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Jocko Underground: The Importance of Your Reputation

2021-12-31 | 🔗

The importance of your reputation.

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How to move into a newly desired position at work effectively.

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More advice on leading people with more experience than you.

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This is the Jackal Underground park. Ass number thirty, eight echo trawl sitting here with me, ECHO Charles Kisser. I'm gonna use your. Your situation, let's say to sort of frame. a conversation, possibly maybe we'd, get right through it. May we dont, maybe just a topic but thinking of reputation, nor the reputation and seal tamed very important. I I have fun with your reputation, no meaning I kind of have presented a reputation for you again your will in some cases of this level of cruising and roll. axing and made not super overly concerned about work or anything like that. first of all,. Has ever bothered you ok
Second of all, if it did bother you How would you handle it and I'm the answer that right now, If it bothered you the way to handle, it would be the way your handling it right now. So even if it Bobby right now secretly and you are like another modem That's the way to handle it So this is my advice right people. Yes, if something, if someone's you know ras- knew about something or you're there they're doing something saying something and you don't like it. The worst thing you could do is let everyone oliginal like it. This like lesson day, one of the signs of you, Show that something bothers you you're going. That's gonna. Stick if you don't It shows that then people move on it gets boring. If I started, if I was making fun you all the time actually, the only reason I keep telling you about this stuff is cause. It's funny. You laugh. I laugh we have. We were fond. Is funny
if you weren't laughing- and I than I probably would have moved on to something else- to try and harass you out in front, try and find them some little. Some little in the armor get through so reputations rum If someone is in a situation where there reputation, isn't what they want it to be. How do u course correct that? I'm gonna say: first of all, you gotta come own meaning pay. The reason I have this repetitious, something that I'm doing is earning me. This reputation, lotta townspeople, think the you. Everyone just says that about me there again, to me, they are trying to make me look bad in what is this is the option of his remarks were blaming other people. Which means you're not gonna, make any adjustments to whatever it is you're doing that earning you, this reputation in the first place. So Reputation didn't appear out of thin air, your reputation.
Actually came from something that you did unintentional intentional knowing unknowing, but you did something that that made people focus on this aspect of you and that little aspect, now turned into a reputation? if you deny those job, that's not me now, let's not the right move. We have to actually take ownership of the reputation we got and if there's adjustments that need you need to be made to it. We need to adjust our behaviour in order to adjust our reputation. Reputation is strategic, meaning it's a long term aid.
It's you do that you can do things tactically. That can help your reputation. That can hurt your reputation, but over time you have to maintain the long term the long game on reputation. You can't you can't be a slacker, slacker, slacker work hard one day and think your repetitions, gonna get. You can't be angry. temper, emotional and then one day, try not common. You think european spirit doesn't work like that. Doesnt work like that: its reputation as a strategic thing that you need to think about. And you need to act strategic when it comes to. how you care yourself and how it can impact your reputation. That's the way it works, so If you notice restarted used, are to feel like your reputation is not where you want it to be.
assess own it assess what corrections you need to make by the way I don't recommend radical changes. where you know, I've been lazy, I've been lazy, I've been lazy and one day I just come in and start working ultra heart. Most people. Don't the amazing, You can't do that, but it's going everyone's gonna kind of feel that everyone the kind of be like. Oh, it doesn't seem like a lasting it's, not it's attacked or movement on a strategic move. Its attack moves on a strategic move. If you say oh, let me pick up that other shift continually you'll. Let me take this and undertake that extra shift for long. Oh yeah, tat little product, I can take the thing you're going to get the new shift. I got this, I got that need no, it's too much people know back until people, don't believe it is a fad diet right.
I am only I'm I'm goin on the court of what I am, where our carnivore now dude. You should just got on with a friggin you no ice cream cake no one believes you No one believed your powerful, like the whole life. Your advice can cakes wrong. What size is like Oreo cookies can kick brought in and out I don't know, but when I was a kid, it was a thing. Yea you will go to her, I think we got from carvel viewpoint. Carvel is ice cream kind of store. You could get it. Ice cream cake, which is basically a which basically a thing in the shape of an ice cream of the thing in the shape of a cake, but its ice cream, There's some kind of crossed scenario: we let the yes so here is a things side note, but it's important, I think for us. So two things first off one had covered. I ate and ice cream cake a recent,
thinkers, peanut butter stir yeah, that's what I thought, what you could taster smell I'd could this before I knew I had covered by the way is for Thanksgiving, so I'm eating it, unlike this is very under foot freakin like welcoming underwhelming cake this under delivered. This is not a good ice cream cake from what it looks like rank within days, get they sweet, but that that contains a would have come to expect. So, whatever so that's I remember. Ok, ice cream cake! That's nice can king, but when I think about it is the others, those ok so there's a place uncle. I could kill keys paradise. I recommend anyone who goes going straight up, gonna, give you some site by eyes grew shop. What they deserve interplay ordinary, entangled in a place where they live, music and still sometimes like the coin is really really good. Spun. There's all my wife. Does accessions topped. I should tell this secret, but does what she does when we planet triplets it. like few months in advance, she'll cocktail he's and make a reservation for every night, us being there that way, you're guaranteed ever reservation a
for if we plan to go she'll calling cancel it on the day after day before hours, to get a reservation, we re not very heart, so you you kind of can't if you're like you're on quietly go tomorrow whenever you can't really get one either way signal so their one of their deserted. You can get his called a hullo pie and it's an ice cream cake, and it's like this, I give you men's lebanese one foot tall. Italy's people that are just listen, it's very high, yes and then you could tell it's part of a big, huge cake that you get once but it's for the whole table style. One person a depending on where you are you're right it That is a good good ice. Can kick. It called Hulu pilot. Ok. So where you're, the one who brought up nice gunboats. Good point, like I said I think, like you said you thought this was reported in an apparently. This is a one minute. I'm eating a hula pie, leg, legit, think about as you and me we're in Hawaii every day,
going to kill, kill, he would everyday we're gonna keep is I'm giving up HU the pie on the daily and then one day wake up and I go hey, I'm a carnival what is your level of belief in my scenario, back believable see, it was not high. Very lottery. Le fact is kind of its almost did respectful from even say that to you It's almost like I'm just a liar. Look it's almost like this is not believable. So we have to think of that same thing. So two ends up being important, cooler, pie and me important because if we're eating hula pies and then Allison we're same carnivore. Doesnt work if we are lazy and oversight we're China ACT like we're. The hard worker is not gonna work either. It's not gonna work overnight, now look If I tell your record of war and then you know, we got for dinner that night, you ok, you gonna get.
look. I got no man, I'm gonna get chicken wings conquered carnivore. Now are you ok, you might I have a little bit more, but we re not gonna change overnight. with your reputation. You refugees He's not gonna change overnight. It's gonna take time. It's gonna. Take effort, is gonna, take strategic thinking, you're gonna hafta you can. also have to think about what you do. Tactically this is you When we talk about how a tactical mistake can have strategic impact right, so I great prison, the guys guy's girls, these men and women. I guess I'm not kids, these men and women that put these put these insurgents and terrorism and suspected terrorists into these body positions into pictures and all the stuff that they did with all its up. They do in Abu Ghraib, look. that's a tactical situation there in a prison is not its strategic move to do that. They work. They weren't
I say: win the war with these by stacking. These guys and stripping of naked and put doggies that wasn't get there. That wasn't strategic move, but had a strategic impact on negative strategic impact so it's the same thing with our reputation. If you make a dumb tactical moves, That might not seem like a big deal to you. You might come shrugged her shoulders say whatever o doesn't matter, fights cut this corner right now, but if that little corner that you cut some people here, what's the big one by dishonesty right, if you dishonest about something that Udall That is a little excerpt of what we are doing on the Jackal Underground podcast episode. So if you continue to listen go to, Go underground, dot, com and subscribe and we're doing this we're doing this to mitigate.
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We will see you mobilized underground.
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