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Jocko Underground: Can You Take a Good Razzing? Insults VS Jokes, and How to Handle Both.

2021-02-15 | 🔗

Jocko discusses the difference between an insult and a good ribbing. Can you take it?

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This is the Jackal underground. Podcast number seven, with echo trials in me, Jack a willing bidding me. I can't believe you are right so recent conversation that we had in conversation than we had and I just wanted to address it is, I think, there's some lessons learnt. So I forget what regard the conversation, but I ended up asking you if I had ever. Crossed the line in my harassment of you Now, there's actually some background behind this decision air companies in offered by the latest talking- and I forget what brought it up, but both act, jumbos act when we were younger and we were kids, you Norman. I was probably like thirteen fourteen years old and he's a couple years, older, miss whatever what he was fifteen or sixteen annually.
I gotta go hard in the papers so arrive I'll. Never forget it actually left an impact on me like us. Somethin him some insult, some, some harassment to him any, and he said in a playful, but slightly meaningful way right. We call it cracking but faction. Yes, he goes you always go too far, and I That is, it is kind of a is a good life lesson, even at a young age, to think. Ok, I have a tendency the possibility that I'm gonna go too far. So you know probably harass you they re like waves. Have I ever like crossed the line. And you, you actually said yes and look. This is the weird thing because you know do you have an insult or do you have harassment or do you have. No sort of reading right that I word for lambs remnant where's each other hard time,
and it's weird one time I said I see used the term harassment like all just harassing echo. but actually harassing is eternal. Used, meaning it are super negative way like I should be in in trouble rats in that kind of harassment, we're talking about gentle fun ribbing, which is obviously what we do with each other all the time. I feel that my behavior was inappropriate, That's what I feel for you like I'd route. I agree I was wrong. I feel like I was, out of the box and I see sometimes very rarely my my two core jumbos some years ago, before solution for a little a little bit of self entertainment. Later I child, you know I gotta thought it was worth while I was happy that figure is gonna work, and so I sacrificed and approach
Behavior for a little for my own personal little chuckled, so I think that's a bad move missions, but bad strategic move. Cadets management I started thinking about the slow but more deeply disturbed people think and where we going with us is handling in thoughts and how to handle them so we'll get to that in a minute, because I think it's important, well, just like any thing in life. If you have a game plan you can you can handle situation, but if you dont have a game plan you get caught off Guard Nelson, you either look, don't feel dumb or Acta will, none of which we want to do so. That is little excerpt of what we are doing on the Jacko underground podcast. So if you continue to listen, go to go underground, dot, com and subscribe and we're doing this we're doing this to mitigate reliance on external platforms. So we are not so Jack to their control, and we are doing this so
can support the Jackal podcast, which will remain as is free all zones. We can keep it that way, but But we are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors. Edward It. Sweden, give you more control, more interaction, more direct connect better communications with us and you that we are building a website right now. Where we build the utilise to strength, this legion of troopers that are in the game with us, so thank you. It's Jacko underground dot com. It costs eight dollars. In eighteen sense a month, and if you can't afford to support us, we can sell support you just email assistance at Jacko, underground dot com and we'll get you taken care of until then we will see you mobilized underground.
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