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Jocko Underground: You're Going Somewhere. Are You Going Where You Want to Be Going?

2021-01-22 | 🔗

Life keeps moving forward, with or without you. Are you where you want to be?

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This is the Jacko underground podcast number four, with ECHO Charles and me, Jocker willing good evening activity, also serious good deal, good evening. Air are asking after that, so I know that we were upon Castro. You today about the Marine Corps document and called competing, and I I kind of through some stuff at you today, candidate opening talking about this this leadership and influence continuum
so I had neck issues, Manic Minetta had I had a problem with my neck. I had my woke up one day. This is years ago. I woke up one day and I couldn't move my right arm didn't move so so imagine that you wake up and you can't move your right arm had some so no went to the doktor and they started figure out what to do cause. I had basically some problems in my neck that was causing friction on the nerves that control my right arm. So I had to do some fiscal, fair, penal and eventually it said this you know, you're gonna need to get surgery to fix this problem. Ok, so they gave me basically two options. While one option was don't get surgery in Europe the longer it's in this condition, the worst chance it has of recovering. So that's not good
You can do it if you dont, want to take any chances of getting surgery, so the emu two options. one was called free menotomy, which they go in through the back of your neck and they basically chip away at some bone and give them They give some breathing room for your nerves. The When they gave him is the Russian, get a fusion when I go on the front of your neck and they basically, five a bunch of both now and in the fuse your neck together. So they can't move. That one is considered to be the has superior result. Most of the time. It's also the last. It's also resort, it's also you can't escalate from there the other one. If you get, let's say you got the frame autonomy, the one going through the back it didn't go well, our didn't have impact that you wanted to duty to have. Well, then you Go well, I didn't really work. Do I want to do now? I want to get the other one, so you at least
add one more option, So as I consider this, actually there is a there's. You talk through the possible that you could have won the problems in this was back in the day. So one of the problems you can have when you get a fusion going through the interior of your neck, the frontier neck, when they're going in there their close, your vocal cords and they can cut your vote cords and you can't talk anymore, which back then us it's kind of scary to think now, since the only thing I do for a living is talk, that would not have been cool and I was thinking at the time while I am in a leadership position, I need to be able to talk to people at that could be a problem also. you could die, you know you can they can just screw up and you can just paralyze you're that can kill you. So I'm talking through the doktor, who was the best neuro surgeon in the mill it in the Navy on West Coast time. He was the really skilled guy.
and I said so. You could die you this yeah, the area where the chances me word. I said how many how many sides around that dice, though recently- ten thousand and he goes about two hundred. I said to myself that Ok, not exactly what I want, but then I told him, I said: hey listen! If I can, my friends can get hit with giant pieces of shrapnel flying through the air and live, I'm sure you would scalpel on a sterilized surgery table. You can make this happen and it's all right. Choosing the frame anatomy to go through the back, and the main reason why I chose it is because you can ask away from there. I had room to manoeuvre right. There were some place to go if the few
in front fusion, doesn't get the desired result. You're just stuck with no with with that. That's what you're stuck with so we don't want to paint ourselves into a corner. As far as I can tell, I never want to pay myself ducal corner. I never want to leave myself without any options. I dont want to dig in to a particular position. I would be in a situation that I can't get out of. And this is why it's such a strange thing- Because that should be your attitude as far as I'm concerned are, in my opinion, Europe. Two gb I dont want to be stuck in a position. She feel should feel wrong if you're trapping yourself in a position. Which is weird because there's a counter to that which is you have to be super determined right, you have to be, you have to be super determined in order to move forward through tough challenges, you gotta be determined, so
What about that thing between being very, very determined but at the same time one to keep an open mind about what your options are: we'll have both foes, things kind of going on. I think for me, a lot of this boils down to thinking strategically versus thinking. Tactically. We want to start thinking strategically instead of thinking tactically which, Everyone knows this or you should know this, shouldn't be doing things that benefits us in the short term if they dont benefits in the long term as well, that we are not worth doing are you some little things? Aids with Gallo benefits are aiming to do right. Now, it's no there's no beat strategic harm or whatever. Ok, fine, but I'm talking as it habitual way of living. We don't want to do a bunch of things that are beneficial to us in the short term that heard us in the long term. I think about
your habits as a human being between. If you decipher, or you discriminate between this is good for me long term. This is we heard from short term. You could make so many decisions and they be awesome. If you do things only that were good for you in the long term, and not just things are good for you in the short term, but their bad for you in along The goal, of course, is great. We have something good for in the short term, good for long term. Super great, that's, no brainer! We really need to talk about that one, but how do we how do we actually start? king, in a way that we can think about the bigger picture. We can think strategic instead of thinking tackle, Obviously you gotta keep your ego and check because we chase little tactical victories all the time we, we chase little tackle victories all the time it when it comes to leadership right, What do we chaser? Don't knock as adona taste, good cheer. We do that that system
major strategic lawsuits, tactical win, it is good. I feel good for twenty eight minutes after he did Dona at noon. After thirty two minutes, I feel like a loser such prillie lesson. we could even be less than that for twenty eight. Twenty eight seconds, you feel like bad you, after that, you figure once it's down its most immediate river basin? Doughnuts yeah good point, but we do. people. Do it, I mean hole, swaths of society- make that decision That's gonna feel good right now, even though they know they can start to stop watch and twenty eight seconds from now. We're gonna feel bad about it. So that's the. that's an extreme example, an extreme example,
But do you think about something that is a little less negative, immediate impact maybe skip and work out? Maybe I'm gonna, maybe I'm gonna win this argument, now. I can't think strategically, because mighty goes a problem because I want to win the argument. I want approved in a bright so badly that I will will detract from our relationship, move things in the wrong direction, but I win this tackle moment because my ego crazy. To think that we would actually do that, and we do it all time people do it all the time so So how do we start? Tor strategic thinking, instead of short term tackle thinking obviously gotta get your your check. This Getting used to altitude, you gotta get up, who altitude, where you can see more than just this donut just this argument, you
how to get up to altitude and which you have to be able to do I'll bet. You have to build a sea into the future. So is a little excerpt of what we are doing on the Jackal underground podcast. So if you continue to listen go to Morocco, underground dot com and subscribe, and we're doing this we're doing this to mitigate are real agents on external platforms. So we are not sub. to their control, and we are doing this so that we can support the Jackal podcast, which will remain as is free for all. As long as we can keep it that way, but we We are doing this, so we don't have to be under the control of sponsors Edward. In Sweden give you more control, more interaction, more direct actions better communications with us and
That we are or building a website right now where we build the utilise to stir- in this region of troopers that are in the game with us, so thank you. It's Jacko underground, dot com, it costs eight dollars, an eighteen sense a month and if you can't afford trousseau Thus, we can still support you, just email assistance at Jacko, underground dot com and we'll get you taken care of until then, We will see you mobilized underground.
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