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Jocko Underground: I Hope You Can Accept Reality.

2023-04-03 | 🔗

Struggling while everyone around you succeeds.

Dating a girl with a promiscuous past.

Getting a loved one onto the PATH.

Wife is spending us into a bad place. Refuses to stop or help.

How to know if a Jiu Jitsu Academy is reputable.

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This is jack underground, podcast number, eighty five sitting here with echo charles and I hope that people can accept reality and what makes this. Necessary in life, is can't really make a plan or move in the right direction. If you can't accept reality of what's happening and if you talk to other human beings on a regular basis, you're gonna see times where they do not accept reality, and it is the route one of the roots of the problems at their having in her life, Look- and this happens in all it can happen all aspects of the world have to combat work. Eyes will ignore intel its communist in or they'll ignore what The enemy is doing del, ignore significant gunfire because they doesn't fit with what they were wanting, so don't accept reality: capital business.
where people are looking at the market data there watching what the You have some obvious move that the competitors making that day It clearly is going to have an impact on their business, but they don't they don't accept. That is reality. They deny what actually happening. So I think- and I think it's a good thing- to focus on focus on accepting reality. Just focus on that. It's a good thing to focus on the there's, a thing: it's it's harder than you think it's going to be too. Except what reality is an that's because the reality that you think is what, you think, is reality. You see that check your the little conundrum that we end up in you The reason you think is radically: do you think it's reality, it's the regan truman shops, outpaced, deterrent of key things: that's real, Until he realizes not theses little hole, he thinks it's real
And that's where you might be income, that's where you might be in business, that's where you might be invalid If you ever seen. This is a real obvious one. there are some guy's going out the girl, and clearly to all parties. This girl's not doing right by him. Maybe she's she's, not or maybe to treat them. Disrespect was all kinds of things tat. We do wrong he doesn't see. This is reality. He's not even with reality. So. There's a decent chance that, whatever you think is reality is not You are lying to yourself or in by the way you don't have to be actively line to yourself. You'll have to actively belying yourself. You just might not see reality. I mean, imagine someone that is colorblind and they ve never known it right like
you get people that want to join the military and they go to the screening tests and a failure colorblindness test, and they don't understand what's wrong I didn't know that there were other collars out there. They didn't know that red and green were two distinct and separate colors. They know that to them at kind, look the same or when, as near sighted, someone that's far sighted using videos that they got now the little I guess- they're, not even click better just digits they're just algorithm magnets, where they live put glasses on a little kid for the first time they can see their mobs face right that very day they didn't I think that that wasn't reality. I thought that was reality so that can happen us where we jointly, we just can't see, we don't wear near sighted, were far sighted work colorblind. So we we have to pay attention and in order to overcome that what we have to do is open up our minds. We have to open up for months.
You have to open up your minds, which is not easy, because nature has trained you jane legally and biologically. To close your mind, that's what nature! That's what the world that's true, instincts want you do your instincts want you to close your mind, because when you call Your mind you're, safe. when you close your mind your secure when you're, clean is your mind. Your protected. When you close your mind, you have control over what's happening, and you learn that at a young age and you over and over and over again that there is a risk to the open mind that there's new ideas that there's I is that are contrary to what you've thought that there's danger. So. On a short term level, the open mind is harder, cause. It's so much easier to close the mind, that's why, tactically speaking, we close our minds
and its end, it seems like it's better. We seem we win that tactical war when we closer minds when the First time that someone had that had been studying karate for twenty four years and got tapped out by blue bout and jujitsu the easiest thing to do was just to close the minded say yeah, but I'm never going to the ground or yeah. But that's not many people but it takes forever to date there. The easiest thing to do is closed off, protect the eagle short term, the hardest thing to do so, there's something that I dont know that I need to learn. I need to get on that path. That's the open mind. the close mind in jitsu is twenty years, ago. O foot locks our disrespectful right, those aren't real attacks. That's it Those mind attitude instead of like oh, I just got to out by someone that did something to my leg, I should figure out what that is.
That's what happened with John Donahoe right that the lists. He's dean less getting. People to tap by doing something to their feet. something to their knees, doing something to their heels John daughter, her instead of saying oh, we need to compete in turn. It's where there's no foot locks, no leg locks instead its oh. This is a part of a game that I did not understand. I need to open my mind. so it is a fight to keep your mind open. You have to pry your mind open and you have to keep it open. Why? Because, in the long term, in the strategic, the open mind is more adaptive and adaptive creature, survives long term. longer than a strongly look. It's it's! It's it's drunk or move short term. To close my mind, it allows power through things, but
long term, the strong things that can adapt will lose It's the same thing with ideas. You can have a really strong idea, but if you don't adapt that idea over time, it's end up going to it's going to end up being a losing idea. Adaptation mean survival open. I did this means adaptation. so that's what we need to do. Try our minds open and keep them open so that we can see reality for what it really or at least as close to reality as you can possibly get, and if you do that, if you open your mind, you will be able to see reality and then you can make a plan. You can move in the right direction.
There you go, you really want to do that. Can there's a The social reality check out each reality check is essentially when in educating. He probably knows I see, but it's it's one of those things it comes from if you're not in touch with reality as much and then you're forced to be in touch with reality. All at once around john big thing, that's a reality check. We support reality check oh yeah when needed. That's how but look if you're the receiver you'd rather be in touch the whole time. Suffer those checks, don't want to check those checks kind of suck from time to time in their useful. But you know what's more useful in touch with Reality, though, open mind all the time, you're, not having your mind, get opened up for Where would horsfall? Yes by a reality check here. Good boy, look good point: let's get some crash. That is a little excerpt of what we are doing on the jocko underground podcast, so if you continue to listen, go to jail
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