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2022-09-05 | 🔗

What's in a name?

Physical Preparation.

You want credit. Get over it.

I don't have to follow rules.

Finishing Americanas in Jiu Jitsu.

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This is just going to groundwater gassed number sixty with echo charles and me doc, or whether we are sitting here getting radio cord. This thing- and I am saying echo charles I'm saying Jokela link what's in a name I was thinking about the other day that turned out there's a lot. That can be a lot in an ape. There's a theory as I researched this there's a theory or or should I say, there's a have I hypothesis that people tend to graphic tate toward things in life. That kind of their names, which is an interesting thing to think about the other hypothesis is called the nominative determinism, which means name driven so whatever your name is: there's a decent chance that that might info.
it's the way you think and where you end up in life, maybe decent chance is a strong word and we with some of the research here, there's an october issue the psychologist and its. is that offers offers gravitate, words areas of research that fit their surname visit this research the example of the article they use there's an article on incontinence from the british jerk of urology and it's written by dawn. you're, a J, splat and dark de we'd, on zeros it's kind of strange righted seem strange. There is another magazine: a british magazine had some good examples, a guy named Andrew drink water, works at the water research centre. There's a guy named! actor will welfare whose works at the public health department in england there's a guy named alan, too good, who
samaritan volunteer a woman named doktor pan graves, PAM graves and she's an archaeologist? There's a guy named Tom kitchen guess what he is chef. Yes, he would go a woman named Sarah blizzard bbc, whether whether reporter guy named here Far he's a distance runner. When you speak of running you saint bob, you see roseanne and three so there is a little bit of research by this and look
it looked like? Even the numbers that they threw up, it's pretty minimal. It's not like this direct correlation, but at the same time from I started thinking about this pragmatically like how. How does this apply to us as people in what we do and how we interact and how we interact in groups and how we lead groups if we're leading groups think about when you give a team a name or when you give a nickname to someone right, so If you nickname your kid dummy you sooner than how they're gonna work out, if you need me, kit, champ, hey champ, come here, how second worker look
it's one. Hundred percent correlation. No, but let's face it, if your nickname, your kid dummy or you nickname your kid champ now look, you can nickname your kid champion that think they should win everything, and now they are a brat right. Could that happen sure? But if you nickname your kid knucklehead. Or you nickname your kid S, museums and these these can have, and they they did. Legitimate inbreeding, some of these things they had some legitimate things. The way this turned out.
and the real obvious examples is like naming a team or naming a military unit hackworth in the korean war. He took over fox company and changed it immediately to fighter company. Think about what that does to the mentality. Then, when he got to vietnam he would he took over the hopeless battalion and he changed it to the. Hard core but turn have you made the hard luck her lot, but I'm confused, but he saves named a hard core like as other wonderfully matter democracy, where the hard core I did the same thing. It's your team. Three changed asking a problem task in a brutal, so This is an important thing to think about is the important thing he hears. Nothing like you're at work. You got a guy on your team. What nickname do you give them now on the shield
it's awful you're going to get a nickname that is making fun of you that's the way it is. I mean Dave burke, you know de bert version at casa, yeah well, now good deal did but the call saying chip yeah chip, which was making fun of him because he chipped his teeth on something. You know some pilot so name people and name things a nickname people positive things. And you are going to at least have a chance that you have a positive impact on the scenario and you know even you can nickname that you can name processes like you have a process for something, and if you name it, you know the drag, no one's going to like it. But if you call it lightening, the people argue, and you can see the government and the government tries to do the stuff to think of bringing is they frame at us?
in a way. What do you think by your name echo. I dunno I just I do not like the word depends on what you mean, so you think it had an impact on your life compared to You have a twin brother right, you're twin brother. His It is also kind in new york. New need great gate. did it have some kind of impact on you what what kind of impact? What if your name was bill? Yeah In line with idea that I was just different little bit, soil always felt different and I dont know in what way. To be honest, I don't even know where even the honey I've been looking for. You know, like I guess most it that's kind of irony right where we all feel different will feel like different, a little bit. I mean I don't know. Maybe we do, maybe, though I know I did put it away so even felt different, because your name, My name was one of the things that may what else were even more different
I guess when you think about it, was that I had a twin brother that made me different. Do you remember when you realized that you are a person yeah? What was it two years old when you remember doing this? One when people would ask me how old are you on the common question and they do this. I remember seeing this like between my nurse zeal your own finger here so between the two, fingers making a too and then it like spiral. Are you ever did this where? Maybe when your kid, when you look at your end- and you like this is wholly have me- doesn't like em up any judge spiral. Almost like insanity a little bit. Do you ever get that maria that started at two years old? I remember yeah, I I going to have to dig back into my memory cause. I remember thinking about this like like two years ago, I was thinking about I sort of remembered when I remember being like. Oh I'm a person and I have autonomy in the world, and I can do what I want to do and there's going to be forces,
any against me, but I can get strong to where I can defeat those forces that similar thoughts now I've never had a girl and her head at the wheel. Here's what here's rising so mine? My nickname jog was a nickname right, but it's a nickname of had britain's I was born. So even before I was born, I was my nickname. What that? What I think that did influence is that, when I would meet is back in the set these man. There was known weird names. Everyone has a weird name right, like legitimately, every kid is named, like the weirdness version. My kids all have we're names that gives us that your kids have weirdness right there mediocre. I guess it's not john bill and MIKE S, arms and jan. So back in the day when I was going into you first grades, second grade Canada. When on the schoolyard, whatever your meeting bill, your meeting, frank you meeting David and then there's is we can kid whose name is jacko, which is
a total which is totally different type, a name. They don't know what is so I'm immediately like you're going it made. Fun of kind of you're gonna, be noticed a little bit and which Do you have to build a very young age. To be able to negotiate a list a bit of awkwardness. And maybe a little bit of teasing or maybe a little bit, I hadn't learning negotiate that at a young age and I think that made me comfortable interacting with people at a young age and thinking. Oh, you know my name jock worker name. Is that it's a dumb one? Do you know about that? my parents, whatever we like the little things, so I think that that, like. the same is having name echo colonel you have two, you have to learn negotiate, having a strange name that you actually have to explain me every time I probably had to explain my name to every person I met for the first ten years of my life. Did they
That makes it seem even say it still. Even a kind of name is jacko again, think nowadays you know you mean people named whatever their names, they got everyone's gonna, weird name. You go to the kids, jitsu glasses, a bunch of weird named kids. You know every more unique now I guess logic. Back in the day you you know my. My wife's name is Helen. Her brother, name, is john, my Sisters name is Janni miles His name is jewel. You know, like my dad's Ms John aids is that's the way it is around. His had normal names and all of a sudden boom hears is weird kid named jacko. I gotta I gotta explain that I gotta be able to contend with it. People are gonna, make fun of it. Yeah did they did they ever make fun of you like cars, course, not a name. Just like my name's, not name that they're gonna be mean about it. What name would they be not mean about if your last name,
was I dunno? There is like hamburger or something yeah. You gotta get some bad. The last name's, especially the last names yeah, there's certain filipino last names. If you're not filipino they'll sound funny like there's one mca dang dang. That was one that emerging common in hawaii will know in the philippines. in filipino yes and there's a lot of filipino yellin. Why, for sure so glad you added number of friends whose last may not packaging? Just all this is elementary school. So this is an yeah you're right later on in high school, there's together much bunch of people, they can ain't, but the first girl I came in. She came from the philippines too, so she had a thick filipino accent and her last name was maka dang dang when you're kindergarten. First, it's second grade the sounds funny, so they're gonna be teasing. It like it is the actual funny. Last name, echo is like There are an echo in here. Oh, what's your name echo? What are the echo? What is it like that kind of stuff, but doesn't mean, does doesn't mean that's just they're trying to be funny or whatever so yeah you can t With that, Jocker doesn't seem like one.
beat. That would be a means of that kind of sounds cool, then general. we speaking yeah. It was more of like curiosity or maybe the big make a little joke. You know I used to people who couldn't name is that I'd be I'd. Look at him with a straight face. When I was eight years old, I go. Oh, it's a short for job, so that is a little excerpt of what we are doing on the jackal underground podcast. So if you continue to listen, go to. go underground, dot, com and subscribe, and we're doing this one is to mitigate, are real agents on external platforms, so we are not subdued. to their control, and we are doing this so We can support the jackal podcast, which will remain as is free, ro as long as we can keep it that way, but we we are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors, edward
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