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Jocko Underground: How to Never Get Frustrated... Ever. How to Find a Leadership Void and Stef Up Like A Champ. Money VS Passion.

2021-06-25 | 🔗


Military and it's bureaucratic bullsh*t.

How to fill a leadership void without jamming it up.

Dealing with lack of confidence as a blue belt.

Money vs passion.

Bragging and showboating culture in a group.

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This is the Jacko underground podcast number twenty Senores again with ECHO Charles ECHO, Charlie. As they say, Sir, I wanted to speak to this region of laughing in discharging about stuff We talk about a different kind of emotion that we sometimes feel frustration, anger or annoyance. Frustration. The deaf of frustration is anger or annoyance by your own inability. To either achieve something or change, something. That's what frustration is again I've I've started to pay attention to what I am talking to clients when I'm dealing with people I'm starting to pay attention to what's happening to them. Nevertheless, when we talked about balance- and I see one
deal with people. I talk to people in a coach people through certain situations. I see them. Out of balance. Is it? Is it it trips, people up more jams, people up, as you know, as you like to say, this is another one. People frustrated what's what s interesting about- the frustration is look even effrontery with people for sure, but you can also get frustrate with inanimate objects. I know that the running joke in my family is that I get frustrated with printers one printers number one. What I'm words? It's dark enemy ingest so. but when I see when I see it impacting people- and I just to talk a little bit about it, so weak Look at what we do with it right. It's a thing. It's a real thing. We have to utilise it,
actually one thing that we realise when you get frustrated you're, not gonna, do any better by law. the frustration to to impact the way you're behaving doesn't help the anger. That you're feeling the frustration you're feeling is not going to help you get any smoother, not going to get help you get any better. So I can help you overcome that promise. I can help you interact with that person, so you can change their mind. All These things are bad. All those things are bad, so can't allow this to impact us we have to we have to- and with what we ve got, we work with it. So I would say one of the I started getting frustrated the other day to day yeah Sargon fresher together they what happened was and the reason I can. I want to talk about this because I started getting frustrated than this. Uber over going how I overcame the frustration I was was was had a late night
I was up too late I had actually decided lie. Ok, you know what One hundred and thirty in the morning right now, I'm walking to get up at four hundred and thirty I'm going to be. No, sleep until whatever price six, so I did that so got up at six. And which is pretty rare for me, but look good it's three hours, sleep, that's a negative! That's it! It's not me! It's not a good move right have to at some point, but wasn't it wouldn't have been good move in this direction? Sickened us export so I sleep until six, six fifteen, something like this get up get on a bed for my work out gear on Well, what interesting is now at six o clock in the morning? I am not alone in the house right, my wife's downstairs so now, when I go downstairs, I'm ready work out, but you know my wife's can be saying hi you ve gone through the, morning procedures of hello and as as
when I talked about on the last underground you don't, we have to Remember that relationships are part of the path, so hey my wife's gonna stoked it I'm talking to her early in the morning, she's up I'm up here. So what I do I spent fifty minutes talking about whatever things you know, we're rang out for a little bit cool. So now it's far more toilets. Now it's like pushing six forty, five, seven o clock right but now I get up to the garage Jim. I chalk up its pull up day. Some be doing you must start my my warm up routine extraction warm up routine, I'm doing a couple the bar for a little better than I do like one pull up to ports. like my first warm up set. So it's been ten minutes now, maybe not tenants within five minutes.
In roles, my son, to the gym So normally I'm done that's kind of our little written rule. I've got until seven. You know right now saw em up before thirty amended Jim by five. You now, I'm workin out doing whatever stretching get done by seven hope. You know all things normal, I'm done he's in there and he's not longs he's got his his little. through that he left Wes and trains with well make on in their already. They have already been working on. So they went for a run or something they went up to the track and gets burned. So now, they're back now, they're there to finish off leg day by the way, so you know he's like. Are you almost done? but he's kind of looking at me with a tilted head
because he sees that I'm not dripping with sweat. Zack are you? Are you almost done? I oh? No. I do. I just started and he goes well he's kickin. Can we work out? First? Can we work our inner and, unlike what do you have a figure if they're doing some, maybe it'll kettlebells wicked gonna get it done, accusing Papa he's squats? now. Meanwhile, I knew I had some editing to do like just. I was gonna. Do a quick added on somethin for echelon foreigners are cool and I guess wavemusic a can you take a look at some, I kept absolutely so I go. You know what I'm going to go. You know, I said: hey go ahead and you can see how long you second hour is my son, so cool so he's he goes and starts these workin out. So I fear you know. I'm Nego tickle of this document. Lave sent me so I go. Steps are going through that and all
Well, as I'm doing that I get in Jamie sends me hey. Can you take all of this on my okay so now editing. Now I was just going edited short down looking at a longer document, now there's couple sectors that are highlighted when we look at, but as I change one of negro now, listen, I'm rewriting stuff instead of just editing, but I am what is more. The frustration came in so now. I'm kind of pissed that I haven't worked out. Yet Oh yeah, unlike also I have on call. Scheduled phone call, but like an unscheduled phone call. That was not an emergency but a scenario that needed to be dealt with. So now, I'm talking through this for thirty eight minutes or whatever. So because I was thinkin, look up still be to get to jump down the gym by whatever so now I realize I got more work to do and as I realise that, as I look at this document that have to re, write some stuff and it's not just an added, but it's a rewrite
I have a moment of like like dammit like fire I didn't sign up, for this had right into a frustration. The first you write a little just like this. This is what was not what I was this was not on the agenda right little bit of frustration creep up and look. I don't get frustrate very easily, but I had just a little because now at this work out, ours was still, even though I even why, couple of a later. I still was only operating on like four five hours were to sleep on a map frustrated about that. I'm frost about my son beating the gym. When I should be in there I mean I'd on my hands like there's a certain protocol in the world that shouldn't be violated and it was now this that I was gonna. Do you know you think Can you take a look at this document, core you're thinking for seven? Maybe ten minutes now, I'm starting right now, I'm looking I gotta rewrite stuff, so the frost,
level source to escalate and assumes. I felt that I call you know what both get work less. Literally what I said get to work. I just let that frustration, just let it go man and I got to work, that's my point Is that frustration? really end up being more of a distraction than anything else where you start getting frustrated About something and its, Eighteen, you mad ain't it, returns more. It turns whenever you're doing what makes wherever do worse. You only you're funny story, so Leif Ban and I we are at the stir in New York, city and again? This is our second muster. It's our first. muster up in New York City. It there's things happened. We
we failed to plan certain things, we didn't do things. the smooth is passed away. We underestimated the time it would take. Things is about a bunch of mistakes that we made that we work the deal with and by the way, there's the muster for forty five in the morning for the four Attendees added ends it. You know six o clock at night. one is the same thing on data that's the attorneys organization right when you When someone attends the mustard, that's what I'm going to see they don't see what happens in the hours and between those thanks button, but at this particular muster. York was the worst muster from a logistic standpoint from Holborn different, hoping to reasons all of which are on me because we're running the mustard national front. things are right, there's only one person, but that's worth so
One of the things we have to do is sign certificates of graduation, like hey everyone's going so we're so for whenever multitude of reasons it's it's like one o clock in the morning to I think it's actually. I think it's actually two o clock in the morning. We are go p at three thirty in the morning, and life, and I have got a stack of eight hundred and fifty there's aid and fifty I think attendees at the muster and we ve got a sign. Eight hundred fifty of these certificates. Evelyn The sleep sets. Sometimes it makes him. I know my sound diva issue, but a few sign a bunch of stuff in someone's helping you. It makes it a lot easier right. There's someone put in front of you to someone taken away and passwords wave, and so we can get it done in ones of the time If you have someone help me, you can think about. You got up the things. Are so together, as always, I sense so.
so we start sign in these things. So I understand I'm I'm I'm just signing a boom boom boom and leaf. He starts going. Some of these are so that is a little excerpt of what we are doing on the Jacko Underground Park asks if you continue to listen, go to Morocco, underground dot com and subscribe and we're doing this, this to mitigate are real, agents on external platforms, so we are not sub To their control- and we are doing this. can support the Jackal podcast, which will remain as is free. All zones, we can give it that way, but we We are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors and we're doing so we can give you more control, more interaction, more direct. actions better communications with us and to do that, we
We are building a website right now. Where we build the utilise to strength this legion of troopers that are in the game with us. So thank you. It's Jacko underground dot com, it costs eight dollars and eight in a month, and if you can't afford to porthos. We can still support you, just email assistance at Jacko, underground dot com and we'll get you taken care of until then. We will see you mobilized underground.
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