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Jocko Underground: Calandra''s Barometer. Good Questions VS Bad Ones | Allow For Creativity

2023-02-06 | 🔗

Calandra''s Barometer. Good Questions VS Bad Ones.

Allow For Creativity.

Raising a bi-racial family in America.

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Dealing with big injuries.


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This is the jackal underground pont gas number. Seventy eight sitting here with Controls ye see her and me jack alike Call launderers barometer, we'll talk about so. This is an urban legend, it's something that was written about by a guy named Alexander calandria, calandria somethin, like that he was at whose attest designer someone that make tests and he made test for living, and so he wrote this thing about how to ask good questions, verses, bad ones and publicist story? Nineteen, fifty nine nineteen, fifty nine? The story was originally done. published ain't got published many times throughout the years after that, but the story It goes something like this there's a professor that asked a question on a test and the
but the question on the test is something like: how would one find the height of a building using only a barometer and the correct answer? Being one correct answer being with the anticipated answer? Is that you well, you would take a reading at the bottom of the building of the barometer and then take a ring at the top and then find the difference and then calculate the height based on the change in the broader. That's the the right answer, but there was a, of other answers that came in you. No one person set out, I rubbed the barometer lowered the building than measure the rope some well said, measure the shadow of the building and measure the shadow of the barometer. and you know why the barometer and then you can calculate the height of the dome.
Another one said mark the height of the barometer, the wall, as you got the stairs like each barometer and you that the parameters whatever twelve and just all, and then multiply at time the number of barometers it took to get to the top of the building. Now you know how big the building, as someone else said, up the barometer off the roof calculate the time. What's How long did it take to hit the bottom? What's the terminal velocity the barometer, so when outside trade, the barometer with the building superintendent, who has the information, and it goes on and off right so There's a lot of different answers to this question. And what can we learn from this?
is that number one formulate, of course promote better questions when you ask them, but from a leadership perspective, there's more than one ways to scan a cat and the the less the less structure you can give someone when you ask them a question or you ask for information or you ask where idea or ask for a plan the broader you're going. To the broader view. Eighty of answers, you're gonna, get. whereas if you give your opinion first you're gonna, encumber other people's ideas with your own ideas. There was something was it a general mead, gettysburg. I think I might even say that some last underground progress, gentlemen, gettysburg here to allow the junior people to give their ideas first, This is the same type of thing but
I think, even more important than that is the fact that for any thing that there is for any probably you're. Trying to solve. There's gonna be more than one solution. There's gonna be More than one solution and from a leadership perspective is definitely better. to allow the team to use one of their ideas instead of trying to impose your id on them and we've I've talked a million different times about the reasons for that, but this works not just in business. I worked at works with your kids works with your spouse. We always think our ideas, the best right prove you what's the best idea, mine but allowing others to execute to come up with an x.
cute. Their own plan is almost always the best course of action. They get ownership, they pushed through obstacles and they win, which means you win What you up it's my short message of the day of the underground is theirs there's more than one way to scan a cat. that really freed. My mind in this you'll teams it really freed my mind because in the seal teams, everyone's a tactical genius right, everyone, I know you usually at a target for me. I know you're gonna room like this or no he's gonna like that and it really freed my mind when I was a well. You know could go in the room that way or you could go in iran that way and they're both good, thereby they're, both gonna have advantages and disadvantages. Now, look you could have somebody, that's a goose going like this and have you a dumb idea, because our tax resounded, but there could be three or four tactically sound solutions to a problem,
and when I figured that out, I figured out pretty early thousand o yet only matter, but you go this wherever you go. That way, you can hit the target miracle, it's hard for her and by the way, then you throw in the entire idea that the enemy gets a vote and ten like world war ii. I hit it from this direction. Ok, why well because intel says the unreasonably over here: ok, but into can be wrong and then what are we gonna do theirs when you, when you are sought, target you the base element- and you said a manoeuvre- element the base element, let's say, is gonna sit on a ridge line. And they're going to engage the target with machine guns and then the the the manoeuvre element. Manure as to the target and then maneuvers through the target, as the base element shifts fire off the target. And can you picture that it's a little hard to picture but basically have like an l set up and one part of the EU is the base element. They caught machine guns,
and they're gonna light up the target, and while the enemy is distracted by that am keeping their heads down and getting shot at that level, the manoeuvre element to maneuver up into position and and and pushed through the target and as you posters target Based on that shifts, fire so not shooting you and then you get through the target. The targets cure- and I remember really long time ago we had a I was in a inopportune and we had like a base element and a manoeuvre element for this target that we are doing a target assault out in the desert and Platoon commander was Ok, we're gonna, take all of our machine guns and for all of the machine guns in the base element. That seems to make sense, because the base element like you, want massive fire power from the base element and guys. There on the manoeuvre, went there manoeuvring, guys with smaller guns. Zero, not carried a big belt a machine gun there does walk into the target with their little em
skiing and just hitting point targets so too, yeah I'll get that makes sense. Well, the master chief was like hey. Why What happens if the money new element gets compromised as they approach the target. meaning before the base element has started: shooting the manoeuvre element the enemy sees them in vain dark to shoot at the manoeuvre. Well, there's decent chance that what you need to do is then later fire and let the base element start the maneuver. Which means We actually want machine guns in both of the two elements, but but I just remember thinking myself, oh yeah, so this what we have a plan, but that plan is not guaranteed to happen. and this is coming from like a vietnam seal. That was like, hey you. admission does. That was when I realized you have machine guns with you, like my period
We base maneuver recon, do have some machine guns machine guns are like what you need in a gunfight, but I realized all so All these things aren't gonna go as we expect them to go started. Realizing like an end again now One of those situations where it's like well, you could see where it makes some sense to put people in the bay put all the missing us in the base element mud at the same time you like as soon as he brought that up techno that actually doesn't make sense, but she doesn't make sense to do that now you could have. Strip, machine guns in the base element, that's cool, but the- but the manoeuvre element still has to at least be able to act as a base. If it does, into a situation where it is needed so those kind of situations, I eventually learned that most of the time it was like, oh yeah, we could do it that way or we could do it that way or we could do it this way and it I didn't care.
I was never percinet got super hung up on this way or that way I was never someone that got superhuman hung up on six or half dozen. Those people. good cod caught up on six or half dozen there like now It should be sex and are now which would be asked us. No, it should be six. Not what should we have? Thus, I don't agree with you at all. You burn it out. they fight over. They forget everything, people fight over six or a half dozen, so I learned not to do I learned that there was just you there's a reason. There is an expression. There's many ways is gonna cap. Look, I'm not saying that you can come up with something. That's not tactic. We sound believe me there's time Guys come up with ideas and again that doesn't make any sense. Here's why happens if the enemy does this year, we better not do that. Ok you only have to tell somebody once and then they then they put that in calculus from their on out
there's more than one way to skin a cat, so keep an open mind, don't get addicted to your own plan and, of course, have guns with your maneuver element is the lesson I ask you some questions where we got for special, dear juggler my wife is from China and I'm a cocky american cima great. here about fourteen years ago and worked her own way to get her citizenship. She. American, in spirit and values living in american dream, leaving the american dream we have to. Amazing young children who are just entering elementary school. We ve been teaching them as much as we can about american values, especially the value of freedom. The amazing opportunity. Immigration duration provides, and why so many people want to move her. My question is: what advice would you have a raising half? So that is
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