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Jocko Underground: Try Not Having an Opinion About EVERY FREAKIN THING.

2023-04-24 | 🔗

You don't have to have strong opinion about everything.

How to implement a system change within a group without ruffling feathers.

Dealing with someone who always "has to be right".

Should "loyalty" to a group Hold you back?

How to manage a weak boss.

Family not supporting your Jiu Jitsu training schedule.

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This? Is the giacomo underground progress number eighty seven sitting with echo charles and me my name is jacko, here's something that can help you. They can actually help you a lot in life. Try not to have an opinion on every freakin thing. This is this. just put this in your brain- So many people in this is an easy trend to fall into. So many people have an opinion on everything The other opinion on politics- they opinion on american politics. They got a vineyard on foreign politics, they got Opinion on sports, they got opinion on food, they got opinion on diet. They got opinion on workin out reporting on everything and I'm talking like a strong opinion that their arguing with other people about happen, you actually know about any their stuff right
what you actually know, what are you, actually know that you have this big opinion. That you formulated this big giant opinion. What do you actually know about that like that they have an opinion about all these things in the world. Then they also have a big opinion about something going on at work now. Maybe they doom know more about what's going on about work, but is it really the oldest police new plan at work. You got this big opinion about noticed, I do it yet The plan has been executed just an idea, and you have a big giant opinion about it and its letting you it's your opinion is affecting your emotions. It's your attitude. Its effect in your your mindset. Do you have it big opinion about all these different things and by the way at work, you gotta be kidding about fred right. You ve got an opinion about fred and what he should do and what he shouldn't do and why he should do it, why he should have done it? You have a big opinion about that.
And by the way jessica, whose involved with friends that we know about you, you're a big, a big opinion on that right, because of course you do cause you gotta. Yeah you're thinking about it, you'd think it matters think your opinion about fred and jessica and what they ve got going on. You got a big and you'd about that. and for some reason, at this juncture in time, You know what maybe it's always been this way, I'm not sure, but it's certainly seems like people are over. Were opinionated right now and here's what here's the thing that you gotta watch out for that on your opinion that you have the less it you know. I will say it again because you miss that the stronger opinion you have, the less you know and by the if you're talking to me with your big opinion, I know the bigger pending year is the less you big bear opinion. You have the less. You actually know about what you're talking about
because if you really know a lot, you realize there's nuances. If you really know a lot, you realise, as someone who has a big opinion about, opposition and jujitsu when it's a long, if someone that actually knows a lot of duty goes well, there's another way to do that. There's another way and there's the thing that counters that you also gotta, be careful of this and also in mme, doesn't transfer very well. There's there's a whole there, a person that knows more injured. You has a more open mind than someone. That's a bluebell instructor, and they're like no, you gotta do this right now. Actually, that's not completely untrue. I'm sorry! That's completely untrue! You don't need to do it that way with theirs, point when someone in jujitsu as an instructor, there's a point when peoples are goin yeah For me this Works well for other people. This is not a great move. There's a previous! point a less mature point when, like this is the way you do the move
the less knowledgeable person less opinion, or knowledge, more opinion, less knowledge. So. the more opinionated. You are the less You listen, the less. You learn the less. You know the way to the last time we spend arguing over stupid things. The more time you spend understanding them, what's better to understand something our or argue about it, it's better to increase your understanding of something, but you gotta, big opinion about everything. about things that are so complex and so complicated that there are people that study those subjects for their entire lives and they don't haven't figured out, and you You do because you watched a youtube video workers. You read two books on the subject. If you read for books on a subject, you're gonna realised that the first books that I read on that subject indicates. Did this then? The next book actually counter at my next one counter even further,
So even the people that write books on the subject can agree to what's correct and what's not correct, but you do you you do. You know for a fact. Cause you want to have this big opinion, because the bigger can you make you feel like you know something when in fact, you don't and- and you end up and dug, dump arguments. And you end up saying done things you're not helping the team in helping the mission you're, not helping your community you're, not helping your family by the way. The Well, when you, when you ask someone with your big opinion: how does that impact them? Does it make them say thanks? You feel strong. About this, you must be right now. they say you feel so strongly about this. That you're blind to the facts are you're blind to this other perspective, that's what they think.
So, instead of going into the world with this big giant opinion which, by the way is reflection of your big, join ego inside try Try consciously to actually not have a big giant opinion about everything. Instead of saying you know, I think Or in my humble opinion, is that a say in that say: I'm never really thought about tat perspective. Before said tuesday, that Trusting that or try and say you know that that's how the scope of my knowledge, but that's very interesting, hadn't, heard that before try saying that. Or try saying something as as ray, or to leave the human mouth as I'm, not sure or I dont know, or I have no idea. And if you can say those things, if you could say not sure or I don't know your mind, will actually open up.
Your mind will actually open up and then you can learn and you can find areas of agreement, but then you can have actual discussions with people open minded discussions with people and that will allow you to become a better, more productive and more useful human being, instead of just a person with a big ego and a big opinion to their ago, just a different way to approach things could be useful for you I'm not gonna, sit here and say never guilty of that scenario. However, though it is, is it sometimes can be? One of those and if not every time, when those things where it's so super easy when you see someone else in doing this in Europe and it's also so breezy freedom. yes, you do but look at
that being said, It is one of the things if you can kind of reflect on yourself you'll notice that there's gonna be a big question mark as to like what what are we trying to get out of this whole thing? and I know this scenario quite well. I think, because I run into it from time to time where its can almost sense that the person is maybe trainer express how smart they are or express their knowledge image. You know and kind of a thing like. I know this much in. in kindness, sometimes it can come down to like hey, I'm I'm smarter than you like that's kind of the underlying message. You know I'm smarter than you, but I don't think you'd ever can land like that. There you know like Oh shit, if someone's going to you it's it's unlike you're gonna end up with the idea, like oh damn, you're you're. So smart, you, when you have
It's huge like fired up opinion or whatever it's more you're, probably going to leave the person with it like I sounds kind of vague. it. You know, like you, got all fired up, restaurant even that serious. You know kind of thing, like none of us know about this stuff. It's weird that you can develop such a strong opinion on things that are so unsure you like things that are, think things that are unknown, you, like I said a real obvious example- is like a plan to do something. You know like a mission or project that you got an echo comes to me so That is a little excerpt of what we are doing on the jocko underground park asks if you continue to listen, go to jack, o underground dot com and subscribe and we're doing this we're doing this to mitigate reliance on external platforms, so we are not sub to their control, and we are doing this.
so that we can support the jocapa podcast, which will remain as is free for all as long as we can keep it that way, but we We are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors, edward. it sweden give you more control, more interaction, more direct actions, better communications with us and you that we are building a website right now, where we build it the wise to strengthen this legion of troopers that are in the game with us, so thank you. It's jacko underground dot com, it costs eight dollars and eighty in a sense a month, and if you can't afford to some with us, we can sell support you just email assistance at jacko, underground dot com and we'll get you taken care of until then We will see you mobilized underground.
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