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Jocko Underground: Start Walking | Influencing Toxic People

2022-09-19 | 🔗

Improving a toxic work environment.

Getting daughters into Jiu Jitsu.

Finding success as a new leader.

The pains and grind of a 911 dispatch operator.

Taking Extreme Ownership with your kids.

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This is the jackal underground. Podcast were on number sixty two dozen number six mason here with echo jars, I was talking to a guy at camp, but pretty much been to been every camp that I think I've been to do to camp. This is by the way, origin emerging camp and the good guy we ve, we ve, always hung out, and I've kind of watched. His growth and journey for lack of a better word over the past four years anyway. This time shows up the camp. We're talkin and he's going to really are done like us, pricing. You know the you just you see someone on a trajectory and you're watching their trajectory like all. This is a good directive year, and then all of a sudden there is off that trajectory like it's like The space shuttle colombia, like you, think, everything's going good nipple it just it just go sideways
So that's what's going on here is a former military guys been outlawed terry for a pretty long time, but you know he said it is own. Business needs, don't pretty well, but you know a lot of hard work like a tough business. A lot of hard work kids, all mine yards everything's. I mean this is just the trajectory like, oh yeah, you're doing well, you ve caught up pivoted a little bit made some adjustments. You got to go If you got a bunch of kids, and if you were to ask me if you said hey, we know. Where do you think my life is right now I would have been like okay. Well, you probably expanded your business a little bit more. You probably know this, but it was like no wife wants divorce like just just total change right to drastic change in direction in ITALY. if so as we're talking through it, and we spent like an hour talking as
talking to it through it like at one point he's like you know I might have to sell the business. You know cause they built up this business and he might in order to settle with her. He might have to sell it just to sell the business, and which to me was weird cause. If you sell the business You have no more income So it's not like. you can sell any goes, no well eager, probably have to sell the business, give her a big chunk of the pay out and then I'll have, work at home depot just to pay child support and are normally do I just can't figure out. You know he's a smart guy think about it, but I just can't figure out what to do and some sitting there listening, I'm thinking about it for awhile and do- Finally, I said you know: I'm not smart, but I know what I would do He was like well what I said. If I was in your situation, I know what I would do and he was like what I said. I would start walking music. You know what he meant. I said here. Let me explain
this is? What's going on with you right now, you just woke up like you came to consciousness and you're gonna know where you are and you're in the middle. The woods. and you're looking around ten years, trees and it's like thick you can't even tell where the sun is right, but you you know you're in the woods. You don't know where to go, and so what I would do is. I would start walking I would just pick pick like a direction and I would start walking and as I'm walking, I would eventually find a little terrain that is going downhill and I'd fall, that terrain, downhill and eventually I'd hit. A stream and the stream would actually be a tributary into up river and then from the river fall the river until I had a road and when I had a road events had the road to town somewhere in a things out right figure out where I was and I'll be back. I appeal to get food and I put everything together, but I said what you're doing.
And this is what, from this conversation, what you're doing here just standing there looking around And you're trying to figure out where the town is where civilization is and you waiting trying. Guess looking around and look for clues, but within freaking closure in the middle. The woods there's no clues. there's no clues bitterly you have to go and find it civilization the town. The thing is not going to come to you, you have to start work So that's what I would do and look there's a obviously a hint of like with decision making right. You don't know where you are ya know what to do start moving in some direction and that'll give you see. clues or some the or some immediate feedback about where you are, and you can start assembling a picture of what's happening. So I know I'm not might not be the smartest person a world and you're smart.
but you're not can build it. Do anything without doing something after walking, and then we are back to this home depot peace- and I said, listen I've. If I was you sure I could get a job on people and was again you know what my job at home debo, my I'll would be the again, squared away I'll it and after but we can have it be the most squared away I'll in home depot and I said in a few weeks the store manager would look at me and he was like hey. Can you run that these three isles they'd give me three files, and then they give me seven isles and then they give me twelve miles and then they give me the front of the store and then eventually they'd be like hey? Can you just run this store cause I'd be bust. My ass and I've been making things happen. I be bone relationships of people and then eventually they'd be like hey. We want you to run this district with all the home depots in this district and then they go. We want you to take this region and eventually be like a. We want you to see you of all people and we're laugh and right,
I'm not that arrogant, but where I was making a point, but I too this guy. Like look, you see work at home depot, punishment and I see it as an opportunity as an opportunity and by the way, people there. Thank you for the home depot millionaires right. The real thank all know what is poor people millionaires like in the early days of home people you could take stock options, went home Wasn't that big and a lot of without work cashiers in reno. cleaners in the aisles they took stock and you know now they're millionaires, but that free framing or the way you look. At things and. seeing opportunities. Instead of seeing punishments and instead of seeing down turns in your life, seeing opportunities
you're just gonna, have such a much better impact on the way you you'd, where you get to cause. You know, go into like the Your jordan petersen talking about like aiming and gotta take aim right. This is a version of that right, when I get in there and I think pay homage to make this I'll look awesome law. We'll look at what I'm aiming at aiming in improve and get better and do a good job If I go in there, this socks, what am I aiming at a maiming at the sucker? Actually, where I'm gonna use then we would we you are often of driving and when you're driving a car if you start looking at like if you gotta go between obstacles- and you start looking at one of those obstacles, you're going to hit that obstacle, that's there's like a tendency that you're going to hit the op's gonna, go where you're, what what you're looking at yeah
same thing with this. If you think this job is going to suck what the job is actually going to suck now and you're, not gonna. Do it well and you're, not gonna, get promoted and you're, not gonna, give be given more responsibility. Now can be given any opportunities, so just be careful that I've got a good lesson for everybody. This happens to me now more got silky one hundred Back in the day got silty and one that, like clean, toilets, I'm like cool blunt lenny rock in rome, and do this really well? Do you think I want? I clean toilets, of course not. But I was like okay, that's what we're doing. Let's do this at one of my friends out at a different team made like his web gear into like. custodial attack mode. He put like a bed like a holster with cleaner than ones like a toilet brush and he's running around ready to respond and he's having fun with it, and he
He was just poking fun at it. It would happen, Well, that might be a risky move. What he was doing it like. No, I'm ready to go lucky actually was right up about itself embrace it. So that's what I'm saying if you're in spot and you know what to do not sure where to go. Don't know where the right direction is start walking and started: for opportunities and they'll show up that's my word of the day and which are also agreed that in some people talk, but where it's like a he's far more ahead than it's, because it's not some people, they look at it as oh, my gosh I've gotta start all over whatever and a common that thing that I've heard is you're technically not starting all over, because all of your past experience and knowledge or whatever so even wake up in the woods. Like that's perfect, such a purveyor watch the movie momentum. Yes, I did
my memory of it's kind of vague oddly enough right, yeah, yeah exactly so, and the way they present. That movie is like in backwards clip right, which is kind of part. They try to mimic his thought process in the way his brain works, because he doesn't have short term memory, so he'll just sort of come to just like in the woods, whatever in something's, either going on or he's at a certain place, and he doesn't know how he got there. So he kind of refers to as too, it for as like notes, so that's kind of like in your analogy where the tattoo is your past experience and knowledge? You can look at them and whatever you don't have any assets, you don't have like. everything that you lost is gone. It's gone Alex, was more powerful exactly right. Only the knowledge in your head that you don't have like the business. You don't have. You know the access to all that. So that's gotten us like the guy's memories. You know those are gone. He knows only what he can do moving forward and he can use all the knowledge that he has tattooed. So it's kind of the same deal in a way. That's when the thought struck me anyway, so yeah, it's kind of starting
a head. Oh deftly story had the of an starting with no baggage Nobody's if another way to look at it age and kids and stuff like that, those are factors or whatever, but a man. That's a good, such a good way to get it, where dot, when you say avoiding the need that I think the thing where you're like yeah, what do you call it offensive offensive driving? Don't look at the obstacle yeah, so it's like you can't actively avoided schools, just don't look for. They also look for something else. Like look for how you see the opportunity- or you know driving terrain. Have you heard me talk about that? You have to be driving you're like a box accident and to you and you just look. Four drivable trade white work and I take this vehicle- were a mock him die. that's a real positive thing, so that's not nothing. You start walking in the woods. You're looking for drive all terrain terrain, you're, looking for a way out of there, you don't know
it is, how can you tell in the middle the woods it feels like the challenge there? You have. Some mental discipline is too like avoid thinking about it, things you lost the I like that. We don't want to focus on, in fact that's like, and everything right. When something that happens like that snake, you could. literally you just had at last week and now it's gone, thank you so used to having something, and then it's gonna, say: brow, Can you avoid thinking about all this stuff? You lost, you know, so I guess that would be one of the big challenges as well, but if he meant it is kind of the same, I think don't focus on those obstacles or the bad part of whatever focus on the opportunity. How you say, that's good thing, choco, definitely when we had Jim serves the on the pond gas to who was the vietnam guy. That was wounded, really bad law both of his legs and lost one arm. And his just talk, and afterwards you know about how he had lived this incredible life. He done a bunch released.
about. How lived this incredible life know done a bunch real estate stuff, you roofing company, nine. How do you go. You come home from vietnam you go to nine months, rehab learn how to use a wheelchair learn how to like survive without legs and war, and only having one arm and get some of that and he just carried on with his life you talk, we talked about louisbourg junior and they were in. We have at the same louisbourg junior and they were in. We have at the same time lewis puller and they were in rehab at the same time and lewis junior ended up killing himself recently, but he lived up living incredible any unfortunately died recently, but he lived a really incredible life. You know had what the difference was and he was like he said that lose. So that is a little excerpt of what
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