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Jocko Underground: Pygmalion - High Expectations Lead to High Performance | Snitching and Tattling | Trying to Make Everybody Happy.

2022-09-12 | 🔗

Pygmalion - High Expectations Lead to High Performance.

Clarification of the laws of combat.

Getting out of an alcoholic slump after a break-up.

Quitting VS Moving on.

Snitching and tattling on team-mates.

Trying to Make everybody happy.

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This is the jackal underground. Podcast number sixty one sitting here with echo charles and the last one we talked about how your name or the name give people the neck, maybe give people the name you give a team might impact the way that they act and what they do in your life. Similar. thing here, the pygmalion mainly in effect the psychological phenomenon. We, high expectations of someone led to their improved performance. Conversely, low expectations led to worse performance from something called academy for s c: dot org, it's an education, the website. This is where I stuck this information stole this information stole these quotes from, but that's who it is so, I'm saving them citing their reference. So we can talk about the the name pygmalion refers to a greek myth about accounted sculptor. As the story goes, pygmalion fell in love with one of his creations in ivory statue of a woman thanks,
I'm divine intervention. The statue came to life me later married her. His expectations became a reality so that the key point, their expectations become reality. The pig meat effect was first noted by psychologist robert Rosenthal and elementary oh principle, principle would lenore Jacobson in a nineteen sixty five study called pygmalion in the classroom, researchers told teachers that a select group of their elementary school students had a high potential for exceeding their expected academic success? Success based on intelligence test however, the results of the intelligence test were not disclose the teachers and the growths burgers as they were called were selected at random, rosen fall and Jacobson predicted that teachers might subconsciously favour. The students were expected to over achieve peace perhaps by bait, paying closer attention to their work or offering more help when they struggled with an assignment study found that the randomly selected growths burgers D,
in fact perform better than other students. This there being no statistical difference in their intelligence course. So there we go straight up, it's all another indication of how- and this is something has just been shocking me for the last few years- how pliable peoples mines are just how people can be so easily influenced by what's happening around them, and in this case the teachers are getting influenced by what their told who said art and the students are being influenced by them being told by the teachers. It's just one big lie that take merely if effect is a kind of self fulfilling prophecy. Again this is back to act academy for se. Dot org a self fulfilling prophecy. When a person expects predicts now come and subconsciously a wind, their behaviors to meet that expected outcome simply because they believe that it has to come. True,
Teachers in the pig may mean in the classroom study believe that certain students would perform better and inadvertently will that this outcome into existence with their teaching strategies. The pig mailing effect also works in the reverse direction. If teachers were told that a cohort of students would under perform. They likely would have subconsciously, devoted less attention to these students, causing these students achievement to decrease. Such a seems, real obvious right doesn't seem obvious, especially with kids, but it's just a cross bored and yet, even though it's obvious think about how think about how sometimes you're in a leadership position, or you see someone a leadership position and you see how they're treating people- and you know it's going to have a negative effect, he doesn't know. What's, gonna have a negative effect, and yet
you still see that taking place so treating people in a way that you anticipate their good performance. having a positive attitude about something. How hard is that? Have you ever tricked yourself with like a positive attitude? Yes date date date, they had something in buds, basic seal training, they'd say: false motivation is better than no motivate hmm and it was kind of a joke and supplied the bill. All I can tell this is false motivation. You're going to break like they would say that kind of stuff, but you know it's true. False motivation is better than no motivation. One hundred percent is yes, and you could hear like one person would start acting fired up just acting literally yeah, and then that would kind of go through, and I probably do that all the time
yeah. We know. I don't really feel like doing this, but you know what watch this one will do it. That's what I was doing a football. What else in pop warner football? What would you do just yell like so in color, so I played for the claw store earlier in the collaborators filling two different ages, were eight groups, so cholera rams. They are coach, add a policy is that we would, when we do our grass drills and our yields we drills, we had to yell just to guess it would get us fired up or whatever. When we went up to the next level we didn't have to do any good for him, since the dawn of a war right has been a yell scream like an assault or attack or collect so yeah. I think that was a really good move, because that fuses, the younger guys it's like nine two, yeah, everything yell you have two year. Otherwise, you not dinner, and then in also he had us in uniform like we all had to wear long white, so it was like he had us in uniform more than the other teams too. So I think that that was a good.
dude with squared away. He argued the yards. I think so so we got trained into that saws, does do it and I saw like yeah does help you. It gives you energy to do when you find the junior kind of art tired, but if you have to yell it like actually gives you energy for some false energy better than no energy. So we went up to midgets. They require all that, but return that I never didn't feel like doing it or whatever, like I'd just like. Do that I'd like yulka, some bored still yell like porn or somewhere. So I would do that or theirs is. One is basically like the football version of sprawls. Will you hit your chest and on the ground and get back up and running yes and then I'd hit the ground his heart like hard like a hard impact. You know which is kind of the same effect to it, and just do that, but it was it was just because they didn't feel
I get, but when you did it, you would like kind of make you fired up and give you a lot of energy, Sergio yeah yeah so that kind of energy. Yes, for an individual, you can use it, but also as a leader as a parent as it mama dad giving that kid. Treating that kid! True, Treating that kid, like their spare in this way, which is you know everyone's like special. Now, then we're not talking about that but saying hey you could do osman us there's I've. Also. With a little contrary to this is, if heard that advice which I've actually given before you. Don't I dont, like you, do good you're, you're, your ten years old, you didn't you jesse jiu tournament, I dont say I shouldn't say: oh echo, you're, so talented, What I should say is: hey you
Hard work really paid off. You practiced hard and it really came through yourself focused it so that there's a difference here. right? So this is not to say oh echo, you're, so talented use have a natural gift for this kaliningrad, trying right that others are possible. and I rewarded that I I praised your talent, which something you don't actually aiming to control over you have control over our. So if I'm praising your hard work Come praising your focus so that some to be careful of here you know we're not saying just go out and false cheerlead your kids and be like hey, you said down, didn't get in your tenth batch you're, not saying that say you're hard working to pay off all the way that you push yourself. That's legit you ever done that with look little kid like hey the way you push yourself is: that's that's what I'm talking about yeah, it's very fun, to watch that take effect. Yeah I do that is we gotta do alright! Well, so there you go. Let's, let's set that
upright life man, said you deem a bright such kids upright can you say to him that the weird thing when you you got, we expose low but deeper its little subtle things, its little subtle things like even the way, so that is a little excerpt of what we are doing on the jocko underground podcast. So, if you continue to listen, go to go underground, dot, com and subscribe and we're doing this we're doing this to mitigate reliance on external platforms, so we are not so jack to their control, and we are doing this so We can support the jocko podcast, which will remain as is free for all as long as we can keep it that way, but but we are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors. Edward, it. Sweden, give you more control, more interaction, more direct,
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