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Jocko Underground: The Trickery and Power of Group Influence. Moving Out of California? Telling White Lies. Helping Others Through Burnout

2021-04-30 | 🔗

The Asch Experiment. Measuring conformity in groups.

Moving out of California for better a better business situation?

56 y/o starting Jiu Jitsu tips.

Helping a friend through burnout.

Telling white lies on an application to join the Marines.

Should I pursue football if I already got cut from the team in college?

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This is the Jackal Underground Podcast, never sixty with Uncle Charles and me Jack a willing also join us tonight, Darrell Cooper, so here we go good evening to you guys, whatever rose reading, what particular wormhole I was down. The situation was arenas, Oriana, Britain's article something the ash experiments run by a psychologist. Solomon Ash, always like banking for early nineteen fiftys, when this went down and around Experiment which experiments are kind of underrated- and I think these to build a get away with- and there's. Nothing I can do is one isn't bad, but they were clearly that's a good, maybe that's a good one for for the unravelling podcast Jerusalem some narrowly psychological experiments they're out there, your medical experiments we get into.
Skinny, the iron yeah, that's real ass. They feel a little bit a national shame for a moment what a horrible horrible one this experiment set up like this. They had eight people in a room. Seven of the people are actors, or they cholera. Confederates in psychological or but their actors, and one person of these eight is the subject of the experiment and suddenly They get asked a question on this, but this particular expand what they did was they. They had they describe. It is a vision, tester perception test and they have a line by itself, and there were three lines separate separated from it, but near it they were of different lengths and they were numbered one two and three and you look don't line that was by itself and the question was which of the other three lines
Is the same size is the line that by tops it's real, simple, straightforward test, and thus they do and they show a bunch of different lines and a bunch of different. Their lines and then they ask one time. They would ask ok, which one is it. Is it one two or three and they go down the the the ceding? right to their all sitting at a desk like a black along gas girl sitting there facing these lines, they put up the lines and then they go left or right. I, what do you think it's an actor, and what do you think- and after they all the actors answer first and then they have the actual subject to the experiment. So sometimes the the actors would all give the wrong answer and when they did that what happened? Thirty, something thirty to thirty, five, thirty, seven percent of the time the subject
give the wrong answer to you just get influence. We may when the actors gave the correct answer. There was only one percent labour that is less than one percent deviation. Less than one percent deviation, but when the actors We don't window when the window correct answer, is your line? Number two and all the actors go One number three line number three line over three line: number three they to the subject of subjects would go up up. My number three. Thirty five percent of the time when its when it's an in, I saw the images, it's not It's really clear ensures that puts their frontiers, not much now much debate about which one of these lines is like this, in which one of you Its correct answer so. We knew they gotta ask multiple times and some seventy five percent of the subjects, so seventy five percent of the subjects conformed at least one time,
most every body that, when, in their seventy five percent at least one time- conformed of their doing. It already did urban area. They asked me ten did show you ten things, aunt em. And then here's another point on this when they ran the same experiment, but they would have one of the actors out of the seven give the correct answer. That was enough to drop the percentage down to only five percent instead of thirty five percent of of conformity, so they get down with the experiment: they dismayed her views with the people and when he got so far, these anything anything. So for me, I got a couple. Things are very interesting about this about this. I guess questions that I have about. One is the fact that
whenever they run any these psychological experiments. These post war experiments where they're gonna try really trying to figure out how Germany happened right. That's really what they're trying to figure out was it. Conformity was at some like rooted darkness in like the heart of mankind. It emerges under certain circumstances. Is it you have to disguise the experiment in order for the expense to work right. If you were to tell these people listen, so these are people say, give used, you can't do it that work on its network and there's an interesting thing that goes to self awareness here. You know where the
is like aware of what it is you're trying to get them to do than often they'll do the right thing, because their priorities is performing the task that you use and fry them, whereas if you can redirect their attention in a way, then their priority reverts to the thing that for the moment we usually operate in, which is making sure that we are aligned with people around us and because conformities not not always about anything, usually even a bad thing. You know it's. Does this the weird thing right Like we look at a guy, you brought up that book ordinary manner. Thinking done on Jacobin outcast before, and people have commented on the fact that you know yet all these middle aged
gendarmes, german military policemen who had been brought in we're doing horrible, terrible things to Jews in Poland and the though the reasons that they would did they gave afterwards in these were men who acknowledge their criminality, we're very open about what they had done. They weren't trying to hide anything was that the the impulses they drove them to do the horrible things that they did were very often like pro social impulses and things that, in another context, were not necessarily a bad thing like you, don't wanna leave your friends to do the dirty work alone. You know you have, if they're going to do it and you have to do, and it has to be done so we're all gonna. Do that kind of thing wanting to be a part of the group and maybe referring to the judgment of others if we're sitting here.
Right now, maybe if it's like a line is two in and it's denotes measuring it against the one in line. Maybe I put my ground or whatever, but does not necessarily anything wrong with, like you guys are right there saying: no, no, no, listen! We're telling you! This is how it is that my my really think that it's a certain way like a different way, but at the same time I trust and respect you guys enough to be like Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm wrong and that's not necessarily at about impulse. Do so the two things that you just talk about to break they got dollar each man. They actually interviewed the people and said what we knew. What were you thinking? Why did you say this? So there was two prominent answers that the first one is what you talked about. Well, I guess it's part of what you talk:
normative in normative influence, meaning I just want to be normal and if there's a bunch people understand some like, I don't want to stand out, that's that was most of it most of it was that and then some of it was also what you're talking about big. So That is a little excerpt of what we are doing on the Jacko underground. If you continue to listen, go to go underground, dot, com and subscribe and we're doing this. This to mitigate are real agents on external platforms, so we are not so jack to tear control, and we are doing this. Can support the Jackal podcast, which will remain as is free all zones, we can keep it that way, but we we are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors, Edward. In Sweden give you more control, more interaction, more direct
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