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Jocko Underground: This Is Why You're Not Getting It Done.

2023-12-04 | 🔗

Getting things done and prioritizing.

Overwhelmed with too much to do. Solved.

Feeling of wanting to join the military wont leave.

Are you training too much?

Should I stay? Or should I go?

A legit debate on who's plan to follow.

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This is the job underground podcast number one ten sitting over there which also I was preparing some things for the deaf reset. The discipline was freedom reset we're doing this thing, january, first, which I know why don't you start now cause you got to prepare so I was making some videos for some strategies for january when the def reset kicks off and again. I understand why not to start now, while you were doing a mission, we gotta prepare for the mission, so that's it we're done the one of the things. that were doing during deaf reset one of the components of Jeffrey set his prioritize. Next, you gotta get things done right. We were we want to reprogram the way we get things done in life cause if everyone was getting things down the way they are supposed to ever
to be in a better situation right? I hundred percent he hundred percent very few exceptions, so I was going through. Good points recalls to get things done number one night before obviously right the things down these spots due tomorrow. Right now, I don't seems like it's, such a simple little thing, but it has a huge impact on the way. I look, there's probably some neuroscience behind the fact of writing it down and put in the list out being able to sleep while you're thinking about it subconsciously coming up with plans of execution, but I'm telling you if you got stuff you gonna do you, write it down the night before make a little checklist, used to be obsessed with checklists. I still do check was, but I used to be crazy with checklist even packing for a trip every battery that was in my
three kit bags of gear plus my big coffin bag, every battery had a little box with a check next to it, every pair of socks at a box with a check next to it, every pair of shooting glasses box check that he liked. So everything, was a checklist and that's how you make sure you get things done that are you make sure you have the right equipment, so you write down the things that you have to do and then you wake up new prioritize next, you now here's the advice that giving around this prioritize next, you generally. We talk about that from a leadership perspective, you want to focus on the things that are going to have the biggest impact on the team. So if we are in a gunfight we have a wounded guy and we got civilians to deal with and we have our forces and a bunch of different places. What we're going to focus on first is the gunfight, because that's the biggest problem that we have we're going to fold
on the biggest problem. Once we can solve that problem, we move on to the junta gags, that's an ex biggest problem that we were about to civilians. Are we working like others. What we do is we teach something business you're going situations of business that are blowing up causing problems? Client flying off the handle making a. extreme threats to the company like these things are happening. You gotta go deal with those things, but when it comes to getting things done in your life, then this does include your business. This does include your family. What I want you to do, one of the things that I'm advising you to do is do the strategic things. First. This is a little bit counter intuitive. What I mean by strategic. That means I want you to do the things that are long term in nature. Do those things first, Do the long term projects for you do what
do today or what do tomorrow, no. This is counter intuitive. The fought would be hey. I'm just gonna do whatever's due soonest? That's what I'm gonna work on right now, right The thing is facing me right now, but to do that, it's wrong. You should actually do the longer term things. First, I think this is I've. I actually feel a little bit better about this? Here's another between with dean and deal show me some technique, if you go to get out of that, you just do this and I'm like dude. Why don't you show me that, four years ago and comfort, you do I kind of feel bad about this right now. I kind of feel like this that I haven't really emphasise. This is something that I've done for a long time and I haven't, emphasised that I do this and why do this? But when you make up your The things that you have to do do the strategic things. First,
So if you ve got a long term project, that's what you should do first, so, for instance, what's the first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning echo Charles every day, brush the brush teeth. What I do not get done, workout, workout, okay, wait! A second is that strategic is that jack work. It out. You know you and ass it is. You see what you that automatically you. You should be a light you becoming on your head right now. I see recent, so the first thing I do. Is this strategic law the term beneficial thing, that's what I'm gonna do. First, what I've got a book to jargon. Writing a book. The books gonna take four months to write. Guess what I'm doing that next and right for one hour can write for forty five minutes or whatever I want to focus on the communists. in the first hour or forty five minutes or thirty minutes or ninety minutes focused on things that will pay off in the long run. Then I can get
men, I can do the things that need to be done today. I can do the things that need to be done by lunchtime, then I can put out the fires. Then I can do the little tactical things now. Bear in mind. This probably means that you are likely going to have to do this strategic things before other people show up there that's why I get up early in the morning. Because I want to get their strategic work out done. A work out is a strategic move in your life. it's not gonna, make an impact today. Look it will make. You feel better today sure it's gonna get you What flowing gas can get your concentration up? Yes, can make you forget all those things, but those are just a little thinks this did you when you're healthy in four years from now. That's what strategic about it. So I have to get to work I have to get up earlier, so I can do that. I'm also gonna write that book, for forty minutes. I'm gonna do that for anyone else shows up to work.
reforming the call me or semi now that they need some emergency solved. So when I down with the strategic things, then I can do the little tactical thanks, not most jobs. require you to be in the game for now, tactical! Today there most things are most human beings that have jobs there. Trying to solve a problem that do at lunchtime Tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow morning calling the meeting this afternoon. That's what most people are doing it most jobs all the time and if we are not careful, we can let those tactical short term Things destroy archer strategic goals. That's what can happen. you look up into each. You look up too much. You look up two years and you ve made no progress towards our strategic goals and that's horrible. In fact, if something like health, if you know what
now, today, you're going backwards, you're going backwards, you wake up in two years and you look you wake up and we have worked out. You're gonna feel it two months, no workin out your definitely you're your go, you're you're about situations do not allow that. Do the strategic things first, as often as you can, as often as you can't, they will add up That's how you gonna win, and I apologise to the world for not talking about this in that kind of detail before are there because it feels like him talking from an audience member stem point of you. So of course there are exceptions. If there's something pressing, you know them a single whatever, but just just as a general way to prioritize you saying as it is general way,
a strategy for your prioritization. Do the strategic things first, that way. You don't put it off right cause like those strategic things, it's easy to put him off because you're right when you say I could just do that tomorrow, the elk you could just do that to me, an example. Given this example before now, with this kind of clarity on the palm cast, but if you and I recording a package tomorrow and I have to prepare for the past- I am also in the midst of writing a book. I owe a thousand towards a day on the book, the podcasting, do tomorrow, Which one do I work on first book, first book? First: why? Because I crack into the pond gas: do little, but research go down some rabbit hall and of watching a youtube video about some subjects. It doesn't really matter next thing. You know I'm sorry, wandered that our
and I say you know what I'll just do- the writing when we get done recording the podcast tomorrow and you lose it and you didn't move toward your strategical and that's a problem same thing with working out. Oh I'll, just work out later. Well guess what but now the kids come home from school, they want to talk to you about this and they wanted to help on the project. Now it's a little so that is a it'll excerpt of what we are doing on the jackal underground podcast. So if you continue to listen, go to go underground, dot, com and subscribe, and we're doing this we're doing this to mitigate or- reliance on external platforms, so we are not sub to their control- and we are doing this so that we can support the jackal podcast, which will remain as is free for all his arms. We can give it that way, but but we are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors. Edward
in. So we give you more control, more interaction, more direct, connections better communications with us and you that we are building a website right now, where we build the utilise to strength. This legion of troopers that are in the game, with us, so thank you. It's jacko underground dot com. It costs eight dollars and eighteen cents a month and if you can't afford to, what us? We can sell, support you just email assistance at jacko, underground dot com and we'll get you taken care of until then, we will see you mobilized underground.
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