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Jocko Underground: Taking Pleasure in Other Peoples Pain | Guys Looking to Start Trouble Everywhere You Go

2022-10-10 | 🔗

Taking pleasure in other people's pain: SchadenFreude.

You might be the lightning rod.

Managing a long-distance relationship during college years.

Should you attend Jiu Jitsu class even if you can't participate?

Getting the team to be motivated to do hard things.

Dealing with opposing financial philosophies in a marriage.

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This is jacko underground podcast and we actually have an echo charles topic, which is still it's because you ve set. You send me topics and guy opened with the eye. You know you send me an email to say you g topics. And I will put up with a good attitude. I'm a positive attitude cool but It's been pretty rare so far that they make the cut now may If one of our topics could be echo charles topics matter of fact, maybe we'll do that next time, I'll just go through the topics and see what we're thinking when these came while also like to say this: if there's something that a listener is that you'd, like you're us discuss, send it in not just a question Hey. Hey would like to hear your discussion on this topic, so the top that you sent me was shot and fred
schadenfreude yeah, because that's how you say it schadenfreude schadenfreude. You sent me this topic hey well, let's talk about this and it's a pretty it's a pretty popular topic, yup, maybe popular strong words. You hear it occasionally! It's a german word. Thus the combination of two words, the first word: it's chardin, which is damage or harm and Frida, which is joy. So this is when you hu. As a person are. finding joy in someone else's suffering, so I It seems to be something that people like to experience on the interwebs right. You can kind of watch bad things happen to people I mean there's whole there.
The thing called fail like fail tv and fail army records watching just watching people eat shit, going to various different ways on skateboards on mountain bikes on water skis in vehicles. That's that sort of the ultimate form, if schadenfreude a right, it's canada maloney that maybe not the it's the appear for you are literally watching people suffer or like when a kid he's a classic one. With a kid swings You know the dead and the kid right in the baseball bat ory there based war. Whatever kid hits, the baseball hits a dead in the nuts. That's the classical or classic so those are kind of quite frankly, does a colleague little bit innocent kind, funny humorous versions of this. But there are some You know what I what I was looking this up, trying to chinese get a little more of a better understanding of it, dried the cycle,
psychological driving forces, because this can be a real thing, psychological forces our aggression, rivalry and sometimes asked us to think about that. One will like when you see here is a classical go back to the same kind of knucklehead stuff, you see the poorest. that's driving and they do so. Asshole move, and then they hit a frequent yo, a bridge bunk meant or whatever. cardio, like I got, would you deserved? So when I worked at the nightclub downtown you'd see know people show out downtown and show out their joy. Like getting all dressed up in one hour, he's a significant show off yak, look at sure means like essentially for like a better way of putting it, making a scene good or bad times yeah. So guys would like when they leave they'll piilau right, making it off
smokey and loud, making this just showing outright and they pure right and then you'd, see sometimes cause a lot of cops under you see the copper as they go to some airlines would tear is weird. I want on the streets cheering just schadenfreude all day. Mountain mass. This justice will efforts, so that can do it why did you what what made you want to discuss? This was a sum. your case, but saw no, no, it was just like the like a psychological kind of condition. That's lake It seems bad, but then there's probably go so deep in which to me I didn't know realize all this stuff. They already said. Yeah, well, here's what would you asked about us, it ok, cool, so we'll talk about what it is, and I think everyone can kind of understand it. But I wanted to take something I was passed away from us. I want to get a legitimate lesson learned from it hears
The legitimate lesson learned as I started thinking about this feeling is such a good indicator of your own station in life. Your own security, your own conference, your own for lack of any word happiness right. So if I'm see an echo- and I see you freak in whatever you get, you key crash, your car and, unlike I kind feel good about it. What does that say about me? I see you get fired from your job if your girl, The friend dumped you and I kind of feel good about it. What? Why is that? Well, it's because I'm insecure! It's because I'm not happy- and I want you to be suffering as well, you'll that I got for awhile thinking That did you know certain guys in the seal teams wouldn't want to see other guys succeed. I told the story bows. I want to go to princeton guy solution,
it'll, ruin your career, I'm like bro. How is going to princeton going to ruin your career? What do you that's insane like go to princeton you'll have a degree, but people didn't want him to get that. Up right. So it's sort of like a czech engine, light for your soul, If you walk round easy other people suffering and it brings you joy, you got issues that you need to look at for yourself and you need it. If yourself now there's the once, I got the rabbit whole. This thing There's another word: another tough, too pronounced german word, but its related its. Well the and what this is This is when you're mad about someone else's good luck. O echo got a new john you're mad about it. You know, echo. Just freaking got a new house in your mad about it same thing. In my opinion, if you feel this way you need a check, your soul. This is a red light. Ended
check engine light on your soul. When I got house that I live in now, which was a long time ago is actually ten. Almost twelve. Almost eleven years ago I got the house I live in now house. I live in now. Isn't a cool, very cool location? I could barely afford it. crazy things to get into that house and one of them you know not like a close friend but up you know under the family type individual- I had stopped, you know, was walking down the street and knew that we had god or whatever and walked in there and immediately started telling me like. Oh the traffic, great who's going to be loud. You hooked, water salt corrosion caused by the oil to be wallet like just point out. All these negative things started hating, it all was hating. Thank you for bringing into the parlance of our times right but was hating on it. You couldn't. Be mad at this house, I'm in a lesser you could not be you know it's. You could not be
and I remember thinking damn this dude is bombed that I got a gun. I got this house and this locations was somewhat that the local, right. The house was kind of crappy. Wasn't a crappy though I mean it was bad wasn't heinous was livable, you know what I'm saying about the location was good to go. So but then the funny thing is stoner came by and I was like, hey dude I got I got because I didn't wanna jinx it, and so I told him I'm like hey man, I'm I'm in escrow for a house he's like where is it on Micah? And I was like: oh it's it's done by the water we you know, but I want to talk they I jinx it jinx it frustration. Style was a fine, I gotta go. I go home come and see the new house music. Where is it? I sent him the like the pin drop in these days so comes over an I'm already there and he walks in dude. You could see like big smell, ear to ear smile on his face, he's like dude we're set.
for me, it was like we bought our house, and you know what I'm saying, but he was like super stoked at the he had the opposite book smarts, so you're one of these people. If you're getting better, then then you have an issue and where I I look, I guess you kind of sent me a little bit of a thought. Tornado cause here's what's went on in my opinion. Once again, if I'm looking at you and I'm kinda mad that you're getting lost. when I look at myself. I realized there's, I'm not I'm letting myself down. Somehow writing onboard. I am actually you know. Stoner ended up get in a house in the neighborhood that I was in. And it wasn't quite as bad ass, but it was freaking le jet,
and I was so stoked for him, so he used oak for me, I'm stoked for him right. That's the way it's supposed to be some people be all bummed out when their friends are winning if you're bummed out when you're The winning you're probably got issues, but I think the issue that you have is you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing. You're, not work. If you're not reaching your potential, and that is so. You have the pent up aggression towards people that are being as pole and that's a bummer so watch out for those again. I think both these things, they're good things to pay attention, too, because if you feel, if you're feeling joy when someone is suffering or you're feeling girl when someone is winning ya, got issues pay attention to it. Do you feel like a little bit of that is natural,
Well, that's the thing. There are natural psychological driving forces that that I read about which, as you know, are now ro human aggression right like we're size and each other up. We're we're compatible our competitors in life right. That's what I feel so. That is a natural thing, we're gonna have we ever actual rivalry for resources and for you know, mates at an animal lip, so that is little excerpt of what we are doing on the jackal underground podcast. So if you continue to listen, go to go underground, dot, com and subscribe and we're doing this we're doing this to mitigate. Reliance on external platforms, so we are not so jack to their control, and we are doing this but we can support the jackal podcast, which will remain as is free for all as long as we can keep it that way. But
but we are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors edward it. Sweden give you more control, more interaction, more a connections better communications with us and- you that we are building a website right now, where we build the utilise too strict in this region of troopers that are in the game with us. So thank you. It's jacko underground dot com. It costs eight dollars in eighteen sense a month and if you can't afford trousseau, or us, we can still support you, just email assistance at jacko, underground dot com and we'll get you taken care of until then, we will see you mobilized underground,
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