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2023-09-11 | 🔗

How to stay disciplined with a busy schedule and avoid burnout.

Drama in the business bringing everybody down. What to do.

Best way to stay on The Path with a significant injury.

Needing a mental rest, but life is too hectic and I can't slow down.

How to keep from falling asleep unwanted.

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This is the jackal underground podcast number one. Oh two sitting with echo charles controls. I have two courts for you equivalent quotes, I guess same thing, one of them is comparison, is the thief of joy. That's teddy Roosevelt, the other one comparison is the dead the joy mark. Twain marked twins twenty years older. So given him the credit, but do I agree with that economy hate to say it too, because listen competition is a good thing. Yeah right! Competition is a good thing. You and I competitive right. We train digital right. If you catch me, I want to catch you right digital? If you are able to be me or fund? to be you. You want to be me right, it's competitive. We just go there and like I'll get out, you know them,
No, we don't china fight, that's competition makes me work harder, makes you work harder, maybe but you know when you you will. Let me ask you when you do know that can do you ever think during the at con that you can be training with me. Yes, check, see you see what I'm saying Do you push yourself a little more? I do the same thing, not so much about you, but people think you are that honesty for us These are problems. People take, that's the real seriously would have with somebody somebody will not kidding, but some people think like you know your job who talks about being aubert. He just rags going too. Why do you need a watch? The videos were laughin. There's a cycle ethical game within the game was rewards. It's an expression like there's more to it than you just razumihin and is giving rise to there's a lot more
this is all big guy see, that's it at the two vital so workforce in order because we compare with each other. But that being said, I do understand where this comment comes from for sure, probably because, even though the the competitive thing- and you know when the seal teams everything's competitive, like it doesn't matter if you're like doing a beach front, you're competing you're shooting Europe competing everyday junior computing and it's good wealthy ninety percent of the time but in life, I think it's actually not healthy, I would say, like maybe fifty percent of the time. Maybe it's just me even split. Sometimes this comparison, this competition can bring out the worst in us can bring make people cheat. It can prevent us from being
happy. Your body gets a nice new car. How does it make you feel? Let's face, there's some people that when their buddy gets a nice new car, they're kind of jealous and test, That was one of my favorite stories about stoner I'd. God bought a house in a cool location. That was by our surf spots and when he I text, him to meet me there, like, I didn't, say anything about it cause I don't want to jinx it. You know what I mean is that superstitious is yeah. So I was being superstitious, but I didn't want to jinx it tell him bro I got a spot like I got a spot like we're, going to be set for surfing, and so finally, I got the keys That's when you know- and I texted him- I said: hey,
see the new house and he's like send the address, so I sent the address and he was like whoa shit, and so I got there and I'm waiting. Forty comes up the stairs and he walks in he goes dude. We are That wasn't even his house, but he knew we were set. We wanna say he knew he had never going to have to like have a surfboard alone, location and wetsuit and shower I just be good to hook, but I had some other friends came over. What they pointed out. Was the negatives of this house, like all you ve got and I lose you hated oh yeah, and it's just a bummer. You know what I mean so if you ever feel that way too little red flag, you and watch out for any any can build up that resentment and resent menaces is terrible for you. and it's this this. This kane enable story right. It's a game, enable story both cain and ape
made sacrifices to god and for whatever reason unclear. God didn't appreciate keynes gift. Much as he appreciated April's sacrificer gift right. just for whatever reason, not even the inciting violence, not clear. Why but kane was fears about this and he killed his own brother hold is own brother not be, cause. His brother got praise. That's why he killed them. So this happened with people. You know I've worked harder than the commission worked or are you I made the sacrifices you? Why does he get it agnes where'd, you get the money wasting that doesn't this stuff happens and its very disturbing. So. sometimes in some cases comparison and competition.
Can drive, resentment and negativity, and those are absolutely yes terrible things. So dont be that person You should be happy when other people, when should be happy for them, should be stoked telephone hopefully reach a point where, when other people, when you get Boy out of it makes you feel better. Then, if you one yourself you'll get to see that with you get to feel that with your kids, you know when you kids are doing well, you'll be more happy than if you did well, but you see your kit thing is simple: as you see your kid catch a good wave, new year, more happy, more stones, when they catch a good waved and when you get you good with or they cause you good, they catch like a heel hook on a fool mean, and it's all got that he'll hook. So use. That's how you should feel when other people, when your friends around you, they win. What it should feel like is yours,
comparison should be likes stoke lad. They got that. Instead of hatred and resentment and jealousy so be be careful of comparison. That's my overall assessment here, I'm not gonna! Go that it's the death of joy, it's a thief of joy can bring joy can also bring resentment and frustration and hatred. So just be careful what these things and be careful, and, if that's what it does to you, if you can't sleep at night, you're pissed off that echo guarded freakin new car- and you think you deserve- did that's where you're a man check yourself, you're, just insecure your egos and secure. You got issues Yet all lie- or it was kind of told to me that that like indicates a lack of gratitude, rights or the cause. I give you get a new car at them mary minimum. It shouldn't make me feel anything at all.
Minimum. If I like you, then you should be happy for you ideally right, but if Have no gratitude you getting new car, isn't you getting the new car. It's me not getting a new car seem saying so it's like it's, I'm looking at it backwards in a way which, if you have gratitude yeah, I'm like ok I am thankful for what I have. What you have has no bearing on me for your my friends. So you're happy. I'm happy you're happy because I, like you, know my friend, that's that's kind of the baseline, but to someone who lacks gratitude, meaning like I am not thankful or what I have of whatever just the baseline, whatever it's, not the. Land on you, like they gotta are and some other person getting the car. It's you almost like. You got your car in a way I was kind of a kind of a thing, but it's you not getting a call that tell me that's how jacked up human beings can be. Yes, think about how jacked up that is: yeah, you're, so jacked up that one of your friends, gets new car and you get paid you're mad. Even it
Your enemy gets a new car. You should be like do good job, it can get so you can literally get a new car for free in you neighbor buys a new, Our nicer than yours by your own opinion. Not is your one opinion and your man that's out. Deprecating seems a little expression for re keeping up with the joneses yeah. It doesn't say kardashians. Loathing ashes, assenting saving us with name came from keeping up with the joneses right. It's like! Oh yeah. I have my new house, I'm so happy. I got my car got my kids and then my neighbor gets like a a bigger house and a bigger house. Oh my car sucks. All of a sudden. You know it's like a weird psychological phenomenon that bright can be. It can be the thief of joy strain of unilateral since forty is when some people when it doesn't bother you and echoed roles in in his new cadillac and, as I go call my car, but they are not met. Mad because I'm not jealous like united level area next levels, level, but double
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