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2022-04-11 | 🔗

Is it time to reset? How?

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This is the Jackal Underground Podcast, with ECHO Charles sitting across the table from me, and I have Jackal Willock Control Alt delete. Do you remember control alt delete because that's still a thing, it is ok. All the things are. I use an apple computer system. What is your command well, what's interesting is here's what's interesting? yup honestly when you apple computer you don't even really remember what the reset button is cause. It doesn't happen very often, and I know there's some software engineer reason for this kernels. Is that that's something to do with kernels I dunno kernels, I dunno either, but the way the apple system is designed, it doesn't get get did doesn't get jammed up as much as the windows operating system. That's just this. Does
for extra sure. When I went, I went on to play point one time before I went on appointment. I use that I use windows. My whole life, like most people, write, I guess most people at the time most people were using window and in the military, one hundred percent windows, one no apples, what's going on deployment, and some one of my friends just kept me up up up up up up like hype hype, Hype hype right. So finally, I got my wife an apple computer. Before I went on deployment and when I came home, and so I got it set up for foreign, it's a little different, a bit different. You know you A little bit unsure did some techniques that are different have you ever even use an apple? Yes, sir, so I don't know these techniques, but The thing set up from my wife I come home from deployment what what seven months later later come home and the computer computers on whatever I'm?
with it and for some reason it came up with. I will help you know how many times If you had to restart this, she said zero, zero times computers up and running for six straight months now, look wasn't like it's under mass. Stress of high level, computations, but sure enough. The thing kept up and running and when I, a Windows computer at that time. This is like two thousand and three two thousand and four If you gonna Windows computer, you resent nothing. Maybe once every other day you did you had to do what I'm talking about, which is a little bit of the old control alt delete. I don't know what that thing is on a apple computer, an apple computer. I usually just turn it off or just hold the power button down. If something goes wrong, which God doesn't go wrong for months for months, stays up and running did your windows computer stay up and running. Know your
well what I'm thinking about your whole scenario, I'm like what are you doing do you have the GOP control elderly even on a window with this back in the day back in the day, and then it must have been like kind of a clunky computer. Probably hear okay, a video editing? Okay, you put in some high high resolution freak the files there, and then you start trying to do effects and all at the same time, all your control delete for sure, but not Jocko. In two thousand and four with you, one email and word document, why am I locking up yeah unless you opening some spam or something like this, where you know how they send you this spam, you gotta, execute I dunno about, but it you know what I was going to call it. The only thing I've got just to put in perspective truly the only thing I would be doing on these things was literally, I don't think I'll ever edited a video. Maybe I better than I bet a couple on my phone,
my telephone at eighty to video. Now yeah. I got skip a little bit different, but yeah so go out to eat or power I would order these things. For these are these like fish, go actions that you can take, when the software on your computer or on your phone or on your printer, is confused or locked up or bogged down with too much information or not enough information or it just going into brain. Freeze right. That's what happens. Why happens? Because I don't really that's a good analogy for sure. So what you do, is you override the where, with the hardware with a hard shutdown. You override, you say: hey, listen! All these weird ones and zeros that you've got going on were just quit, cutting the power and that's what you do you override it will. The same thing actually happens to us as humans
Europe's energy you're, not your head, you livelihood, yellow, yes, dogmas, go on this way in our own heads our own heads, we get bogged down, we Distractions, we get rationalizations going on, we get debates going on in your own head and what I'm telling you now is the solution to these. Brain. So goes where they get called The continuous cycle of distraction are caught in a continuous cycle of rationalization or whatever. the solution is the same. It's a hard action, that you have to do to to it's a manual override. We have the capability of manually overriding. Are software.
and the way you do that is by taking action. So it's again, here's the problem like if imagined, if the computer had a a what arm a robot hand, and it was aimed there's a finger on their robot hand, it was aimed at the button with which button going the reset button. It's a yeah, Its aim is that in an if you're in normal operating, you could say, oh shut the computer down and that robot hand would press the button right. Okay, cool, but when it's in brain freeze it can't even do that right. It just is locked up that happens to us in our brains, right, You Bruce Weiner supposed to work out and we just go into lock mode We know where we're supposed to go talk to our subordinate about the fact that they're late for the-
third time? And you know you should do it, but instead you just go and brain lock. Maybe your wife doing something! That's could be detrimental to the relation for Hayek and you know you should say something even if you'd Know- should take an indirect approach, but you know you need to contain. With the scenario that's happening, but what, when you do nothing brain lock? freeze. So what I'm saying is you can actually do a manual override of the situations, and you can You need to make yourself take action take action in that direction that you were in actually intending to yes take action in that direction that you know you should and but hard part about it is your rain? Is the one that's controlling that robot fingered, that's the hard part! You have two, you have to we have to be able to detach from it. You have to be undertaken
step outside of your software system and just slam your fist onto that finger. Make that thing hit reset which means when you. car goes off in the morning. Get up. Don't wait. Don't hesitate when the alarm clock goes off in the morning, get up when you get into the gym like you're, not yours, ears. Here's an example: when we're going to the use it we come in, get whenever gets on the mat. I immediately start the clock five minutes to start stretching right. five minutes to stretch. If you don't put a clock isn't that how long we stretching for forever will be a long time because you know people are stretching their kind of talk. Oh yeah, they got fencing. Tell you real important stuff off it's real this year. So when you go in there start the clock, you should put you put a timer on everything that you do. Basically thank you, Macy so should be happening. Everything that you do should say. Alright. I have
his comments Eusebius account down to go and then a certain amount of time to get her done. That's the way you need to operate that Takes you out of this soft Brain Lock that you can get inside your own head. So recommendation you that that's such a good idea, the clock, so even work out because Brown, the same way, already know that about me, because I'm the one number one culprit with the talking thing. Well, you you ever seen when I I'll put like a post on the. yes and I'll say something like hesitated stretched progress the EU all be especially on, let's face it on, on leg day, when we're squatting can spend, inordinate amount of time stretching you can spend one in amount of time checking your form with the peace.
pipe areas do not as dumb stuff could you don T know he should we do Well, he didn't get off him yeah. You have five minutes to stretch son yeah and that's like well, I mean obviously depends on your body, but five minutes is long time. Solid right. There again depends on that. Don't, but yeah. If you don't and depending on what kind of person you are but yeah. If have got other stuff on your mind, spare if you have other stuff on your mind, don't let it be like three or four things on your mind. Then you gotta go focus on some thing. Meanwhile, these things bull and then yeah. You get that weird brain lock thing and I and telling them what to think about this. So I thought when I first went first started going into control, delete, calling out that's like a vacation. You take gave him that's what it is in. A way
in a you know in your mind. What's it like? It's always in the tropics, I was gonna, say the gutter, but it's actually the chopper to track down the beach hundred percent sexy over by the pool you got chronic. What's the two chronic and acute will say so it feels like you're talking about like a cute Brain la whom calling for lack of it, but if you got chronic, rain long words like you can think of this erection where you need to go or this like that like Yahoo, whole life is a sort of boxes in area yeah and you feel like because you you can get it it's like a version of tunnel vision or whatever, where you're like going in this direction. You like men, it's not it's not like. I can't figure this thing out whatever direction. You're going in been working out for how long and it still not just is not producing and then. You a lot of times. Your solution is to detach because from a different perspective, you're like oh shoot, I missed all this other stuff and then boom, but vacation big way depends on where you go depends on what you do
it depends on who you ask, but vacation in a big way, can provide that why did you come up with Nobel Prize with this on a regular basis? Only the shit, your dad's, or by now anyway, It's true, though, I think about it, even if you physically I go like a super high like on a mountain or something like that, like it'll kind of provide that for your brain, it's true. That is true what you said about me detaching to find a solution. The problem, as was talking about this on the carry me the other day and what I said was the solution to the problem is not inside the problem. In the inside the bomb unanimously? The solution is not. That is a lot, Excerpt of what we are doing on the Jocko underground podcast. So if you want to continue to listen, go to
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