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Jocko Underground: The Protocol In Your Head Is Probably Wrong

2023-08-01 | 🔗

Having the correct protocol for dealing with stressers.

Doing good but unfulfilled as a young man.

How to recover from making a terrible impression.

Follow the money? Or follow the passion?

Dealing with an environment full of gossip.

How to raise your kids to be confident and self-assured.

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This is the jackal underground bar gas number. Ninety seven is sitting here with echo charles. I was talking with my daughter's, my middle and youngest daughter And we're talking about the fact that and I was explained them quite frankly- that you create path in your head of how you are going to deal with stress and challenges. You can create a cup. Go to call in your head. You dont know you never thought about this. One time in your life echo. You ve not thought about this one time in your life that you owe you feel stretch our its power. but you ve, never thought about this before, but you have you-
in your protocol, your stressful situation, when there's a challenge in front of you, created some kind of an internal protocol that you go through to deal with that challenge or deal with that stress or deal with that issue and the more you recognise that the the better that point, recall, can become, and it's something that you have to pay attention to, because you, because you can create a if the protocol in your head that, like oh I'm, going to go through something right now. I know it's gonna hurt, but here's where I need to go mentally to get through it and once I get through it, you make me feel this way. You have a whole pathway, that's true, I will dwell travelled it's easy for you to get down that path. You ominous bad situation again: okay, cool! I know what I need to do. I know the mindset I need to get and I can move forward You can also develop a pathway, that's bad.
Like you know, something's to be hard and you immediately go all this is going to be hard. It's going to be terrible and you get start thing. in about why it so bad and think about. What's gonna happen if it goes wrong and figure out long, it's gonna last! focus on the negative and you can develop a path like that and you see people in life that perfect, that anything bad and you also see bill it all up right. They have two different, is that you can go to these ass. Our protocols in your head produce sauna activities it found. However, do like aggressive house Thus I would never call any of my son assertions hostile nor address. Ok, I you some pretty hostile, aggressive sauna things? Were you know temperatures max report on the water, its painful if you have the wrong mindset, it's a nightmare. If you but good mindset. It's fine
So the point where you think you're like wait. What's the temperature, you almost think it's cooler, you almost think it's shorter. if you weren't following the protocols you that the this a protocol or the lifting protocol or the whatever like, if you're squats, you can get caught in a bad place, It can only mean I've had conversations with myself this week literally said I dont care? If I'm strong, I dont care anymore. I want to stop this That's a voice in the head, your power through the, but you protocol you can go down that path. Will you stop? You can develop ahead but of like ok. Well, it's hard, so I'm gonna get off this! Stop the sauna stopped the squatting. Stop the whatever. I think that you probably did this worth claustrophobia? Did you
You figured out that, like oh, this is gonna end, hang on don't freak out donkey. In a negative places. You it's freak out. seven years ago, maybe you'd get like you tap the actually would tap like submit and quit. because someone like me was across. I don't you I don't. I don't remember anyone else ever doing that aside from me, ok, well, last One is true, though. Yes in yahoo, you couldn't deal with like you hated rights, and then you got used to it. You, you actually found a different path in your head. You did what I'm talking about here. You went from like look, won't talk. God. You're, never gonna get out. It's gonna sock, he's gonna, sweat on my eye like this is terrible. I can't breathe, look all that you said he's not. I can't die, I'm not going to die can't put any more weight on me. Then he's pudding meat does not gonna get here
can't get any heavier in the next three minutes, not submitting me so really winning he's just putting pressure. The press can only get so much hang on he's. Gonna have to try something else, You figured that out. You carved out there other path? So Once you realize that you have these path in your protocol in your head, once you recognize him, you can adjust them and if you a good path that you can go down. You can actually get. Oh, I see what's happening around you. Can you can set up left turn right turn Go sixty miles an hour press the brakes are now through it. You can Actually do that. These are things ain't and by the way, if you have a bad path, you could to o hold on a second. The right turn does Get me anywhere good, stop go left. the straight away, don't go down. The straightaway seems really easy, but it's not the place to go back. Take that left exit,
Get off the straight away. Take the left actually come to stop scientific eroded, like you can just your path or you're, getting some somewhere good, some people they have like the freeway that goes straight to hell rake the challenge, is why do we not do that and known so. If you, if you recognize that you can change it, you can inherently develop it over time and then, when the stress hits you can get better at it right. You can recognize that and- and that's a positive thing, so you, see that the stresses increasing the emotions are increasing. The negative thoughts are running. While you can take a step back, you can breathe, you can think through the worst case scenarios. You can make adjustments, you can pre planned these things. You can think through them. What is the protocol going to be in a challenging situation? You can figure out a protocol for yourself. Then you can
resort to the protocol, the? U can resort to the protocol, it's like shooting. When you have a jam on your weapon. You don't think about it, you just resort to the protocol. That's what you do. and then once you figured out what you're protocols gonna be put it to some kind of test and theirs. A good ways tested jujitsu by the way is a good way to test stressful situations. Hard exercise, competence, and trying things that are new. Some people want to re afraid of your fraid of speaking. Go speak. so you have a lot of control over the your reactions to thanks. probably a lot more control than you think you have of reactions to things.
If you recognise that you can take even more control over, you can implement some positive protocols train around those protocols and you can become a better human being somewhat these paths of protein because that way you can formulate in your head. You talking like subconscious, young most otto matter. Of course, we ve you develop like habits that has had a little way, which always really any, and we were. You can tell us like with a with a kid that whenever they experienced when they were young and the way they handled it was to start crying or grow up in a ball more user temper or they differ and guess what, when they lost their temper, there mom backed off and they kind of got what they wanted in one way or worked in one way or the other it it. It stopped this stressful situation yeah. Maybe it was because they quit right yeah. Maybe it's cause they quit and they just don't have to deal with any more you're correct. So these things get developed.
we learn like we learn a methodology to deal with stress, I feel very lucky, because I've Like when I was a kid, I just whatever side I came across. I figured out a way kind of through it and then in the you know. I didn't think about this and I didn't think about this until three: ago, like going through seal training. Why do people quit because they're protocol is like this is going to suck out how long it's gonna last don't want to do this. We mourn equipped for me like I was gonna someday whenever I want to do this, let's go yet even tell you what my protocols, but my protocol was signed thing along the lines of I dont care, bring. It makes sense to yeah. Well, you okay, so you're you're different, and this is so beneficial, and so were you and you've always come off like this to me, I dunno. I can't read your mind, but this is what it seems like that: you're Almost like that's part of europe sense of
pride like the more stress you can just put on yourself to endure. It's almost like you, you think a sense of like value. Almost kind of like the more extreme. Something is on yourself, the more your ear cut. I like happy with it. You know, cannot think Say this I like initiative: this is a bit careful what you wish for, I like when things are chaotic and crazy, I'm not talking about self induced, I'm talking about like when the world There's mayhem I kind of like it yeah in that. In that event. We seem like that in this way, where and not in a psychopathic wagner, like this, but leah howling thing I don't want to be like, oh like I want to jump into the fire because I want You know that I'm ass, I guess he s not ass kind. It just seems like you're always into an you by your own admission, like into hard core, like you know that you're hard core me like hard core, like that,
pretty extreme, that's extreme and, like you embrace that part of things like, as in as like in it no interest hormones. It s a kind of and on yourself in this kind of or normal people, It does so, but I think that formulated itself to be like such strong ass. It went because it's so useful in we're in like outlet testing enduring certain things, which is a necessity for certain types of success or premature off the success pretty much, but but of course, in out saying you know in one way or another this it feels like this is kind of that. The formula in your head, where stress comes in you'd in you, reckon I stress has been a bad thing and then you just don't reaching for the relief like really reaching for the relief of that stress, like you know, you think of a little kid, whereas the kid gets in trouble or gets america. What are in his in his to protocol will say is, do run in the closet and locked, the door is something like that right. Where does? first reaction that he be minded on other stuff. Before
but that was the first one that found just a little bit of relief from that stress, all that's what we're doing and it gets like cemented in their rein back there and it just so builds you know and whatever it's like a weird little mutated version of like evolution back here man, but the the mistake is there is a greater like. If you can endure certain types of stress, it'll give you a greater pay off is now one just in giving up, including as a big big part of it, but the bee jujitsu with its seal training, whatever where's like hey indy. This stress, yet you feel, like you, want to You feel you want the really from Mr Fischer, but if you endure that relief is gonna come way way. More you'll have more of a pay off. now, one little short term, one seems ain't so, but in your little protocol that little subconscious protocol does like that when you got a train it to work like that in that's in the today it is clear as day when you're describing my love, claustrophobia thing, exactly what happened related away where thou. Well,
That's what we're going to like. I think to myself why the friction like first off other people will have this from this that I can see if we really do and by the way jock wasn't killed anyone by being cross out. Yet no one's died. so why am I letting myself believe that I'm gonna die is really that's kind of the feeling of of claustrophobia like you'll. Never the thing is bro. I'm not stuck here I have the its complete. Why do I feel like this so you'd lodge just like? I, u mapped out their logically go through it like what do I think the talk was not going to smash ribs re known injure me, I'm going to die. If you just do you like you know it's like you, you walk through its consciously and then Over time, he slowly start to train yourself out of that that weird pattern, you know into a pattern: that's good! There! You go, I'm gonna, do it something for everyone to learn you have, patterns developed, you have habits, you need a paid, so that is a
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