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Jocko Underground: Alpha Males, Beta Males, Sigma Males, and The Others. Take Charge With No Authority.

2022-06-14 | 🔗

Alpha, Beta, Sigma, Delta, Gamma, Omega Males.

Take charge with no authority.

How to improve the results of a job interview.

Dealing with people who are too direct, or even insulting.

Ways and standards to self evaluate.

How to stay on THE PATH but still enjoy alcohol?

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This is jacko underground pact asked number fifty four echo charles sitting here with me. This is actually year if somebody you what you are asking about this this topic of the day, the top gives alpha beta. Gamma, I think game. omega delta and sigma humans, male female, Had you ever her, I think you meant and to me you, you saw mine or something you are about the signal, male. This signals like the new one right, that's what I thought at the time. So I didn't really know too much about the same. Of course, your every one hears you know that alpha have one hears that so you just say hey what what are these things? So I figured we look into a little bit of the term.
These terms were almost solely used to describe animals up until the ninety nine is so there was back in the day in their use. These news, a book came out. One thousand nine hundred eighty two called chimpanzee politics by friends the wall, which suggested that maybe some of these categories could be it Applied to human beings, and then in the night t nineties and is from Wikipedia so take that for what it's worth dove deep on the research policy and a work of years. You I get ninety ninety term used to describe quote manly men. There are successful in business and and then there is of course a whole thing about these same terms. Used to describe females
so I had heard of alpha I'd heard a beta. I hadn't heard a gamma I hadn't heard of omega. I hadn't heard of delta, and I you kind of chimed me in on the whole sigma phenomenon. You think the sigma is is what people want to be I want be alpha. I feel, like the end of the day, you'll go into what each one is is, I feel like everyone wants to be alpha, but something like a poor man's format like like a poor man like a like introvert euro offers like you'll, take charge, Make call to talk to anybody whatever the sigma is like he's into running shy and stuff, and then so he kind of I don't know like embraces that whole think, like a quiet, freaking out, so alpha. Here's some descriptions office must be dominating and charismatic the porn leader
stance, priorities and utilizes and always utilizing his type ass, the offer The beta is modest and easygoing ideal husband type. Works a lot but is over showered by overshadowed by his peers. The gamma is introverted introverted and super sensitive. I don't think I fall in the category of supersets super, the yes man at the office is the gamma has big plan. But lacks determination, focus gamma. Next one is omega, but there's a movie called omega man who unwise callback omega
and yeah. This person is skillful and self sufficient. The odd one in the in the wolf pack laid back not chasing successor, money, lick, the artsy type or sometimes what it sounds like. Actually they don't even really talk about that. They don't even talk about, like which one of these has some creative aspect to them, as opposed to like the big five, which is open, mindedness and those people tend to be more creative. Next one is delta, modest and hard working wants attention, but can't get it works hard but unable to draw attention and then the sigma. This is the latest in greatest need. Super smart and extremely attractive. the manipulative mastermind, he is soup.
Ambitious, ambitious and his own boss, so There you go dude. I don't even know like do we even need to go any further? Are these things because it's like just there there, but this some basic kind of personality stereotypes right, isn't that basically what they are distant basic stereotypes and then that's that yeah in a lot of times too similar to like a horse scope can a scenario where you know people wanna Felix. May members thinking about this for myself I don't know, but every once in a while, where you like you fall into, and you wonder what was it given these this category? Are the criteria like who am I right? Then you kind of look at it and eat. If I have a cool name alpha,
paid, a gambler gamma does on coordination. We let beating beta, sounds cool nobility acts of fish caught a big body that you actually have a name echo ass. You live in the kind of in their new high echo male. What does that mean? easy presence regarding copycat wherever but signal sounds good delta sounds cool magazine, school, vegas, baby ramadan from echo. This is my point, in alpha you're just going to name, but I'm saying, like hey, I'm a delta. You know it's like you No, this is a natural thing. Maybe maybe not, but you know like people who into astrology, whatever their horoscope there like am of such areas, Therefore I this and that or you're he's a leo. So this and you know It'S- I think some at some level yeah I dunno, it feels good to be like in a sort of category. Well I mean that's why, like people do their genetic tests in their like
I am a native american and they're like point zero or like armed viking or whatever they do that, though, like kind of yeah, hey, I'm scots irish, I was you know a highlander like people who'd be into that kind of stuff and yeah. Maybe it's cause, there's just hot stuff. You've seen it in the voice made me to I kind of think of, like oh yeah like if, if this can also look at not alpha, alpha is like obvious, but let's say sigma, for example, right kelly, yeah, that's a cool name for that kind of person and then gamma sigma, I'm super smart, I'm extremely attractive. I'm a master, that can be manipulated. You know it's, you know what people start to try and fulfil the prophecy right, a little bit like all of what we could do. We need this room There's no one, as I happened, to be more beta, in fact, a running away from beta there like wait, a second abate. modest, I'm not gonna, be there among the beta movie, hey, what's up
the signals as an egg. I pulled some traits for the sake of my mail. he loves being alone, but he values other people. he's a silent leader which interesting about that. As I talk a lot about being asylum leader as a goal. Cause if you're doing everything right as a leader who should have to say too much in the teams are again and don't call me that. leader, this is a little bit different but yeah. This is more like a personality, when a leading he knows how to adapt to different situations, he treats everyone. I think this is the selling they're selling the sigma, and this one is. This: is the sigma male the person- that's not quite alpha, but then they're kind of coming up with their own. Your think, that's what it felt like to me and keep in mind. I didn't read about this. I watched youtube videos kept popping up about this sigma male. One click on one issue he treats everyone around him the same way he does.
Need a social circles be himself yet these are super affirming right. He understands the imports of silence He is morally grey or, worse, that's a little bit of a negative written he hates living safely adventurer, Social skills could use some work he's incredibly successes in all positive, but you know That gives a little bit but say you're, socially awkward or you're, trying to buy into this. You like. Well, you know I'm kind of I'm more of a sigma. That's what I thought as well as super awkward or like you know how like okay, so you know public speaking, for example, speaking in large groups or whatever is like an enigma anxiety inducing thing for a lot of people. So that's like you know the alpha would never say that right alpha to anybody, but men. Sometimes it's like man, you kind of can't help it. So it's like hey, instead of just seeing an awful one. I just say I'm a sigma yeah same same here, like I said,
if the purpose sounds like target us up in front of crowds yeah, I'm not worried about that, because I'm incredibly self aware, which is another thing, and I'm master of my own fate, which is another thing, and I would be an alpha. If I wanted to that's the last thing, it says he could be an alpha if he wanted, it sounds like someone created sigma recently, I should do a little more research and find out who create sigma is probably some dude. That's a little. But shy. It feel a little bit insecure that he knows. He can't just say hum of alpha. So made up this other. They called the sigma Does my mail so legged said man as far as I'm concerned. These are just basically watches stereotypes on how much time we waste on this, but here's one thing that I will take away from this.
Each one of these things look, you could you could have a bunch of these different characteristics as one person, then you most likely do right. You most likely have some of these characteristics from each one of these categories, and I think what the important thing to do is to have talked about this before know what your tendencies are right so know what your tendencies are. If you know Your tendencies are, if you know that you kind of get push over too much you like I. I know that every tendency to say yes to easy, I need so that is a little excerpt of what we are doing on the jocko underground podcast. So if you want to continue to listen, go to go underground, dot, com and subscribe and we're doing this. When this to mitigate are real science on external platforms, so we are not sub, to their control? And we are doing this.
so that we can support the jocko podcast, which will remain, as is free for all as long as we can keep it that way, but we We are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors and we're doing so we can give you more control, more interaction, more direct connections better communications with us, and you that we are building a website right now. We're will build the utilise to strengthen, this legion of troopers that are in the game with us. So thank you. It's jacko underground dot com, it costs eight dollars and eighty since a month and if you can't afford to Porthos? We can still support you, just email assistance at jacko, underground dot com and we'll get you taken care of until then. We will see you mobilized underground,
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