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Jocko Underground: NO COMPROMISE | & Some Gun Law Stuff

2023-07-25 | 🔗

"No Compromise"

Should you start Jiu Jitsu at 47 if you have a goal to get a black belt.

What about Metallica?

What would you need to go to war by yourself?

How to prepare for a career as a corrections officer.

What to do if a girl is a really good catch and is really into you, but you're not as into her.

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This is the jackal underground podcast number, ninety six! It here with echo charles, you're, the expression or the. I guess it's actually a tag. In a world of compromise some don't. I don't think I've ever heard, H and k that the the firearms yeah hitler endicott yeah, that back in the day, and I mean really like one, our team, one magna dang. We used h, k weapons, We use the ancient k mp, five mg. Five k is a matter of fact. And great weapon. it's actually one of the best weapons, as if you've ever heard me talk about home defense, I say the h and k m p. Five is actually really good choice. Yeah, it's a really good choice. The nine millimeter sub machine gun, which means or not,
get crazy penetration through walls and stuff. It's ultra accurate. It's easy to shoot! You suppressor on it sounds like this like when you need but the suppress roma thank each p five, the m he five lcd words called suppressed, but you can have the constant, whereas a citizen in vietnam, california can't read yeah California's, isn't it No, they have rules. Yet they have rules. Don't make any sense to anybody, but they have rules another rule, and I don't want to go too deep into the political elements are. This is what it feels like. It feels like people who don't really know that much necessarily about guns in that kind of stuff. There, like hey, lit a rule that makes me feel like more comfortable with the overall kind of feeling? So it's like hey. If we just allow everyone to have any guns that everyone's just going to go to war, then it's going to be blood on the streets. You know kind of a thing like it feels like that's what basing it on that's weather,
like? Oh yeah, that pistol, grip to grip like just no pistol grip where it's like a bear. Believe in hazard. It's more annoying for sure. If you can have a fit or they put that weird thing in the back or whatever more annoying, but it's you still can shoot whatever it's like. It's a weird well here's the weird thing! So, yes you're right, it's done they make this law, that you can have a pistol grip and so The gun manufacturers go ok, well, what? If put this weird like plastic thing, so it's a little bit too get your hand around here. You thought there your thumb around here and so now it's not a pistol grip anymore and the. It passes the law now what? it must have about. That is like let's say you who decided well, I'm gonna break the law in thirteen Can you could just car that thing off and you have a pistol grip says it's not doesn't actually prevent anything, doesn't prevent anything at all. That's why. I say I thought were you gonna say is the people that are com?
please all they don't actually know what they're talking about having idea. get some weird word like pistol grip and they will a pistol grip is bad and so they say, we don't want a pistol grip. So put the thing: we can pull your thumb around it makes almost no difference whatsoever and if you wanted to, you could take it often three seconds yet so it's All those things were you get this this is why it seems like an amount in the boardroom on those laws on payments were not what's on their. My anna carried my butt. If you get a bunch of people together and in No one knows what they're talking about they'll be Ok, what can we agree on? Ok, we don't want people just going to war with ten million guns and bullets and other stuff right. So let's as the first idea for a rule to keep that from happening. First, I will be like all well,
the magazines- or they will even not ethical clips or whatever you don't know, you don't call a clip eyes out. That's what I'm saying so they'll be in there that the end of the thing that the bullets go into whatever they can only the innovation and hold up. Bunch of bullets, they should only hold a handful of that way. If you know Safer. Were you know? It's not is thank the destructive right into emeralds. Sounds good to me: never gonna get away, but that sounds good. That'll. Keep that its destruction down right, ok, boom book it sign, it were, you know, With the next room they'll be like well in the next year will be like. Oh, I got a picture of all these guns right, so you ever when I was a kid, There is this one called a two week. You know attack nine re. Theirs is behind the gun. Technic right is a b gun- and I looked at It- had all the holes in all this stuff in it and it looked real like cool
in my uncle was like yeah. That looks well looks room menacing menacing looking done so this guy in the boardroom, he's there making laws like here's all the guns hunt, rifle they got all this of all the way down to attack nine or you know These are the mp five all these ones right suppressor on there at the scope on their got all the cool stuff on there, but to them it just look. Menacing, ignored its war the function like that one looks pretty scary, outlaw all that stuff and gun rights. People will constantly take like a very innocent standard actions are innocent but as a standard hunting and just deck it out. Look super menacings emails, the same exact gonna just hasn't different parts on it, and they go. This is the same. Weapon as this new and then they can taken a weapon that has Much more deadly capability
they can that one down and be like so it looks less menacing and but the people who make the guy, laws? Don't know the difference between these two things. Look in a monument sure they know what they're trying to accomplish yeah. Well, We have often said that what they're trying to accomplices, just no one, can have any guns and wherever they can do to inhibit that and the gun manufacturers just take the law ngo. Ok, what's the hurry to get around this video, ok, we can get around us by doing this little thankful like they put a they put. Gus like, for instance, in magazines, hey you're not allowed to have more than ten rounds in a magazine. Ok, they put, stop her in the magazine that if you felt like it, you take a thing out now you can vote for the roma and yet this is a law with just one year: criminal, one you're not a year, and and and what does it prevent? You know what, it actually prevent. If I can give, I can get rid of this thing in three seconds, then what
for it doesn't mean anything. So what we don't when we actually being idiots being idiots. So anyways! I was talking about each K, agent, gay. weapons manufacture and they saw so this was there motto back in the day and might still be there the a compromise some doubt- and I remember you know you- can Think I would hear that as a young from mad. I think I think he'll, that's what I'm talkin. You know that's where we're. I had a t shirt actually like We would do some of the conferences or there be something where we meet agent, K or whatever, and they give us t shirts and had a like a bad ass t shirt and back in the day you know like there was. No teachers was really a thing yet like, for instance, you and I make like eighty teacher training right. We're we're. Teachers are a thing back then did they want to think really like you more just having teachers,
different stuff on there, one that had like up it. Look like a pencil are like panic, real fine detail, almost photographic quality, drawing of like an entry team like a for like a three or four man, entry team, stacked up, ready, go, do an entry on a building and then it said in a world of compromise. Some, don't you know, and I add that shirt bro. Is it eighty k on the front and had that bad ass thing on the back and of course norm? Lo pro back or you know, kill you so you're never wearing anything like that, and it didn't really exist. You know it's not like today. There's a ball are so many tactics, companies out their ill and people that or even tactical, where tactical shit. the time there were intact, go hats and tackle t, shirts and and so there is a lot of tactical ness right that in and this has increased a lot but back then you would never. there was no one. There was wearing anything tactical, so
having a shirt that was kind of tackled. No one knew it meant, but we did. I did so. It sounds cool, sound, badass. Here's the thing Let's think about what life is like normal life. If we do not compromise so it's cool and you're making a weapon system that you don't compromise. You want that thing to be as as ab salute lee supreme as you can make it. Could we get that boasting about life. If we don't compromise, how do we resolve conflicts if we're not gonna compromise right Gonna have to wait for a miracle What kind of friends? What what is your friend group What does your relationship group look like? If you never compromise by me just think about that for twenty eight seconds right now and someone wants to go to dinner with you and you know what you want to go at you ever compromise, oh, your wife wants to go
different restaurant, but you're only eating sushi, and she wants italian, but and in this, isn't this isn't like one night? This is never every! Never compromise when you are willing to compromise. It closes your mind to other perspectives. It also creates animosity cause now that all the people that you do compromise with they. They don't like you there, They they return. The favor by the way is well they're, not going, compromise back so now what we have as we have animosity that's animosity with other people people outside of our team within our team. Guess what? If we now compromise. We we do it my way, We only follow my plan. We only implement my roles, I know, compromise, I I mean having animosity inside my team, it's gonna create stress, is going to create, conflict, it's gonna reduce trust them,
reduce trust, because I'm not compromising anything everything. Just my way, inhibits flexibility right. You would think that well. Yeah. You know must be that way, so that is a excerpt of what we are doing on the jackal underground podcast. So if you continue to listen go to, go underground dot, com and subscribe and we're doing this we're doing this to mitigate reliance on external platforms. So we are not so jack to their control, and we are doing this so can support the jackal podcast, which will remain as is free for all as long as we can keep it that way, but but we are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors edward in sweden, give you more control, more interaction, more direct connections, better communications with us, and
you that we are building a website right now, where we build the utilise too, strengthen this legion of troopers that are in the game. with us, so thank you. It's jacko underground dot com. It costs eight dollars. And eighteen cents a month and if you can't afford to Let us we can sell support you just email assistance at jacko, underground dot com and we'll get you taken care of until then. We will see you mobilized underground.
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