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Jocko Underground: It's Not Working Because You're Over-correcting. Don't Let "The Path" Ruin Your Relationships. Dealing w/ Overbearing Co-workers.

2021-06-18 | 🔗

Avoiding over-correction. How to.

Don't let THE PATH ruin your relationships.

Getting your wife into Jiu Jitsu.

How to power through cognitively demanding tasks with little sleep.

Complications and taking too much ownership.

Is 13 years old too young for the power of Jiu Jitsu

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This is the Jackal underground. Podcast sit here Charles once again, seem to be sitting with you on a fairly regular basis, which can be a little bit annoying, but it's all good gently earnestness so I was. I was look every day for me. I'm can, through things, and one thing I was thinking, While the other day I got governor some situation started handling some things, and I realized how much I relied what I see good leaders rely on being balanced on not getting themselves into extreme situations or into attitudes whether handling things in an extra aim manner now. This is obviously nothing new. It's so nothing new that When I was on TIM, Ferris Podcast The- time, which I had never been interviewed before.
and he asked me what makes a good leader- and, I said, number one humility, I said number to someone that is balanced so again in the past a week I've been in some scenarios, either with clients and seen how their handling things or myself and having to get through, situations and its I realise that I'm not getting tripped up would look like a good thing, I'm being complimentary to myself same thing, I'm being complementing some other leaders that I work with. They dont get tripped up. They don't get sucked. In two problems, and that is because they are balanced so This fresh in my mind, because I, I would say it's not something it I'm having been reminding people about enough. That's what I'm feel em in reminding people enough about, listen being balanced is, is the usual.
The best way to handle things right. It's the best way to handle things. For some reason, human beings have attended. You do not do that For some reason, human beings have a tendency to the direction and go one thousand percent in that direction. In fact, I had a name for this. when I was in the seal teams- and I was putting guys through some training- and I would give them an adjustment I beg hey. You need to do a little bit more. This guess what they would do. Nine million per cent in direction and I'd call I'd say hey: you need to be a little less aggressive or little more aggressive and then and then they would do another adoration and they would go so hard, the So, where is the guys you did this the term I'd say classic team guy over correction, meaning you say: hey, beat you gotta be a little more aggressive. They go out there and get knots or you say: hey you need a Czech yourself. Then they don't move. You see this,
all the time so. So why am I talk about this when you get in when you get confronted. That's a strong word, but when you get confronted with a new idea or an opposing idea, we as human beings have a tendency to have extreme reaction to this new idea. Extreme reaction to this opposing idea- and it's not good, it's not good. It's not good to get emotional, it's not gonna. Take the extreme opposite stance, we're doing this all time by the way in America right now. You have an opinion. I have opinion I maybe don't agree with all of your opinion. So I take the hardest possible stance against your opinion and I believe dig. In my opinion. It causes problems, so When somebody does present you with a new idea or an opposing idea. Instead of taking you check yourself.
and a good way to turkish office, be humble on other ways like ok. What is it that I, like it ECHO Charles Ids, presenting idea now really heard it before or its difference very different from what I want to do it. thinking? How can I immediately smashes idea over the head with a baseball bat? I think what follows him, what part of it ideas are good. part of his? You know it's kind of different than mine. Ok, what part of it can I agree with what we Can I accept some of his ideas I go on the attack to you If I say it would, actually, Europe does not work as this year going to my attacks. Is going to cause you or defenses to go if it's going to cause you to get more aggressive and hostile with your idea, and it's going to separate us from being able to come to some kind of a conclusion. to be come to some kind of a resolution mentions a conclusion for you and I beheld agree on something and its
comes from the fact that I am not thinking in a balanced way, so. What are the good attributes for a leader or human being to have be humble, yes, absolutely and being humble, will allow you hopefully to find some balance in your interactions with other people and fine balance inside your own brain housing group. So my wife, you D, like help her her friends out you know like ok, you know some people they'd theirs. Into helping other people or taking care of things for other people like oil, for if you're going to get to know you gonna go on a trip or something Shield jump in with all the hotel recommendations should even be the hail Collyer. This she used to be and should be
all you can call hotel, and although there are some in then surely go out of related, do a bunch of stuff. So what would have would start happening? Is it became sheet basically takes all on our own takes on a task for someone else, a bunch of tests and then those tasks slowly slowly become stressful and then she's lake, the stressful mode starts getting mad and then, on top of it later on the person like? Not only did they not asked for the help, it's like they come off as appreciative them by her standard utopia. She runs that risk and she's gonna grudge. I'm guessing guy. I'm going to throw anything on on Sarah, Charles brag, I'm thinking that, maybe with that whole scenario that you just talked about like when you do something to help something somebody and it turns out to be a much bigger task from like echo, can you come in I remember we will. We determine this guy's, a blackout Gregg, no Craig, Craig Friggin Old School black belt for lobbyists
us and he was an arborous due note. That is something I want to do Korea is used to do tree stuff and one day he I go Ebro like I got this tree in my yard. Can you come help me, get it out? Music, music? How big You know I like held up my hands on it, like maybe like three inches around or whatever, maybe maybe four five inches around right and using area you'll. Let me know when to come by, so I sent him a text or whatever we did back then called him, sir. He comes by and, like The tree was away, bigger and weigh more and whatever kind of like root system it had as soon as he saw it. I saw look on his face. He was you know, he's got into a broad deal right. And he did abroad deal for me, but I could see that at her you know, and in both must we're out there with pickaxes at the end, you know freakin digging the root system out. There was a serious days labour because he thought he was gonna come over. The change you know cut down. Whatever pop pop
some root out begotten twenty minutes he's there for four hours. I like he was zero Charles at that point, if I didn't, I mean he's freaking awesome guy, so there was no no factor but d can build the Sylvia so so how this time, the balance, but what the overproduction assent so so what you do is or what so? What would happen with there is now it wasn't an incident. It was how she was then how she is and theirs. I know a lot of people like that where they like some They insert themselves too much into your thing: in the meanwhile. Let us to this part of their personality, but there's a depression that expression stings doesn't little billions. Well, that what is things but yet, but doing that to that degree anyway, would like there's some objects for the other person and yourself for everybody solution,
Do that too, like that much of a degree rate? Nonetheless, she would do from dynamic, pretty often too. So he got to the point where, like I see it happening, not I'm like it's a lose situation where you're gonna help you're gonna be sorry Well for doing it for taking on the responsibility, then they're not gonna, be appreciative in your mind, because not only do they not know they didn't ask for it and then you're gonna be mad at them. Know something you did you know. So I want someone a kind of break it to her little bit. You know, but every time I would she black they didn't want help anybody. That's your classic team guy over correction. I dare not recur again, although that's like a conscious sooner emotional reactions, emotionally the classic teen guy over correction is, he might be a little that it, but it's also true for right, glowered, left or to four left go hard right. That's that's what we need to watch out for you. This is one of those things were you know you were talking to me about your alike
you get to see me in a lot of different situations where arm interacted with people. And you get to see me some random people, kind of bringing in it are coming out be or whatever you just through echelon front. You see me doing interviews, you seem get interviews, Ewe, Ewe, Ewe, Ewe, Ewe, go through tons and tons of video of me doing whatever and an you were talking you like it. seeing me, get flustered or seeing me get trapped or seeing me get you gotta see me get got, and you you're saying like hey, you know it. really see a lot of you getting emotional empty lot of you getting got. I don't see a lot of you getting caught in an stirred when something's happening and part of that reason? is because is because of this idea that we talk about being bound. So if someone says something so that is a
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