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Jocko Underground: Getting A Decisive Victory

2023-05-01 | 🔗

"Decisive Victory" sounds good.

Can you always "smell" intent?

Getting out of a depression.

Fixating on the "What if?" driving me crazy.

Taking Extreme Ownership with people who don't take their share of ownership of a problem.

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This? Is the jackal underground partners number eighty eight sitting here with echo charles? What's going on and you good year Think decisive victory was maybe you need to go on in post and puts sound effects behind that? Maybe some, like you know, Oh, a music and I'll and some echoing voice sorts of decisive victory, because it sounds good, sounds good right, decisive, victory, decisive victory is when, in war, Or business or argument or life or a I won t or one side or one party or wanted, Visual achieves clear and overwhelming victory.
The leaves no doubt as to who the winner is, it can create a shift in the balance of power right. So it sounds really good. And you think I'd be fired up to tell you. When you need to go, get your decisive your, but I am actually talking about this not to tell you to go and achieve a decisive victory of actually gonna. Tell you to be careful of going through life looking to score decisive victories because they can cause problems there. Some things up. Let's say you don't get it let's face it in to theirs, such things are decisive victory. It's called a submission right, good submission. It's a decisive victory right. You want. You submitted the person.
But if you're looking for that too much cause you to take risks, that's unnecessary. Now, look, listen, I'm the guy! I wear the guy. That's our thing. We come from the dean lists demons you're goin for submissions, that's how We train all the time. if you are in a life or death situation, and you decide to go for this its submission here you mean we'll be going for something and taking risks that you shouldn't be taking or if you're in a tournament, you might take a risk that you shouldn't be taking so be. careful on giving up position, thing and business, you might well. We weren't a crush the when a crush our competitor, so you do some investing some over the top investment capital investment on some thing to try shut them down. Also new spent too much elaborate too much. You gave up your position so going for a decisive victory can cause you to take too much risk. It can also.
escalate the conflict. Because assumes you start getting high regressive. The others it's gonna dig in they're going start answering back that aggression now was and what may not have been that big of a deal that one of cost you a bunch of about. resources are, The sudden! Now it's going to cost you bunch of resources. Because the other side digs in when you get aggressive. I mean, even in a street fight like you go to really hurt someone. They pull out a gun and shoot you like. That's what happens so you Scully thanks, though you get it go in for the decisive victory You're hurting relationships. This is like an argument. Type thing. When I get prove echo wrong cool
I totally made echo look stupid in that big meeting now I could actually doesn't like me anymore. It's like that old topic of winning an argument with your spouse. Oh it's great! You won the argument. the job, decisive victory. Actually, major. Why feel a little bit dumb? That's great good job, terrible! By the way that happens with your kids to by the way Kids become resentful actually bowling like your arguing with your kids about something and you score a decisive victory, you're, actually, bullying them today, do that you're gonna cause unnecessary casualties right, we're gonna, damaging doing when you're going for decisive victory. Be beyond relationships which we will talk about or even in a business like. Even if I do The decisive victory but of waste
Did all my money rob burned out my team, but a miracle. Some unnecessary casualties, what about my focus because what, when you start focusing on a decisive victory, this happens. You know and as happens in mme gone for the mark out and you you someone there just trying to get the knock out, trying to get the knock out trying to get the knock out trying to get the knock out their swinging with all their might. There telegraphing their moves and are not seen that touched up at the dinner. The judges oscar those dogs other than that that opponents get not easy take down at the end of every round and also they win twenty seven they gotta take down, and every round the positional domination is only thirty seconds left, but that's how you went in Emma may fight hid it take down with thirty seconds left, You ok, on the stand up. And then just take a guy down and control for last minute very seconds and you win
but what happens is when you have somebody that is trying For a decisive victory, it happens to with submissions on training. Submission, I'm going to exert all my energy on this eu choke and then oh pops his head out. I'm gassed fix door, archer symmetric problematic, but you see what I'm saying the trade off? What's the true? That's it! Something to think about when you're gone for decisive victory. What is the trade off? You know? Oh I'm gonna get six hundred pound dead, lift cool, decisive victory over the dead left, hauser, one mile time run how many poles you doing he's euros: anthea like you're you're either can be tradeoff you gonna put all your money into crushing that competitor, in one line of business cool.
What are your other lines business? So what's the trade off? You need to think about that. Is there another way to win? That's win win actually, which is weird. Isn't it weird to think gov, hey ecu, and I are competitors and I wanted to destroy. I want to defeat him. I want a decisive victory and instead I got you know what is there a way that echoes company in my company can actually worked further and we can both when it may be. I win a little bit less, but I can also help echo went and then all of a sudden we have a good relationship. Been two years, we merge our companies become the dominant force, as those to me when decisive victory over you. U hobble away you go and joint another company, you give them you're you're, p
they have the money to invest in that they build and they take me over right. I blew it blew it. Isn't it kind of a good thing if I can look for a win, win were negotiating for something. What happened, I figure out how you can winter and guess what What's driving a lot of these decisive victories? Is our ego, the eagle love? the decisive victory. The ego is the most decisive victory seeking being on the planet. It wants to win and then it wants to raise its arms and yell at the camera. Close range like they do and you have seen I got, an ego wants to do the ego. I brought this up. I don't think you, you may not know this yet was on a debrief podcast. I don't know if it's come out yet db from the ego is a short term tactical thinker, yeah
The the ego is not a long term strategic thinking, so, let's think strategic. How can I win with minimal resources How can I win with minimal effort, thus jujitsu by the way. Right? That's what you do is supposed to be efficiency, You know that's what you do is supposed to be efficiency. I'm not gonna use a bunch of energy. Guess you your view, protecting that arm? You squeeze not army, you're, making, sure you're not gonna. Give me europe quite took your neck How can I win again something pay attention to? How can I win with the least amount of negative impact, How can I look? Look echoes got his company. I got my company sure It destroys company. Ok, but is there really beneficial or can I or can I figure out a way to defeat
company, but still allow him to exist in a way that positive for the whole market. Is there a way to win without with minimum now negative impact which, which comes round like, is there a way to win with? What's the minimum force required for victory a minimal forced required for victory. Can I use why is the minimum force instead of the maximum force? That's what a decisive victory calls for. It calls for maximum force. What we want to do is figure out off Doesn't that look? Is there a time when you need a decisive victory? Don't get me wrong, don't get me? wrong? Yes, there is about to get a fight with four different people you wanted. Size of victory over the biggest one of em. You want to knock, came out cold, that's what you want to do You got somebody that messes with your country you of decisively show the world that that was a big big mistake.
somebody messes with your company or with the people Your company, in some way you want to protect those people, you go after him. Yes, you want a decisive victory, but most of the time you should think if that's really what the best outcome will be, You should really think through if that were the best outcome and is going to be because, generally speaking, generally speaking,. the decisive dominant, crushing victory is not as good generally speaking as a victory that was gained with minimum force. Generally speaking, look under cases. Yes, there are are the there. Certainly are those cases where you want everybody to know, but most of the time.
Majority of the time was not most, but a majority of the time think through what your options are for a minimum force, victory. Do you get that long term strategy thing is? Is you know I very much value, that's where she nowadays so the This happens in wrestling, mme fighting, honest. Where, let's see we mean you were going, we find for the championship, meaning fight whatever I lose, two you whatever. decision whenever, whatever now the the short term game is like only me. Let me go train harder to maybe beat him again. long term game is to invite you into my training can now we can, rain together and, of course, we both get better right, but now
Now I become better, I can see, like all your your secrets, your methods, all the stuff, but not all, apply to me, compete and you let me continue to everyone else or with everyone else so one of those things were yet you'd, never think that you never oh yeah. Even if you beat somebody you never think. Oh, yes, Let's invite him into my Jim. Let me he's a guess it does our common. Definitely, yes, actually pretty common coming in a moment, but feeling in that short term feeling like parliament this in my gym. Knowing watching me train, knowing my secrets, like that seems like one of those short term ones that hits you right away. That's like old, school, jujitsu, right, very good examples of old school jujitsu. you couldn't drain in someone else's school yeah, it's a crouch on yeah she talking to me here today and we're talking about school stories and stuff like that. You use that guy I went to this other Jim. It was interesting because they had this less really rigid tradition and you couldn't where
any of your stuff. When you came in you eddie that all these rigid rules and stuff and then he's like but when I rode with them, they're just gaping holes in their game. very noticeable gaping holes just because they re they're so rigid in this kind of training. Sexual fought prop patterns. Yeah they don't they don't they don't introduce like new stuff from uh. You know outside of whatever they get a little bit of attention, but yeah that that long term thinking break wait what horse? did you nothing? I want all. You know yeah the relation ship things of like. Oh I'm, workin underbid disk, this construction company. and so you underbit him. You win the job. decisive victory. Now you got an enemy. Now? Will you liked two months?
your column to see if you can use their sub contradicts everything dry walter's there like now happen, so I think, through things think long term. We think strategic. argument one of the big one you're getting into a debate to their friends and you're, just like Shooting down their arguments, making them feel stupid like all this stuff, especially in front of people, which kind of adds to your your fuel. You know other people watching and then yeah. They feel dumb or insulted or whatever and bent on trying to hang with you anymore. The oh, it's funny is like people, don't really Are you with me very often, but not because it is generally because I'm not saying like all here's where I think I don't know, I'm not going out somebody so am I going ass? You are and I'm tellin you like. Oh, did what about this perspective, when you counter with your perspective instead of meeting. No, that's wrong. I go oh yeah, that's a good point! There's no real arguments we have like. Is it not
Possible that there's multiple perspectives of the same item, Well, yes, it is I'm I'm I'm their stand that I understand that if you know I understand that their ski and no deja too, good points for both of which ones better that depends on the water different things I mean only people that will argue which one is better for a variety of reasons. I won't becoming. or is it just very few things we can argue with me about something? I want you spend the next week. Thinking about water argue with me about think think where you can get me to dig it on something like unless you're isis Isis fighter or your. A communist. Which even a communist, like if you're sitting there talking to you like? Well, wouldn't it be good if everyone, so that is a
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