's it's squat season right.
Which squat season for me is in the is, in the kind of spring time right tell your summer, I'm gettin ready go hunting in this right. We have spent the last few years I'm running on rocking and then carries into while this particular year. I've been doing these step ups with the forty five five pound plate get ready to do that. Chad, one thousand which extended that type of work out a little bit into November. And then all the sun, will I get ready for the winter time in the mountains, which means France, squats and pile met, and stuff and then time. It's like you know it Watson so its misleading again, I'm sorry. If I miss Leah, led Derek to think hey jacket. it's gonna, walk up, cold, do or squawk rack and just put on four or five and just knock it out of the park. You know ten twelve wraps whenever it will.
It s an, I think, is important where, when you watch that video really watch it and say: ok. What are we saying right here when I said Anne TAT, it was was cut off which are realised in the video Where, if I say, if you can do for five for ten, that's good good right at too I I'm making a reference to a twenty two year old me at two. Forty then after and then you're like, I think I'm there, if not about there, right. So ok! So when I get when you said that I think that's what people latched onto But when you said that you are like that was just like estimate, it was obvious you had never done that you had never like thou
projection. Given what you know you have done, and then you made an estimation and then you're like know about their, so no, I probably couldn't get it but maybe like under their. If I had a good deal squadrons got season, I maybe could get it. That's that's how what I got frightened- and I said later- I send aid around- would freakin her exactly right. The more you think that our out about the same with me the same the males in outlook for five, then I was acquitted, signals twenty years old. I wasn't going to that on the record four or five for ten, his savage all the way down here, you're, if you're gone ass, to grasp for five or ten SAM is savage Execrate and then, as so then right after I was like well if it can do three wheels for ten, that's good, that's good dear and then you are like, although there is a difference in their different, although gay I get, as I put you're going all the way down in and I'm considering all these things that I'm that come up in my mind, like that, it's like brothers, bad comparison. What I said and then you I do think even more about him. You'd like you're like ten, would hurt me. Ten work
Have you concluded, I can't get the ten like. Maybe it seemed like I could, when I thought about it at first, but after while sick. Now that would hurt me like I couldn't get the tent. And then you are like I'm not even that strong or whatever genuine through that, but put it this way. Those differences between really how we said it in was going on there there's differ between that and then you saying you know what yes, I could get the four or five for ten or actually not the four hundred five Roy, under the four or five. I could get that for ten. Officially We are saying on our part in this way there is really different and anything no difference, then you could be like all well, Jackal can or cannot lead say he Jackal can't do that. All he just light on the spot. Guess that's not true, literally, not true, was a whole different thing. You know it's kind of like hey like. If you ask me how I could to do a mile right now when I was like Meyer years before time. You know like did know and then golly me estimate,
given what I ran it before last time, IRAN and then after you think about it all the stuff and then then, let's say the next day around the mile, and I freaking couldn't get it all. Oh you lie. Do you know kind of thing I didn't lie, that's That conclusion I mean my flimsy conclusion that does your conclusions whimsie, but I'm saying it was based on other factors rather than the end and one more factor there was based on his trying to make you feel like you're like yeah. That's, not bad! Then your leg right away when I was like? Oh, I did what I'm ready and then you're like how deep, like forty two year like what kind of a few hours on raw. So we get through those three sort of misleading things and again I want to say misleading. I'm saying I misleading its misleading. If you do a search, study of me and you said, works out three times a day gets five hours sleep tonight I can freaking flip four hundred and five four hundred and ten squat
ass, the grass all those things which Derek occur in occurred and we heard them, that's what that's what was being said and his or that's what he saw and he all those things together disputes that's one of the things that made him lean towards and again to his credit. The whole time he every time you say like yeah, they need find back, are formulated as well be wrong. There's an from other comments in here that were interesting, probably natty. Now, but no He was cycling when he was active duty totally wrong Speck ops, love clear meetings, the guys and operations, all juice or love juice. No, not true, and is from quote former every guy that new lots of rangers on the stuff. I am could rangers enough to do that assessment, but, from my perspective, you're willing to put your military career at risk. There is not, guys that are willing to do that at this Missis Hale was unusual too,
I've guys not on the sauce when I was in calves scout for I've years again may these are guys we're goin on deployment and there wasn't really strict and it was more people do induce a market Am I going to say I am I am I dont know I don't know I know that when I worked with the army, these are not people that were on juice, lighten up. I'm more talk about conventional armed forces. These are not guys it or on juice. So yeah, Some of that too, is like you're in the military. You see, you see a freakin jacked guy, that's the seal teams, guess what the guy in the seal teams are doing for his job work and lifting eat. correctly getting better food Nevertheless, the same shit is aeronautical. There are saying that has got to say that, like people, special operations, get even better steroids outlawing off the rails, as is Then this guy says same shit as everyone else gets. We aren't allowed to use gear whatsoever. People do
everyone knows it. I I didn't didn't know it. Could it be that cause was end up becoming an officer that people like hated from me- and I don't know- I guess I guess it could be that way. tell you man, when you're working out with guys and training with them and all of a sudden they dislike super strong. I would be suspect, I was very rarely suspect, he talks about what I looked like over the years, and here his conclusion, as I do the guys just always been kind of they, a bigger dude, which is true. I wait one. Seventy four when I showed up the buds, I was nineteen years old, I weighed
two hundred at the end of my toe at gained fifteen lbs or whatever 11lb I graduated- was it one hundred and eighty five got my first platoon I got up and we were lifting our goal was to be bigger. I got up to two hundred my first platoon. I got up till like two hundred and fifteen my second platoon I got up to like two hundred and twenty, my third platoon and you know, he's like ages, I'm getting better, getting bigger and stronger. It's like you know. You went from one hundred and eighty to two hundred and forty right. These are prime years to get jacked when I was competing in Jiu Jitsu, now we're talkin like ninety six. Ninety seven, ninety eight- I would always be around two hundred and twenty and I'd cut down to two hundred and thirteen, so I could do the category than the absolute, so that was my weight back then. But again, these are not you know, crazy numbers. I was team to got up to two fifty how squatting eating dead, lifting more eating
So he kind of says that he kind of says that that will you know, he's Africa, The terms he uses, there's no time where he's just you go from being a hundred and twenty eight. Two two hundred twenty pounds. There's no time like that. It's true daddy, slow progression, as I got older, got bigger until I reached to twenty five to very, which is where I am right now. He couldn't find me talking about to your tea. and then he found one tweet where tweet had been deleted, but I'd said: haven't tried it some probably ask me, have you ever Don Quixote remember- that tweet really remember it buddy. I thought he wrote a clip it's definitely me and I'm sure somebody said hey. Have you ever done to your teen out right now? I never tried it cuz. There was a tweet below it. That said, something like what hd Jack one more. You know testosterone some like ass though he figured out and yes and then he said that was the only court. Horses mouth of me saying end
about Turkey, which is not that weird, because I don't talk about x. I have no experience with it. I don't it's not something that comes up. And and look I'm not even against it I'm fifty years old. If I get to a certain point around like yeah, you know I feel like shit it but my door Your says to me: hey Jacko. This is going to make perform better, do better, maybe that sounds like a good idea. What I would I dont like about it, as I know that when you do that stuff, you're on it for them your life which to me bad. I don't wanna be relying on anything. I don't want, I would rather be to make my own testosterone at a lower level. then go on fake, do go on others as to ask your own. and then have to for rest. My wife looked like that idea to me, that sort of a dependency which I don't like so but but again when I'm sick and all of a sudden, I'm really weak or whatever
I have issues and you know be like hey guys are going on to your tea right now I want stronger, which would be fine. So that's why maybe he hasn't found a lot about me. Talking about it and again, I got friends that do dirty that talk about Turkey has never done it. if I did, I wouldn't be ashamed of it. I do like hey. This is the situation I was in, and this is what I did you know when you start going down this path. It's like If I'm trying to like stay young, maybe I should start by dying my hair black, which my hair is grey. I don't give a shit really. I don't give a shit, doesn't matter to you here to win the then he finds a picture of me or there's a picture of me. I'm like the red. It thing. That's me ten in Kennedy and we're centre, fucking know when wherever and we just got done with a work out and therefore this here is that's it says
Looking solid dude, another guy says Alpha head Bro, fucking, sick cranium, which is funny somebody says, look at his jaw line. He never needed juice. He's a natural granola he's got guerrilla he's got shreck genetics. Somebody says big abnormally ripped, which is totally true. Remember that that man Article came out about me in Success magazine and they said I was a rip. two ordered and twenty five sounds of muscle and I went and did a fact check publicly about that article. It I'm not a rip to earn twenty five alma well marble to thirty, which is the truth. Somebody said just by his head are locked up with my lawyer visa just by his head. You could tell it out that his flock but see something pretty like these people to say hey this. If you look at the,
a picture of me when I'm probably twenty five, then a picture of me now and like a look at him, when he's twenty five he's he's his head, his joy because you and when people do steroids, their job bigger their cranium gets or there are the brow like what is this: their foreheads there there eyebrow bone, whatever they like, bigger and more prominent just the way I look and others That way, since I was you know in my twenties, my early twenties. this guy says not necessarily cranked looking This is what this, what Derek's s not necessary easier echo is not necessarily ranked looking, but a very fucking dude solid human would be very tough to move if that makes any fucking sense. If it does, he looks Tavis out your teases superior older brother, which is I ve I trained with Tito not superior to Tita veto is jacked dude like what a Tito fight at fifty five,
I was gonna say you wanted you fibre to revive Tito fought to, or five Tito was afoot Monster Tito's six too huge he's, a monster brow, and we are on the same, not genetically or physically or Tito Ortiz and he or tea or tease, also had like the explosive type muscle right. I am the Reagan. Slow slowed, the medium towards the medium term. but all these things I thought that might that sex was kind of leaning towards okay. This is just a kind of a big dude that that literally stake, drink smoke and wait. That's what I that's, what I've been doing for a freaking long time, rip This is not a guy that, like goes on, I am and work out for I'm a bad guy. the guy, because having to work out for a little while minimum, you didn't, you know which get into painting right now. I've been lifting whether its calisthenics, whether its proper place.
Checks, whether squatting, whether its cleans, whether its doom policy. it's all in the at all in the frequent in the element you know then. He goes in this weird tangent into Jujitsu. Got it a thing with me and going against Jeff, Martin and yet nonsense is of all kinds of risk causing all kinds of foreigners, and and Jeff Mountain is an incredible grapple. He's monstrous guy who's Papa. four steroids before now Marsh and say that I am quite I am quite confident that he is utilised. steroids not yet so he sees me going against them and what trusting about that video. There's a video of me versus Jeff Monson. Unfortunately, video with two minutes and thirty seconds long that was triple overtime match. So I forget what the first
It was like a seven minutes and the two minute two minute, two minute overtime and it got edited down we're pretty gets. And just melted butter rapidly any stronger than me, and he beat me like you, that's what and he mention how like he's a. He goes. Yes, he generally goes mono he's not a! U S. Jim is just an eighty out makes it a job in Asia is easy or egos is eighty champ kind of like always only a disease. That more significant by lower wrapped in; U S knew exactly right if Europe, d c c. I would above Abu Dhabi, Combat Club champion that me in grappling no punch and looking in what you guys we're doing the best in the world radon and then, if you, champion which he was- and I will say the two minutes and thirty seconds of embryo, I look horrible. where I see me now, am I caught I sucked in this way? We always the goal. Is ways to be back to build a beat you six months ago. That's always the goal and that's terrific.
your video, I look, I gotta go we're gonna shop was my God. You look like crap. Why did you use that's just what? If like when you watch old videos yourself, so I was in that tournament by them, as my first term jack I lost to Jeff Monson. But what's interesting is he's makes this argument that, like if you're gonna competed if you're competing in the stuff, which I was Why would you not do steroids like everyone's, and he makes this whole thing about? How do you get there's? No, testing for steroids and I, if they do now, but back then there she resell, wasn't testing steroids but he also says my physique not that much different I probably weight and that tournament at two twenty, because I was probably only did heavyweight that Turner Upright to twenty and He said there is no indication of the deployment of anabolic sir and then he, but they clip.
like he doesn't want to believe. That is what we do believe that maybe he's just using it for recovery. If I wanted to do so, are any these has always never used it. So again, I think he's a little bit conflicted, but he says: look if, if there's If there's so much juice in the digital world, why would you do it and one thing I wasn't really a competitive. You know I would if there was a tournament well when I was going to college from like two thousand two thousand three: we compete at all times. And actually before that, when I was at Fabio Santos, may we convened computer all the time. we want to return and we could go to where competing all the time. But you know by the two thousand, but once the worst I started actually is. When I start beating less and less because I wanted to be like ready to go to war, but for him it didn't make any sense,
could be competing at that level, which I was competing in a very high level united today trials for him and he used the words ease up high LISA sceptical that that I wouldn't dare jogger, wouldn't try? You know which again this whole time, I'm active during an altered by I have a job I haven't, you but I love, I have guys that I supposed to be leading and taken care of, and if I did shit, and from the teams, because I wanted to be a little bit. Bigger we have already pretty big. I wasn't like one fifty eight like caught him. I wish I had more presence was written to twenty to twenty five also with Digital. I think it it's fair to know this where, just as you Keaton Juicy doesn't mean you're you're, a competitor pursuing champion lover like even if you can, you can compete, so she back. Then even I mean now it's really like their competitors in them
everybody else, no matter if your black belt level, whatever you know so a guy In your position, you have a job, your active duty, military. of your jets. You love it love on an evening, not even the number one thing on my priority was no nine. By launch on. No, I mean contains brow if you believe you rode out your goals, even even if you narrow it down to your digits gold, it probably wouldn't be to be world champion it, usually not that now where there is a large group of guys that that is their goal, then you might start seeing ok, this guy's a stir discussions or cause he's pursuing a very specific go and he s legal heart as hard as we possibly can he's going against guys that nor testing executive, when he gets guys in the same boat exactly exactly right. But the fact is, a lot of us even hi super high level, guys they're, not in that book. until you shift. Your goal to be champion champion is just different type of Jujitsu person, I was a hobbyist in
just yet I was my hobby. I was very passion about my hobby and believe me, you're, not going I'm not going to the competition saying I don't care if I win or lose an African trying to win, but I'm not missing a block of training with mice platoon. Because I'm gonna go and train more. That wasn't happening. He was incoherent if you're, not in that in the digital world, it it You may not know the new once you know, you may not know difference between, even when you hobbyists in that kind of from the US? might sound. Like all you stood on the weekends and whatever Nyc you can be a hard core, hobbyists hollow everyday, physically possible to get it all hacker in and then the we're just competitors where it's like. I have Digital, I'm as good as I can possibly doing, Jujitsu hopefully become champion it, and everything else is secondary. That's like did no matter how good or junk there that's like. That's the two pursuits. You know.
So. We go see the unity thing again that to him makes him lean towards. I must have it tried it, so I could compete with these guys. But, like you just said, much gonna win. World Europe took you trying to win, but am not that's not the number one priority. My life many goes on. This thing Some guiding gave baubles Zairian DEN built Bowser okay, so this guy apparently went to buds at some point, and he, this guy, who went to buds. Said he did storage and set a bunch of people a lot. Of course, a lot of people did it. which again is weird this is this guy just want to, but- and he got didn't make it, so you don't even know what kind of person this is. I don't know why this is he's even brought into the fold here other than you know he's all this guy Dave Bulgarian said he did it's. Ok with this guy. It wasn't. A seal made didn't make it through training. The he did say, It seems that he met you.
Get kicked out this guy this guy there two buds mention that, oh, you kicked out if you got caught so right there, what kind of freaking you know that's a right there. That's all you need to know anybody who knows me like all you want to be in the Philippines and theirs risk. You get kicked out for doing steroids by the way when I was going through your train was passing the evolutions. You know it wasn't like a I gotta. I got up freakin twenty, seven. Twenty on the run. I want to get that down to twenty six forty and I'm willing to risk getting kicked out of maybe to shave twenty seconds off my run, timer forty, two you're, never gonna! Do that. I would have it's stupid thing to do so again. And then and then the same guy says that if said that a third of people were using, which again that's not part,
I could understand if more people than I think our own stairs. I can understand that but to say one third of people in space, operations on start that is not at that is that cannot be true cause. I would have no. a lot of them. at my entire adult life in special operations. It seems like you, more so than Dan Bulgarian and a you. You don't know bulgarian them. But he's kind of known for just his whole thing being just railways, while she was with Us- and this is why these stories and claims go back, Derek, says that when I was entreated hunts, this ran about. How would I was draining was less scrutinised, bikes Roads were less scrutinised and I was like- and he starts bring
Arnold source Ethic role, I gotta go Lucille training in the frigate seventies. Win steroids were even you know, we're just on the open market. So I don't know what that point was, and I guess he tied some connection. I guess it was some big steroids olympic thing they got a lot of Do any brought it. But again I don't really. I don't really know much about that. Ah I wore if anyone in my actual seal training, clustered stores, I'd be totally shocked. No. I never even heard anyone talk about it at all. So then he goes on this thing about cow. My life is about. stress, resiliency and grit through adversity and a lack of sleep and he's leaving jargon. A lack of food fasting sometimes, and then he says, whilst I'd better use. This word says: whilst maintaining a high level of performance. That's what sort of my life is like
and he says that it's like that- that I would benefit highly from exile Genus Andrew genes. Would you yes, we gives this thing about how you're about being strong book going through adversity and having stress resilience and and he says would risk would benefit Haivy from exhaustion is Andrew, Djinns, obviously pretty telling, in my opinion, that MRS Riis, like this guy black, is all about those stress and getting through the stuff pretty telling, in my opinion, that's what he says. So In its motto It's not a it's one of those things that makes him lean a little bit but more in that direction, and then he goes on this thing about how I was going against sauce fiends back in their primes overtook him up. Munson, and not using shit when even the graces were using shit and east talks about the fire,
hoist Gracie tested proposed for anabolic, which I think hoist tested positive for Anna First stairway when he was in the fearsome Otto now but at night, because I think it was after having was one of these sort of older horse fights Ray, whereas on the other to match yeah yeah. he's so then Derek says it's hard to imagine this guy's not dappled before to go into to go the matches with literal houses and not thought. Maybe I should get a bit of help It obviously crossed his mind a couple times. I would imagine and again, oddly enough getting- now the seal teams. All I need to hear was that one story when I was younger about hey, they take all the batches. They testament, if you probably if the if they find any one of those batch talked, has positively testing individual you'll get kicked out, go done. So this wasn't this. This wasn't this temptation. That was on the back of my new or
The older all the time you should get strong little bit stronger and by the way I wasn't getting out muscled on the duty to match. Monson wasn't Tossing me around. You know. No time did. I feel like a loser, But more strength would make me better. I was to be contented with also with a steroids injured you to allow I'm sure the guy's a little bigger little it stronger. But, like I, you kind, I alluded to that's less of a factor like defend the real factor with stairways guy verses, no steroids. Guy. The guy can just turn up the pace and keep it going and where the guy way quicker and where the guys just less effective, because as well as energy more so than in my he wasn't doing that either like that. He didn't like turn up the bass where you couldn't keep up and that wasn't going on either it was. It was just simply a jiu Jitsu match that ended up winning. Not a lot like you know in overtime what area, but it was, it was clearly
not a match between steroids versus, not stir into isn't. He didn't beat me because of strength. beat, and now, if I d been ten times or three times stronger than him sure, but he be because he's a better grapple with me here He wrestled he's he's the eighty c c champion world. That's why I got b and let's see he, he goes. he goes back to the he goes back to the Guinea knees video and starts going we cannot down a little bit. He says that on five eleven to thirty, which is what we conduct, Gus. On that he says this interesting thing, he says he says that I Jacko was built like this. The in the hole I'm the entirety of its historical data represents, looks ITALY and sees pictures of me when I'm younger. I always
Look this way he says: there's no massive aberration embody composition, always been a husky mild house of a dude which I would say a fact. Factually accurate statement goes goes we talked about the four or five four ten he gonna does a little bit of a deeper dive than that, and we kind of already does talk through that. That's up, oh shit, walking combined with an assessment as the main, an estimation, and that was that Well, he also says he says I can imagine. This is legit when he says I haven't tried it. I would prefer, we call bullshit on it. So many times. He would abandoned its benefited from it. So much more than ninety nine percent of other humans, it's hard to believe you would just grit through it
you're fucking natural crashed hormones which ultimately will be with the amount of stress you are undergoing with the amount of sheer environmental factors that is imposed upon himself. So he said that The life I've lived has been stressful and hard on my mental status order. My hormones in my hormones roared project up. So why why would I try through this with my own. What does he call it? Fucking Twill crashed horn. and what is this one the are so so That's what he's me! That's what makes him think and He thinks there is no way that it makes sense for me to not do that. He gave a petty, finds a video of me shooting an arrow.
He says he's these like: oh yeah, here's, here's, a video of him with no shirt on and its Shooting an arrow with his alpha, fucking head so that was going to fund funny some he read through some more comments that I'm a genetic outlier that its t artie. one person says, saw stock. Another guy says he's fifty. Definitely some exotic just exit ex exhaustion exotic. compounds in play, someone else, steroids take Jacko someone says Shaka wouldn't risk his career. That's an accurate statement that's the most that that probably is the route for me of never doing. Steroids or any other drugs, at least for the
Wendy years that I was in the in the seal teams, not risking that and then I get out and who, what what am I doing am I getting beat up on the digital Matt? No, am I week. No am I haven't a hard time, did not a bed, no freaking great So why am I owe the sun thinking? You know you are you and I were training hard core. We we are thinking yourself well United Kind power out of this subject. You don't owe me, I didn't feel. Oh it stronger. So I can do arrogance echo. So that's gonna kind of work what he says. So I think this is my arm. He says he says something like his that odds. Are he Derek
Ends up saying that he thinks I'm? U you steroids in the past and we only use the word dabble spot and is onto your right now, I think this is good and I the reason why he think he was leaning towards, I think throughout the video he kept saying things like well, you know he's always been this big and he's not ripped. He said all these things. That kind of make him think no, but then I think that that the people that he interacts with all the time like whose his friends and his group it did makes sense to him that I would complete did you do not do you're right or at least consider my even makes sense to so for him to look at me and look at the training that I do and the FAO, then I'm fifty years old and think yeah, this guy's gonna, be to your tea or whatever or ores like onto your tea. I think that's the group of people that he talks do that he's around that's what
experience has been, and it's just which is to separate world than mine and that's what he fought The fact matters I not and never I've never done any drugs, and you know what I'm on Mark, cod, modern warfare, more pheromones stake, I mean Elk. has been delivered to the house. The elk is going down yeah, so you had your like the record. So cuz. It was significant part two about the claim of the numbers of squatting or whatever, so consider that. So now you know right, cuz, you went back to your actual records, did three hundred and five four hundred and twenty right Gene is an element, nothing for you to answer something for us to kind of considers for its claims go if you can do. If someone anyone anybody, no matter how big or small, if they can do three or five full rep squats for twenty. Do you think they could do four or five for ten?
Did you know there's a little too. You know there's a little charts that they make for this kind of thing here, and I dont know what they're, how that would work out those that accurate, though, because you need a certain type of muscle, yeah form. Irony, I don't know, I don't know they're. So that's enough Not neither do. I know we don't, but if he'd estimate in all likes to push back when asked to do, I never really got into consistent twenty apps for any exercise glorifies heavy. I would say three: seventy five is in the game. eating. I think every that's here, but even that's not I wouldn't bet money on. It will be a lot of money on it yeah, but ever If me and you were liking, what we're going to do this when I going to feel maybe we are for we will film, I don't know whatever and we're going to be like hey we're going to do today, we're going to do our pr four hundred and ten. What are you going to go for you, one shot. What are you going to go for him and if you think,
four hundred and five cuz. I think I can get you to like you're not going to put on four hundred and fifty. If you don't think you can get it. If you think I can get it and you say I think I can get that that's with you within the the claim of not being like bs yeah. It's an estimation. Crazy stock is not created, are well that's it speaking, a monk speaking to joint warfare. Speaking a crude oil speaking discipline, jerk off your back home. We talked a lot about you. Do too, you should change due to not about strength so it is not its not out of the equation off in Jimmy equation, but it's not the total equation. Technique is a more powerful part of the equation. You made a good point, though, about like this that you can hang hang the the people that you hang around the community Yonah whatever, where like it
you're used to seeing people on steroids or whatever it starts to become more and more like. It feel more likely that, of course they are. Of course they are. You can just take one or two little things, even if its kind out a context that ok, I'm not, surprise, if that person is but the same in the other side to wear- and I was like this when I was young like I, especially with them with other drugs like cocaine and I never tried cooking ever I went and when I was living winery unseen cooking before I came to the mainland and still really really seen now much cocaine. One time I saw guy and I worked at the night club by the way, but it just my brain, I hadn't been around it, some thinking, of course, no one's here doing coke. That's crazy stuff. You see in the movies. What am I thought I get out of his car and he had like cocaine on his nose still and those like baffled. Like all my classes, such a big Meanwhile, my friends, I go and licked. What's the big the kind of thing, I'm ok, I'm kind of dawns on you if you're not used to it or if you re
You do it you. Can you get us a foregone conclusion like ok here of animal surprising, if you don't see it kind of a thing, so that makes it that totally makes sense and even now so be, it seems, like I mention it was a book died, a sister platoon one time that was some of the guys in there that had a click of guys in there that were into doubt that did juice and so if one of my friends womanlike bro I'm going to go on the sauce ip I'd, be very surprised by the. one of those guys was going on the sauce I'd. Think oh well, that's their crew. So and it's the same thing with tea party right there's a lot of pull that community or a lot of and I know a lot of them, and so think, oh wow. If if that guy's already, assuming that a bunch of the people that I hang around with our Anti archie, but why wouldn't I bianti eighty two while the fact the matters
and it goes for lifting waits like the numbers that guy's put up so in Hawaii people is bigger just nor any further by the way, but we are seeing guys- you Know- bench five wheels and a lot of them to look for forest fires like and five was for a five year like ok, you they can do for fun, it's good, but Everyone seen that before on the seal teams, there's not too many guys that number one bench pay. very much, not branch press very often, and certainly anyone, that's bench. Pressing five plates in the seal teams is the we can super strong dude. Everyone knows that dude every was our duty can bench fortune. Five hundred everybody knows that so rare. So, yes, same thing. If someone says: oh yeah, that I cabbage five hundred in its its- talking about a guide opportune. That would be harder for me to believe, unless I knew the guy, what if you ve, never seen in
about who I was hanging with from the year. Ninety ninety five, all the way up until two thousand and one when I left my act, footballers up there is a great need, big, someone's and stuff, and whatever I'm thinking back to the numbers, my friend Jeff over it moves like ie playful forty Niners used like used. One of my friends and use big stronger and I remember like later on after he moved away or wherever in after lived here for a while, and I remember thinking back, we Jif ran a four five. He was two hundred fifty five pounds and six one that but the animal has again it be said- has been brought a fort for five forty wealthy for four five: yes, a fork, five hundred and forty four, how much did he weigh two hundred and fifty five? This is a mutant NE sixty one, here's the thing. I remember Jeff. You use big and strong and animal or whatever, but not that when I'm thinking about nothing nothing, but when you're in community, one geyser like six three, three or four, wall in around and when they he aegis. Looking down
You know that's the norm in guy's. Going the way room and like they don't even warm up and they put two wheels on there and then just like awkwardly doing it like they ve never bench before, but they can do because they're just sooner and that's kind of the norm, compare that if you ve never seen anyone bench for five before you see for plates on the thing I should simply like. I did that, like you give me a better explanation till how that's possible you know, I had a c b chief that was with me and remedy in yours. Junior monster guy, whose name was Biggie. that makes them right, but yeah he was. He was thrown up three fifteen on the bench honestly, It look like if I put up if I had the bar, like that's what he looked like Jack, three fifteen, for his warm up, so an because again in the seal teams, guys aren't doing that kind of weird guys camp and everybody that rumors.
nor that word spread. Bro Biggie was breaking bench in four or five four wraps. Everyone shocked Derek was inquiring kind of how much you bench. Do you remember your best bench? Three fifty was like my best. everyone. In my voice, my benches week that was is the weakest thing that I hear your squad? Is your Jem? What's your best exercise, did I don't know man a badge to four or five. I started. I talked to score Does he see said that he remembers me doing more than four or five. I feel I did more than four five Irene. Amber specifically doing for a fight for the first time did three fifteen twelve times my best two. Eighty five on the incline to eighty five fifteen times they offer me three. Fifty was like a goal who is hey? This is what I'm working towards, but I was
was never good at bench, I was always had stronger pull muscle sprite dead, lifting whenever I was, are always seemed stronger in that area. My shoulder princess, Ozma, Bessel, Jerk, off that's it, that's it for the DMZ. I appreciate your hang out here the DMZ with demilitarized Zone, Presidio check it out dog of your calm, origin, USA, dot com, it's gonna, joggled our come and get after it we'll talk your later out.
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