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Jocko Underground: If You Think Tension Is Bad, You Might Be Wrong

2023-10-02 | 🔗

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Tension is a form of balance.

Can loyalty get in the way of your personal success?

Making successful career decisions.

The "Tell them I told you to do it" approach.

Nerdy with allergies. Should I start Jiu Jitsu and Lifting weights?

What to do if you wife has given up on you and you want to get her back.

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This. Is the jocko underground podcast number one one for sitting here with echo charles ii c in the house, post jujitsu sure? Yes, how was it today? It's good to the good good today a lot of upside down, you know, but net. Net good, where there is. It was one of those days where you feel like going when you're going in, because, let's face it some days I feel like, but today I felt like See here, but I haven't seen a ladder, the guys for war there's only there's us girls, good great rules, there's a off of a time period for me and it's like two rounds deep, I'm sweating a warm feeling that you should soon mice body, slowly
and then maybe seven rounds later, six browns later. Now it's like now, everything's just like sweat everywhere in everything slippery, but that time period those middle rounds, it's probably about six rounds where you feel you're, not thinking about it, and it is. This- is the digits your canada's for this? what is its slap bump role, like who's! Next year, freckles tokenism rose the other day in training, after training, the post training for it can debrief of life. Nuno Kennedy talking about work in work, you know can be stressful, sometimes work done at the border, and you know it's like trustful tat some cs, I broke, but ain't like. I need this jujitsu pross thinking about that so than this why and why. This really a million more reasons? Why? But, let's say I'm stressed at work at home or whatever, and it's not it's in so incident happens that stresses you out or
makes me mad, will say, and or both and it goes in your brain. You don't remember the incident from moment to moment to moment to moment It just leaves you with this thing in your brain, that's like stress or piss off on pissed off or whatever, and then you forget about it, but that feeling of piss off or whatever stress remains there, because it's like association right. You know why it's there, if you have to reference it, but you just hold the feeling they can you're mad at everything. Now the right, that feeling is driving year overall mood overall state will say so you got that get one thing happened. Two things happened. Five things happened at work. One thing I've been at home to things happen on the street. All stuff and now your brain has all these little stress patches on your break in no, which each little one you can reference on, but they're, not content is just a little stress patch in your brain. poundings compounding anger and frustration exactly right. Now you get. Did you get a role,
Alcoa or wrote with west or with whoever I don't carry a row with a white bella, lower belt. I dunno, whatever this guy, is trying to choke me. So all that compounding stress or whatever you kind of have to push that aside, because this is a new stress, a new, very acute stress that takes its place. Chocolate, turnus Joe We want better. I bet you do something about that and have the opportune. Reading capability to do something about that possibility. Rights but to do that stress java, turnip ass regards I'm getting tired freakin. All the stress that comes with the the jujitsu round you get one, You two rounds get three rounds. Meanwhile, all those little stress factors that were they gotta get pushed aside and weed. you bring doesn't have time for that can stop, because jackals furniture, marina or joking jacko suzanne, no,
That is the way we are trying to trust we are trying and that trying it creates a certain kind of stress, but that whatever you want to call it, but it's very takes precedence over all these little stress batches that were in your brain, because if slowly getting puss pushed aside, you can't think about what happened at home, at work or whatever, while I'm trying to defend this joke it's hard to very hard to think about that kind of, and in fact I can't even feel the feeling that that stuff created, because I'm feeling the feeling of chocolate trying to choke me and trying to defend me trying to pass his guard me trying to do all this other stuff me being I heard his sweat dripping in miami slip it on like all this stuff, is taking precedent over all of that stuff and after a while, all that stuff is they're gonna say that's. The big thing guides its gets. It gets removed from the system right now. Here's another this picture. This picture this you were gonna you're eating dinner and you had me, you know: stake on your play and then you get done with your steak and now you put salad on on
same plate, but there is a juice and blood and, like whatever and now you're salads got some of that left in it. That's like what's goin on data day. So when you do, Just you that plates getting clean, linen cleat debt endless in here's the good thing in your right about it being cleaned, because all those we'll come stress, batches they get pushed aside and actually at the end of that, if you do one two three round big it pushed out of your brain. Do the letter you excuse to remember him later. You can, if you want, but that's later, whatever forget about the pregnant they are replaced with by the way You have to literally choose because they won't crete back in my they're gone right. Then it takes effort. them to especially the reengage like the way that they were, but anyway forget about the veranda so now cause
got replaced with the stress of chocolate and choke me me trying to make choking before the round ends and the street in the street in all this stress of a round of or two three four five, six ten rounds of digital. All that stress replaced the stress patch straight replaced. Them is a magic part of duty, once the ten rounds are over you done for the day. All that stress disappears to jack was no luck, china pass my guard, that's all a memory, a tardy marm recovering wage of I like a virus state in your head. You, when you left him, that's a whole different ahern. That's a little conversation What I'm saying the the stress of you trying to pass? My guard is not there because you're not just trying to pass my guard. That was the round. We did that's not happening anymore me trying to choke you. That's not in my in my brain anymore, because that's done with it's not currently going on. So it's not leaving me with any feeling nothing only value, performance and you get you know, you're you're goals attached jujitsu, that's all different thing, but I'm saying that
I do jitsu eliminates the stress, because they, then you sent me a meme the other day and it was a cat I was driving a vehicle and it was music playing any kind of looked, but at that the caption was when you leave jujitsu after getting tapped out by everybody, everybody here- and you said it was a deep like there was meaning fritz. There's layers of that thing in this is that is like the funnier ones like it, What to do with how the cat looks and just he's just going about his business, but you can tell he has an internal struggle. That's like that looked at his face, but it's still it's really fun. It's me leaving the gym after I get tapped out from everybody and just like yeah, it's freaking funny. But yes, hey! That's real too,
but those are difficult to stress like no one's really I mean unless you have digital goals, that you're very attached to which are the thing I get it, but unless you're likely that you leave in the gym, I don't care. If you get tapped up by everybody care, you feel way better. It's way better than the stress of life. I'll tell you that Jesus, just Jesus is just for fun. and you know, even when you get up there by everyone which I have before I've gone to using got out of paper, but it before. When I leave the feeling of that is way better, because so many good things like you, know overtly that came from such yet different. I mean yet sucks that frequently Yeah, it looks even better buy you a bunch of times and then the text message reinforcing your rule. Remember we adopted today african all night yeah that sucks but whatever and have some fun to show jack alright well little jujitsu, unexpected you intro from your patch stress patch, free brain tat, god, here about that, I was thinking
Also it's a little bit from jujitsu, but tension. The more dimas tension and what I want to say. I think oftentimes people they dont like tension. They think tension is bad and, I wonder, say in many cases tension is not bad. It's actually in water case. good. Let beginnings amply shooting a pistol one the ways that they teach how to shoot a pistol is the the push poor method. Have you ever heard of that? So you, Your dominant hand is pushing and support hand is pulling so you create this like dynamic tension on your weapon, Just to which we just talk about europe Creating tension you, but you have a hook and you have a frame bright. I'm holding your neck, but I also have a crowbar in your I'll start, my forearm and your shoulder. So there's a dying, m tension. Does attention? Are you kidding way from you, but you can't come closer. I want to keep you there
keep you in the right spot. I do that. If I let go my hope you walk away click on my frame, you smashed me- I gotta have those both who's forces acting at the same time. People on teams will have tension is well. You have person. That's a big risk, acre versus the personal conservative right, but we should just which just go. Well executed. They won't. We need to continue suzanne s attention. The mike Manager that we need to make sure that we're tracking everything that they're doing very Is the hands off Brazil which can do they want, there's gonna, be attention or the personnel detail, oriented that we need You run the numbers on us versus the person, that's a big picture, it that's all What will be good, there's strategic approaches that have tension right, You got one person saying what we need to keep the price down. You got another person's ain't it we have to keep the quality of those are theirs and between those who,
in the seal teams. Speed versus security, go fast, Have less security? Sometimes we say our security is our speed, but there's a someone's like haiti. We should not We need to set up security over there before we found across that. Thanks are also due to worsen security. We can already across so a natural tension, there there's a natural pension, high margin versus high volume, We need to sell as much as we can now. We need to sell stuff with a higher margin. high quality, high margin or like low quality, high volume. long term versus shorter all day. Attention between those two things, business in life. and then even within a company. You can have departments and divisions that there's tensions bitter seal. Team three task unit bruiser tension between are we platoon and multiple to close attention,
unnatural tension. In a normal company. You get tension. tween sales and operations are tension between sales market tension between these things- and this is the thing. these things are okay, and these things are normal. And actually I think, they're beneficial, because that tension you find don't you find solutions so That's what we're doing as leaders we are balancing these opposing forces. Did I say dichotomy, maybe, but that's what's that? What we are doing we are balancing the tension between sales and operations between war buddy versus cost between speed versus security. We are balancing these things, and I would say as a leader leaned a little bit into the underdog.
Near, I mean just to make sure that its being heard its being understood, lean a little bit like what support the underdog little. It don't go overboard linked to hard, but leave little bit to make sure that your pull up. that there is enough tension on the underdog uk route for the underdog a little bit. You know if if sales has real dynamic personalities and operations doesn't and they kind of our like winning. The argument leave butts figure out its support. That's balance out the attention a little bit. So that's what we're doing. We are constantly I once these tensions and were utilizing tension on. Like I said, people, often detention is bad and in fact, Causes problems because what we tried to so that is a excerpt of what we are doing on the jacko underground podcast. So if you continue to listen go to jacko underground, dot com and subscribe and we're doing this
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We will see you mobilized underground.
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