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Jocko Underground: Sometimes You Have No Good Options, But You HAVE TO Make a Move.

2023-07-03 | 🔗

Sometimes You Have No Good Options, But You HAVE TO Make a Move.

How to effectively deal with constant mishaps and frustrations.

How to turn a shabby day into a productive day with momentum.

How to effectively and reliably train your dog.

Pulling rank VS Taking the high ground.

Taking a job that is morally wrong to get ahead??

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This is the jackal underground, podcast number? Ninety four sitting here with echo charles and we're going to talk about zig x notice,
I do not know- and this is this is a german word. I guess technically, it's two words in german, but german, I think, combines words together to make one big word sometimes, but it comes from two different words: zog, which means move and swaying which means compulsion, so Zug's wang means a compulsion to move, meaning you have to make a move, and this will make a little more sense when I tell you that this is a term that comes from the game of chess and so in chess there are times where you are, you have to make a move and no matter what move you make it's going to put you in a worse position.
Does this happen sometimes in chess, but guess what it does happen from time to time in life as well? We get stuck in positions where we are to be forced to make a bad move, you ve got to make a move and you don't have any good choices. So what do you do when you get in those situations. And the first ones real obvious- and this is sort of like the judge- To answer you get sometimes avoid it right. like how do you get a joke? You got to avoid right. Are their escapes, rear, naked, chokes, sure kind of I mean if someone locks up our end seo new year. I look people get out of here from time to time, but it's an unreliable very, very reliable you're in a bad way, so the
primary thing to do is to pay your surroundings and by sir, examine. What's going on in your world, what's going on in your life, pay attention to what's going on and don't allow yourself to be painted into a corner where you're going to have to walk into that paint you have to you have to I mean I guess you could wait, wait until the paint dries, but then, like whatever there's something going on, that you need to stop. There's the the ovens on. with chicken in there now you pretty much. Have a new corner you're going to have to mess up the paint or you're gonna have to let the chicken burn. It's like you know and probably get a fire, so Pay attention! Look around me situations situation. We aware be detached enough to make sure that you don't get flanked on for dick, when sides? Now you got no good way to go. Ok, So, let's number one, don't let it happen number two, if it happens, take a step back to tat, realize the situation
That europe, because sometimes people, won't accept the fact that they ve got to do something that they don't want to do and that they have no option, big. Neither do this bad thing or this badly. We got into one of you, ve got it so the narrative nothing, and that ends up being worth worse than doing one of these two bad things. You have the opportunity to do so detached recognize the situation, for it is don't panic, obviously, who stay calm, look for look for up germany's rephrase it a little bit look for some arbitrary. Maybe it's an opportunity for you to get rid of something that you don't actually want right. Maybe there's a positive sacrifice that you can make me be it a leadership situation. You can take one on the chin and can approve as an example of vat
highly valuable example how you gonna handle taken one on the chin, so you can look At things and you can frame them in a way in your mind, to go okay, I have to make a bad move, but here's a bunch of benefits that I can get out of this bad move, this other bad move I'll get. No none of these additional benefits. Okay, I'm going to go with this bad move a instead a bad move, be you also have to make sure you're thinking about things from a strategic perspective and not a tactical perspective, because sometimes the tactical bad move seems better, because it's going to give you some immediate relief, and the strategic bad move seems gonna like repaying for more painful than prolong pain or something, but you real when you get done with that prolonged pain, you're gonna, be out of it would be totally different bet better spot. Then that short
from pain that you get over it real quacking, like ok, cool But now you didn't improve your position at all, so pay attention to that as well. in here is what I think is the Our necessarily said this is a black belt move, but I think there are opportune it is that I have taken in my life when I was too bad versus bad design. I have to make do something unexpected. Do something onyx did. Sometimes you have a bad choice and a bad choice, and you ve got the choice that no one even thought of its totally unexpected so unexpected people think you're you're, not even think about it. So you don't see. I you not see this unexpected choice. If you only think about the two choices in which one is gonna, be the the best of too bad
this is, if that's all you think not. You might not see this other unexpected thing, which may actually give you an option that you didn't think so try, look to do something unexpected. That's my point b. You know we did that one point gas. We talk about being a contrary and just because it all up your mind this is a similar thing, thinkers of yourself to do something. No one expects me to do it will at least open up your mind. Hopefully you can see some possibilities. The other thing told totally unexpected if you're in a camp, competitive environment, you know, if you're, in a competition of some kind, in a market place, trying to sell something or europe your jitsu match you do something: that's unexpected! You ever catch somebody who's, just an unexpected move that they didn't expect. I think an arm locked you one time and you just did not expect it and you got bummed out. Yes, I remember that too very much so
straight on lock. Why didn't you expect that such a camera person, yes, bishop, time and ended. I remember that very specific so you kept so we went through a phase not go to defer deep. We went to a phase where you'd get me with kimura or guillotine every effort, pretty reliably for a long time, and I remember thinking and let me at least like find it with in my skill, set or improve my skill set to at least mitigate one of these, so wiki more us. I remember I went for a long period of time with you never committed me, only guillotine norton, and I remember thinking fuck. I think I got down like the knight said it after you guillotine me. Wouldn't I said it of lake, so something along the lines of like why I finally got to the point you can only get the guillotine. I said something like that: they need
There are literally the next time it was kind of a flying one, but you write like just like you say: that's a provides ample because sure I, what expecting it in. I remember thinking. Oh, that was unexpected, remembering that a little bit, but the more prevailing thought was like. Ok, he had to prove to me in a you didn't I was there. I was in bed and personal, not islands are eager versatile out. It was the opposite. I actually learn from it like it's. Not all like in your mind- and this goes for just outside of dam- he actually can get me with a bunch of other thing exactly right, just doing whatever you want if they don't start telling useless, and this goes for outside. You do don't start telling yourself this big elaborate story. Just could he have one little pruning point very small, proven point to an end so I was just a little humbling reminder that, ok, like don't don't look like that, look at it. This way picture here you I don't know. What's going on with you probably train more than me anyway, like my thinking,
while I'm just like that's my litmus test, what's interesting, I'd already been down that whole road with the english I understand so, like you know, I would get the list with the camera and then he know he just is able to defend it. Then one day I just hos stout that straight arm lock was unexpected there, you go the list. He enlisted that with a heel hooks to me, he'll hook, you hook your hook and finally, I started like okay. I can turn out of this. I learned a good, pretty good defense. Then one day he goes back four years worth of turning street foot foot long. because the defences opposite rates it just straightfor, locking unexpected. So that's what we're talking about here doings something that's unexpected summits, but here's here's one you get caught in the end will shape ambushed. You know that is el shaped ambush what you need to do is assault. You need to do the unexpected
which is where our caught an l shaped. We are going to assault the enemy right now. That's what we're gonna! Do it's unexpected its highly aggressive and you can get the upper hand quickly. I mean look you're cardinal shape ambush you're in a bad freakin spot. You dont have to many options, but doing something bold and unexpected is a good mindset have when you have to bad choices? Think, ok! What else could I do? What britain crazy move could by the way, how much risk. Is there like? I have a lose lose situation. Can I take the high risk. What am I We stand to lose anyways, I'm gonna lose its like, you you, if you're in a jiu match and you're getting just smashed and you try and toss some foot lock at the end of the match like You are already on the bottom. Is a no risk move you're already down nine, you know nine points to zero you're going to lose, it might as well. Try it yeah right, do something.
but don't try and pass anymore. You have been in the past a guard for seven minutes. He'll, look like that's that's the type of attitude and, of course, don't give up. That's also important. You can find a way. There are ways to win. You have that mindset as well. There's a way to win. There's a way to win. and sometimes you gotta take a loss to win. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes you gotta take a loss to win, but there are ways to win. Go find one it that's what I got it's what I got for for today, so the l shaped ambush is that doesn't matter where they're coming from or as long as it's just in the shape of earth, in the shape of an l, okay, so we the site and behind you, decide in front of you,
it's either going to be one of those too yeah cause. They can't be. They can't be in front of you and behind you yeah. What do you call the interlocking anderson in the shape of an l either? No, that would be the age yeah, but they're shooting at each other, so people, while the moves would set up. Ambushes like that, like on both sides of the road unexpected, it's unexpected for sure, but we came to expect it but see they don't care for shooting each other collateral. They don't care if they have a blue on blue, don't care, and there you go that's a little. taste of what we are doing on the jacko underground podcast, everyone listen to the whole thing: gotta Jacko, underground, dot com an subscribe and we're doing this will do. to mitigate reliance on external platforms, so we are now subject to their control and we are doing this so, can support the jocko podcast, which will remain as free for all as long as we can keep it that way, but we
We are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors. Edward, It sweden give you more control more interaction, more directly, since better communications with us, to strengthen. legion of troopers that are in the game with us. So, thank you. It's jacko underground dot com. It costs eight dollars an eighteen cents a month and if you can't afford to for us. We can still support you, just email assistance at jacko, underground dot com and we'll get you taken care of until then. We will, see you mobilized underground.
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