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Jocko Underground: Physically Put Yourself In a Place of Discomfort.

2023-04-17 | 🔗

Physically put yourself in a place of discomfort.

Hygiene and etiquette in Jiu Jitsu.

The value of collective punishment.

Living up to a father's expectations and standards.

How to gracefully leave a job.

What to do when your job superiors are taking advantage of you.

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This is the job of underground podcast, celebrating six, eighty sixth, the term new youth. You add that in the in the what the bar community, if the night club community. Yes, that's a contrast, talking on your side Did you ever get? Eighty six from a bar? I have never been eighty six I've never been kicked out of. I've never been anything yeah. No, I was always a very well behaved patron terrorist attack or not well. That makes one of us so speaking of which I got asked by a body might this weekend. If I didn't get assigned to seal team one when I graduated buds. Would I be different as rebecca knew. He was texting me and I wrote back yes So the basis of the question is.
And you may have heard me to talk about this back in the day of life. Not back in the day. and it's not like this anymore, resulting one used to be noted. spa log team one and the reason it called that was because it was the most militant team on the west coast. Anyway, it had a uniform inspections in a haircut inspections. It was kind of like the equipped, of sorting too on the east coast, which is the same. Contain that I went to another reason why I want to go to seal team to when I- left sitting one but. He she knew me this is. This is a friend of mine that was also in the navy, but it's someone that who I knew growing up. We knew we were childhood friends, so he understood the navy. He understood the differences he'd. Actually, and corn, auto understood. You know the navy understood the understood that the different teams have different cultures, and so he knew that seal team, one was kind of regarded as like the strict of the ceilings. I represent
At some point he had does it back the nineties back in the nineties, he like saw some picture and it was some seal and he had like a skateboard sticker on his gear right skull skates by the way hundred, if they're still around, but he was kind of wow, that's kind of crazy. I go yeah, it's not they're, not from zero to one kind of was like hey bro, we're not doing that over here. So this friend was asked me: do you think you be the same? If you didn't go one, and the answer to me is no, which seems obvious, because I was young and impressionable impressionable and malleable as a Nineteen year old buds graduate checking in two team, one bought I was also- and this is sort of just the kind of known factors of
my life is, I was a rebellious kid. I have rebellious streak. I've always had a rebellious streak. I have that cycle reactions don't like to get told. What to do. I told a story about. The fact that when I joined the navy, my dad was like you're going to hate it cause you hate authority and you don't like listening to people he's one hundred percent right. He was one hundred per cent right, so I was a rebellious from birth had that rebellious street. I grew up was way into hard core music, very rebellious attitude. The hard core attitude list The crow mags listenin to bad brains, us new agnostic front, that's what I was doing. Anti social antis societal how's outside the realm, and so what turns out. the way it turned out. I think I actually got what I needed from supporting one. I think that if I would have been at a team that had inherently a more rebellious attitude, I would have been totally out of country I would have taken every like all. That's what we're doing
Ok, I got it went to routine. That would be more laid back out. Michael. It's called have long here. Cool always call to be a biker coup. All were fighting everyone like ok, right arm and look thrilled him off. buildings had some of that stuff corner, but when I went to one there was at least a at that time. There was an underlying culture of military professionals. like an underlying culture, I mean when, We got there we're all going on our first run as new guys and one of my body, wore a visor through specific, a happy about a thing here with the top the out at the top you well, that's not military, uniform and the master chief chief of the command so like the senior and guy there seize him walks up tomb, and says like if you ever, where a visor again at seal teamwork,
I'm gonna have you sent the fleet now I was like glass like that insane like thinking about getting sent to the fleet after you graduated from buds and checked into a team and now you're getting sent to the fleet like this is insane and he's a mastery from you'd means he wasn't like trying the bee hyper by like he was serious. I will send you to the fleet if I receive weren't of history, so military professionalism was held in high regard, and there is a chance that I could have like rebellion, that black display sucks but like no because I was it I was rebellious, but has also young malleable like ok, that's that's the masterpiece Yes, we're not worth at uniform that's so I think it helped me and this is what I think about their. After my nobody asked me a question if I would have been the authoritarian type, it would have been better for me to go to a team that was a little bit more lax and a little bit more
open minded about things, because essentially, what I think happens is what, in the teams and the way you know look. The teams are all kind of the same now the very much more of the same than they used to be not that they were all black totally different, but there is definitely you have a culture at each one of the teams and how the teams are much more. The same, as people get switch more like you, so I got iceman friggin seven. Years until timor, but seventy but I mean I got there, did you stayed there was very common. There's a lot of guys. They were just team. Longer ass. There was team five guys there was teen three guys out on the, east coast, those guys, those guys when I got the team to yours, guys did a bit of seal team two for like twenty years bro they were in the game they weren't going anywhere with. So you can just. So it's more, you think it's more commented, jump not jump, but just nowadays to the elderly, you'll do like tutors a team on new to towards a team three to tourism at I've or two to or towards a teammate. Then you're going. You you'll do,
like, you, got a trading trade at than your back to ie eight and you be like all like to remark on waiting to go to to team one known saying that like, oh, I need orders, I can do a platoon chief or I can do my LP o slot over a team too cool I'll, go We're not like I am I'm gonna want go to this team, then the care as much as they used to again the themes of the stone, obviously tradition in history, the teams, but it's not as he's, not as much of the different you different eating called whereas there used to be. But this the thing that I think is cool is evil, youth, if you there's that want to control everything. You will find out that you can control everything and that's a positive thing the other end of the spectrum is leaders that want to pull the but don't want to pull the reins in and just kind of like. Oh I'm kind of laid back, I'm just everyone's cool Eventually a watch things get totally out of control.
so, depending on the type of leader that you are it's good to go into the environment, that's the opposite you, shouldn't ants, are followed up like a super, crazy leader or a car he just a crazy guy. It was good. I've had a kind of was a little bit right. I was kind of rebellious I, which team on it was very good for me if I would have been like a like, Very militant person that was like went to military school, it probably would have been better for me to go to Another team where it's ok, do you need a chill out. and they would take guys and they'd send em officers. Tenement ranger school ranger schools totally militant totally strict, and sometimes they would come out of that any enhance their meal a touristic attitude and you re like bro, this ain't, the rangers again we're not doing that and some guys were so wild you'd have to send them to ranger school, and it was good for him because big bro. This is the military yeah
not just able to do whatever you want. So I got put into an environment as rebellious cocky kid that kind of corrected that attitude. And if I would have been a militaristic tyrant if I would have been a militaristic tyrant, type, a guy. team one would have been good for me in the short term like like outward, and I can't hear, and then I would have been the type that's. Ok. You need to get caught Riah and I was never like that even I came from team wanted, even though, like in asking like hey. We need to wear square to wear uniforms did it for the mission? I wasn't doing it for my own, afford you see, I'm saying, there's a huge difference, but when we were on can't markedly what you, where I care, I care what uniform I wasn't like hey later, you come into my office to talk to me. You better breed of brick and uniform knots and duty rolling with lips lobster shorts. Sure is optional, like we're in the day. For all I care when we go out and talk to her,
nine commander, be freaking, squared away, that's wages, but If someone has a militaristic, tyrannical attitude, it might good for them in the short term they fit in, but in the long term in the long It doesnt develop them as a person, so I had kind of an open mind and team. One focused my mind a little bit right. If I what I had a closed mind, it would have been better for me to go to a team where the atmosphere opened up my mind. And the reason that I'm saying all this, This is a long way off me from to get to this point. Is that it to put yourself in environments that challenge you and your belief systems. It's good to put often that type of environment now that being said, there is a there. I just got lucky that I've got sent a team one. No one like less do a personality says morocco, guilelessness friggin, hard core, punk rock music unease a wild kid, and we
we need to give him some more military bases say that they just randomly I got team on mean give value boy I a bunch of us from my class won t one and a bunch. As with the other teams as well, But what I'm saying is easy. You don't necessarily get a chance to lecture environment plot pay attention to if you're comfortable in that environment. Because, if you're comfortable in that environment, it may not be do serve to your own growth as a person you Maybe you know like what, when and there's like a class where there, doing a lot of take doubts and you're like dude love. Take out. I wrestled Michael, is an awesome. You're, stoked right, when, once you get to the ground, hey we're going to stand a backup, your you're kind, stoked on that they go to that class. More often,
What I'm saying what you need to do is you need to go, get engaged in those classes where they're doing a lot of groundwork, or vice versa. You, like hey, you know what It's random arrests are well. Ok, let's do need still need to get some take down on, so you can't just conform and accept what feels good, you need push back on yourself. You need to feel some resistance in the world and, if you if you don't feel any resistance in the atmosphere, the giraffe that you're in then you need to check. it and make sure you develop some resistance and you think about things from an outside perspective, but you detached, so that you can use that resistance, you might have to create some resistance. Like hey man, look I I know I could just skip the warm up and skip the take down part of this class, but that's not the right thing to do. I can do it, but it's not the right thing to do. You know I'm going to get in there, I'm going to make it happen, I mean that's what we want to do. We use
resistance to get better because we don't improve if we are staying in an environment, that's not forcing us to reassess where we're out kind of a long way from you say that, but that makes it I fully so you know how they get the idea right. The saying is no growth in the conflict zone, but the euro. this is interesting and never really thought about this until right. Now, like this very specific thing, it might have been came lemon before, but not really think about it, where you're talking about from a physical perspective, physically placing yourself in an environment or being in an environment that challenges you outside your comfort zone like even like it a day or just like just in life. He saying you watch the movie american history ex, yes, those, solid one. So so remember right! Whereas what was this was his name start with a d write the daring
the main character ed. It Norton had noted to yeah, so he he goes to jail and white supremacist dude. He goes jail and he does not like black people at all this like so obviously razor brings removes a gig. He goes and he gets paired up in the laundry room right with the blackout in this black eyes like kind on the surface, like real stereotypical is talking a lot he's doing other stuff in he's like he does the even say one word to, but he has working environment, gonna work with them, so time because it goes talking, is making jokes williston overtime? he cut alike essentially in a nutshell, slowly but despite slowly open, Is my maybe these black people aren't as bad as I thought kind of a thing. This use of this one hears make jokes were actually and they become friends in spite slowly gets open. He gets to stretch like that.
In, but physically being in that environment, you're right man right, it's funny, like with I used to go to competition train with dean lister at other school. and that's kind of the same gig where you know when your stranger in a gonna break every many. If you're a team me target practice like you're the target you more, be a grappling dummy the end, there's stuff on the line to select think about it in your back in our competition. These you come too the main spot, you come to victory for competition training. You know the guy, I'm jocko and the all these guys and all these guys, you don't so, there's no there's an element of comfort in then, no matter how hard the training is by go to the, if your stranger in another academy in competition training, that level of comfort is gone straight up gone but you get used to it and you can actually feel it when you go
back home to victory you're kind of like oh, this is like real kind of cruise. It's easier to be honest with you, it's more from a mental standpoint, it's easier unless you're a foreigner coming into victory and then you're like all these guys are out which does the same gig. This is exactly right. So yeah you apply that kind of in life, where you put yourself in those physical, physically, put yourself though the weird thing tourism. We covered this on the psychology of military competence, but a lot of times, people that are attracted to so that is a excerpt of what we are doing on the jacko underground podcast. So if you continue to listen, go to go underground, dot com and subscribe, and we're doing this we're doing this to mitigate or reliance on external platforms, so we are not sub to their control and we are doing this so that we can support the jocko podcast, which will remain as is free for all as long as we can keep it that way, but we,
We are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors, edward in Sweden. Give you more control, more interaction, more recollections, better communications with us, and you that we are we're building a website right now, where we build the utilise too strict. in this region of troopers that are in the game with us. So thank you. It's jacko underground dot com. It costs eight dollars, in eighteen sense a month and if you can't afford to sup for us. We can sell support you just email assistance at jacko, underground dot com and we'll get you taken care of until then We will see you mobilized underground.
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