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Jocko Underground: There Is More Than One Answer To Almost Every Question

2023-05-22 | 🔗

There Is More Than One Answer To Almost Every Question.

Should you be on a hard program and risk failure? Or a moderate program that is sustainable.

How to get the most out of learning.

How to avoid bitterness when criticized.

How to get more articulate and better at speaking to people.

How to deal with your ex-girlfriend hooking up with your best friend in the same house.

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This is the jackal underground podcast number, ninety sitting here with contrast. Ye see, yes, echo charlie, I got some. I got a little something this a little just well something that'll help out you ever notice or something like that. Sometimes you can just catch a little something it'll help you out a lot even jujitsu. You learn like a little a little a little something it'll help your own. if you arrest a little bit over here, hey put your hips a little over here. Just it's just a little something, but it helps you out a lot. This is one of those things and it's one of those things that when you hear you gotta go well how's that again, it's like jujitsu. When someone says hey, you need to put your weight over here and you're like ours. Does that really help? And then you start doing it and you realize it has a big impact on you. This is one of the kind of one of those things, something that helps with leadership and happier with life and help you with interacting with other human beings. Here's what it is drum roll drum roll. Please there's the drum wrong. Imagine it in your head and here's the thing there is
more than one answer to almost every question: that's it I am one of those things you just hurting. You think I will how's that how's that really make an impact on the world. Let me tell you if you can, Port that an implant that into your brain, it is a very wait for your mind and open your mind therefore have so much more opportunity and flexibility and waste so much less time, it sort of similar what I was talking about what they broke. When I was saying that you don't use it yeah yeah, You don't always have to have an opinion that that same, I think we did. I think we did it. he briefly has not sought about. You. Dont have to have an opinion that required that you have an opinion but This idea that there's more than one answered almost every question. It help me out so much in life, and I dare say something that I definitely learned.
In the teams you, I can try trace the roots of my thoughts, sum of intransigence and then they connect to the teams. Someone can start the teams and connected to get you some started in the in the tactics combat and then they translated to leadership. So I can, Try trace the roots this one. Definitely definitely I picked up in teams and actually picked it up from a planning per cent active, like planning a mission cause when you're planning a mission in the seal, tight teams. Good lord. every single person is we can tactical genius in their own right. Every single person. Not ever. Let me let me rephrase it here's. Let me make a legit We have a opportune of twenty guys. Sixteen guys, twenty two guys reverie petunias, theirs, to be at least one a third of them that absolutely one or two percent think that they know everything
they are going to say you know. Once we attack we re, we definitely need this. We need to attack the target from the north period. They did that's how confident their peers, their say: they'll say that, like period, some someone be negative. We need check this out from the south period she get to pee when looking at the same target and they have. opposing opinions and they both for one hundred percent think that their right you got one guided saying we need to bring for vehicles is if I wanted to bring for vehicles so not like negative, we need. electrical signals. No, we should only take three and they all know this. We should use, he lost no, no wish deftly not using less deaf. italy, not that's what someone will say I'll just literally saying we should definitely use he rose for this up. Some will say: we need six machine gunners. We need
not haste we consider, but we need someone also say no, we don't need we need willingly for other guys need to be more mobile, that's what they're saying stating a fact what they it is a fact everyone has the answer to every question: And when I realized ninety nine percent of what they were talking about. Ninety nine percent of what they are talking about didn't matter. They actually didn't matter did roger cause. You know what you're going to get to that target and it's not going to look the way it looked on the map. You'd study. You would definitely hit from north you're going to get there, and this can be big obstacle there and you can't hate it from north or you're going to bring a certain number of vehicles and you're not going to people the target or you could have too many for its like it's, it's all it all subject to what actually unfolds in the world so early on. I realized you know what there's, no one hundred percent right answer. So
you got people that are freaking out about the dumbest thing and they think you ve got the junta percent right answer and if they actually also think that every other answer every other possibility, every other variable is straight up wrong wrong. That's what you're thinking What did the attitude I got into? The attitude I adopted was either pry work brought up. I work like is a totally foreign attitude in the ceilings my work, you because everybody wants to be perfect. You know how private no one wants to hear that is in fact a kind of sound we're to say right category. It is target a weapon recommend we started from north work. Known was here probably so we over emphasise our confidence to make people believe that we know what's up
but I got used to that. I got use that you know. Anal plant work cause ninety nine percent of the time. The idea probably would work and it would work from the north, but it would also work for the south. Would work for the west to work for east doesn't really matter sure could there be some giant channel wise to area. If you come in from the east and everyone's gonna be forced into a small little spot, we could get ambushed and that's not a good idea. Yes, that's deafening possible all the other directions. I pretty damn good of all probably work. I had him and you know what it might not be the most perfect. It might not be the most efficient but he'll work and that's fine. That's fine especially from a leadership present position, because If you use their idea you're built up there, relationship, and your saving time of arguing in trying to convince someone years ago you ideal framework which use it but thing this is
just about the teams, that's where I learned it, but this. If you can can. I do this with everything which, with joy Almost everything almost everything has more than one answer. Even these crazy. What ever political road. You want to go down to just always dip. There's more one answer like em, but he thinks they can take. Some super complex medical decision and fear. that they have the one hundred percent right answer there, just perhaps, nor have the one on the present radius or you might have good answer. You happy you what you have you have one that will probably work and work partner can work that great. You know, because nothing government is gonna work, great. But you make something bargain work. Ok, let's go with it. Let's try it. Let's not pull out our chips on that on that, One bet does not a good idea. So if you, as a human being, can remember that
There's more than one answered almost every question: it's gonna make your life a lot easier. You can realise there's more than one way to build a business. there's more than one way to save money, there's more than one way to reduce expenses. There's more than one day wait a cook a stake. He ever heard these people They tell you there's one way to cook a stake brought had lots of different stakes in my day and look there's some that are better, There is also some that are equally is good in their different and turning away money, I'm not saying hey and want to eat at stake. Take their ribby eye away from me must say that I never said that. There's more than one way to change the oil, your car there's more than one wait. Oh you like these cut weight, more than one way to cut wait, there's more than one way to gain strength. Actually,. there's more than one way to communicate to other human beings as more than way wit. One way to learn, there's more than one way to grow anything
maternity, this initial teams with them combativeness combativeness, It was like we need to use this system and the whole time that I was advocating for aid. an evolution in our bad news programme. What I was saying, what everyone wanted me to, pin down a system, system. I want of users having an open mind, thus, the system I want to use a cable, let's, let's just continue to evolve and figure out what works and make adjustments as we go because there's Just one answer system. So keep that in mind, there's more than one answer, and if you can do that, if you can actually recognize that there's more than one solution to problems, it is in
outstanding way for you to free your mind and make everything better. That's what I got for today, Hecho Charles, so it's late, and this can come as no surprise to you, but I did figure out early on in this. Speech that yeah, it's gonna come down to lady, whose speech model up. If you monologue take us celebrate voted through and they come it onto your ego right where it's like, oh yeah. This is my way because you bring up like state like cooking steaks. That's a big one and I have a younger brother who's, a barbie guy, like he's really good at it actually buy out I'll. Tell you straight up at witness it in a part of his barbecue scenarios for many years and very jets energy, the activity tv current by four, but he's like no traeger grills like anti anti trigger. like goes against the art. I guess I don't know he didn't explain why, but
So I remember thinking like all because that's his personal approach to barbecuing, you know and in trigger might have been an alike it maybe take. So it's like you know when you could digital versus film kind of a thing on the cameras in a digital crap. What people offended digital data, no matter its capabilities of cosmology billy's. This wrong is wrong with this is way my way the film the sort we saw It can claim a limit you, you know if you, if you stay dogmatic to you, one if only or whatever, and then so, if you were to be able to let go of it, I could think of, like literally ten scenarios right off the top of my head, that I would be doing or one would be doing a lot better in life if you're too, just let it go yeah the the idea of what you just said of adapting being able to adapt. Let's face it, I have a trigger boy, I'm down what the trigger and I'm really we now can. I use the drug use and use the trigger everyone my family, good, I'm cooking
you know mean like that. I am sorry hey. I get it Brothers into barbecuing gets thing right: death leaf babbitt. This is like you know, he's barbecue whenever, like it's Wednesday, he's plan bbq on Saturday. That's a measure of waiting. You know what I mean we're going to the store with me like I'm, not doing any of that. That's real I'm getting a can of chicken open you not putting mayonnaise in their meeting. That's what I'm doing you just tell it takes a minute forty two seconds and I'm eating, and I'm good I'm not going to act. I don't have the patience for it all the time for it, but, like my If she could only trigger myself, It on the traeger good to go given the straight up, a perverse sear, huge state of reverse year, no newt! So anyways If you have of clothes mind and you think welders does not
did my ways the only way yadda. Yeah. So it's in a way I liked the film vs digital and even the traeger vs you know. Would I mean I don't know that much about barbecue, but trager is wood, wood pallets. I think it's like there's. It does kind of. What would you call it bypasses a certain part of the process of barbecue anything into the traditional part. Hitherto, lain you're freaking me, that's what I've got attacked does not fully, but it's almost like aviator took take a birds, I ve just be ok, let's say you ve been barbecuing, sir we're gonna barbicane super good, but your anti trigger. You know how much capability you would have if you could do both. If you were both, I was into Traeger I'm into woodfire, I'm into charcoal. I dunno the different funerals have all the trait yeah. Well, you know even don't stop! I do it all because they all work, and I'm ended it. I think what you learn, if you can,
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