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Jocko Underground: This Is Stupid and It Doesn't Matter | Flipping Over The Chess Board

2023-09-24 | 🔗

Flipping over the Chess Board. Sour Grapes.

Finishing what you started when you're so close to the goal.

Keeping a secret for your boss about spying on your colleagues.

Coworker still rubbing me the wrong way even after I took extreme ownership.

Where does Jocko stand on Alcohol now days?

Where does motivation come from?

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Does the jackal underground podcast, with echo charles and myself, jocker willing. There are things in life there There are opportunities in life to walk away from things and say I'm not doing this anymore. I kind of emergency this to you the other day. I call it flipping over the chair Sport and the reason I call this is because, if you and playing chess and you start beating me inches. Let's he beat me want you be twice. I should be three times and the four with game. I just just I flip over the cesc on board and I go stupid and I just walk away, and I'm like chess is dumb. It's a waste to blot this that right, which I can If we do right and I can absolutely justified the easier said. And that's one example:
and that's a limited example right, and actually you can kind of say that you can kind of say well, you know chests its finite game, it doesn't really. applied up what you're doing doesn't apply. If the parts of your life sure there's a metaphor, you could say that you can. You can legitimately say that, but you can actually say this about anything and that's where you gotta be careful and by the way I like just chess, is called fight but think about big picture things like when you're growing up school, this is stupid, School was stupid, you look, I might have got close to saying that kind of thing. You know a little bit, you know, because I knew I was gonna- go in the military enough already to be doing this poor, but there is friends of mine that were legitimate, like, though this is stupid, school, stupid, stuff. So it's a way of
taking a challenge. and just throwing, in the garbage can and therefore not a challenge, anymore politics at work. You know, like others, these politics, corn, on a work of people from applying those games. You don't have to play those games. You don't have to It's actually easier, just zero point all these games and is not progress. Don't even right! Now simply wireless buckle down James ants stoop there like move that the mob, plain stupid, hey man, you don't have to play the game. She can say there should be enough to play chess. Either percent here's one for me stretching like stretching physically stretching yeah, you know, you know what I mean
in the seal teams. Some guys back running, running breeds cowardice is kind of saying running is like oh, we don't need to be able to run or like running like the exercise running the exercise, ronald like oh, what I'm not gonna, run away and that's just an excuse. You, ve heard anyone talk about jujitsu and their electric swollen, swollen railroad. Won't you sweaty guys you ever that like people, I legitimately say that this weapon over the chessboard a its weapon over the chessboard things that are hard tend to attract this type of the type of excuse, basically making money right No one should making money, be the one number one goal of your and you should private none, but when people care about money to butch materialistic. Ok, you're not gonna make any. Then
What I'm saying is it when there's something because hard to make money it's hard to get a good job? It's hardest a business. It's hard to have us. Skill or develop a skill at people need that people are willing to pay for so you can you say well, I need to work harder. I knew develop a skill I need to pour more into my career, so I can make more money or you can be like one model care about money. I get it. I get it. I get it, but I'm just saying watch out eating, this is eating clean. Do those people? Are you got her miserable really? Are they really miserable when they're like healthy and feel good about themselves?. You have to make sure that your little this is me, talking to myself, I have to make sure that my little flippant attitude. in just a micro excuse or just a nice little rationalization of an excuse. We have to watch out for ingenuity,
what locks do those things aren't real just to remember that I mean it's kind of gone now, but for a long time was like that's, not real digital, I'm not doing that not to do stupid. Squats squats are dumb. Cross with stupid closer to call you heard darkness miss, I look, you have to cross it. I don't care, but if what you say is like I'm not doing its coal, just be careful. Cause of some hard ass workhouse dead lives. dangerous they said. The same thing about squat squats are dangerous and you better just check and I'm not a model. We are trying to keep up with the joneses think about that. What the societal and list there's a reason that that exists. I get one up. You know
not like all echo, got a new car. I need new, are not saying that you should try and keep up with the joneses. But at a certain point If everything that takes effort is just I keep up with the joneses. Well, you just need to be careful. That's all I'm saying. It's a small form of excuses. I remember when I was a kid I'd flip over a lot of chess sports. You know what I mean to do flipped overweight, too many chessboards, you know from Things are big old dog stupid. Anything Like when I would meet a little, but I was since I was like good at. rationalizing. It was really easy, just a flip over the chessboard. This stop. We care about grades. I don't care about this. I care about that. Those things are dumb. And, like I said it usually with things that our heart, usually with things that are challenging.
So I'm just saying be careful just be careful, that's It is too little warning make sure you not flipping over chessboards. Do there's gonna be hard stuff. I get it it's hard there's gonna be thing, It seemed like their tedious there's, a reason that they need to get on and by the way. A good if you really want to figure out of something dump get really good at it. you know you want to be like. I don't really like just call get good at it and then you like me. You know what I play for two years. I got to How they rate chester, just isla so explain it's called the Ila? It's a rating number. I forget what it is. You know what yours is right now. Well, I'm on chess dot com, so I don't know how. fish. All these things are but, but where you up, I don't know yet cause it checked cause. I have like five games going on at once and it changes every time you win and lose. So I know probably six hundred and counting right now, so maybe get to a certain
point? What would you like a solid like purple about twelve hundred so get to twelve hundred and then be like? We much time and effort, would take a lot of you ever fragrant yeah I feel like, I agree with you there and its also like if you hey, listen, chess! It's not for me. I don't have the time and it's not I'm not passionate about it enough. that. I want to follow up that every day. That's that's more understandable to waste time it is wrong to rouse where people know it's not to skill set. Well, it is that is really the ex, so My point, Phyllis, my point is just be careful. Just be careful Of when you say something you flip over that chessboard, you say something stupid when you did. This is what I was looking for dismissing things when you dismiss things.
make sure that your dismissing it for the right reasons make sure that your dismissal isn't just an excuse soon have to do something. That's challenging for someone daddy. He uses word cop out: oh yeah, oh yeah, my daddy's that word and it's a good one man. Certainly it is it's that, like a lot of the time anyway, it's like a cop out- and this is dumb. So it's again, you know in specially. Just like you said when you can rationalizing when there's there's is some truth in what used to thinking there's some truth in it for sure like, yeah willing to spend all your time playing chess bro we live in the real world. You got stuff to do. You know kind of a thing and it's like oh there's, some truth to that. But to say it's stupid It's like. I say there, so you the expression sour grapes you're that right sour grapes? Yes, so sorry I didn't know where that came from or even exactly what it was. Even though one someone use it, I could kynaston so sorry graces like
I kind of like oh like it seems like you're bitter, so you dismiss things you know because you're bitter about them, so I thought oh bitter sour grapes. So this is what the thought fable a fable. Think of the fable. So this fox rate was trying to eat these grapes. That was up on this arch right up on the grapevine kind of high up. The fuck is one of those looks like some good grapes. I mean jump up and eat he jumped up. He can't reach a classic paintings. I underestimated how high they are. So let me jump and get jumps again. Even harder, freaking can't reach them, so they say this time. I am beginning to those black some good ass grapes up there you jump must use up all his energy jumps. It's still not even close, doesn't get him and he looks back up at him. He uses to protect us like walks away. It says this greater police. Our anyway leads some exact thing in a way very soon, worst thing where it's like yeah. This is dumb like freakin. I don't need this, not only. I don't need this, it's dumb. In fact,
doing. This would be a bad move kind of a thing like going to that extreme so that when you know you copy, still the anytime like It feels like anywhere when you're it. She, like your feelings, are kind stream about. It does like a red flag. Linkage like this, like, if you like,. We have just seen school, but you know how I got an eye. It doesn't like spark my interests as much as it might. You know something extra, whatever that's one thing, but to be like that. if over the borders, its dumb little red flag there and here's the thing chess is the metaphor. A tiny tiny metaphor: what really concerns me is when people do this about things in life, things in life like how can a kiss ass and try and get promoted. Is it just hard work These are just an actual responsibility that you're avoiding
if you don't want to get promoted, because you like, where you're at and you like, spending time with your family, don't want to be on call and don't be a salaried employee and you'd like working but cool. But if you're just saying that as justice reason to not do something that gonna be challenging and hard and read Speakers as a risk you dont, get promoted. You know that like I like when I applied for the officer programme in the military, but it's real easy. I hadn't picked up the first one you just just. I don't want to be an australian rest. Okay, I could have easily said that, but that would have been just sour grapes as they even more a little things for sure, but big things in life, make sure you're not flippant over the chessboard. What I got exe that is the big on to you and you have heard of the expression fit shame fit shaming someone. You know this, fat shaming. This fit shaming, apparently yea sorts like, for example, like you see,
this guy was really cut up. Big muzzle super cut in people. We, like all it's kind of too much, you're going to do in a lot over there, you know kind of thing or you know some people they they are very strict with what they eat indonesia, but so is the at a dinner party, reorder party or something and people in primary, lacks a little bit in african weather, beaten, golf or freak in boats just cake, chill only tricking, sonata, big a deal sake. You live for this, you know it's like you kind of give them a little bit of a shame for for staying on the path kind of in their own way, because everyone is different and all people are different. People are on the path in different ways. Some staying in someone's an extreme for themselves in ways that be their people might think, is extreme and then the shaman for because it's kind of this little bit of it has the scent of sour grapes, and it does- and that's real scary, because you know you ever did so.
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