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Jocko Underground: Rebuild Your Reputation | Handling Bullies | Her Jealous Ex Causing Problems.

2023-12-18 | 🔗

Rebuild Your Reputation

Chaos for a civilians in The Ukraine. How to deal with it.

Handling Bullies

Her Jealous Ex Causing Problems.

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This is the jackal underground best questions answered. He would answers on what do if your signature, in others, acts causing problems for you also how do we build your reputation if you manage to ruin it in the past, you also get some advice on bullying and insight on how complex can be, and some other I've tips that will help you along the way, ok. This next question here is funny because this this is one I wanted to ask you kind of like and not necessarily for me. It actually stopped not for me at all, thankfully, but oh so, that's interesting cause. I know that pig hijacker I just started to grow new gym a couple months ago of focused. On getting in shape in sorting out my life. I've made good progress in the last few weeks. not from here. So I don't know a lot of people in the small town. Usa. I have one worker partner, and we work on almost every day together anyway. Since
starting to work out a began to date, a girl who works out there too. She approached me. Everything is going great and I really like her she's quite pretty and social and fit so. She gets looks attention from other guy looks and attention from however, gets hover, I'm having a serious I'm having serious trouble with a jealous ex boyfriend of hers who is Bad mouthing me to everyone at the Jim and and to her, spreading lies in attempting to ruin my reputation. He also bad mouse. My work out partner, Therefore this is why the question I wanted to ask to build a new needs Neither of us know this guy. He takes photos of my car in parking lots with females and randomly walking by and sending them to her in attempting to frame me for having the girls in my car he's always telling her he's not so he's so much shit on me and is attempting to do anything again to derail what we ve got going on. He owes her quite Bit of money- and she says this is the only reason she hasn't stopped- all contact with him he's always
is calling her going too job and falling less around if we go for walks at the park, et cetera. How do we deal with this question How do I do with the person? Who is attempting to ruin what I am going on through? How does your car mine was like an actually this way more elaborate than whenever just like how do you do it like, like jealous ex boyfriend kind of thing you know like, because this kind of two sides to it, where you can take totally take the high road but like to what agree in alike is already going on well document. Shelly time to wake up before thirty in the morning. In this city? Well, you just said you don't tell them tick. Of course, I'm gonna tell you to take the high road. Mister Jocko I am twenty six years old and I live in ukraine, where our civil population is always in danger of getting killed by russian missiles. My question is how to live through the day, knowing that in people die here or there in my country
iraq experience. Perhaps he could advise how to keep common sense, not dwell in a feeling of guilt and also not be too anxious thanks. So so essentially what this boils down to my friend is you. You can only control what you can control fellow jaclyn echo. Recently. I failed to keep my composure of that work, I lost my cool, a more or less allowed leadership capital because I argued with someone in front of everyone. I got upset and let my ego fly my question is, how do you get leadership capital back after an event like this of owned it and apologized? However, I still got emotional and looked like a clown that not even I would want to work with him out, yeah, listen good!
job on the owning it an apologetic, that's like what you need to do then you have to recognise that this is gonna, be you you have to slowly rebuild this either chocolate mom of three little ones three years, two years and three months. and elevate my parenting game. There are a lot of ideas about paired parenting out. There been reading remoter ownership and have been applying this concept to being apparent in ITALY, four warrior mom, who is trying to take ownership of her kids behaviour, also I listened to jack wunderground on my long runs. I really enjoyed the way the were your kid books. Maybe you would consider way of the warrior mom series in the future awesome alright. So what is it we're just looking for advice on trying to take, I'm going to say this just as a general concept as much
you can and don't take this to an extreme, obviously as much as you can treat your kids kind of like adults, Some months ago I defended one of my friends that was getting bullied at school, standing up to him kind aggressively after that pursued all the friends in the book of the bully started to pick on me in kind of bullying me in group, they turned lotta people against me in or they turn a lotta people against me and in the last days of school they have lot of friends, and every time I got I meet someone that stares at me, I'm a huge amount of people, against me and I dunno how to act being in a constant state of awareness and trying to spot all the opposite or the all. The possible threats is really stressful. I'm trying to I'm trying meditation and stoicism, but they don't seem to work that much. It's been a long time with bullying doesn't seem to seem to.
stop. What's your what's your advice, first of all, make sure you're turning jujitsu, maybe some boxing malta wrestling that's not why. Why is that is because to go fight. Everybody know, but just in case you have to you want to be effective, so train some jiu jitsu trains in boxing train some more thai train some wrestling. make sure you know how to defend yourself you're the way you behave when you know how to defend yourself will be deterrent to the boys because boys, the last thing we want to do is get beat up by someone that boeing and when you know how to fight people consents that and you you can. You can fake it, but it's hard to fake So that is a little excerpt of what we are doing on the jackal underground podcast. So if you continue to listen, go to jacko under ground, dot, com and subscribe and we're doing this
we're doing this to mitigate reliance on external platforms, so we are not so jack to their control. We're doing this so that we can support the jocko podcast, which will remain as is free for all as long as we can give it that way, but we We are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors edward. it sweden, give you more control, more interaction, more direct, connections better communications with us and you that we are we're building a website right now, where we build the utilise too strict, in this region of troopers that are in the game, with us. So thank you. It's jacko underground dot com. It cost eight dollars and eighteen cents a month, and if you can't afford to For us, we can still support you, just email assistance at jacko, underground dot com and we'll get you taken care of until then,
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