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2023-02-27 | 🔗

Dominating life despite life-changing injuries.

Defensive tactics for smaller people in law enforcement.

Getting a middle child back on track for success in life.

Prioritizing and executing self-improvement.

Dealing with being fired and everyone turning their back on you.

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This is a jackal underground punk asked number eighty with echo Charles Emmi, juggling echo charles sitting across from me. What a b c one draw something and ensure this isn't that we talk about and when talk about it again, one of the biggest problems that you have as a human being is a lack of self awareness. That is one of the biggest problems as a human being and what's crazy about it, as if Let's say: there's someone fred, Read has no self awareness. If, fred see something fred see someone else doing what he's doing. He immediately cease to violation. One harmonious percent he's like: could they be doing that he's thing, violation, bone, fred. Does it himself data? either doesn't seat himself, which means
totally lacking self awareness or he doesn't think other people can see what he's doing so you really truly have to learn to detect, when we talk about how to get that down, we talk about taking a step back. We talk about writing things down. We talk about ways to separate your act. Since from your assessment of those actions, you we talk about ways to separate what you're doing in pulling yourself out. So you can actually see what you're doing and not be the one doing so you can like fred, when the time calls for you can say, oh and violating basic principles right now, I'm being dumb, if you, think right now, if you, if you listening and you think like oh- I don't ever loose self awareness. This is for you That's it that's a little mind trick. That's happening right where you think you're, always can see everything
when you actually can't, if you're if you think that no one can ever see the moves that you're making this freedom. This is for you, if you think, if you're right now you're like chocolate a little bit wrong, he's a little bit wrong or not. No one can see these moves that are making. No one can tell that I'm taken myself right now, if you're thinking that right now you're, who I'm talking to everyone can see it, they can see it, they do see it. Sometimes people be so unaware that they don't even consider what Other people, I think just carry on you see fred he's just doing we soon. He can't even comprehend that someone could see it does not even part of the equation at all, it's not like you, probably don't cedar, hey this, what I'm doing it, but they can't know they. They don't even recognized that could be a thing. I've
people that are that lacking in self awareness. So you have b on the watch for that we have to be careful think about what other people are thinking. right. This is that this is the dichotomy of like. I don't care what anybody else thinks which is in some ways really good attitude to have an answer. the ways, the really horrible attitude to have. Right in some ways it's great to see. You know I don't care what they think. So if you think that you act like that, you're, probably being seen as by a bunch of people. As someone that is looking out for themselves or someone, that's an egomaniac or someone that they don't want to hang around with like that is what's happening. So how are we going to detach We always talk about writing as a tool for detachment cause. When you write things down, you are physically detached could see the words on the page now
here's what I want you write down, I want you write down your intent when you're doing something when you're going into a meeting what you're intent your true, intent. What is right that thing down right? That thing, and now, once you written down, imagine that you're walking to this meeting in you have that intent printed on your forehead, didn't you might as well. You might as well because you go in there, thinking that they're not gonna, know you're intent there, We do not listen, they might not know your exact attempt, but, as we say in turn, has a smell and they're, damn good sure can smell it and they Oh, it smells bad things you put some perfume over it right, but some like that cologne, dude right, but the cologne or the or the deodorant put that we can mop that on there and peoples now that, and they even still saying no, they put the the little pine tree right,
in the taxicab get in. There may still smells terrible pine needles and whatever else funk not good fuck so you can try covered up, but can't so right down what you're intent is. So you can catherine was you could see, and once you see it know, this that intent, that you have it flows into how you carry yourself. It flows into the way the wards come out of your mouth. It's part of you. It truly part of you and you can't covered up and I've seen people that things we can do is in it. The lack of self awareness is, is horrible. Once I got you see, someone has You ever heard a report from someone. It's I've, a great relationship with that person. the other person bodily hates? That's.
How on where they are. I am grateful, asian ship with fred Fred hates me spies me. I think I've read worship, that's the that's how bad it gets. So you gotta, be more suspect of yourself. You gotta, be more suspect of yourself. You don't it's cool, as you think you. You do you don't sound a slick as you think you do by the way, really don't write I talk about male street and robert deniro you're, not merrill street you're our dear you're, not acting you not for any bike suit. You All that good, it doesnt doesn't work. So if you sit down and you write down your intent and your intent is back. And if you, if you would feel ashamed to walk into the meeting with your intent, written on your t, shirt, hey,
my goal in meeting, is to get is to look good, the boss, so I can get promoted. If that's how you If that's what you're intended and listen, everybody knows it that's what you're intent is you need to do some soul, searching and change our intent intent is that your tent is bad You should change or intend to ok I am going to help with the mission, I'm gonna put the team. First, that's mindset. now he has where people get get messed up, big jammed up gender, is I think why? But I really want to get promoted. Ok, walk in that meeting without intent, guess what everyone can see it norman with you. Your boss, thanks Ass kiss her, it's all bad. If you're, if you change your technical, you know what okay, I don't care about getting promoted. What I want to do is help the team put the team first, can accomplish the mission imagining walking with that on your shirt and of other teammates.
I put the team first, they see that they smell it. They go right on the boss, smells old. Jackal really cares about the team. If he really want to commissioner. Ok, they smell that. Now they get a positive impression now like. Oh, we want to help the rest of the team What can we want to help? You too? You know what you end up doing you end up getting promoted. That's a byproduct, That's the by product of what's going on. So if you weren't, right down your intent Do some soul searching go? Why do yourself no life a piece of paper by the way, this kind of a piece of paper hide right cause you want regan you know someone rummaging through your office and they see my intent for this meeting is to give promoted raw right. So right down your intent, and if your ten is not a pure,
Positive selfless intent, become a better person. I a better person, and that way, will absolutely help. You it'll help your team it'll help you accomplish the mission and it'll help you win so there you go something to think about Yeah? We will talk more like obvious little thing. Like name dropping, and you know like someone trying to one up somebody whatever it's like. This is all like he's a conversation with my brother about this kind of stuff where so he would start debates with people. Oh yeah, in chelsea and present after awhile like that, and literally sometimes it's fun. You know it depends on who you're hanging around with, but sometimes up, like some people, want wanta some people, most people are cool with it for half an hour.
Lily. Ten minutes you make your point but and yet put it this way. The point is different. People like it to varying degrees it's somebody, but they don't like that stuff and after awhile it's kind of like hey. You might rub people the wrong way. It's always trying to start debating and weird, but you're you know. So. Anyway, we have these conversations when we talked about that kind of stuff. The way I put it, which actually put it better but with weapons, is you're saying is correct, like the words that you're saying, like all your little points, they make. That's all correct. So we say is right, but what you are doing is wrong in music and then I'm like france, a why the heck, because I'm sure I've, and it before too. I'm sure, like you know we, it's not like this rare thing, some thinking. Why is that kind of hard? Sometimes in the end in tat having a smell is a perfectly to put put it because he doesn't have a look.
It doesn't have a sound. You know, maybe some tones here and there, but more slowly than either and even the words can be the opposite of smelt, but the small matters exactly right. Mama and those part of my parent when I said what you're saying is literally correct, we're using, but we we're doing is wrong, so this is why it's hard. This is why I think anyway, because you sometimes don't even consciously you're, not thinking of your intent, somebody your, but sometimes you not the thing is it doesn't matter, but because you think it's in your head, they has see it, they could hear it. all they can see here? Is your works right? I think, there's the message. There's a message there. Picking up on that stage, meanwhile, behind stinks badly too, and you know so yeah that and that's again, that's like the good way to put it where it's like it. It has a smell and
but no matter what you do, no matter what how you cover it up. I like the cologne analogy too, because when you put cologne on that stake is just yet another stink smell and it's actually works, because now they they picked up on your original intent and the fact that you're trying to cover it up with some other like in a disingenuous stuff. So it's like man, we gotta, keep keep that under wraps man, and I guess that's like an exercise right. thank you gotta come about. That's the exercise, write it down that's the exercise What is interesting is, like you said, a lot of People don't even recognize that they have an attempt, but you do me it's running in its there's a decent job. but it's running in the background, like the. Operating system is run. In the background for this meeting for this life. For this this job, this family, like What are you gonna talk, your wife and you Have your intent written on your head right sure you san jose in that area, and she he's got a smell that and if it's not a good intent, she's gonna know
Your kid same thing, they're gonna, know, Annie also going to know. If you do something good. There also move you. If you do something for the right reasons: You work, let's say somebody you Can we somebody maybe the day. they have a relationship with our work relationship or someone else did you don't get along with if you like well, sneak around and you know, try and make a maneuver everyone the smell that, but if you're hey man good to meet you. You know the good to meet you fred. What's what can I do this if that's your intent truly, but if you kay Fred, what can I do to support you and they're know they all just china gig, you know make maneuver here. No, don't let that happen clean, your and ten, be good human This will help you this week, help you in along these lines? we'll conniving moves? Are you making are not going to help you in the long run? Maybe
Did you get one promotion, everyone hates you they might get you that wanted promotion, but they dont get you the next one leave that companies exist. A disaster like Jordan, peter it talks about psychopaths. They have to leave the gate have to live in Detroit than I do and these aren't like I'm not talking about psychopaths that are murderers. I'm just talking about like the the now murdering psychopaths people that are just you know their screwed people over and there any I have to leave They can only do nine months in Detroit and they got to go to chicago for six months. Then they go to Cincinnati. They just got. They gotta go for police because they are burning bridges everywhere there. So don't do that there you go, pick them practice, though, because there are some innocent jewish like let's say you and me with me not no I'm yours, I believe
that you are one hundred percent crack. I'm saying if you keep it in mind, you'll probably understand that hey, you might have to really kick yeah. You have to put some effort into this stuff, sometimes because, let's say it make some coffee for my wife or whatever on how about this. Let's say clean the living room or something, and I clean it up nice She likes it. Clean bullets. Ass, she walked by liberal, should mean she didn't even see. You know I want her to. See the clean liberalism be happy enough, but I still want that credit to you so she walks by it was read out the door. Am very compelled to flag down and be like hey, did you notice the living room I cleaned up? You know I want that. You know I want that praise or credit or get arrested with that. Like you know what I mean yeah I've seen situations where people are aggressive about wanting that credit near by who's your dress about wanting to credit credit, the credits worthless totally worthless. What would you like? Hey? Maybe you see I clean the living room? You man
My with negative right in again, on the innocent side. It's like. I wouldn't approach it or put it this way, because, as soon as you say, hey babe, didn't you see at the gym. That's when you wrote your intent on your t shirt. I wanted credit exactly right, but I wouldn't approach her. All like paid like mad now be like in a good way must still, we intend is gonna, but lisbon fully. But the point is you really want that like you, wanted so it'll, come so natural to be like wait. A second look at the lunar amino more like you know, like you know, at work, Give these examples of time at work were united. This project is turned in and you did like literally half the work right, and you know you advice which again takes practice, but I agree is ideal to be like no, no, no. You give the credit to your team right, even though you did half the work or three quarters of whatever. but when you're new to the ten, when you say no, you have to work, see sometimes all of it, but the the the
portion too, like want the credit re, especially to like a boss. It you really want him to like strong liked, respecting and respect your work or whatever prod strong, and this even necessarily evil, or malicious you just like. I want to be europe then it accurately and in the results of this project kind of a thing you know so, so natural to be compelled to be like hey, but then cause like. I said once you jump out there and start saying: hey I want. Basically, this is what you're doing what you said is correct. Yeah, you sure echo you did after work. Correct but what you're doing jumping in the limelight and saying wait. What about the my praise, because I want my priest to for me- that's what you're doing is not correct. It's not good! Whenever you try at that When you have that feeling, I'm in the work on it with as a whole new rabbit hole to go down, because now we're getting resentful But then what do you get resentful? Then you, ok and enable next thing. You know you're killing your brother. The credit that you wanted to brave, sir happens yeah cause. Your is bad because win kane,
made, his sacrifice to god. He, because he wanted to look good. You didn't do it just as pure sacrifice like able did. It was ok. Thank you, god, here's my sacrifice was I hears my sacrifice, isn't it lies It cannot be alone, goggles, had not over here the g man, but no, there was not enough if you wrote his intent, it would say I'm making sacrifice to god. So that I can be exact and could go into his light aid. I said, I'm making a sacrifice to god, because I want to support him not about me yes, and it is something to do with it made me think of it. So it'll bragging right bragging. and then there's a humble bragging, which is like a kind of that, like you like you, their meagre anyway, so
How do we accept like? Can you can you brag about something? Is it ever like kind of, or fine for someone to brag about something I think from an idea standpoint. I think the answer is no, I mean look. We could past the world apart and find a place where sense. I can't really think of one man. I can't think of one where that adds gives you read it. I can give you. I can't give you situation where you know what it's that is a little excerpt of what we are doing on the jackal underground podcast serve. You continue to listen, go to jail. Go underground, dot, com and subscribe, and we're doing this to mitigate our reliance on external platforms. Sir, We are not subject to their control and we are doing this so that we can support the jocko podcast, which will remain as is free for all. As long as we can keep it that way, but we
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