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Jocko Underground: I Wish For Peace. BUT...! Finding a BADASS Purpose. Jiu Jitsu.,

2021-04-15 | 🔗

Jocko wishes for peace for his son.. BUT...

Finding a purpose in life that is BADASS.

Jiu Jitsu.

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This is the Jacko underground podcast number fourteen with ECHO Charles and me Java, willing good evening already so recently on Jordan Peterson and there were some some comments about it that came out and am looking as I would go through some of those comments on the Youtube channel. We can probably do some kind of an underground park, asked about the comments and just kind of reflection, I'm a man and respond to some of them, and we can probably do that. We talked about doing that with some of the other of our podcast in the past, but There was one there's that there's a bunch of things, but there is one that I saw came up a bunch. So
Some point Jordan asked me if I wanted peace for my son and for some reason he focused on Amazon House, her daughter, swell and- and I said I thought about a project I said yes, I want. To be peace for my son and whenever I said that he like started talking meeting, I wasn't done yet and I said bought and he. He started talking and wasn't you ve not like he was being rude ass. Some people like lead, charcoal finish talking, Indonesia, it you. Gotta, remember podcast, a conversation? That's what it is. And so when, you're having a conversation, you got. What you think is something you want to say you don't lose or for he thought or somethin. And he started talking in. I didn't obviously make it clear that I had a little bit more to say, and so we moved on, but I did get that buddy
so people knew that there was more to the answer and is one of the kind of expand on that just a little bit. So, of course I want my keys my son and my daughters to have- and not just them, but my fate in France and people have no. I want people to have peace and prosperity, of course right that kind of wood. That's can obvious, but but I also know that I want, also to have struggle. I want them to face adversity. I think that I think that is also very obvious and I think there's some people that in the common said the was what he wanted to say and that's gotta true to write it such a big bought, that? I didn't really need to say anything else, so there was that
back to retire. But look if you have everything easy in life, you just gets often weak why not have your kids in Isolated, insulated, reinforced, concrete bunker will filtered AIR Anna Supply of food and water and patted walls were nothing ever happen to them like assets, were you doing. You actually put him on a calorie, restrictive diet. So that's the maximum lifespan and all that's like that. If that's what we're gonna do, what are you can end up with you? None of with someone? That's they lived for a long time, but do they really live really live at the question so I want everyone to have peace, but at the same time I think that struggle is good. I think that struggle makes better people. Adversity makes you tougher than that's what the bomb was about goes back to
a little bit goes back to sunlight. I said the same Harris about combating cancer. I had said that. He was saying the Euro, you say that that where there was a very good SAM Harrison impersonation was now he said he said he he said no doctor, you say that combat is horrible, but at the same time you also have said that it was the best experience in your life. How do you reconcile those thoughts? So that's it. Then. He said to me at the first attempt made by giving us so he asked me out, and I and I said well, it's like someone that has cancer, not not someone, it's some people that have cancer that when get through the cancer. They say something along the lines of its the best thing that happened to me. You know I got to put things in pursuit
Dave I got to understand what is truly important life, and so they actually do take something away from it in a pot. That's positive, they say I'd never wish wished on anybody. So that's that's what I say about combat as well. So that's what there is some benefits do I want peace and happiness for my family, for my friends, for the people are now yes, absolutely, but there you go and with that, let's get us in June. I wouldn't you yeah. I felt when I listen to that part guess I felt the same thing when you like, but, and I figured I knew, what you're going to you know. I still want to hear that you and I think you said it like twice. We like, like you said I is trying to
get in there. You can't. You can't recreate what you were going to say at that moment at the mall. Now I can plot it out, write a paragraph about it and I could mentor make bullet points and then kind of speak to it, but I won't. I can't go back and like recreate what I was about to say and the spur of the moment. So that is a little excerpt of what we are doing on the Jackal Underground podcast serve. You continue to listen, go to Morocco, underground dot, com and subscribe, and we're doing this. We're doing this to mitigate are real agents on external platforms, so we are not sub through their control and we are doing this solution. Support the Jackal podcast, which will remain. As is free for all as long as we can give it that way, but we
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