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Jocko Underground: Reactance to People, Rules, or Regulations That Threaten or Eliminate Behavior Freedoms.

2022-04-25 | 🔗

Psychological reactance. Adverse reaction to People, or Rules, or Regulations That Threaten or Eliminate Behavior Freedoms.

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This is Giacomo underground, podcast number, forty nine sitting with here with ECHO Charles, wondered above all something called psychological reactions. Now this is something that you know that I know that I've known about for a long time but at but I haven't, heard it I didn't know this term What this is is The definition is quote unpleasant, motivation, arousal or reaction, offers, people rules and regulations that first. or eliminate specific behaviour. Freedoms end quote so, Does that mean that means is, What that means is that people don't like to feel their freedom of choice is being threatened in any way
and what you have heard me say for years and this is just something I would throw out there as if it was a fact and it kind of now is is near. We say people dont like have things imposed upon them. You want how's, your planet, mental forced things on peoples that there's a psychological phenomenon that backs up, that quote feeling that I talk about this happens when you know when someone says you can't do that, and it makes you want to do a little bit yeah now we're talking about something. Earlier today it was like oh someone's telling me to do something telling us to do something, and that makes us both of us feel like. Oh, we would. We won't do it just to spite them yeah or at the very least, get, tell me what added value verily you're mad, that you can't do it, even though you ever wanted to do it right that right there is that right, there is reacting that psychological reactions when someone says hey, you can't do that and make you wanna. Do it more.
and this is because, in my opinion, humans don't like to be controlled right humans, I like to be controlled, we tend to want to do the opposite of what someone is imposing on us this. is by the way where the idea of reverse psychology, which everyone's heard of plays off That's the idea that that it plays on like oh you, you know, hey echo, you're not allowed to sweep up in here. No, Jimmy ominous sweep up. You know like the Tom Sawyer, you know, example of all, meaning you guys can't paint the France. You know. No, yes, we can. Ok, yeah! Ok, fine! So that's! What's that's what that what reversed psychology works on it? works on reactors. There's four elements to reactions or or I should say, four stages may be perceived. Freedom like this is what I think I should be allowed to do. Fred, freedom, then
get the reactions which provides restoration of the freedom a couple interesting indicators, the more certain of the freedom, the harder the reactions So it's something! You definitely think you should be able to do, and I told you not to Europe even more reactions to the higher portance of the free the more stringent the reactions. and an here's an interesting point. They tie this too fact that if I take one freedom away from you, you psychologically think of you take that when you probably take more almost like Us- ecological slippery slope that we're getting into so it's important to understand this. It's important understand this for me to be able to sort out so disorder Quantify this idea that in expressing for years, which is people, don't like being told what to do, people don't like having ideas in power
upon them, people don't like having plans imposed upon them and and so this is where it comes from. We all as humans have a psychological reactance, we don't want to be told what to do. We don't, we have our freedom of choice, control them anyway. So the question becomes. How do you overcome this right? Will this is something else. I talk when all time using the indirect approach making something someone's idea right. I don't pushed the idea down their fruit. I ask earnest questions to get them to say: oh this, a jungle, I think we should do this right now. All we are that sounds great idea. Now when your idea? Now we now you want to go and execute it, which is awesome. Say something like a echo here: the situation have wherein We should go in this direction, but it's your call. Right now I give you that little bit of freedom, you go. You know what here's, what I want to do,
and allows you a little bit more freedom to think through. The issue was advising according to the front right now, you're autumn, if we against it Might resist it, you must you're not going do. That was, if I say, hey man, here's a situation. It's your call! What we do It opens up your mind to actually do the right thing and what this reinforces, is the fact that once again, the indirect approach- May seem like them, Your thing to do. It may seem like the less efficient thing to do. This is another reason why the shortest disk Between two points is not always a straight line, in fact,. that works on a piece of paper in geology, she class in six grade but in the real world the straightest that
the closest distance between two points is rarely. If ever a straight line and the indirect approach is usually better Taylor, you yet indirectly, you go run the mountains. Like ok for the person, I was going up a big too big back from him back in my son. He's fine those. Why do these roads have to be sold winding their Wendy and heat internally? it's not a bad question, so your ways and why it's a windy, so you kind look into Freaking cliff brow, not for Sheridan, say like that: but I did say, however, ass like all cause, they gotta go with the content of the mountains, otherwise it where's the right we're going make the route unless you made one huge bridge or something like this, but that would take long time and buy all the stuff, as is. But if you pay attention
this makes the most sense cause you gotta go! Look where we're going! We're always next to the mountain, look and see him for a long time he's just looking at every curve and it start to make sense to him. It's true. It's kind of the same thing where it's like yeah, in a vacuum or in sixth grade geometry or whatever. Yes, it's a straight line, but in real life. It doesn't work like that, because there's all these other factors yup, that's kind of the one of the examples, I'll use when I'm talking to clients and trying to explain the indirect approach to them. You know if you've got to get from point a to point B. That easier ways, a straight line? Right? Yes, of course, while one, if there's river if there's too, ridge lines that you have to pass over and if you go a little bit off course, even over here into a nice field which does the river running through it it doesn't have any red lines and, steady you'd know instead of taking you whenever ten hours to get across the ridge lines across the river you can just
you can just get there in three hours taken, go fast, you're not gaining in losing Ellen Asian twice to get a resides and risking some detrimental stuff, either way, so very interesting. The indirect approach, still trying to find the best way to explain this to people because its counter intuitive and its counter intuitive cause of what we learn in sixth grade geometry, that the This distance between two points, a straight line, and it only works on that piece of paper with you know MRS Jones, whose time what how to get from point a to point B viola. What is the oak psychological react. You remember, though, he asked it's a good one, because we all have it you see from your kids here right, yeah! Isn't it okay? You know the idea of one people's. I dunno. If it's the same thing, but that's kind of kind of what I'm asking maybe this the real fundamental same thing-
when they say: don't what are they don't? cover elephant, and then you can't help you think of an elephant one if that has something to do with it. I don't think so. It's a similar thing, but that's more like once theirs. I d in your head, like you can't process three camp, Firstly, turn it off, whereas this is a natural reaction, it's like- yeah every action has a natural and equal, and that is a little excerpt of what we are doing on the Jackal Underground Park, asks if you continue to listen, go to go underground, dot, com and subscribe, and we're doing this. We're doing this to mitigate reliance on external platforms. So we are not so Jack to their control- and we are doing this. So can support the Jackal podcast, which will remain as
is free for all as long as we can keep it that way. But but we are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors, Edward in Sweden, give you more control more interaction, more direct. connections better communications with us and you that we are building a website right now, where we build the utilise too strict in this region of troopers that are in the game with us. So thank you. It's Jacko underground dot com, it costs eight dollars and eighteen cents a month and if you can't afford to with us. We can sell support you just email assistance at Jacko, underground dot com and we'll get you taken care of until then we will see you mobilized underground.
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