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Jocko Underground: Should You Improve Your Weakness? Or Capitalize on Your Strengths?

2023-06-05 | 🔗

Should You Improve Your Weakness? Or Capitalize on Your Strengths?

How to have hard / sensitive conversations with people.

How to build relationships with people who are at odds with each other.

Risking complacency with diffused / shared accountability.

How to raise driven, uncommon, happy, great young men.

How to motivate people with no monetary incentive.

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This is the jackal underground. Podcast number. Ninety two sitting here with echo charles We heard a common question for us and by us I mean humans. should I focus on capitalizing on my shrinks, or should I focus on improving my weaknesses legacy? in question, actually echo charles. You most recently asked me this common question. My answer is actually yes, that's my answer to both but I would say- a bias of focusing time on strength, so you. Ve got strike the weaknesses which you do. work on both issued by towards working under strengths in most cases, because while for one thing you have a compound fact when you're good at something it allows other opportunities right. Other things. Open up alive You do more. Even that thing
you're good at you can do it faster because you're good at it You can do with more efficiency, and that means you can see other things that are happening so that good and usually some kind of an exponential growth when you're doing something that you're good at so we want to focus on our strength for sure. but that doesn't mean abandoning weaknesses you should give up on. You still work on them, but let's say your great at writing, No, let's say let's say you aren't great, let's say you're, not good at writing, so I think it's a little more common. Someone is just not really good at writing. Don't really like it, but you really, good at math. that doesn't mean. Oh, I should go and try and become a journalist right. So if you Great at writing: don't go to college to become a journalist. Does not a good move. if you're good at math, not gonna, writing go, be an engineer goby computer scientist do something that is gonna
capitalize on what you're good at, but don't just give up on writing. Don't just abandoned. Take some Those classes take account writing class taken taking english literature glass you right in your journal, so you can get better at it. Because it is a scale that you're gonna need, even if you're, even if your justa in a complete math, oriented world you're still gonna have to write your stuff. We're gonna half right, even if you're writing. If europe does, I insist, you would have to write an application to get a grant whatever I'm totally talk him off and get on, but I know that those people get france right and obligation get a grant me a selfish therefore you running so you should try and get good at sea, thing if your now actually like a lean in athlete? If that's what you naturally are you shouldn't be like. Oh I'm, gonna now become up and Michael's come a powerlifter because
chances. Are you gonna top out and you're going against nature, the right Naturally, lean actually have slowed, twitch fibres, so that doesn't mean sits, don't go trick, trying to become a powerless lifter, but That doesn't mean you should never lift right. You should want to be strong now, listen if europe, if you're gonna, limp dick marathon runner. You probably not going to be lifting a bunch, at least not upper body right, and I don't think they left. I don't they don't look like they seem like yeah. It doesn't seem like there thing, but my point is for a normal person. You Oh, you are naturally good runner cool definitely keep running, but that doesn't mean abandoned lifting still be stronger. That kind of thing
and there are also things that, if you're not good at them, There is so important that you actually have to do in many ways. So, for instance, that here too, Let's say you wrestled and you grow up you're wrestling, so you have been on the bottom. You don't want to be in your back, so you have no guard, that's not going to There's gonna be here's the pre years, the profit that does one out there? That's a better russell you period and the story right. there's someone out there, that's going what you on your back. it might be, if you wrestled in college well, if you wrestled in june, your college. Well, then, The one colleges they're going to be all better wrestlers in the east. They're gonna put you on your back, so you gotta, just you know. I had a fighter one time. and, I said, hey, you know, what's work your bottom gill he's like I'm not going to the bottom
I, the yeah should still have it and he didn't didn't work on it and he got beat ground and pounded for three taken down each round and here, the guy who was really hard to hold down you. I would a hard time holding down. You had a good, you get fifty feet on the hips, back to feed and whose car to take down too but got taken down. Three rounds in didn't have his timing. Didn't have. Is you know you ve learned some tricks down there and how you gonna get back up so there. Our critical things. That's why I should you I used. Writing is an example. Writing is actually kind of a really important skilled have in general in life. If you can, right. Well, you can't even really put together a good application to apply for a job, never mind. I grant you can explain things correct.
We in the in the military you knock at writing. Evaluations are not good at writing awards because all kinds of problems. So writings on a great example, could writing actually something that you should get good at? I had I didn't really like being on the bottom very much in jiu jitsu when I started progresses, bigger and stronger. So when I was on top, I could like use my weight and strength to control people, and so what I did. I realized I didn't like it, and so I just end up starting on the bottom. For like a year straight, and I got so confident about him- that I brought my game back up to speed so that a positive think if you're not good on the bottom, what happens when you put on the bottom? You gonna get smashed So you have to do that now. What's interest About this, is you think about what weaknesses are.
a lot of times. You mistake, your weaknesses for something that you lack the natural ability to do when the reality is you just haven't really worked on it, you know resigned. If, like you owe you This guy is not a good striker in in fighting. Well, how much does he train striking, of course, he's a black belt in jiu, jitsu and trains to seven days a week on the mats, but he doesn't really so It's not a good striker. He hasn't trained every single day for ten years in striking, because it isn't really like that much rent, and why doesn't he like it that much cause he I do very much so when he does go spar, he kind of gets his ass kicked, and so, If there's something that you're not good at it is our it's not that you don't have the natural. but it's just that you have worked on and that's a problem
so sometimes people think I don't want to do that. They hide from it and that's a bad thing, especially from a leadership perspective know. If I come down- and I see the troops are doing something at something I don't feel really comfortable with, so I just kind of like hide from it? Not a good move since that'd? Hey? Can you guess what we think is because I don't really know how to realize out just how it's just that, I'm on how to do yet, once they teach you, I get off the practice of little bed than you'll be better at it. Ok, cool, but taking that tap to go and get into something is important, this might be the dragon scenarios by the way right here when you're looking at When I say hey echo, I want you to brief the sales team today and you're like I don't I don't, I'm not good at public speaking rent and I go well how much of your practice and you're like well, I've never practised. Well, then you're not gonna, get at it. So I think a lot of times. We see our weaknesses as something
Naturally, we are good at but in reality we don't see we haven't worked at it and that other people have worked at it. You how that person are not good at squats la machu squatting, we have a good. You know. I don't have a good bench, how much bench press are you doing. So that's the reality is not a good run or how much you running local. What are you doing now? Listen, there's people that you're not gonna, be An exceptional runner you mock and have an exceptionally strong bench. You're have an extra exceptionally strong squat, but just about everybody can be pretty good. You know what I'm saying, how I should say: despairingly with the right amount of work, You know it's interesting, I'm not good at anything I'm not good at anything, but I do
interesting thing that I do have as I have like good mobility in my squat position. like there's a lot of people that can go. Grass squat. You know just some items talking to no way I'm starting to stick sr o just down all the way, comfortably winced and be able to sit there like that. I have I know people that are more flexible kind of universally than I am, but they can't do that. Why cause unknown ever get in that position. so, if you get in that position and you sit there, you'll open up your hips you'll, improve your flexibility and your ankles blah blah blah. So I say yes, work on both both my answer, the others to losing your question so that this kind of, you you're helping me makes sense a little cause, I can see it as such. things that you're naturally good at this kind of too little categories. In a way
It's like one that you're kind of just nach, like let's say your fast twitch muscles you're, going to be better at certain physical activities than others right. That's like you're, naturally good at it, then there's another kind of natural ability that seems natural and technically it is, but it's because you ve been put in certain environments that sort to give you this proxy training for this certainly anguish alike, in all illicit you're, a farmer or some bales, hey, listen, does a lot of physical stuff just through work, and then you go do something also that physical all in a different way but similar or you know some some overlap there or whatever and you're going to be ahead of like the normal person. So it's like all this came natural to him as well, because he spent freaking fifteen year. Doing this other thing that similar, though, really good obvious example that is water, water being caught. When the water, anyone I grew up in the water, whether they were lived by a lake lived by the ocean, they served, they were on the swim team. They played water polo. Those people are com.
The warm water anybody there grew up, there's no water, they didn't swim there there the disaster in the water. It's a lot of work for them, overcome that you see this all time and in basic seal training but our group, in order that I have any problem with the water revolutions, like he leg, literally no problem, it's it's a rest for them there. People that are panicking Every single time they go to a pool, evolution pool are challenging. It's it's underwater, not tying its lifesaving. It's fifty meters, underwater swim and anyone that grew up in the water. They they ve consider those things to be a rest. You consider the things to be arrest easier and restrained, just like any just about any one that ran cross country in high school or sir we in college they worry those runs at all there like up. Are we to form our time bluntly there? a formal time run in twenty six minutes. Twenty five minutes, the passing time is
thirty two minutes, there's a bunch people that fail those things. Why be there used to that environment. So yes, you're, right, it may seem like a disguised naturally come from water yeah. The dude played freaking water polo reno of course, you gonna seem natural in the water produced from iowa, grew up on a farm. I had never ever his face in the water yeah yeah, where you get lay people who grow up in a big family. In ireland and for some reason their real, like you know that personality traits that are that are conducive to other environment slick. You know you hear about people for example, then a big family. They got a kind of fight for to be heard in the area of the real, tenacious and in that way, and that sort of sets them up for certain other situations. You know in a way got training just by near their natural, like you can think so they have that going on and then there's the stuff that can like. I said: where are you
I don't have any training you. Actually you don't have experience doing it. That's really what it is. You don't have an experience, doing it, whether it be training or just in everyday life, and then those wind up usually are in a lot of times being quote: unquote, weaknesses, yeah and then say: okay, so then moving forward again. This is just me trying to make sense of the whole thing where these are going to be kind of more tech. Technical and so this training and then there's performance. So you training is like hey. You can practice your we. This is? U can practice. You strength, practice everything, but if you can identify weaknesses, that's that We can really focus on and psycho I can improve them solely by slowly, but can perform its time unless there at a certain level brilliant avoid that stuff. You gonna play to your strength now, hopefully brought you weaknesses up a little bit, so you can bit so live or survivor. We know what one of the case maybe but prefer This is not the time to start working on your weaknesses in training, so will you can kind of differentiate.
What are you doing right now? Are you portraying amy performing in a kind of a thing or two percent are going to make sense of it? That's a great point: you don't you know you, you don't have good. That is. Little excerpt of what we are doing on the jackal underground, podcast, So if you want to continue to listen, go to jail, oh underground dot, com and subscribe, and we're doing this to mitigate our reliance on external platforms. So we are not sub. Act to their control, and we are doing this so We can support the jackal podcast, which will remain as is free for as long as we can keep it that way, but we doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors. Doing it. Sweden give you more control, more interaction, more directly and better communications with us and you that we are building a website right now, where we build the utilise to strike,
In this region of troopers that are in the game with us, so thank you. It's jacko underground dot com. It costs eight dollars an eighteen cents a month and if you can afford to do so let us we can still support you. Just email assistance at jacko, underground dot com and we'll get you taken care of until then We will see you mobilized underground.
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