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Jocko Underground: Why Your Life Plan Might Now Work. Our Problems in the World Today.

2021-10-29 | 🔗


Advice for controlling unruly people.

Being responsible for your powerful influence.

Our problems in the world today.

Being a good follower.

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This is the Jackal underground podcast number thirty, four ECHO Charles and myself, Dhaka willing sitting around I've, get a periodic question, we start our people start talking about. What's my five year plan, what's my ten year plan this, like long term strategic plan, how do you go about that? What does it involve what that planning, how's that planing take shape. How do you format it like these kind of questions, so I want to talk about it, a little bit the shock or statement which sort of dramatic overly dramatic, as is only partially true and kind of true, which is I don't do that you know. Sometimes I say that for little shop value or cause, I'm one impress? I think I did not love sharper. I say to people because I want to impress upon them that I don't do it the way I normal person would do it part of the reason for that is
The pink. What one of the lessons are learned and combat is that overly detailing plans, they're not gonna, be possible to follow I mean, and this might be you. This is even a one off, that's gonna last three hours. If you make up super detailed plan. invest a lot of time and effort trying to make make a super detail chances. Are you not gonna be electrocuted executed better to make a flexible plan with some broad goals. So you understand what is you trying to get done and then go execute with some flexibility, so looking at your life or your business to be in my pocket? While I need a five to ten year strategic plan. I kind of apply the same thing, I'm gonna, look for some overall long term strategic goals of where I want to be
and then I'm going to explore different opportunities to get me there to satisfy that mission. I might make loose plans about what I'm trying to but I'm not gonna over commit to any plan. Still another thing my dear that I have that I did I'm meeting to, which is why its backwards from what people think right commit and you do gotta come it. So I can you do to you you if I do sweep because I want to exposure arm, but I don't really this week? Will then you don't even defending your Anderson? Stick out like a charm, I needed to actually try idle expose another opportunity if I dont actually try, does not, then we operators. So I'm not saying you don't have to commit to things that you're goin for, but I don't try and sweep you and then, when you dont get swept.
I dont have keep trying to keep trying to keep trying to use all my energy and by the way, now I'm exposing myself to a bad situation so that sort of like the way. I look at you long term sort of goals in life and five ten years six years ago. We August doesnt there was nothing six years ago I didn't have any books had been any books, didn't have anything to sell, wasn't When anything. I had echelon from producers leaf and me, so we had a consultant people to people now now I got what come ten, something pox multiple. gas, we got origin, we got Jogerfy, we got a warrior kid. I got real estate things come on. I got Jackal publishing Ashen. phone is now a bunch of people online. An academy, Extreme Ownership academy, the empty exe.
On a national front, the bet, the battlefield stuff we do the most as all kinds of things going on and if you'd of me six years ago, If I would have a closing factory in North Carolina I would have said: well, I guess but beckoned Asimov or a boot, ACT reorganise we make up boots in America, medicine mocha. You know that's. That seems like ok If you re told me, I would have been selling energy drinks throughout the country out of said, okay, So there's a lot of things are going on. That might have been hard to predict right so What am I doing? I'm looking for opportunities looking for and then apply some resources, some not over committing but applied. Some real resources and then run a feedback loop and run a quick feedback loop and what kind of feed back are you getting? Is the product that you made good?
There are people listening to the park cast our people. Contacting echelon front to have us help them with their leadership? Oh no contacting us. Ok we'll make, product. There were making isn't that desired. O Connor people contact you Maybe you should hire some other instructors. Oh yes, more instructors and they're they're working overtime. Ok, maybe needs more. We were gonna make tee shirts. well known by the teachers? Ok. Well, maybe people don't want tee shirts, that's a display of freedom on ok the teacher that they just political freedom and a lot of people. Bottom, ok, cool! Let's, some more those, let's make sweatshirt that says those. Do we make fifty thousand should that says that no cause we don't? many people are gonna, buy em how, but we just Two thousand right now: oh those also ok, we'll have to use the same. So you you you, you experiment a little, You take some risk, but you'll take too much risk.
I didn't say pain. I think gonna make tee shirts. I wanna buy a factory Tahrir right, I want to employ a hundred people try to sell like that's, not what we're doing. But here so so now all I'm saying all that, I went through all that. There's there is a really important part of this, and that is the number one. Keeping open right! Cuz, you get you! These opportunities are going for that dissolves in your life. You got to keep an open mind that also reinforces the idea of knock bidding overcoming on things, but also you have two occasionally periodically more than occasionally periodically you have to review what you're doing tactically, like this day this week this month to make sure it's getting you where you want to be strategically envy.
you need to assess and adjust, assess and adjust assessment. Just so if you and I started this park asked and we were like ok, hey, that was pretty cool, and then we invited on somebody that was in charge of tat animals that an area right and we were like ok hate. Cool and the veneering post the talk to use it in all the sudden. We're like hey. Let's do the next one in the veterinary and chop, and we can hopefully get some of these an Does that are up for adoption we can get them adopted, greatness cool and then all of a sudden. We look up in two years and we're running in adoption agency for pets. I got nothin against pets. I want. I want dogs, yet put down from the pound, but If my main effort in life was helping stray dogs get. Did again that's a great effort, but it wouldn't
what I would want to concentrate on so that are getting two years down the road in a month and I'd say heck. Oh man, I know we just did to broadcast inside of a vat and inside of a inside of a dog pound. Which cause fund, but I don't know that Did you reward me so make those adjustments make those adjustments, because otherwise you could end up looking up in three for five years and years evolved, something you don't even like you even want to be involved in it dogs barrier. Like dogs, bad example, as you said something else, but that's what came out of my mouth stick with it. We don't have to With its just will not be an overview of what could have what could have pull this off the path? What could we got into flourishing flower shops right wheel flower, we like flowers, but we don't want to be poem weeds all day in and trying to talk about. Here is a problem with that, I'm not truly interested in flowers, more interest
That's a bet, great one! Actually, flowers, a fine gardens or fine. It's not! My c is not into its for sure, not aligned with the original group of goals, yeah yeah, but say you know we did want. I started talking about. We know if you want to be a survival to build a survivor, get built, grow plants and also to lift come on. You talk to contest and talk about. You know hydroponics, so we bring on I gasped and all of a sudden ease I carried. We should do the next one will come and give you tore my from Inter INS Tunnel farm. You see what I'm saying to us. The next thing you know I'm talkin about weeds route, length, soil, composition, stuff there really into give. If you're into it hype, good, I'm back could you can grow food for me. So.
Let yourself get too far down a path. That's why you gonna run you gotta detached, and you got to assess what you're doing yet because in also other people in your little group, if you have a group or whatever they can cut a pull? You too I mean I've found anywhere the eager this advice to me. right now. What you think you're talking to me, is far less like this podcasting. We do accept Mercer, that's that does that's one of the good parts. Well, actually hear something: do you like running fulfilment and stocking shelves? Do you like doing wilt, Thou was one not enough myself. So what's good, is you did that further? Why, yes, we did that, for mostly you. You realized, hey citizens like a great effort is in great use of my time. I don't love doing it,
do you like making videos, and you still make videos that are good use your time. I think you enjoy it So you? U steered yourself away from stocking shipping packaging. And by the way we have a friend that does that in his into it am I call right let us build your business good ago, riot right, hey, Rhine right on he's gotta businesses into it, he's making our work has got a team like that's good stuff. Wasn't really. Charles is seen. Perhaps we could say, maybe not fence, maybe wasn't even your skill set
I'm always down to learn because it was you no kind of thing that requires a timely, commit execution. Let's say my skill set at the time and even maybe at this time were, was not up to the standard that I think it is probably should it took up and it's not a good fit. So this is a good leadership point if I've got ECHO Charles at my company. Echoes good, creating things he's gonna coming up ideas, but is not the kind that shows up early in his execute that project on time. Why my putting him in charge of fulfilment, we're we're not going to do that for a moment of in charge of making videos or something like this, so that there are no good? I think this is important, stuffed and for people not yet so any if you
You don't like you, ve got a group of people or whatever, and then they say oh shit, we need someone to whom I dunno do this task. That's not have consistent ass, it needs to be done, is just one kind of a one off task and then just a quick deep evaluations, just kind of comes up like ok, I'll echo, could probably do it, given the fact that he knows about this this in this, oh, he could probably at least gimme some advice break. So they go to echo and then so now, I'm there. what about giving advice, my best opinion or whatever, and it seems like thing, that's a good opinion- do not be like kind in the they're mine. He lit sorted task him with this in general. You must come to him for this Duff in general and, of course, maybe enough, you know the tea when try to help what he called a go with guy rate. Of course, women, mostly time anyway, so umbilical you're cool. You do that right now and then the net we get sure I'll. Do it and then two months later, that's like I'm on the
for doing that now and it's like they added even I thought I was a little girl said and turned it into how to get out of work. Well, The thing is, you said dollars a year on the hook for stuff. It's true I like that, but that's how it feels if you get caught down. One of these little rabbit holes are, however, you put it where you look up in here like waste, and this is part of my plan at all. I just kind of got sailed in and you did it or you allowed yourself to get sign. Puckered myself, brilliant creep mission creates a total mission. Creeps go great mission, creep, freaking, all that stuff in you look up cause you don't let nobody down. You know, I'm the same other. People can suck you done that whole. I give you a nine out of ten for put like stopping them from half You ve got one. There is one period a time where I actually even came to you in those like hey. This is what I'm thinking as far as like stop in certain things or
getting less and less involved in certain things. But, like I said to me, you are talking to me. That's like a constant thing. I think well getting the job pay attention to some corner where you got an answers the conjugal. I start bouncing soon at a bar, and I want to get in sight from both you especially echoed do experience working in the night like twenty four years old, who, which is literally the age I started. I started hearings any of those young renewing and twenty three year old, five. Ten about to ten same dimensions. Is me more or less I've been training
wait I and the for about four years training anywhere from four to six times a week. I feel relatively confident in physical altercation altercations, though I tend to avoid them at all costs. A friend of mine, who also I train with owns a couple restaurants and said he'd, love me about for him, because I'm extroverted quote extroverted, unquote, extroverted, with people intend to be pretty good at the escalating situation. Our problem, Is how much how much I hate confrontation. While it's good of the traits I mentioned before. I find that I'm often really bad at being stern or putting my foot down when needed, and this is obviously a necessary skill for about sir looking for some advice that either of you think might help thanks guys go ahead there for one another,
Please go ahead. Therefore, dogmas browser you notice. The other day in browser that is EAST is sensationalism a bunch of ways, but he's right his speech, namely a nice. That's not personal, like all this stuff pretty much role, adult speech, roadhouse right, yes, he claimed was interesting about this. Is you know what do I think I think? Well, maybe we learn how to detached. Don't take things personally changed you to your return and you get to work What good is it seems like you actually might have, that is a little excerpt of what we are doing on the Jackal Underground Park, asks if you continue to listen, go to Jacko underground, dot com and subscribe and we're doing this we're doing this to mitigate reliance on external platforms. So we are not so Jack, to tear control and we are doing this
can support the Jackal podcast, which will remain as is free. All zones. We can keep it that way, but we we are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors and we're doing Sweden, give you more control, more interaction, more direct actions, better communications with us you that we are building a website right now, where we build the utilise to strike in this region of troopers that are in the game with us. So thank you. It's Jacko underground dot com. It costs eight dollars and eight. In a sense a month and if you can't afford to some, with us, we can sell support you just email assistance at Jacko, underground dot com and we'll get you taken care of until then we will see you mobilized underground.
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