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Jocko Underground: Chat GPT VS. Jocko Willink

2023-05-30 | 🔗

Chat GPT VS Jocko's principles.

Having trouble speaking up in meetings.

Red teaming and critical thinking.

What path to take as a young man. NoFAP?

How to be successful regardless of your residence.

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This is a jackal underground, podcast number. Ninety one sitting here with echo charles chat, jpg, its common. Matter of fact. You could say it's already here, so I've been playing around with shadier ptc with the deal is you you you've used it for something yeah. What have you used it for plenty to esso extra? a lot of stuff on our behalf and too much of a thing, but Chad jpg turns out so far. In my experience to be a like in aceh. stint person who's gonna do all the research. We need him to do forever. What have you researched? Ah, the last thing I researched was actually you. I said right, a script about X, Y z written by joppa willing to do that term, I've tried that too. It's not. It's off
it's its agenda, the kid you and you get over the caricature caricature it you get yet a caricature of my writing or of me. my personality, it was literally here's, though, that put a discipline. Then again, I know it's just a state of of like her, it is right now. I understand that, like literally like next week, it correctly, they re actually is better, but currently even when I did it a few days ago, whatever it was poor, it did of their poor job very poor. it was using words that I literally we missed you say I would never use that word any use. Where do you? No one wanted esa were warrior, I've even londonward, never use it. There's a there's this very specific time for that yeah, and that's what I mean when you have often used word yeah like you. I forget the exact context you said
but it was under certain circumstances. You say I would never use the word warrior fort like for that since more than one well, I was playing georgie BT, so I asked it. I asked shot jpg waters Some flaws from jacko wailings principles, pretty straightforward, it does a pretty good job, it does like a ninety percent job, but here's the problem. The ten percent is like real critical. Mrs it like saying paved ninety percent of the eu, radiance for Your stake were correct. You know butter, salt, pepper steak. But the part that it be greedy, mrs estate, it landed on me as a very generic result.
Generic, like response the two year, your pop so so ass to this point, What are some flaws from jocker wheelings principles, and it said This jocker willing is a former navy seal author and motivational speaker known for his disciplined and no nonsense. Approach to leadership and personal development work she has a large following and respected by many. There are a few criticisms. associated with him. Now what it says in it gives bull that, djibouti relics bullet points unless it says First, when it says aggressive and militaristic approach, some cream, some argue that willing leadership philosophy in communication style can be overly aggressive or militaristic. Emphasis on extreme ownership and discipline may not resonate with everyone, as it can,
be perceived as rigid or unyielding in certain contexts. So I actually agree with that that that perception what is it call it? It says: critics alex egg? I guess it's. This was my fault, it's my fault, because that's what kind of what I look like you I mean like. I look like that. I look like aggressive and militaristic. Anybody that spends any time actually going into the principles themselves are realised. That is the opposite of rigid. In fact, been keeping an open mind is one of the key components. Humility is one of the key components. Listening to what other people say, all these things will become. What you've been here. You've heard me talk about the stuff for years, so you, rigid and unyielding, are actually the opposite of the way. I have always lead so
now I get where it comes from cause. I also wrote a book called discipline equals freedom, so they take that one thing and extrapolated out to be an unyielding for any bit. Well, almost anybody ever worked for me. I went out and if you work for me, but you've definitely worked with me for how long, seven years, seven years Finally, how how rigid and unyielding would you say my leadership stylus inaugurated in that southern, so out of the gate, what would you give for a great on that on that statement, what it's hard to determine, what they actually mean because at face value there are or with woods one to ten argument I give away. I have only one in this really just reflexive like what you do is talk about where you're like d, progressive right. This literally saying you have a shirt, hardly aggressive, so judges, dvds, gonna, pick them up and be like. Well, some people don't like that aggression,
They don't like that whatever, but then the little caviar, which is very important by the way, sexually bigger than a caveat. It's like kind of the key component aggressive, isn't towards people it's a towards make its towards making things happen then you like or hold dismally one per you. Gotta hold yourself accountable and not others will kind of feel like accountability, right, big, I'm big on accountability, kind of a thing, but for myself to me exactly right, so alright they get a one point five. So will you give me one? What's gonna want one I guess we gotta one on that. One next on his lack of new watts, willing messages and advice, often emphasised person response building discipline, which some critics argue can overlook: systemic or external factors that influence outcomes they argue that his approach, it's worth it there's the day right, some critics quote: They like I've, never seen this stuff before, but the captures it there.
argue that his approach may not adequately addressed the complexities of certain situations or the impact of factors. beyond an individual's control again I think all this stuff is. It is my fault. because the surface kind of image, the surface impression that you're gonna get from the title of the box right Ownership plenty of freedom strategy tax, all those books, kind of imply this sort of thing. So at us surface value, can see where chad, gb, she's gonna gonna miss out here because look I've been, we ve been doing upon gas. We have hundreds and hundreds, and hundreds of hours talking about the nuances leadership and how it applies all these different situations so and that's critical. So lack of new wants for great on this one, and it can we give zeros guys give zero. This is why, because
literally. Your second book is called the dichotomy of. Leadership. So it's like good point. Like hey, that's a good point, so lack of nuance is literally like against someone's like there's no nuance, that's literally the opposite of what you're saying yeah, that's interesting they? Let me I'm just I just pulled out the book dichotomy of leadership and inside flaps s dichotomy. provides the crucial insight and awareness necessary for leaders to understand when to lead and when to follow when to focus and when to detach when to take the reins and when to let the team run when we maneuvered went to be prudent like it, with literal nuance, the only I kicked for me giving them a zero mean they theirs. Basis and what you're saying I have to give chat jpg at least the credit of. Understanding what exists in some way I'll go more. One. Can we can we rounded up to one that you make that point
it's like zero basis so, like basically, you got it. What is chatting dpt hanging onto to result in this answer, what they latch onto it black, maybe it is hundred percent on you kind of a thing re words like yes, we're And what's interesting about that is when it talks about, they argue that his approach may not adequately address the complexities of certain situations or the impact of factors beyond an individual's control. So from one of the earliest questions are asked about this topic. We as someone said hey you know, my daughter has trouble cancer. How do I take ownership of that and, I said hey. You can't take ownership in that way. You take ownership of is how you respond to it in there. You go so the This is actually addressing what is in the senate in I've said that a thousand times written it so
I'll give him a one that they knew that it's a topic, that's about it. Next up simplistic solutions, some, tractors argue that willing solutions and strategies may oversimplify complex problems. That's the point by the way, while his emphasis on taking ownership and developing discipline? It's obviously this thing is everything talks about responsibility and discipline and ownership which can like me I guess so. It's kind of getting at least one developed Discipline can be valuable critics content they may not address the root causes of issues or consider the broader context in which they arise. So, over simplifying. Maybe You're, just kate, this is Those things where again wrote a book called me.
Except strategy and tactics. We talk all the time about the fact that you can't just win the tactical battle. That's right in front of you, you need to find out the long term solution you to find out where the problem is coming from. That's where you need to focus your efforts. I'm giving us a one yeah, I made it I'm assuming I understand what chuck g p t is talking about, but I actually will give it a. What do you say one to ten yeah one time I'll, give it a five five? Okay? How can we get five because- and this is just hanging onto that- the idea of over some we'll find it because sometimes It is less about your philosophy, those and more about you as a huge like actually existing human being, where certain things I think you overlook as being like normal things, you overlook it
like just cause your you and you're like out, and you probably never really thought about that that certain things that much I bet they year just wrong maybe maybe they'll give example. These ample is how do I get out of bed in the morning right exists, which you think it out in the morning? Oh you! Oh, you are the not abandon one set your alarm clock when it goes off get out of bed period. that's the right answer. Blued I know that you can say there's a bunch of little mitigating circumstances, but the fact there. If you want to get out of bed the morning say your long get out of bed in the morning. Well, or your five just went back down to a one off its dillinger, largely wrong. Still five infernal, you're bureaucracy, rhode island five really could do this is this is what is so? Here's the analogy where, like it's like ifs, if two people were yelling in your ear right yelling in here, and you just don't just ignore where it's like cool yes in,
here, you in a vacuum sure someone could find it. You could probably ignore, but the normal person the norm. They can't ignore, like it's you can ignore loud. It's too close to your ear. You can feel the warmth of their like this, so much so many things that bought that I think anyway, I carry your mind, but there are certain things that affect certain people in certain ways that don't effect you in certain ways in I human. I feel I order out false dichotomy that I feel like you just assume a lot of the time, not all the time, but maybe more times than you realize that certain things are lit. like normal normal thing for everybody. I think I get asked us on twitter. Maybe I'm almost I was wearing glasses on twitter and responded the question like hey, what do you do doing here because you know a lot of times what I'm doing twitter am travelling and so someone wrote like hey. What do you do when you're on a flight the person behind you keeps kicking your chair or the there's a baby
mind you screaming and getting your chair or you're on the flight, what do you do and I wrote right? I wrote. I write three chapters for my next book like this is no factor here. no factor so desirable people screaming arrears, and but there is some people that have some kind of a medical trigger that goes off when they get yelled at not natural like you're. Not you not does not does not true. If, if often plum can be in a prison so in Hanoi and and take ownership of being annoyed with his cell mates? I think you can take a little ownership, if someone's annoying you by being loud right, yeah and see now you're going to like with these kind of absolutes, where you take. Extreme situation, like probably one of the most extreme situations. Ever you compare that to everyday person, be like look like what the hell you know, but it, but Isn't there some validity to that yeah, but because, if a human being can be locked in
prison cell in a prisoner of war camp decide that he's owing to take ownership of things that are really truly bothering him in an area where he's trapped, then someone's talking on a plane or yelling on a plane and you're going to let that drive you crazy. We want to lash out like is that where we're at soil in real life. Yes, because that extreme situation does that's a very sick, situation and in certain situations, yeah a baby crying, is are probably not even here that in certain situations, and especially the more stream, the situation so again, like it's comes down to simplifying it. Like that words like you're, taking something like literally a million steps down the road and you're saying has the same step number one into its def, its there's more to it. That is what I'm saying, and I'm not saying it's bad or good. In fact, that it's already operate is that's all. Everyone operates. That's the whole point now that there's so much. That's a mistake then,
turkey, saying assessing how I want You write about people say we I read a book as they read one thousand words that takes one hour find that one, our red thousand words day, people aggregate The craziest thing ever be wanted ignoring. Oh, yes, you say you're on parker, o people want to you are having trouble working out everyday cool. Your I do go work out every year and These are not, I think, Think you're, actually you actually could be wrong here view over complicating things, because that's human nature, that's why simplicity is such a powerful to. Yes, oh yes, and I agree with that I answer. Could we sit here and say there's a whole, these different mitigating circumstances that will unfold when someone the alarm clock goes off and they were up late last night circadian rhythms, often ye they want to wake up there. Why fear and they actually refilling older sniffily in the wind, their nose is a little banged up as a slap and there's like a bunch of things right, a bunch of reasons, and probably you need more rest and yeah. You know the the part
cast told me the sleep of the most important thing for longevity, like other things. Right is only think sir lucan eyes eagerly I'll? Keep you met yet powerful pillar feels good. I get one like it feels good right it's less about any specific thing. What I'm saying is you the human being? Not your the things you're right about the thing like aside from being like your approach to it is correct: little over simplified to a level of five, a tent sums it so, Again. This is like you personally, so you know what, for the sake of brevity, we're gonna go with five we're gonna, dear complete. We forgot it again. If I look at it, anything super complex. You know what I'm saying: it's not what I'm saying it up see see how you're over simplifying moving again. So you gotta, do you know what tolerances right do you believe or do you, do you know or believe you I dunno, maybe nobly this- that different people have different levels of tolerance, like actual
tolerance tolerating what anything does anything. Yet if people have different level, farming is exactly right, so even just that alone would would make things clear there it's, not just like hey. No, you just do it or aid now just ignore them. We're like touch this time. Just the individual neurons of tolerance it in and of itself, makes it not that simple! The approaches The approach is the same. Okay, like hey. Let's work towards this, this work towards that. Here's! Here's! I think, where the, where the mistake kind of comes in real life, when people be like hey airlines, different hate, it's easier for jackal, because he has high tolerance for this stuff or whatever. Therefore, it's ok for me, the slack it's like that when they, when they comes. When someone comes to that conclusion in america myself either when they come to that conclusion, use it as like approach. There is where the problems are several problems, understand the usefulness of your surrealistic approach. Ok, so that's a good point, and will give it a five
for those of you that want to believe the echo charles system of complexity and everyone has a heart, makes lombard difference in everyone's indifferent. As always in shock. Was this: kind of a blue freaking robot cyborg over. So that is a excerpt of what we are doing on the jackal underground podcast. So if you continue to listen, go to jacko underground dot com and subscribe and we're doing this, in this to mitigate reliance on external platforms. So we are not subjects with hair control, and we are doing this so that we can support the jackal podcast, which will remain as Is free for all as long as we can keep it that way, but we We are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors, edward It sweden give you more control, more interaction, more direct actions, better communications with us and
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